Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has accused the US of building a “permanent” arms depot in his country...

when the fuck are we gonna kick the shit out of these island monkeys? This is unacceptable

That prick Obama and the Jew controlled media fucked this up. President Rodrigo Duterte has ever right to clean up his country.

This homicidal flip will soon understand he is pawn, just like Noriega or Diem.

Of course the beaners of Asia side with chinks.

Yea, except hes doing it because hes a communist, not because hes a good person.

All he has to do is not piss off Trump. He has one job.

Good to see the based flips meme die

That was cuck/pol/ tier stuff, the guy is obviously a communist, weve had a quote from when he was mayor the whole time - where he said he isnt a communist because he doesnt go around killing drug dealers.. and that if he was using violence, he would be a communist. Now he is, and regardless, he was always a communist.

Whoever drew this seemed to think Filipinos look exactly like black people. Either that or Filipinos have gotten less dark over the years.

The time he said he was going to slap Obama was pretty funny though.

His authoritarian rhetoric is amusing, yes.


What is unacceptable? If he doesn't want US troops in his country, that's not really OUR problem. It's a problem for the jewish occupied government and supranational, ultra-wealthy shipping lines, but it's not really OUR problem. Anybody here feel like dying for Manilla so you can get a few bucks off coconut oil or so Apple and co. have free reign to keep shipping their Chinese made shit here?

Maybe focus on maintaining the strategic influence and build up in Australia, which is rapidly being colonized by chinks. The only people who get upset about stuff like this are the people who expressly desire multiracialism and choose unfettered profit over race.

Is it time to bust out the Krags again?

this tbh

They dont have nukes. They are traditionally a US puppet. They will do what Trump says, they have no power… and the leader is a communist, hes lucky Trump doesnt annex them.


And to think I once felt sorry that my Great Grandfather had genocided your people.

Until they are China's puppet.
Or what? We're going to fight a war over the Philippines? You can go. You can fight alongside all the ugly ass flips in our nigger navy. Good riddance.
Adding another 100 million shitskins to our country. Like I said, the only people getting worked up about this are the people who want multiracialism.

Except they're opening up to China now. And I agree with the guy you responded to: we need to focus on our relations with Australia and get the chinks out. Duterte not wanting a permanent US installation that could possibly have Bernie fucking Sanders-esque cuckold in officer four years from now makes sense.

I'm calling on Trump to give this homicidal flip a peace offering.


What if Trump were to negotiate an agreement with Duterte to make it so it is only up during his presidency? That would make more sense.

Anyone who thought this subhuman nonwhite was based in the first is a retarded civic nationalist cuck
ALL nonwhites want to see the death of whites and the destruction of our history and people, with the white women kept around as slaves. They are all enemies, not a single one is based, anything less is traitorous cuckoldry.

You seem to think people actually die in wars. The US killed over 100k people and lose a couple thousand, and that was without heavy saturation bombing of residential areas. The US could wipe the country out without losing a single person. Why are you shilling for a communist regime? I smell lefty/pol/.

What the fuck are you even talking about this point?
Who the fuck cares what some shitskin country is doing? Wake the fuck up and look at our country. LOOK AT IT.

We can let people live in their own countries, insolong as they stay out of ours. We aren't kikes.

kek, every time

Why? They don't let us live in ours, for over 2000 years they have wanted to rape and pillage and plunder what we build and tried their hand where they can, why should we give them any respect and let them have anything?

The US can do whatever they want, and if it ever came down to them threatening to use military force to stop them from doing whatever they want, they could use a tactical nuke and wipe the forces out as they concentrated. Given they have a communist in charge, they are free to be declared on at any point by any democratic country. The guy even goes around killing drug dealers, what more would any country who wanted to exploit the situation need, thats justification enough for anyone to intervene. The US ramped up shipping weapons there after Trump got in, either Mattis or Trump himself want it to happen. China has just threatened to declare war on the US, and youre shilling saying the US cant do X Y or Z because some communist country doesnt like it. Fuck yourself, shill.

Oyyy veyy goyim!!! Go to war now!!

Yes goy, yes!!!!

The ISIL-killing and drug-fighting Nat Soc Flip is your enemy!!! He disrespected my - I mean - your country by insulting Obama!!! He is practically a flag burner!!! This cannot stand if you are a True Patriot who loves our - I mean - your country!!! Only Netanyahu has the loyalty this country requires to be an Ally!!!

Filtered for being a Trotskyite.


and this


I don't have a problem with Duterte cracking down on US military installations there. As you've said, it only benefits the interests of jews and our government. In fact I can think of few US military occupations on foreign soil that benefit anyone besides the jews and the gov.
Siding with China is still a fucking stupid ass idea though, he's gonna learn what it feels like to get backstabbed by the slant-eyed merchant.

Youre a complete idiot. Hes a self professed communist. Hes killing drug dealers because its a blackmarket. That undermines communism, in his eyes.

8/pol/ just liked to laugh at him for being a meme, and pissing off leftists by killing degenerates. No one cares about flips here though, they're a dumbed down mongoloid race. The Spanish should have kept their dicks in their pants.

t. the exact reasoning used by every kikeshill itt

Reported for being lefty/pol/.


That's his problem. I'd rather focus on getting the 3.5 million flipniggers in this country the fuck out than worry about having a few less dumping grounds for our spicnigger refuse to be babysat for a few years.

citation needed

Sure is shilly in here, seems like PLA Unit 61398 has arrived.

As an American I don't have a problem with what he said at all. If he doesn't want our arms or our help or our money or protection that is perfectly fine with me. I'd rather not waste money on them tbh.

All in due time the US will only have a stronger presence in flipland during Trump. Duterte isn't stupid this is all to play to his internal audience. Both flipland and the US will work together to sink the chink.

newsinfo.inquirer. net/779984/duterte-im-a-socialist-not-a-communist-last-card


I mean, he only put communist rebels in his cabinet. No, not a communist though. "Just a socialist"

I think the guy legitimately has an IQ of about 70.

YES, GOY!!!!! NOW you see!!!

Those evil communists are violating the rights of those peaceful drug-dealing Freedom Fighters!!! The struggle of ISIS is your struggle! You must send your white children to attack Duterte now!! Forward march into Manila!!!'

Just sage this fucking shill thread.


We will spend $6,000,000,000,000 if that's what it takes to protect the rights of the religion of peace in foreign lands!!!

Duterte who has been widely perceived as having cozy ties with communists since his days as mayor of Davao City where leftist rebels were known to go in and out of the city as they please.

Shortly after winning the May 9 elections, Duterte reached out to his former Lyceum University professor, who has been living in exile in the Netherlands for nearly 30 years, to initiate peace talks and end the half a century leftist rebellion.

Duterte also appointed card-carrying members of the left in his Cabinet – Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael Mariano, Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwal, and Anti-Poverty Secretary Liza Maza – to show his good faith in the peace negotiations.

Your ancestors despise you
so cucked you want to bargain with the enemy
All the world and the universe is rightful white clay, NO COMPROMISES

Listen kid, this is about Trump moving weapons in to defend from China, who has just threatened war and escalation over the China sea, and youre shilling against US interests saying that they shouldnt be allowed to violate poor old communist duterte's sovereignty. Fuck you, Trump will do what he wants, and if Duterte doesnt like it, he can be classified as an enemy along with China. If he wont cooperate, hes acting against US interests… and so are you. Id gas you, youre in the way. Traitors before enemies.

You fucking moron. Right now we are barely holding on to the lands we actually have. Anywhere from a third to half the fucking military is shitskin. Wake the fuck up.

lol, let the flips con the chinks out of free weapons.

He's not necessarily wrong

America is >40% nonwhites after all

It's just the army that's shitskin, and just the infantry and mop brigade.

Better to die on your feet than compromise with the enemy, the mentality that we should ever engage civilly with the enemy is what destroyed our place in the world.

Nah. Guys like you are why we are dying. You are complete and total fucking lunatics who will flood this nation with as many mudskins are humanly possible to cling to the farthest flung scraps of dirt. Anything to keep your ponzi scheme going.

I'm fucking done with this thread.

dubs fucking confirm it.

Jesus Christ, go back to shill school. This isn't even remotely fucking convincing. You are trying to slide this board, and it isn't going to work. We are aware of COINTELPRO.

Who gives a fuck about what China does? If our country is no longer stuffing their wallets and inflating their economy, they are going to starve within Trump's first term. We hold the cards. You know what Trump's policy is?

America. First.

Not "Oh, this Chinaman said some mean things??? Time to spread some Democracy!!!"

Fuck you and whoever is paying you.

