Portland riots

Riots ongoing at Portland airport over refugees apparently. Looks like pro Trump people showed up.


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Got any other sources?

I can only hope we get to see Ferguson 2 Electric Niggaloo.


I really can't understand the mentality of these lefty cucks. Rioting and getting arrested because you want to invite terrorists into your country to ruin it and kill people. If they hate the US so much, why not just leave?

hope portland burns to the ground just a bunch of faggots there

they got some good food tho

Fuck yes. Hard hat riot when?

Because how could they ruin white countries if they leave them?

Holy fuck we need videos and streams ASAP.

wanting to leave would be indifference or distaste, not hatred.

15 low energy pro rapefugee cucks on the streetcorner of main street in my town. shitskins and old kike lady and a coupleother white guilt cucks, and a nigger tryingto muhdik the white chicks

Yeah, I just don't understand the motivation. I guess it's just kike brainwashing. Whatever it is, it's completely lacking in reason for the cucks that are fighting for their own destruction and replacement.

Every time.

Those based construction workers should have brought cranes.

Its brainwashing + already feeble minds. They are almost always visibly untermensch. The ones that arent you can tell still have some serious mental problems. These kinds of people are very easy to control with typical jewish tricks


Maybe http:// koin.com/video/livestream/

I don't know why but every time I see that video I am mesmerized and a small smile crosses my face.

sage for blogpost

That tweet is the only thing I see about this. It may be fake

Lefties are college professors, baristas with PHDs in Mayan literature and 500lb girls with blue hair against construction workers, bikers, ex-military and cops…

I wonder who's going to win?

Nah its going on. Shit feed https:// www.facebook.com/portlandsresistance/


Clicked the file to make sure it was right before uploading and ended up watching it on loop like 6 or 7 times before posting it.

If I remember correctly this happened on 9/11 a few years back and the cranes were owned by the bin laden family. Poetry.

… The only live feed I saw ended and I skimmed through and didn't see any trump supporters or cops

what is happening here?

God punishing Baal's worshippers in mecca

What the fuck is a billet?

Crane fell on sand niggers

Looks like a bunch of yuppies bitching on the highways

If you are talking about the USMC it is a job



Source on this?

During pilgrimage to Mecca a crane came down on all the rats gathered underneath. God smiled on humanity that day.

Streams all over periscope. Was trolling in one last night, man you wouldn't believe the leis you can feed these people. They're not that big. Maybe 30-50 people in airports yelling typical Soros tier slogans.

A poor choice at autocorrect OR the beginning of the purge.

They're blocking a highway, when the fuck is a swat team gonna break it apart. Trump is president it can happen.


Please Kek let it be so

Student, anti-war protesters in nyc got the shit kicked out of them by construction workers in the 70s.

This video gets me hard.
"Remember Dr Kangz!!!"


Man, I hope the riot police fuck their shit up hard

Oh, to bad. I had hopped it happened today.


Did the lefties not notice during the campaigns that Trump has a literal army of citizens who came to see him 10,000 at a time, three times a day.

Calling on Henry Pollack to stream any and all portland riots

Stocked up on hollow points for the antifaggots.


Here we go.


Looks like Riot-chan has overtime to do , good luck Riot-chan

Any info on that disgusting wetback that was talking shit? I think RWDS need to activate.

I am so fucking ready for a civil war I cannot explain to you.

I am drunk right now and full anonymous mode so I going to let out some feels. tfw oef vet usmc oh tree. If you understood that then you know that feel. I just wanna have some shit go down and be in it again. I feel so bad for being like this some times because I know the vietnam vets and ww2 guys were in it way worse and would slap the hell out of me for wanting it like I do. But I miss the fuck out of it with my boys. Sorry for being a moto faggot

dear diary out

From the other threads. We can disrupt these protests legally and quietly. Provide them with sugar free candy to induce diarrhea. Give them salty foods to make them thirsty and urinate often to waste their water supplies. Spread false stories over social media about food tampering to increase paranoia and create discord.

fucking badass


can it really be called a war if it'd end before Congress can pick up their pens?

What the fuck kinda memetic weapon is that

Some random webm from Holla Forums

Jesus christ, that was really unsettling…and nothing really makes me unsettled.

Is it time?

I can't tell what side the fag that got dropped is supposed to be on

It's time to start fighting back.

I'll show you a fucking nazi, you commie bastards.


They've decided that virtually everyone in the country is a Nazi, so there's the potential for the country to turn against these fucking hippies even more than they already are.


Longer vid of the incidents.

