This is getting out of hand

Look at this! LOOK! Where do these sand niggers think they are? Back at home in Germany? I don't think so. This is absolutely disgusting.

Live stream here:

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Another stream in a different location:

This is normal Muslim behavior. There is nothing special going on in this picture. I hate Islam too, but what is your point?

We don't have "normal Muslim behavior" here in the United States. This isn't Sweden.

You're totally wrong. They just usually don't do it in public view.

That's exactly my point.

That's what he meant. In Europe Muslims feel comfortable praying in public, in America they feel compelled to hide it.

Wish this airport was in California.
My friend and I would go to it, have me wear a pepe mask, stand in front of all these people, take a photo, then give it the caption PRAISE KEK

I see now. He's pissed cause they have the audacity to pray in public. To be honest, this doesn't really bother me, as long as they are peaceful. But I also understand that they are NOT actually peaceful, and this is just a small step closer to Sharia. Like I said, I hate them too.

It's bullshit because not only are they imposing their stupid religion on others, but when they're not praying, they are protesting to let more of their shitskin brothers into the country. Anybody that supports that is either a terrorist himself, or a cuck.


good goy let an alien people and religion subsume your native lands

It would be okay, if they were actually peaceful. Unfortunately, they are not.

cleansing this world of cucks like you will only make us stronger

typical tricks, muslims are always peaceful until they become the majority then it's convert or die

Official thread theme.

I always found hilarious how their praying position is the buttfucking position

It absolutely wouldn't be okay.
I will assume you are just a well-wishing naive poster rather than a subversive.
Even if these people were 100% peaceful, you would still not want them in your lands. They are an alien culture with alien practices and customs, and either they would eventually replace your people peacefully, or the descendents of the original peaceful population would become violent.
It is not okay for them to be on your soil in any way.


without racial purity we are nothing. doesn't matter if the invaders are "peaceful" migrants when your ancestors turn into shitskins 100 years down the line

Keep sliding down that slope Mohammed.

They're blocking my passage for a religion that shouldn't be anywhere near me or my people.


There's a reason that "Islam" translates to "submission".

I hadn't really thought about it quite that way. I don't know if I fully agree.

But even though I actually hate the religion and their culture, and said so in every post I've made, I'm surprised there is so much rage at my statements.

You're advocating the genocide of all whites, user. They breed like animals, and WILL replace whites if they are allowed inside of our nations. And they won't be so peaceful the second they're the majority.

God damn, for the 4th time or something, I know they aren't actually peaceful. I've studied the religion.

because the inevitable conclusion of welcoming a foreign genetic population into your country is turning your great-grandchildren into mestizo sandniggers. your way of arguing sounds very jewish, straight out of uncle adolf's descriptions of his encounters from mein kampf. or you could just be a useful idiot in which case lurk moar faggot

Given how cucked most of the west is these days they don't even need to wait that long.

Because if you give them an inch they'll take your head off and rape your wife.

It's not just the religion. The Arabs themselves are low-IQ idiots. Low IQ increases the predisposition to violence. Further, IQ and GDP are inversely correlated. There is NO benefit to bringing them in, and a whole lot to lose.

*Low IQ and GDP are inversely correlated, I should say.

I haven't read much Holla Forums until lately. It never really clicked with me. But with Trump becoming president, and the strong pushes coming from places like this, I'm curious. I've been feeling more sympathetic to your cause lately.

Keep lurking. You will learn our ways, and know in your heart the unassailable truth:

Holla Forums is always right.

Lets just say that I've opened my eyes to the degeneracy that has become accepted by the mainstream. And that ultimately led me here.

Here, take a basic bitch redpill:

Could it be that low IQ retards also adopt stupid beliefs?


Why do East Asians and Europeans have higher IQs than the rest?

Well you can't say they don't adhere strongly to their religion

I get the feeling china scews their IQ scores.

Well, China lies about the results. And Japan is actually autistic.

They fudge all of their other scores, I don't see why they wouldn't scew that one as well.

kek, that explains a lot.

