/MWG/ - Memetic Warfare General

So, we memed Trump into presidency, and we've done a lot of other things successfully just with confirmation bias, lads.


Take any kind of meme we want. For example, wholesome memes. If we meme hard enough we'll be able to bring that to life. We'll be able to make this timeline even better for ourselves.
Any ideas?

Imagine the possibilities. We could have a thread up at all times for memetic warfare/betterment of this timeline. I'm thinking Memetic Warfare General, if there isn't one already.

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It certainly wouldn't hurt to improve other white nations.



That's a pretty big one to start with, can we pull it off?


Please cuckchan migrants, this board is about OC, not reposting stale memes and 'le meme magick' as you understand it. What you know is merely a derivative. Meme magick is to will ourselves upon others with our meme creation ability, not simply reposting them as: is trying to do.


He's got to be heavily defended via their own dark magics, but large swaths of people are catching on to his trickery these days. I mean, even just a few years ago, his name didn't even show up in any public discourse, and now it's plastered everywhere. The shadow he hides in is rapidly receding from the approaching light.

If you have any ideas regarding how we can pull off our first operation I'd love to hear it. If we can meme a man into the white house we can sure as hell meme some wrinkly, dusty old yid to death.

Let him sleep on your couch and babysit your 9 year old! Their love for child rape is just an alternative fact, right?

How about focusing on turning anons into little girls? huehuehuehue
Maybe turn furries into animals, nah they already are animals.
Oh, I got it! Focus on crossing SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER.

World Redpill Day supported by all major white nationalist outlets or bust

I will now sage as I'm cringing harder than ever. First, that you imply this 'our first operation' is ridiculous. We have done plenty. Second, what exactly is the operating here? Posting LE SHOO JEW LMAO XDDDDD is not an 'operation'. An OC thread would be a good idea, but we already have an infinitely better one on the catalog. Instead of this thread, your time would be better spent popping open Gimp and trying to come up with a good, shareable image.

As for causes, we have Le Pen's election coming up. That is probably priority #1. We also have French/pol/ for that, making this thread obsolete.

We need more OC with american fascist iconography, for a start

Maybe come up with an angle to push about him on twitter? There's pizzagate for that, but AFAIK he hasn't been implicated as of yet.

Holla Forums has been doing things for a long time. When I said 'our first operation' I was speaking with regards to /MWG/. If you want to shill other threads, please go do so.

This sounds possible. Email outlets and try to get them on board. What day should we pick for it though?

Ah you're the 'ideas guy' lmao, noted. I know you're a cuckchan migrant anyway so your thread will die as you are a moron with no creativity. Good luck.

I have been thinking a bit about the hostile narratives, and our own.

there is this picture of trump vs Spencer where trump tries to reason instead of the natsoc ideals being used.

It already has been btfo on cuckchan with things like this

but perhaps it needs some additional lore.

and one narrative of our own that has been proposed was that of the eco fascism. Which could fit in well with things like niggers polluting the planet more than the beef industry (since the jews are pushing for less meat usage)

Besides that I dont think there are noteworthy developments or potent memes on their side tho…wait there are

as trump moves into support for several of these things, the left and potentially also some of us even, centrists and bystanders are commenting on how trump does not block saudi arabia.

I fear that the jew may direct his energy into some more of the demotivational attacks on the executive orders.

The Twitter angle should focus on things more easily understood by normies imho. His shady subversive projects, etc.

I'll see what I can cook up.

Oh c'mon, there's nothing wrong with having some idea guys around to spitball.

We can create good non confrontational propaganda.

Like youtube.com/watch?v=K63PN2bxAXE is cool, but holohoax is too far.

If he's got shady dealings (I.E Rothschild banks, fraud, etc) we can spread those and the stress could potentially cause a heart attack.

I'm no creator. The best I can do is some shitty photoshop, which people could improve on. Or vice versa; someone gives me a shitty image and I could try my hand at touching it up. We can do anything if we put our minds to it and ignore shills and D&C posters.

Even if it doesn't literally kill him, the more people that see the tentacles of his organizations, the better.
Busing activist mercenaries around to create illusions of public outrage only works if no one is aware that's what's going on. :^)

we need to start memeing countries like Australia and the whole of Europe to become better and subtly naming the jew

Also something I've noticed that took off pretty well was the moonman edits of certain songs. If there are any musically inclined people reading this, we could work to replace lyrics of certain popular songs (or unpopular songs) and spread those.

This is true. We need to get more people aware of the activist mercs. Make a hashtag on twitter, take pictures of the buses (if there still are buses) and connect that shit with him. As it stands right now I've heard he's just a puppet for the Rothschilds, but once he falls they might take a while to get a new one in place.

