Estonia to draft computer nerds to shill for EU and NATO

Estonia to draft computer nerds to shill for EU and NATO
Estonia is experimenting with the idea of cyberconscription, a move that gives draftees with tech skills the chance to work shoring up their military's electronic infrastructure, an Estonian defense official said Tuesday.
I guess we now know who to blame when another wave of anti-Russian (A.K.A. anti-White) D&C shilling hits Holla Forums

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Will never succeed.

It's crazy to believe that a year ago the Baltics were once a cozy stack of small white countries (bar the Russian minority) and now they've gone full EU are going to get flooded with shitskins, isn't the new leader of Estonia a woman with down syndrome.

Saged for trash thread.

Apply yourself.


Butthurt Polish kike detected

Bump because shills

i suppose you think that katyń was well deserved, huh ivan?

I can't wait until Hans and Ivan take turns bayoneting you, Polack scumbag.

Makes me wonder how much money Holla Forums is worth.

Not entirely sure how well this will turn out. Social engineering seems to be the prime method of attack, and no amount of tech prowess seems to stop the complacent from blindly trusting fake emails.
Also, thanks for turning this into a Russia thread from the get-go, rather than not mentioning the topic and maybe letting this thread get ten or so posts before going sour. Every goddamned Estonian-themed thread is destined for "muh slavs are white and therefore saviors of the Western world" shitflinging and very transparent attempts at calling any anti-RIDF sentiment shills.

Russkies are both the dindus and jews of Estonia, subversive and corrupt to the core. If not drug-abusing nitwits, then actual commies seeking power. The only positive thing is that they tend to prioritize their opposition to some of the more harmful aspects of modern Western liberalism when trying to seize some power for themselves. They are the gibs vote, except with pro-Russian tones instead of racebaiting and liberalism. Barring the ones that chose to integrate, most still just want Estonia to be Russia, refuse to learn the language and shill for as many concessions as they can get away with.
For the past 8 or so years, Estonia's also been emphasizing the import of dindus and pajeets from abroad, filling in the prior lack of diversity and adding to the fire.

Also yes. Estonian politics are a mess.

And this is how you can tell it's a fucking RIDF thread. Every time.

The funny part is that he could be from any nation bordering Russia. Listen, Ivan, we can be cool with you if you fuck off back behind your borders and don't actively shill for re-annexing us all into your mostly shitty but in some respects breddy cool country

kill yourself russian kike

So they will do it for free?

Is general post-Soviet malaise the reason so many Estonians (and by extension baltics/eastern euros, sorry for generalizing) are so apathetic towards politics? I remember reading a paper not long ago about the extremely low levels of political participation in post-Soviet countries, how people register abnormally low faith in both democracy or any other political system. Or is it just mass-alcoholism?

What levels of doublespeak we are hitting? Anyway, good luck with that, it will be more obvious then JIDF shilling.

It's generally disappointment over getting fucked in the ass by the commies, then by the gangster swindlers of the 90s and now by the EU. People have lived through plenty of regimes and each one is about as shitty as the last - though only Russians miss the USSR, and even then for ethnic reasons rather than political belief.

That, and 25 years of targeted demoralization from our friends in the east. Just last December a whole bunch of popular entertainment sites and news/meme pages posting demoralizing shit and calling for a change of government in Latvia were busted as being run by Moscow's agents, though no one has really been persectured yet.


german elections are near and merkel is starting to panic. Also, france…also ukraine…also…EU politicians

Anna Fotyga, a Polish conservative MEP former foreign minister, had called for the East Stratcom upgrade in a recent report.

”We have to act against Russia’s propaganda efforts,” she told EUobserver.

”They are trying to to divide us. The Kremlin wants to portray [Russian leader] Vladimir Putin as the only defender of traditional Christian values, and countries in the EU neighbourhood as belonging to Russia’s sphere of power."

The East StratCom Team is a part of the administration of the European union, focused on proactive communication of EU policies and activities in the Eastern neighbourhood (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine)[1] and beyond[2] (Russia itself).[1] The Team is created according to the conclusion of the European Council from the meeting at 19 and 20 March 2015, stressing „the need to challenge Russia's ongoing disinformation campaigns.“

However, there is a difference. Whereas MediaLens is made up of two dedicated volunteers, East StratCom boasts a staff of eleven diplomats. It’s now poised to receive an upgrade to a €1 million annual budget, following an intensive lobbying campaign, driven by policy advisories funded by the very people with the most to gain from whipping up tension with Russia.

