Girl Brutaly Beaten Up by ANTIFA flashmob

Girl Brutaly Beaten Up by ANTIFA flashmob

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posted this yesterday, few responded

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It's a new video and updated criminal report. Around the time when the first video was released it could have been a 'false flag', but now we know for sure that it was antifa faggots and the sole reason for the attack on this poor teenage girl was the spanish flag on her braclet.

What is the reaction in Spain to this?

Sounds like she wasn't even a Nationalist or anything antifa are just loathsome cunts.

the left are so pro-peace unless someone has different political views or they just don't really like someone, then violence is completely justified

Espain is a country of self-hating cucks on a level that makes Sweden look full 1488.
The flag of their own country is an insult and gets you deemed EBIL FASCIST NATZEE instantly by the mongrels who would rather fly the (((EU))) flag, the catalan kike flag or even a shitskin flag from some vibrant desert shithole they are in love with

I'm not a shitskin so I don't know. there are some english articles on this. The one I've posted, one on kikebart and a few others.

Instantly reminded of the antifa in Burgercountry who were being faggots and blocking traffic etc. and some pissed off white man comes along and just starts fucking with them, even punching some female antifa in the throat. Then, the hypocrites start crying to the police, saying he attacked "a lady" etc.. This attack on the Spanish girl is apparently fair game and she loses her girl card. She is likely not even a nationalist, just a football fan.

"three of the women who participated would have been enough and more than enough to put her ugly mug in, as she no doubt deserved."

This faggot pinko needs his head caved in.

Won't happen in Espain, land of the antifa and retarded racemixers

We shall see. Josue fought off 50 solo. Swede nationalists absolutely destroyed that degenerate art exhibit. Burgers are starting to fight back on the streets. We're entering a new era in the West.

We're being held back by certain elements that don't want us to grow beyond anonymously shitposting on peruvian glass pearl forums because "muh TRSodomite".

Daily reminder the Catalan flag (a.k.a. Estelada) was designed in homage to the Cuban flag.


Who's we ? Nobody stops you from forming a team IRL, faggot.


I didn't say you have to and you could at least check my dubs.

This is the kind of shit the left does.

Claim peacefulness…proceeds to attack anyone they disagree with.


Indeed- and- touche

It's becoming increasingly unattractive with all the doxing/shilling/co-opting going on. Best bet is to stick to voting for for your country's most popular right-wing party and keeping your head low.

Just infiltrate some antifa group, that's what I'm planing to do, learn more languages and do some spying all over Europe.


It wasn't even a punch, just an open handed slap.
These turdburglars act all tough, but then fold up like a cheap card table when someone fights back and then act like they are the victims.

Is Spain white?

Monarchy was a mistake. Franco should have had the royal family deported and kept fascism going.

Spain is white in the sense that Italy is white. As in, both countries have a very high rape baby population and the actual spaniards and italians are rare and even then are mixed with rape baby lineages throughout the christian and islam invasions. The northernmost areas of their countries are where you are most likely to find the last vestiges of their people.

That's really fucking sad… Is that what will happen toSweden? Why couldn't it had been inland instead? ;_;

Spain is absolutely white.
Jews get out.




We are a loosely knit group of individuals forming a dossier on Antifa, with a focus on the United States. We will document their names, their parents, and their sources of funding. We will also make sure that the average person in America knows exactly how pathetic and cowardly Antifa are



The funny thing about antifa is that they are spread out all over the world, but act as a monolithic bloc. The culture war is taking place on an international front. One wouldn't have to live in Spain to promote the cause of righteous justice is what I'm getting at.

updated discord invite

for non-discord fans we are starting a space station 13 server where you can proxy in and communicate via PDA Mail

Fuck that. They are attacking people in the street. Someone has to stand up to these faggots if cops won't. t. fbi
but seriously, there's no reason not to take action if you really care. Why draw the line at self improvement, voting, and hiding when you can stand proud and try to make a difference?