He was a trump supporter

Jesus fuck I'd be pissed if I paid hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket and had to deal with these cunts.

Isnt doing this in an airport a felony now?

Very good point. Someone is going to snap. Please be live


anymore live streams?

I didn't used to have anger issues, Holla Forums.
Now I do. This is MY fucking city. These people have absolutely no fucking idea what kind of animosity they are provoking with stunts like this.

I'm having trouble containing all my hate, tbh.

I couldn't tell who was who in that - others say person hit was Trump supporter?

Where were these people when Obama banned Iraqis from coming to the US for 6 months (twice as long)?

Where were these people when Obama was dropping bombs on these countries and killing non-combatants and children?

Where were these people when Obama was running weapons to Sunni terrorists in Syria?

No, they don't.
They didn't watch the rallies, they just saw the ten second clips on the news which were extremely zoomed in, making them look about the same size as hillary's rallies.
These people are not aware of reality, they intentionally avoid learning about it.

They weren't getting a Soros paycheck those times

you can hear a guy say, "you got knocked out nazi boy" looks as thought the trump supporter got hit

Where were these people when Obama made the list that trump used.

Ah, ok.

I understand your feelings my man. I was clinching my pistol literally pulling hairs out of my beard becaus I was so angry at that video. It is hard to explain. Holy fuck i just want to beat the shit out of every liberal there.


They only attack you when you appear weak. When you take one step back they pounce. Stand your ground. Be a man. Do your duty to your race and your country!

Leftists will start the racewar, as their feeling of being betrayed by niggers and spics, they'll vent their anger out on niggers as the niggers nig


I'm losing patience with these dirty fuckers. The authorities need to gas them out as soon as they show up.

Oh look the commies sucker punched someone else.

anybody has a current livestream link??

Sorry for off topic, but I've been trying to figure out how to archive a webpage so that it's fully functional offline as it would be online, save the pictures and all I want to start archiving threads.

Shit, I forgot to mention I'm using wget.

I'm worried with the ferocious media shilling and anti-Trump slander, that most normalfags will think it's not worth it and disagree with the muslim ban.

We need mudshits and liberals to radicalize as much as possible to hurt their own image. The only thing normalfags hate more than being called "racist" is living in fear of riots or political instability.

We need leftists to look like the badguys because the media is doing everything to smear Trump's reputation. Fortunately, it looks like they can't help themselves from burning stuff down and will do our jobs for them.

They would never attack their pets. I just hope these faggots are dumb enough to try and storm the airfield, or forcefully board an airplane.

Fuck off back to cuckchan, you cockloving JEW

During a powerful storm a German-built crane owned by Saudi Binladen Group collapsed, on 9/11, at one of Islam's most important mosques, the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Binladen Group was founded by Mohammed Bin Laden, the father of Osama bin Laden.

Funny you should ask that…


watching the TV news stations that never reported on this stuff.

The state and town I'm in, there's a stand your ground law, but also there's no riots or any of that shit going on here. People just going about their business. I imagine the cities are probably tense, but fuck if there were any antifa fags or any cuck libs trying to start shit it'd just invoke stand your ground.

The left are already showing their fangs and true colors bit by bit, user. But I suppose for the mudshits, throw some bacon or ballooned pig's blood at them



This guy is masterful, but we are getting to a point where the left is going to have to be countered by force. I think he's preparing for that by allowing them to continue their same antics that got him elected. More riots and violence from them and when they start getting bagged no one will care.

Absolutely perfect response. While I hate the virtue-signalling "America is a proud nation of immigrants", Trump completely covered his bases against legitimate criticism here. Obama banned refugees for 6 months in 2011 while Trump's ban only lasts 120, and despite the unsubstantiated slander that Trump didn't include countries that he did business with, he actually chose the 7 countries to restrict immigration because Obama had previously identified them as having a strong likelihood of terror.

I don't expect the jewish media to stop lying and apologize, but at least Trump has very solid legal ground to stand on.

I agree with Trump that we should "show compassion to those fleeing oppression". Since we're paying Israel $38 billion over the next decade, maybe the poor, oppressed Syrians can head right next door and seek refugee there?

other than seattle, things are great here tbh


Thanks, but I don't know how to compile shit. Been using Linux for a year and havent figured shit out.



You're forgetting all of King County, Spokane, Longview, Eugene, and all of Multnomah County.

It's in the repos. No need to compile.

The guy was sucker punched. Normies have to fucking learn this isn't a game. The left are full of sneaks and cowards.


