Your best Redpill

What was the redpill that pushed you over the edge? Be it race, Jews, degeneracy, whatever. What was it that forced you to to see reality and put you down the path that lead you here?

For me, I was part of the atheist 'community', it was the Atheism+ bullshit where the SJWs tried to take that shit over and enforce orthodoxy then

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I lived in a neighborhood full of muzzies and my parents are degenerates.

The holocaust. I was always kind of redpilled though. Once I started getting into facts I immediately became a Fascist, then a National Socialist.

Marijuana made me redpilled.

Not even kidding.


My mother.

Once when I was a little boy I asked her why Africa was a mess and she explained to me that niggers have small brains and aren't as intelligent or as highly evolved as we whites are.

God bless her.

Greatest story never told

Sort of this for me, I wasn't redpilled, in fact I was some retarded anarchist until I was 18 (I'm 21 now), but I was always questioning things, even the edgy anarchist punk shit.

Which led me to question the holocaust after finding out about Holla Forums. In short, I think you need the right mindset to get redpilled, you need to be naturally questioning things and challenging your very own beliefs until you accept the facts.

It didn't help when I got into arguments with other leftists who hated my natural tendency to be a nationalist, oppose homosexuality, and believe in God.

It helps a lot when there is a community based on spreading factual information especially through memes to help you on your path.

Watching gifs of niggers abusing animals here on Holla Forums

Everything else was just incidental

When you learn about the holohoax everything else falls into place.

This vídeo, all you need

Pill poppers are degenerates.

also the "judea declares war on germany 1933" video really gave the shove I needed. I think it was 2009 when I saw it.

Race/IQ stuff presented in a "not racist" way. It didn't happen right away but once it did I could feel it spreading across my brain like a virus flipping all my bits.

Later, 1/3 of the Holocaust and Why We Believed.

I binged hard on Culture of Critique and the other books in the series, completely changed my worldview.

Growing up white in Hawaii.

The looting during/after Hurricane Katrina, the entitlement complex of niggers and reading about what it was like in the Superdome for white people. I think there was an earthquake in some homogeneous nation at the time which led to no rioting, no looting, no rapes, etc.

I started thinking about what a major disaster would look like in the US, especially in the area I was working (Baltimore) and it hit me.

I don't have an image which summarizes that.

I grew up watching Detroit news every night.

Nowadays, it's a lot of kitten-up-a-tree and other clear-channel, feel-good nonsense, and only the most heinous of crimes actually make it on-air. But the websites have a lot in their Local and Crime sections, and there's always the Detroit Police Scanner to fill the gaps on boring days.

That shit can turn anybody into a nigger-hating Hitler worshipper. That's half the problem with today's youngsters - they watch Maddow or Maher or Current Year Man and consider themselves informed. All a person has to do is watch the local news from their nearest big city to see the reality of what it is they endorse. Even then, though, I doubt it would make much of an impact on most of them.
How do you get through to someone who thinks black people rape because they're hungry?


This. 9/11 and all the lies surrounding WW2 (the holohoax, Hitler being a bad guy) are the 2 biggest redpills. If those are taken, all the rest will follow


interesting goon tactic

My ultimate redpill was Christianity's respectable traditional values compared to the values upheld by other religions. I'm an atheist but I firmly believe upholding Christian values is somewhat necessary in this world. I was raised a catholic until one day I started to wonder why. I realized it was because I was raised catholic by my parents who were raised catholic by theirs. Blindly following religion stopped making sense to me right there. In my earlier teenage years I started to question why religion was involved in so much conflict if it's meant to bring peace. I always wondered why so much people cared about some old fuck sitting on a golden throne as if he were Gods very own medium to the world. I didn't give a shit if someone was muslim or jewish or christian. In was my opinion that religion is fucked up in general.

At around that time my friend showed me Holla Forums and from there I started going on Holla Forums and then I found Holla Forums. I'm still an atheist but now I really fucking hate muslims, jews, and hardcore fedoras. The pope is a kike puppet piece of shit cuck. Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism need to be wiped off the face of the earth forever. The world needs more Christians on every corner of this planet and the entire middle east needs to be conquered in the name of Christ. I don't know if it makes sense to be an atheist while promoting Christianity but it's influence and beliefs are needed now more than ever to rid this world of degeneracy.

look at the time-stamps and keep in mind timezones. is in UTC, right now is 1:21 UCT this thread was started at 0:39 UTC the thread linked was started at 1:02 UTC with a bunch of samefag posts for the next few minutes acting like there was going to be a attack based on the posted thread, then 25b493 (1) posts about it.

goonfaggotry detected

Who ever would have thought that being a Christian would be counter culture / an act of rebellion towards the status quo. What an utterly fucked world we live in. Purge the degenerates, burn the heretics.


