Jews could have won

We would be facing certain racial annihilation if Jews imported lower races and adhered to a caste system. With a caste system white men see the lower races beneath them and thus not a threat and not in competition with the higher white caste. There would be no urgency to get rid of them because we would not see the racial dilution effects until centuries later. A caste system disarms every defence mechanism a race has.

If you don't believe me. Imagine instead of millions of aggressive shitskins flooding into our countries that there were nothing but millions of shitskin women flooding in instead. Most white men wouldn't see them as a threat. They'd want to fuck them. Only white women would be against it. Like how right now white women are in favour of mass immigration because they think it increases their mating opportunities. The opposite would be happening if shitskin women were being imported. But white women don't run the military which ultimately makes the decision at the end. Men always have the final say and because of competition between men; conflict is inevitable.

These people flooding into our country have no chance. They'll be annihilated. These people are not conquerors they're beggars. Conquerors don't cry racism and cry to white women for pity. They're migrating to a grave.

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The caste system worked great in India until the (((British))) removed it.

Except the Aryans, the highest caste, are diluted beyond recognition now. These people used to be white 3000 years ago.

the damn pajeets sent their low caste romani onto us, fuck 'em

Not that simple. Whites (Western Europeans) are Aryans mixed with Gaels. The Aryans themselves were not exactly the same as we are now.

They've already re-established it and are proud of it but caste systems in general are bad. Non-homogeneous countries are ungovernable and corrupt by definition because everyone's in it for themselves. It's literally an entropic force where everything just becomes worse and worse going forward since the dumber, less productive people have an evolved predilection to higher birth rates due to artifacts of their evolutionary history which created higher infant/youth mortality rates.

Semi-related but a caste system is best solution the the mixed race problem. Anyone less than 3/4 white would be deported or otherwise removed immediately (7/8 white for jewish and nigger mixture). 3/4 Whites would be not be allowed to hold offices or receive any government benefits (excluding veteran's benefits). This caste could only marry more pure whites by completing military service. 7/8 Whites cannot hold high-level officer positions or high government offices. Again, military service is required to marry into a more pure caste. 15/16 Whites and above are free to hold any position.

They were white as in the concept of white that we have now with blond hair and blue eyes. The Aryans weren't called white in title they were called nobles.

How about not. Anybody that's a migrant or descended from one gets removed. Somebody that's 3/4 white one of their parents was a race traitor.

How about we embrace Ethnic genocide as a solution?
Its actually the most direct of them all and depends of the method, less costly.

Tbh you know what they say about "humans are just like bacterias in a plaque fighting for the consumtion of all nutrients for their own genetic group".
Aryanism is not 100% correct as there is lot of diversity in europe but was introduced by Nazi Germany so they could unite all white people under one category, and stop the fight among ourselves, so we could end up being one single white race.

the next step would be to destroy the other races so we can end up with their resources, just like Africa is a rich continent habitated by packs of negroes that dont even know what Gold or Iron is used for.

Some comfy sunday OC

That's half true, no pun intended.

It is evident no matter how much the jew tries to hide it that Germans have some inalienable qualities in them that make them adaptable and successful in all environments. Both North and South Americas have heavy load of Germanic people that came in large numbers in all centuries. You politic friends all know about south africa.

It may be of little knowledge that Australia has significant German background, too.
Over a million knowingly German, how many of the 35% German? Other than Brisbane the cities lack Germans. This is a major clue for how many of the 35% "australians" are Germanic because it would make sense to be Australian on a survey in a culture that prides itself on the land and knows its people by direct interactions rather than strict race terms.
As of 2014 129000 German born immigrants reside in Australia out of 6.6 million born outside of Australia. Another group becomes ovious here as 176000 South African brn immigrants reside in Australia out of those 6.6 million and you know dutch and Germans are nearly 100% of those, both Germanic. The numbers add up more if you realize little facts like that.

United states used to be dominated by british and germanic populations throughout most of its history.

Germany continues being a European leader despite humiliations post WWI and post WWII.

Germany competed with English industrialization without as many territories in the 18th and 19th centuries and overtook the larger and better connected giant several times in the eras of industrialization.

It is something in the Blood that characterizes the success of a group of people. Something most individuals in that group have that is most often expressed in mind and spirit that the body excels.

Germans have a high IQ as a group but the gaps are not so vast as to explain all this economic success.

Germans beyond the borders of Germany tend to maintain culture and congregate in areas they can live by other Germans and away from other ethnicities. Even when it is not something they do explicitly they still tend to practice their cultural legacies by default.

The genes for this success are not exceptionally German as they are found in large concentrations in Europe in general including those subraces of the European race that have been separate for a long time. Germany seems to be a region that has had the most success structuring government based on this exceptional set of qualities.

