1488D Chess


President Trump is off to a good start. So far, he’s implementing his campaign promises and that’s very encouraging. The world may be shocked, but too bad. The world is used to the United States bowing and giving in to demands. Trump is a business man who knows a bad deal when he sees one. While Obama played checkers and lost, Trump plays 3D chess—and he plays to win. He wants America to win again. It’s very refreshing.


This is one of his better creations. He only has 7 boards so he did miss the 8D chess meme though.

Good to see Ben is back

Is this the original?

Nice one Gruppenführer Garrison.

Hey Ben, keep doing what you're doing m8. Have a bump

I really think Neito is under pressure from cartels and they don't fuck around. I feel kind ofbad for him, but he should keep his country clean.

Is that even a checkmate? The black King can escape the Queen indefinitely

It's weird to think that, in the Great American future to come, Zyklon Ben's artworks will be treasured historical documents for succinctly capturing the spirit of the time.
Our descendants will look back and envy us for living in the current year.

Pretty sure there aren't enough kikes in it for that. Ol' Benny's being misrepresented again.

Zyklon Ben probably doesnt play chess, and probably isnt autistic

Soon Ben.

Not with the wall piece moving further south.


The 8th tier is invisible to the naked eye.


the 8th is inside his head.

Anyone got the original with the crying shlomo and the Israeli flag?

If the king is caught in an endless loop it is also considered a checkmate.

This. Requesting original

Wrong. The Knight on the level above protects Trump's Queen. As the final move to checkmate is the center of that plane.

I know what you mean, but all he would have to do is just humbly ask Trump for help and come clean with as much dirt as he could.

Garrison draws the best ears.

Where's the original?


It would look better with a colored schlomo. Bretty good though.

Yeah everyone knows Jews aren't white.

Well meme'd.

Found the original!

That kike surely is intent on defending Mexico's interests

The 8th is the table..

You really need to knock this shit off Ben, we aren't fucking retards and you shouldn't be looking to cater to retards either.

You can't please everybody. Rule 101 of life.

Seems there was a bit more kikery on that Original.

That's true, maybe I am just bitching. But could you explain the benefit of the label?

Ben doesn't make his comics just for us idiot. Normies need to get hit with it too.

And you think Normies wouldn't recognize Nieto? That they wouldn't see the Mexican flag and get it?

Average normie don't want to care about politics. They look at it and it could be average mexican worker with a Suit. Ben Garrison often does said labels.

Why does Trump's face look like a JoJo reference in this?


You are really overestimating the average normie.

nice touch on the cufflink

I love that AWM came from out of nowhere and dropped 21st century high deff happy merchants on us. What a time to be alive

Glad to help, I love Benny's Trumps, this one looked particularly good.


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the faggot dropped a colored version and now him and his buddies won't shut up.
Lesson learned though, don't pay attention to namefag threads. Seems he's fucked off since TRS and other namefags got btfo.
Good riddance.

Nice touch, Zyklon-Ben.

I had the exact same thought. Is he Stroheim?

Even if trump sent a taskforce down to wipe out every last cartel the problem remains that mexico is a shitskin country and as such so corrupt that there would just be a period of power vaccuum were other groups would emerge.

Really garrison?
The retard beaner is just a tool of the globalists and here is painted as the "bad guy"..

Come on You could be better..
Focus on the big picture

A lot better


fuck off Jojofag, not everything that slightly resembles a chiseled face is a Jojo reference.


Thanks Ben. Knew I could count on you.

checked, and kek'd

The Mexican chesspiece around the Tennessee/Kentucky area could be changed into something a little more kosher.


Remember the 7s.
Ben has finally fully become one with the memes.


I doubt he would make it anywhere near his position if he weren't just as dirty as the rest of them.


I wounder when the Vice Emperor gets some love


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Thanks 6:30am here, covering mouth eyes tearing abs getting a workout stopped breathing trying not to laugh.

Someone ought to make a Trump version of this old classic.

You answered my post with my meme. The circle is complete.