Government and the Occult

So in many governments, especially the US one, you find a lot of occult symbolism, and I thought we should look into those, see which we can find, and figure out the meanings of that symbolism.

The Flag alone has 13 stripes, the stars in the national seal are 13 stars forming the seal of solomon, 13 arrows, and the twig has 13 leafs.
13, always associated with bad luck. Valley of Hinnom is mentioned 13 times in the bible, this is where the place was for important rituals to moloch. nimrod, the great hunter, founder of what later became known of babylon, our first civilization where he ruled as king. nimrod was 13th in line of heritage of ham (counting that ham is the first, and his brothers 2nd and 3rd), son of noah who survived the flood. nimrod was said to stood before god, as in being on the same level of him or taking his place

Pic related is in front of the IRS building. The pillars have 13 parts, the hands do the as above so below gesture, the pyramid, let me tell you something about those
In old times gods where thought to live on high mountains, like the olymp. so because people wanted to become equal to gods they build their own mountains, zygguraths, on which the king/manmade god than can reside upon and oversee his country with his allseeing eyes. now a zyggurath is a pyramid, without the top, as you see the allseeing eye often seperated from the pyramid, symbolizing its disconnected from the rest. the pyramid also is hirachy. on the black part is written the constitution, with "we the people". the white part however, the elite, the selfproclaimed gods, the rulers, dont apply to it, they are literally above the constitution.

Furthermore all forms of government are satanic as it installs a hierachy. Satanism is the care for yourself only the the gathering of material values, succumbing to the cube, the material prison.
Christianity says everyone is god. everyone is like you. Noone above, or below you

About the second Pic I should add that 6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism fears, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this plane existence in general. 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan.

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It's all pretty simple really OP.

Freemasonry traveled with western colonialism all over the world, and then was co-opted and taken over by the Jewish banking elite. This is why Masonic symbolism is found in almost every city on the planet, along with a Masonic temple. Washington DC was founded by Masons, which is why even the road layout contains many occult symbols. (Pictures incoming)

World war 2 wasn't so much a war between two peoples, but instead a war between two ideologies - (Jewish Freemasonry (globalism) versus Nationalism and the people).

The obelisk is one of the most well known Masonic symbols. This is also why many Western towns/cities have Obelisks as WW2 memorials. They are reminders and beacons of the mass human sacrifice ritual that occurred.

Pics also related - All the great monuments and symbolism of the USA is masonic in origin.

The meanings are pretty well known now thanks to the internet.

The owl is the symbol of the Bohemian club, and a giant Owl statue can be found in Bohemian grove.

Within Christianity, the owl is often reviled. In the Bible, it is listed among the abominations in both The Book of Leviticus and The Book of Deuteronomy. Hrabanus Maurus’ De Universo assures readers that “the owl signifies those delivered into the darkness of sins, and those fleeing the light of righteousness.“

Regarding the layout of the streets of Washington, D.C:


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expected first post to call me paranoid shizophranic. but thanks

pic related. also agree on the historical point of view

the owl also is a symbol for the power and knowledge hidden (in the dark) and waiting for its prey (like the elite hiding and having the politician puppets doing their deeds). also its a symbol of lilith, the first women and a demon. i recently read the owl also stands for the femal aspect of saturn.

also dont worry about spamming the thread, im happy about constructive input

Playing Kike's Advocate here, you think it's possible that maybe they just think that symbolism is coo? That their occult symbols are no different than Pepe or Wojak, that they're just memes.

A quick drive around Waco, Texas will reveal a lot of masonic stuff and ancient egyptian stuff as well. I'm sure there is more if you look closely though they are very blatant with their stuff there, as in giant stone structures and so on. The library in the middle of town is especially impressive.

All is memes user. All exists only as an experience within consciousness. To underestimate the power of memes is to be deluded.