That isn't why any of them support it. They support it because they're convinced it's the trendy and popular thing to do. Women have no problems getting laid, no matter how ugly they may be.

It's why most white women that support mass immigration do support it. I know how women think because I am one. It's the same reason romance novels have multiple men competing for one woman. Women want as many men competing for them as possible.

What's your point?

Prove it. Timestamp with vagina.

Otherwise, OP, you're a faggot.

And people wonder why Spainards aren't white anymore.

Is that why their empire has fallen apart, shitskin invader religion rules the land…and they have no weapons or means to deffend themselves with?

yeah rethink that stupid thought you had.

Do you really think white men (who are in positions that actually matter, i.e. not leftist scum) are this desperate?

No way.

Likewise, you won't find many "regular" women wanting to actually fuck any shitskins.
You are deluded.

Uncover thy bosom or remove thyself from this place

All you really need is a proper system of rules, the lesser races will be unable to adhere to the basic standards, and they get washed out because we don't care about PC anymore.

And while I have only given "two" examples.
Simply extrapolate this to any extent you wish.

Cause, in Germany at least, most people are working.
There is no reason to go for some desert harpy if you're a working class man in Germany.

It would be like fucking your own prestige into the deepest anus.
Oh, look, there is Horst and his stunted desert squeeze, el oh el.

Yeah, no, not gonna happen.

grandparents. you are not very good at this, are you chaim?

And this is, Mr Watson, why most "Refugees welcome" rallies are composed mostly by women.

Gross dude. Gross.

The caste system in India served them so well, they got conquered by a company. Not a country, a company.

dubs of truth!
Why fuck around? kek Why bother keeping inferior genes around?

Their is no such thing as being part jew.
No Jews

What I know is you certainly won't advance the interests of our race by saying this kind of nonsense to our ladies. We need practical solutions rather than /r9k/ memes.

Did you even read what your picture says before posting it, newfag?

I never tire of pointing this out to the pajeets at work. The British didn't conquer India; they bought it.

A long term solution for the mixed races is to handle them accordingly. For instance, I highly believe in a two-pronged solution to the nigger and their mulatto cousins. Send the nigger back to the jungles of Africa and divide their mulatto poster actors and patron an African colony made up of mulattos. Mulattos will most likely support it if successfully divided from their nigger cousins since they will have an ego-driven goal of proving they are less subhuman than the nigger. To be fair they will have a higher chance of civilization, but as long as they leave white countries and support themselve, and agree to give up their citizenship in white countries, we can successfully leave behind the african blemish on white countries. That last part is the most important part and makes it a final solution because it makes the mulatto colony a final solution to that mutt race. Patronage should end once the ship has sailed so to speak, but otherwise they can keep to themselves and to their ultimate fate, whether their white mixture sustains them or they meld into mud with their nigger neighbors.

it is completely fine and ok to have a harem full of slave niggresses and asian sex slaves as long as you dont use them for breeding purposes and they just reproduce amongst themselves and remain as your personal servants and slaves

No. Females do not struggle to get laid, no matter how ugly. They do it because every authority figure in their life commands it. Women used to hate niggers because it was the popular thing to do and now fuck them more than ever because pop music and TV shows are filled with niggers and "racism" is being pushed as the ultimate taboo. Women go whichever way the societal wind blows.

If you think it's about sex, that says more about you and your perversions than anything else. 60-year-old grandmas aren't supporting "refugees" because they want to be fucked by them. Neither are the vast majority of brainwashed young women.

also you should ask your wife if she feels ok with you having a harem

No, it's not.

see >>>/cuckquean/ they are all completely fine with it

Yeah, no.

Apparently women love not having any standards. This proves that women need male minders


What if I'm juden in blood but I am going through reform to become a pure christian boy who follows the will of KEK?
Really I'm a mutt anyway, but I'm a wop on my dad's side and my mother is blond hair and blue eyed, but I'm pretty sure her family was polish jews, irish, and some other white european things

An hero your local temple, Moshe.

I don't even juden, I'm only a kike by blood; I don't like their religion at all, it's completely against my own set of morals and the christian values I believe in.

What could go wrong?

not even once fucker.

no jews ever

And what is Joogle and Faceberg doing?
They are richer and more powerful than many countries.

Huff some gas next to a naked flame, if you survive you have the jew gene and will be dealt with.

Look at Jeb and every other man in a relationship with an asian woman.

this is the kind of images they post in there.
oddly they are claiming to have several virgin women in there is making me a bit suspicious of it being a trap or just men posting as women lol

The fuck you on about? Can you read, nigger?

quoted the wrong guy is all.

it is.
anyone remember >>>/fem/