As bad as Sweden got cucked, they will probably get back to pure 100% levels of blonde and blue eyes in a few generations and that's not from trying to fix the damage through mixing (doing that would take longer), but mixed-race people will either leave or be kicked out, or mix amongst themselves. As race realism and consciousness over race becomes de facto reality for whites, the biggest question will become, what to do with all of the mixed race people? A simple solution would be to banish the race mixers and their filth but it will probably not come down to a easy but brutal solution like that. No matter the solution, the sooner the open door immigration ends, the better. You must always stop the bleeding before you treat the wound.

Hopefully with the advent of perfected gene therapy, the mud genes can be literally wiped from a person's genetic makeup. That way you can remove the mud genes from any shade of brown and make them white. You can even go for 100% pure white genetic makeup even if you're 99.99999950% white because why the fuck not? Gene therapy will be a final solution to any race mixing your lineage ever underwent.

We need to push for Trump to declare antifa a terrorist group .

That just means all shade of niggers will make themselves white. Technology produced by the west should stay in the west, enough with the 3rd world retard acting tough because they managed to get a few missiles or busted AKs.

This will happen within the next year.

We can help make it happen by DOCUMENTING ANTIFA ACTIVITY

This has to be a priority. Tracking down Antifags and plastering their Dox everywhere has to be in top 5 priorities right now. These people need to be dealt with.

come join us in the discord, or if you don't trust discord, follow the domain until we get something going there

Nice double dubs.
They need to be caught doing some kind of crime to make sure it has any kind of consequences, otherwise unless somebody plans on going vigilante nothing is going to happen.

You can do enough damage to people who wear masks by unmasking them. Then finding their social media. Then following them. Forever.

See this is why the white race is going to go silently in the night. Non action is the name of the game.

In reality that candidate will still hold hands with fellow whites into the abyss. It just blows my fucking mind that whites YOUR PEOPLE are literally being exterminated and raped and all of you fucking faggots say "FBI wait for Trump to become Hitler XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"

Fuck you you miserable faggot.

This is what I've said, unless somebody plans on doing vigilante shit nothing is going to happen.

You're doing Kek's work, user. Bless you.
I'm suspicious of discord, but I'll be paying attention to the domain and helping where I can.

Yes, I am going to start putting a bounty on unmasking antifa so they can be doxed

Pull a bandanna off an antifa punk, your friend gets a good quality picture of his face, we dox him, you & your friend each win $10

Sound good?

You could get on a proxy or vpn or stolen mcdonalds/neighbors wifi and add info to the Wiki as you see fit?

Well it would help if we had the systems in place to adequately deal with antifa groups, but we do not. We have no organisation, we eat our own on a dime drop, sure america is doing well but europe is fucked and we lack the unity to actually do a fucking thing about it because it tickles the autists too much to infight "muh anglo" or "muh taig" or what the fuck ever. Honestly If this is all there is ever going to be we should just kiss it all goodbye. But if we can actually get over the autism and create some fucking institutions then maybe, just maybe we can pull through all of this.

You're absolutely right. However you're not seeing the full potential of this technology and its potential to arrive at a time where race consciousness will be the default. By that point in time, it will almost assuredly be required for immigration for an immigrant to a white country to be white. Hypothetically for a mudperson to immigrate, they must literally convert to the white race. Even if for some retarded reason they will want to go back, it will have no effect with them passing on their stolen genes.

There's also no way gene therapy would probably be available in mud countries but even if it somehow became available, it will assuredly be for turning people white. Taking into account the envy that mud races have and the products used to appear more white, whiteness will be an achievable goal at that point in time. More white people is generally a good thing because it is an automatic upgrade on a global scale. The mud races will voluntarily wipe themselves out if given the choice of living life as white. Their mud genes purged means an extremely lower chance of degenerate behavior, in a relative sense anyway. Their new genes will organically change their own culture. Gene therapy will be the final solution to the mud races.

You don't have to offer money for that. THere are plenty of regulators ready to mount up against Antifa. THey just need some organization.