Now I'm a /x/ guy so I know all about these symbols and shit. But there is one question that nobody seems to be able to answer: Why are they showing these symbols? Why are they signaling? If you're secretly controlling the world why not keep it secret? Why show your hand?

and memes are fucking powerfull, and analizing their memes is what may give us a better understanding in their system
the memes are how the elite stayed in power. Since the pharaos and probably before the rulers memed how they are all powerfull with the might of god aiding them. For that reason they let themselves get carried around, built huge castles, have huge military parades, all to meme they have power to vanquish everything opposing them. That goes on until the invention of the nukes. From then on detterence became controll as the nuke, the ultimate deterrence, could be memed by the enemies too and not be surpassed so far. They now meme how they controll media, letteragencies, education, economy, when in reality its the memes upholding their power. There are only so few with actual ill intent, the rest just follow because the memes work and they feel like they cant change anything either way since they controll everything. If the memes stop working all of the establishment would collapse as even those inside of it mostly only support it out of lack of alternatives or obliviousness. What changed is that after millenia of the memewarfare we finaly learned how the war is fought and can fight back

War has changed

regarding this i had a thought
when we expect this to be simulation, we assume there is so much more outside of it we cant even think of. but what if it is a dream or thought?

a dream is everything of this world, + what we can imagine. what if the reality this one is based upon is much more dull and boring as this world already springs from the imagination of the beings in the upper reality. further more the reality above us could just be a dream or thought too, making the reality that reality is based upon even less vast and complex. this could go on until there are beings living in a 2D world imagining the 3rd dimenstion. which in turn was imagined by an enthity living in a 1 dimensional world dreaming of the 2nd dimension. now one dimensional would be a line, or a sequence of something being there or not, 0s or 1s, binary code. however what if that thought, of something being there, is imagined by an entithy living in complete nothingness (the source) imagining how it could be if there is something. this very firsth thought would be where everything else sprung into existence from nothingness, just like the big bang theory says. the bible says at the beginning was the word, and if im not mistaken thoths story says something about the thought being in the beginning. that enthity in the dream or thought dreams of something more, the 2nd dimension, that of the 3rd, those beings then think of different senses you could have until we reach this reality.

however it probably goes then the other way too. our dreams are also dreaming of more and more, imagining things we cant.

Isnt it said in hermeticism that as above so below, and what influences the below influences the above as well? thoughts (the below then i suppose) does influence the person thinking it (the above). we also cant controll our thoughts 100%, which would be the free will of the being below

Occult memes are a complex topic.
Sometimes similar symbolism occurs in different combinations and contexts, with different meanings.
Sometimes dissimilar symbolism occurs in similar contexts with the same meaning.
"Occult" does not necessarily have an 'evil' or 'negative' connotation.

The elites use memes much as we do. Their memes however grow old, stale and outdated. A symbol is a shitpost a "haha we were here faggots" to all the other rival factions at the top. Also as far as memes and language can to an extent be utilised as an esoteric FFID so too can occult symbols.

What do you think the best stories dealing with memes are? Paranoia Agent is the only one I can think of.

As above/below
Satan's prison on saturn's north pole
Explains itself, fucking cunts find it funny as hell showing their blatant satanism off

Have you heard the phrase "hidden in plain sight"?

Basically it's massively demoralizing for anyone who wakes up to the truth, to see the symbols of your oppressors everywhere and realize nobody even cares about it. Also bare in mind that historically there has been little opposition towards the Masons by the actual citizens in the countries they control until quite recently. The average Joe just thinks "There's a Masonic temple in my town but it's just an old-mans club. They do charity stuff and meet, so what?"

There are multiple layers of meaning within this phrase. My understanding of it is that all things exist within the feedback loop of consciousness. The universe exists within your mind, and your mind physically exists within the universe. This is why there is so much repetition within nature at all scales.

It never seizes to amaze me how little people seem to care about the nature of reality. I've tried to discuss with my father Judaism numerous times and he truly doesn't care, I come at it from multiple angles pointing out scholars from all ages and all countries have written about the Jew, no response, I point out how Jews own the media, the banks, etc. Sometimes he gets angry at me and says, "None of that matters! Why bring it up?" Then he goes back to watching football.

I think the Kyballion is correct in this assertion,


He has, quite simply - given up. Probably at a young age. Schooling, working, being a hamster on the machines wheel… it drives true spirituality and wonder out of a mans life. Very few still value truth and questioning by the time they enter the adult world.

