Anti-Trump Protestors Are Requesting Food, Water & Supplies

Watching livestreams of the Airport protests last night I noticed mentions of volunteers bringing pizza, water bottles & other supplies to help the protestors. Apparently it's common for them to receive supplies during these things.

Crazy if you ask me. Seems almost too easy to bring them laxative laced consumables. I've never protested before but I can't imagine it's easy to do with a waterfall of diarrhea pouring out of your ass.

Should we help these poor starving protestors today Holla Forums?

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Quite a great idea OP. Have your bump.

That's the obvious thing to do yet it never happens. Leftists don't even do it to rightwing protesters as far as I know. What's up with that?


checked and please make this happen



Imagine the paranoia alone that will set in if we just meme.

These snowflakes can't even handle a weekend protest without their petty comforts and they really think they can survive an actual war with Holla Forums? Yeah, we need to blockade this garbage and show them what real hardship feels like. Maybe redpill some of them with how stupid their cause is in the process.

Checking trips and dubs, shadilay!

The worst part is that these worms would never organize to give food and water to the homeless, but they will for spoiled upper-middle class snobs

Some ideas for things to lace the food/water with
Easy mode:
Hard mode:
Dante-Must-Die mode:

Those people are like rats, they'll leave every place they stay a mess.

1. Hand out disinformation warning them of tainted food.
2. In their paranoia. Most of them starve.
3. They are forced to fuck off from Air Port.


They have so much food coming and going they won't even know where it came from.

Well fed protesters have more energy
More energy means theyre more likely to riot
Rioting at a federal airport is a federal crime

Hmm, problem is that bottled water will of course have it's cap sealed. So it is hard to tamper with, unless me meme something up radiated water.

So start bringing in the caffeine pills and coffee?

They're accepting Kale salads too. Even vaginas have to eat, can't just live on water alone.

Water would be obvious, need to get creative.

Fuck off FBI.

This is only funny in my eyes, they're just fucking hanging out at the airport like it means something. The only thing it's doing is showing how much time these morons have to waste, and how few of them work.

isn't there the risk that cooking the laxative would alter the laxative and make it actually dangerous?


These commies are transparent as fuck:

Given how the DHS is defying these traitorous cunts, I'd wager FBI would be for this as well in some manner.


Even better.

PCP. lel

Really fucking tempted to call that number and have a giggle.

Of course I jest ,CIA

1. Holla Forums arrives giving out free food injected with laxatives
2. at least a hundred servings
3. protestors need to go shit but there's only a limited amount of toilets
4. hilarity ensues.

They'd like all that. Just stick with the laxatives

Striking at them will only validate them. Let them have their fit and get over it.


You forgot step 2.5. clog all the toilets

Who's crazy enough to call in a bomb threat?
Leftists, that's who.

Okey, It can't be about sealed products.
Any "prepared" food can work, like Pizza, chinese, whatever. Maybe meme that some people in the chain are against the protest.
Other possible one, meme that there are people among them trying to mess with their food.

Poor maintenance, no one ever think of the workers stuck dealing with these faggots bullshit

These faggots are interfering with airport operations. DHS needs to gas them out of the terminals and kick them off airport property entirely.

Only one way to find out

They're paid protestors, reddit. This is their job for the next 8 years.

Forcing them to have to make a vetting process for who they allow food from would be glorious.

Or have a ban on certain groups of foods because of possible safety risks?

Fresh tweet. They sure are hungry.

I'm still confused as to why the airport police are allowing this. They clearly have no actual business to conduct, they're just loitering in the terminals, and now they are having fucking pizzas delivered. Whip out the batons and clear their bum asses out.

I think it's because these airports are city property and these are cucked cities.

Force them to ban ethnic foods because of personal health risks. Or their precious kale salads. Hit them where it hurts.

Actually this may be the entry point, lace the coffee with laxatives. Theres no seal to break on the cups and creamers can be added to mask the stuff, thus and easy way to hide it.

Bacon sammiches?

Or you could use a bar tending trick. Visine in the water.

Best plan is propagating rumours that the food is spiked

They might be city properties but I would imagine the Federal government has a great deal of leeway in determining what is and is not allowed to occur there. These are vital pieces of infrastructure. Air travel is difficult as it is now, these fags need to feel some pain.

Yes, poison people and break the law. That's a great idea.

This. Anything haram, but especially bacon and ham.

Pick one.

Did you ignore half the thread for a reason?

I don't know user. Tons of sand niggers at this thing.

Nah, I read it.

They're protesting in an airport terminal right? Don't they sell food in those places?

Or get a lot of Holla Forumsacks there and have them eat the supplies. When they complain, tell them you're communists and they're greedy capitalist pigs.


It's expensive as fuck and complete shit anyways. The just want someone else to fund their tantrum.

Leftist females will eat bacon. Pig hooves and intestines would send a clearer message.

Best one with coffee is to squirt hand sanitiser (although make sure it's the stuff with alcohol) in it. This happened in some UK prisons and they started get absolutely wasted on it because up to 98% proof so they had to remove it.

20 cups of coffee (hides the alcohol taste better than soft drinks) laced with that stuff and best part of that protest is going to be getting the hangover from hell.

Uou know, jimson weed grows all over the USA and the root could easily be ground in a coffee grinder and tossed in with coffee in the pot. Obviously, drinking this would make you hallucinate for a couple days, but it's cheap and fun to pass around and entirely organic.

Turning liberal burgers into Pajeet tier streetshitters.


Maybe let local homeless folks know there's a shitload of free food at the airport terminal? Freak out the snowflakes with the unwashed they hate so much and eat all of their food.

This is top fucking keks, also pisses them right off. When they occupied my uni in 2010 over student fees I showed up to their occupation continually just to eat lunch or dinner then fuck off home. Did it all week until they realised I didn't give a shit about their protest and was using for them for a free meal.

When they tried banning me I just robbed all the good shit and left them with only bread, plain cereal and some really shitty cheap biscuits left to eat.


This will also blind them for life.

Mention the fact that plastic bottles are porous when under pressure. So, make up a BS story how the bottles were infused with laxatives under pressure so it flows through the plastic. Say it was done in a pressure cooker for that added residual paranoia the media hit them with awhile back.

This could work. Maybe put up ads in the free section on Craigslist?

Bump for great idea

Visine is the way to go. From what I've heard in the past, they'll shit their guts out. Like this user said

And just like their disgusting mudslime counterparts, I bet you the area the protesters are will be disgustingly full of trash when they leave. We need pics of it to show how bad these protesters are to things around them.

DON'T poison their shit. If you're willing to do that then you might as well go up and stab them, you'll get in the same amount of trouble

and yes I'm 99% sure a laxative will be counted as poisoning

you know what to do.

Peepee poopoo
Get them to go to the loo
Poopoo peepee
With a lax in their coffee

Actually building off this, since the cops aren't making them leave, maybe playing up that it's basically a free shelter right now

It will be you dumb nigger.

Even better. I would personally recommend laxatives though. For real life shit posting.

They had a pizza party last night.

sounds kinda niggerish m8

Where's ISIS when you need them?

Really anything that forces them to have to vet or outright ban food or people is a win for us. The second we expose their hypocrisy they lose all momentum.

Having pizza with them.

dude, wtf… the airport just lets these fucking faggots move in and take over?

fuck, if I shell out hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket and some fucking low-t entitled protester gets in my face, I'm smashing someone's skull.

This has been debunked, look for Can't Cuck the Tuck

Would be counter-productive


Underrated. Maybe we could drop some leaflets at libraries hobos use for internet like:
Everyone Welcome!
(small letters: join the #muslimban protest)

Checking all these great digits


Coke doesn't do what you think it does.In terms of effect on your body and addiction potential it deserves to be classified a hard drug. In terms of actually 'high' it just makes you more energetic and happy. It wouldn't really ruin anyone's day.

Source: former degenerate

we CANNOT let these fuckers win.


one thing I've noticed is that these types of shits can't stop fucking feasting for 10 god damn seconds. They're either eating the fuck out of some junk food or clutching some overly sugared "coffee" or soft drink.


5. poopoopeepee is now real

Put an end to these protests quickly.

I do this with uni everything.
Shit's fun, sometimes I can pretend I'm even supposed to be there and get free shit even more easily.

Those oranges have given me an exquisite idea.



I like it. Inevitable second thread title confirmed.

How do we get niggers to show up? All it takes for a chimpout to start is a handful of niggers.

It would be interesting to hear from one of them what the fuck stuffing your face all day at the airport does for their "cause"… literally the most useless cunts going…


tell them about all the free stuff

Free KFC

post it on maybe?
just mention the free food

They probably socialize more then they protest, eating is just how to lighten the mood, and they do it constantly to keep themselves calm.


Milling around in a clean, modern air-conditioned structure and shouting is about as close to physical exertion or deprivation as these fags will ever get.


This niggas are going to catch salmonella all by themselves

Jesus Christ how new are you? These people are being paid by Soros to do this. Not attacking them is what will make it continue. They won't "get over" a solid wage for whining about Trump.

Ok this is making me mad now.

I know tbh, but leaving the leftist circle jerk with shit-tier food and draining their food fund was just too satisfying to pass up.


Why? They're not accomplishing anything.

Are any Shitstorm Poopers en route?

An innocent way to fuck them up is to hand out sugar free candy

The artificial sweeteners they use also act as laxatives

Spiking food with exlax will get you V&

Free chicken

We need an user with influenza to pop a few pain pills, go over there and cough on people

air travel is already fucking annoying as hell without a bunch of cucks getting in the way

oh shit thats a really good fucking idea

How many toilets are there even? If somebody were to dump laxatives and then immediately occupy all available facilities the situation would become quite compounded.

As for homeless/poo in loos, just nail fliers up in LA, tent cities galore. Couple teams could have the whole area covered in a weekend, the flood of shiteaters would be unreal.

someone dump a box of frogs on them

In the eyes of the law, that is not a prank. That is felony poisoning.

Wouldn't that make you vomit the laxatives right away before they can take effect?

How can we convince vegans to become the terrorist arm of white nationalism? I want to see hippie vegans and vegetarians shooting up kebab shops and halal slaughter houses.

Here use this pic. Say it's a protest to feed the local poor. Free pizza for them all.

Anti histamine for the vomiting

only if you're caught

this is a good idea. some san fran fags should go to the local homeless communities and tell them there are drunk women and free food at the protest.

Just phlegm all over the donations you give them.

Wouldn't it be great if we could get leftists to bus in bums/dindus as muh allies and riun everything by themselves? They need to learn a lesson.

True enough, though there is a stomache flu going around. Don't think there are any laws about going to a protest while sick.

This is FBI/LEO's new strategy, laxative foods, as lulzy as it may be, constitutes felony poisoning in most jurisdictions. Since FBI niggers goading violence is too damn obvious they are trying to bait us into jail with poopoopeepee. On the off chance any one ITT actually wants to try that keep in mind opsec failure = prison, and risk/benefit analysis is yugely negative unless you have nothing to lose, and if you have nothing to lose you might as well kill Jews instead of hand out laxatives, not that I condone any such violence.

So let me get this straight
These fucks are "protesting" against the rapefugee ban and Trump in general. But they're doing it by feasting on shit food, dancing and playing music in a busy international airport, and generally being retarded?

We can be more creative than that and totally eliminate the risk. If they get mobbed by homeless people it will fuck them up and no law could possibly interpret it as a crime. I don't really know if homeless people would be willing to travel to an airport though, also they mainly beg for crack money rather than food money

Welcome to leftism, where the results don't matter and only looking good on facebook and twitter counts

This, Haribo is technically a food product and it will hold up in court if they can't establish intent. Don't be obvious and insist that you were merely "bringing gummy bears" and it is a legally sound alternative to a felony poisoning conviction.

These work too


Half a shot of 200 proof won't get you wasted. You need half as much 200 proof as you do vodka to get wasted. Nobody gets wasted from two squirts of vodka, so nobody gets wasted from 1 squirt of hand sanitizer.

Of course, they haven't done shit before. Their weakness in trying this "peace and love" shit just shows that we would become another Sweden. Thank KEK that customs and Trump are in agreement.

"We need a ban on crazies until we know what the hell is going on."
Trump should start rounding these leftist up and dump them into insane asylums and prisons.

Homeless invasion is actually something of a perennial problem for the left.

If I recall it was a major weapon used by LEO to justify pushing hippie gatherings out of town back in the day.

#Shit4Islam #ResistTrump

It's an airport. You'll be on camera a million times over.

Every fucking one of these lame fucks looks like they have faults in their chromosomes.

okay, hobo invasion then

but how about gluten laced pizza labeled as gluten free?

Vegans tend to be turbo-cucks because they tend to eat too much feminizing soy.




Wouldn't make any difference - none of these pretentious faggots is actually allergic to gluten. 99% of them don't even actually know what gluten is.


Start tweeting with their hastags that Ebil Natzis! are planing on their websites to sending tainted food and water

This is the only good suggestion in the thread so far.

Is it possibly raining or cold in San Fran? I know most homeless shelters are usually full and overcrowded to allow most homeless from entering


problem solved

You could also give them dried fruits with high fiber, like prunes, raisins, and apricots. Bitches love prunes.

I thought this was only Seattle/ Dulles

Who's coming up with these names? You could have named it Bum Rush.

This, it's much more effective to do nothing but pretend we will and get them tangled in paranoia, than actually do it and get caught while feeding their narratives.
We don't need laxatives to make them shit themselves, all we need is FEAR


If you are going to do something this illegal, for fucks sake at least make it count.


San Francisco International Airport

Better yet, take part in their festivities and give yourself the lax while eating their hoard. Convince the problem people that X was poisoned, shouldn't be hard considering they're dumb like a sack of bricks.

Pretend to do their shitty chant and carry a big bow/box of these

fucking hell

This is a good idea. Just hand out little paper bowls with two serving to each and every one there. It'll be a few bags but they are pretty cheap.

As far as that goes, I'd imagine most of these food drops are actually organised someplace else and drove in by a small handful of people.

Better to just load them up on sugar free candy, soda, and coffee sweeteners though. Considering how illegal it is and how much kvetching the MSM would do if they heard about neo nazis poisoning "children and minorities".




How is the paki going to finger you? Do you niggers not use burners?

I actually think LARPing with a sock puppet on twitter about fears of poising by ebil natzeees would be just as effective though. As this user said

sorry I meant


Much better

Worse, it shows a lack of planning, foresight, and/or an unwillingness to prepare.

They even sell these things anymore?

Forcing others to eat laxatives is against the law, but there's nothing illegal about laxing yourself. So we build up a big scare online about possible attempts at food poisoning and laxatives, then some kamikaze anons go in and lax themselves to lend credibility to the threats. Lefties panic thinking they're under attack and eat themselves to death from the inside while anons point and laugh at their stupidity.


We need more gas.

There are airport protests going on in several cities.

This is the best idea so far. Completely legal, free, and will cause utter chaos.

his daughter is going to be Wadeing in poo soon enough

This is actually a really good idea if we can get the word out. How can we contact them though? It's not the homeless are likely to have computers.

Given the DHS telling Congress to sit and spin, I don't see Trump changing course on this any time soon.

My money's on one of the protest groups doing something stupid, like attacking a cop, then the airport gets locked down and SWAT/DHS start cracking skulls.

we did the same thing for HWNDU and a whole bunch of niggers showed up for that

All I see are muslims and liberals who live in gated communities, this is so pathetic it hurts.


If you really want to see some shit, send them some nasty Indian food. No need to lace it with anything either. Not to mention, they'll eat that shit up for being brown people's food.

Or even better send them some middle eastern food from a 1 star rated restaurant. They'll love that shit. I can see the tweets now:

Homeless use the computers in libraries, and word of mouth helps a lot.

I wonder how much of it will be thrown away/left to rot instead of gone to feed the homeless
because virtue signaling a protest is worth more points than feeding hungry citizens

I thought they named sfo protest becuase san fan's airport code is sfo my mistake

Wow you've never done drugs in your life huh?

These people are actually braindead aren't they

Curry and coffee a match made in heaven.

Holla Forums would be doing a public service to let the homeless know about their stockpile so they can raid it.

What logic is there to protesting at an airport, and why aren't the cops cracking skulls and removing them?

It could escalate into something like that. I'm thinking perhaps the DHS is just being merciful for two or three days, letting these cucks have their say - but will then drop the hammer and say disperse.

Goddamn it I should have guessed. Time to cleanse my state.

True. You can make them distrust their food by poisoning them, or you can make them distrust their food just out of fear of being poisoned. The second exposes you to less legal liability.

Right on the money friendo.

It's not just Dallas. