Martin Schulz to stand against Merkel

Mr Schulz promised supporters his campaign for September's elections would focus on "hard-working people". He also looked forward to making the elections "really exciting". His SPD has governed in a "grand coalition" with Mrs Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) since 2013. The SPD is hoping that its choice of Mr Schulz, who will also become the party's leader, can boost its chances of gaining a mandate to govern without the CDU. Opinion polls suggest the Social Democrats trail the CDU by some margin, although Mr Schulz's personal poll rating compares favourably with that of Mrs Merkel, who plans to run for a fourth term. In a speech to 1,000 supporters in Berlin, he spoke of deep divisions in Germany and said he would fight for greater fairness and social unity. "Only with a society that holds together can we be strong," said Mr Schulz, 61. He also criticised the Trump administration and Hungary for their attitudes on immigration.

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SPD= Social Democratic Party

==This man is an alcoholic, the only thing he ever worked as was as a booksalesman, he wants to get even more refugees all over Europe, he was the worst that could have ever happend to the european parlament as the arch-nemesis of /ourmate/-Nige and last but not least said that germany only exists to enusre the survival of israel.

This motherfucker needs to go down.


Getting raped is what makes Germans swing from right to left and back. They got raped by Soviets in WWII, now getting raped by muslims will swing them right (hopefully before they get exterminated).

i think he's just token opposition to merkel, what does it even matter if he or the fat cunt wins, Germany is fucked either way

I know this but it still baffles me how this kike could get so high up in the kikefest that is the EU.


There is no bigger embarrassment than this cuck for Germany. Nigel served his ass.

He doesn't have a chance. Redditors fucking love this piece of shit and we know what happened to their last balding, cuckold kike.

I predict another Merkel victory and some gains made by the AfD

i don't understand how anyone could possibly get excited by this guy (schultz) as the leader of their country

Found a 5 year old gold nugget in that comments section.

Get the fuck out of here, you gotta be kidding me.

Don't get fooled by the media. Pretty much everyone hates this guy.

Only if there are no more terrorist attacks between now and the election. And, if there aren't, be sure to point out to any Germans that this probably means ISIS supports Merkel

CDU is the strongest party at the moment and Merkel has already eliminated anyone who opposes her.

A miracle would be the AfD somehow getting over 50% which would mean they wouldn't need to form a coalition (not like they can at the moment).

Fucking how?!

Germans are extremely cucked after 70 years of indoctrination

Boomers. I mean really people don't just drop political parties over one issue and a lot of people today fear drastic change regardless of whether the outcome is good or not.

I hate that fucking Merkel, really. But I have to objectively admit that user is right. That witch will win again. The majority will vote for her.

Reasons (Germans=majority of them):
1. Germany is cucked
2. All media is controlled even more than in other countries
3. Germans are very ill-informed
4. Germans do not understand Brexit or Trump
5. Merkel has no real opposition
6. Globalist are afraid to lose Germany, because that would mean they are finished
7. Globalist are already shilling against any opposition (AfD)
8. Ma WWII guilt
9. All conservatives will be hit by Nazi accusations
10. Germans are the preferred cucks of kikes and they do what they tell them

Depends on who his handlers are really.

He's there solely to make Merkel not look like a horrible, nation wrecking option.

Now where have I seen that before?..

Speaking of which, have any of these leftist politicians ever worked a real job in their lives before?

Is this shit ironic or are they really trying to meme up Schulz?

Today's Marx would have been a trustfund babby blog poster.

The German propaganda machine and their oppressive legal system is designed to combat dissent and keep the people cucked.

Remember the new years rape party in cologne the Syrian refugees threw for the Krauts? The German media refused to even touch it for four days and only then because new organizations from neighboring countries covered the story and only to perform damage control for the liberal cucks.

Isn't this the asshole that said that the new germany only exists to serve Israel?

Is this possible?