You have no fucking idea how bad it is here in Portland. Black Lives matter signs everywhere and "LOVE WINS XD" signs everywhere. Haven't seen or heard of a single trump supporter here ever. I might just move

So they're literally just calling everyone Nazis as an excuse to assault them…. These people need to be arrested and have the book thrown at them. These unprovoked attacks cannot be allowed to continue.

Shit, I just saw it. Installed but it opens mozilla, my default browser is pale moon. Gonna see if I can switch it. Thanks a ton.

I can't believe the amount of hatred I feel for these subhumans.

Wait a second, I don't want it to store sites on HTT if I ever need to browse stuff on a nother computer say on windows I don't want to rely on it which is why I prefer wget because it saves directly to a folder. I managed to archive a site with wget but it didn't save all the images.

i prefer to clamp my hands over my ears and pretend Portland doesn't exist

has been since 9/11

Can't you just RIght click > Save Page As in your browser? I just tried that for this thread and this was what I got saved. Went offline, clicked the .html outside the folder and couldn't tell the difference between it and the live version.

You don't need to run it to use the saved sites

I'm with you user.I wish I was there to help

I was born here and have no choice but to suffer

They will welcome it.

The normies will learn after the first few times of them getting attacked from behind. Then later they will show no mercy to the libs. These people are just the martyrs.

Don't forget to defend yourself. In a life or death situation, there is no honorable way to fight. Fight for your life. If you know how to break bones, break them. If you know how to cripple your opponent, cripple them.

t. Martial Artist (normally I'd say that martial arts is just for ending the conflict as soon as possible and trying not to get into conflict, but jesus christ break their bones and prevent them from being able to attack)

Move to the first Vancouver.

I know unimaginable suffering

t. born in San Francisco

I work in food service and have to hear my coworkers comparing Trump to Hitler on a daily basis and sometimes I almost lose my cool and reveal my powerlevel

I gotta figure this out because there's athread that's gonna 404 soon and I'd like an archive.

It only saves the HTML, it doesn't save the pics when you click on it it redirects to 8ch and when it eventually 404's you can't view pics.

Eh, Pennsylvania is a pretty cool guy

naked people in dildo costumes on the street


This x6,000,000. People need to step up against these goddamn worthless pieces of shit.

For palemoon:

Saves the page, with all loaded images in a zip file.

It's a kind of typo

Or soros funded some trouble since no one gives a fuck what a bunch of paid retards do at an airport.

Me too. I'm only here to fix up my childhood home and sell it. But jesus fuck this place a miserable hellhole.
Cops beat up my spic neighbor in my backyard the other night. Only thing I've actually enjoyed here since I got in.

Its a multitude of things working together inside their demented heads and minds. Strong self-hatred, brainwashing into acting against their own betterment and self-interest, as well as that of those around them, a lack of understanding of complex concepts such as justice, law, legitimate charity and goodwill, misplaced extreme pathological altruism, sometimes severe mental issues and brain damage, amongst other things.

I recommend "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder"-by Michael Savage, he's usua an average cuckservativce, but his psycological analisys of the left is spot-on.

tldr, they are retarded crazy narcisists

yeah it's fucking crazy dude the house my dad bought for 60,000 dollars in 1992 is now worth 600K+ now because of the massive gentrification and influx of rich white Californians

Huh, I didn't try clicking on images before deleting it but Im not sure. But I did get everything posted at that point in the folder I show you. So it can be useful for desperate/fast archival.

tfw Pitt has too many libshits and niggers for my liking
At least we're not Phily.

Not compatible with latest version of Pale moon. I'm not gonna bug you anymore because this isn't Holla Forums related. Only reason I posted here because Holla Forums won't reply to my post and fuck using 4chan without a vpn. Thanks a lot.

It does have it's use, but I want to archive everything. Thanks.

Sell off fast. This wont last forever.

a construction crane came crashing down in mecca on 9/11 and on the same week isis defiled some pagan templein syria, shit was pretty spooky


Spooky? It's revenge! Stomp on Molach, great Man!

Shutting down the airports cost kikes money.

That picture is basically Western Pennsylvania in a nutshell. Or at least where I grew up.
Damn, this is a potent feel. That picture could've easily been taken from my home town. I miss my family

Something w/ curl?

Portlandfag here. Thinking about going to the airport to see the shit that's going down and maybe keep the thread updated. Is the chimpout still going on?

You Henry? And yeah, last time I checked it was going on.

Well trolled friend. I shall screen capture this moment so we can upboats on reddit.

No wget, I don't know how I forgot to mention that in my op.