The vast majority, even here on Holla Forums will never become truly redpilled, because the truth isn't easy. It isn't comfortable - and we have been taught to fear the truth.

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I find both explanations not very convincing. There is no upside in demoralizing your opponent with hidden signs. Maybe the full /x/ explanation is correct that by giving something the symbol of the deity, demon, devil or whatever you pray to, this entity gains control and influence over it. Similar to orthodox priests who bless the russian rockets, bombs, weapons etc.

i believe its a mix of all of the reason. some people plant those signs whereever they can to bring focus/attention to the deity/enthity/thing empowering it through the peoples mind rechanneling their energy. some do it to demoralize those who have seen through all the bullshit, and start seeing the symbols everywhere making them appear as allpowerfull and omniscent. for others again its probably like a shitpost "lol i was here first pleb"

They're mocking you and the cowen.
There's a sick sense of humor to a lot of this stuff, it also functions as a type of defense mechanism, sort of like saying "we made it clear for you if only you had an eye to see and an ear to hear…" It's a technique known as "revealing the method" which posits that a greater transformative effect can be had on the "profane" by signalling things to come beforehand and associating those events with their symbols. Letting others "in the know" see the the symbols surrounding the seats of power is used as a sign that this is a "safe harbor" for them and they can seek assistance should they need it. Smaller towns in the US and Canada tend to have a sign as you're entering with the various local associations, usually something like the "lion's club", "freemasons" and "rotary international", it's literally telling you who runs/controls the town.

The thing is, even the lower level initiates are getting the same treatment, being "hoodwinked" by their new "brothers", experiencing a symbolic death and rebirth as "widow's sons" (Ma's Sons, if you will). The ones who can see this for what it is, being ushered into a new family, move up the ladder, the rest are useful idiots.

Another interesting aspect to do with control was that masonry became "standardized" in the last two hundred years. There used to what I suppose you might call "regional" masonry which had it's own customs and quirks separate from others. There was a big push to get all these smaller lodges and factions inline with the greater "universal" cause around the time of Albert Pike.

Masons worship the phallus, a lot of masons are faggots.

Looking at #1 and #2 I wonder if the Canadian police is also as heavily involved in freemasonry like the UK police? In the UK you won't find any chief inspector and above that isn't a freemason. There are quite a few people who claim Jimmy Saville (also a high ranking freemason) was covered by his police buddies for years. They would threaten and discredit witnesses and refuse investigations.

It generates life so it makes sense in that regard. A funny aspect hinting at the homosexual angle are the twin pillars of freemasonry (jacin and boaz), supposedly representing the male (jacin) and female (boaz) polarities of the universe. Let's just say it's interesting that they'd pick a big, stiff, erect pillar to represent something female.

The fraternal order of police has pretty much always been involved in this type of stuff. They're a brotherhood enforcing the law (lodges usually have a masonic bible, or "book of the law" at their altar) separate from the general public, ensuring their special treatment when they can show proof of their membership.

I always get very suspicious when I hear about law enforcement and freemason. On the one hand they take their service oath and the other hand they take their masonic oath. Which one is more important?

Look at the mccann case, the policedogs found the smell of a corpse one the parents cloths, the childs room, and the parents rented cars, yet when the chief inspector wanted to investigate against the parents (which usually is standard even without traces as its often the own parents) he got instantly fired and replaced. There are also pictures around of the parents with masonsymbology (am on phone otherwise i would search for some quick)

I think a lot of blackmail material comes from lodges. Imagine doing some fucked up blinded ritual and have it filmed.

I couldn't really find anything half decent on the mason connection. But I found that video about them shutting up people that did nothing other than mentioning the official police files. Very suspicious.

Blackmail seems to be the driving force behind a lot of the pedophilia stuff also. But it's blackmail more in a mutual sense. Like a contract that you can't fight with lawyers and bought off judges. At least that's the impression I get from reading the Dutroux books.

further down below are some pictures where the mccanns wear forgetmenot buttons, which is symbol the masons like to use

Hmmm, if this is the only indication that they are freemasons then the claim is pretty weak. I mean the flower is called forgetmenot. It would be a good symbol for anyone that's missing something.

