Explain to me why jews would want to destroy the White Race

It's a question that's raddled my brain since I found this board, one that I can never make any sense out of.

I can't see any motivation here that doesn't boil down to "we're ebulz". Why go to all this trouble, all this time and effort, spend trillions upon trillions of dollars, to take out a race that was not, originally, a threat to them. Because I'm sure if we dial the clock back thousands of years whites were content to just live in their racially pure civilizations. I just don't understand, there must be something very very strong that's motivating them.

Even if we argue that whites did something to the jews ancestors countless years ago, why the fuck would current year jews give a shit? What may or may not have happened to their ancestors a long time ago surely does not effect them in any way. At least THIS MUCH of a shit to go to all this trouble to destroy the white race.

It just seems like they're going to a lot of trouble for something that honestly shouldn't matter to them. Just seems like a waste of their time over something with no tangible long-term benefit to themselves or anyone else, because I can't see any benefit to destroy the white race. I'm looking at this from an uneducated perspective, none of it makes sense. Why do it?

So tell me Holla Forums, why are jews so hellbent on ending the white race? Maybe I'm just not seeing the full story here.

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bright one huh?


The're like parasites user, they seek to ensure that the strongest race collapses, when white people fall the rest of the world would follow.
They understand that minorities and the rest have little to no capabilities of ruling and maintaining a stable infrastructure, look at places in Africa and the Middle East. Allowing them to take over the whites would give them more power over the West, if the men of the tribe are replaced by weaker beings then a society would be easier to take over.

Either that or this entire thing is just some bloody revenge plot for muh holohoax

OYY we're the chosen you dirty goy ! Also this

It started with the Greeks. Then it spread to the rest of Europe. In the mid 1500's a completely anti-Semitic language was formed. From that time until present you can trace the Jews relentless attacks upon those people. From the fatherland to the colonies. It doesn't matter if the descendants no longer speak the anti-Semitic language; the Jews hate them for their ancestry and their inheritence promised.

Why don't you lurk a couple years and find out for yourself, rather than asking for spoon-feeding? There is no short version, bite-sized redpill for you, so shut the fuck up.

In the african jungle hyenas would do extremely well if there were no lions to compete with. Likewise, its beneficial to jews to eliminate whites and rule over the spoils. For them, eliminating whites is eliminating the lions that, when hungry or angered, become the biggest threat to their existence.

100+ expulsions are 100+ reminders throughout their entire history that if they do not defeat us, they may not survive in the long term.

it's the same reason why they want to destroy imageboards: they can't control a chan and they can't control white people

actually there is a short version. you're a fucking kike trying to prevent the spreading of the truth.

Jews don't want to destroy the white race entirely per se, they just want to render it impotent.

Each individual Jew or organisation makes actions that they as in the interest of Jews and against the interests of outgroups, and these add up to an anti-White effect from multiple different fronts. It's not like all the rabbis are scheming with George Soros to personally kill every last white man (not to dismiss the actual effects of Jewish organisations on anti-White policy), but each of these groups advocates for something that they think is in the Jewish interest.

Take the issue of immigration for example. Jews supported open borders immigration early in the 20th century so more of their own could get in from Europe, and continue to support it as a way to disenfranchise the White race in the West. The way individual Jews see it, shitskins coming in are a threat to White power in America, and therefore in theory would lessen discrimination against Jews.

The thing to understand is that even assimilated Jews think tribalistically, as opposed to whites who are much more individualistic. Therefore, Jews will employ different and often opposing tactics, but each Jew will be acting in what they believe is the "Jewish interest".

If you're interested, read the Culture of Critique by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

Because this

The Old Testament god commands the Jews to utterly destroy the Aryan race.

Jews want to rule the world, they believe they are Gods chosen people and they are not only better then us but that we are not even human. White people are entirely selfless they will sacrifice themselves to better the world meanwhile Jews are entirely selfish.

We're the only race that can effectively oppose them. Use your head a bit more

Also, they're still pissed at the Romans for utterly destroying the Temple, and pretty much Judea itself, in 70 A.D.

The jews want to destroy the white race because (((they))) think it will be good for the them. That's basically it, it doesn't occur to them that it may blow up in their face… literally.

This user says it pretty well.

Because whites culture and values conflict with the jews greed. Proud Whites value honor and family more than money. Jews see this and realize that it hurts their profit. Eliminate the white race and you eliminate the white culture. It should be stated that the White race is not the only race they want gone, it's just the one they have been most successful in eliminating.

The jew fears the Samurai.

These words are true, but it's deeper than that. The jew fears the warriors. Warriors, no matter where in the world they were, all had a sense of honor, pride, and value for things beyond petty financial gain. This makes the jew scared because the jews only form of control in through manipulation of/with money. Take that away from them and they have no power. The jews know this and decided that it would be worth spending a lot of money now in an effort to remove these aspects of warrior culture in order to make a lot more money in the long run.


gee, I wonder

Jews hate Christians, and Christianity is tied to the white race.

Even the modern 'christcuck' epithet is a lrong of their attack.



It's motivated by their hatred of Catholicism.

Bro have you even read any Kevin Macdonald?

Show the black ants no mercy, for they are cattle in ant form. Jeuteronomy 4:20

The jew wants to create a stupid, mixed underclass that is an entirely different species from their caste. This is done to create a state of neo-feudalism, where the jew profits completely off of the underclass's labor in a global world state instead of the national world we have now where borders and national sovereignty prevent this abominable system from being realized. They want the domestication of humanity because it is economically profitable and religiously mandated.

Lurk moar.

Good goy. Kikes love it when you lay down and spread the other cheek.
Semitic religion forcefed fo europeans.

They don't just want to destroy the white race, they want to enslave all of humanity (well they don't see "humanity" but only "worthless goyim").

They aim to mongrelize the entire white race, removing every sort of barrier to their dominance, like nation-states, cultural and racial identities, families and even genders. They want to reduce humans to "abstract beings", which they treat as "citizen cattle", mass-feeding them with distractions and leaving their only common identity in consumerism, in a global scale, and dependency to their whole international-capitalist system.

Thats why they push globalism and de-industrialization of european countries, thats why they push the "EU".

Sage for spoon-feed thread.

They don't they need their slaves to protect their interests. This is why Jews support the right in America and USA will always be their puppet.

The people of the White Race are the only ones who have been able to fight and win against the Jews throughout history. That is why at any point the Jews are trying to have whites give up their racial powers so that once and for all the Jew will have no more enemies. Look at those mixed raced people around you, they have neither the fortitude or construction to fight such an enemy and are lulled to unconsciousness by the Jews musings.

This fight is even older than you might think, older than Judaism in the form you know of. It's Semite versus Aryan for control of the universe.

they're the scorpion user

they know that they will drown with us in a see of brown, but they don't care. Their innate drive to destroy is simply too strong

lurk moar

They think we are descendants of a people who screwed them over thousands of years ago.

Tikkun Olun is a doctrine of specific types of Judaism which teaches the the material world is evil because Yahweh was scattered into billions of "vessels" during creation, and those "vessels" need to be unified into a larger whole and creation needs to be undone in order to fix the world. These "vessels" include races, nations, cultures, economies, and moneys, hence the Jews advancement of NWO agenda, central banks, multiculturalism, miscegenation, etc. White people have historically resisted the Tikkun Olun effectively, they fought the bank in 1812 to get the Rothschild NWO off their back, they cracked down hard on subversive Tikkun Olun activities during various pogroms, and they did the ultimate bad goy sin of asserting the unqualified sovereignty of ones own race, nation, and economy when Hitler took power, just to name a few examples. This is also why kek hates kikes so fucking much, his origin mythos of creation, life, fertility, and creative chaos springing forth from darkness is the exact antithesis to Tikkun Olun which is really the same thing as anti-cosmic Satanism. Orthodox Jews do not follow Tikkun Olun in this manner or believe in Lurianic Kabbalism, but one of their hundreds of doctrines is extermination amalekites and edomites which are basically white people, they have a superstition that Germans are all descendents of amalek, and since Amalek supposedly fucked with the Jews thousands of years ago and Jew grudges literally never, ever fucking go away they remain committed to white genocide. Since Tikkun Olun is a religious doctrine like Jihad, it is followed with the same fanaticism and it is why kikes have the tendency towards being short sighted or having their plans blow up in their face, it is not entirely rational.

tl;dr Kikes use various masks such as communism, "democracy", neoconservatism, etc. but at their core they quite literally hate the world and want to destroy it and resent Whites for resisting.

