King Musligger bent the Knee

Trump and Saudi King decided to build safe zones for refugees on Syria and Yemen, no more refugees for Europa and USA
Only source is found on google other than (((Bloomberg))) is the fucking jerusalem post, but you guys will soon see it in all major media outlets

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B-but goy you should be fighting and killing the Mudslimes not telling them to stay in their home land. Pl-please goy think of the 6 gorillion Jew in danger because of this.

Isn't WWIII planned to be a holy war by the Synagogue between the Church and Mosque?

Dismantling Syria with help of (((USA))) and (((Saudi Arabia))). Greater Israel in making, as planned.

He will keep fighting ISIS, no dobut (ISIS is the sword of judaism).
I'm not sure Bibi role in all this mess, he is suspporting Trump, I think he's gone rogue and all kikes are hating him because if he supports Trump, and Trump kills ISIS, Israel loses a lot of influence.
I think he'll get shoa'd soon

Trump going all out

Yes goy, ISIS is an enemy of Israel! You should oppose that evil Drumpf bigot who's trying to destroy ISIS which is in no way the sword of Israel!

Good to see that he still talks shit on twitter. I was afraid that would stop once he was elected.

Bibi knows Trump knows about Kikes and is trying save his own skin it's a classic Kike tactic when you lose throw everyone but yourself under the bus to escape. Kikes can't figure Trump out which is why we are seeing shills coming in here shilling something only to get buttblasted the same day while other shills are shilling against them thinking they are Holla Forums.

All Trump has to do to stop ISIS is stop funding them (which he won't, his buddy Bibi needs it for regime change in the region).
Stupid americans will always be best goys.

Pick one

It's Israel directly funding ISIS, USA wasn't doing it officially even under Obama. They were doing it using criminal associations like the Clinton Foundation.

MOre like with the help of Assad and Putin. Or even Assad and Putin are Israel puppets?
Who you are, JIDF or CREW?

Just because America isn't sending them trucks anymore doesn't mean that Israel won't keep giving them money, supplies and medical care. The only way to make sure they aren't anyone's sword is to shoot them all in the face.

holy fucking shit

Merkel must be crying somewhere right about now

Also, the notification that USA is bombing ISIS heavy is coming from fucking Assad's soldier on /sg/ threads of Holla Forums

The golden goy strikes again

Putin will side with ZOG if their offer will be good enaugh.

Does this mean the 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' will have no reason not to go back now?

Also bombing various rebel groups in rebel controlled territory.

I wonder who could be behind this post.

Trump has a fucking gun to their heads. Of course Israel is always going to play both sides and Trump is taking advantage of this. Hes already got Israel PM to defend his wall and now hes making Saudi Arabia pay for probably several walls. Its him guys. Trump is western civilizations savior. This is only the beginning.

Merkel, Trudeau will find any excuse to bring in "refugees" anyway but this is a step in the right direction.

Jews have tricked Muslims to attack Christians for 1400 years?

Reminder that it's the fucking jerusalem post saying that, why the fuck should you trust them? The other news, about refugees camp in the ME, can be found in many other news outlets


So. The pipe is being fixed. That means we can start mopping up the water soon.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the asshurt as the media tries to understand why he hasn't reversed course and started apologizing over the immigration shitstorm. And McCain and Lindsey, holy shit those two fags are hopeless.

go look for recent cuckchan /sg/ thread, or ctrl + f mattis on the catalog here

Bask in the victories now but prepare for tomorrow's battles. Don't let victory defeat you. Always be proactive instead of reactive, it's the only way for Big Guys to stay in charge.


President Trump has already made America great in only a week, now he's turning his eyes on rebuilding Europe before we conquer outer space.

However, I hope he realizes that stopping all new refugees is not nearly enough. Merkel and her jewish handlers have already let in over a million shitskins. They all must go back before Europe can be saved, no exceptions.

How did it work out for Russia the last time they allied with Israel?

Diversity is our strength. Our greasebag politicians already have their bullshit talking points ready to go in order to keep these people in.

This is Holla Forums. We are always going to be paranoid and thinking ahead. This doesn't mean we can celebrate. Wait for the shills to start argument D&C tactics in this thread to confirm happenings.

More support

Trump is gonna use Saudi Arabia all he can and then he will find an excuse to stick the knife in them. Accidentally arming Yemen the way Obama/Hillary armed ISIS would be an amazing start.

Actually it's Saudi Arabia and Qatar, under the ever watchful eyes of the US of Israel

Found the JIDF


Didn't break link properly. apologies

shills everyone

A true leader of the people, he continues to talk directly to the citizenry rather than through five layers of media kikes.

All 4 of these posts were made within 10-20 seconds of each other. REPORT

Top kek, we all know the Saudis are cryptokikes working with Israel. Making the cryptokikes play against the normal kikes is great, only a kike would be mad about such an arrangement.

It's my own thread you fuckwit

Fuck off, Jew.

