GAMERGATE ARISEN. IRS has joined the Fight!! (((NON-PROFITS))) BTFO

Faithful of Kek and His Emissary the God-Emperor, now is our chance to Strike Back against the Elite where it hurts them most.

TL;DR As short as I can make it

Non-Profit Organizations, also referred to as NGOs, and legally known as 503(c)s are defined as charitable entities that can collect thousands of tax-free dollars from globalists and corporations alike, who get tax breaks in exchange.

However, one of the most significant limitations placed on NGOs is that they must remain apolitical. This means they cannot "Campaign" against political candidates for the office of President.
See here for more info:

They will lose tax-exempt status if they break this rule!!!

With Donald J Trump being a Candidate for the Office of the President as of January 21st, 2017, Non-Profits cannot "campaign" against Him or they will lose their precious shekel-farms.


Here is a list of the Top 100 Non-Profits in the US.

>SCREENSHOT AND ARCHIVE posts that mention Trump in ANY WAY

>POST your findings here and on >>>/rwnprs/ AFTER successful archival on


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Somebody download the video of that paid protest that happened earlier today. We need that its full of proof. Fuck that politician even closed down the streets.

Contact media like Breitbart.

Go away, Acid Fag.

The idea is not to throw shills off and get them to raid Holla Forums instead

Plus this will give the effort major publicity as GG is a huge trigger word for socjus.

I hope acidman is dead, but I do hope as an user who has clearly spent a couple years on this site can realize the potential for butthurt this has


Bumpan and rollan for Justice and Victory.

GG is fucking over retard. There are no shills here for anti-GG anymore.

Again no one gives a flying fuckabout it. Trump took the air out of your balooon. No one even knows what GG is anymore. Get over it and move on with your life. This development has nothing to do with some rancid cunt's vagina you are still obsessed with to this day.

He's still being a huge faggot. A while ago he was trying to get involved in pizzagate. Leave it to Holla Forumstards to put Holla Forums GG in the hands of an lolcow namefag. Fantastic leaderfagging they had there.

There's already a sticky about this topic as well.

It's not up to me what this effort is really called, even though I made the OP. It will hopefully take on its own form in time. I personally would be happy to see the GG moniker dropped, I just think jumping on the back of a known media-corruption exposing movement would give it some momentum.

Saging because I'm the OP and shouldn't bump my own thread.

Great idea, bump. This has enormous butt hurt potential.




You seem to be a believer that GG was about said rancid cunt, and not about collusion in games media. That is honestly a little suspicious.

Okay, that is fucking pathetic. Yeah, I have not visited one of those Holla Forums threads in a while because the cancer became too much for me.

But without the links and forms and all that shit. If we're actually going to report some of these organizations, this thing needs to catch before it's slid off of the board. It shouldn't have a leader, but it should be loosely organized to be maximally effective, IMO…

1) President Trump's a shrewd man
2) Can't we use this to target Feminist Frequency? I remember hearing their non-profit status is on shaky ground anyway

Have they tweeted Anti-Trump content since January 21st? Then absolutely yes, a complaint form could be submitted in complete honesty.

Holy shit if they are the first casualty of this I would fucking DIE of laughter

Wasted dubs, Holla Forums. You ave no power here.


r/thedonald will never migrate here, they said…

We might have lost the battle fellow anons, but we won the war. That being said while "muh ethics" was always a retarded goal, it woke us up to the kikes in (((msn)))

This is part of the Weirding Way we will teach you. Some memes have a certain sound, that being equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs. We will kill until no Jew breathes Aryan air.


So we're coming full circle, using Holla Forums as a shield eh? I'll be honest, GG was the turning point. I was already pretty redpilled and open to shit, occasionally visiting Holla Forums for the news that wouldn't be talked about on MSM. I took everything about hitler as a meme to laugh along with. But after 2014, I've become awakened. The patterns of SOC were so similar to that of leftists, to that of jews, because it's all one in the same. Their playbook remains the same, never changes.

Apparently reddit mostly is ignorant of the charity bam
Fix that, anons.

GG itself is infiltrated and mostly useless these days. The brand triggers leftists and SJWs to this day though. The name is more relevant to them than to the chans at this point. It's a tool and nothing more.

save it, get their shit kicked in

They mad.

I like when they try to make Trump seem ominous and scary, but it just ends up making him look strong and hard working instead.

GG already won, has nothing left to do beyond being a boGGeyman to rainbow haired retards

I know, right? The photo really looks way better in BW.


This is a great idea, but is one still considered a "candidate" when they've already won the election and been sworn into office? The IRS specifically uses the term "candidate" for their rule about non-partisan activities

He's technically a candidate running for the 2020 election.

Sad little revoltcuck. The sodium levels are unhealthy.

It would be easy for an activist kike judge to overturn this, not trying to deter action but timing is extremely important and we should not get ahead of ourselves. When there are this many shekels at stake they will fight tooth and nail against this. Not trying to deter but careful timing and strategizing will be necessary. When Sessions finally gets fucking confirmed and there is a sympathetic IRS head we can really get the ball rolling here.


Nice, try, Holla Forums tourist. Try harder next time and maybe your shitty thread will get more than 23 replies.

Make it Right Wing Defunding Squad, so it'll keep the RWDS acronym.

GG is dead as a ton of people have said already but it's spirit survives. Remember we moved on to bigger things the SJWs are still stuck fighting an enemy that left them behind years ago. But do not discount the effectiveness of the name even now it drives fear into them like Jew pretending to remember the Holocaust. Anyway GET TO WORK DIGGING THROUGH THEIR DIRTY LAUNDRY YOU RIGHT WING DE-FUNDING SQUADS! THE DAY OF THE ROPE IS HERE!

Oh my god. Can you faggots shut the fuck up about GG and just use this to ruin some peoples lives already? God damn, you guys are missing the fucking point.

These are the big ones to look out for.





Come on man.

Sam is on vacation in Quebec. We need a different guy.



Human Rights Watch

Facebook: www

Twitter: twitter com/hrw

Executive Director: twitter com/kenroth Of course he's a kike.

Get to work this group is a pro refugee group.

best gril

None of this is illegal lol, not much of a honeypot

By way of memes and reports to the proper authorities thou shalt do war


site: aclu org/

Facebook: facebook com/

Twitter: twitter com/ACLU

Executive Director: twitter com/anthonyaclu Oh wow another Kike this is gonna be a trend I can tell. The nose knows.

He took a loophole to do exactly this. He's dog whistling us. It's a good idea, a way to start cutting the heads off the hydra. Any organization we have should be strictly procedural. The HWNDU thread was floating around the form to revoke tax exemption status, and a dedicated campaign to one office would be far more effective than a chaotic email campaign. Shit I have a friend that works for the IRS here in Dallas.
Face it, he gave us a big stick to hit back with.

And by the way they haven't shut the fuck up about Trump or their "victory" in over turning the Muslim Ban which sounds a lot like campaign lexicon.

Notice how the D&C suddenly increased in this thread? What a (((coincidence))).

Here you go, use this as a starting point.

For organizations like FemFreq could we use all the old Gamergate archives as a dive board to show they get very political?

Human Rights Campaign

site: www.hrc org/

Facebook: facebook com/humanrightscampaign/

Twitter: twitter com/HRC

President: twitter com/chadhgriffin Huh a Cuckold still not sure on Kike status.

