Why do liberals love Islam so much? This literally makes no sense at all...

Why do liberals love Islam so much? This literally makes no sense at all. Do they not realize these people have right wing beliefs?

Why does a moth fly into the flame? Same reason.

Liberals are just servile and anti-white in general, they have no consistent logic. They don't actually logically process the conservative values of Islam and judge it so: they simply bow down to whatever that is foreign.

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Because it's not part of the White, Western, World.

Because they're oppressed minorities, and there is heavy brainwashing going on to make people think that the beheading extremists are the minority so that means everyone else must be a normal progressive person.

Liberal women love it because it's a political ideology that puts them in their place. The liberal "men" go along with it because they're beta cucks, of course.

Liberals simply follow what the people in charge tell them is right. They have been seen punching people in the face simply because a news site tells them the person is evil.
they are born follows.

They don't really love Islam, it's more that they've been indoctrinated to reject their own culture (because that's oppressive) and equate siding with the "others" with taking the moral high ground.

The liberals you are referring to are “progressive liberals” which are the product of cultural Marxism. Don’t look for sense in the progressive liberal; they are little more than torture victims. However it is clear as to why the pushers of cultural Marxism would encourage such self-detrimental behavior. Same reason they always have.

Simple rule: If Trump hates it, liberals will love it. It does not matter what it is. Trump could say he hates neo-nazis and suddenly liberals will love them.


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How would you even know it is interracial porn?

It's really funny to point this out. Before the election season started in mid 2015, all the liberals were anti-capitalists who hated free trade and talked about how walmart and china were fucking over american workers and industries. Especially faggots like Michael Moore.

But then Trump comes with that exact same message, and now they're apparently all free trade libertarians.

"What is Cultural Marxism?"

Because Muslim money is funding them.


Because the kike media told them to and they are too fucking stupid and sheepish to think for themselves

Because they facilitate the spread each others ideology. The difference being that lefties must not have the foresight to see that the semites will either give them the honour of becoming second class citizens, or putting them to the sword when the time comes; since a good lot of them wouldn't want to convert in Islamic majority countries.

They have double standards for minority groups.

This. They are idiots.

They had been sucking the dick of Islam long before Trump became a political runner. It's their worship of multiculturalism.

This. Because it's anti-white.

I can't believe you still don't get it, OP. These cretins hate everything that's beautiful and just in this world. They are fetishists of destruction and decay. This goes beyond race and gender: they hate blacks, women and even tranny that attempt to live a just honest life.

Still don't believe me? Look at their art, tv, and literature. Destruction and decay of everything that's worth living for. They are civilized cancer and we're due a chemo treatment to kill every damn one of them before they kill us. That is all.

It's actually a marriage made in heaven. Think about it.
Non-whites, muzzies, and other degenerates love LARPing as victims and pretending they're oppressed underdogs fighting a righteous battle against the Anglo-American patriarchy. White liberals crave virtue signaling and giving themselves over to cultural cuckholdry as a form of public form of self flagellation and repentance. Anyone not 100% on board for the suicide cult is viciously attacked and ostracized (a cherished opportunity for virtue signalers). Thus the marriage between the left and Islam is clear.
Muslims love to play victim, they're brown, and the people hate them for their ideology also hate liberals. It's a perfect opportunity for leftists to virtue signal on all sides (race, religion, minority influence, etc.).

Liberals see a crying baby and they want to pick it up

Muslims are great at pretending to cry

They are completely ignorant about Islam, they just probably like it the same way Muhammad Ali did, because is not "white" despite being Christianity on steroids.

I can't believe this shit thread has so many replies. Is this another "we should team up with muslims" thread, OP?

TBH, Islam is about the same as Judaism. They are both shit compared to Christianity, which is also shit. Christianity is just a little less backwards.

kys my man

White liberals like Islam because they usually know nothing about it and because Muslims are typically brown people. Also, Islam is the target of much disdain and controversy, so it's the perfect thing for which white liberals to virtue signal support. Exoticism. Whites can show how cultured and loving and open-minded they are. White liberals have no in-group interests and think that handing everything over to brown people is the greatest virtue.