In the Bible Jews and Satan win until the 2nd coming and they get BTFO. But yeah I think it's all fucked too. People will say your a demoralizing shill but it's true. There's no hope. The best we can do is fight back and at lest die for something we believe in.

I know, but I want to make this happen EVERY FUCKING PROTEST.

Antifa comes out to wear their shitty masks and be assholes, they get at least one faggot in their ranks made known to the world

Most of these people are only doing this shit because their parents send them money. We harass their parents enough, they get cut off until they come home to face the music, the antifa lose a warm body.

anyone have nudes of her before the beating?

It only needs to happen once. One Antifa captured, unmasked, and citizen arrested. I've been thinking that a tactical squad needs to get together and go to a protest where Antifa is. 5-6 guys who know how to coordinate and defend themselves. They wait for an Antifa to get violent and they tackle the mother fucker and put him in zip ties. two people stand over him, the other four as perimeter defense, defending themselves with any legal weapons available, livestreaming the whole thing.

Then they unmask the cocksucker, interrogate him, and perform a citizen's arrest.

All the things you just said is just a mix of high tech civic nationalism and the white man's burden.

Bullshit, the "Spain = Arabs" meme is part of the "black legend" pushed by anti-Spanish propagandists.

That IS what was done, in the Inquisition. Look up the Moriscos and the Marranos. Most of the Arab and Jewish blood was kicked out of the country (ironically, a lot went up to England and the low countries - which means that they have more "rape baby" lineage than Spain itself). There were so many Jews who fled to England in particular, that they brought the dish of fish and chips with them (and it's now considered British).
Pic related, a famous descendant of expelled Semites from Spain.

Congratulations, you've figured antifa out.

Seriously, though… This is exactly the sort of thing you can expect from antifa. They are traitorous, treasonous cunts that merely wish to attack their own kind and their own countries… for no reason but the projection of their own self-hatred onto their kith, kin and countrymen.

I'll check it out when I'm on a better connection tomorrow morning. Thanks, fam.

Yep. If footage of one of them getting publicly humiliated and unmasked goes viral enough, their members will be forced to look at a mirror of their own insecurities and cowardice. It will make them look less "cool" to the weak normalfags who were sympathetic to them. Extra points if the antifa starts crying (as long as its a male).
Image is everything to the unpaid antifa members. Shatter the illusion and their morale will be irrevocably damaged and participation will sharply decline.


The more important part is that if one happens, more will follow. Antifa will be BTFO's in a way they never imagined.

It's been a week or two nigger get the fuck over it.

What does this even mean? It sounds like he trying to defend against the people labeling it cowardly because it was a big group attacking a lone woman, but then he's still suggesting 3v1 would be fair, which makes no sense.

3 on 1 is about as fair as it gets with these fucks. They aren't very self-aware about how cowardly it is either. When I was younger, we had antifa/sharps call the police on us, then show up and start flexing like they were going to do something literally while they were hiding behind the police. I was also jumped by about 30 of them when I was 17 and basically, they were trying to murder me but they kept getting in each other's way. They're easy pickings when it's 1 on 1 though.
And there are plenty of creative ways to catch them alone, the honeypot was the easiest. Just remember, when you stab someone, it's best to jerk and wiggle the blade in their body a little bit to do some actual damage.

fuck off

I don't give a shit what happens to white women anymore. They aided the growth of all this shit with their "socially progressive" views. Fuck 'em. The next generation is worth fighting for. The current can get beaten and raped for all I care. They don't deserve my protection.



Man knocked unconscious in PDX airport by Anti-Trump

Nationalist uprising when

Really makes you wonder.

Spicy digits

Trump needs to declare antifa terrorists.

At least we know they don't have the spine to face a nationalist male one on one.