National Press Secretary: twitter com/stephenpeters2

Give them everything you've got.

These seem to be the big dogs to go after you start getting into actual Nonprofits when you get farther down the list. Although here is a bonus.

National Public Radio - NPR
site: www.npr org/

Facebook: facebook com/NPR/

Twitter: twitter com/NPR

I don't think this one is sufficient. Non-profits are allowed to participate in legislative and issue-oriented political activities. This more ore less falls on the issue side. Things you want to look out for in order to press non-profits out of their tax-exempt status are things like

check out that gape

This should be fun.

Remember post fucking everything even remotely of interest and archive everything. Leave out the Gamergate shit in the next thread.

Also can anyone tell me if BLM is a 503(c)s? I can't seem to find anything saying they are.

Don't it made it easy to filter the shills, every user understands that GG is the left's eternal bogeyman and as such is a useful tool. It's like pottery. Their greatest fear and their first victorious adversary comes back and finishes (at least some of them) off for good?

You god damn faggots…just when I thought the battle of gamergate was over, you assholes pull me back in.

This is why you should always meme responsibly, they have created their own worst nightmare.

Our war is eternal we used to joke about it in the trenches and how far the war would go.



The left has been memeing a second Hitler forever which is how they justified all their bullshit. We meme'd Trump into the second Hitler the left feared.

One. Fucking. Week.

He's a Cracked writer, so it's possible he's just that insane to actually want a leftist holocaust to happen.

2017 has been a good year so far.

It's only going to get better.

Back to >>>/kia/ with you, reddit.

Does retweeting another organization's declaration of victory count?

That's for the taxman to decide our job is to report it.


Or maybe OP couldn't have been a cringey faggot and not tried to name this Gaymer Gate 2: Electric Bugaloo like a raging homo?

Is this real life? Are we going through this all over again and with Breitbart (as jewish as it is) in the white house?

I'm done with gamergate. Cut ties before it became fully faggot.


For something like this I definitely wouldn't use GG as a name to rally under, but yes when the usual suspects show up we should spook them with the name.

It's been confirmed for a long time.

This year is going to be insane.

2016 was insane. And yet, Jan. 2017, no, the last 10 days, were more insane than all of 2016.

I don't know what to expect anymore, but my body is ready.

that's the power of absolute asspain revoltards and stormniggers still nurture over not being able to control GG

Oh shut up with your D&C bullshit.

The meme singularity cometh

I just got out of bed and the day is already great!

What amendment do they think it's violating?



Yes I'm aware that this guy is a mixed bag of retardation, but this is relevant.
That being said, I can't find any other videos that bring Anita Sarkeesian's funding to light in the same detail.
The actual issue at-hand is addressed starting 5 minutes in.

Did you come here to tell us to stop being raycis? Is this Not Your Shield 2 as well?


bretty great idea OP, gonna start looking around for infractions

I know. I haven't seen anything else that brings up the 501(c)3 status, though.

Or maybe you could dislodge Soros' cock from your mouth faggot

Boy I sure hope you guys are also looking into the ACLU, HRC, and Human Rights Watch because those fuckers are a lot fucking bigger and more influential then a small fish like Fem Freq.

Oh by the way I don't mean don't report Anita just don't focus on a bottom feeder like her when we have more important business.

I almost want to see John make it to some debate, and just get clobbered by anybody he runs against.

Yeah, because he doesn't want us to stay concerned with vidyagame ethics instead of you the actual pillars of liberal power that our currently being threatened by Trump.

Then how can Holla Forumstards keep their faggy liberal Reddit movement relevant, user?

Video games should be for white men…. made by japan.

No women should ever be allowed to par-take in male hobbies ever.

Mark just got moved to the front of the line of kikes to gas on the day of the rope.

It all leads back to Soros, regardless.

ACLU's pinned tweet is enough to incriminate them.

Then send it to the Sword of Holla Forums, Holla Forums and have them deal with it.

I know we should be reporting every fucking one of them is my point.

The (((SPLC))) is covering the protests in their Twitter, but this one mentions Trump directly:

irs gov/pub/irs-tege/divulge_all_suspected_tax_exempt_status_abuses_to_the_irs.pdf

Tell the IRS about Suspected
Tax Exempt Status Abuses
Go ahead and complain. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is all ears –
particularly about complaints alleging any a
buse of the tax-exempt status granted
to a non-profit organization.

The IRS takes all complaints seriously
and scrutinizes all referrals.

Oh Baby!

will you fags use archive already?

This. The GG association is meant as a joke and meant to trigger leftists and even "muh PR" cucks within GG by association. In the end, we don't care about GG other than using it as a shield and for some fun. OP probably should have laid off the direct references and made it more obvious it was a joke for all the easily triggered.

I'm convinced Trump not only made this move to shield himself but get people like us to go after these non-profits. He is well aware of his internet people.

Filing a Complaint

A referral of an exempt organization may be made by submitting Form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form, downloadable from

Form 13909 and any supporting documentation may be submitted in a variety of ways. They can be sent via:

Mail to IRS EO Referrals, Mail Code 4910DAL, 1100 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75242-1198,
Fax to 214-413-5415, or
Email to [email protected]/* */

Submission of Form 13909 is voluntary.

In addition to oversight by the IRS, tax-exempt organizations are subject to oversight by state charity regulators and state tax agencies. You may also want to send a copy of the referral you send to us to your state charity regulator and/or state tax agency. [added 1/10/13]

>[email protected]/* */
See this e-mail right here. This is where you send everything incriminating. This e-mail is how you make a complaint to the IRS.

Also I am sure most of you know this but use an e-mail that isn't your main.

Just saved their current twitter page inb4 is a honeypot

The authorities are going to listen to the Emperor of America.

The fuck did they even do to "block" anything aside from posting a picture on Twitter?

I've been telling you guys that 2017 year of the Fire Cock is going to make 2016 look like a boring year.


For once you're doing something.

tbh Anita Sarkeesian is a net asset to us. She's a total scumbag that the left idolizes but is in all of this for herself, since she's a scam artist. She won't "fight" for any "causes", and makes all the feminists look bad because they defend her. Even normies despise her at this point.

Is that mark? Jesus christ.
It's pronounced "Aska", has he even watched Evan'jellion.

This is incredible.


Gamergate never did take the red pill on the JQ.

You guys can try to go after FemFreq but I doubt they are going to care, like the last six dozen times this op has been tried.

Doubt Trump being in office will change this.

Fem Freq is not the main target. This is mostly for the other larger non-profits. Fem freq will inevitably get swept up in our efforts or continue to be a punchline tossed about.

FF is just the start. An easy target. The real prize will be to take down the network of non-profits and charities that Soros and his ilk use in their political machinations.

Shouldn't we be using this 501c3 thing to attack this Museum of Moving Pictures / He Will Not Divide Us Campaign in NYC for their attack on not only Donald Trump but also our Freedom of Speech?

This our targets are ACLU, HRC, Human Rights Watch, any of the Soros funded groups, other leftist groups, and maybe a few cucked right wing groups as well.

So this about driving attention to Anita Sarkeesian and other Literally Whores who are totally irrelevant now so you can make them relevant again so their hipster welfare accounts go up so they can continue living the good life without getting real jobs?

No it's just stupid GamerGoys who have no idea what the plan is because the OP is an idiot.

You morons branded this as 'gamergate'.

