Whites Tortured by Muslims in UK Prisons

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So, it seems that getting water pumped up your ass among other humiliations and violence is becoming the norm in the UK, not only on the streets but also in it's prisons.

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i thought brits were only good at sea warfare. who knew they also exceled at getting fucked in the ass by the arabs in prison

This is what the UK military enforces on its people.


They uphold the entire state and allow it to exist and carry out its genocidal program against Whites unmolested. It's nice to have reality injected every once in a while instead of our daily two minutes of gate toward an archkike middle manager like Soros.

The good goys won the war


cucks at Brit/pol/ will defend this

10000x worse than Abu Ghraib

10000x worse than Abu Ghraib

brits are the most disgusting people. they suck US, Saudi and Israeli cock

they deserve this for what they did to Rudolf Hess

Bullshit title.
This is just hazing, a tradition in all British male-dominated institutions. You can always say no, and be considered a pussy for the rest of your time there.

Same shit happens in the Army, it was no problem until they started accepting ethnic minorities, who turned the hazing around and used it to claim "racial bullying" costing the Army millions in compensation claims.
If you can't tell that these men are not in fear of their lives and are willingly engaging in the practice, I don't know what to say.

Cont: they also perform these acts to earn rewards of the synthetic drug "spice."


the brits need to get the hwhite brothers to help them learn to LARP more tbh

this is hazing youtube.com/watch?v=M0w2C9HWuUQ

Ok Tarquin.

Well you support the point, this isn't brutality, it's just boredom-relief with the help of people who will do anything for a smoke of Spice.


This is exactly what Tommy Robinson is talking about. Prisons are run by muslims because of high numbers and funding from mosques for "converting" and the mosques get funding from saudi arabia

That's why so many going into a prison, come out converted to islam. Because you fucking die if you dont.

Judges know that very well, but still send high public attention cases of whites against islam into these prisons. Read Tommy Robinsons story, it will foster the ancient rage of our forfathers in you.


Not even surprised anymore. I just hope Spengler was right and this shit ends soon.

lol, its because your politicians are bought by Saudi Arabia.

its a pretty sad state of affairs when the most powerful countries' politicians are almost all bought by jews or arabs.

What is it with semites and ass play?

english truly are huge cucks. in american prisons the whites clique up and dont take this shit.

D-doesn't it just end with our deaths? I

saying no to being stump up like a slave and ass blasted with a hose makes you a pussy? despicable you fucking cuckold.

Brits deserve it tbh. They harbored the Rothschilds and let Jews fuck their country over and the rest of the western world with it. Firebombing Dresden alone should make you hate them. Brits are the most useless good goy race ever conceived. They should be exterminated or exiled to Madagascar along with niggers and anti white traitors.

100% agree, they truly are the worst of the worst


So is gay sex and fucking children.

And it's this kind of attitude to perversion that allows the ex PM to still be involved in politics and show his face unembarrassed in public after taking part in a hazing where he stuck his penis in a dead pigs mouth with the other jewish lads cheering him on.
And we call them leaders.

Britcucks are honorary Jews at this point. Look at Rotterdam, it went on for how long, and how many of the perps got away with it? Yet there was 0 outrage, 0 mobilization.

Literally white niggers.

Wrong country, idiot.

Jesus Christ, like the fucking U.S. can point the finger at ANYONE.

You nigger-voting faggots are pretty well kike chattel goods at this point.

One of the only European countries where holocaust denial is 100% legal

Yet more proof Euros are far more cucked than Americans. Take a look at American prisons and whites are a minority, and yet our guys are the most feared people in the places. You need to become more violent and aggressive than them, otherwise this happens. Man the fuck up.

Even in Canada we don't accept this shit. There was a group of muslims in a Canadian pen who were trying to convert people to Islam under threats and the hells angels beat them literally within an inch of their lives.

faggot. hazing is more about humiliating the new guys and creating a stockholm-esque environment that perpetuates itself
of course the first people never go through the hazing, only the dumb faggots retarded enough to let themselves become someone's bitch do.

If this is very common in the Russian military, then to be honest, I'm not at all worried about them anymore. That's nigger tier intellectually and mentally. I expect their fighting ability to be the same.