They're trying to associate hating Duterte with patriotism. They think we're blind idiots who are going to die for any cause as soon as some Kike says it's patriotic to do so.

That might work on MSM channels.
Not in this forum.

Oh, yes! The Phillippinos are our enemies! They violate human rights such as right to due process, even for terrori—I mean Freedom Fighters — which is what American Values are all about!!!

This is just pathetic.

Native Filipinos are essentially Abos.

Forgot pic.

Where the fuck did this "DUTERTE IS A COMMIE" meme come from? This is the first time I see anyone mention it and (((conveniently))) all these enlightened insiders decided to reveal this bombshell in this same thread all at the same time

this guy gets it



thought I was the only one to notice that.

Sage and report, anons. Seriously. This board is being slid because we're seeding a new movement that will severely bleed the kikes. See this thread:

Meant to link this one, too.

Checked and keked, you're not alone.

Sage and report. Obvious crew thread.

I told You kikes, Your d&c psyops are falling apart
What are You going to do heil? Delete the thread again?

Sage, friendos.


Remember to call out shills when you see them. Defending communism and arguing the Us cant import weapons to the Phillipines because a communist leader doesnt like it is something that will unironically get you executed on the day of the rope. All communists should die, no jew is a good jew and no commie is a good commie. The US is bound to defend Japan and China has infringed on their territorial waters, among other countries. Anyone suggesting the US cant take military action is a shill. Its not about Israel, Israel couldnt give a flying fuck about China. We on the other hand would be glad to see those commies wiped off the face of the earth, the ones in China, and the ones in Canada too.

Get out, lefty subverts. Reminder that JEWS ARE COMMUNISTS AND COMMUNISM IS JEWISH

Fighting communism isnt fighting on behalf of the fucking jew, its fighting the jewish useful idiots. They deserve to be gassed, and so do you. Report these shills.

That's where you fucked up, Shlomo.


We are not Doing It For Free(tm) any more. If Japan wants us to defend them, they can pony up some fucking cash.


You really put the -berg in the lolberg, Schlomo.

Duterte has literally said he wants to be Hitler and gas degenerates like your self, you autistic kike, he is as right wing as it gets. You shills are terrible at hiding your autistic rhetoric, and use cuckchan tier images. The only people who are "bound" to defend Japan, is the Japanese.

Nationalist until he begins licking China's boot. Whilst I've discussed le based flip® positively in polite conversation before- this does set off my spidey sense somewhat.

That is a good point but are we really building up anything in Australia? Also a full strategic withdrawal from the Philippines does what to Guam?

Because he wants to threaten the U.S. in order to gain the advantage, same shit Trump does. Now, he has something to negotiate for at the table, the U.S. stops building arms in his nation, he continues to align him self with the U.S.

I mean, Obama was probably funding the ISIS troops in his south.

I'd be pissed to.


America has military bases all over Europe and Asia.
Covered the west coast of Greenland in them too.

All of them will need to be removed.
All the soldiers executed too.

American occupation will not be tolerated any more.

It's like you want to throw away your bartering chips.

reported for low-IQ cuckchan dispora or low-effort shill

If true, would the US accept a permanent arms depot built on American soil owned by the Phillipines? If not, why should the reverse be acceptable? Who cares, remove it. It was probably put there by Obama and (((friends))) anyway if it exists.

Basically this.

More likely, if a trade/hot war between the Sino-Semite and Burgerland does kick off he will be in the dramatic strategic situation of being in the middle of two sides where neither fully trust him. He certainly isn't Switzerland and his location is far too important to be ignored by either party.

No matter which way you cut it, he's attempting to show strength from a position of weakness he's bluffing which rarely works when you are between two strongly motivated adversaries. Sucks to be him that geography and strategic interests fuck him on this one.

Personally I could give a shit except it was a horrible thing the nigger left us with since the Flipland has been ours since the Spanish-American war. But oh well.

Because America is more powerful than the Philippines and needs every advantage it can get in the upcoming conflict against the CCP

He's clearly telling what he wants, it's a subtle way of asking to please restore the damage the nigger did so they can resume relations normally.

Are you sure he didn't say 3/5 Americans are idiots?

40% nonwhites and 20% cucks

Yeah his math checks out.


Looks like CTR is back, and is more dumb than ever.


