How does it feel knowing you chose the right man, Holla Forums?

The more I learn about Donald Trump, the more I see how angry he's been about this and for how long, the more I wonder how he evaded (((notice))) for so long.

Also, requesting a webm of embed related.

ITT: We discuss the Don's old interviews and past exploits(Before becoming president). General winning thread.

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How angry are you that you missed the first post, shill?

feels fucking great, but we always knew he was ever since one of us went to the rally and talked with Trump personally about white genocide in Europe, kikeshills be damned

Is there a source on that? I've heard other anons mention that, but I've never seen a screenshot or anything.

Not a shill just able to see obvious slide threads shitting up the catalog.

F-. see me after thread.

one of us definitely has the screencaps they were on my ded computer rip in peace but that did happen and was itt personally, swear on my word as an user.
/r/ing so I can resave it and repost it when necessary

one of us definitely has the screencaps they were on my ded computer rip in peace but that did happen and was itt personally, swear on my word as an user.
/r/ing so I can resave it and repost it when necessary

I didn't even mean to double post that time
Holla Forumsite sage

He was trained by one of the biggest anti-commies the USA has ever seen.

I saw the post in real time, no screencap to confirm it though

That's great. Filtered.

Here's another gem; h tp://www.thepol


Who is that? Forgive me.

seconded, who is this frog loving Trump supporting man?

I didn't even notice all the other frogs. Was Trump on Holla Forums before Holla Forums even existed?

Enough people have asked and a cap has never surfaced so I assume nobody thought to take one. I was in that thread too, it was a happy little moment that in traditional imageboard tradition you had to be there for. In short you needed to lurk more.

I remember the thread. I don't reacall the user mentioning white genocide to Trump, just that we need to create safe zones in the middle east for the so-called refugees rather than bringing them here.


en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Roy_Cohn
Roy Cohn is one of the most Jew-hating Jews of all time, up there with Bobby Fischer. Helped Joseph McCarthy.

I actually had the thread cap at one point, but honestly it's probably better because then all the kikes who shill against him don't understand how/why our loyalty to the God Emperor cannot be tested

I'm glad that Trump won, but I want the Internet to be the Wild West it once was during the early to mid 2000's.

The way I remember it was that how he told Trump how the way the (((refugee crisis))) was being handled by Merkel was going to be "disastrous for Europeans" and Trump agreed and immediately called him smart asked him where he got this information, and OP, being a good guy and without breaking rules one and two said vaguely "I just do alot of research on the internet"

fucking checked


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely believe it happened. President Trump is very, very smart. Hiyest IQ. Everyone says so, believe me folks.

By the way, friendly reminder to refer to him as 'President Trump' every chance you get to counter the MSM's refusal to do so. They're doing it on purpose to avoid getting it into people's heads that he is the President.


A literal jew the shills are forcing into Holla Forums's throat.

He's Roy Cohn, Homosexual Jew and pederast. Please don't push for him to be considered based on Holla Forums.

I'm putting up a website next month that will actively make a boycott list of kike companies (and their products) to avoid.

Also he died of AIDs, no good person has died of AIDs.

chans don't leave me speechless much anymore, but that is flat-out amazing.
what did Roy "a trillion ergs thru the Rosenbergs" Cohn mean by this?

F ourth Reich when?

He meant "I was raised by a jewish family and I fellated men to the point that it literally killed me"

still time travel

I feel vindicated. I still don't have high hopes, but he is mending problems much needed of attention. I feel a little bummed that someone I allied with quickly switched sides over Trumps Muslim ban. I think his faggot retarded cousin brainwashed him with nonsense. Oh well, such is life.

I can definitely feel violence in the air. The left is going to get smashed. I'm jealous of you anons that get to crack some skulls. Good luck out there.


Does this board need a Trump General from now on?

True true. I've saved the best explanations on this board of Trump's relationship to Jewish people. I still don't understand why there aren't any nationalists in power that don't have jew allies or at least jew minions. I still feel some cognitive dissonance and confusion around these topics. For now I think I'll understand better after some time gathering more observations. Plz no shills this is not bait.

Good choice of units.

I'm amazed.

I figured he was a good middle finger to the GOP and that he was kinda pandering and be kind of centrist, but holy shit he's legit.

he had a much thicker NY accent in those days I wonder if he got a coach for The Apprentice

As awesome as that would be, I doubt it would happen. We'd have to rid the internet of normies by at least 90%

trump is too 88 to inaugurate

Honest question, what prevents us from doing that now?

The internet is currently and will continue to further balkanize

normies/mouthbreathers are ruining all of my favorite sites

Help uncuck us PLEASE

Webm, as requested. Sorry for potato quality.