Stop your D&C drivel, you little cunt. All whites should be brothers. I'm British, and I've been supporting the cause longer than you've been shilling D&C on Holla Forums. Time and time again, I've stood up for white nationalism, even when our shitty government and shitty laws held the very real risk of me being thrown in prison for doing things that Americans consider a god-given right. Things you take for granted under free speech – like protesting mosques, like speaking out in public against Israel – I did in the full knowledge that the police were surveilling me and tapping into my communications, because they fucking told me they were surveilling me. I did those things even when the police were constantly harassing me and looking for reasons to arrest me, antifa scum were vandalising my home, and I was being randomly attacked in the street by thugs hired by local Jewish politicians.

I was a newsman, back on 4chan. I made hundreds of memes that are commonly used on fullchan and halfchan Holla Forums to this day. Google image searches for them show that literally millions of people have seen my Holla Forums memes. I doxxed moot as Jewish, revealing his business dealings with major DNC donors. I helped lead the exodus to Holla Forums.

I removed four – FOUR – of the top mods of /r/the_donald when I infltrated the mod team and learned that they were zionist neocons. They were using the sub to fundraise off of Trump supporters, and to try and discredit the Trump campaign – something they were succeeding in, by getting hit pieces in the NY Times and dozens of other MSM outlets. The web's single largest pro-Trump community only made it to the election, complete with hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters/voters subscrbing to it, because I infiltrated the mod team, bullied the leaders, doxxed them, and scared them into handing the top mod post to a pro-Trump, non-noeocon American citizen.

You understand that? A Brit did more to secure Trump's election than a shitehawk like you could ever hope to do.

You think that you're so tough? Some 18 year old punk who likes to sneer at the Brits? When was the last time you even punched a nigger when it gave you grief? Or called a muslim a goat fucker in public? Or got arrested for standing up for what you believe in?

You little, cowardly shit. The best part of you was left dribbling out of your mother's cunt when her pimp pulled out.

Nobody cares about your identity, faggot. If you're white and not a degenerate, you're on our side. Take that for what it is and learn to handle the bantz.

And another thing you little cunt:

Trump, the greatest man alive, is half British because of his mother… and you say that the British are disgusting? Do you know where you are, shitweasel?

America just gave $38 billion to Israel. Every US president gives more money to Israel every year. Britain, cucked as it is, doesn't give Israel a penny. Now, I know that this isn't a choice of the American people, because their politicians are bought-out… but you say that the British suck Israeli cock?

The UN just voted to condemn Israel's settlements in occupied territory. Britain voted to condemn, along with Russia and 12 other countries. The US did not… Again, I know that this isn't a choice of the American people, because their politicians have to cosy up to Israel in order to survive… but you say that the British suck Israeli cock?

Israel controls most of America's politicians. Fact. Netanyahu gets a standing ovation from tame American politicians, addressing Congress without even needing a Presidential invite… and you say that the British suck Israeli cock?

Trump has to pretend to be friends with Netanyahu, and pretend to like Israel, until he is in a stronger position. I get that. It's purely tactical, and I support him doing it. But you still see the spectacle of Trump claiming that Israel is balls-out awesome… and you say that the British suck Israeli cock?

Fucking excuse me?

Kill yourself, you failed abortion.

I could tear the rest of your comment to shreds, but let's face it, it's an unnecessary waste of my time at this point. Everyone can already see that you're a thick cunt.

Not all whites agree faggot. Ethnic divisions are everywhere.

The comments seem pretty united that this was illegal and the sergeants who did it received 30 years in prison.

Half Scottish, I thought he was.
Half Scot, half German.


Scotland is part of Britain.

"He's not American, he's Texan"

I don't understand this video at all. Why would you allow someone to give you brain damage like that? And how the fuck do they have so much freedom in a prison they can just torture some guy?

lol, that nigga was doing the cobra after that the white boy was done with him.

"Ain't nobody trying to jump nobody"
Good old country boys - don't mess with them

nigger is DJ Freekie London




Problem detected, your kind removed christianity and allowed this barbaric nonsense.

The video that went viral was posted on Youtube March 15, 2014, shows London yelling out continuous expletives to the trucker, and then proceeding to speaking directly to the person filming the upcoming fight stating, ” Yeah record that, I’m out here and I’m by myself…” Once Freekie London approached the two men, the one in the green shirt quickly grabs hold of Freekie London after he threw the first two punches. He then brought him to the ground and proceeded to continue throwing punches at Freekie London.

A few months ago in Australia a muslim beat up a former soldier in prison and carved some isis slogan into his head.


Funny how it's fine on this board to hate Brits, but if you hate any other white nationality/ethnicity then you are a D&C kike shill who needs to be gassed.

i will send you to your semitic messiah.


Thanks for your work, bro.

As you've no doubt noticed, 8/pol/ is not what it used to be. Luckily, there is still good discussion in some threads.

The United States is no doubt the worst regarding being stooges for Israel.

Where Britain is really bad is with your government's laws, like locking up that kid for 56 days for a not even racist football tweet. Aside from your lack of Holocaust Denial laws, the British government might be the most anti-white in the world when it comes to its own citizens.

Of course, that's not your fault. We're all fighting different facts of this.

That's a cop-out for people acting like Holla Forumstards and nothing like what 8/pol/ was before the 2nd exodus. Maybe there's a reason why even after the election, 8/pol/ has not grown.

wew son, are you implying it's not still happening?

You don't have actual meaningful numbers of real muslims in prison. Your white inmates are up against mexicans and blacks. Believe me its different.

Sorry doublepost. What Im saying is your blacks and mexicans are culturally closer to the white inmates than the muslim inmates in EU prisons are to white EU inmates. And the muslims do much less infighting among themselves and stick together much better than blacks and latinos do in US prisons.

So, what is the white response? Or is this okay with us now. You realize these people are doing this to us in our own countries. You realize they go to prison on purpose so they can spread islam to helpless white people, and force them to submit. That man will either submit to islam, or he will die. They will eventually kill him, maybe they will make a video of it.

Where are our videos? I dont see any. Also, reminder jews caused this situation to happen just as much as those muslims.

never forget

extremely stupid thing to do. that water pressure could rupture his intestines.

they should throw those morons in prison.

We should stop thinking in terms of "They need to" and start thinking in terms of "Why aren't we…". I am aware of the humor and sarcasm involved in your post.

jews opened the borders. they are the ultimate root of the probelem

People aren't going to care much because they're criminals.

I care, and you should too. Whites are whites, as I said too, they purposely get into prison to spread islam to helpess whites - who are often, if not always the minority. Many of these people in prisons would be our allies on the day of the rope. Many of them are in there for things like hate crimes these days, or beating up a muslim, or defending themselves when their home was broken into etc etc. It could easily be our friends from /k/, if they were arrested for shooting the violent nogs in Britain, instead of the US.

Unless they did something against their race, they are still white, and this should disgust all of us, you should be enraged by this. Its absolutely unacceptable.

That's why you have the Aryan Brotherhood in the US. You control the prisons, you control the underworld.

Take your Louis Cuck King dosage out of here you fucking nigger lover.

This is also just the time they happened to film it.They torture whites regularly in prison, I wouldnt doubt this is just one thing in a long list of sadistic torture methods the muslims employ on white people. They also do this outside prison, just a week or 2 ago there was a story about a Polish family who were enslaved in England, made to work and live in a shed on scraps for years.. and again, that is just the one time it comes out. For years, those thousands of girls were raped, in something like 10 cities across the UK or more. Just at the start of last year, one guy was prosecuted in Canada for drugging, raping, video taping, blackmailing and prostituting out over 20 underage white girls. It was on Quebec. I would guess that city he did it in has a large muslim sex slave ring.

Whats being done about this by us? Nothing. We come here, we talk.. days go by, more people get tortured, raped, enslaved and murdered. Trumps in office, hes building a wall, he banned some muslim countries.. it will make a difference, it will be fun to watch.. but its not going to stop stories like this. If anything, its dampened our outrage and will to continue escalating our resistance. These things can not continue to happen. Something must be done, and it must be done on a wide scale.. the typical response is "Well what are you doing?" - obviously this is a team sport, and we need to collectively agree to do more, or something.. but this can not go on. This could be our kids being tortured, it could be your daughter who gets a rebellious streak and then ends up becoming a sex slave because the media pumped her head full of #NotAllMuslims. What then, nothing. Too late, guess its suicide at that point, the only remotely honorable thing left to do once you let that happen to your own family. The people who did it will be beyond reach, if you know who they are at all.