Because of the over use of lighting, from that degenerate Jew "Tushy" who produces either anal films or blacked films. If you can't name your enemy, you cannot defeat them.


You know who I haven't heard from in a long, long time? The Atheism+ crowd. Remember them? Atheism was all the rage at one time. Dawkins and Hitchens were celebrities drawing huge crowds all over the US to talk about atheism. It was a huge movement; they were on a mission to wipe out backwards irrational beliefs all over the world.

Then Donald Trump started talking shit about Muslims in 2015, and it's been radio silence from the fedora-tippers since then. Not one word.


it's just like the LGBT or niggers, the left actually hates all of these groups of "people" who's causes they champion. You can include feminism in this because women hate each other, but to put it simply the left doesn't actually care about or understand any of the demographics it supports the only thing that matters to them is the fact that the right opposes these groups. It's just that, vindictive spite. there's no deeper meaning or understanding going on over on the other side of politics they just know they hate the right and will align themselves wholeheartedly with anyone the right doesn't like.

Lurk moar you fucking faggot OP. If you spent literally a week on Holla Forums actually paying attention you wouldn't have to start a thread to ask something that's been covered 100000x times. For this reason I think you're a shill posting a slide thread.

Libshits don't care about what muslims' political views are. They're not white, and they envision an America and Europe with zero white people. Mass importing shitskins helps speed up this vision.

Pretty much this. Atheism is the true religion of Jews. Probably they pushing Islam on goys, they and left see Christianity as a white religion.

I think the Sam Harris side of the lefty edge lord atheists took a stronger hold as even many atheists had to admit Islam is garbage

Actually I've listened to his podcasts so that I can see into the mind of the enemy.

He is now siding with "moderate" ie pozzed mudslimes. His goal is to replace all convictions which impede his own religion which is basically hedonism. The guy is hilarious because he is so fucking stupid he can't recognize the extremely subjective and often irrational nature of his own values which place pleasure and pain over all things. Hell when he has other kikes own it descends into an Ian M Banks wankfest in which even doing something slightly tedious is seen as abusive and to be eliminated. They want a actual society of lotus eaters, they posit this as a good thing.

They seem to be completely unwilling or unable to consider that those who adopt more rightist attitudes and have the genetic inherentence to be competent(ie hardass whites) would eventually kill them. They think they can win everybody over with decadence and brainwash those who don't value those things. Which is funny because the kike has admitted in the past that white conservatives are vasting outbreeding all other demographics in industrialized nations, including muds who are borne here. Liberals and muds are natural hedonists who will stop breeding if given enough distractions.

Harris fears actual Islam because he knows that the saracens could destroy his precious liberal "civilization". He fears white rights far more because knows they will destroy his dream immediately and with essentially no effort. He knows that if we truely triumph that his vision will be dead for all time because we will kill, rather than convert and fuck like the mudslimes would, everyone who holds his values.

They are inherently anti-natalist. Islam and shitskins only produces babies because the populations will fuck anything anytime. Christianity moreso than any other extant religion demands fecundity and every value in is in the abstract meant to increase the fecundity of a homogeneous population.

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you've actually answered your own question

found interesting in vid related (skip to 9:15):
Regurgitating The Apple
The leftist elite believe that since we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and have original sin due to eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, if we all act in a manner diametrically opposed to logic and reason, goodness, we may then return to paradise.


Yep, good answer. They view everything through the lens of white oppression. Moslems are apparently oppressed by whites, therefore Islam is good because whites are evil.

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Most liberals believe that all humans are essentially a blank slate at birth who can be molded into anything based on their upbringing.

They believe strongly that everyone has similar inherent values so the majority of people would naturally gravitate towards the same 'loving' liberal mindset. So when they hear about terrorist attacks they think it's just some outliers within the Muslim community rather than a trend caused by Islamic values.

They reinforce these beliefs by reading news stories that rely on manipulated data. Such as when they read about how white people in the US are responsible for the vast majority of terrorist attacks, glossing over the fact that those white people aren't killing anyone in their 'terrorist' attacks because it's mostly eco-terrorism such as when people try shutting down animal testing labs.

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