I miss those early days of viral videos and snacks era halfchan, I want to be the Internet hate machine again damnit

I want these CTR shill that kept pretending Trump was a phony to come in this this thread, and try to defend themselves, and pretend Trump is still bad!
They vanished, I miss them

we're already there m8, fullchan has already been called the "darkest reaches of the internet" and already have the reputation of being 2extreme4cuckchan

Here's a better one.

Here's another version that's cropped to the original aspect ratio and I used the data savings to allow a higher resolution.

do you have the one from 9/11?

before the second building fell he was already, planes cant do that" the towers are built like soupcans" punished trump thread?!? i cant find those interviews anywhere

Uhh I think it was an interview after the fact. This one?


smart phones, i.e. female access to the internet

It was for a European news channel, i remember the person was on the ground speaking some language, then introduces trump.

Oh this one?
Not sure if I have a WebM, could make one quick.

We didn't choose him, he simply decided to that he was sick of politicians ruining this country and, if they wouldn't get shit done, he was going to do it himself.

WebM of the section where he's involved.

almost certain thats it. I remeber it differently 2:55 he toed the line?!

that was the initial fireball right?

hell maybe he found out the truth that fast


Gotcha fam, apparently that's the only cap that I took. Later in the thread he shows the hat with the signature.
my folders are such a clusterfuck, how do you guys organize all your maymays?

This what you were looking for?

That will never happen again. To relive it you'd have to go on something like Zeronet or one of the other decentralized internet projects with a barrier to entry that keeps normalfags out.

That's it.

Thank you

fucking thank God


That's not Donald's signature.




It's his signature without Donald.

Are you underage?

Never going to happen again. It was only a wild west because the normalfags and power structures hadn't realized its potential yet. You can never close that Pandora's box.

Take some pride in knowing you got to see something astoundingly beautiful that humanity has never seen before or will see again. For all people like to meme about ">you will never x, but you were born just in time to xd," the early 2000s were truly a unique time to experience, if you were in the right digital place.


The memories still cause painful nostalgia of the highest degree.

Why did it end

In case you're not aware:
Who else has an osrs account here btw?

Nobody plays it anymore though, it feels like going to your childhood home and seeing it in ruins

You can play a game again, but you can never again play it as it was.

I have one, but haven't played very much. It's just not the same. It's relaxing to grind wc or fishing while watching a show or something, but the magic is long gone.

Exactly. God damn it's been nearly ten years since they killed it.

Will you be playing DMM next season?

Donald Trump is 1980.



Best documentary about his life.


We are Frogmen. The madman called it in 1987.

What was it like? I missed it. Was busy being extremely depressed and lost in the normie world. Was it on chans? Cool /x/ stuff like deoxy? Just the fact that less dumb people were around?

i've been around chans since 2006, i don't know much about them before that, but i do know about usenet forums and others

Some could say that he "rushed it", but unholy fuck that is a very archaic way of doing the signature. Anyways, considering that the hat is in an user's guns and ammo safe, it can actually be a honest-user's post. We simply cannot confirm it 100%.

Wait a fucking second, it can actually be 100% true, considering how they announced the idea of implementing safe zones for refugees in the Middle East, while the post itself was done in 2016



So, nothing concrete? So we can still do it, it'd just be more difficult.

This. There was a WoW vanilla emulator that ended up having some 10k active players on the server, so it was actually like playing old WoW again, but… it's gone now, because kikes can't let anyone have fun if they're not making money off it.

this we wuz shit used to make me laugh but now it just pisses me off and is a cause for concern, more and more of our history is being revised and the true accounts completely forgotten. It was a joke before but now I see many kike movies coming out pushing completely false history out and people just eating that shit up. This is another step to legitimizing our genocide.

Fuck off back to >>>/cuckchan/

Why don't we start doing this? Memeing their histories into our history?

I feel like it's too good to be true. The fucking guardian this weekend was calling for him to be assassinated, and that was before he even started with actually putting the Muslim ban into effect.

Really worried about his safety tbqh, especially since Obongo cucked the secret service with niggers and womenyz.
For the Jews, anything was going to a comedown from King Nigger who failed at literally everything. To have the guy who led the quest to prove he wasn't born in the Us taking his place…if you had written this in a fantasy novel, it couldn't be a more perfect wet dream.

Each time I think the Jews can't possibly get any more worked up or triggered, they top themselves..

I suppose we could but what have they even done?