HRC had 1,4 billion budget for elections. She lost. Merkel does not have that kind of money for election.

Only a shill or a complete cuck would distrust a man who:

That seems about right. If only Russia could abandon it's retarded colonization schemes, it's more sad than seeing Britain trying to desperately cling on to India. As a burger I can appreciate Putin's opposition towards the kike's desire to annex Syria, but his weird brand of soviet civic nationalism creeps me out.

Any evidence they were run by russian government ?

Or is it just convenient to blame "russian hackers"

Estonians are based though, don't they even have a natsoc party in parliament?
What the fuck is happening?

This is not true. It is only for citizens of russian federation.

Also, some other things are speculative (at best)

you forgot the part where he banned holocaust denial and opened the biggest mosque in Europe and claims Russia is a "multi-ethnic" society done right

Germany election, france election….cheap work force, high penetration of internet, knowledge of english language…..

>shills STILL unable to comprehend Realpolitik

You thought that the people represent the governments of today's Europe? Fucking moron.

go home andrew

Oh, fuck off. The kikes ran a fucking slander operation once, and now Russia suddenly stopped running political blackops. This has been going on forever. Latvia and Estonia have Russian "socialist" parties that pander to the Russian electorate with gibs and the implicit promise of restoring the USSR. The people in question are associated with tv channels and former national bolsheviks. Russian intelligence aren't amateurs, good fucking luck proving that they're being funded by the Kremlin. Espeically in the case of Latvia, where there was never a purge of former communist party officials so the political scene still has a whole bunch of former KGB operatives in it.

It's an open secret because the Russian parties actually gain much support from being directly supported by Moscow. The proof in this case is two guys whose connections to known agents betray their intentions.

*propaganda tv channels - Russian-speaking private media in the Baltics pretty much parrot Russian state media word for word.

The current shill narratives:
Left Right
Anti-Putin (Putin is Hitler / Putin is a jew)
Anti-Trump (Trump is Hitler / Trump's jewish family)
Anti-Iran (Iran haet gays / Iran is mudslimes)
Anti- White Reproduction (MGTOW, NoFap, Feminism, SJW, "Rape Culture")

Just a taste!

I guess Holla Forums is always open for white recruits.


In May 2014, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of Nazi crimes and "wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two" or portraying Nazis as heroes a criminal offence.

Not holocaust denial.

Nope, biggest mosque in russia. Largest mosque in Europe is in south London


Dont forget about muh 6 millions and blocking Holla Forums

What's with people punching in the face?

-t. Jerry Seinfield

B-but muh chechens and tatars aren't violent like sandnigger muslims are!

I will write slowly so you could understand me.

Do you have any evidence ?

I mean…you are not expecting me to believe something that somebody wrote on Internet ?




Wow, you sure got me! Turns out its not the biggest mosque in Europe, its tied with UK, SHILLS BTFO

chechens are not sandnigger. Genetically speaking…

Genetic tests on Chechens, though sparse and not sufficiently thorough so far, have shown roots mostly in the Caucasus as well as slight connections to and influences from the Middle East as well as Europe. As is the case with many other Caucasian peoples, Chechens are connected with Europe on the J-DNA side, but closer to Western Europe in terms of mitochondrial DNA.

Tatars are on crimea. Stalin did transport them around…they came back just few years ago.

The forcible deportation of the Crimean Tatars from Crimea was ordered by Joseph Stalin as a form of collective punishment under accusations of collaborating with the Nazi occupation regime in Taurida Subdistrict during 1942–1943. The state-organized removal is known as the Sürgünlik in Crimean Tatar. A total of more than 230,000 people were deported, mostly to the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. This included the entire ethnic Crimean Tatar population, at the time about a fifth of the total population of the Crimean Peninsula, as well as smaller numbers of ethnic Greeks and Bulgarians. A large number of deportees (more than 100,000 according to a 1960s survey by Crimean Tatar activists) died from starvation or disease as a direct result of deportation. It is considered to be a case of ethnic cleansing

After that tatars are not a problem. Well, al least the ones who survived.