Everyone is going to be focusing on FemFreq as a result.

Sorry, that's just reality.

IRS and Soros are both run by Jews.

You're not very smart.

Which the plan is this .

You think the IRS will retain any legitiacy if they refuse to reclassify Soros' groups in the face of overwhelming evidence? You severely understimate the self-preservation insticts of public sector employees.

Defeatist shill already.

OP's just telling you to report all of these nonprofits and try to get them in legal trouble, similar to GG's most successful op of emailing advertisers.
Really depends on how you define it.
People that still think of themselves as GG today are most likely purplepilled.
But there were a lot of people that transitioned from GG to Holla Forums after they realized that there were much more important things than video games going on.

Wow just like the Holla Forums GG general. I'm sure this thread will be just as productive.

If you act like a shill you'll get called a shill. Don't act like it's your first day.

Do you even play games, blank anime image?

It's obviously not you dense faggot. Those niggers will get caught up in what we are actually doing.

Ah I see. You saw GG and got triggered. Read the last thread about this and stop being a faggot.

we the long arm of the law now

Yes. (((They))) have been doing this for over a hundred years. There is no reason for them to capitulate to your demands.

Scrub, I ain't no defeatist. You're asking your enemy to placate to your demands by just asking. It ain't going to work.

Your better strategy is to red pill the masses about Jews and usury to motivate the people into revolting against the establishment. But that'd require more effort, which is contrary to the nature of a gamergater.

And a very long term goal. In the short term we can TRY to get 503 status taken away. You act like it is an entirely pointless endeavor and that is why I called you a defeatist shill.

And look another fuck speaking from ignorance because he got triggered by the word "gamergate" all the while ignoring that the gamergate references are a joke. You are doing nothing but helping leftists with your triggering and by trying to lull people into inaction on a method that is very viable. There is a reason why Trump used this method to shield himself. He knows non-profits will come after him and knows that this is a way to fuck them over. Even leftists know this and have been freaking out about it on twitter. The only people who seem to be missing the memo on this are the niggers triggered by the words "gamergate". Holy shit, how can something that is this dead be this triggering?

The sad part is, the only reason why I think OP should not have mentioned gamergate was because of how easily triggered some of you fucks are. We've reached a point where one has to literally pick and choose what terms he throws about so he does not trigger someone. On Holla Forums of all fucking places.

We have other words we use here now, you tourist.

We haven't talked about those whores here for years at this point, but apparently you want to make sure they keep getting that important attention they crave. Like that hasn't worked to their benefit at all except for thousands in free money and now a political career for Flynt.


Relating this in any way to gamergate is still fucking retarded, OP is a massive faggot

Please complain about this on KiA, but don't diss trannies or mention jews or you'll get banned for wrong think.

That would be because it is an entirely pointless endeavor. The IRS have known about the shell game of 503s and have for quite some time. They won't change anything because of some fiercely written letters.

You're deploying aggro tactics when your aim should be control. The reason why you need to aim for the 'long game' is because this is the only strategy that is going to work. But, like I said, gamergaters are opposed to putting in actual effort.

You've done nothing but whine and complain, derail, and tried to stop people from doing anything at all. You've done nothing but help the leftists and help non-profits that work against us. Go be triggered somewhere else.

Fucking kill yourself you sack of shit. The thread from which this thread an the gamergate springs from in on this board and is even stickied. How dense can you fucking be?

And I am saying you are being bullheaded and we can do both. I don't get why you are so against it. If we try and the fail then so be it but you don't even entertain the possibility of success. Shame on you has the past year taught you nothing.

Did you forget that this is all being done under a Trump administration and that the IRS is not a completely free from government control entity? If there is no danger from us, then why is Trump taking measure so set up the left? Why are the left themselves concerned about this?

I know GG generates a lot of animosity around here, but I never lost my affection for Vivian.

Because he can't get it through his head that trying and failing is better then not trying at all.

Apparently. It's sad as hell.

The funny part is, I hate the shit out of GG mostly because I wasted a decent amount of time on it and was more than unhappy with how it turned out. But holy shit, I can't fathom being triggered by joking references to it or fucking with it, especially if we get to kick leftist/jewish/anti-white organizations around.

You're talking to JIDF, lad. He's a subversive little kike pushing for inaction, leave him be.


GG was hilarious, until it was co-opted by faggots. But that's because it was Holla Forums. Anons here know better than to suck off trannies for PR.

Just because some stupid mod stickied this shit doesn't mean your OP isn't gay as fuck and shouldn't be ridiculed.


Who cares if this is a sticky? Who cares about the state of gamergate? I don't have to agree with mods or visitors from Holla Forums. Your plan is clearly not well thought out at all and you refuse to learn from past failures.

"We can do both!" has always been a cry by those who can't grasp hat time and manpower are not unlimited. Why continue to try losing strategies that have failed to work in the past when resources can be put into red pilling?

None of this matters because of Jews. The IRS is owned by Jews. Trump is allied to Jews. The shell corporations you are targeting are also Jew aligned.

If you really care to effect change, get off your ass and win over the will of the people.

And it all comes out. Nice try I hope they paid you a handsome Shekel for your work.

Do you want your precious Vivian waifu to fuck a nigger or be some negress or something? No? Then you're ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Telling people to focus on Jews instead of fedora-tipping ethics regulation is evidence of shilling for Jews.

Honest question. Did that post make sense in your head before you typed it?

She looks like wondering if she should better sit on the pill until it disappears.

But on topic, Check the big organizations like World Health Organization and all those Soros clusterfucks.

Not this sticky you low IQ faggot, this one
Gamergate reference was a joke and you got triggered by it. You got triggered by a joke like a fucking leftist. Kill yourself.

Another low IQ nigger who cannot read and did not look at this board nor knows of the background of this thread and what is is trying to do. Top fucking kek.

That's not the point of this thread at all. Again, you saw gamergate and got triggered. This is embarrassing.

You mean the plan that Trump himself has set up? You mean the one that even leftists are scared of and are openly crying about? Nah, you're a shill trying to stop us from going after these fucks in a manner that they have already expressed fear over.

And there it is. The shill cannot contain himself. You speak of telling people to get off their ass and win the will of the people ignoring the fact that if the IRS is controlled and if they play favorites and if Trump is controlled and plays favorites (which doesn't make sense since if that wee true, Trump would not have immunized himself in this manner nor would countless leftists be screeching autistically on twitter about this) then by openly and actively reporting these groups and seeing them get away with crime time and time and time again in our current "law and order" climate, then that would in itself serve as a means to awaken people and redpill people.

But you're too much of an idiot to think that or a shill sent to make sure people are forced into inaction. You can off yourself too.

Except this is all about the jews. If it works, leftists get btfo. If it doesn't, jews get exposed. Pretty simple. And again, something you shills cannot understand, people can multitask and do many different things at a time. Sending this shit in does not take long. the form is short as fuck.

Watch out user, he'll call you a "stormnigger" again.

Fucking this. Soros has ties to many different organizations so this will fuck him over. Hell, CTR and all the shit Brock is doing is going to really get hurt.

Trump is setting up ops for Gamergate. You should write for Buzzfeed.

Letists getting triggered means jack and shit. You can trigger ten thousand leftists and you still would have accomplished nothing.

If it really was a threat they would have given this the silent treatment instead of reacting to it. But, of course, Gamergaters don't understand how the media actually works, as usual.