I was actually…at least one of the first ones who began the meme in Nov of…2015 I guess. It was actually after I read in the DM that the nigger boyfriend of one of the kartrashians had named its kid "King Cairo."
Not trying to take credit or "pay attention to me," but the reason the meme took off was because these niggers actually believe it:

Mostly dumb shit like inventing peanut butter. Still, you know as well as I do they'll throw a temper tantrum over us appropriating their one legitimate achievement.

Oh, and chinks invented gunpowder, that's a good one.

IF you are wondering where and why the "we wuz kangz" eyes began and is never going away, watch the Dr. Pierce video. Since the niggers had no form of writing and never invented the wheel, they have no history, and the history they've acquired since then has been a rather inglorious one.
I'm being completely serious when I say that in 50 years, if the Us is still around, "history" books will literally be changed. Look at the nigger play "Hamilton" where they try to stick niggers into roles in history they never had.
Niggers had their own Nigger republic in Haiti since 1812 (after murdering every White French man and woman on the Island). If you want to trigger a coon, point out that Haiti has been independent and nigger-run for 200 years and its the poorest nation on earth. Ask them why they think this is.

At least in my timeline

Feels good, man

Proves nothing then.

"The truth shall set you free"

white people don't have to lie about history in order to appear to be civilized human beings.

better to just riddicule the "WE WUZ" in every form.
expose the lies, rather than create new ones.

Goebbels and the Bible agree with you, I just remembered. So yeah, you're right. Remember to bring facts/proof.

I can feel it

not very hard to find facts, tbh.

Make America Great Again
4:22, Niskey , Published on Oct 18, 2015

Lynne Patton "The Trump Family That I Know" - A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks
5:15, Defending the USA, May 2, 2016

Greatest SUPPORT VIDEO - The Real Donald Trump
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The Trump Movement - The Real Story Behind the Chicago Riots
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The Trump Supporter
4:56 Murdoch Murdoch 2 , Apr 30, 2016

Episode 15 Hold Back The Night
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== full footage
Donald Trump: "I don't want to be president" - entire 1987 CNN interview (Larry King Live)
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Donald Trump on Economic Recovery (1991)
54:33 , Citizen Of The Planet, Jul 19, 2015

VIRAL VIDEO: Black cop tells the TRUTH about Trump rallies
10:41 , Ricky Vaughn , 2016

Donald Trump is the heart of America [sculpture]
2:01, Art gallery "Shmatko & Sons"

Young People Shocked By Hillary's Scandals

== great heart
Something is Going On (#CallBrussels)
3:38,Can't Stump the Trump,Published on Mar 25, 2016

Donald Trump Shows Kindness To A Little Girl With Bone Disease #Must Watch #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Trump New Media

This is the real Donald Trump
27:50,John Patrick Acquaviva,Published on Apr 20, 2016 _ 2,351,619 views

== fun
Trump Loves Mika Brzezinski
1:34 Vovin5

Donald Trump MAGA dance
1:30, Uncle Rico, Mar 19, 2016

The Donald Trump effect… *mass effect parody*

300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]
6:10, Aryan Wisdom , Published on May 3, 2016

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial 2016
1:27, Mike Diva, Published on Jun 15, 2016

BAD HOMBRES, NASTY WOMEN (ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic)

== stats
Reality Check: Trump Right on Legal Authority to Ban Muslim Immigrants?

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta
teleSUR English
Published on Nov 5, 2016
== woops
Heil Trump: Awesome Pro-Trump Pro-Hitler Advertisement!
superpac citizen

== attacks
Compilation shows Trump supporters being BRUTALLY attacked while media blames them
16:17, Vidmax, Jun 9, 2016


playlist: Donald Trump Death Threats by Black Lives Matter Supporters
Mark Dice

believe it or don't but he said it in more than one of his rallies.

Only thing to actually develop between those years was the trees and grass. Nignogs stay the same.

It is. Look at a picture of any hat signed at a rally, it looks the same. Check eBay or wherever too if you want.

h'wite people are to blame, you know.

Because he was allowed to do so. He was making money for the Hollywood jews hand over fist and donated to Democrats for decades.

It was not until he announced that he'd run on an anti-immigration etc. platform that he became their enemy number one. I'm sure that had he run under any other platform they'd sheered for him. Well all except the Dems.



Which one?

think I got it

although this is incomplete, does anybody have the rest handy?

He married his daughter to a pseudo-kike while pretending to be le dumb rich burger cowboydody, it was the perfect plan. This is something stormfronters fail to understand, he beat the jews on their own game.