Russia dose the same and has been doing it for a long long time. Even here on Holla Forums

Let's call it a tie ?

London has mosque of the same size. On the other hand…moscow one is not new. It was old one from 1904. it was just rebuild. And the one in london is brand new.

The original structure was built in 1904 according to the design of the architect Nikolay Zhukov and has undergone some reconstructions since then. It was also sometimes called "Tatar Mosque" because its congregation consisted mainly of ethnic Tatars. Socially, the Moscow Congregational Mosque was often viewed as the central mosque in Russia. It was one of the four mosques in Moscow.

Of course it will fail. These people stick out like a Klan member at a blacklivesmatter rally.

Doesn't change a god damn thing

This is not russian government. This is private entity that is not connected with russian government.

My question was do you have evidence that russian government is connected ?

This agency was tasked with propaganda inside russia. You know that if you have read this.

Evidence ? russian government propaganda ? Not private company’s that can work for anybody who pays them.

Well, it does…We have just established that biggest mosques in europe are in mosqoue and london. And moscow has mosque from 1904 that have been rebuild. London has a new one.

This is quite different that this

Don’t you think ?

Never trust a mongol.

He had his redeeming virtues

Funny. Why didn't the Communist destroy it?

It has already succeeded you retard.

Just look at how the pro-white movement have been doxed, and how the shills create ever more threads filled with info on how anybody pro-white is a traitor or a jew.

And you are not a paid shill?

The only reason the doxing was damaging "white nationalists" is because it revealed how rotten they are.

Also, notice how after every victory, shilling goes through the roof. TRS, JIDF, Crew, and who knows who else, go into overdrive. They think they can make up for being lazy niggers during the war.

I know that is the shills talkingpoint, but it's not true.

You do understand that the doxing have a chilling effect on other pro-whites sitting on the fence to if they should dare speak up or not, that this was the reason the Western regimes doxed them by pretending to be anti-fa?

Why have there not been a successful pro-white org or party in any NATO-country, if it's not because the regimes have no platformed pro-whites and caused infighting by leaking a mix of false and true information.

Is it just an accident that we can see the same thing on Holla Forums, twitter, etc, with pro-whites being no platformed, while a mix of true and false mud is spammed 24/7?

Is it just by accident that

Huh? The only people that have been doxed are crypto-kike infiltrators, federal informants, and cuckservatives. Even fuckers like David Duke double down on being anti-racists who support "good, non-Zionist Jews."

LOL Get fucked.

If doxing is on your list of things to worry about, maybe you shouldn't be putting yourself out there.

You can't be this stupid, so you must be a kike or a shill.

When the western regime media dox pro-whites, like in the case with Millennial Woes, it's to scare other pro-whites into not opening their mouth.

Let them come and let this backfire. We must engage in 4D+ chess.

Here's a tactic:

Estonians aren't white.

If they believe they are and respond saying they are then ask them why they are propagating internationalism and empowering the EU. Let them turn themselves over to right. They will begin to question why they are required to shield the EU from criticism.

lel I know the user who found bulbasaurs dox, he only released it after bulbasaur dared him kek

homosexuals are not prowhite

BNP was good before spooks infiltrated.

The reason they fail, is because they all do the samething. Which is essentially Rockwell's spiel back in the 50's with the American Nazi Party. That will never appeal to normies which is why Jews love Nazis.

Getting out, doing good, local elections is how works. Everything else is circle jerk bullshit. You win normies over with emotion, not facts. You can have all the facts in the world and the truth, simply doesn't matter to them. So meme up some funnies run for council of whatever, WHITE MAN.

Are you retarded?

Lets remind them there ancestors fought against bullshit like the EU.

No, but you seem to need to defend the ones that dox, rather than the doxers, and that usually means you work for somebody that think doxing pro-whites is a good thing to do.


Its to counter russians shit posting about how the baltics should let itself get annexed

And here you have the reason that so much is invested in taking out pro-whites that think the the nazi-question can wait until we a free speech and freedom of assembly back.


Estonia is a country of a million people that will be annexed by Russia as soon as NATO leaves. The largest party is the one funded bought and paid for by Russia the media is funded by Russia and the sizeable Russian minority does what Russians do best, act like white niggers.

