When do we fix women?

Yeah all the other stuff Trump is doing is great and all, but what I really want is to fix women and put them back in their place

Gender roles and relations in this country are FUBAR which fucks up gf/fiancee/wife material if you want that, getting sex if you want that, or even just not being screeched at by libshit harpees and commie professors and such
When do we meme women back into being good?

Our young men in this country have been suffering for too long

Women are a reflection of men. Fix men and you also fix women.

Step one, go to a conservative church to find a halfway decent woman.
Step two, romance and redpill her
Step three, marry her and knock her up
Step five, have her homeschool and raise redpilled kids

First post every time



You don't. If you want to marry, you have to accept that most probably your wife has ridden a certain amount of dicks. Besides, men enable sluts all the time and enjoy doing it so in a sense they deserve what they get.

I mean, you can't blame only women for degeneracy, someone is needed to actually fuck them and that's what most men do happily.

Nice try white knight.

By being a Holla Forums browser you are in the upper top percentile of men. Consider that a woman you would be attracted to is in this category herself and thus cannot be defined by the actions and behaviours of her fellow lesser women. You are doing your future waifu a disservice by comparing her to the common thot or student-drone.

Look, if a bunch of women got told by a bunch of men that their behavior is unacceptable, maybe they would change it. While men not only enable it but enjoy enabling it and focus their life on enjoying it, you can't blame it all on women. It's a mutual relationship that both parties approve of.

you could start by fucking at least one before making a thread about it

trump will bring us fembots and render women obsolete

Who the fuck said anything about used goods? The very reason I said go to a conservative church is because that's the best place to find a virgin who isn't a landwhale.

My biggest issue with the 'women are shit' meme is that it fundamentally misunderstands the problem.
Women are women. They have many positive feminine qualities but all of that comes with the negative aspects. One major flaw in the female mind is submissiveness, ease of manipulation and tendency for groupthink. Women do not set social standards, even the early suffragette movement was founded by Jewish men who preyed on unhappy and childless women. Women follow social standards. The problem with women is men, because women will seek out the best quality men and follow their lead.

This is part of why we focus so much on self-improvement. You can read all the Holla Forums literature in the world and be 100% onboard with us ideologically. But you're not going to win over most women by arguing with them. You win them over by not being a limp wristed broke NEET faggot. You win them over by being confident, dominant without being a selfish dick. Nothing you can do online will 'fix' women, it requires you to go out and build a happy and successful life that a woman will want to be a part of.

Or we could make women realize that the (((white men))) at the top of the pyramid of power they worship are not actually white men. Once they realize they've been mindlessly supporting the wrong guys, they might mindlessly support the right guys.

Getting women to stop listening to pop, hip hop, rap, and all this other modern horseshit would be a really good thing
Also we need to remove the feminism from them

In other words, you basically have to buy them and keep the cash flowing.

In other words, to enjoy the fruits of your labor, ambition and intelligence. Wow, hold me coffee while I go get this superb partner.

But that's true, you retard. All you have to do to fix women is fix men.

Women aren't feminists.

If you will not lead women they will find someone to follow. If you don't want to have to personally lead women, then work together with your fellow man to do it by building a strong country.

Fuck off, retard.

Kill yourself.

What am I, a babysitter? Look user, women go for money and social status, that's it. You're indirectly buying a whore, that's literally all it comes down to. Did you ever hear a woman praising her man for his virtues such as honesty?

There is no fixing them. The only way at this point is to make them property again


feminism is just as pervasive as cultural marxism is, infact feminism is the aspect of it specially tailored to infect and distort women

You're thick as shit, user.

That's the correct state of affairs. Men cooperate to build great thing. Great thing keeps woman in check. Woman doesn't seek real man elsewhere.

few women identify as feminists and this fact should not be overlooked.

dude feminism is literally the combination of everything that is bad about women, its more than a political view its a way of thinking and most modern women are feminists even if they don't identify as one

feminism is antithetical to the way women used to be and should be again

Men have built a great thing, it's called Western civilization and women are shitting on its face. So I guess you're the thick one for failing to understand this. Men have already built the greatest thing possible and that's obviously not enough.