Basically this. They needed a strong white society to piggy-back off of, which was America; now that they've weaseled their way into the institutions that directly influence the government of the USA, they seek to dilute our society to make sure that we are too busy fighting each other over social issues and rhetoric, and not white enough to organize a meaningful resistance to their control. This is why you're seeing massive anti-trump (((protests))); the jews are fucking pissed that someone outside of their control gained power. Is it any surprise that the most anti-trump noise is coming from the most jew-controlled institutions (media and education)? This reaction to the election of Trump is a reminder to us goyim not to stray off the reservation. Jews still need America to be a financial superpower in order to guarantee Israel's security for the time being. Trump is a wild card that can threaten the delicate house of cards.

It's simple, the top jews enjoy their life of luxury. They have all the money in the world, the most advanced technology that's ever existed and access to ever form of entertainment that physically exists right now, and almost complete legal and political immunity. And it will all go away the second the white man starts treating jews as equals instead of unique victims of unique suffering. And if we go beyond treating them as equals, and instead treat them as the conniving rat faced parasites they are? we can sum up the response in two words:


So the top jews are very aware that this entire thing can turn on a dime, their paradise becomes purgatory becomes eternal damnation within just a few years, so to prevent this they want to remove any chance of us rebelling and taking back what's ours.

Yes, the jews are that paranoid that they would destroy everything good in the world just to prevent us from having a share of the goodness. they are also extremely narcissistic and probably believe that they can maintain a jewish society on par with the peak of white civilization. As you might have guessed, this wont work but in their mind it's their only option, since doing nothing really will result in another shoah this time around, the white man will not take kindly to them when we expel them for the 110th time.

They want to lead the helm of a mystery meat world.

There is no long term plan. The cycle has repeated itself since Jews ever existed.

Jews just want $$$$, it just so happens that destroying white culture and nationalism and peddling global finance and retard-tier multiculti media has the most mass-appeal, and therefore is most profitable.

It's a bit of politics(gibs me the world, goy, im chosen), a bit of religion(oy you are amalek we must destroy you goy), and a bit of them just being dicks.

Not spending money when all they have to do is add 0s on a computer.

it might be different this time, they could succeed or get removed for good

The question that finally imposes itself on the observer of the historic drama of Judaism is the following: How is it possible that some bastard tribes, from such contradictory undesirable hybrid strains, that such a people could survive for millennia in inhospitable conditions and constant persecution? All other nations with such a high proportion of miscegenation have disappeared. But not the Jew. The answer to this disturbing question has almost been given through the previously expressed considerations. On one hand for a people of desert nomads the conditions of life in foreign lands always entrenched in strange organizations that in the end repel them are ideal, not inhospitable. The nomad depends on his tents and takes them up at the first warning. It is the same with gypsies, belonging to inferior castes in India, with predatory tribes that seem to have so much in common with the Jew. On the other hand, the persecution to which the Jew has been the victim has been provoked by him, as a means to help them maintain their cohesion. Even today, when he has occupied a country in Israel, this is not taken very seriously since the international arena is his means, because his ambition is the world. Israel and Jerusalem are only the geographic location of the Temple, the central point "where Jehovah desires to be adored." Something like Mecca for the Muslim. Place of pilgrimage and sporadic reunions. An oasis in the desert. To use the expression of Nietzsche, the Jew would have "the desert expand," until it covers the earth.

It is difficult to know the true origin of this people. In the visit I made to professor Herman Wirth, founder of the Ahnenerbe, high specialized organism of investigation of the SS, and one of the most extraordinary students of Nordic preantiquity, I asked him about the Jews. He gave me a strange unexpected answer: "Nomadic people, from slaves, who lived on the periphery of the great civilization of the Gobi…"

I deeply regret not having asked more about this. Professor Wirth knew many languages, Sanskrit, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and had finished a work on the origin of the Jews, fruit of investigations through his entire long life. When I knew him he was 94 years old and remained agile and alert. Even then, not long before dying, the manuscripts of his work were stolen from him, it is believed by his own collaborators. Marxist infiltrators, or perhaps even Catholics, caused this most valuable work to disappear. The world will never know of it. It is a tragedy as great as the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. At least for me. The identical hand will have committed the same crime to cover up evidence.

It is believed the Jews are Semites, but only in part. Therefore it is unjust to speak of Antisemitism when it concerns them. The pure Semite is an historical unknown, the Bedouin nomad most resembling him. The Bedouin abandoned the deserts in remote times. When we come to have news of him, he was already mixed with other peoples in his vagabond through Asia Minor.

One of the Semite tribes is the Beni-Israel. The Bible relates their wanderings, but that document is not credible because it is sent to us fixed by the Jews down into every small detail. The Beni-Israel, or israelu, reached Ur as humble nomad shepherds. Abraham is the king of Ur and his name, like that of Sara, is Sumerian-Akkadian. The Jews appropriated them. Abraham, the legendary king of Ur, is not Semite. They were expelled and went to Canaan, to the area of Gossen (we remember the name of Allende Gossens). The people called Israel were born during the period from the expulsion from Egypt to the conquest of Canaan and they are not the Jews. There they formed a miserable state surrounded by powerful nations at war with each other. The original people of Canaan are the ancestors of the present-day Syrians, a mix of Semites and Syrians. Returning to Canaan, the Israelites mixed with Sirio-Semites. Before then they had already mixed with the Abrahamites, Moabites, Edomites or Idumeans. Bastard is the term used for mixtures of antagonistic elements. During the Babylonian exile they dictated the draconian laws prohibiting mixing even with similar tribes. From this entire undesirable hodgepodge the Jew emerged. This cloaca gentium (human cesspool) was the biological reservoir of all the hybrids of Asia Minor.


Asshurt and jealousy

Their ego cannot handle the truth regarding their lack of worth. Any challenge to that must be eradicated. They would destroy whites andleave the niggers to serve them. Chinks would provide skilled labor only if they didn't step out of line and dare to think their brand if kikery is superior.

Group survival. No different than why red ants and black ants fight it out while both being ants. One group wants to survive any competition is seen as a threat to group survival. This is why you newfags are always told to read The Culture of Critique. It's just what Jews do. Good/Evil is kike morality.





I remember someone who spent a lot of time around Jews making a post detailing how they think. Summarized, it went down as:

I remember a while ago an user said cuckstians only care about our struggle because of they perceive what cuckstianity is, and dont actualy give a shit about race as long as they can save their precious cuckstianity. Anons like you prove him correct.

Never ever under any circusnstance put christianity or any other relgion above race.

Most whites are Christians and most Christians are pacifists. Jews like how imams can get a sandnigger to blow himself up. That's very difficult to do in peace-loving, Christian/white societies. The arab spring is probably a way for jewish "imams" to take control of this weapon.

their book tells them they own the whole world because god says so

everyone else are animals to be used up

It's because Jews believe that certain white ethnic groups, including the Germans, Armenians and the "princes of Rome" as mentioned in the Talmud are the secret descendants of the Canaanites. No joke.

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger talked about it in his book "Entdecktes Judenthum" back in 1700.
They think that all Germans are the descendents of King Agag of Amalek, through the Persian vizier Haman.
It's a completely retarded belief, on the same tier as British Israelism, that posits that this Middle Eastern, pagan people somehow ended up as white Christians in central Europe, but they seriously believe this stuff.
The Jewish rabbi (((Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld))) refused to meet the Kaiser in 1898 because of this theory.

They GENUINELY believe that by wiping out the kingly bloodline, by killing all the men and raping all the women, they are doing their G-d's work.
Also: this is (probably) why they hate Donald Trump, too, since he would count as an "Amalekite".

They want a brown, easily controllable horde of goyim rather than free spirited whites to serve them. Also it has something to do with an inferiority complex all jews seem to have. Pro-tip, the high jew IQ is a lie.

It's important to note that the book in reference is The Talmud, which is rabbinical teachings of head-honcho Jews derived from their own wistfulness and determination of the nation outside of what Moses had written and what the Mosaic Law had originally commanded.

In fact, those who were not Jews but wished to become Jews needed to convert/ Once conversion took place, they were given the rights and privileges as any other person in the Nation of Israel on up to its destruction by Titus in 70 C.E.

The idea that non-Jews are cattle for the Jewish people is not based in the roots of where Judaism came from.

Revenge for the last 2017 years.

this, and it's about dominance. Think about it would you rather be submissive or dominant over any group or person.

It seems to me that your world revolves around the usage of the word 'cuck', it doesn't seem forced at all. You sure you're from around here, shlomo?

Underrated post.

Found it.

It's not personal.
It's what they do to everyone.

A normal healthy society doesn't trust outsiders.
Not immediately anyways and it prefers its own over outsiders.
Loyalty is layered. Family > friends > settlement > region > nation > alliances > friendly nations > everyone else.
A jew would thus be disadvantaged wherever he went.
Untrusted and unable to assimilate into the local culture.