8 chan is blocked in russia because of the right wing content

Before they election we use to call RIDF out now newfags dont know that they shill this board

You seem to ignore the fact that some of the people that were doxed came on Holla Forums and asked for it, which means that you're TRS shilling up a storm after you got your shit pushed in.

I'm also a little surprised at how you want big daddy leftist media to protect you.

Some perhaps.

And you seem to forget that we don't live in a free world, and that there have been no successful pro-white movement since ww2, because the western regimes cheated without telling anybody.

Did you know that Brevik stated very clearly in his trial that he did it because the Norwegian regime destroy any pro-white movement with extra-legal means, that the the regime media all over the Western world censored this?

Nope, cp

Also it is blocked in Saudi Arabia, Oman,Australia and Goole search

And TRS are not pro-white….. TRS was a honey pot.

It only matters that Russian goverment is infringing on Russians right to free speech and blocks internet sites with wrongthink on them.

Good, make NATO great again!

How did it work as a honey-pot, since they did not encourage anybody to do anything illegal?

The NATO countries are far worse in this respect.

Why do you call it leftist media, when they have shoved themselves to be loyal towards the regime rather than leftist principles, the latest example being Syria.

It was the "leftist" media that is the main reason the left betrayed the White working class for the oppressed brown people, and that is not classical leftism, that is anti-white.

I would not be surprised if the picture embedded was the work of the alphabet soup also, although it's kind of irrelevant if the regime do it themselves, or if the state just made it possible for rich (((leftists))) to pay others to scare pro-whites from speaking up.


Where it suits him. His entire propaganda machine loves to call the Baltics ebil nazis for not allowing their Russian minority to stomp out the local language and culture.

Don't be fucking naive, Russia supports anti-EU and anti-NATO sentiment because it weakens its geopolitical adversaries. Of course, you already know this. It's all a show to ensure nobody in the west minds you annexing different nations in the name of "nationalism"

I'm not going to bother translating infographs because RIDF asked me to. Literally nobody in the west gives a shit about this anyway, and anyone bordering Russia already knows it's true.

russians have to use proxy in order to access this site, while NATO countries can easily walk in and shitpost

Putin supports actual NatSocs and Fascists. The only ones he opposes are kosher fake nazis who get EU/NATO funding and serve as anti-Russian pawns.
When has that ever happened?
Also, those "nations" aren't even real; they're illegally annexed parts of Russia full of people who were brainwashed into believing kosher D&C lies.

It's you that are the naive one.

Both the EU and NATO are classifying pro-whites as Russian propaganda assets, so they can be kept out of the public discourse.

If you bother to read NATO reports, it's not hard to see that the Balts care nothing about the western Europeans being genocided, as long as they can scream about how evil the Russians are.

I'm Norwegian, and do not think the Balts survival are something westerners should care a lot about, since the Balts do nothing to help stopping our genocide.

What we see instead, is that they help the Western regimes shill their own population into thinking the Russians hacked the election, so Trump won.

This whole thread is bait and Holla Forums fell for it like the faggots they are.

Bait post. Nothing said in the article and all the cyber security is focused on our own country more.
No you faggots Estonia shills for wanting to be left the fuck alone by the EU and Russia, but if we are not in NATO russia will bombfuck us with their white russian niggers whom 25% of the population are still here and want to kill the rest of us off.
Estonia is Ethno-nationalist and always has been, Holla Forums is just fucking retarded to not know it since "MUH WHITE NATIONALIST RUSSIA!"
Says a half-breed US nigger

Estonian politics is heavily Moscow/Kremlin influenced thanks to the bullshit caused by Konstantin Päts where he sold the country out after fighting for our independence after WWI. Right now we got a Pro-russian central party in power due to the shilling and propaganda. EKRE is our Nazi goverment and it's gaining power and while you faggots kiss Trumps ass, the rest are following. But Holla Forums is too retarded to not notice that over history we have been getting genocided and there is like only a bit over a million of us left. Shilling for our genocide makes you guys no different than the enemy we fight.

By praising EU/NATO (the driving forces behind White genocide) and shitting on the world's only WN state instead of joining forces with it? Interesting strategy for a supposed ethno-nationalist, you GRIDS-infected queer.
Russia being a WN state isn't even up for debate anymore. It's a proven fact, as evidenced by Putin's countless explicitly pro-White policies. Deal with it, shillboy.