Sick rats! My heart aches when I see such injustice. Why must we always suffer? Why can they lie and deceit with impunity, while we have to hide and mask simple truth for fear of our lives? Such cold disregard for their own kind, such vile cruelty and cowardice, what humanity remains in these creatures? I have seen too many run away and leaving their kind to the malicious will of these cowardly sickening groups. A will, which aims to reduce once proud human beings to wailing and broken rabble, to humiliate them, to draw out any pride they might have had and crush it before everyones eyes. To these sickos and psychopaths, these humans are just a toy, that must be abused until it's broken to have fun. I, as soon as I bear witness, will stand with every person that draws their ire, to protect them from ever having to suffer such pain and humiliation again.

This faggot with long hair didnt do shit. Either he was antifa and didnt want to stop them or he's a major pussy that cant man up and at least try to protect a woman getting beaten by a mob. disgusting human.

It really gives my noggin a flogging.

In general Spain has trouble with nationalism or even basic patriotism due to modern rejection of Franco's Fascism.

Despite some initial sympathies with Franco, particularly in to comparison the the communist alternative, after research i concluded that he was jsut as bad.

Franco only won the war because he had full armies of Moroccan troops. Apart from killing many civilians with minimal justifications, the Moroccan troops systematically raped hundreds of thousands of women, and promised them that they would give birth to fascist babies.

Sounds like someone should just start making them quietly disappear.

Few notice when the rat population suddenly takes a dive, and fewer still care.

And what (((sources))) told you that, eh?

I've only read a couple of sources, but i dont find it hard to believe.

Do you think that arab troops arent going to rape every white woman which they come across?

What was the reason for the beating? Is she ex-antifa?

ah, yes.

The continuous contradictions of spaniards are amazing. They can be fully racist, yet forget about that completely if it helps the catalonian independence movement, which, by the way, funnels a lot of shitkins to the area.

Also, Most pro-independence catalonians are visceral about the issue, yet no one is able to give a reasonable explanation as to what it would be for, or how it would be done.

The other half doesn't give a shit about the issue.

I can only speak for this region since I've never lived elsewhere (madrid for example seems far less pozzed). However, there are no decent political parties. NONE. it's either cuckservativism or leftism, which is almost the same thing, as we already know. The only different party was podemos, but he's a completely commie faggot.

So, spain is: divided by zones that speaks different languages, divided by enrichment in some areas and there's a general "I don't give that much of a fuck" attitude. The only time when you see people on the streets it's antifa fags wrecking up some bank (which I sincerely applaud) but then might occupy it to spread feminism, communism and general leftism all the way.

I sincerely would love to parade around with a spanish flag here, but it's not my country so I wouldn't be so unconsiderate.

t. Italyfag living in barcelona, home of the cryptokikes.

probably hanged around an antifa bar or something (it's literally full of them around here) and was wearing the wrong colors.

oh no i must protect her! fuck off idiot

What are you on about?

We've had 6 fucking threads on this one incident already, what the fuck are you trying to slide?

Also, antifa get KO'd by a slap.

I´m not OP, but think the new thread is due to six people being changed, and also reaction from a communist actor.


My kingdom for a Donald Trump alike in this shitty about to be third world country

Also fuck Cataluña

Dude, Spain is pozzed with irrational cucks and leftist scum, but in a lot of areas you can literally go for weeks without seeing a single nig or mudslime. Not in big cities, of course, but even Madrid is nowhere close to, let's say, London.
Heck, since 2012 things seem to have improved a lot in that regard. Barcelona is a mess, tho.


We need to use Holla Forums as a platform to fight antifags internationally. We also have a pest problem here in Brazil, especially in the universities.

Is it any surprise that it's the Spanish antifa that take this shit to a whole new level of bullshit?

I pity you España, I really do.

Fuck legal punishment, all of those people are worthless and deserve to die.

Spain is one of the most marxist countries in Europe, anything remotely right wing is met with "muh Franco"

typical antifags.

the seven to eight mark looked like a sandnigger actually.

Antifa squads are diversified as well.

It's like antifa want to be designated a terrorist organization so they can live out their fantasies of fighting the government, going on the run and make headline news like isis.