So he is forced to break this normal pattern of behaviour. Encourage the society in question to view outsider groups more favourably. Or at best equally to its own.




Because all goyim are the same. They're cattle.

Cain went off to Nod to race mix. They have been shunned ever since….

Remember this the next time some daft mongrel admits to being mixed race on here and you quizzically wonder: why would any non-white support this or come here?
Because if the kikes win, everyone but kikes lose. Even getting exiled, or fighting and dying for Aryans is better than an eternity of jewish servitude. Even the absolutely brutal Day of the Rope and separate states is better for the whole fucking human race than (((them))) winning. Than being said, civic nationalism is cucked and (((they))) have a reason to support it as an undermining influence on Holla Forums's goals.

Shekels and power. They want to rule the world.

OP outside of being a faggot your problem is that you actually think of kikes as human. There is no one actual reason. They're basically rats, or little more than sentient firewood, it's instinct for them to corrupt, divide, and destroy and to enslave those around them. There's lots of good theories about them being functionally incapable of long term planning and other ideas but it boils down to the fact that those things simply don't think about and decide upon things like you or I do, it's part of their DNA to be kikes and act like kikes.

to the point

I think it's a cultural thing far more than a biological thing. You'd act like a Jew if you were raised by Jews and surrounded by Jews.

But that doesn't make them any less harmful to a healthy society.

Sure there is, see:

Yes, even in my less redpilled days (when I admired the perseverance of the Bene Gesserit of the Dune novels), I realized some evolutionary traits are worth preserving and some aren't. True, kikes have some traditionally "intelligent" traits, but they're completely neurotic, self-destructive, uncreative, tribalistic messes.

no hitler had this absolutely right it's a matter of blood and bloodlines, even isolated "people" who don't practice the religion display kikery. I do agree we should also gas those we marry into, are raised into, or voluntarily pick up the religion as well but the main issue is with those who are jewish by blood who are EVERYWHERE

nice dubs but don't fall for the "kikes are intelligent" meme. We shouldn't underestimate our enemy but that shouldn't stop us from seeing through their lies and blatant cheating in favor of the supposed greatness of "the chosen people." If you train a literal rat to navigate a maze accurately does that make it intelligent?

You didn't even get the name right.

This place went to shit when everyone stopped sourcing their comments.

It's simple OP

1. We are much smarter then other races and harder to control
2. We once killed six million of them so they hate us with a passion

Oh, valid.
They are "smart" only in specific ways. The verbal intelligence, aka Shiesty-ness and equivocation, is highly overrated.

I think this makes a lot of sense:

One interesting to read about in Game Theory is "Schelling Points". Basically, individuals from the same culture often come to the same conclusions independently, and make it look (to outsiders) like there was conspiracy going on:

So Jews feel this urge to promote whatever is good for their in-group, and white disenfranchisement is what they instinctively feel is good for them.

Now the following is what I don't understand. There is a major and obvious flaw in jews promoting kebab take-over of Europe: Britain and France. These nations both possess thermonuclear weapons and long range missiles capable of delivering them. With sufficient % of kebab, they would gain significant political power in those countries, and it isn't far-fetched to imagine eventual kebab control of their militaries. It seems counter to the interests of jews to arm kebab with weapons capable of annihilating in 30 minutes. In my mind it's perhaps one or more of the following:

1) The anti-white positions of jews are instinctual and they really aren't thinking more than a couple of steps ahead.
2) Jews are aware of the nuclear threat, but think they would be able to control an islamic, thermonuclear Britain or France through their usual (((avenues))) of deception and threats of retaliation from good goy countries like the US (which might not remain good goys if we can get trump to ask the JQ).
3) Jews expect to be able to cooperate with islamic thermonuclear states. I am not all that familiar with their history, but as far as I am aware, Pakistan (nuclear state) and Israel have cooperated in the past.
4) Jews expect islamic countries to nuke each other before targeting Israel. Shit, Israel might even be counting on this, employing their usual talmudic shenanigans to get two countries to fight each other despite such a conflict being only in the interest of israel.

Hope you smart Holla Forumsbros can provide some insight.


Not all jews of course.

But they see themselves as a race that has been granted more powers than others by God.

Therefore, they are authorised to do whatever.

Why whites? They are the last bastion to take down.

Cut this bullshit out. They are ALL our enemy, consciously or not.

I've met some pretty red pilled jews out there, that really hate Zion and deny holocaust.

All were chicks.

That does not matter. This is a RACE war, not a war of ideals.



if they were really redpilled they'd understand why they need to die, and would take out as many other jews as they can when they an hero

user, have you ever heard of the horse of troy?

Do you know how much info you can get from redpilled jew chicks that worship you?

Not only info, but you can use em.


The whites are the only ones who dont like being subservient and are smart enough to do something about it. Asians are smart, but they don't mind being subservient drones on a macro scale, just look at China. Sandniggers are violent, but the Jews are much more intelligent than them and could probably wipe them out easily once whites who would probably stop them are gone. Niggers and spics are generally too stupid and used to shitty lives to do anything but be subservient as long as they get booze and circuses.

The white man is the only race who really seeks to push the envelope by nature, everyone else is just content to get by and have a good time doing nothing. There is a reason whites are the greatest at literally everything they try to do, because they are the only ones who actually try to mold the world to their desires instead of letting it be and going along with it.
The only one who poses a threat to uncontested jewish rule is whites.

Come on. Yes, they ALL deserve the ROPE/GAS for sake of convenience, but not all are IN on the conspiracy. Some are low-level operatives who are ignorant.

I think they see it more as a way to get that power for themselves and enslave the white, not to avoid discrimination, since they aren't discriminated against.

ALL kikes operate on the concept of community over individual. ALL.


came here to post this, glad there's at least one other person who's been here for more than a month and isn't a shill
maybe there is still hope

Watcha doin rabbi?

watch this:


We are a threat to them because we have a christian culture bent on existence with meaning, which is in violation to their existential and marxist politics, to make matters worse, we also have a ethnic history uniting us with that culture, wiping out our race destroys the last remaining threat to their dominion, a ethnic relationship with the very thing they hate the most, christianity.

Jews require chaos in order to reign supreme, and a christian ethnostate usurps any jew from power.

You'd be surprised at the percentage of Jews who are involved at least tangentially in some nation-wrecking activity, even if it's just supporting shitlib politicians financially. Maybe ten percent of them pose no threat to whites. The percentage is low enough that it's a close enough approximation to say "Yes, All Jews."

Its not just whites though. They want all races besides them to be mixed together into an irreparable mongrel. White countries are the target because of our wealth and likely because of our altruism. Other races are very hateful of Jews and go against them a lot whereas we once were but weakened to them.

Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada will become Noah's Ark for the races. Every race and mix will be in there somewhere. Perhaps the plan is to completely remove Africans, Arabs, Asians and Hispanics so the rest of the world is for them. We'll enjoy our cramped, mixed urban hell and (((they))) will enjoy the world, free of the plague of the other races.



See also:


come on now, if there's one thing Holla Forums does not believe in it's that…


In my honest opinion the plan is not to destroy whites at all but rather:

- destroy the concept of family
- destroy the concept of nationstates
- destroy tribal beliefs, tribal societies
- create rootless consumer cattle

Destruction of family has been very successful in the west. Currently the biggest aim is to export this globally, which is why they allow all western media to be pirated for free globally even though they have the power to stop that.
Most important part is the destruction of family on which everything is built.

Please look at which countries have been repeatedly bombed to hell and back in the last 20 years. Its almost exclusively tribal shitholes. Dont get me wrong, islam is a dangerous ideology that needs to be stopped but Im sure the powers that be are currently working harder on destroying muslim societies than they are the west. Yes they send us the refugees but the goal of that is more to create moderate muslims(by exposing them to western media) than it is to destroy whites. Of course they don't give a shit how many whites are raped and killed in the process.

tldr; They don't only want reproduction rates to reduce and the family to perish for whites. They want it for everyone and white countries were just the first target.


Long ago the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was crucified to mankind. Because the Lord came to bring salvation to all mankind, this angered the Jewish rebels who desired to be the only master race capable of being brought into glory. They still followed the old way of Jew vs the Gentile races. This was in contradiction to Jesus Christ's "There are neither Jew nor Greek under Christ".

Thus the Jewish rebels had Jesus Christ executed on the tree. They continued on with their plan of being the overlord race that rules Goyims. This put them in adversary not only with the Gentiles but with the Messianic Jews that adhered to Christ's way.

The Greek/Roman was the representation of the Gentile/Goyim races to the Kabbalist jews.


Hate user. Hate is the answer to your question.

Evan Sayet's Unified theory of Liberalism states that liberals think discrimination is wrong. The more liberal you are the more you think all discrimination is wrong.