And 90% of the ones who do consider themselves "feminists" have no clue what the third wave activist feminists are pushing. To them "feminism" = equal pay/opportunity and muh abortion rights. Thats literally all they know about it.

You seem completely unaware of where the feminist strain of thought originates and how it is pushed to women.

You should be grateful I'm taking the time to reply to you when you're obviously just buttflustered about women in general and should just be laughed at for your impotent rage instead:

Just like the user I'm quoting above, neither of you are aware of the true enemy. What are you doing here? Go read the Protocols of Zion and carry on from there. Women are not the root cause of any of these problems.

keeping them out of academia or anything related to it


Gas yourself.




>it's all in your hands goy, you are entirely in control! :^D

BE A FUCKING MAN. WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED TO STRONG MEN. THAT IS IT. When you start expressing yourself and your views you will have a selection of women to choose from. The rest is up to you. Even liberal women are attracted to conservative men

That's not what was said at all. You're no different than mods than ban anything they don't like.

Probably one of the best posts Ive seen on this board in a long time.

Make them all tall, black and have huge dongs?

Women don't "realize" they just follow the top of the moment.

Women are attracted to TALL men.

You know who else hates short men? SJWs

No, make men strong, physically, mentally, spiritually.

Even if you are an ugly manlet if you display a combination of the above you'll score for sure, because right now a lot of western men are literal pussies with more psychological problems than a schoolgirl that can't provide to themselves nor physically or emotionally and rely on others.

The Darwinian drive for sexual selection is the root of all evil and so the Moral Man seeks to suppress it in himself.

Women go for the African Man-Beast because they are physically stronger, bigger and have longer churros.

The very fact that you pointed out nigger looks as a pinnacle of physical beauty points out how shit your confidence is and how hopeless you are.
Both traits that you probably reveal in your daily life too.

What's with all these cuckchan-tier threads asking stupid questions with incredibly obvious answers?

falsehood perpetuated by the jewish porn industry
(polite sage)

After you fix yourself, cucklord

Actually, Negros usually have smaller frames and less muscle because those are traits that help keep their bodies cooler in the sundrenched hellhole known as Africa that they came from.

Niggers have less dense muscle than whites (ever see a nigger weightlifting champion?) and smaller cocks.


1000% this
Sex is the most important thing of all to a mans mental health and the lack of it is crippling, and in our modern society everything is a survival of the fittest rat race as to who has the most social power by being the best goy instead of who is the best person in terms of intelligence or character or any other good metric (stuff that we would all pass with flying colors)


every Holla Forumsack would be swimming in pussy if societies values shifted back to what they are supposed to be.

knowledge is power. we are the true world's elite.

shifted back to what they were
what they could still be

if the modern socially successful men and women were transported back to anything as late as the 50's they would be treated as pariah's by the people from whatever year they popped into

In due time.
Chip away the ill-gotten liberalisms of modernity and the witches will dry up.
Whoever remains, will be suitable.

Darwinian theory of evolution states the opposite: cold climates breed physical and mental strength, height, and stamina.
Read a book.


Women have no agency. They reflect the society they live in.

If you want starters. Stay away from the most basic warning signs.
There, you won half the battle.

Nice bait by the way.

I agree with what you are saying. But you must concede that white men are being consistently trashed on by government, media, etc…So self improvement in this regard is kind of an understatement. We need to fight. There are outside forces to counter, not just ourselves.
They have also become greedy, materialistic whores as well because companies and ad agencies, likely run by men, simply want to sell them more shit. They don't save like men do. I remember an user here revealing some rather obscure redpills related to this. That all the promotion women get in society today is primarily due to getting them to spend, which they do more anyway.

Perhaps the only good that will come from sexbots is that women will have to actually cultivate value beyond their vaginas, thus solving the slut problem.

Women are malleable. Take one and form her into who you want her to be. Impose your beliefs on her and she will become an extension of you.
Strong men must guide weak women. All women at heart want to be traditional housewives, mothers and maidens.

Never, leave them alone and they leave me alone.

Well said. Capped for posterity.