Copyfag, but brings a lot of points relevant to this thread.

so what you're trying to say is that freemasonry was just some club until it was corrupted? washington was also a mason.

More like - It was more interested in improving society for the betterment of the people at a local level before. Now it's more about ladder climbing and pushing the globalist agenda of the elite.

Watched about an hour and a half so far. Very interesting. Two thoughts: always be skeptical with "and bla bla is precisely this length, height, aligned with x". Very often this isn't true. Some guy made the claim and everybody is repeating it because nobody wants to put in the work to check it. Then some debunker comes and proves that it's 20% off or completely wrong etc.
If we assume or even prove that the claims in the video are correct wouldn't this be a very strong indication, that we live in a simulation? I find it hard to beleive that all these relations and connections have been planned and executed by someone over decades, centuries even millenniums. For some you would need exact maps and methods to measure that are often beyond the possibilities of the time something was build.

Watched about 2 1/2 hours some time ago of it, and i would rather guess ancient civilizations were more advanced than we think they were. In general i feel we gove too few credit to those and just say "its just some fairy tale" when we cant imagine something happened like they told us

If we assume that all this originated in ancient Egypt then there must have been a continuous knowledge transfer from the times before Herodotus to our modern age. If we consider that a lot of those architects and politicians involved in the construction of those buildings and landmarks were Freemasons the conclusion must be that they are the keepers of this knowledge, right?


thats what i believe too. i also believe the freemasons started of as benelovent, trying to secure knowledge where people would be burned by the church for such knowledge and thus hid it in an effort to not let it dissappear completely. however over time they decided to keep the knowledge for themselves and abuses it to gain power and influence. they keep the knowledge hidden from humanity, valuable knowledge without reason other than their personal gain and thus are traitors to humanity even when you dont count al the jewing around, infiltrations of governments and organizations.

maybe they got infiltrated themselves (washington wrote a letter about his worries of illuminati infiltrating the masons for example) and thus turned to evil. i dont know. but right now: fuck em

I have watched the secrets in plain sight video a few times over the years. Coupled with a lot of other reading/personal research, I think that the ancient Egyptions knew more about the nature of reality, reality manifestation, our true orgins than the history books leave us to believe. I believe that they possesed what would be called today "forbidden knowledge" that is held close to the vest and only shared among very small circles. Some, perhaps a lot of this knowledge cannot be articulated, only shown, as words are a poor descriptor. Eastern philosophy tells us that the truth cannot be described in words, but can be experienced via deep meditative states. I dunno for sure, but the truth is something completely different than what is being presented to us by modern society.

Anyone has a theory how all this special places, alignments, distances, proportions and so on translate to power. What's the benefit of building Washington the way it is built. What's the point of building this thing in Winnipeg like a temple. How is this turned into power?

dude pyramids are illuminati lmao

This is a patriotic boner



those digits

This is the question we need the answer to.

The same reason as pics related.
It basically we wuz here and we own/control it. Symbolism is also a form of language for the initiated. You might not notice it as a profane, but when a knowledgeable individual comes to town, he just follows the signs until he comes to the proper house, shakes some hands with prescribed shakes and he's taken care of. And believe me, each larger city has them.
To put it simply: wherever you came to the Roman Empire, you saw the eagle and SPQR. It's the same with the West, just more secret. It's easier to rule behind the curtain.


The question is not about the symbols but about Why jump through all the hoops to build shit in certain places with certain distance to other sites and with certain alignment, dimensions, relations and geometry. This isn't obvious and can only be detected with modern tools like google earth etc. There must be a reason they do it that way. We can't deny the fact that these people are highly successful and very powerful. Is there a connection between their success and their architecture and what is the nature of the connection.

Required viewing, watch them in order:

Long story short, everything is Phi (Φ) and the kikes know this. All of our holy symbols, even the one stolen from us, are a portion of this greater shape in some form or fashion, and the universe itself IS this shape, infinitely repeating in every conceivable direction and size.