Dont let this shit happen, it happens to someones kid every day, its sickening.

That only exists because non whites in prison are divided among themselves. If it was 50% muslims in US prisons they would cuck the shit out of the whites.

Blacks and mexicans are culturally closer to the white inmates than the muslim inmates in EU prisons are to white EU inmates.

I doubt that would be the case, because the brits you see in OPs video are clearly not hardcore criminals. The second one is either retarded or was beaten so badly he couldn't even articulate words.

Have a hardcore group of white criminals and the dynamics change fast. Unless there's some kind of struggle for money or power involved, they wouldn't do that shit.

You disgust me, effectively dismissing this as okay, as some kind of rare event. He was surrounded and knocked out, then tied upside down in his daze and raped with a hose. Youd be out of it too. Id like to see all of their throats be slit, but that would be too quick. Id like to see every bone in their body be broken, and them kept alive to suffer for days. Id like to see them be raped. Id like to see it become a trend where muslims get raped by white guys, purely as a form of making them submit. That would be grand.

What Id really like to see, is for white people to recognize the parallels between their own situation and the supposed validity of the black struggle in South Africa. Id like to see whites say "This is our country, just like South Africa was a black country. Nelson Mandela is a hero for taking his country back? Well I guess his acts were what we should consider heroic, in our situation"

en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Necklacing

You fucking idiot, it has nothing to do with dismissing it. Poor guy got his shit pushed in for playing with fire. It's sad as fuck, and I hate that those are the circumstances. But make no mistake about it, I'd rather identify with the abuser than the abused. He got to a point where he had the choice to fight back or cuck down. He chose to cuck down. There's a valuable lesson in that. And that point did not happen in the video, believe me.

It never stopped, and it not just Rotherham, there are child prostitution cartels running in every city all over the UK.

South Africans would necklace people who say they side with muslim abusers over white victims. It was a punishment for traitors.

No user, it is you who are the traitor.

He isnt a coward you fucking scumbag, you dont know the situation. He was surrounded by muslims, he could easily be given it twice as bad, maybe this happens all the time. I guess the people who dont flail around every time they are on video having their neck slit are also cowards.

Youre pathetic, either a shill or a traitor. White is right, until he has done something against his race, he is one of us. You sure arent, youre not one of us.

The poblem is Muslims are united by their religion and stick together and are not cucked by current year education.

Sure among the whites in prison you'll have some badasses, but also wiggers and cucked normies etc while the muslims are united from the getgo and have 0 qualms about using extreme violence.

Believe me I have lived in majority muslim areas where big clans of arab families basically run everything. Once you have a significant muslim population its game over unless ALL whites are literal homocidal psychos going full 1488 which never happens.

Whites generally go for violence out of necessity, even criminal ones. Muslims do it for fun and status within their own group. I am convinced a muslim family living in a neighborhood of hardcore white nationalists would suffer less than a white family in a neighborhood of "normal" arabs.

There you go. Now you understand what someone who's not a coward would do in that situation. Bitch all you want, but those are the rules. Maybe if that's the outcome you accept in your mind, instead of you having to suck a dick or two, you'll choose to fight back.

That's exactly the problem. Whites have been forcefed propaganda, and when they get in deep, they have no recourse. This will soon change if the conditions remain the same. Whites will wake up, and understand that a war is going on. Otherwise, they'll get hoses shoved up their ass by muslims who film the whole thing. And don't think for a second that whites are incapable of nigger-tier violence.

What can we realistically do other than shitpost here? Most of us are internet tough guys, social aspies and rejects. If we were to patrol the streets and try to stop kebab, we'd be arrested first.

spread memes. Participate in shilling on twitter, reddit etc. Reach the normies

There's also the fact that when Muslims get beat up in prison their 42 cousins will go shoot places up and attack people's families. This happened in Aus when abos were beating on muslims so they went and shot up a random abo suburb

Wew Australia prisons are better than UK prisons expect the Victorian prison, which is in serious situation. This isn't right. Maybe they should be deport to the russian prisons because they are quite brutal towards to the prisoners.


Non-christians allowed arabs to be subhuman savages? That's some top tier christian psychotic delusion and victimization.

lol nigger what

What happened to the brain damaged guy after?