It won't work and the IRS ignoring emails will not expose anything.

what was 2016 again?
this is implying leftists have the capacity for emotional control which it is not.

Thats exactly why were doing this you fuckwit. Jews jew operationally through such kikey methods as NGOs
Yes, for now. Its a federal organization, owned by Trump now.
Zionist jews, not globalist jews. Learn your different kikes. Both are equally deserving of gaschambers, but globalists are a much bigger immediate threat to the white race and white countires. We need to stop the flood of shitskins to white countries and lift the boot heel of jewry off the white working man so we can get some breathing room before we start our offensive. Going after these organizations is a good start to this.
Yes they are, so we should not even attempt to take them down according to you because???

Okay sure, OP and the rest of us are the ones being inactive wastes of space and your the savior of the aryan race, my bad. I should have seen it.

Overall looking through the thread so far you sound like a whiny faggot who needs to pop the nigger dick out of his mouth and replace it with a ten gauge.

And now you've taken to outright lying. I never said that. You should write for Buzzfeed.

Yes, we should ignore the fact that the law itself states the very shit that they are commenting on, as well as the situation Trump has created.

This is why they give white nationalists so much attention then? Because white nationalism is not a threat? This is why they are always crying about Iran? Because Iran is not a threat and totally controlled? You don't know what you are talking about.

Also, I find it funny that you completely ignored this part, probably because you are running out of talking points:
And there it is. The shill cannot contain himself. You speak of telling people to get off their ass and win the will of the people ignoring the fact that if the IRS is controlled and if they play favorites and if Trump is controlled and plays favorites (which doesn't make sense since if that wee true, Trump would not have immunized himself in this manner nor would countless leftists be screeching autistically on twitter about this) then by openly and actively reporting these groups and seeing them get away with crime time and time and time again in our current "law and order" climate, then that would in itself serve as a means to awaken people and redpill people.

How does exposing clear and obvious bias that any person can see not redpill someone and not help? You are full of shit. "Exposing them won't work guys. Stop being lazy but stop trying to expose them". I know you're a shill but holy shit. Even CTR wasn't this bad. What exactly should people be doing and how would that stop them from doing the course of action laid out in this thread? How would it stop them from filling out an extremely short form and sending out a quick message? How stupid are you that you would think it would take up so much of a person's time that they can't do other shit? I look forward to you trying to talk around all of this and just making more excuses.

This I just sent in 3 of them though I'll need more evidence I'll probably send it a few more times with evidence. Bureaucracy ya gotta get the ball rolling at least.

Guy just block him and get to work we've heard his argument and he is bringing nothing to this table.

yeah i know hes a queer, im doing it mainly for the benefit of lurkers. I remember being cherry when it came to Holla Forums, reading peoples arguments was helpful in my own development instead of just reading an entire thread of people calling each other faggots.


He's a candidate for 2020

True, I've sent some shit in, in the time it took to argue with him too.

Read the other thread for this thread.

No it would. Like the travel ban, Trump is on perfectly legal ground. He's free to file his candidacy whenever he feels like it and the law is very clear on non-profits campaigning against him. What you're seeing is the shrewd business tactics of Donald Trump

*it wouldn't

Trump being in office changes everything. Remember when Obama was President he'd try to prevent Conservative organisations from received non-profit status? Well now the shoe's on the other foot. All these people don't have their liberal buddies in the government to protect them any more


This is basically the only thing that pisses me off, since I haven't heard this name being involved in this whole duel of fates.

All gamergate references are a joke in this context. Literally.

while 4chong did get cucked and nuked in that whole shitshow, goymergate by that im mean when Holla Forums got involved and did all their digging for them before they cucked themselves out "ethics in gaming journalism bullshit" did expose the next move the globalist kikes were going to make with all the connections with foundations, (((educational))) games, how sjws were a golem for their own ends, etc.

but also, kek verifies the truth here

gamergate was the beginning of the culture war.
that's when we started winning.

Can I argue with dub-trips?
No. I cannot.

Pretty much this the war really started their as much as people will say otherwise we were getting our asses kicked on all sides until the line was drawn. The red pilling did a fuck ton more then the actual movement and it also taught us how to actively fight the media and sowed the seeds for what happened in 2016. Gamergate is the Lexington and Concord of this war a minor event that kicked off something huge.

it has always been about ethics.
there is no reason to be on a politics board without understanding this.
the current year's zeitgeist is an ethos in particular.

all that said, this thread is about something else.
stop being retarded please.

Sometimes I feel like OP was trying to D&C us all along. Give us something useful but present it in a way no meaningful discussion can happen.


Holy shit I went through every one of your posts and you have been nothing but act like a faggot and do nothing of value. Like fuck sometimes I wonder if tourists and shills are real and then I see posts like yours.

Getting leftists mad did not cause
Trump to get elected.

If this was really the case the left would have never risen to power to begin with. You've been watching too much "Alt Media" and lost sight of the bigger picture.

And you really believe they're going to give this up because of emails.

The president doesn't own the IRS. He can appoint a new director in 2018. He can also have some sway over them. This has no bearing on their true masters, the FED.

You forget that Jews always favor their own people first and foremost.

Sending emails doesn't hurt Jews at all. You need to subvert their control and influence, but as I keep reiterating you don't want to do this because it is too hard.

Except you did:

thousand leftists and you still would have accomplished nothing.
Exactly. Leftists getting triggered over something is typically not indicative of anything in the greater scheme of things. Sorry if that's a buzzkill for you.

White nationalism is not a threat and Iran matters irrespectively of liberal tears. Stop thinking twitter spazing matter.

I've been ignoring most of the character attacks because they're no arguments.

.>It won't work and the IRS ignoring emails will not expose anything.
What a stupid question to ask when the criticism was that ignoring emails does not expose the IRS.

Take the damning evidence you guys have gathered and spread it as widely as possible. Make the people aware of where their donations are really going towards and who is a part of the scheme. Point out the IRS is shielding them. If the public makes this a big issue, Trump will start hammering the IRS which, unlike emails, has impact.

Because people are stupid, lazy, and narcissistic. They think sending emails matters and giving the bar minimum is all they need to do. Then, after it dawns on them that nothing has changed, they put their hands up and listen to some crap on youtube. Never encourage your people to do menial tasks, especially not ones that have no effect.

he doesn't know what ethics is… poor guy.
i hope he's just here to demoralize.

I love how it triggers him so much like an SJW or something.

By the way the SHIFT key is your friend.

Wew the mods changed the title.

Jesus Christ, my man.


Sage for double posting.

It's 5:30am and I need to sleep and stop arguing with shitposters on Holla Forums

No they are still controlled opposition. Probably maybe who fucking knows.

GG is dead and should never be discussed again.

Mod-sama probably realized the gamergate aspect of the OP was meant to derail the topic from the start. But that part was gutted so it completely betrays the shill's intention! Thanks for the nifty OP, kike-kun! We'll make good use of it shutting down your NGOs! Ku-ku-ku~


Get some good work in I'm going to sleep.

Pretty sure only mod-sama would call himself mod-sama. Also, one of you mods are fervent anime/smug posters. What else, are you going to post the "fufufu~" thing again?

Just use this thread, it may clog up the thread a bit but it's good have the reasons for mod activity visible.

Thanks for posting the link to the top 100 nonprofits. I've been tracking my efforts in the other thread. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. Only one out of 13 that seems deserving of the IRS banhammer.

