Shill Tactics Manual

I remember that during the presidential race, some mid sized doc explaining shill recruits how to push their shit and deal with some boards, specifically Holla Forums and /r9k/. I never remember anyone verifying its authenticity and would like to know if anyone here saved it. It was posted in a couple threads and I thought I had a backup but it's been months since the sticky was up.

Also, did they ever figure out who was paying the shills outside of the Hillary stuff?

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check the sticky

This is helpful. Do you happen to have the pdfs explaining the specific board tactics that a specific group had? All I remember are some notes for Holla Forums and /r9k/.

Stuff like that.

That's all I have, user.

Hm, OK.

I already did go through every link there. I will double-check but it was a dead end.

People should be required to know this by heart before they post here. People also need to learn not to be disingenuous twats in general. It would be easy to spot shills if everyone was actually arguing in good faith but a lot of people here are just in it to win internet arguments. This makes it hard to distinguish shills from retards.


The main tactics of shills is not arguing against you, but trying to derail. They want you to spend your time on unimportant stuff, rather than things that build communities/inform. This is a big reason why Jews push porn so much. If people are spending hours a day watching porn, that's hours a day they're not doing useful things, not even building communities, which they would be with things like watching baseball/playing checkers or whatever.

I remember this. The entry on 4chan was something like
Didn't save any of it though.


That sounds like the one I read as well.


third pic: DISINFO

all e-celebrities are cancer user. The rule that we don't deal with e-celebrities drama (or at least how I've always interpreted it) has more to do with not giving the cancerous clickbait goblins publicity that feeds their narcissism. That is rather then a general "no discussion allowed" rule of thumb. Should people not make threads about Benjamin Netanyahu or Trump? Technically they are celebrities. While most know what is specifically meant by "e-celebrities" as referring to attention whores, and namefagging egoist who profit off of getting views any number of people could fit this definition and sometimes these people need to be redressed (being they are often selling disinformation themselves). In other words to essentially shills often cry that one must not look behind the curtain. Shills often suggest certain topics or people are verboten or try and force a false consensus. as they say, "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." Regaring gingivitis cunt, the whole situation was shady as shit even if there was disinformation involved. It was clearly a classic case of "who is jewing who".

aka: read the fucking sticky

If someone can dump everything related to Applied Memetics, however, it would be appreciated.

I have seen these very tactics used on anons who were banned by anons who were not, multiple times.

Nothing on Dan and Applied Memetics?

I remember finding these pptx describing the narrative and strategy for their shilling.
The second one has slides with premade messages like the following. This was actually quite helpful in finding shills.


I got the pdfs somewhere on my hard drive of both presentations.

Is that the girl from Vice that interviewed richard spencer?

which is why the Left started promoting The Daily Shoah and Richard Spencer because they needed a "Nazi" bogyman to spray pant swastikas on synagogues. It also makes for good photo ops so when they try to rewrite history they can paint 2016 as a year where "bigotry was an epidemic". They did the same thing in the 1960's with Frank Collin's. Its also likely why David Duke ran for senate claiming to be inspired by Trump.

that last pic is a perfect example of D&C pushed by trshills

Just imagine the literal board/site-wide RWDS that would happen if we had 100% competant BO's and mods. Not saying every mod on Holla Forums is shit

You looking for the CTR memo?

Our staff is super compromised.

We've had Holohoax Debunking threads bumplocked because the shills got BTFO, then quickly deleted, and then people got banned for asking why the fuck they deleted the thread. They pretended they did it because it was a duplicate thread but they only took action once the shills were getting rekt.

I'm pretty sure this was written by some Holla Forumsock larping as CTR.

That is a fucking advanced shill post you dumb fuck. If you honestly think Jesus was a jew then you are beyond mongoloid.

t. guy who doesn't care about religion but had to learn it in school anyway

you falled for the psyop dude
It dosent matter if she was a attention whore, if it was fake or if she was a jew. The fact is that she was redpilling millions of normalfags who never heared before nothing related to hitler and the jews, she was way too more dangerous because she was a young woman and her objective public were millions of young males around the whole world. She gained global media attention.
There was a hughe psyop to shut her down. Muh eceleb meme was exploited for that, normalfags and low level anons falled for it. What a shame. There was so mouch potential. The shilling was obvious, that case proved that 8ch moderation team was compromised, because they were part of the shut down. It was blatant.
Learn to think critically user.

You know you are shilling a thread that has already primed anons to be on the lookout for shilling, right? Just go home TRSodomite, back to your hub of 'based kikes' and general e-celebs.

Look at this, mods bumplocking redpill threads, and silencing anyone complaining about that

Impkike just arrived
go ahead Heil
delete the thread again

Number 8 is shit

Maybe if people on this board spent less time idolizing whores (like the one pictured) and more time talking about and praising traditional and modest women, then young ladies in general would have more interest in the message being put out.


Normalfags are the ones with jewtube accounts subscribed to these people and putting money into their paypals

Shills are pushing anything /fringe/ related super hard, because they know a bunch of Holla Forumsacks love it. and it has a chance to blackpill them, making them useless
Shills also very much don't want redpill/holocaust threads due to all the normal fags flooding here.
self improvemnt threads also get locked/deleted, which is gag

jews are doing this anne frank thing at a museum near me, and you get free entry to the whole museum during it
why would a jew do anything for free? unless they get something out of it like keeping normal fags from knowing the holohoax

they always use >(((we))) all already know about the holohoax, no need to discuss any farther goy
as jews know it isn't about how well you argue, but about how much

banned for posting pic related

Read these articles you guys:

It would also be easier to dismiss shills if the majority of discussion was sincere debates accompanied with good strong reasoning and not shill-fests like:

Where that one user is shilling to keep nigger-babies and retards from being aborted by using every shill tactic in the book.

When everyone's shilling then people don't know what real debates are.

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I'm 99% sure it was another hoax by the 'Real True News' guy who after the election wrote an article for the Daily Beast to claim it was easy to fool Trump supporters with the fake documents he created. Here:

That so-called CTR memo was a fake document uploaded on Scribd by the 'Real True News' hoaxter he wanted to troll online discussion forums with this document

This needs a hard bump despite habbenings.

It's easy spotting shills. We've got some principles and opinions that are not compromiseable.

Shills don't want those opinions amongst their enemies, so they try and warm us up to giving up upon them. That should never be allowed to happen.

Does anyone remember all the, "I'm worried, Holla Forums", type posts that showed up all throughout the election cycle?

Is this just another to add to the previous 6,000,000 threads basically manipulating the board to never dare criticise the zionist stooge Trump and the CIA psyop that helped derail and co-opt the movement into promoting warz for isreal?

The following is a fact that will never change no matter how co-opted them movement is presently, this will be true forever.

Donald Trump's Zionist Cabal


Was looking for these, nice.

You goys better pay attention to this. it's happening for real.


Okay listen yes e-celebs can redpill but they are still a slave to being e-celebs they can and will be bought out. They are subject to character assassination. Also more often then not they are not redpilled themselves but blue pills exploiting a situation for e-fame. e-celebs will also try to co-opt or become leaders of a movement and inevitably bring it down or kill its momentum with their faggotry. We hate e-celebs because we witnessed first hand how cancerous working with them can be.

You guys wanna see shilling first hand this is it right here.
This is a cap of that exact thread taken today. That same thread was also stickied for a day.
The thread is right here
if you want proof. Now fuck off Kike.

I am the OP of said thread and have been autisitically watching it in case a new one had to be made.


I'm not the one who treats Jewish fairy tales like history