What did I just see?

Just had a vision of this thing, the top sphere transformed into the bottom image. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

100 pokemons based after the english alphabet.


What colours were involved?
Did the shapes move?

No colors just light manipulation, the top sphere zoomed in each layer like a camera and the outer pattern became more active until it became the bottom image

where u like high man?

No, I was reading on Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan though

There's that eight-pointed star again…

tbh fam that sounds sort of like a symbolic way of describing (delving the layers of the)[BlackSun](and it blooms like a lotus flower into)[EightPointedStar].

That's called a black sun.

It's from an alternate timeline where Hitler was shot, part of his frontal lobe was destroyed, but he lived as a schizophrenic retard. He no longer controlled the National Socialist party, as he couldn't formulate adequate battleplans against the allies. He slowly but surely went back to painting. That symbol is one of the first things that he painted when he regained control over the left side of his body.

Looks cool, tattoo it on your face and become the Memewalker.

start a new religion dude

That's where babies come from

Ive never looked at the background. The text on the left. It looks like PLVS VLTPA? What does this meme?

further beyond

Never heard of the Black Sun, but now that I've looked at it, that is very close to what it looked like at one point

It says you're gay.

Yea, you should probably look into the lore of the Black Sun.


Further. Beyond.
Wow. This means something, hes telling the world something.

It's odin telling you to stop shitposting.

I honestly saw this shit go down in my head, not something I made up for meaningless entertainment.

Understanding the symbolism isn't as important as knowing the source.

t. mystic

Underchecked digits.

checked and heiled

OP is a prophet of Kek confirmed

Have you read Jung?

I'd agree that a reasonable argument can be made for the source being important, but wouldn't the content of the message at least give clues as to the source?

I have indeed. The error is often attributing a mystical or spiritual experience with a source existing beyond or outside the mind.

But this isn't an atheistic statement, seeing as all things are Mind.

Oh well would you look at that.

Plus Ultra, It's the motto of the great catholic kings of Europe, mainly Spain.

Ah, I was going to recommend him to you.

OP, I just saw a similar Sunwheel tattoo last night and today I saw the large looking swastika on a piece of Ukrainian art. I will see if I can find it tomorrow and send you a picture. It caught my eye because at first I thought it was the typical looking swastika and when realizing it wasn't, I figured it was some type of slavic swastika.

dude wat

could this be the legendary MISSINGNO?

its your subconscious telling you to stop fantasizing about fucking children you sick fuck.

I was led here by Sam Hyde and the Libtard Movement, honestly. Not been here for a lengthy amount of time.

The sphere TURNED INTO the bottom image, is not one whole thing.


Time to put down Leviathan user. Eat some cake.

Motto of Charles I of Spain (also Holy Roman Emperor for a while), something similar to Manifest Destiny in South America for the Spics.

Care to elaborate?

I love Calvin and Hobbes! Interesting… Which part? Of the commonwealth?

Gonna need more background on your experience OP.

Also the motto of All Might from Boku No Hero Academia. Last time this was brought up, user pointed out the similarities between Trump and All Might.

All Might wears USA colors and imagery. couldn't post image with embed.

user how was the vision? Did you feel lightheaded like daydreaming, or did it feel like it was something in actual reality before disappearing?




Everything is mind. Mind is what perceives everything else. Mind is what creates the perception of otherness, only that it might perceive itself. The whole can't contemplate itself, because there is nothing to compare it to, so mind creates the illusion of distinction. But all in all, everything is mind.


i had a vision of this after drinking windex


I have many visions, none of them Holla Forumsacks would like, seeing as most of the ones that involve killing the kikes also involve doing so while speaking some Arabic-sounding shit, but there is one involving the Holla Forums-approved version of Kek that reoccurred several times.

It takes place on some sort of battleground, on rough and plain, brown rock, covered in dust. No-one can see very far, as everything around him and Moloch is shrouded in fog. Kek looks a bit like Pepe, but not completely. His body is covered in ancient garb, while Moloch is almost naked. Moloch has the shape of a large minotaur, with empty holes that smoke is coming out from. But Kek doesn't have a weapon. All he has is a ring. When they face off, Moloch charges at him, but is quickly forced to stop or kneel, when Kek raises his hand with the ring. It shines with a bright blue light, it's light seems to drain Moloch of all his power immediately. Kek then answers Moloch's question what this is with something along those lines: "Your adherents are weak. Strength is what they crave but will never have, thus they chose you, who appears strong to them. My followers however, already are strong. They seek the truth. And thus, I grant them a watchful eye." He then proceeds to step on the back of Moloch, who has collapsed onto the ground, with one foot, raises the hand with the ring, and the ring shines so bright, that you can't see anything any more, and that's usually where it ends.

look into avestan?

this tbh

I'm not going to learn an entire language just to potentially know if that was it, for a bunch within countless potential futures, none of which specifically is going to happen anyway. IMO the more important bit is figuring out what the fuck the ring/watchful eye is, because it seems like something useful.

write down what you heard anyway, maybe someone will recognise it

this is lazy

who gotz da get?


Hahahaha! How the fuck did you manage this one OP? What strange oath did you make to bind you to this day? This is the Eye of Tartaros, thoughit goes by other names as well. This is where gods are forged, where the false are entombed and washed awy, and from whih Kek's mouth opens to.

I wanted to note that there are several interpretations of the eye of tartaros. What OP posted combined with the description is hence my proclamation of this being a 4d representatiin there of, squished knto 2d

op is a faggot wizard

Whelp, dubs confirm. I'm just high as balls.

So lucky, I love horror movies!

This makes sense, thanks for sharing

It was like a movie in total darkness but I could still see everything around me, I felt normal

The only oath I have made if any is to find absolute truth in everything

Your ID. Beautiful.

He's using TOR, it automatically makes every ID into all 0s.