Fucking Glorious

Nope, honestly been trying to find other red pilled people in Portland, but you probably know how hard that is. Maybe I should take a trip to see it.

t. ender wiggins

I know that feel.


I abandoned /meadhall/ for that very reason. It's a dead fucking board. Thought about making a thread about a Holla Forums specific meadhall that could just get updated per bumplimit, but obviously anonymity is best. I've been trying to form a network of red pilled people to share information/ have others to contact in case of a major chimpout. Do you have an alt email? We could get in touch though I really just want to talk shit about lefties and commiecucks all day

What if people start psy-ops against these crowds? Shine laser pointers in their eyes. Use a loud speaker to play gunshot noises and screaming. Set up a table for outside protests with hand warmers and hot chocolate laced with laxatives. Slowly chip away at their sanity.


I'll see about making it out there. My only concern is that these fags blocked off the road and/or the Trump side is pushed out to some obscure place instead of where all the commotion is at

I actually googled "Dr. Cain" because I forgot that black people can't pronounce the word "king" even when it's the name of one of their "civil rights heroes".

Man. Some antifa sympathizer I used to work with moved up there recently. I wonder if he's caught up in this shit. Maybe I'll catch his mug shot.
He's a nice kid, just mkultra'd

I was actually at PDX saturday afternoon, getting back from a family trip. There was a group of some millennial faggots there marching around and shouting about refugees. Some dumb bitch had a "my coffee is from yemen" shirt.

It was just a small group of 15 shitheads then, but are not "peaceful". They were getting in people faces and were extremely aggressive. Apparently it got even worse since then.

Fuck yes, this makes my night. Hippies deserve to bleed.


more like anyone who has grown up surrounded by subhumans, I don't even do martial arts and I once had to more or less castrate a spic with my barehands because he had me in a headlock and wasn't going to let go until I passed out.

Colombian a best tbh

not our fault that he's a retarded cuck that'll be one of the first to hang


as they assault people.

Trump can long post on twitter? I thought it was limited to 140c

That's Facebook.

I suppose so, here's the email I'll be using. [email protected]/* */


They lost that war long ago.

Oh, I understand, but since I have had a personal relationship with him, I don't think I can pull the trigger so to say. It'll happen but not by my hand. I don't think there's an user here who could say otherwise either.
Still nice to see commie skulls getting cracked.

Oh shit I click oin the first link without realizing. I'm out of it man, thanks.

You should be buying beans bullets and bandaides at this time.

Be stocked and locked and live your life.
Don't worry anons.
Whatever happens happens. Until then eat healthily and buy water filters

Video of Trump supporter sucker punched in the back of the head and knocked unconscious. They scream "Fuck you nazi. Fuck you!" while he's down:


That addon acts the same way as Save Page As… it doesn't save all images, it redirects to Holla Forums. I'm gonna stop posting ITT about it, this isn't the appropriate place, thanks.

Invest in steel, lead and food, in that order.
I've been studying SHTF material and everyone here should be ready for a civil war. Seriously, everyone.

Legal Assistance: 310-313-3700
Lets see who this belongs to.

National Lawyers Guild

That didn't take long.

This is the year that the left memes the holocaust into reality at their peril.

Read Ted Kacszynski, he breaks it down very clearly.

the military



Update? Whats happening?

All I see is a sheboon and a snackbar screaming about white supremacy

Kek please strike these people down

I dont even know what false this flag is?

It's mainly just virtue signaling and needing to show that you have the "right" opinion. The "right" opinions being whatever gets the most retweets, upvotes, likes, etc.

They genuinely believe they are doing the "right" thing, after all it's what everybody else is doing.

I remember during that "muslims are like skittles" fiasco where some SJW on facebook wrote several paragraphs about how she personally would gulp down pounds of skittles if she knew some of them were poisoned. She just wants everybody to think she's such a good person. At any cost.


We're also supposed to give them our money and then walk away. Apparently.

I'm a new fag. Why do you guys black out certain text?


Many rose city thugs have been doxed if you know some enterprising people

Lets meme the Black Star Line back into existence lads

hang yourself normalfaggot scum

It's okay I know I deserve it for falling for TRSodomites

lurk moar you insufferable piece of shit and probably journokike

lurk two years before posting, actually serious

what said
two years


first definition of "peaceful" according to websters::

so they just said that it was a Syrian refugee who shot up the Mosque in Quebec

My uni is having a muslim ban protest tomorrow, should I wear a MAGA hat and see what happens or just ignore it. Kind of want to stab some faggots but I'm in commiefornia so nofunz in public. Self defense probably isn't even a legit defense here. No backup either because everybody is apathetic, liberal, or cuckservative at best.