He had me at his first mention of the wall and shitting on John McCain, and my love for him has only grown over time. Honestly though, I figured he'd be average as fuck and wouldn't accomplish anything of note if he won. It amazes me every day how much he's already accomplished, Jesus he's done more in ten days than most lesser presidents do in their entire first term.


a shit load of active players are in that. granted a lot of them are pozzed

This is how it feels.

WRONG, 0/10 faggot. Rockwell himself says that he was put there to discredit and defame McCarthy and make him seem like a crazy. McCarthy was doing great until Cohn went around making him look like a lunatic and with the pedo shit it totally sunk him.

Posted the link above. Or go on Jew tube, search "Dr. Pierce, Black inventions."

that's the full video. The guy who made it took the audio from..I forget which broadcast. You can jewggle the text and find which one:

You're forgetting the best part. Cohn sunk McCarthy's entire gig by trying to get his boyfriend an illegal deferment from fighting in Korea.

Feels good, man.

feels good man

Feels good man

He had my ear when he mentioned the wall, but his complete annihilation of Jeb! is what won me over. Bants like those cannot be ignored.

Nostalrius had much more than 10k active players. The shitposting was just like the old days. It still hurts.****

It's still up, under the name of Elysium Project. Even imported the old characters and started a new fresh server.

Don't bother, the mods are cucked and refused to ban Chinese IPs so the server is overloaded with chink goldspammers.

Crestfall is supposedly banning Chinese IPs but the server exists in a perpetual state of "it's coming out soon" so good luck with that.



he's amazing
all the more because he's full fo flaws
this just makes his qualities and determination shine brighter


he shoulda said "i cant tell you mr futrure president, but we're on your side 100% and we're gonna help you win big time"


Bumping so you can check this out, good buddy.

when the end results are in, you can make a verdict. anyone who does prematurely is a fool and destined to fail at life.


If Trump does not drain the swamp that is the (((CIA))), he will not end Islamic terrorism, nor dismantle globalism. He will fail to make America great.

The (((CIA))) is a headquarters of the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

i'm not getting my hopes up yet. let's see how this goes…

Tfw you wake up every morning and remember how you and your countrymen dodged a bullet.

Someone needs to isolate that.

We have to kill the reddit.

It feels like I'm tired of worthless threads which accomplish nothing other than sliding something.

and let's not forget the looming threat of a ww3 scenario with russia. this can come quickly overnight, without the public knowing anything than new york and washington a smoldering crater. these are dangerous times, and intelligence is fast asleep.


"President Trump says he wants the US to have better relations with Russia and to halt military operations against Muslim countries. But he is being undermined by the Pentagon.

The commander of US forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges, has lined up tanks on Poland’s border with Russia and fired salvos that the general says are a message to Russia, not a training exercise.


How is Trump going to normalize relations with Russia when the commander of US forces in Europe is threatening Russia with words and deeds?"


"The military/security complex is using its puppets-on-a-string in the House and Senate to generate renewed conflict with Iran and to continue threats against China.

Clearly, Trump is not in control of the most important part of his agenda—peace with the thermo-nuclear powers and cessation of interference in the affairs of other countries.

Trump cannot simultaneously make peace with Russia and make war on Iran and China. The Russian government is not stupid. It will not sell out China and Iran for a deal with the West."

oy vey… well, fuck this kike shit. he'd better off nuking israel off the map right fucking NOW

because it's the kikes behind it all.

sun-tsu, the art of fucking war

if you don't know the (real) enemy, you will lose


what do you think the leaders of the brics countries will do if they figure out trump is just a phoney salesman? do you seriously think they will even bother with what he says when the actions of the usa show the opposite? he might fool americans, but not the rest of the world.

you are all deluding yourselves, that's what i think.

got to have a brain to see what's coming, and it ain't the future people hope for, that i am certain.

i am preparing my escape route for a while now, not going to believe anything or anyone other than my own brain, and it says, get the FUCK out

and that's what i am going to do when shit is sealed.
screw the rest.

I played original vanilla and gold farmers advertised just as much. Also, barrens chat reads like Holla Forums atleast half the time still probably wouldn't say nigger though. Plebbit so fags were so butthurt they made a post about the "toxic community" that reached the first page of the Elysium subbreddit.


but people should still not be 100% blindly against jews when there CAN BE jews that are directly working against jews without being just jews jewing jews or falseflagging
though i have never witnessed such i believe it to be a possibility

toph has a nice voice.

I've seen that in some unrelated threads that this Roy Cohn is pushed by (1)'s without justification. I second that this is shilling. To get Holla Forums used to the idea that there are good jews maybe? There are no good jews.

I feel fucking fantastic about it. Sage cause this doesn't warrant its own thread.