For me it was just becoming aware of the situation in Europe. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I bought into the idea of a multicultural America but with the idea that Europe was homogenious white homeland. When I learned that France was no longer France and Sweden was no longer Sweden, that started me on the path to 1488.

They purposefully broke their timestamp to cause confusion in situations like this, check the /cow/ archives or test it yourself: >>/cow/126761

Why would I post in this thread if I knew it was a goon thread, kike?

Similar boat here, I was always a Christian, didn't give much of a shit about Christianity but then when I found so many people shilling against it and nude degenerates screeching at the gates of churches, I knew they were afraid of something.

Kind of ironic the harder they try to push people against Christianity the more people will stop to question why they're so vehemently opposed to it. Even on Holla Forums, I got taught more about Christianity by anons debating with shills who even outright admitted they were getting paid to shill against it.

For me it was pretty innate. What I mean by that is that I was always curious from a young age, and had the sense that those in authority were hiding things from me or wanted me to act in ways that were contrary to my own interests.

Around the age of 12, I wrote to all the political parties I could find in the "Information Please Almanac," both on the Left and the Right, so I could evaluate them using materials in their own words.

When I compared the materials, I somehow sensed that the Left was all about guilt and taking things away from me. I could tell that the Left wouldn't secure a valued place for me, they'd just make me equal to every other scrub out there.

Around this same time, I read Barry Goldwater's Conscience of a Conservative and some of Ayn Rand's stuff. I liked the strident tone of these works. As I kept reading and digging through "mainstream" sources, I started to sense that a lot of conservatives were "soft," and that the country was still decaying toward liberalism. I kept an eye out for the strongest, purest forms of the Right that I could.

Then I found shortwave radio, and came across Liberty Lobby's Tom Valentine and the National Alliance's "American Dissident Voices." That was the clincher. ADV filled in that missing piece about how a civilization can be rebuilt from the ground up as long as its genetic base is intact, but if the genetic base is lost, then thousands of years of work is wasted. And, of course, I also learned more about why the Jews are at the center of creating the problems I'd sensed.

Another aspect of it is the Forbidden Fruit Effect. When your enemies start screaming "oh no, don't open that door, whatever you do, don't touch that," it's a good sign that if you open the door you'll find the weapons/antidote that they most fear.

History and English classes, back when I was in high school. History of medicine was a-okay, we were taught about how the four humors through to penicillin and Robert Koch, and in English we read of Mice and Men and shit like that, but then we started on the Native Americans and how evil the white man was.
It just continued in my English classes to the point where we had to write a short story from a slave's point of view. Honestly that alone opened my eyes when I went and researched things myself to make it more authentic, to the point where I got the lead character lynched.
That and the fucking sociology class I had to take just redpilled the fuck out of me. Everything is blatant lies or massaged statistics, from feminism to crime rates, even average racial intelligence, but all of my teachers have sidestepped it since day one. I feel sorry for the kids at my old school now. It'll only have gotten worse.

So your kids will be atheists just because you will raise them to be atheists. Nice fallacy there.

are you schizophrenic?

When I found out circumcision was a Jewish/Muslim practice and that ((doctors)) robbed me of my forskin for no reason. The rage inside me from losing my foreskin will never go away, but I'm glad it helped me wake up

>tfw I'm mixed and my father is a race traitor

Personally, the most powerful redpills were "Why aren't there so many movies on the Jewish deaths and not the other deaths of WW2?" and the communist revolution of 1918 in Germany.


entry-level was anthropology forums, was the killshot

Prager University was the light redpill, then eventually i just read the partial english translation of 200 years together. Was always anti commie, just needed to know
who the (((commie))) really is.

i was raised in rural mississippi in a half black town. when i was in kindergarden i asked my teacher if i could move seats so i didn't have to sit by any black kids and she let me sit somewhere else lol

flat earth


Being white. Seriously, no joke or exaggeration, just being white was all it took to remind me of my place in the world, and what I had to fight for.


Dig deeply enough into anything bad and you will find a Jew at the bottom of it. It took a while to set in but it's incontrovertible .

It's pretty simple. Ask people about the Holocaust. Let them get worked up. Ask them why they're worked up about it.

I've always been redpilled on race and IQ. Even as a child I thought "why the fuck don't Africans in Africa build anything, with all the tech in the world why do they still live in mud huts?"