You also have to realize there is actually power in what the chans call 'memetic magic'
basically the witches, the masons, pagans, whatever, somewhere along the line someone realized that symbols with certain meanings when repeated and done subversively, when viewed by many, and held in regard, begin to gain power due to eyes viewing them.
See: rock stars, pop idols, all wearing magical images and symbols, selling clothing with them, trinkets, jewelry, etc.
These 'images' serve to make their masters more powerful. Once they are disregarded, they lose power.
Ironically, humanity has something similar to the orks: it works because we want it to. We literally give power to the things we as a GROUP give power to. which is why the jews/illuminati/whatever the fuck you want to call them, doesn't matter - puts these symbols EVERYWHERE.

they need

The symbols are there because it's a science, they treat it as a religion and don't understand it.

Best way to think about it is by analogy.

Imagine if you sent a solar powered garden lamp back to 3000 BC. They wouldn't understand how to replicate it, clever people would figure out that it's special, and can be used to gain great power and influence, if a convincing enough story was woven around it (I can capture the sun in my box with magic).

The mystery schools of Egypt which dealt with astronomy, astrology, the embalming of bodies, various engineering mathematics, the study of fractions and ratios, weights, base metals, crystalline structures - it was all treated as magic, with a bunch of ceremony and ritual.

The general narrative so far (at least the one heavily pushed by spooks and retired intelligence types) is that demonic interdimensional aliens have been periodically contacting humans throughout history and dumping information on them which often leads to great wealth and progress for those particular people and advances us forward as a species. This is all done through some invisible medium we cannot stumble upon without various levels of preparatory experiences. Scientology has their going clear and OTO levels, Mormonism has their Temple Secrets and Initiations, Freemasonry has it's Degrees and Secrets, OTO has it's Laws/Sexual Magic, HeyDudeWeedMan has their ayahuasca/DMT trips, rational science has it's unexplained lulrandom inspiration moment, denominational religious people have their divine voice of God, it shows up in various different ways, can be summoned to some degree, and some humans at the top of the pecking order have been in a civil war with each other for thousands of years between keeping all of this to themselves or letting everyone else know so we can get better at contacting whatever this intelligence is.

I personally think it's all bullshit cocked up by clever people who wanted to sell a new religion to humanity and put themselves at the top, using advanced technology as a means of influence and control. For this to be true it requires some fundamental assumptions about the world of physics to be completely wrong or incomplete. When you look at "Free Energy" as a topic its almost 99% bullshit, but that tiny bit that isn't looks incredibly promising, and national funding always ignores it in favor of big projects like the ITER fusion reactor, which look great on paper but rarely deliver. Somewhere along the line, whether in the funding appropriations committees or the project assessment groups or the oversight agencies involved, someone is shelving all portable, low cost suggestions in favour of large programs involving hundreds of researchers. Active suppression of alternative energy is not really a conspiracy theory, and it's the major reason oil, coal and gas are still major industries in the world today. Proving this basically requires you to come up with a simple invention that removes the need for fossil fuels, but given energy science has not progressed since the 1900s (materials science definitely has, and this is where solar panels have seen their efficiency ratios improve drastically) you're in a catch 22 scenario.

If you can singlehandedly rediscover something as big as nuclear power in isolation with no real prior knowledge of it except as an interesting observable effect of some rare earth minerals, then you can prove this conspiracy theory true. I am suggesting that the A and H bomb were not the only things the scientists working on the war effort developed. We know about the things that are far too difficult to develop without specialized equipment, assuming that is everything they developed is the same as trusting your government because they look out for you.

Far more likely they discovered an easier way to harness energy from empty space and branched off exponentially through mass cloning and genetic experimentation. This neatly explains the vast amount of the unexplainable, and doesn't need to retcon ancient history with aliens, time travellers or underground lizard people.

So in your analysis, they basically want the authority of Kings/Gods with none of the responsibility? If the authority to rule comes from below, as in a democratic republic, then is it not simply the public's fault if the rulers are incompetent? Of course, the average man is not exactly up to the challenge of deciding a ruler, or ruling himself. So the 'crisis' of legitimacy which gripped the west in the late 18th and 19th centuries led to a situation where the elected leaders simply play their part while the deep state runs things continuously from the shadows. Sounds to me like a well-executed coup. To reach your goal, you may create a problem where the solution itself is the goal.