Make sure to send evidence of it otherwise they might just send it to the trash. The forms are stupid easy to fill out.

I send nothing. I only make archives and post screengrabs.

Feminist Frequency also violated rules for charities by speaking out in support of Clinton during the presidential campaign.

Kek the mod went through and deleted all the shill posts to.

Then report it and move on we want shit on these 13 this user is talking about

Also can you name the 13 user and save us the trouble?

If anything, we could generate a metric fuckton of asshurt and media kvetching by getting Feminist Frequency's non-profit status revoked while passing ourselves off under the moniker of GamerGate. It would probably also stick in the craw of the cucks that derailed GG as well. A real win win win situation.

Polite sage, didn't mean to hit reply with the first post.


If there was ever a doubt in my mind that he doesn't browse here. It is gone.

Exciting stuff gents. This is gonna be a doozy.

We're making America great again, user. ;)

He said the thread was started by a shill. Then why is it sticked? The hotpockets here are retarded.


Draining the NGO and non-profit organization swamp could weaken the left beyond what we could even imagine. Read the resume of any lefty and you'll find out that they never had a real job - they never had a real degree - instead they worked only for NGOs or NPOs because there skills and abilities are irrelevant. Only devotion and loyalty to a cause is important. Destroy the NGOs and NPOs and the left would crumble.

Did leftists ever use the picture you posted? I was always thinking it offends McDonalds workers, puts a low wage class at misery.

It will teach them to respect the real working class they tried to "represent" with their leftist ideologies. Heh, i still remember that leftist cunt who were proving her hypocrisy by constantly praising herself how much money she will make after graduation, when she was "bullying" a trump supporter.

Universities would still be an issue. Lefty cucks can still go a lifetime without ever doing anything if they get into teaching or "research"

This is fucking fantastic. I hope we're able to completely destroy the ADL, SPLC, and ACLU.

What's the limits of this though? Can we get them BTFO for any sort of biased action? Or is it only if they specifically mention/criticize Trump himself? Could they get around this by just talking around the issue and not directly attacking Trump himself?

It's probably best if the complaint is represented by a checkbox, but don't let that stop you if you believe you have something.

The easiest catch-all would be Organization is involved in a political campaign
Those who are defying Trump's actions and advocating for illegal aliens could also be nailed with Income/Assets are being used to support illegal or terrorist activities

Here's some incentive for everyone, it's called the Whistleblower Informant Award.

Whistleblower - Informant Award

More info here: https://

wew, imagine if someone went deep-cover into the SPLC, blew the lid off, got the SPLC dismantled, and on top of all that, ended up earning a huge chunk of money for doing it?


They need to be attacked differently. Pressure the donors to close down gender studies and other mumbo jumbo.

I could imagine that there is a good deal of anger within the IRS. For years Clintons used the IRS as their weapon to attack their enemies with.

You wouldnt believe how fucking mad lefties are about this. Theyre saying he abandoned all human decency by registering because of this. If its making them this mad, you know its worth digging into

The refugee resettlement actions in the US are all handled by non-profits,once the DHS clears them. I don't know the names of any of these organizations, but just pointing this out in case some user wants to look in that direction.

I thought that was Zyklon Ben #welcometocanada

fucking checked

See the link in the OP, user

"Charitable nonprofits and foundations may not “participate in, or intervene in (including publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for political office.” 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c)(3). This prohibition applies to any and all candidates for federal, state and even local elections. See IRS Regulations, Section 1.501(c)(3)-1(3) (iii). "


Screencap, archive, and repost absolutely fucking everything that is suspicious.


You should read that thread in its entirety as well. As should all Holla Forumsacks, honestly. This is huge.


Right Wing Tax Squads
A politicized weapon of the left is not finally out of their control.

Non-profits being used for political wrangling, this has been going on for years. It's really, really nice to see some anons trying to hold the IRS's feet to the fire on this. Despite all assurances, the IRS has been used as a political punishment against groups the Left didn't like. Let's now make them go after all the 501c3/4's that have blatantly defied the law for so many years because they were on the Left.

Pick a non-profit, almost any one, and if you look into it, the chance of finding that it's been used to promote a political agenda is quite high.

And when Senator Jeff Fucking Sessions is the Attorney General, these fucks are all going to burn.

He will have the gun, and we must feed him the ammo.

Not sure I understand what to do. The ACLU has tons of anti-Trump and pro-protest shit on their twitter.

What now?

Finally we have found our true calling.

Well the FBI investigation into how she and Josh extorted Intel will probably bring more keks and salt.


Please refer to the form in the OP.

>6. Submission and documentation: The completed form, along with any supporting documentation, may be emailed to [email protected]/* */

Simultaneous submission to Breitbart would also be highly effective at them building nation-wide coverage of this.

I will also post your findings on >>>/rwnprs/ for redundant archival purposes.

If you don't feel comfortable filling out the submission form, please make it known, but you have done well, user.

We need to focus on the digging, and less on the identity politics with this Op, unfortunately. Bringing up GG is a springboard for D&C shills to start shit-flinging about "What GG was really about" which will slide this thread fucking quickly. It already has once.

No harm no foul, but your post may get reported/deleted, FYI.

The two most likely candidates for us to find a violation on are:

The Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention by Section 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organizations

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.

Certain activities or expenditures may not be prohibited depending on the facts and circumstances. For example, certain voter education activities (including presenting public forums and publishing voter education guides) conducted in a non-partisan manner do not constitute prohibited political campaign activity. In addition, other activities intended to encourage people to participate in the electoral process, such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, would not be prohibited political campaign activity if conducted in a non-partisan manner.

On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention.


In general, no organization may qualify for section 501(c)(3) status if a substantial part of its activities is attempting to influence legislation (commonly known as lobbying). A 501(c)(3) organization may engage in some lobbying, but too much lobbying activity risks loss of tax-exempt status.

Legislation includes action by Congress, any state legislature, any local council, or similar governing body, with respect to acts, bills, resolutions, or similar items (such as legislative confirmation of appointive office), or by the public in referendum, ballot initiative, constitutional amendment, or similar procedure. It does not include actions by executive, judicial, or administrative bodies.

An organization will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or if the organization advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.

Organizations may, however, involve themselves in issues of public policy without the activity being considered as lobbying. For example, organizations may conduct educational meetings, prepare and distribute educational materials, or otherwise consider public policy issues in an educational manner without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

She is our niece, love thine family.

I've seen several NPR articles that seem violate this. I need to do more research on how this has been interpreted in the past.

Your stank may get your reported too faggot.

This is a valid concern. Stop with the cucking.

This guide from may be helpful.


Attempting to fill out the form, but not sure what the ACLU's street address is, EIN, Nature of violation, Names of persons involved, Organizational titles… feeling dumb

using my as an example, what is the Nature of violation? Are they supporting illegal or terrorist activities by saying "Fight back" or is it involved in a political campaign?

Name of person involved: Cecillia Wang
Organizational title: ACLU Deputy Legal Director
Date: ??? 29 Jan 2017 ???

also what does this imply?

If we forget to check that box do we get doxed? If we go anonymous we don't collect any possible reward money? so greed vs safety?

sorry i'm recovering from the flu and can't brain so good right now

I'm the OP. Of course I'm a fucking faggot. I was even called a D&C shill by the meido.