Poulsbo is nice, across the water from Seattle, still majority white, lots of veterans.

please haze me bro

I know how you are

trying to figure out a lefty's brain is like trying to figure out a woman's brain.

it's an impossibly long maze, and if you do somehow manage to get to the center, there's a box with nothing inside of it because fuck you.

This is why they only respond to force, because all other means of persuasion fall on conniving deaf ears.

Go to top of page, click expand all images, then save the page locally. Voila! Thread archived with everything!

Used to be a Fuegofucks extension called Cresent Page Saver that worked pretty nicely, but I think it stopped being updated when FF's version number was still in the "makes sense" range of digits.

if you do, wear a bodycam on your back.

was for


That's completely wrong. Muslims blew up a temple to Ba'al. This was how Ba'al got his payback.


It was divine payback for this: www.nytimes.com/2015/08/31/world/middleeast/isis-damages-a-temple-in-palmyra.html

and a double payback for ending sg-1 too soon

Fellow Portlander here. Wish the KKK was still around in this city.

they're celebrating like (((they))) won WWII again

Is that one of the "We're the real anonymous leh-jion!" twitter accounts? wow.


Holla Forums and the rest of those faggots do not have men like this user here.

Get into boxing or something competitive with physical contact like muay thai or MMA. That'll help with your craving for violence.

Save that bloodlust when SHTF.

Is there when I'm supposed to shit on you for having "reddit spacing"? Trying to get a hang of this Holla Forums board rules

lol grandma how did you get here

He wasn't even a fucking "nazi" the retards just started screaming Nazi

I honestly have no idea what is wrong with leftist. It's like their minds perceive reality as different, they immediately think anyone that opposes them is a Nazi and has an alter to Hitler in their home.

kill yourself

sheboon preschool teacher demands white people give niggers all their money



top kek

At least he's not dead. He'll live to regret and learn from the day he decided to put himself in pointless danger.

Considering the lengths with which the Left likes to abuse and stretch the tiniest fallacies of association, they must always keep an image that's clean of supporting anything near-'Trumpist' (nationalist). The media cannot pick up this story, because to do so would mean they are forced to either to support the attacker or to sympathize with the one attacked. The former would cause 'Trumpers' to rally together even more and have the moral high ground. The latter would also give them cause for a narrative justifying that they have the moral high ground.

If the media does pick up on it, it will have to try and convince readers/listeners that the confrontation was initiated by the one attacked.

more like martyr and a wake up call to all the Trump normies that Antifa/Black Bloc want to kill them

Army MP pog here. Can confirm, want war at home.

Reddit spacing was a goon tactic to D&C. It was used to derail threads by getting the person to insult the goon back thus stopping discussion. It was also used to discredit any good posts.

Thank you for taking the time to learn our unique culture :^)

When I first came here I was attacked by that and I thought you were all fags and dismissed you all. I didn't have any renewed respect for Holla Forums into they exposed the Jewess married to Mike Enoch. Then I learned that Holla Forums Holla Forums is not to be trifled with

Goons, Holla Forums, Holla Forums, JIDF, CIA, FBI and CREW are so far the only organizations we know that are trying to subvert and destroy us. They take advantage during those times to D&C anons. They will LARP as Christians and say something like Jesus was never violent and was a jew to bait people into attacking them and hating on Christians. Or they'll say shit like Slavs aren't White.

The point is Holla Forums has real fucking enemies and has people monitoring it 24/7 looking to an opportunity to destroy or subvert it for their own purposes. If these faggots were smarter they would let us fuck off in peace because you cut off one head of Holla Forums and we'll spread around the internet spreading the good word of Hitler.

Truth is our weapon and even nonwhites support us because of it.

Hail Victory Brother


I wonder why the (((English sites))) aren't reporting on the fact that one was Arab.


Holla Forums is (((trsef))), this all comes down to Joshua Goldberg m8

Portlander here, should look up "Portland State Students for Trump"

We caused a ton of chaos last year.

Nice job pretending that slavs are white.

At least try and put some effort into it.

Can someone give me a quick rundown on this?

Things in Oregon aren't too bad. Just remember the liberals infest Portland and Eugene mainly, while most of the smaller rural communities are 100% conservative. Even with that Portland and Eugene are still good places to be. You dodge some liberals, but they are the most shrill and annoying people imaginable and everyone knows it.

Nice try vlad.


but they don't see them as terrorists user
they forgot all about 9/11