Of course discrimination leads to success. If you indiscriminately choose a wife, job or house you'll end up with shit. Because discrimination is wrong anyone who is successful most be cheating somehow therefore they're evil and must be opposed. The need to discriminate against criminals and people who want to harm you should be self-evident. It's not to liberals. Nazis are the ultimate discriminators.

The philosopher Nietzsche had a theory that people though in one of two ways. Noble ethics and Slave ethics. The noble thought proactively. I like hunting and my family, therefore those things are good. Things I don't like are bad, such as getting sick. The slave never gets to choose what he likes. He's told what to do. The master is such an influence on his thinking that he defines his ethics reactively. The master is bad. So anyone who opposes him is good.

Again, you can have both these ways of thinking at the same time to varying degrees. Successful people tend to have a more proactive, noble like way of thinking, unsuccessful people are more reactive and slave like.

Jews of course, are the ultimate victims. They have 100s of years of history where they have been the totally innocent oppressed minority. Remember the 600 gorillion. They'll never be anything else. The are the ultimate, liberal/slave thinkers.

But defining yourself like a slave leads to something unintended. Hate. You always have an other that you are fighting against. That other isn't just bad, they're evil.

Evil, is victimizer. Someone who rapes a child is almost universally considered evil because the child can do nothing to defend himself from the victimization. Oppression, of course is a type of victimization.

Hate, like all emotions, serves a purpose. Powerful emotions, like love and hate, suppresses important systems our minds use on a day to day basis, often to the point of disabling them completely. We all have an instinct for self-preservation, but love can disable it, causing us to run into a burning building to save our children or jump on a hand grenade to save our comrades. Hate on the other hand, suppresses our ability to sympathize with our target. It also suppresses our outrage over hypocrisy. Sure it's hypocritical to see someone who raped once raped a thousand times in prison, but we don't care. Fighting evil is always the moral high ground. It should come as no surprise to us then that Cutlural Marxists are unrepentantly hypocritical and unsympathetic to their victims.

Now consider the language leftists and jews use. All of these things are in there. Everyone who thinks we should discriminate against terrorists is a fascist or nazi. So is everyone who is successful. If they can label you an oppressor then people will hate you.

This is why they are so prone to violence and hypocrisy. They can't even see that they are successful and victimizers, the hate blinds them.

White women are the most beautiful on the planet. This is why Jews hate them and want to exterminate them.

White men are some of the greatest creators and builders on the planet. This is why Jews hate them and want to exterminate them.

Whites in general have a good work ethic and can be successful in anything they do. This is why Jews hate them and want to exterminate them.

Because Jewish culture is one of victimhood and white culture is one of success they will always want us dead.

christcuck is apt description, christcucks are destroyers of Whites.

Pro-tip, even going with claimed numbers Whites dominate in high IQ and bears out in the cataloging of accomplishment through recorded history. jews are not needed, at all.


We're smarter than them. That's it. That's all there is.

The only things they can produce are abstract and ultimately worthless. Theoretical physics applicable to nothing practical. Contemporary art that serves only to offend aesthetic sensibilities. Fiat currencies. Superior Jewish IQ is a debunked myth, and everything of worth around you in the world today was built by whites or asians. They take things we create and find ways to "own" them via their consolidation of fiscal endeavour over the last few thousand years, but in reality none of it is theirs, and they know that.

I got a simpler one: "we are stupid"

Read some history user: almost every tragedy that jews had to endure began because of a group of jews ruining it for everybody else

Back when they were called the hyksos they had to be dicks to the local egyptians about their polytheism so they had to go

Hannukah is actually to remember a small group of dumb fuck jews that had to attack enlightened greek jews who had embraced greek culture and so the greek army went and kicked their shit in. The whole celebration is about how the dumb idiots didn't run out of lamp oil while they were hiding in a cave because the greeks were outside

The exodus from judea was because a small group of jews wouldn't tolerate roman domination. Again keep in mind this was a small group and most jews were okay with paying taxes to caesar and accepting him as emperor but this small group of zealots (thats was literally their name, they were the first zealots) gained political power in judea and dragged all the other jews with them. When the roman were done tearing judea a new asshole even killing jew kids by literally smashing their heads against rocks until their brain came out what did the heroic zealots do?

They committed suicide while the romans were done killing or enslaving all the jews

I personally know a lot of jews who are okay with white people and culture and don't want to interfere……..but they have zero political power, ring a bell?

Because whites make the best Christians, and Christianity is the original namer of the Jew.

We were Christian and we treated them according to their kikery, so they not only want to be free from us, but to rule over us as they see fit. It's a passage in the Talmud

Think it was said before but white people are the wild card. We have high IQ and inginuity to create new things that were unthinkable like the internet.

Jews fear this and want to either outright kill or mix white people with niggers and other subhumans to have a mongrel race thats low IQ and easy to control.

The push in the refugee bullshit looks like a great idea for them because:

1. Free up the land for greater Israel by relocating military aged males
2. Send them along with Somolians and other filth into Europe. Have them take the white women and create the mongrel babies. Not sure why the women would ever want to have anythong to do with these people, but thosbis why women shouldnt vote or have any agency.a
3. If whites fight back they will just kill each other and the jews will jave an easier time dealing with the weakened victor.

So far its working. Not sure for how long though.

We scare them and they imagine about 20m of them will be able to enslave, or at least control 2 BILLION mudslimes haha. They have like a suicidal gene. They destroy everything. History shows it over and over again.

Japan has a culture of insular subsistence, the Japanese don't possess the expansive and creative Aryan Faustian soul.

But they control white people better than all the other races. Niggers are violent and impulsive, Arabs casually fling rockets into Israel. Whitey is the only one who grovels at the feet of the Jew whenever the word 'holocaust' is even whispered.


This is the one thing Holla Forums is getting wrong. We are too narcissistic and think everything is about us


Have you heard about the kalergi plan?


It's not too hard user.

You literally worship a jew in christanity though

How can you claim to be against Jews when you worship a Jew and are hoping to spend an eternity with a jewish god?

Japan also understands that sympathy is a word between shit and syphilis in the English dictionary.

Jews do what they do because they are Jews.



Pick one

Because of our religion.
No other religion is as anathema to the jew than paganism.
The most pozzed places are always the ones with the most christians.
Well, some orthodoxcountries are not that bad in that regard, but they have already been jewed, and jewed hard.

You think it's a coincidence that every German natsoc insignia was a sun? (Swastika = sun).
You think its a coincidence that the jew fears the samurai? (rising sun on the flag)

They have a much harder time subverting pagans than they have with christians.
A much, much harder time.

In fact, without the christians helping the jews, paganism would be even stronger today.

Because it will always be the christians who will post anti pagan propaganda.
Pic related, for example.

Christians will make you weak, and the church has sent millions of europeans to their grave, and nothing can change this, no matter how many Martin Luthers are posted.

Just because he didn't like the jews doesn't mean his church was beneficial to our nations.

Yeah nice try Shlomo.

Another important element is the jews' spiritual goal of elevating themselves to a new height of godhood. A common theme throughout jewish religious philosophy is their desire to use human intellect or ability to make themselves the immortal, omnipotent rulers of the universe that surpass their creator in all ways. They view human creative activity - science, medicine, engineering, etc.. - as a means to achieve this, and recognize that white people are the best at this stuff. In order to achieve their goals, they desire to yoke us as beasts of creative burden, and to coerce us into turning them into the transhuman deities that they cannot make themselves.

Also, in twisted irony, many people, including christians love the paganism of other countries.
So many christians love anime, and japs are still full on shinto/buddhist.

Granted, the world loves our elves too…but we have replaced our religion, our mythology and declared it as "fantasy", even though the world loves our mythology and lore.

We have a so much greater religion than Christianity can ever hope to be.

Blinded by their "beautiful churches"?
That's just white man doing white man things.

The bible is not an instruction book on painting, architecture, language or things like that.
They don't magically turn savages into geniuses.

If Europe hadn't been as great as it was when Christianity reached the west, then it would be the same as with all the nigger tribes.

At most perhaps hew a church out of a rock because building it is too difficult for your nigger brain.

But no, the glorious west, backed by jupiter, mars, wotan, thor, and all our other true gods made us great long before Christinanity.

There is nothing holding pagans back being "modern", there is no requirement to run around in a loincloth.

As per pagan beliefs, we are the supersoldiers of the gods. We are supposed to evolve and become better than we were the day before.
There is nothing holding "paganism" back in creating Warhammer 40k like structures as their temples.
You can wear all the blended fibers you want, without having to explain ceremonial law to 13 year old homosexuals screaming at you while you preach on the street.