Mybest bet would be to look into leylines, on whichs intersections a lot of monuments are placed like the pyramids. Wether it supresses something, or enhances something no idea.
Maybe they just fell for their own superstitious stuff and non of it mean anything and they are just a bunch of lunatics

Yeah, something like this must be the answer. I can't believe they would go through all this just because of superstition.

lurkmoar. We do not give the symbols power, they hold power over us.


We give them power which they then hold over us. Its both. A symbol not seen by anyone wont have any effect/power. Only when we see it it can influence something and so we give it power while it holds power over us too

How is this discrediting trump?

Old news. Well known. Every oldfag is familiar with this.


Oh shit, new revelations! Oh fuck, it's happening under the Trump regime. Oh shit. Those evil nazis took power and overcame a nation. etc, etc,


The masonic oath.

To the masons, that is. Catholics are like kryptonite to them.

Well, sure its not news, but i feel like many are not aware of theoccult side of the government, and even if everyone is why not deepen that knowledge through discussion and exchange of information.
Everyone seriously looking into that sees that all this stuff we refer to was placed way before trump even considered running for president


Mason, 75, caught in child-sex sting

Jews associate 13 with luck. Not a joke. They think it signifies the 1 tribe rising up above the 12 signs of the zodiac. 12+1=13

In all Kike endeavors they can't help but insert their "master racist" ideology into all things.

I disagree with the trinity. Real power is government ( this includes the military), media ( this is the modern day religion filled with our idols ) and private central banking.

user. A ridiculous number of US founders were literally Freemasons and countless buildings in the US capitol are built with occultic symbolism and numeralogy in mind, like the number 13.

But the fact it continues to this day is what is shocking. That leaks and revelations have shown elites engage in, believe in, and practice the most crazy occult shit and all times before that leak it was always disregarded as a truly insane conspiracy theory but it's all true.

Either they know something and are hiding it from the masses or the world is literally run by the criminally insane and that's why things need to change. Possibly both.

DC interim police chief Peter Newsham and Freemason (surprise) was involved in some Jimmy Saville tier cover up.

We are out there, user. Consider it a blessing that, even in the era of hyper-alienation driven by increasingly useless technology, individuals like us are able to communicate our ideas to each other completely stripped of desire beyond the search for Truth, whatever it may be. I am fully convinced that only a fraction of the population is even mentally capable of understanding the broad principles which govern the universe (eg: of correspondence), an even smaller subset being capable of even attempting to comprehend objective reality, its relationship to our own subjective, and the nature of the infinite mind. I am also convinced that there are individuals out there with a natural mysticism of sorts, that inclines them towards this sort of esoteric thinking. Perhaps it is a connection to the transcendent realm beyond Form, who knows? What matters for your purposes is what YOU believe it to be.

You shall find what you seek, user, but only if you keep a True mind and a True heart.
t. philosophy namefag

Acts 7:43
Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

Amons 5:26
But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

Chiun/Remphan is the deity of Saturn. On the bottom of the planet Saturn is a Hexagon. The so-called 'Star of David' is a Hexagram. The Star of Saturn is thus likely to be a Hexagram. Note also that the word 'Satan' is the name given by Persians to the personification of the planet Saturn. Where-ever you see a Hexagram, you are seeing a Star of Satan; this unsurprisingly includes Israel and Judaism; afterall Jesus did condemn the Pharisees (the Israelite sect that would become the Jews) as children of their father the devil, of the synagogue of satan, and so on.

Quality post, user

I think you're confusing "betterment of the people" and "agenda of the elite" in that context.
There's a reason the globalist shills (mostly libtards) use the term "failed experiment" so often when discussing America.
They wanted to try to gain power without a monarchy, so they pushed for capitalism.
When they realized that allowed them to be overthrown they decided class mobility was a bad idea, leading to the "failed experiment" meme.

From the same architect as World Trade Center, Federal Reserve Tower and others.

Interesting read: http://

I can't be the only one who sees the true conspiracy here

Not everyone is you, you selfish twat.

Ralph Epperson produced a documentary about how the jews are innocent victims who dindu nuffin, and runs a Christian Zionist organization with his brother. He's scum and shouldn't be seen as an authority on anything.

Looks more like a bird's head to me, Thoth?