Fuck off RIDF
You white nigger communists are going to get gassed with the kikes for being traitors to any form of nationalism. The only WN you faggots preach is pro-russian WN and even then you goons stay in the other countries besides Russia since the living standards are higher.
There is a reason we fought you faggots multiple times and when the time comes, we will do it again without NATO/EU help and we will rather go down fighting than to be mixed with you niggers


Hi Shlomo

did they not learn their lesson after Russia shut their whole country down?

Putin at best is a civic nationalist, he wants christians, muslims and jews within Russia to all get along. Only a 1488 larper or somebody who hates pool parties would be against civic nationalism.

You must be an idiot if you think Putin supports NatSocs. There used to be a pretty big neo-nazi movement in Russia about 10 years ago which got busted up via the Kremlin. Putin has stated in many of his speeches addressing the public is that Russia is multi-ethnic and multicultural insofar to include around 185 different ethnic groups within the country. Putin is a civic nationalist and has indicated through his actions that he wants the Russian christians, muslims and jews to peacefully coexist with one another.

Two words: Golden Dawn.
The closest you can get to a modern-day NSDAP, and they're backed by Russia.

Confirmed for yank who doesn't know shit about Europe

Feels good man

You mean blanda upp sovereign European peoples with their mongol blood until they all turn Russian? Gotcha.

We have read what these Estonians are doing, and no word on the genocide we in the West experience, and everything about how Russia is bad and needs to be destroyed.

WHY SHOULD WE CARE about your survival, when you don't care if we survive or not, as long as the Russians are punished?

Why should the rest of the White world care if Balts survive?


Cuck tier logic.
If that's your thought process what are you even doing here?

You're literal cancer. Check yourself.

Norway have never been at war with Russia, but you Balts don't care if we Norwegians, French, Germans are genocided or not, as long as the Russians are punished.

Why should we care about your survival, when you act like this?

No Igor, we don't want all of Eastern Europe to become Russian. If you think that's anti white then that's okay, but you should keep it to yourself.

People on this board know that I am Norwegian, so why are you calling me Igor, rather than answer the question about how it's immigrants and not the Russians that are the dangerous thing for European survival?

40% of the children in Germany are non-germans, but we should all ignore this, and focus on the Russians problem?

Why don't you just get yourself a trip if you're so famous? You're clearly not from here.

There is not multiple problems facing the Western world. There is only one, and that's immigration.

If you Balts chose to help the genociding elites in the west, then please don't complain when the people of Europe don't care to risk anything to protect you in the future.

Do you think you are doing a good figure, or do you come out as a propagandist, when you don't admit flat out that it's immigrants and not the Russians that is the biggest threat to Whitey?

How delusional do you have to be to believe this?
Immigration is a threat but your aids infested shithole saber rattling at small neighboring European countries because of "muh persecuted Russian minorities" or something is also a threat. This is beyond debate at this point.

You still haven't answered my question.

WHY SHOULD WE CARE about your survival, when you don't care if we survive or not, as long as the Russians are punished?

What should you do in case the Noth/pol/e alliance replace NATO, as the Russians and the USA would be allies in this scenario?

Flynn has said that the new conflict is North-South and not East-West, and that might give you Balts a small headache if Trump agrees as well.

You've just pulled that statement out of your own ass to justify your cuck mentality.

To Baltic states.

Baltic are working with EU on propaganda against whites in EU what is factually backstabbing whites in the back…for who ? EU ?

That could be considered at least race treason. There is no possibility that EU is going to survive. After that….you think whites in former EU will give a shit about people who betrayed them and fought against them while they were fighting for survival ?

It is true. Baltic states (and Ukraine) are spreading propaganda for EU for minimal wage.

Where are the reports that the Balts have published, that say immigration is a threat to the EU or NATO?

I have not seen them, but I have seen plenty where they claim people like me are Russian and need to be fought.

You even tried to go that way, so the question then becomes, why are you following the EU propaganda line about pro-whites are Russians trolls?

Btw, RT showed the face of Spencer's attacker, something the Western regime media refused to do, but hey, the Russians are the baddies, right?

Every EU country is plagued by Jewish propaganda. Does that mean they should all die out?
Your thought process is for teenagers ; pretty embarrassing for an adult.