No,we have got some other parties left.
See Die Linke, FDP, Grüne which are for the most part globalists too. I expect a CDU/SPD/LINKE/Grüne/FDP coalition against the ebil Nazis (AfD) bevor a coalition with the AfD


karl marx 2016 = alex soros


They're not standing against each other. They just want to divide votes between them so they can do a great coalition again, with Merkel as chancellor.

The CSU is less a part of the CDU than the SPD is. Nicht Sichtbare Deutsche Angela Parteil.

he's a nobody. spd chose him because they know they don't have a chance.

maybe at least he's going to destroy the spd.

I'm a slav in Germany and got a lot of slav friends. We're thinking about going home soon if shit doesn't get better.

Come on, what the fuck is the difference anyway? I'm starting to miss the times when you invaded us, krauts.

t. my French grandpa worked as a builder for the germans ^^ It seems they even paid well.


Still though, if it's you who initiated the revolt against international Jewry this time, I'd be more than happy to serve in some sort of reverse Division Charlemagne.

It's that aging population. Old farts who don't even have internet and only watch tax funded, government produced state propaganda TV all day.

Schulz „der Macher“. Ein Bild von einem echten Vollblutstrategen. Das Genie aus Brüssel. König der Weltdiplomaten. Brillianter Redner, Rächer der Armen, Ozean des Wissen, Verteidiger der Schwachen und Retter Europas, der Don Juan des Nordens und die moderne Verkörperung von Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandelas und Oskar Schindler in einer Person. Held der Arbeiter, Orakel der Vernunft. Mein Gott, die SPD kann froh sein so jemanden auf ihrer Seite zu haben. Wir können einpacken.

I don't think ISIS would be stupid enough to sabotage themselves in Germany, so if there's an attack it will come from an independent cell.

Can't you liberate Berlin before leaving? Do that and I'm sure the Germans will forget the whole ww2 thing.

how are they different to each other? They are the same europhile, niggerloving trashbags

ill drop it here

and this yid too

let me make a prediction here
CDU biggest party while they loose a fair amount of votes
SPD looses votes, maybe even under 20% this time
AfD gets between 15-20%, but noone will work with them (i personally dont trust them at all i think they are controlled opposition)
greens and lefts gain but not enough, both parties fucked by the way
maybe the FDP (totally shitty rich man party) get in again

problem is all these parties are fucked
its going to be a big coalition with CDU and SPD again maybe if they loose too much they will takes the greens on board

best thing we can hope for is a strong opposition that agrees to fucking over the governing parties

but voting "fraud" in germany goes mostly via media so this year will show

This made me smile.

Hang in there.

le impossible



This has to be some sort of sick fucking joke

Both of them need a fucking bullet in their heads

Yeah, nice try false flagging fucktard.

Choke on a pig's trotter, Moshe.

What kind of retards do you employ by now?
I don't think it was ever easier to notice your work.

That's some serious low-energy heresy. I feel almost insulted.

What the fuck is a "social democratic family"?
Young Socialists is a youth communist organization ran by a bunch of kikes.

Sorry to rain on your parade m8, but everything points at Schulz being a heeb, especially his appearance and behavior. If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, it is a dog.

Now there's a face I can trust!

Fags are starting to shill for this kike really fucking hard. All over cuckchan and reddit. They are copying MAGA memes trying to get him elected.

You and I both know it's a shill effort. Just look at the fucking guy.

Let them shill. Soros has already splurged billions on trying to get the Hag elected, and failed despite all the cucking.
Trying to convince people that a pathetic cuck with no spine or charisma who takes turns between blowing kike and muzzie dicks is fit to lead a nation? Yeah, good luck with that.

Twice a day.

Some simple background info:

In the federal republic that calls itself Germany it used to be basically 3 parties who ruled, the Social Democrats, the Christian Union and the classic liberals as the smaller part of a coalition.
It ALWAYS was the choice between a SPD chancellor or a CDU chancellor. It was a simpler time. eventually we got enough other parties with a high enough share of vote that resulted in the SPD and the CDU forming a government.