One thing is that it shows that June 22nd 2015 is official start date of Trump's candidacy.

I looked at it. Now what?

I don't know why he posted, but we can narrow our search of Trump related political campaign intervention violations to 06/22/2016 - 11/20/2016.

That was for the 2016 election. His candidacy for 2020 began on January 20th, 2016.

It's proof positive from the FEC that Trump did this. Previously all we had to go on was the Twitter post. If the IRS wants to bowl over this, they are going to have to cross the FEC first.

Ahh, thanks. So anything after 01/20/2016 is fair game.

Correction, 06/22/2015-11/20/2016 for 2016 election.
01/20/2016 - 2020 for 2020 election.

oh sweet, thanks!

user, you are a saint.

I could swear that his fat nog is hiding an assault rifle under his belly.

OK can someone check this for accuracy please

Be sure to state that because trump filed for candidacy for 2020 and that their campaigning against him is illegal.

I think it looks good, user. They want to fight an executive action, which I imagine would be illegal. Either way, that's for them to sort out. The fact remains that they will be getting a wave of these that they cannot deny.

I would cite the sections of IRS code that they violate, specifically, as well. Makes it more potent IMO.

Good job, user. You are making America Great.

Use this archive link of the FEC page to prove it.

Can a non-burgerclap do this too?

No reason why you shouldn't be able to. Just use a .com not a email address to submit and you should be fine.

I don't see why not, since they can be submitted anonymously. I don't know that for a fact, but why would the source of the info matter if the info is true?

Non-American here. Does this actually work?

Why do you think Trump would have done this otherwise? This is what this was FOR.

I guess we're about to see.

https: //

Good news kid, it's a suppository

I checked like 6 of those boxes when I put mine in but it will probably go in the trash because it wasn't really finished.

Keep your eyes open for any excessive lobbying and deceptive or improper fundraising practices.

These are leftist organizations they can't help themselves.

Nice, I guess we should thank the JY Times for the great list of targets:

ACLU, which defends the rights of the individual
Planned Parenthood, which supports women’s reproductive rights
Sierra Club, an environmental conservation organization
Anti-Defamation League, which combats anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Naral Pro-Choice America, which fights for abortion access
She Should Run, a group formed to encourage women to seek office
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
National Immigration Law Center
International Refugee Assistance Project

Happy hunting!

I'm not an expert on tax exempt status but: I don't think the supporting illegal terrorist activities will get too far and also unless they directly show a liking to a campaign (more than a disliking to one) I'm not sure "Involved in a political campaign" applies.

You should definitely check the lobbying box though.

Here's mine I just submitted. Completely filled out and meticulously sourced (if a little cramped)

They will have no excuse to throw this one out.

I checked the lobbying box. Good call
and filled out today's date

Don't forget you can send them documented evidence as well.

> illegal OR terrortits activities
my logic being the protests are violent and therefore illegal… i don't know, i'll just report and leave the deciding up to them.
Why excessive lobbying?

Nice work


Okay, wait a second.

Do we actually have proof of Trump's filing for 2020 candidacy beyond a screenshot posted on twitter?

haven't submitted yet, still looking into why to include excessive lobbying (what evidence?), but yes, including the screenshots, pdf of P. Trump's letter of candidacy, and relevant archive links.

Alright, looks good.

Just had to be sure since only the tweet was in the OP.

Well if you don't find anything don't check it. Knowing the IRS they have to go through each and every one of these.

Can someone explain to me what constitutes a violation? and excessive lobbying for that matter? I don't know if something like this applies to anything:

1) Archive that shit
2) Please read the links in the OP.

"Charitable nonprofits and foundations may not “participate in, or intervene in (including publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for political office.” 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c)(3)"

If "Resist often" sounds like something you would say on a political campaign trail (it does) then it is a violation.

Report it to the IRS.

From what I've seen is that even mentioning trump in a positive or negative light counts as campaigning from a non-profit. If Greenpeace USA is a non-profit, they can be reported.

Remember, the IRS wants their shekels more than they care about Soros' toys.

Which of these organizations will most hurt CREW (CTR, Media Matters)? Basically, which organization losing tax exempt status will get these fucking shills off these boards the quickest?

We can look at their sites for affiliates. Browse their tax donation documents to see which organizations donated to them, and target those as well.

This is a massive op, user. Just start digging and you will strike pure salt and crystalline kek.

Non of them if anything we're kicking a hornets nest doing this. If we are successful expect the shills to go rabid.

Like he said go after affiliates.

It's almost as if Leftists consider hard work and strength to be ominous and scary.

How long will it take before we have some successes with this?

Ask KEK.

Considering and the ADL seems like a good place to look.
I don't suppose mentioning @WhiteHouse counts as mentioning Trump, but the article linked on pic related by Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, does mention Trump.

medium article:


>instead he gave anyone in the US the means to do it
Holy shit I love this timeline



Lobbying is defined as "seeking to influence (a politician or public official) on an issue."
It just seemed like something that would fit if supporting a campaign or candidate doesn't stick.

Why is this thread filled with faggots redditors Gamergaters?

I just found this as well. are you going to submit a complaint?

the more the merrier i believe
send anonymously anyway in case someone messed up a check box or something and then it gets tossed. who knows, send it anyway
if the ADL gets defunded then we can openly discuss grabblers

>Executive Order on So-Called “Sanctuary Cities” Puts All Communities at Risk, ADL Says

don't assume i'm sending these. send them!

better archive of the same medium article, but hosted on rather than

We centralize this, with an entry for each member on the list.
Then anons can add evidence to the relevant page as it is collected.
How to centralize? I suggest someone who likes to run this kind of shit, make a new board with a pinned thread for each organization.
I don't have the energy.
Contrary to popular belief, "ideas guys" do serve a purpose.
So go on, someone with more spunk and verve make a board which can be updated with links and evidence.

One to keep an eye on.
The left is putting pressure on the LPGA Women's golf association, to boycott Trump golf courses. Has already made national news.
If they do it, they are in violation.

The United States Golf Association is facing a terrible problem.

Wait the NFL is nonprofit aren't they? Anyone feel like looking into their shit I know they have a ton of garbage.

I need an American to submit the form to the IRS. I have filled everything out except your personal information. Please reply if you would like to submit the form and I'll send you a download link. Only the first person to reply should submit it. Thanks.

Classification, Mail Code 4910DAL, 1100 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75242-1198, faxed to 214-413-5415 or emailed to
[email protected]/* */

Not american, but that is one nicely filled out form. Can any burgers help this non-burger?

It's pronounced アスカ. :^)


Hey, what the fuck is going on in here? You guys are literally helping the government round up people. Threads asking to turn people in and constant request to identifiy peope makes this forum quite interesting to say the least. Where do I apply?

Are there any plans on stopping the takeover of Sweden after America is made great again? If so, make sure to give me a holla.

Gas the kikes etc etc.

No we are helping the Government round up leftists. Last I knew Leftists weren't people.

I believe we are not rounding anybody up, rather crippling leftists' corrupt power sources. But what do I know.

So. You don't like the shoe on the other foot, do you? Guess you should have thought of that when you were publicly lynching people for wrongthink. Now, it's your turn.

I'd rather have no shoes in this case.

That's because you already got to wear them for 8 years. Now it will be someone else's turn for the next 8 years. And that someone else is inclined to remember everything you stomped on.