You also don't have to reuse teutonic knights for the umpteenth time because your god itself has no power.
(And teutons have kicked ass thousand years before the first crusades were even a thought in some fat, drunk papists head)
Arminius, for example, repelled rome at its height of power and saved Germany.
Battle in the Teuton forest, etc.

Christianity merely offered the design of the robes, but was never required to "unlock strength".

Reject the desert cults, come back home. Your religion is not "fantasy", it's one of the most intrinsically white things on earth, needs no missionaries, and garners the envy of the entire world.

Christians post these kind of things routinely to slander paganism.

Those in charge know about the war against Good & Evil

Elite Jews (they're not the biblical Jews) are descendants of Canaan, the evil and cursed grandson of Noah. He was conceived through Ham's (Noah's non adamite son) direct disobedience of God's commandment not to mate on the ark.

The Canaanites are demon worshipping child molesters. They make up the biblical synagogue of Satan. They are truly evil and exist today as the "Jewish" elite globalists.

Shem was Noah's righteous son. He was of pure Adamite blood. He was fair skinned, with long fair hair (Aryan). He conquered and dismembered Nimrod (Pure evil king of the Canaanites and founder of freemasonry) at Babylon. He drove the Canaanites literally underground where they still practiced demon worship and child sacrifices to Moloch.

So in short, Shemites are the pureblooded forces of good and Canaanites are the source of true evil on earth. Thus the reason elite "Jews" of today want to get rid of the white Shemetic race.

Even more confusing is that us Aryans are the true Semites (Shemites). We truly are in God's favor from birth. White genocide is true anti-Semitism.

Read "The curse of Canaan" by Eustace Mullins. Then read it again. It lets you see the "why?" question more clearly than I can explain in a single post.

because every time they tried to fuck with Europeans we fucked them right back

you must read more, newfriend

Brother you speak the truth, but where is the living tradition of our religion? Where can I get into it? WHo are the masters who can teach me to improve in the European way? My best plan spiritually right now is to be a crypto-pagan Catholic, and use Catholicism for the elements it absorbed from paganism. But where is the real real? What is the substance of our folkways?

I think I can answer this as well as anyone ITT.

Basically diversity ALWAYS causes conflict because of natural inequality. A racial alien always has some advantages and some disadvantages viz a vis the local host population. This always causes some discomfort or insecurity (even without taking into account alienation per se) on both sides of the racial/ethnic divide.

I am a long-term American resident in Korea so I can give you my own example.

When you're white in this part of the world, you inevitably are the subject of envy, admiration and dislike. Asians find whites to be better looking and more charismatic than fellow Asians, but are alarmed and moderately put off by what is by their standards our relatively unpredictable and aggressive behavior.

Asians behave in a very passive-aggressive way when it comes to conflict and negotiation in every aspect of life from dating to professional life. This gives whites and members of other races that come here and don't try to imitate the behavior of locals an "unearned" advantage. Call it childish or immature if you will, but the same is true of our physical characteristics from our facial features to larger body sizes.

So despite being apparently slightly less intelligent in terms of raw IQ whites all other things being equal will punch above their weight in most things here. This by the way is where the weeaboo/LBH/white trash meme comes from - Asians particularly men correctly note that whites here have a sort of "handicap" which allows a mediocre white man to have the sort of life here he could not at home. This is the source of a great deal of resentment. In the case of Korea this is compounded by Korean dependence on US power which is seen by many as an emasculating and humiliating symbol of their people's failure to become truly sovereign.

The same is true of virtually ALL other minority/majority relationships to an extent. Whites in the West resent Asian/Jewish thrift and clannishness and black aggression and criminality not to mention indolence which results in their being forced to subsidize them; blacks in South Africa resent white economic strength, Muslims in the West both envy and resent Europeans for their decadent social freedoms while getting increasingly bitter about perceived discrimination towards them while they themselves keep aloof as a result of their religious practices.

tl;dr diversity leads to inequality which leads often to mutual resentments.

I think that ironically whites are often more insulated from other cultures because they rarely cross linguistic barriers. Even when living as tiny minorities in non-white nations they rarely learn the other groups langusge even in addition to their own.

This means that whites are for the most part uniquely unable to understand the discomfort many minorities in white societies experience.

Not even pulling a white privilege here but it's an interesting difference I've noticed. Most Jews/blacks/Arabs in the West can speak at least some of a Western language whereas non-Western cultures are opaque and a black hole essentially even to whites who have lived in places like Hong Kong, South Africa, and other parts of the non-white world for decades.

They know us but we don't know them for the most part.

Yeah yeah yeah Mr. Goldberg

More of first pic please.

That's a question with multiple answers.
In way, there is no *direct* living tradition, never really was (unless we count things like Yule and Halloween), but traditions grew naturally, because paganism is nature worship.

For example, there aren't any real prayers to say, because your actions are basically the prayer themselves.
(And this was probably a reason why Christianity managed to get a foothold, the claim of "marrying" already virtuous actions with "christian faith" to get into "heaven". )

But yeah, since paganism is polytheistic with no single perfect god, the gods are basically aspects of life.

If you strive to become stronger you are honoring Thor, god of strength and war.
If you strive to become wiser and to learn as much about the world as you can, you honor Odin
(he sacrificed his eye to drink from a spring of wisdom, and ultimately himself to reveal the runes to us)
If you strive to become just and fair, you honor Tyr, god of justice.
(By the way, those "human sacrifices" you may have heard about were capital punishments in his name, not too different from getting the chair or an injection nowadays)
If you strive to make the world a more beautiful place, strive to become radiant and elevated, you honor Freya, goddess of beauty and the hunt and all that good stuff
(Baldur also falls under that, her son)

So yeah, you don't have to pray or anything, but your purpose, even if you don't actively follow it, is to become part of the supersoldier army of the gods

Everything you do to better yourself honors the gods, and strengthens yourself along with it.

Take a look at christmas, or, what it really is, Yule.

Why is there a pine tree? Why does the pine tree have a star up top? Sometimes
even 5 pointed?

Because that's (supposed to be) a pentagram. And the tree doesn't just
represent the power of life even persevering in the darkest night (winter
solstice, evergreen plant) but also us, ourselves.
The first humans were trees into which Odin breathed life.

Therefore the tree with the star up top represents our duty to strive for
enlightenment (of which the pentagram is a symbol of. Obviously the Christians
don't like that one. at all.)

And things like that.

But we also have traditions. Like Yule, Halloween (children dress up like the
dead to enter the realm of the dead and meet their ancestors, perhaps even
"becoming them", a reason why we named our children after beloved family
members, like grandparents, so they may live on.)
And so forth.

But there is no direct "need" to do anything except trying to always improve

Traditions grow natually from that. It doesn't take much to stand in a forest,
breathe its life, perhaps even live close to the forest, and let your mind
wander if there are any spirits are in the trees, or observing natural
patterns (the wheel of the year is heavily harvest oriented, etc).

It's the nature (heh) of nature worship. So yeah. I get it, though. Many
people feel lost without dogma, and suddenly being "not hellbound" anymore, or
having to deal with all the other artificial problems Christianity offered
solutions for, while having created the problems in the first place.

There are things like codices, though. I'll post one as an example.
And while even this one is superior to the bland Christian one, it's still
just something that merely makes your life better. Not something you go to
hell for. Unless we are talking "hell on earth", because doing things opposite
to such guidelines usually results in a lowered quality of life.

Simply try to make the world more beautiful, yourself stronger and wiser, and
everything will fall into place.

I really need to turn off automatic text wrapping in vim.
Sorry for the formatting.

Goes back 2000 years, when Romans crushed the second Temple of Jerusalem. Kikes blames any person of European descent for it ever since.

according to the Jewish history, it's after they reconquered Jerusalem and re-entered the temple that they didn't have enough oil

LARPing is one of the best Jew inventions. And it works. Man, back in his mind, knows that he cannot build an idol of god. He knows that God has his own way. So when a faggot knows that God hates him dressing up like a girl, the faggot will build his own god idol from clay that will allow him to dress up like a girl.

If the Nigger knows that God hates him shedding the blood of the innocent, then the Nigger will build his own god idol from shit that will be a god of war. This god of war will allow him to murder for money.

It's clever yet stupid.

It's #1. Today's immigration policies are the consequences of the Jews of the 60s and 70s. The fact that Muslims and Jews now have such a rivalry is a fact that emerged later.


And if the Kike knows that God hates him lying, cheating and stealing, then the Kike will build his own god idol that will be a god of swindling. This god of swindling will allow him to steal from the goyim. The Kike will even write a holy book of his god, called the Talmud.

Completely agreed. Talmud Jews are no better than Niggers who are 5 percenters or Druidfags.