Who cares if they are peaceful or not? Chinese are peaceful but they flood into Vancouver, they make housing prices skyrocket, they put signs we cannot read everywhere, they evade paying for utilities, they buy up beautiful Canadian houses and demolish them to replace with mcmansions and apartments, they take up a greater and greater share of the economy that they do not share with Canadians (a Chinese will not hire Canadian workers, only his fellow Chinese), etc.

A peaceful invasion still ruins your country.

IQ is known to be highly heritable (and therefore genetic) in nature:

The blacks and the arabs evolved in easier conditions than Europeans, which had to content with the harsh European winters and required better planning abilities to survive. Thus, we had the evolutionary pressure to evolve higher IQs. Africa by comparison requires no planning ability, food is extraordinarily easy to come by and there are no seasonal shortages, therefore there is less pressure to select for intellect.


you wouldnt actually do that and ur girlfriend is ugly as fuck


yeah they got to fuck, like for 1000 years in africa

The chinese skew their results but we know it is higher than niggers and shitskins but probably lower than whites. Honestly the chinese are actually fairly genetically distinct in different parts of china (see mongolia, hong kong, etc.) so this is hard to talk about, compared to the Japanese who are more genetically homogenous and also on top of this deeply encourage a culture of praising those who are a: intelligent (and can breed smart children) and b: raise smart (well-educated) children. They simply test higher. IQ stats of homogenous white races are comparable but they have tanked in recent years due to shitskin populations increasing, part of America's IQ problem.

allah akbar

Notice they forced all the women in the back. Funny how those feminist cunts standing around them holding peace signs don't notice.

whoops wrong webm

maybe they notice but they too cucked to say anything lol

Niggers whether it be Africans, Muslims, Mexicans or even fucking pinoys, never cease to amaze me. They have this entitled victim mentality across all of their races. It's astonishing. If they were bugs we would have no problem labeling them parasites. These parasites will bleed the white man dry until we are left with nothing but memories of the glorious 3rd Reich and the pinnacle of European ambition.

You're a fucking kike falseflagging as an American to d&c against Europeans.

You'll never be one of us. Coming from a real American, go kill yourself you hook-nosed kike.

All I have to say after watching that is thank fuck there is an ocean between us and them. Europe is fucked. They are totally fucked.

kill yourself.

Don't make me laugh.

You guys always give me a good laugh. Thank you for that.

You’re literally retarded

Protesting in a country that is not their own for rights they are not entitled to.
Keep sucking those dicks faggot.

You can call me a shill all you want; the fact that three posters immediately replied to me certainly is eyebrow-raising.

Nonetheless, what genuine Holla Forumsack would start a thread for the explicit purpose of d&cing Europeans. Were we not happy when Brexit won, and were saddened to see Hofer lose but at least there's hope in France with Le Pen? And again to reiterate my quotes, OP's first three posts were:

Yeah, I'm not the one attacking white people here. This thread is garbage and only a kike (sorry I triggered you with this word) would attack fellow whites instead of shitskins and heebs.

No. Holla Forums is right. I was just being naive.



Wow your so perceptive man.

So what do we do with the white traitors that fucked their European countries? Just let them continue to live? These are not whites in my eyes just like a coal burning whore. They will be put down like the rest of the niggers flooding into their country.

You call it D&C I call it using an example of what happens when you let leftists run your country.

same IP

Divide and conquer. Look more you 4pleb faggot

Prove it


One of those is different than the rest, faggot. Because I was just responding to that redpill video.

I already know he's just presuming things.

kek, same thing happened to me.

can i have a mcgangbang with chocolate milk and a side of apple slices

same person

someone is fucking with the backlinks.
check these faggitiolini



you just got topkeked son. literally no coming back from that. please go back to 4chan

That's a lie. This shit is always public.

Meh, I don't even have 4chan bookmarked anymore. It is pure shit now. 8ch is a million times better.

I meant in USA, not in Europe.

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At least eat something like Burger King…at the very least.

This thread has actually redpilled me Muslim immigrants. Even if the thread is shit, I had no idea it was that bad in Europe.

straight from the chan

i dont get the matrix reference



nigga no fucking way did you just call bullshit on my ignorance

i never watched the matrix

I did.