I live in Sweden, we do not have elections. We have constant communist interference with thoughts, state sponsored propaganda and requirement for military recruits to be in pride parades.

Do you fully believe that I would prefer that? All I'm saying is that if I'd get to choose to get fucked by a guy that hates niggers, a marxist that hates me or by none at all, I'd choose the latter.

Be mindful of what you let your movement become.

Granted that this thread was not the best one to vent in, it does point out misuse of government funds after all.

Here's the text if anyone else wants to fill one out. There's also this article to report.
Anti-Defamation League Foundation
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158-3560
EIN: 13-2887439
Jonathan A. Greenblatt
$116,170,632 (Total assets as of audited 2015 form 990)

ADL posted public statement "Strongly condemning President Trump" (
Donald J. Trump, FEC ID: C00580100, is a registered Candidate for President for 2020 (
ADL is in violation of 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c)(3) - (ii) - “participate in, or intervene in (including publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for political office.”

Shutting down the fucking ADL will be the best day of my life

I just want an US citizen to send it as I don't think they will consider mine.
I have downloaded all the EINs and will compile a list if anyone needs it as well.

Could we actually see the ADL lose its tax-exempt status? It hasn't even been a fortnight and we've won so hard it almost hurts.

I don't know if my body would be able to handle it, but if it is unable to, then at least I will die with a smile from ear to ear, a contorted body showing utter schadenfreude and glee.

sitting here very impressed at P. Trump's foresight to immediately register as a candidate for 2020 and then exclude jews from holohoax remembrance to cause the adl to condemn him and screw themselves.

The form can be filled out as "Anonymous" and emailed in, so how would they know it was completed by a non-citizen? I say go for it. If the IRS is flooded with these they can't ignore them.


List of organisations implicated with the RRAs:
^ Has a link for a >pdf< map of agencies over the country (I included an image of it here in the post);

List of agencies:

Church World Service (CWS)

Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)

Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)

Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS)
Their twitter has a >pinned political post.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Kurdish Human Rights Watch, Inc. (KHRW)

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)
[email protected]/* */

State of Iowa, Bureau of Refugee Services
Govt., already taken off.
See for yourselves;

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS)

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)

World Relief (WR)

Some of them straight up have "503(c)" written on their website.
I was able to observe a couple cases of either lobbying or straight up Trump "Denunciation".
I didn't really look that much into the organisations, I just listed them here for whomever it may concern.

Holy shit, a fight I can actually join. Excellent.

This is a war anons, give 'em hell. We must bring down the giant.

This seems like the proper thread to complain as this issue may be related to shills, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and blaming cuckchanners and other assorted newfaggotry.
There is an extreme amount of low quality shitposty threads popping up frequently. This deficit of quality has bled over into quality threads as well.
If this keeps up I think it's time to migrate. I laughed at people who suggested moving chans even a month ago, but quality control has been lacking for a ridiculously long time.
I hope this gets resolved soon.

It is 100 percent due to HWNDU, cuckchanners and normal fags have infested the board ever since the HWNDU niggers decided to get sloppy with opsec. As lulzy as the stream is moving to a /hwndu/ board will be necessary for board quality, at the very least a redpill dump sticky for newfags might help to inoculate.

I sent my first report. It will go a lot faster now that I have somewhat of a template down.


Yeah, I agree that a lot has to do with HWNDU threads. I mean, a few clips from HWNDU are semi lulz-worthy but for the most part it's just vapid filler. I second the push to move these people to the /hwndu/ board. I'm not even going to check but I bet there're several of these threads up right now, not even exceeding 500 posts at max.

Good work in as well

Guys, you have to check whether the organization that youre reporting is a 501(c)(3) or a 501(c)(4). Most of these organizations have both (pic related). 501(c)(4)'s are not tax exempt and they can engage in lobbying.

t. lawfag

I screwed up then in sending a form with a "Foundation". I'll look more closely at these organizations from now on.

reported NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund for statement from Jan 27, 2017

I third this HWNDU was fun at first but it has developed into full on cancer now. The best thing for everyone would be a move to their own board where they can develop their own community.

thanks for the clarification
haven't sent anything yet, busy with irl things, but have folders organized with completed forms, archives and screenshots waiting to send once i make a new email address
submitting anonymously to do it for free

HOLY SHIT. This is huge. I'm about to file a report on my school which has been continuously sending me thinly veiled political emails about Trump.

If you go to a public University and you have evidence of them making ANY statements whatsoever about the election/Trump/Trump'spolicies and getting help or coping or whatever else bullshit liberals have come up, YOU NEED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM. THIS IS HUUUUGE.

Don't you cucks have bigger problems with mudslimes taking over your country, and you have the gall to criticize the US of A for actually doing something to stop the invasion from gaining any traction in the home soil?

Bump for right-wing revenue squads

We the Jews now


How do we know this ban is retroactive? I thought they could only not criticize him now after the executive orders

Like this?

Reposted on cuckchan. Hope you don't mi d.

Thanks for the dose doc

Agreed fam. I think its been a long time coming and the hwndu maymay has just been the straw that broke the chans back. Here's a crazy idea though…./hwndu/ is pretty much a dead board at this time….what if we somehow take over board ownership and make it a secret semi-cancer free pol? Best solution I can think of without actually migrating.


ok, ADL reported


I know non-profits are not allowed to donate to political campaign, but where's the actual line in tax code that says they cannot make political statements? Right now the only source for this claim is a bitch on Twitter. says "involved in a political campaign" but I feel that is really vague.



Where is the criticism? I actually asked how to apply, and if you had any chances of helping us out when you had made America great again. If you see anything negative at all in identifying leftists, writing to the government to get people you don't like thrown in jail it's your choice I suppose. Personally, if they do not like the country they live in they can get out.

I don't understand why you'd see any of those things as negative though..

It is a really smart choice by the government to finally utilize the autism they have created. I'm not even joking even, send them to a site like this and give them 'work' to do by posting and stickying threads. I highly doubt that the diseased userbase would be able to discern a ideological takeover even if i fucked them in the ass though.

My first post were a quesion to the handlers, not the users: Where do I apply? (to become a handler)

Rest of you need not reply.

It's that law they hold over the churches head to keep them from speaking out against shit.

They were criticizing him when he was campaigning against Hillary as well. These kikes can't help themselves.

Mozilla of Firefox fame fired their CEO for being a white male, I'm sure one of their employees tweeted something anti-trump.

It's going to force all non profits to follow the same rules as churches. They are pretty strict with churches.

he is

For organized information, post in existing or create new threads on >>>/rwnprs/




What about the ADL? How do we find out if they are non profit 501c3?

nvm found the answer in less time than it took to post that question

Nice work user, I will start digging.

IRS is the most powerful department.


IRS is probably the most effective and efficient agency. In any government, the one thing you can count on it being good at is collecting money from the people, as much as they're willing to give.

Still blows my mind how people are so grateful to the government when they get their tax returns. It's not a gift from the government, it's them paying you back for the interest-free loan they took from you all year, which they profited on and shared none with you.

This problem would not exist in an ancap society


Interesting loophole: just set up an identical company from the narrative-pushing operation and add "Foundation", then the new company can be set up as a charity (likely to funnel money to for the original company).

The Clinton Foundation suddenly comes to mind.

This is a wide open target for us. Many of the non-profit-organisations are filled with communists and liberals. And one thing we know about those is, they can't seem to avoid sperging all over the place the second they see some opinion they disagree with, even if they do it as a representative of an organisation.