Talmud is more for Jewing Jews, see

Yeah, go larp as an ally of a desert cult and give up your real gods, goyim.

>If you're interested, read the Culture of Critique by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

Kikeberg, let's really research.


Celtic fags

I know why you kikes would hate Crusaders because they killed Kikes who sometimes fought side by side with the mudslimes. But nice try with your shilling. Must have took you a while to make all that.

Unified peoples cannot be controlled by the jews and jews also have no control over a unified peoples finance which causes the jews to chimpout.

Today prominent jews throw it in our faces. Take james deen for example, who thinks jews are the master race and degrades white women on camera for goy bux. They get a kick out of any non jew they can get alone and ruin their lives. It's a glimpse into what jews would like to be able to do everyday; which is control the goyim and use them for slavery and pleasure. They are allowed to do this with some constraints, but the further society degrades the more and more prevalent jewish degeneracy is more prominent.

They hate the japs to for the exact same reason. Whites are jews primary enemies, but I can imagine the jews would eventually get rid of the more intelligent varieties of northeast asians as well.

But like said, our faustian nature makes us a particular threat to them

Present evidence that ancient palestine was inhabited by whites aside from greco-roman settlers and merchants

You can't

jewish and muslims are the same, They are our enemies.

That question literally is so far off topic of anything I said you might as well have asked me

"Present evidence that General Veers would have been a better Moff than Grand Moff Tarkin."


Although that image leaves out the fact that Coudenhove-Kalergi's father was best friends with Theodor Herzl, and it doesn't include the following text - also from Practical Idealism - which I think makes the Jews' plan all the more clearer:

"Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country and consciously break with the plutocratic democratism which nowadays controls the rest of the world.
The fight between Capitalism and Communism over the inheritance of the beseeched blood aristocracy is a fratricidal war of the victorious brain aristocracy, a fight between individualistic and socialist, egoist and altruist, heathen and Christian spirit.
The general staff of both parties is recruited from Europe's spiritual leader race [Führerrasse]: the Jews.
Capitalism and Communism are both rational, both mechanical, both abstract, both urbane."

forgot link


You're laboring under the delusion jesus was white, even though he came from a nonwhite people in a nonwhite area

Lets see, what was the one race that almost shoa'd the kikes for good?
That's why they want to get rid of whites.

This. Also, I'd recommend reading a more recent article of his which indirectly answers your question as a whole:
==Why Do Jewish Organizations Want Anti-Israel Refugees?=
Some excerpts for the short attention span anons:
But what rational calculations might lead Jewish organizations to promote the refugee invasion of Europe?

They don't. The Elois will always need Morloks to run their cities.

'Tis this

We are biblical enemies, I mean that both figuratively and literally.

With the white race gone jews would enslave the rest of the world. Whites are one with nature, jews are against the natural world and order. Look what they turned the middle east into, a desert. It once had very fertile lands. Where they go the land and it's people dies or becomes destabilized.

The middle east was always a semitic shithole tbh fam.

Some of it was sure, but Egpyt pre-Nubian conquest was fertile enough for agriculture. They had pockets in the ME, but durring the times of Alexander the ME was relatively fertile.


They will twist and pervert everything good and native to you.

Behold their lies, once more
Trying to paint your ancestry black.

(if christians deny this then I cordially invite them to take their superior insight and unify all christian denominations, which is impossible because there is no unity among christians)

Never let the abrahamics take your soul and weaken you.
Their cults are destructive.
"I come to put father against son" and so forth.

They only care about your subjugation.
Serve our jew king or burn in a hell we prepared for you.
They tell you you are sinful, hellbound, unclean, when the reality couldn't be more far from that.

With Cuckstianity, you lose. Every time.

The whites are the only ones who can impede their world domination plans, I mean Jews literally created the concept of world domination.
Since they are poor warriors and a parasitic race they aren't able to combat directly against Whites which would obviously win in a direct fight, so they have to resort to subversion. In any case, they still have the Samson Option if their subversion fails.


You do know the Church forbade witch burning, right?
Wars happen, pagans, Muslims and Jews were all similar in this regard.
Not a Christian doctrine. See Galatians 5.
So what, you are against capital punishment?
Only in modern secular times. Christians throughout history kept the Jews under the boot heel, unlike pagans such as Julian the Apostate and Hypatia who defended them.

I'll pray for you to find Christ.


It's sad that so few faggots here know about the commandments against Amalek given to the Jews and that Jews believe that Europeans are Amalek. When I took the Amalek pill, I realized that even Holla Forums is almost entirely blue-pilled on the actual roots of the JQ.

The Amalek story must be spread far and wide. It must become public knowledge. Most people don't know that the Jew has a massive bulls eye on their head. It's like a war, but only one side is fighting.

if you consider only what Christ taught, do you still have Judaism?

It's called a fucking conspiracy theory for a reason you idiot everyone in this thread is absolutely brainwashed and trying to convert you into what is effectively a cult

Your brain is being questionable because IT FUCKING KNOWS BULLSHIT WHEN IT SEES IT and you're not too far yet, just step back from extremely biased sources and try to reconsider your life before approaching the question.

Have you considered suicide today?

If not, consider this your invitation.

Unlike the low-empathy misanthropic idiots on here I actually have good self-esteem and people that love me so I definitely wouldn't be needing that

It's what they perceive as revenge.

Your ignorance is the source of your self-esteem, imbecile.

They Canaanites are all over Texas BTW.

Purim is a celebration of a massacre of Persians. Passover is a celebration of a massacre of Egyptians. Hanukkah is a celebration of a massacre of Greeks. Do you know any other people that celebrate massacres as positive, sacred holy days against Aryan civilizations?

Christian Identity is for fucking idiots. You're an embarrassment.

Oh, and the Holohoax is a celebration of a supposed massacre of Jews. The golem of Jehovah are bloodthirsty savages.

Wrong, it's actually the celebration of the destruction of the Old World of Europe and tens of millions of Europeans for the sacrifice of a few Jews.


But it was already answered

Unlike Holla Forums, Holla Forums doesn't need to hear about the JQ from a fucking Jew who invented an ideology that served Jewish interests and destroyed nearly the entirety of Europe twice over…

Abolition of contemporary capitalism is the only way to remove Jews' disproportionate influence via money

If white people weren't cucked into keeping their mouth shut and taking it up the ass because of muh 6 gorillion, Jews wouldn't be able to maintain the moral monopoly they did since WWII. This means media and academia would experience an uncucking process as well and Jewish influence would simply vanish into oblivion.

And btw
>complaining about us using biased sources
Fuck you

I believe that the destruction of the white race is just a secondary effect, it is really the complete destruction of nations and nationalism that (((they want))). The easiest way to undermine nationalism and the nations themselves is to mix up cultures, the more alien the better, create cultural clashes, alienate people, and don't let them find common ground. And what could be more alien to white civilisation than third world savagery?

To understand the reason of the Jews' desire for such destruction, first we must understand how they, as a people survived after their expulsion from ancient Judea. Nationalism was not a thing in Europe until the end of feudalism, but it was always part of the Jewish culture. They strenghtened their own community's bonds by antagonizing other groups. Of course this was reciprocated in the form of historic anti-semitism. In other words, Jews ALWAYS form an alien body in the host culture, which becomes more and more hostile to them, much like how a human body fights a cancer tumor.

This led to two things. First of all, Jewish intellectuals and elites, probably not more than a few dozen people actually conspire to destroy nationalism. Their reasoning is likely that without nationalism, they can keep their economic and political power easier, as they'll not stick out like a sore thumb. If heritage and race won't matter anymore, noone will question that how come almost all the elites are Jewish.

The second thing, is on the level of the common Jew. Most of them don't seek the downfall of their host culture, but unfortunately, being alienated from the majority of society (in Europe and America this means white people) is part of their culture. It is very hard for a Jew to feel kinship with non-Jews on the same level as they feel towars their fellow Jews. This makes them very hard to be real patriots, but makes them very receptive for cosmopolitan and anti-nationalistic ideologies, such as communism and liberalism. In other words, common Jews don't want to harm us, they just either don't care, or don't realise the danger the ideologies they embrace pose to us all. For them, our nations and nationalism don't matter.

they're not jews, they're satanists

Brilliant Holla Forums, go back to your sandbox and jerk off about how Holla Forums is suffering from false consciousness and if we JUST SAW THE WAY we could be allies.

Fucking kill yourself.

Whites(specifically germanics) carry the seed of Amalek.

It's good to have hobbies.

ok sure, but 'muh Boniface'.

I never mentioned Christ or Christianity you Nigger. This info is spread across all religions


Because all throughout western history we havent put up with their shit. We were aware of their nature and we kept them in their place up until the post WW2 period (when, coincidentally they had taken control of our newspapers and began taking over hollywood. coincidence?).