So nobody knows?

Then christanity should have defended itself when given the chance. Now it's another tool used by kikes. Fix your religion before throwing stones. He's just calling it as it is. Western religion is a subversive piece of media at the moment. You want to stop people from belittling your religion? Then stop the people that have turned your religion into a joke at best and a destructive tool at worst.


What is that gun?

A didgeridoo.

Don't joke. I really wanted to know.

standard 22. rifle used for varmits… maybe rugger . cant tell cause his hand is over the mechanism…your just looking at the photo and the end of the barrel is cut off. thus your dick got hard cause its looks tacticool.

Thank m8.

it was to begin with

read the bibles new testament.
love your enemy, work 6 days a week and dont
acquire wealth.

in europe christians constantly invited jews and then kicked them out later on - they catalyzed jewish spread across europe. then christianity became so corrupt and illogical, based on torture, bribery and witch hunting until everyone wanted to get rid of it.
and people did. and then the jews took over.
christian dont refer to jews as pagans because they are brothers by believe. they also say jews are not a race.
a jew can easily bypass christianity by simply converting to it.

christians in usa were the first one who pushed for legalization of jews as immigrants and "equal" people"



BS. Spics are way worse than mudslimes.

Christianity’s ethics aren’t as simple as that, because of the Old Testament and many other passages that contradict themselves. I doubt you've even read the bible.

But to remove Christianity from the west would be a mistake, it's a large part of our culture and taught properly creates less-degenerate people. There’s a reason why Putin has encouraged religion in Russia, because people need something to believe in. Rather god, than a contemporary materialist Jewish one.
You also seem to forget that kikes hate Christians because they believe in restraint and universal virtue.

Come on. Christianity has been around for what, 1000 years? I say 1000, because they've had to beat and torture the population for the other 1000. Christianity is as much a part of European culture as Judaism and Islam.

Double it you kike before I call the Inquisition. 2000 years.

You can't honor virtue, self restraint and ancestry by maiming 2000 years of western history. It's retarded jewish plot.

Nigga please. What do you think the dark ages were about? Christianity lasted from around 1000-1450. Then Yuropeons got back in touch with their ancestors and got back to business, starting a technological/ cultural golden age that lasted for nearly 7 centuries.


I wonder if they realise that they've just waterboarded or if they are just retarded. I was on /Brit/ last month and the mongs tried to claim British prisons were controlled by neo Nazis.

Erhm if you want to go hardcore, there's history older than 6000 BC from before Babylonia and the Flood that it's still under investigation.

But honoring ancestors by shitting on 2000 years of western history is retarded. Christianity spread like wildfire on Roman Empire, which all dominant Western Powers study and seek to emulate today.


Open up a history textbook sometime brah

Actually, it's the prime place for Indo-Europeans and Aryans in older times.


Where do semites come from then?

Impossible to discuss on Holla Forums. Just the concept of Aryans in geneological sense will get distorced by rampant nordicism and soon they forget what Indo-Europeans tribes were suposed to be about and replace it with vikings.

LARPagans will share the fate of their snownigger superstitions. Which they don't even know shit about.

Christianity was the only thing keeping the west from going full nigger tier.

You mean purging the degenerate liberal pagans who thought "wow just wow it's literally 700 A.D. we should open our borders and mix everyone together like our virtuous Roman cuck ancestors did"?

The Romans were quite literally cuckolds dude. Why do you think their ideology was superior to Christianity when it nearly wiped out the west as a world power?

that's where you're wrong kiddo

really made me think

Are we really going to take this for another 80 years until we're a definitive minority and there's no going back?

Why the fuck did you fight us tom?
We wanted to stop this before it even begins and now look at what you brought to your own people. This makes me so very sad and angry


hows this possible in a fucking prison? they nuiggers just give a dude brain damage, probably for hours/days/weeks and theres no guards anywhere? fucking burn

islam and judaism is much more common with each other than christianity and judaism

so mad cant type

Reminder that pagans are simply fedoras who don't want to be associated with the hat meme.


christianity was a declaration of war against jews because jesus (yehoshua) is claims to be messiah for the jews in israel.
christans are also obsessed with conquering israel.