But you really don't understand redpill?

It's adopted by Holla Forums to mean opening your eyes to the true nature of reality. As opposed to a bluepill, which choosing to remain ignorant of the true nature of reality.

Its from total recall not the matrix.

Not a terrible movie. Just don't watch the sequels.

It's also in the matrix, faggot. Don't be so uptight.

good job veronika lomax, killing this bread and being the owner of /4banned/
everybody plase go home we are done here


i am literally not going to read that whole webpage, but i like the pic… that goes in the gaschambers folder
Here's a clip of that scene in the matrix.

Stop responding to the blatant shitposter.

the bluepill is xanax and the red pill is cocaine

Go and peacefully pray (regardless of religion as long as it isn’t Islam) in a group like this in the majority of Islamic countries and see what happens.

There will never be an equal exchange with Islam, Islam is a totalitarian ideology and were America to become an Islamic nation then they would not extend this same right to non-Muslims. Hence you should NEVER be ok with it, it should always bother you when it comes to Islam.

i am not a shitposer, i am a human being, fight me i bet you cant touch me. you want my address?


check'd thats a good post there user

you did a good job

Impressive. Very nice.


if i wasn't a grissled edgelord 16 year old faggot, i would find that impressive


that explains a lot.




yes it does

this post gets a hitler did nothing wrong/10

There's no "cause" really. You either want whites to survive or you don't. It's not that complicated of a position.

You're like a fish out of water.


trips confirm. mudshits do not belong in our glorious nation

the correct term is sandnigger, please check yur privledge

God damn dude, I watched some cuckservative (ie Fox) news this evening, and the cuckoldry is just so intense its almost amazing

The 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the United States Constitution was not ever intended to demonstrate an acceptance of Islam.

We need to make some noise in the vein of reminding people that, just as 'All Men Are Created Equal' was something that was clearly INTENDED (regardless of how it was WRITTEN) to suggest all WHITE PEOPLE as being equals before God, the Freedom of Religion clause was INTENDED to permit all manner of Christian folk to settle in the US.

The Founding Fathers - who dictated the ideals that would be come, as the Jews like to put it, 'core values' for Americans - did not believe all humans are equals, else they would not have made it so that only free White people of upstanding moral character could become US citizens.
And they likewise did not believe Islam ought be given free reign in America.

The average Joe Public is completely historically illiterate, and we NEED to put more pressure on forcing people, especially supposedly right-wing media, to address it - or if they won't, we need to get voices into the discourse that WILL.

You'll hang before jews

my god do i have to read that whole fucking thing? can a get a tl;dr??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Fake. Muslims grope and sodomize their victims in public. They crack out the scatplay and guro when they think no one's watching.


See. It's not racism. It's science.

agreed. i think we should all start blowing shit up for no reason now, just to fuck with the police and shit


i think u ment to say best

Checked for there are no good Jews, and Reform Judaism is what you get when a tumor develops a tumor.

yeah, look at you non repeating integers. KYS fgt

you aren't saying jews are the cancer of the earth are you????

You too faggot.

Technically, yes.


underated post


okay this thread is dead now lol


see ya later everybody i guess this thread wasn't anygood

Has Holla Forums already accepted northern Italians from Padania as the true white master race? Italy as a whole has the 6th highest IQ in the world, and southern Italy has an average IQ of about 92.

i dont know who Holla Forums is but hes a faggot

They're okay

Get out chaim


Well somebody's grapes turned to vinegar…

Jesus… I think we need to firebomb Moscow, boys. That'll put a damper on relations with Russia. Holy shit that's disgusting. What the fuck is going on with immigration over there?

By the way, I heard a rumor online that when a Muslim is praying, they don't like it when people walk by in front of them. Supposedly it symbolically breaks the connection with god. So if you're in public and this happens to you, make sure to walk through the prayer line and rile up the mudshits.

Why walk by when you can stand directly in front of them and have a conversation, or browse Holla Forums?

Extra points if you're eating a granola bar or something with lots of crumbs that go everywhere.