We have been nothing but the biggest obstruction to Jewish dominance ever. We have resisted their subversion for 2000+ years. We instinctively dont want to be ruled by lesser, rat-like beings. We are the singular obstacle to Jewish dominance in the west and, by proxy, the world. Once we are gone, they can rule over 80 IQ third world mudshits until the planet burns up. Or at least that is what they want.

They dont have ambitions of creation. They simply want to lord over others, stroke their perverted desires, and hoard wealth. They are naturally jealous and disdainful of everything that whites have created and something within their blood and culture compels them to gnaw at our heels endlessly. And all our ancestors were aware of this, before the Jews controlled the media. It was common knowledge.

I'd never thought of it that way. That's kind of true. I've met a number of Israelis while traveling in Asia, and they certainly don't fit the jewish stereotypes you have of meddling merchants, but most of these people were younger and just out of the army. NOT ADVOCATING ON JEW'S BEHALF, FAGGOTS. JUST EXPLORING THE INTRICACIES OF JEWRY AND WHAT REALLY MAKES A JEW A JEW.

No, they plan to wipe whites out entirely, which is what one of cultural marxisms goals is. One race of brown people, no whites. One easily controlled race, you give them X stimulus, they respond in Y predictable way. All the same, under communism, universal suffering and slavery to the jewish overlords, who will control things through puppets from the sidelines, as they do now. By 2300, countries like Italy will have 1% white population, and thats not counting the inevitable South Africa tier violent white genocide.

I read something about the jews wanting to exterminate the white race because the Germans (Aryans), Europeans, many other white ethnic groups,etc. are descendants of some long forgotten primordial omega master race they've hated long before the beginning of human civilization according to what some people know, and also to what ((((they)))) REALLY know based on the ramblings of their crackpot rabbis who are into occult/ancient history/esoteric shit.

Remember ancient history is currently pozzed as fuck with all of the kikes having a monopoly on EVERYTHING related to history and science (archaeology,oral,esoteric,lore,academia,etc.)


Indeed. HWNDU #128 is proof enough of that. Why destroy something you can easily distract?


As Pierce said, they do what is natural to them as jews. Why jews behave as they do is something that Christians can easily understand but is hard to grasp for many others.

The jew is also hostile towards us because Europeans have always held Christian worldviews while they often have no higher views than power. Once they see that many Whites are just as depraved as them, they'll stop caring. They only struggle against you if you are a threat.

lurk more faggot

Mr. Kikeberg, Jesus Christ's appearance as a human makes no difference on the current struggle against Kabbalists. This is an excuse perpetrated by you kikes to lure the Gentile/Goyim races away from the Son of God. A shitty divide and conquer tactic.

What part of every knee shall bow don't you understand? Or unless you're waiting on some fake Rabbi that you raise up ever decade or so as the messiah.

Jew overload in this post.

Burning witches is well warranted as there was a time they committed child sacrifice you filthy shlomo. Did you know the Salem witch trails were instigated by actual witches and Christians were persecuted in them? Guess not you LARP fag goth. But it's in your nature.

Anton Lavey, Founder of the Church of Satan = Jew
Karl Marx and Lenin, starters of government secularism = Jew

Cucking is your thing m8. Not only does Christianity vomit at the idea of adulterers, but they also can't stand faggots and the effeminate man. Never read the Epistles have you faggot?

Meanwhile paganism lets crazy shit like that run free. As for you Kikes, you know that kind of filth is for us Gentiles, and not for your children.

I'll pray for you to unite the christian faith
No, I'm not, I'm against Christians using "human sacrifice" as an argument against paganism.
Also "see Galatians 5" I know your stupid laws, but Christians do not.
Hence the massive scale of circumcisions because Christians don't know their faith.
And then it's always "read this", "interpret that", hence the hundreds of denominations not being able to decide which jew cult version is the right because they're europeans or their ancestor and the jew bits they have to interpret are alien to them.
Christianity is the anathema of unity, it is alien and makes people weak.

Pic related.
If one single oak is able to destroy a faith.
Which it is not, since Christianity in Europe did not even have a chance of growing without adaption paganism (Christmas=Yule with a crucifix and detached foreskin for boys)
Weekdays still named after pagan gods.

Then I could as well say "desert larpshit, but muh getting fed to lions"

Why don't you repeat "haha Odin drank semen" again?
Also, another commi, I mean Christian who wants you to read the right book to play tug of war with you til you're old and dead.
But in the meantime expects you to pay tithes, give support and be a Commie/Christian.

Christians are anti white.
They will house your enemy and feed them.
They will make you equal to niggers.
They will sell you out while apologists try to placate you.
Many of them are homosexual because they're not allowed wives or sex.
Therefore many sodomize young boys.
With Christianity you only have one recourse:
Servitude while having to "he will not divide us" mantra like repeating that YOUR denomination is the right one and all the others are heretics.

And if churches would lose their privilege and the state said: Only one Christian denomination shall be declared the real one and all others are cults or sects.
Then you would see the real face ever so clearly again.
A face full of hate against your neighbor.
A face full of hate driven by greed to be the best servant and underling of god.
A face foll of hate driven by greed to get into a heaven, and be absolved of sins Christianity itself has branded upon you.

That's the main modus operandi of the christian, greed. Take away his "ticket to heaven" he thinks he requires and he will fight you to the bitter end, to the last drop of blood.

Such is the poison of the jew.


Yes, goy. Kneel before Yehova, your semite god.

Have you ever looked at shit pagans use?
Crosses and pluses everywhere.
And this isn't even "muh denomination", it's a simple fact.
Even if paganism had a million denominations, but that still wouldn't make the crosses and plusses they use any less crossy or plussy.

This is how desperate christians get to try and keep you from being trapped in their religion of slavery.

Just like smokers who will chide and lambaste you and tell you that it's not that bad, and they dare you to take a drag because it's cool and it calms you down.

Et cetera. Let me repeat myself

You really need to get your bullshit halted Kikeberg. All you're doing now is trying to strawman your hook nosed way out of the argument.

I don't really give a shit what Odin drank no matter than who Zeus slept with or who your Talmud says is the masters of the Goyim. All of them are false gods who hate the real One.

I hurd dur Christians promote the rape of young Swedish girls in the name of Ullah.
Pic related:


You even mock the old testament God of both jew and modern day gentile. . Jesus Christ loves you Rabbi, but I wish you wouldn't mock Him as you do. moloch isn't going to reward you when things begin to burn.

You know this in your heart. Repent while you can. God Bless You.

look up the kalergi plan. The idea was that a futere mulato race would form the underkaste for the extremely rich jewish upperclass. Just think about it, a being with the strength and brightness of the white race, dumbed down with negro genes and asiatic talent for slavish tasks, it would be the ideal slave race

Because they are fucked up in the head, all of them are literally insane, mentally unstable messes. If numbers ever were released, i bet you there's a clear overrepresentation of mental disease and jews.

And no matter what they want you to believe, they believe very much in the supernatural. Along with the naturally neurotic personality trait and a legit paranoia about the idea that the white man will wipe them out, they hate us. They are envious of us, they hate that we are good looking, fun loving people, they hate that we are strong, that we want goodness and uprightness in this world. They are forever the scum of the earth, always nagging and complaining like the roaches that they are and forever will be, they hate us and if you were religious you could even make legit claims they are the followers of Satan, due to their prominent hate of christianity, which is very evident by how the ((media)) has been attacking it for qiuet some time.

That's because you're a retard user.

It's not just the jews. They're just one of the kabbalah cabal clans and the most prominent as their agents. Freemasons, various knights, muslim brotherhood, etc. are on it. Mystery religion that goes back in pre-history. It's people that you've never heard of in name that rule you. You've only seen their symbols.

The current goal is D&Cing the Western nations since they're the wealthiest. The mystery meat is there to vote the Western civilization into a marxist totalitarian one world government.

When that happens, genetic engineering and genocide come in and the Elites(the ones that control the Rothschilds) become or rather remain the superior human species while the rest mongrelize via miscgeneration and DNA tampering into a subservient class completely controlled by the material vices. A.k.a the devil wins, the Elites live like Queen ants in a hive of slaves.
And we probably never leave the planet to explore the stars, living in Hell instead.
It's not weird that billionaires give all their wealth after a 6 min talk with Bill Gates.

Hear hear.

You need to check your lore again son.

Do neo-pagans even read the Eddas?

How did he fuck up this badly?

It is the MO of a slavng culture. Cf.
They learned German from the


they dont they only want to control you Holla Forums is just blantantly lying and as usual doing the exact same thing jews do

Nice try, that particular myth was written after the norse had converted to christianity and it is theorised that it was done to make fun of the gods

the norse never existed it was invented by the jews to make white men feel bad

Lets at least be realistic here.