I read the bell curve in the 90's and it solidified my thinking on basically everything I had experienced thus far. I had worked for Jews several times and always found them somewhat repulsive but didn't know why. Found Holla Forums about ten years ago, only browsed it off and on but loved the fact that anything could be said. Kept seeing references to Holla Forums but didn't check it out until around 2011. Lurked for a while and at the time was a lolberg, which there were a lot of on cuckchan. I though for a while "whats with all these Natsoc spergs?" The thing that finally broke my conditioning was the gas chamber calculations/architecture/logistics. As an engineer I immediately saw how it all seemed impossible. The numbers just don't ad up and many of the buildings were laid out completely illogically for the purported task, especially for Germans. Once I broke through that lie and realized the true levels of kikery all of their lies and creative wordsmithing became obvious. I don't consider myself Natsoc but agree on basically everything that matters (Ethnonationalism, removing or eliminating kikes and shitskins, traditionalism). I've largely given up on most of my lolberg views as I've realized nothing matters if there is no future for me or my Children.

Auschwitz jew burning logistics were the tipping point.

You mean they dragged a million poison soaked bodies, one at a time, by hand, to a single rickety service elevator, which went up to a handful of single-capacity ovens? After that I started recognizing post war propaganda for what it was.

Islamic immigrants redpill.


Bill Still's "Money Masters" documentary and a picture here of all the media corporations and their jewish CEOs.

When I watched The Money Masters documentary in its entirety. Suddenly everything made sense. I was pretty redpilled prior, but you don't know shit if you can't understand the kike control of international finance

Honestly I think it was shrooms that pushed me over the edge. I dont advocate taking drugs to get "red pilled" but my personality changed completely after that. I started seeing things a lot more clearly. I was raised in a liberal home and I thought all races were the same and all that shit. I did a complete 180 and I believe national socialism is the best form of Government Europe has ever conceived.

After the initial taking of shrooms, I researched 9/11 and went down the rabbit hole. I don't know about you guys, but it took me around 3-4 years of casual research before I realized National Socialism is the way to go and of course the holocaust is the biggest lie ever created. /end blog post

checked. I've heard that psychedelics make your brain way more receptive to new ideas, instead of the usual way of thinking that years of routine creates. Haven't tried though

I had couple classes of Theory of Knowledge in high school, history teachers also pretty good, healthy contrarianism and inquisitiveness. It's just a mind set really, not one specific fact that supports your ideology.

I think I experienced "ego death" or whatever its called. I think you get a mild form off it if you smoke marijuana, but with shrooms its way more intense.

I always just sort of thought: "Pretty much all the white countries are good. All the brown people go there to try to have it good. They flee their own brown countries because they're shit countries… where pretty much everyone is brown. Why must that be? Hmmm."

But on top of that, what always got me was hearing "Whitey is bad! Whitey is racist! If you're not white, you'll never get ahead!" And of course I hearkened back to that first thought and went, "Okay, well if this is so true, why does everyone flock to white countries then? Why do I never hear about Mexicans fleeing to Ecuador? Why don't I hear about Arabs trying to move to South America?" The thing though is that I'm mixed (white mom, Trinidadian """father"""). I grew up in a pretty small (Canadian) town. In elementary school I was one of about three or four non-whites in my grade - my high school was relatively small and there were maybe two dozen non-whites at most in the entire school. Most of the time (whether it was in school, at hockey, out at a restaurant, in a store, etc.) I was the only non-white there. I never got shit from people. People were always kind and I don't really recall it being in that faux-nice way either. I never had a cop just target me for simply walking. Never had a waitress act cunty to me. Sure, I got some shit from other kids growing up but I can think of only one (1) time growing up where someone said something racist and was serious. Hell, we all said racist shit though. My best friends and I would always call one another "nigger" and meant nothing by it. Maybe people said more serious shit behind my back, but I have no idea if that happened and I guess I wasn't affected either way. Then I went off to college though around the beginning of this decade. It was truly my first taste of "diversity". What I noticed was how arrogant many of the non-whites were - being in Canada this was mostly Arabs and Indians (but specifically the Arabs). The Indians were more awkward and seriously stinky… I didn't realize that people were serious about that until I was around it than mean, but the Arabs were downright hostile with people. On buses they'd act like they owned it. In college classes they'd not speak to other students. The white kids always seemed nice and hospitable. And to be fair, many of the non-whites were too, but I seriously can't think of a single time where some blue-eyed guy acted like a prick, not one time did I see anything from them that I'd call racist or "oppressive". Now I know Canada isn't exactly some small town in 1950s Alabama not that I can really say that protecting your own is anything wrong anyway or anything, but the media up here certainly does give people a heavy dose of "White people = bad"'', too. Now with that shooting in Quebec I can only see that getting worse.

Reading The International Jew, I began to understand that the United States is controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards.


My best redpill was either Kevin MacDonald or Israel Shahak.

I thought of myself as a leftist, then a centrist, now I'm just some odd manner of Holla Forumsack.
It happened because I held all the usual useful idiot views. Gays are people too, immigrants aren't inherently bad, blacks are just oppressed and come from broken households, IQ doesn't really mean anything.