This. Most career-minded women simply recognize the dire straits of our economy and are doing what they can to avoid being stuck in a shitty economic situation.

I will echo this. Many are totally ruined at this point, but it's important to remember that the vast majority refuse to miscegenate despite the 24/7/365 propaganda. Our women are inherently good.

Even better, the huwhite Z's are proving to be more conservative than any extant generation as they mature in this living hell. We are winning.

to a point… I noticed that an old girlfriend acted one way when she was with him… I guess emulating my ideas to some extent then her brother came to visit and she acted completely different like a version of her brother who by the way was a fucking loser that later stole money from her…. it was a weird experience.

Dumpan some relevant infos to getting a Holla Forums-tier wife and life.



White women are right now taking part in a sex strike against White Genocide, therefore families and birthrate are really hurting among whites. But white women have stereotyped, basically correctly, white men as being sick and self-hating, white anti-white traitors. Why would somebody, especially a member of the weaker sex, want to be with someone who likely has something against her for her race?

No, end White Genocide and white women will call off the white women sex strike against White Genocide. #WWSSAWhiteGenocide




You can't fix them all. But you can get rid of the shit ones. Once laws respecting white lives are re-enacted and the kids go to the person who can support them best financially, the shit ones will run off to Canada and get killed by muslims.

Women are not capable of conceiving or holding themselves to abstract moral codes or standards. Their behavior is reflective of the social norms. Reestablish a healthy, family-orientated, anti-degeneracy society and the women fix themselves. Sage for 4cuck tier thread.

Hes right you stupid low-T faggot

Nice caps, though as a married man, I can tell 100% that the so called "white" (((STEM))), "healthy" (((blonde))) isn't what she's cracked up to be, more specifically if she's from around here, and especially from back in 2016 of all things when we were getting bombarded with whores of many types looking for attention. Seriously, the whole STEM shit is autistic, I don't understand why people tote around garbage no one wants to see, sniff, or bother to think about. It's like a child toting around a fucking C- cause he's not going to get whipped tonight when his pee-paw isn't as disappointed in him as usual.

The Man is a MAN made in the image of God himself, the woman is not the neck, the woman is more of an accessory if anything, something to compliment man, but not vital to his existence or his survival on an individual level. For any younger individuals, it's like an Expansion pack compared to a full retail game if you will. The experience of life through a man's eyes compared to the lesser "expansion" pack is quite glaring, but depending on the expansion pack, the original retail story becomes something more, but still stands alone without, as such, some men prefer it that way, some do not. Again, this bitch is only repeating some of the most blatant, obvious things that I'm sure that every ethnic European man is always thinking about, for example, having a plan in life as well as a back-up plan obviously cause this is fucking Holla Forums of all places, and the fact that she honestly believes she's smart for getting a STEM degree in this modern day and age where it's handed out like fucking shit tickets at a fucking Buffalo Wings all you can eat barbecue is just laughably autistic as it is cringe-worthy. Women are not clever, not in the slightest, they are more like feral animals when it comes to thought, than compared to how this owman believes that a man must earn her 'respect' when she's toddling about like an animal covered in her own shit waiting for the 'right' man to wipe her ass for her, finally after all these years of it being encrusted to the point if one were to try chipping it off, her anus would prolapse. The whole crying about the, "if your purpose is to reproduce" taking it the wrong way assuming that if any man who wants to be with a woman is solely for a child (which is true for the most part, no man views a woman as a friend, unless they've known each other since childhood and were as lucky as I was to marry the same individual I lost my virginity to, as well as being around one another so much the term "love" can barely describe what I feel on a daily basis, but I digress). She seems extremely insecure, worse than the average woman, having to plainly state how she doesn't want to be 'used' or 'manipulated' when that's woman do all the time, but fail miserably unless it's a dimwitted man-child or cuck who will ultimately won't get anything outside of being friend-zoned or being used as an extra wallet.

She's not fooling anyone with the pompous, fluffed up talk trying to ultimately solidify it's legitimacy because her saggy ass grandmother apparently 'always said'.