What non-Christian source are you using? This myth is in the Poetic Edda.

Snorri was Christian.

Low quality work, yeshiva boy.

fuck off trs

Daniel McCoy's The Viking Spirit, just before it he says

Ah, so you know what 'yeshiva' is. Suspicion confirmed.

So you are blaming Christianity for a practice that the Bible is explicitly against.
That would be like blaming Muslims for the guy noisily eating pork crackle next to you.

It pretty much is this
My guess is that all of these "Amalek" civilizations pissed the Jews off at one point or another and got a genocide declared against them for a later date.

The declaration that the "princes of Rome" were Amalekites is from the Talmud, specifically a book written in the 2nd century by Rabbi (((Simeon bar Yochai))), who was also known as the originator of the phrase "even the best of gentiles must all be killed". Rabbi Simeon lived out his life hiding in a cave after the Romans BTFO the Jews and sent them into exile, so there's no mystery where the Jewish hatred for Rome originates.
I don't know where the grudge against Germans came from - possibly Luther related, or due to the Teutonic Knights?
As for the Armenians, I guess it was just because they were better bankers than them under the Ottoman empire. I suppose it is like the Jews to declare a genocidal (un)holy war for business reasons.
Some rabbis nowadays are also declaring the Palestinians and Iranians as "Amalek", too. It's basically a "hey go genocide these guys because G-d commands it" flag above their heads. Jews will of course always try to get other nations to carry out the actual warfare, though.

you literally just admitted you are jidf kike

I want to learn more, where should I start?



Because they are the only threat to Jewish World Order.

I agree with you, but there are still many who would rather be slaves, for the security and comfort it offers.

No one on Holla Forums will even watch these. This board is full of reddit faggots and shills now.

All of their holidays are about other peoples' deaths and they want another one.

Why do parasites often grow out of control and kill the host? It's just what they do, it's nature. You don't try to intuit nature, you learn it rules, if it doesn't make sense you need to quiet your mind and observe harder.

Japan is heavily shielded by its moon rune language. If you really want to preserve a culture, that is the ultimate guard.

Au contraire.

Japan was effectively conquered by Europeans twice in its history. Instead of being assblasted, they knelt in awe and humbly said "teach us what you know." And they learned, and loved what they saw, and became beautiful in their own right.

Being 50 years less diseased culturally than the US, they kept the love and torch of European civilization alive even while the Frankfurt School was tearing it down in the West. That's why you saw JRPGs about knightly valor, saving the world with truth and justice, full of classically-inspired music and untainted healthy aesthetics.

I'll always love Japan–because they loved us.


stay mad trsodomite

because Jews secretly worship Moloch and want to recreate babylon. The end goal is complete undisputed world domination with willing and broken subjects. The Talmud and Kabbalah is just legalistic nonsense so they can mold God's law, the natural order to their own will. They put Christ to death because when God relieved himself he wasn't some Warlord as they assumed. They are greedy sociopaths and see the entire human race as subhuman cattle to be molded. In creating conflict they also promote their own "solution". The Migrant Crisis is not the ends in itself, but a means to an ends and while the gentiles are scrambling to resolve the problem they can use that energy to get us to fight each-other or focus our energy on their other enemy the mudslimes. Classic Hegelian dialectic. White genocide is not the only win condition, it is just one of many ways they can put our race in check. For example in getting people to become "White" they force people to give up their ethnic heritage (French, Italian, German etc), but if the Gentiles giving up their true ethos they lose a peace of what it truly means to be apart of a Nation and it undermines their sovereignty.Read Slaughter of the Cities by E. Michael Jones, desegregation in the US was the same formula they are now using in Europe with the Migrant Crisis. Or other chess move is maybe the Jews can get Nationalist, Traditionalist and Fascist to adopt faggots and Zionist values by subverting them with big tent group like the "alt-right" when people feel desperate after being forced into civil unrest. To understand the Jew you need to understand that the protocols of the learned elders of zion is not just a meme.

To what an extent the whole existence of this people is based on a continuous lie is shown incomparably by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, so infinitely hated by the Jews. They are based on a forgery, the Frankfurter Zeitung moans and screams once every week: the best proof that they are authentic … For once this book has become the common property of a people, the Jewish menace may be considered as broken. - mein kampf p.279

True, but 95% of mongrels and a majority of kike-indoctrinated Westerners are slaves in any case.

The Protocols are garbage compared to understanding the European/Amalek connection that is at the root and the sole cause of the Jewish menace.

You can jerk off to dubious literature all you like, but you're going to remain a bluepilled, worthless faggot until you understand why the Jew is eternally opposed to the European and seek our utter annihilation from history.

Faggots like you think you're redpilled and you don't even understand the Amalek connection. Think about how ignorant you are, and you're still trying to at least put up an impotent fight against them.

Now think, not only are you impotent for not even understanding why the Jew must destroy the European, but the rest of the Europeans are even more ignorant than you. They're not even fighting at all, while the Jew isn't merely plotting dominion over the Earth, but the utter annihilation of European blood from this world.

Either learn the Amalek connection or surrender, because you're a worthless idiot without understanding why they do what they're doing.

I FUCKING BEG YOU. DO something.
In 20 years it will be too late. Find a white girl, marry her, have excess kids (3-6). Oppose racemixing in anyway you can, prepare for the war. Fight against Jewish media. Maintain your culture.
The world might be full of shitskins and kike puppets, prepare to kill them. Seek the redpilled and slaughter the rest. The future of the human race depends on you alone.
A minority will seek to align with you. Assimilate the worthy, disregard the rest at any cost. You will be challenged. Your sympathy and humanity will be tested. Stand fast. Let the weak and disposable perish. People who would otherwise be your friends and neighbors will be slaughtered. Posterity will honor your sacrifices.

This is not hyperbole. This is not a movie or videogame or novel. The future of the human race is contingent on YOU, white man. If you are content to live a casual and easy life, murder yourself immediately–because you are of no use to the whole of human history.
If you have an ounce of racial awareness and ambition, heed my words. Marry a traditional woman, NEVER give up, have multiple children, and rear then in the tradition of your ancestors. We can win. The time is yet ripe, we might yet still win.

Not true, I watched it whilst I bobbed up and down on my special edition "Milo Yiannopolis Life-Size Replica Cock" - which was quite thoroughly fixed to my chair ( I can get rather vigorous when exited. ) Would you be interested in buying one for yourself? I've sold lots to my reddit friends already!

The shills always come out in force when you mention the Amalek connection.

Every time.

we are all animals right? you know that a baby bear will be killed by other animals right? a moose or elk will if given the opportunity kill a undefended vulnerable bear. wolves and all other animals will do the same. why? because the bear will be competition for resources(carnivores) or a threat(herbivores).

when a pack of wolves claims territory, when humans claim territory they claim the resources that are given to us there. if they share they will sacrifice the food they would give their own for the sake of others. only Europeans(Christians) have been cursed will the thought that we are all kin, and their fore it is practical that we should sacrifice food meant for our own for foreigners. the jews do not bear this curse. they love the negro because he is weak and their fore useful. because they are his pray. they recognize the necessity of a slave class of cattle. for they seek to exist as kings on earth. they do not want to labor they do not wish to work. so they need slaves to do it for them. and while Christians have in the past tolerated them they where not willing slaves. Christians while they threw the doors to europa it also gave Christians a immunity to the vices of man, that the jew uses to enslave its pray. which is why the jews wish to destroy it and use it at the same time.

So last week?
That this point it's more expensive not to at this point. They got rich from our wars.
Learn basic human development and in/out group strategy. Also beyond race there were religious reasons.
I don't know what you mean by this. We were and then the kikes came…
Because their whole separation as a group is base on their eternal victim status. They wouldn't even be a group without it. It's like ask whether the chicken came first or the egg.
Humans not acting rational? Shocking! We should make them conform to my own personal expectations.
You sound like a child crying about the world not being fair.
Not only have you ignored the golden rule by not lurking but you are low IQ normie that I have no interest in convincing. I'm sorry this isn't some utopia hung box faggot.



Can we all agree that this hating Jews thing is just satire? There's no actual proof that the jews own the world. Also if the Jews are an inferior race then why do they own the world? Doesn't that make them superior?


low effort

u wot faggot?

But jews in modern society are not discriminated, the west have been the best place for jews to live and now that is changing, i'm sure you have seen those news from France of jews leaving Paris and moving to Israel.

That theory could be true in Europe in the 18/19/20 centuries but not anymore.

The Kalergi plan is what is going on, mix the whites with africans and arabs in order to create a dumber population without roots non history that will be manipulated easily by jewish elites.

i'll just leave this here.