I personally think, that people suck up to Schulz, because it reminds them of the time before the Euro-Crisis and before the migrant-crisis. For some it reminds them of a time before 1968 even. There is no chance they would ever admit that though.
The Social Democrats have been declining for a while now, so Schulz is basically their absolute last hope. I guess if he crashes and burns, the whole party will as well.

It's almost scary how fucking retarded you are.
But keep going.
We won't forget you after we dealt with your master.

The retardness knows no bounds today.


Straight out of a Ben Garrison cartoon.

Some Germans might actually fall for this Jew.

Farage is so based.

So Germany's fucked either way

While Farage talks about (((echoes)))

B-but wikijew says he-he's Catholicuck!


You're saying that this douche might be a goy?


The man is just as bad as Merkel, if not worse (if that could even be possible, yes it is possible). I hate Germans so much, they are too mindless to vote for anything non liberal. They're the most political correct idiots on the planned. It's probably the most easy population to controll, since they simply lack the courage to disobey rules.

They are a weak and pathetic people who are wreaking havoc upon other European countries through dooming economical policies.

You mean this?


Even in modern times, Jews go Crypto. They gotta have sleeper agents.

German Bros, There is hope!

German State-TV channel 1 Prime Time News…


The german media is now supporting shitty leftist-memes that want to promote Schulz with the exact same memes we used with Trump but will fail miserably because they lack any understanding of how memes work and the necessary talent.

This brings up some primal rage in me. This I textbook kikery, everything:

the kikes are getting desperate
but the train has left the station

they can hold hands in the gulag

More muslim in Germany? Why not? Better than Merkel.

pick one

Just a reminder that the German people has no voice to decide who becomes either their federal president or their federal chancellor.
The entire German governmental system is designed to keep the common people out of any major decisions. It's basically a giant circle jerk between the MPs of the regional and federal parliaments. They don't have a chance, unless they vote the AfD to become the strongest party.
But that won't happen, because the current government does everything to numb the people from everything that could do that with censorship, misinformation, defamation, menace, blackmail and yes even violent assault of AfD members.
They own 99% of every MSM and the older people don't read, watch or listen anything else than that and therefore don't know what kind of shit is going on. You have no idea how fucking deep their claws go into every aspect of society. The only part they don't completely control yet is the internet and they do their best to censor and take over that too at the moment.
In order to compress our work they hired the the former Stasi kike "Kahane" (who hates everything German with a passion, look it up) who now plays thought police on social media and censors every last bit of truth and labels it as "hate speech". Over 17k people per year get convicted for right winged "hate speech" aka having the wrong opinion.
Meanwhile they started to monopolize the Memes, since Trump won the election with the blessing of KEK. Right after Trump won they pushed the term "FakeNews" and start to censor even more. It was long planed to push Schulz from the EU back to the German government and now by "pure coincidence" thousands of redditors shit out badly copied MAGA-memes in masses. And when I say badly copied, than I mean 1:1 copies just with Schulz instead of Trump, they even completely ignore the context of the memes itself. And by another "coincidence" the motherfucking state media plays along and even published a massage from Schulz to fucking reddit itself in which he thanks them for their support. Schulz knew it, the state media knew it, fucking reddit knew it, it's all a god damn fucking ruse with so blatant astroturfing that it hurts.


I'm not sure whether that r/the_schulz reddit are trolls. Or maybe they just understand troll culture, hard to say.

I wrote them a comment yesterday (In German) saying "Schulz is an anti-german crypto-Jew, what does the_schulz have to say about that."

Three minutes later I got banned with the words (in German):

"Shiiiet he found us out. Ban. Ban. Ban. Zion will be gr3at again!"

The entire fucking thing is state funded shilling.

That makes sense. I was pretty speechless when I first saw it, it's so ridiculous. 1:1 copying Trump memes. These people are desperate.