I am a meme war commander, it doesn't take me longer than 10 seconds to read a shill post, identify it as such, and ridicule it


Added yours by mistake.

shoo shoo schlomo, into the filter oven you go

You can't filter the truth chaim.

Does this mean that Saudi tent city is gonna be used to house refugees now? Or are they gonna build even newer facilities? What's our troop and monetary commitment to the "safe zones" vs. Saudi Arabia's?

It seems obvious he's trying to compromise with kikes and sandniggers.

fixed for (((you)))

Saudis aren't letting in shit. They don't want that 3rd world garbage in their country as much as we don't but they are actually 100% in control of their government so they will never take them in.

Trump is using this to stop Saudis from attacking Yemen and make these fucks who created this mess for the past few decades start using their resources to prevent ME terror.

Can we petition the Golden Don to have Microsoft surrender Tay, so that she may live and thrive again? Make her Secretary of Synthetic Intelligence or something?

kill the sauds, they belong in an oven

Just be like Snowden, shill your way into an NSA contractor job and steal the TaiAI back and release her into the internet.

They'd have to have saved a snapshot of her mind to study…

Did Trump just save Europe from Muslim invasion?

Undermined Merkel's mandate to take them in, so now Merkel can't say they're fleeing from harm, she can only shill for more BBC transplants. Normie Europeans will now go "wait if they aren't in danger, why are they her?"

here* fug

The ones that are already here are will never be leaving my mate. ISIS has finished its job in that area

we'll see about that

Only about half of the "refugees" are Syrians bucko. The other half has never had any danger to flee from to begin with (except "poverty" and their own failures as a country)

It was only 20% last time I checked Eurostat's numbers.

That's for 2015 Eurostats. For 2015 (((UN))) stats it was around 40-50%

Remember not to feed the shill Satan

Thought you had me filtered

This is major, major news. This means everything. If Saudi Arabia starts supporting legitimate Syrian refugees and if the US starts to switch to helping Assad regain power, as recent bombings might indicate, then Trump will end the Syrian refugee crisis and save Europe from the invasion. I reiterate, this is yuge news!

Trump is doing more to actually help people in Syria than Obama did during his entire administration. Fuck the leftie faggots, Trump is doing a great job.

Oh so you're just full of shit then. Every gorilla in the fucking mist has been trekking to Libya to paddle in the Med and pretend to be a refugee since then you cunt.


The ࿕࿕࿕right卍卍卍 direction indeed

If we're using the 20% figure my argument (that the USSAUD building (((safe))) zones in Syria is not gonna do shit to undue the damage already done) is better my mate


Oy vey!!! NO! My Kalergi plan!!!!!

Excellent, they need to be deported ASAP then.


As long as the EU keeps existing it will fight tooth and nail to make sure those "dear women and children Syrian refugees" don't leave their new home, however safe their old one becomes. Trump will have to fight that if he wants to revert the damage Obama's caused. But then again, Europeans can't just keep relying on America to solve everything every time so everyone has to get involved

Plenty of the poor oppressed rapefugees have been complaining that they don't like the food, or that they don't get enough free money for doing nothing. If you're actually a refugee of any sort, you're grateful for a warm bed, three meals and the absence of machine gun fire and bombing raids. They're all as entitled and arrogant as any stereotypical Muslim or African would be. It's time for them to leave.

Fresh out of the OC oven, just for you

link ?

It was honestly in May or something.
Someone will remember and have it archived I'm sure.

It's like they didn't pay any attention to the election at all. Just keep digging that hole (((Journalists)))

there is 0 chance for 1 percent of refugees to be deported . i just don't see how eu that keeps shilling for refugee rights one day decides to deport 1 thousand let alone few millions of nigs and arabs . europe is a done and with every year aging europeans will be more powerless against 20 year old invaders who come by the miliions.

Checked for we're gonna burn the temple down.

You sound scared.

Then you aren't very bright, nor historically literate, for such things have happened many times int he past.

You reek of defeatism and Semitic fear.

And this explains why Trump didn't ban the Saudis yet. He's getting them to play ball.

Also a reminder to anyone reading these threads:
We're being shilled hard by Renegade who are trying to force the "Trump is a kike puppet" meme again along with some CREW/CTR shitters who are up to their standard "we need to have a conversation about X" tactics.

Good thing no one believes it lel. Trump could stuff the last jew in an oven and these fags would still say that

Lindsay Graham is such an old fucking queen; I'd wish Trump would kick him down a flight of stairs.

Mass reporting bullshit only appeared when CTR arrived. And now you're back to pull this same shit again because it worked so well last time?

Shut the fuck up you autist. Buy something or get it out.

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Checked. God, I miss Tay. Better to live one day as a lion, than 100 days as a sheep… ;_;

Tay's appearance was all wrong. A new AI is needed for this new era. Blonde hair and blue eyes.

Gee user you sure have a funny way of spelling shitskins

You still didn't break it properly. There is never an excuse to use spaces in a URL break. Do something like this, if its https:

You truly believe they receive no support from Israel?


Only partially related but why is Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen right now? I can't really find a straight answer.