You're not fooling anyone, Rabbi.
Daily reminder that modern "paganism" and "wicca" are sponsored and promoted entirely by kikes.

My blood is my religion, to see it honored, to see it conquer.



>>>Holla Forums

And yet, he quit the EDL because Maajid Nawaz, former Islamist, said a few kind words and pulled the old "not all Muslims, Tommy!" on him.

His own words on the matter:
bbc.com /news/uk-politics-24442953

A good goy indeed.

Ruger 10/22

Sure moshe, sure… or you are just another fedora with intl memes?

"Secular Europe" allowing rapefugees isnt a psychotic delusion you tumblerite, is the reality and stop projecting please.

That never happened, a new religion isnt the same as the original religion, if you are correct then cultural marxism is buddhism and still it isnt a tool, ask poles.

Or, just maybe, he changed his rhetoric because of the numerous death threats and the cucked gob'mint sending bad goys to prison.

pre-second exodus 8/pol/ wouldn't care about who you are either, faggot.

More intl memes… seriously, according to your point Bizantium and post medieval west Europe was fully pagan untill christianity came pushed by sjws.

He quit the EDL to head the UK arm of PEGIDA and Tommy grew up with muslims and has many muslim friends so he has always been "not all muslims" himself. His main concern was just the influx of more radical muslims and the islamification of the UK.

It's a tough path to tread and like walking on broken glass, if you front an organisation like the EDL then you are going to attract a lot of neo-nazis and racists and could very well go down the same route as national action and be dismantled and disbanded and classed as a terrorist group. Tommy is a good man and he's just trying to fight the battle anyway he can which under the current legislation and constant attack from liberals is pretty hard to do and I have to give him respect for being one of the few people out there who is actually prepared to stand up to what is going on and put himself up on a block for doing so.

In my eyes he has no option but to take a more democratic route, try any other way and you will get shut down like National Action. And beyond that, if that fails, then the only possible option left is violent revolution.

Putting things in perspective, Brits get raped in Prison by Muslims and Kikes with aproval of "Pagans" bash Christianity as a means to "get things better"

Am I the only one finding something needing a little fix here?

christ cucks are literally the mudslimes of last millennia

Are you dense, have no hindsight, or are just retarded?

When will it stop?

It would stop with a tit for tat, but whites dont have it in them. Pay attention, abbos beat muslims, muslims shoot up abo neighborhoods, abos stop beating up muslims. You know were still the majority, right?

If every time some muslim raped a white guy in prison with a hose, a group of 3 whites went and boarded up a mosque before tossing moltovs through the windows with the people inside, I imagine it would stop pretty quick.

Bump this for information.

It's indeed very common in the Russian military. All armies have some form of it, but the Soviets took it to the next level by never cracking down on it - and shit like this always temds to progress unless you crack down on it. By now it's a deeply institutional prpblem with shit like ncos usimg pimping their conscripts put for profit.

I blame the soviet practice of dealing with problems by pretending they don't exist, and the multi ethnic nature of Russia - genetic altruism is often nearly non-existent.

Typed it up on phone, won't even bother correcting the mistakes.

FYI, that's Michael Thompson, a half native American ex member of the Aryan Brotherhood.


Less Christianity = more degeneracy.
Who could've thought?


Burger detected.

Don't you see that by letting condition in prison become so horrendous that the people will be afraid to say anything against the state?

The US just sucks Saudi and Israeli cock tbh

The US invented the prison arse rape meme

I like this new meme

Pardon me?


yeah this is what happens when you cant pay your drug bill in prison, humiliation by degenerate faggots.


This guy never saw Lawrence of Arabia

Britbongs getting rekt…my guilty pleasure…

dank pasta

+1 maymay

I highly suspect it's only the butthurt shitskins who were colonised who d&c post like this.

Cuckchan is the other way Jew.


Seems to be some race traitors helping them.

Why are they not dead?

This shit is from 1985 and has been a meme since at least 2000 or so.


is this meme from a game or an anime?

One of my favorites.

back to /sfg/

here you go, may kek bless you.

damn, any source on that background music?

I recently learned it was inspired by a robocop videogame. don't know anythine else, sadly.

yeah, I also just found out about that. here is the arranged version.

Daily reminder that all's well and good in the home but a secular, adaptive approach is necessary when addressing (((our greater problem.)))