Then the left pushed even more stupid and inane ideas. I had the audacity to believe that kids shouldn't be taught about anal sex and 50 genders and about how being gay is awesome at the age of 8-12. I didn't think that blacks having broken households was all whitey's fault. I thought that limiting immigration to vetted professionals was a logical choice instead of opening the floodgates to rapists and criminals. I had the audacity to know that IQ was valid for large statistically-significant sample sizes. I had the audacity to believe that both parties did awful things. That Obama was doing a far greater evil by continuing his executive overreach and setting precedents for having a presidency far more powerful than the founding fathers ever envisioned. I've been reading history books for fun since I was 15, so I have a shitload of historical knowledge that I could bring to a discussion, but obviously all history before 1964 was racist and colonialist and what do you mean we shouldn't trust the media, the Spanish-American War don't real.

For each and every one of those ideas, I was called a sexist, racist, bigot, misogynist, transphobe, homophobe, islamophobe. Everything under the sun. I'd be plastered with those labels regardless of anything I said, and I couldn't be an intellectual coward and simply repeat those fucking ideological talking points either.

So I started looking into the actual statistics, hoping to convince people otherwise. Statistics on blacks and immigrants committing far more crime than demographically expected, statistics showing that mass immigration simply doesn't work, statistics that the gender pay gap is completely fictional, statistics that fags are simply awful parents, all from peer-reviewed and reliable scientific sources. I used more historical precedent. I used direct passages from the Koran to prove that it's not a religion of peace.
Because I thought to myself, if these fuckers love science and rational thought and skepticism so much, then they'll be convinced by these facts, right?

They doubled down on calling me buzzwords, of trying to paint me into a little categorical corner so they could ignore me out of hand. Rightist, conspiracy theorist, nazi, fascist, racist. Anything that could let them ignore all the data and evidence I presented as the ravings of a crazy lunatic. Fuck it, if I'm a nazi racist bigot misogynist, then I don't care what they have to say. And if you don't care, they have no power over you. You have no societal pressures to conform to doubleplusgoodthink, so you start absorbing all the data and knowledge you can. Some of it is crazy, some of it is outright wrong, but eventually it all starts to click together and you become a Holla Forumsack.

I really hate the left. I put up with eight years of disagreeing with everything Obama did. There were no protests, nobody burnt anything down to the ground, nobody attacked Obama supporters, there was no mass hysteria.
But now the left fervently believe that they are so morally, ethically, and logically superior that any and all means justify their ends. They call the right fascists but they are the ones committing the vast majority of political violence, property destruction, and social disruption. Because it's all for what they think are the "right" causes and will put them on the "right" side of history, it's all overlooked.

I didn't become a rightist or Holla Forumsack by choice. Neither do most people. We get pushed here and settle down into the only logical and skeptic positions left. The rate at which the left is pushing even further to the left is astonishing. It's not just enough that you're pro-choice, you have to say that you wish you had had an abortion. It's not enough to support gay rights, you have to teach little kids about fagsex while telling them that genders don't exist. It's not just enough to support equality, you have to proclaim and carry out death to whitey and death to men.

Fuck it, let the left bury its own grave. The more they call everyone and everything fascist, sexist, racist, whatever, the more people simply stop caring about being called that. When they stop caring, the societal pressure to conform goes away. When that goes away, they actually become fascist, racist, sexists.
It's the future they chose. It's the future they'll get. They chose to create a future where they see everyone as racists and fascists and they're fighting for true social justice. It's a fight they'll lose because they are nothing more than petulant children.


The thing they don't get is that the fight is already over. They already won. The blacks have been freed. Women have equal rights. But the things they want now and groups they champion are full of deviants, who shouldn't be supported. But that is all they have left to bitch about.

My defining red pill was honestly only a couple weeks ago. Actually listening to Hitler's speech regarding democracy and money in politics got me really hard. That he had put into words exactly what I'd been thinking for years amazed me since I, of course, was raised to think that Hitler was the measuring unit of evil.

I'd always been anti-SJW and was pretty disgusted by the entire US election, but that was what officially pushed me over the edge.

more people need to listen to the words of Hitler. It shatters the jew conditioning that he was every negative thing imaginable. He might be the greatest human in history

There is no more potent pill than the Amalek pill. People think getting "redpilled" on the JQ is a revelation, but what they don't realize is that the Amalek connection is the reason the JQ exists. Taking the Amalek pill is the one and only way to ever understand the JQ, and when you swallow it, you realize this is a terminal conflict with no possible reconciliation, because the filthy hebes literally believe that Europeans are the incarnation of evil on Earth and must be extinguished from history.

Rake the Amalek pill.

The Holohoax. I found out about it when I was only 16, but I recently remembered reading about it when I was in my early teens, but I just ignored it because I was terrified that the world was a completely different place than what I thought (although I wouldn't have admitted to myself that that was the reason why).

He was more than human