Take it from me, woman like this are worthless, if they do not understand that they are inferior to a man, that they do not understand that a woman's purpose is to compliment, not to seek equality to something that is far beyond them is not worth any man's time. A woman with pure innocence (they do exist like I said, you have to be one lucky fuck like me for example), is subservient and takes pride and joy in being there fore you, and strive to be what they were destined to be but more than that, to tell their own story as it entwines with yours. The whole bullshit of her hinting she wants to be a politician is another red-flag that must be avoided at all costs, Woman have no place in a man's world, and unfortunately for this dim-witted slag, Politics is apart of the "Man's World", along with "basic researcher" whatever the fuck she implied by that, as well as her implication that she's only with a man for status and power without actually working for it and staying at home. This is the type of woman you avoid, my gut is telling me she's a kike, a snake in the grass. Someone ugly on the inside so much, that it shows on the outside just as strong as the sun is on a hot summer day. I have more to say, so bare with me fellow Holla Forumsacks. Don't get meme'd by such blatant belittlement and kikery.


Because of that, this dumb bitch will never be happy, and will never find that 'man' she claims she's entitled to. A woman from a poor European nation is more than likely sharper than she will ever be, and probably has skills that would actually be useful if shit hit the fan versus MUH STEM. My advise to her, try actual hard-labor, tending for other people's food aka livestock and try to treat them with a modicum of respect rather than complaining about the smell and how it's a "man's job", or trying to shut down woman whom don't have MUH STEM as autistic waifus when anyone with folds in their brain knows damn well academia is DEAD and has been DEAD, I know it, my wife knows it, practically everyone in my family dating a ways back knew it. True knowledge comes from one searching for it themselves, no matter how long, or how high or how deep one must fall to obtain it, because in the end, through enlightenment will they be able to finally start the path towards God, just the way God intended, and the way that Jesus tried to explain but was co-opted by kikes, both Jesus and God abhorred race-mixing, and both of them were against the notion of ethnically non-Europeans living among ethnic Europeans, stealing their jobs, mimicking our tongue and trying to pretend that they're 'equal' when they are not, Equality does not exist for a reason. Christ knew this, God made it so.

As with Adam and Eve, Eve was created from Adam. A woman is nothing more than an incomplete man, and from this woman's post, it shows as clear as day. Extremely bitter as she is naive to think that the world revolves around here, believing she must be put on a pedestal thinking there's worth in her 'mind' when her mind means jack shit. Women like this irritate any actual women with a brain equipped with common sense with the latest humility chip installed. The Ignorance to the overall tone to me reeks of obesity, ((((bottle blonde syndrome)))), autism and I mean literal autism the shit that only those with mongoloid ancestry inherit. I know it's hard for most anons nowadays to feel that the search for a woman who's ethnically European, pure in heart and mind, not a fucking slut, not retarded, and not fucking ugly or a butterface, or brain-dead (literally), but it's true. Don't let the kikes fool you into thinking such a thing. The Europoid race may be a minority upon this miserable rock that I'm sure our race used to find beautiful with awe and inspiration beneath every new rock and crevice found, but I assure you it's all still there, however it has hidden itself merely to protect itself.
(last part coming up)

what's there to fix? you just have to fuck some sense into them, that's all. according to (((your))) posts, the entire west must be cucked by now.

Cool. Sounds like a plan.

What the fuck do we need women for. We Space travel now.

So look, all I have left for you guys is words, words from the heart, my own heart. Cry about me being heavy on the Christian shit, but any moron who isn't new knows damn well that God, and Christianity (thank you Armenia), and Christ are not pussy-whipped cucks, and were against many of the things if not ALL things we're dealing with now. Especially the race-mixing and allowing them to live among us, to work within our jobs, to even letting them attempt to speak our native tongues in their attempts of mimicry due to it being a crime against God himself to allow these beasts to be near us, touch us or even sleep with us. Which some morons seem to think this beast referred to was merely an animal, no, it meant both shitskins AND animals, but honestly I don't think anyone with common sense needs to be told not to stick it in a fucking goat of all places unless you're a dumb kike/arab, beaner, nigger, ching ching, bing bing gimbap, nguyens, currygroid (includes pakis cause they're no different than indians) and currygroids brethren in race and ethnicity, Australian Abbos, etc.