That is kind of irrelevant, as the reports YOU publish, paint pro-whites as Russian propaganda assets, and these reports are used by the EU to censor pro-whites.

You still haven't answered my question, btw.

WHY SHOULD WE CARE about your survival, when you don't care if we survive or not, as long as the Russians are punished?

I have published the reports?
Are you blind to what is going on all over Europe?
I have not answered because your question shows that you're a nihilistic cuck.

Answer this

What ?

I assumed you worked for the Estonian NATO center that publish most of these reports, as the authors use to publish their reports here on Holla Forums. (And I have had this conversation a lot of times already)

It's because you can't. I understand that Balts are scared of the Russians, but it's suicide for you guys if the rest of Europeans sees you as revanchist children more interested in getting even with Ivan, than you are in helping out securing a future for all White children.

It's frightening how easily they've been able to manipulate the right with this tactic. Even David Duke can't be mentioned anymore without a wave of shills being taken seriously, when in the past they would have simply been banned.

I care if Europe survives or not, you clearly don't. I won't answer a question based on your false assumptions.

You heard me, globalist propaganda is happening all over Europe, NOT just the Baltic states.
Would I really browse Holla Forums and make these statements, if I were some globalist shill?

We needed massive shilling, so the anons noticed that something was wrong, before we could push the meme successfully, that Russian is code for pro-white in the current year western propaganda narrative.


So why are you pushing the meme about the Russian trolls, when we are pro-white activists 99% of us?

You're pro Russian, not pro white.

Ladyboys and gentlemen, this is how you spot a Russian shill

You are just stupid, no matter if you are paid or not.

It's not hard to see that "Russian trolls" are code for pro-whites in the Western regime media, as they are unable to admit that their own citizens are against the immigration policy.

What false assumptions ?

Globalist propaganda is happening all over world. It is a ?

Than, you are against globalist ?

Yes, globalist shills get paid for exactly that.

But, let us start all over again. You are claiming you are not globalist shill ? What are you than ? what are you doing here ?

"Alt right" is not "right" or "pro white". It is a globalist jews honey pot. "alt right" is pied piper strategy. DOxing was a good thing. If you thing it was not…go away to some better place.

And pro russian can not be pro white ?

Define: pro white ?

Don't play dumb.
Europe doesn't want to be a bunch of "white" Russian mutts. We are sovereign peoples. Keep your Aids epidemic to yourself.

Because Europe is not "white". It is German, French, Italian, Polish. Being "pro white" in Europe's case means you want to destroy the uniqueness and sovereignty of the European peoples.
And that makes you an enemy of Europe.

As you have proven by this statement
For example.

Out of curiosity, how exactly are we supposed to stop you dumb fucks importing sandniggers in your own country? Call you a bunch of faggots? I do that every time I talk politics with some foreigner and they give me the multikulti spiel, shit doesn't work. Just look at our own russian "minorities" (if 30% population of a massive nation can be called that) that have been here for 80 years and still can't speak a single word in latvian, and they're fucking white and christians. What fucking chance do you ever have to integrate a far more different group? Zero. Absolute fucking zero.

You fuckers have plenty of resources to survive on your own. You fucked it all up by letting the sandniggers in. You need to kick them out now. No tiny Baltic country will be able to do that for you.

You claim to be both pro-white and in favor of the doxing of pro-white activists.

I don't buy that, as the reason the Western regimes dox and mudsling pro-whites in the media, is to scare others from voicing their opinion, even as anons.

I think you are paid to post, and are the Western copy of the Russian trolls you complain about. Fucking traitor.

I'm all for improving relations with them but come on now, Russia is made up of so many tiny little republics, races and cultures that they could easily balkanize overnight. The fact that it's the white people representing them doesn't make it a solid WN ethnostate, a nifty buzzword to lube up the RFID shilling here.

Few pro-whites claim Russia is paradise, but there are plenty of anti-whites that want a conflict with Russia, as it takes focus away from the genocide the EU and NATO are implementing.

Dude, I ain’t no Russian shill in a context of me working for russian government or some entity who is working for russian government.

I am russian shill in context what obama and merkel and HRC calls "russian hacker" (shill).

Can you explain this to me…do you accuse me of working for russian government (or some entity that is working / is connected with russian government) or are you accusing me of being "russian hacker" in context of HRC and DNC ?