Maybe we could get in touch with the guy that made that and ask for less confrontational (holohoax) otherwise we're preaching to the choir.


Quality board, shame to see it doesnt have as many posters as it should

As StyxHexenhammer666 has pointed out several times - the globalists and Hillary's occultists/wizards suck and were completely overwhelmed by Kek during the election. There's no reason we can't do it again.

This thread.

We have an opportunity to poison NGOs from within.

True, I'm not saying it's impenetrable, just to expect resistance.


Do you not understand how Sigil magik works?

OC is worthless if we don't spread it.

Better to pick a meme/sigil that already suits our ends and then collaborate to spread it.


simpry bootiful

I think an actual realistic memetic operation we can do is start redpilling niggers on the jews.

1) Niggers already hate jews. They don't have the taboo guilt complex regarding jews drilled into them like white people do.
2) They already hate the "white" controlled establishment, and just need to be made aware that it's actually jews in control of everything
3) jews are INCREDIBLY superstitious, and are very receptive to conspiracy theories. Not that our conspiracy theories about jews are at all incorrect, but it's much easier to convince niggers than white people

Niggers are the jews' golem. The golem turned on its yiddish master, just as their pet negroes will. All that really needs to be done is make some fake deep-cover accounts on #BlackTwitter and start dropping redpills subtly from the dindu's perspective. Classic D&C operation. And we all know that twitter essentially won't ban black twitter users no matter what, so there's no worries about moderating yourself.


Nice. Saved.


looks nice

If you a bureau man as well user you'd know the best way to achieve this is to create memes containing our ideals and to throw them to the hungry normie masses for consumption. I applaud your attempts at creating new memes. But in order for meme magic to catch and make the fire rise the memes must become part of the lexicon of everyone regardless of their intent. If we create context for the normies in this post-modern nightmare, then we win the meme wars everyone's after something true and stable. Let us give it to them.




Shoo shoo globalist jew

You can start reading /polmeta/, so you understand why threads like these are futile on 8/pol/.

That symbol should have three laurels (((😆))) just to rustle a few yarmukles.

Yeah, you (((cucks))) would like to make the echo meme meaningless, so Holla Forums only worship Trump and civic nationalism.


Praise KEK!

memes are spontaneous and chaotic, you can't force memes in the way you're suggesting.

Then how do you explain BOGPOSTING?

It's what the ones that have never made a meme popular think.

I have an idea for a meme magic campaign.
We need to
Croissants are actually one of the earliest examples of meme magic.
Created by Viennese baker during the Ottoman siege of Vienna,
Croissants symbolized Europeans devouring Islam (the crescent Moon).
We need to make eating a croissant a political statement again.
We need to
Praise Kek.


not this time you old piece of shit faggot, we have uncle tony to back us up


goddamn it. you may have won this time you old prick, but next time you won't be so lucky, mark my fucking words.

trips sadly confirm

bullshit, i went on /polmeta/ for the first time the other night and the first thread i saw was some jackass threatening to spambot the board unless we all apologized for no specific reason.

/polmeta/ a shit, and nothing more than some uppity elite Holla Forums board who think they can dictate us, the plebs.

i wasn't saying 'go to /polmeta/'. i was saying that these threads are ultimately futile here on Holla Forums

if it's Holla Forums related, how is it futile?

You can say stuff on /polmeta/ you can't say on Holla Forums without getting banned.

Go read /polmeta/.

also, you people can't use meme as a verb for cast a magic spell. hang out in some of the esoteric threads and you might get some enlightenment

is a good starting thread

Civic nationalism is pure cancer. Only fedora Western Europeans who aren't syncretizing Christianity and Paganism do this stupidity. Why are there even any civnat's with more than IQ90 at all?
t. European who actually reads book

Hello Jim. Still swinging that masonic bat?

by FAR the most important operation needed right now is to bring white women "back in line". Womens March was an example of how retarded it has become.

Straight Pride Parade is needed big time

what's "Satis Mentibus Obvia" even supposed to mean?
"Resist the filled minds" would be "Obvia mentes satias", "resist the saturation/filling of the mind" would be "Obvia/Obviate satietas mentis/mentibus"

sage for unrelated outburst of autism.




shoo shoo fake nazi

I got an idea. We should meme Antifa to start self-immolations.


I made a thread on memetic operation to end the kike college racket and pop the student debt bubble.



Terribly underrated and unchecked post

So the shills have found a new OP which doesn't get them banned or bumplocked, but still slides the board.

It's not like anyone saw this coming…
>>>Holla Forums