If you truly want something, you take it, you don't try to fight it, you don't try to abide by the rules and 'tips' from a bitter and incompetent woman whom just from her writing is riddled with more mental issues and insecurities than the average woman, far more, to the point I grow suspicious of her, her credentials and her apparent need to constantly repeat that her IQ is 'high', but writes more like a child fresh into their freshmen year in high school with an IQ around 80 at most. Remember this well, unstable woman whom try to usurp the man of his role in life, the role in which God himself appointed to every one of us ethnic European men, is not a woman you should associate yourself with. For if you do, you will find yourself mentally and physically drained from the psychic vampire that is the modern day Woman. Subservience is what it means to be a woman, to be a supporting structure, not a wasted sculpt of marble for a tiny autistic pedestal that will certainly do nothing when the main temple of which is man begins to crumble from the weight of the world the kike has put upon us and the stress that comes with knowing our importance as well as our endangerment of our species and our ethnic groups and culture at stake.

Remain strong and steadfast, allow yourself to maintain your emotions, no matter how negative they be and groom them, churn them into fuel to further yourself to your goals, to your dreams and aspirations. Energy is Energy, no matter where it came from, Anger is the most potent of them all, so is Love whether it be platonic or not, if it's for a hobby, or for the apple of your eye, or whether it is for God and his son Michael/Jesus. Use it. Never let go of it, do not bury your past, instead dig it up, and learn from the mistakes of yourself and those around you, and then and truly then will you see how life was meant to be, but only a taste.

The rest is up to you, whether or not you truly believe in your ethnicity, your heritage, and whether or not you truly believe in God, and his son and his power and whether or not you can truly say in your heart that you love and respect him, and to then come to the point in your life where you fear God, but you are not afraid of God. Once you understand what I mean by such a notion, then you'll already be at the point where you're almost there, and trust me, it happens far sooner than you think, especially if you were already awakened from birth like I was fortunate enough to be.

Be strong, but aim to be stronger, follow the righteous path, and if you stumble, pick yourself up and ask for forgiveness if needed, but don't just only pled and beg to God, for it may not seem like it, but he's more than just a fucking lowly "wish granter", treat him with respect like a father who's worth dying for.

Think BIG, be BIG

You can't fix something that's broken.

Obviously (((OP))) is fucking stupid, but I'm sure the info posted by those whom were wishing to help others will help those either without hope, or the inability to not be a fucking retarded shitskin when it comes to women.

The issue is that the broken goods and used up trash is the majority of the female population, It shoudn't take a rocket scientist to tell OP that women that are not literal disgusting pieces of shit hide themselves, and by that, I mean they certainly don't hang around here. Purely for the fact if they do, they're ugly kike jewess attention whores that are just clinging to Holla Forums for muh attention cause that's all they fucking know now.

It's disgusting and the disgusting washed up whores need to be gassed. Especially the ones who aren't kikes and willingly chose to believe their so called 'fellow women' on kike ideology aka your average libshit, reddit user, tumb-wumbs fee-fee sucking retard quasimodo minimondo meme -queen that needs a talking to about personal hygiene, if not all of these moronic internet using attention seeking moon-faced whores need to learn.

Don't get me started on the non-whites, literal moon-faced, squashed headed, beady rat eyes and flat footed hunch-back meme-a-memes that desperately want to be white at all costs, like beaners for example.

I wouldn't be surprised of OP was from 4cucks world or something. I mean at least it's not a (1), but he's clearly a reddit transplant or underage, or simply not ethnically European aka not 'white'.

I've covered the crux of it all. It's a big issue, the (((culture))) is to blame, and a lot of it traces back to "men" in many ways. Race-mixing is degenerate, but when you start fucking and dating black brown and yellow women, or when you start bragging about your "FEMINIST GF", then you're an effeminate little queer and you need to be put down like an animal.

Lets face it, many many young white right-wing males in the modern era are effeminate and worthless. Same goes for many males in general today.

When you meet them. Then you fix woman. You tell them the truth.