Bush Jr, shanghai'ed Flipland into going with the "Coalition of Nations" in Iraq and getting the CIA to falseflag with bombs in his country (one guy tried to bomb Duterte's fucking city but almost killed himself and the FBI smuggled himself out without letting the local authorities to question him) to make a reason for going all the way with the "War on Terror", King Nigger used the last administration as a proxy against China and shitting up relation so bad that it justified his "Pivot to Asia" So if any fucking dumbass shill says Duterte shouldn't lost his fucking trust because of this, he should fucking kill himself.

Thank you murrica for culturally enriching flipland.

Oy vey! Remember the 600,000 dead flips! Gib back the bells.

(((18060a))) get a load of this fucking kike.

lol, the delusion is strong in this one

Reminder that this is the Filipino Dream: to be a US state and to be h'white
It would have been doable 100 years ago when there is only around 10 million flips vs 100 million murricans
At best: Flipland would have been a bigger Hawaii with easier access to Asian trade shekels
At worst: an expendable easy target for the commies to nuke
But no! Flip elites cried MUH NATIONALISM when all they wanted was their own little kangdom

this is now a Duterte meme thread

Well America is as white as Peru, like 20% so it makes sense.

well, the philipines as a hawii 2.0 would have been a lot nicer, that's for sure. now its a third world shit hole, the best you can do is to shoot most of them.

Im glad the burger empire is getting btfo. He is twice the man trumps punk bitch ass will ever be

yes, you filthy yids

advocate for war to every people around the globe, you'll soon get that war



I worked in a machine shop two years ago making AR15 picatinny rails, only thing I knew about them was they are going to the Phillipines.

In the event of a pacific war, we know where his allegiance will be: not Japan. The "ISIS" strawman is being used to gear the world up into bombing each other.

I see Trump and Duterte getting along just fine

Holy shit which pacific country are you from lad? Or is it that your family were druggos and you're out for revenge?

I don't think anyone questions that we are international arms deals.

I just hope Don is cool with Duterte

yeah i don't buy it

The Phillipines is rightful American clay. When Obama was President this guy was cool, now that we have the White House things are different. We need to prevent the Philippines from falling into the Chinese sphere of influence, it should be an American puppet state.

No, like, we colonize them and segregate the races, using the natives as slaves

Fuck that, we're making the Earth 100% White

He types, while holding his dick in one hand and a bottle of mountain dew in the other.

oy vey

Ive never seen this accusation have any evidence. do you have any proof to back it up?
Hes siding with chinks because they are the biggest non US power around and he wants to distance his country from the people who led drug smuggling operations and organized gangs in his country.

fuck off back to wherever shitty larphole you came from

and fuck off as well, you fucking goon

Me neither. It's imperative that every Holla Forumsack read again.

Shilling season is coming. One step before the day of rope.

And I am already practicing.

Communism is jewish.Ideology before shitposting memes. He is not our friend, and if China threatens war against the US, the US can import all the weapons in wants in response, or even annex full countries in the name of America First, if they deem it necessary. Trump is against Communism, and China is communist. So is Duterte, either way, if you argue Duterte can tell Trump he cant import weapons, you shouldnt be here.

Also, China has calculated a nuclear exchange, from when Obama was in office. They predict they can wipe out something like 290 million Americans and only suffer 90 million in losses themselves, in a first strike scenario. China is prepared to launch the nukes first.

They must not have taken into account the huge fleet of submarine-launched nuclear tipped ballistic missiles that the US has. Their losses would be more like one billion.

He is a member of the Communist Party dude, he also cucked his country recently by letting refugees in.

He is a member of the Communist Party dude, he also cucked his country recently by letting refugees in.

This guy has a lot of balls, mad props, but he still need to bend the knee.

trips confirm

Where is your proof, dude?

Fuck off you fucking kike.


Depends. If he catches them still doing the drug trade I'm for duterte.

If not, monkey needs a cage.

He will destroy his country by kicking out the US.

And then China takes advantage.

Wait, what's unacceptable? Flipflops live… okay, vegetate nearer China than USA. America only needs them in context of China and can abandon the region whenever, meanwhile PRC will always remain a present force. If r2d2 really thinks he can get a better deal out of Chinks its his duty to side with them.

The question is can Trump swing him back to US side? Rex has already said they'll be isolating the artificial islands in South China Sea. If US really takes command fo that place I bet Philippines would side with them again. Like someone else said: Obonobo's weakness did this. If it was within American power to deny China access to SCS earlier then it should've been done as soon as China's plan was revealed