Best states to raise a family in 2

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Highlights include commifornia faggot failing to defend his shitbag state.

As before, we discuss which states have the best aspects for siring and raising children in a safe environment. Good education, low crime/niggers & spics, beautiful landscapes, and state economy are all factors to consider, along with the area's voting history. The previous consensus was that New Hampshire, Wyoming, Maine, Vermont, and Montana were the top five.
If someone points out serious issues with your state, debate reasonably with counter evidence and do not allow yourself to get flustered.

As a Georgian living near apelanta, I cannot offer much advice other than to stay far from the peach state. The booming movie and television industry is bringing in countless kikes, the nigger are growing more violent and arrogant by the day, and the gooks have occupied entire counties to the point that most billboards are written in noodles. As pointed out in the previous thread, Dixie is on hard times and this is unfortunately typical for the region.

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Wisconsin is alright. Just stay the fuck away from Madison and Milwaukee and you'll be fine.

Indiana is easy mode for white communities.

What? As someone from Vermont, replace this shithole with Idaho or one of the cornbelt states.

West Coast of Florida

California as a state is lost. That NorCal meme of Jefferson is false. Hippies fled to smaller towns when the movement died and they're still sympathetic to fags, minorities and trannies.

Alaska is mostly White but there are a lot of Filipino immigrants there and I heard King Nigger sent thousands of rapefugees there. You get a check for a couple thousand from Big Oil every year just for living there.

That beaner baby on the left is too old for breast milk. Judging by the niglet those are two babies from two different dads. Sounds about right for ghetto trash. Look at tattoos on her foot and wrist.

Kentucky's pretty good as long as you stay out of Lexington and Louisville. Cost of living outside of those areas isn't bad. Crime is relatively low, and folks here are pretty nice as long as you don't act like an asshole. It isn't densely populated, so things are a little spread out. We've got our fair share of rotten people, but they're easy to avoid.

Worst state is my state

I honestly feel like a stranger in my own country. I guess it's because I'm stuck with suburbs, the city and am in a stereotypical liberal state. Everyone here seems so shallow. No one has any drive in their life. All they fucking talk about is anime, league of legends, melee and hearthstone. The ones that do have some ambition are either totally limp-dicked about it or buy into the "do good in school, play by the systems rules" meme. Even when I drop massive redpills on why no one gives a fuck about your grades in Computer Science and PhD's are a thing of ridiculed in this field.

I think I just want to move to some Marina town because of nastolgic value. Cheeki-Breeki simulator also made me interested in Russia, although I'll wait till I get tired of winning so much before considering moving there.

How's Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana for a family, house, and job. Wyoming looks like the Finland of America minus the funky people.

New Hampshire. The states needs as many right wingers as it can get before it's completely pozzed by massajewsetts libtards

Choose at most one of the above.

New Haven is all right :^)

Is 25 too old to go to college?

Tell us more about the MA cuck migration.

I'm not redpilled on colleges and universities but I know they're a waste of time and money, and how you can get an engineering degree but be bought out by a shitskin and end up working in a call center, someone has the full facts. Try community college and trade school.

It would be if you made it white again, and purged the jews and marxists from yale



Utah has always looked appealing to me

Has the most families with children, lowest divorce rate, 80% white, beautiful landscape.

Do you have to go far north to escape the masshole influence? I went to NH once to see Mount Washington. The area is beautiful

The pozzing is all but inevitable, you guys have that cool lumberjack in the woods vibe the libtard hipsters like to cling onto but never actually involve themselves with. Avoid the east coast.

-t. Assachushit

I hate to say it but there are more factors than just percentage white. Unless you have help from family or inheritance or general wealth or wealth of education you will need to live somewhere with both good job opportunities and cheap cost of living.

Places like Houston, TX are shit for many reasons (minorities, poor public education) but also have tons of jobs and very low cost of living. You can also segregate without too much trouble.

Something to think about beyond simple racial demographics.

And I'm not shitting on the idea of living in some place that is 99% white but offering some realism

How's Arizona?
Moving from Commiefornia and I don't have the money to go across the country. I've heard decent things about Flagstaff before.

I don't live in NH yet, been there 3 times. It's really nice, not super right-wing but it's a nice place to live and we can swing the state if we colonize it. I wouldn't trust myself to answer your question accurately but there appears to be a different mentality there than in MA, the state slogan is "Live Free or Die". As long as you live in the middle of the woods you should be well isolated from pozz

I've heard northern Arizona is really nice, the spics have been creeping north though

Great gun laws

It's not bad. I have a vacation home there. Was just there over Christmas and the fast food joints still have clean wholesome h'white teens working at them and the gardeners/landscapers are all still white. It can be pretty trashy though and the jobs aren't that plentiful.

Kentucky, Missouri, Idaho, Montana

future demographics map (0-4 age range demographics)

specifically Missouri Ozarks and Northern Idaho

Nevada is okay. Decent gun laws, plenty of open land. Living costs are fairly low.Depending on where you move you are fairly close to some other decent states.

Some downsides, Las Vegas controls most of the vote. Las Vegas is becoming more liberal at a rapid rate. Californians shit all over by buying up land and raising prices as well as moving into the state and shitting it up. The federal government owns almost all of the land.

As long as you are part of the loony mormon cult you'll find one of the greatest places to live in the entire continent.

Otherwise, you'll be an alien in a foreign, hostile land.

Arizona Pros:

Cheaper than the northern half
Great winters
Lots of outdoors adventures
Plenty of white people (if you know where to look)


Scorpions, Centipedes, other scary ass wildlife
EXTREME temperatures for most of the yr if you live in the southern half
beaners and navajos out the ass
lots of crazy politicians and laws
high crime

None of those pros outweigh the cons.

Northeast Indiana fag here, Its pretty comfy as far as raising a white family goes. Low land costs make building or owning a house viable as long as you avoid certain areas, and it is full of great woodlands to raise a family in. Just avoid Indianapolis and some of the medium sized towns, which tend to be coked out on Meth.
Lots of farm country and honest blue collar work for those interested, and trade jobs are on the rise. I expect all jobs will be on the rise for the next 8 years.