How do we go about countering this loophole? If they can just play a shell game between 501c3 lobbying and a separate entity for d'nations wouldn't we have to find a Foundation official talking shit before we could get their tax status exempt? This is also why we can't jump the gun on reporting, if the rats restructure everything because they know we are after their shekels it doesn't work, we need to be patient and identify actual relevant violations, and report multiple ones at once so we have the element of surprise. If any lawfags can comment on the foundation loophole thing to clarify I would appreciate it. How do we go about defeating the Foundation loophole.

proving that they corroborate in their political agenda for shekels might be a start

i.e. leaders in the (ADL) non-profit are closely tied to leaders in the for profit causing influence on the way the non profit acts to benefit the for profit who can put out the message

My god, the ultimate redpill.

Not sure if mentioned yet, but all NGO's associated with
should be looked into.

Speaking of Mozilla

they have a good browser and try to do some nice things with internet privacy and encryption. It's a shame they are leaning this way

This is every bit as retarded as when shitlibs talk about how great immigration is because of the new types of food they can get at restaurants. As if we didn't already have open borders for recipes. Christ.

Advantage of using the GG name is that it will rally the old guard and cause socjus to go spastic. Disadvantage is the name itself might turn normies off.

Feminist Frequency is probably our easiest target, both because of their already shaky non-profit status and the fact that we could probably get a shit ton of anons on Holla Forums and halfchan as well as redditors on KiA and TheDonald on our side. Gonna send in my complaint to the IRS tonight.

The is why you lost.

Just do it if it can rally those useful idiots into action just do it go to Holla Forums and all those other places and rally them to not only attack FF but the big fish who support that stupid ass remember this is a carpet bombing campaign.

Also, the churches listed on the list are fucked too if you find anything from them.

This, although the "nothing" they wind up doing is indoctrinating elementary school children/running LGBTQ committees within their organizations. The infestation is deeply rooted in all aspects of academia, and likely not just public.

Step away from the One Ring, Boromir. Every organ of state power that Obama weaponized against us must be shut down … pour encourager les autres. One day the public will lose its mind again and hand power back to the donks. Let's make sure they get back much much less of it.

Pence has that "I'm going to need more batteries" look on his face.

i'll be laughing with you user, but everyone knows the sweetest trophy to be won in this campaign is the severed head of the (((southern poverty law center))) stuck on a pike

the precious constitutional rights of non-citizens from all over the world (as long as they're non-white rapists explicitly devoted to eradicating our culture and instituting a muslim theocracy over our homeland) you racist shitlord. don't you know how important those rights were to our founding fathers??





Trump attacking non-profit aka third sector organisations is quite interesting. I wonder how many "spontaneous" protests we'll see in the future. These organisations are well connected world wide and are very much into lobbying business.

What about 501(c)(5)?



If a frog cartoon and a dude drinking milk qualify as hate speech, then so does this guy.


please dont take care of my mom

I forget what Ken Roth's twatter is but don't forget to search him. Virtue signaling frenzies all day erry day.

waste of dubs

also keep an eye out for either of these names, maybe we can unpoz a little bit of tech too.
Lotus-man needs to get ventileeded and seeded.

we've got 7 years before we need to worry about that. Just figure out a way to set them up the bomb in the meantime.

Sounds like a good time to wryyyyypost this
rellyvint parts
I think an under-appreciated factor in Angela Davis doing so well afterward is her position as part of the credentialed class. Like the Weathermen — and unlike most black radicals — Angela Davis had access to Institutions.

Institutions are one of two major assets that the Left has and the Right lacks. The other is Shock Troops.

Institutions are organizations the Left controls that operate for the benefit of the Left’s people. The Right doesn’t really have these. As an example, there are occasional hard right lawyers, but so far as I know there is no such thing as the Reactionary Lawyers’ Guild.
Institutions and Shock Troops are important resources for the Left. They work together. The Left’s Institutions accept, cater to, train, and/or employ its people, including Shock Troops. And, in the cases of several Weathermen (and Davis), give them cushy jobs in their Shock-Troop retirement.

So yeh, this is basically a stake that could be driven into the vampire's heart, considering the amount of "human rights orgs" that are actually based inside unis/utilise their resources.

More important than getting them out of government, even, since there's all sorts of shit unis don't need to disclose.

join your furryfucks friendo.

When speaking Japanese you always pronounce words in ways that can be spelled with the Japanese alphabet. There is no combination of Japanese characters that can join s and k directly. You must choose from saka, shika, suka, seka, so or tsuka when choosing how to spell A. While the character is an american with 3/4 German and 1/4 Japanese heritage, and the name may be similer and confused with a feminized Japanized form of Oscar in fact Asuka あすか is a traditional Japanese name.

Actually you're both sorta right. It is actually As-(barely to mildly noticable)u-ka. I studied 日本語

Why are there so many pinned boards? Most of them are big nothings.

Isn't it only pernouced aska in the dub?


Vivian is love.
Vivian is justice

Besides, there was always a lot of respect and commonality between Holla Forums and Holla Forums

President Trump may not have been elected had the Jewish Media not been so impotent after freaking out about GG.

Ethics in Politics fam.

Oh well, I guess I'll just post it here.

Trump said in the speech that he would repeal the Johnson Amendment, but it is exactly this amendment that prevents 501(c)(3)s from taking part in political campaigns. Is he just bluffing, or does he know something else?

Didn't they use that to stop churches from advertising against abortion?


It covers both churches and 501(c)(3)s, which are both tax-exempt organizations.




Looks better in black and white, to be honest. Lends it some of the gravitas that old photos seem to have, like you're already reading about what Trump is achieving in the history books.




Is the IRS seriously banning passports of people with unpaid taxes?


GG premitted the MSM to redpill more people than we'd ever thought possible.

Who would have though us memers would become drivers behind global politics. GG was populated by faggots, but afterwords, some of those faggots became men.

Y Cuckinator kicks Thiel to pander to anti-white quarter-Jew (((Laura Weidman Powers))) leading (((NON-PROFIT))) CODE 2040
From: https:// www . techgig . com/tech-news/editors-pick/peter-thiel-wont-be-involved-in-ycs-work-with-the-aclu-90043
Her Tweets:
Who's Laura Weidman Powers and what is CODE 2040?
Source: www . techrepublic . com/article/laura-weidman-powers-code2040-founder-minority-advocate-discomforter/
That's indeed what her nonprofit CODE 2040 claims to do…
Source: www . code2040 .org/
…but her middle surname rings a few bells, let's dig deeper.
Source: www .
Who's John?
Source: https:// en. wikipedia . org/wiki/John_Weidman
Who's Jerome?
Source: https:// en. wikipedia . org/wiki/Jerome_Weidman
(((Laura Weidman Powers)))
Every. Single. Time.

let me post, fags

it would have almost been better to just start anew

Only applies to non-muslims. Muslims are okay to rally for politics. Keith Ellision will applaude all while doing so, but not for our fallen soldiers. Book is Muslim Mafia. Everyone should read it.

a lot of the jpgs are missing - oh, you already know. whatever.


It should be noted that the thing about Trump being a candidate is that he applied for the NEXT election, meaning that it applies from now to all the way to his second term.

Trips of truth, lad.

AIPAC has 501(c)(3) status


Seems too good an old thread to let die