Blaming the opposition for siding with the enemy is how the government has done it since governments started, so he probably works for some western government or NGO.

I'm that person you're talking about you fucking schizo, gee must've thought of that one in the shower for a while now and just couldn't help it.

Where do you get idea that russia would enter europe again ? They did not even enter ukraine…

We can agree that europe is not white. But, "pro white" is expression you started to use.

And about "uniqueness and sovereignty" of estonia..why don’t>>9074611
you go live in finland ?>You fuckers have plenty of resources to survive on your own. You fucked it all up by letting the sandniggers in. You need to kick them out now. No tiny Baltic country will be able to do that for you.

"we" did not import "sandniggers". (((they))) imported sandniggers

Do you see a difference ?>>9074611

BTW, calling us "dumb fucks" because (((they)))imported saandniggers…it is not nice

You have russian bear on your door step…you think that is smart tactic ? I am not trying to scare you…I am just laying out the facts.

I never claimed I was pro white. I agree that "pro white" is meaningless term. I did partake in doxing raid of enoch. He could be "pro white" for all i care…but that was honey pot

Anons doxed them. Because they were honey pots and pied pipers.

I am paid to post by who ? EU government ? US ? Russia ?

I never complained about russian trolls. I just told you they were private company that can work for anybody who has money. They are trolls for hire

Russia is more white than paris or london.

And you would be opposition ? opposition to what ? What is position ?

Cuck is a meaningless term as well, since that to is part of the White Genocide memeplex, along with pro-white and anti-white.

It's nice to know that the Estonian government helped take down TRS for their (((masters))), but it's not very pro-white.

Forgot a question mark there.

We could agree with that also

Estonian government did not have anything with taking down TRS. At least to my knowledge.

user did it. Beacuse he was married to jew who is (to use words you would understand) cultural marxist. If you want I could use different word…like LGBT rights and that type of stuff. And it was a honey pot…and he (and TRS) was pied piper.

No regrets.

I'm pro-white, so I am persecuted and censored in the free western world.

I want the withe nations to survive as white nations, while the anti-whites, that are in position now in the EU, wants to whites to be a minority in every white country.

The anti-whites in position, blame pro-whites for siding with the enemy(Russia), as a way to discredit them, just as one would expect happen, if you take look at history.

But you work for them, as you can't be so stupid as to not understand that the Balts have a problem, if they are seen as revanchist children that helped censor pro-whites, if the anti-white EU-regime should fall, or if NATO is surpassed by a Russian-American alliance.

It is free world…freedom and democracy

Well, it is best (((they))) could come out with It is funny if you look at it

I know that could be problem with Balts. But it is their problem. And balts should take care of it.

Or what, we should overthrow estonian government ?

It could be done…but for what purpose in a long run? And, people who live in estonia would blame russians…

estonia fags lucky - they get to be drafted as virgin nerd techs by government bureaucrats who don't know tech, then given access to state level tech resources, then mine bitcoin and explain it's an automated chan shitposting system that's consuming all the tech resources, then get promoted for it while getting rich off all them bitcoins, and if there's one thing estonia bitches love it's fucking goddamn bitcoins. you smug lucky bastards estonianons

Works for China.


Superman was created by Jews.

This entire thread reeks of RIDF.

Keep repeating your bullshit copypasta and see if anyone cares.

Reminder that the HIV problem in Estonia is almost entirely a Russian problem, closer to 1% and coming mostly from intravenous drugs rather than homosex. Particularly in the one county with the highest Russian demographic directly next to the border.
Most of the negatives you mention are a direct consequence of clinging onto EU and NATO due to the threat of being annexed by Russia. On one side, folks trying to get cushy Yuropeen jobs push for as much diversity as possible, on the other, russkies, corrupt schmucks and actual communists from before the curtain came down are just doing Russia's bidding.
The situation with russkies is eerily similar to ghetto blacks in America, and comparing it to the situation Rhodesians find themselves in is fucked.

And calling the laughing stock that resulted in the current president being picked an election is a joke.

To your credit, the Russians in Russia are on average a step up, but people who refuse to integrate and stay loyal to the worst aspects of a culture from a place where the system of government is intimately tied with corruption, which does somehow work there, is not one that naturally melds with Estonia.

I am become baited.

That's every thread related to Estonia. No exceptions.

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