Dal FortWorth muzzie call to prayer



War is close.

The libshits there should go maximum virtue signalling by converting to Islam and volunteering to be suicide bombers. Austin would be the most sensible target.


I saw a guy at school last year wearing chainmail walking onto campus. I stopped my truck, told him it was sweet, and screamed deus vult. If you're out there chainmail-user your sword will soon be required.

Don't even joke about that user, my dick will pop. Austin is an absolute trash heap now.

God, I hope so. These mudslimes can't be allowed to enforce their backwards culture here. Enough is enough.


We need to start learning old Crusader anti-Islam prayers, hymns and chants to "peacefully" disrupt these pieces of shit whenever/wherever they impose themselves upon our culture.


I guarantee you there's a couple of undercover feds there right now keeping their eyes on them.




Terra tremuit et quievit * dum resurgeret in judicio Deus, alleluia.

Notus in Judea Deus in Israel magnum nomen eius, alleluia *
dum resurgeret in iudicio Deus, alleluia.

Et factus est in pace locus eius et habitatio eius in Sion, alleluia *
dum resurgeret in iudicio Deus, alleluia.

Ibi confregit cornua arcum, scutum, gladium et bellum, iluminans tu mirabiliter a montibus aeternis, alleluia.


The earth trembled and was still * when God arose in judgment, alleluia.

In Judah is God known: His name is great in Israel, alleluia, *
when God arose in judgment, alleluia.

His dwelling is in peace and in repose, and in Sion is His habitation, alleluia, *
when God arose in judgment, alleluia.

There He broke bow arrows, shield, sword, and war weapons, you are glorious, more wonderful than eternal mountains, alleluia.

Someone should run over the Muslim protestors with a semi-truck, it would be poetic.


Salve Regina


islam is the way of the west top atheists agree with me

Testamentum Eternum

In Timore Dei

GTFO Muzzie filth

Worship no one.

"Farscape" Die Me, Dichotomy (TV Episode 2001) - IMDb

even dawkins is a muslim idiot kike shillcuck jidf



I'm seriously not ok with this. Seriously.

I don't think any sane white man is. We let an infestation grow in our home, now we've got to handle it.


There is only one way of handling this.
We all know it.
The Authorities need to step aside and let the common people
hash this out because they are NOT doing anything.

We have an enemy religion/political ideology in the USA
its just waiting. They have enough numbers here right NOW
to start a war in this country. The leftists that will go along with
them will bolster their ranks and convert to Islam.

We will then be in an even worse situation and we will be in a
chechnya situation. If Trump does not round all of them up and
cast them out we are going to be at war.

This is our reality now. Its round up or is War or let them
take over. Id rather the USA get nuked than fall into the hands of
our enemies.

This'll piss you off even more. The only reason this filth is here in the first place is because of what is being discussed in this thread:

Dallas is a mudslime shithole but their base of operations is right outside the city and their fallback base is Amarillo. Local news around Amarillo once interviewed a woman who was moving her family to Montana and the woman specifically stated the fact that Amarillo is a shithole filled to the brim with somalianshits and mudslimes. It doesn't surprise me in the least that that area has turned out the way it is.

Texas really needs to clean its act up. You have two major mudslime hives in the northernmost part of the state. You have a capital that looks more like San Franscisco and tries to outdo it each week. You have a city named after your old president that's closer to Detroit in style. And the westernmost area of the state resembles mexico, not to mention the southernmost area which basically is Mexico. Get your shit together, Texas.

I hope you're learning latin so we can make our own spicy OC chants and confuse the fuck out of and be unintelligible to our enemies on DotR.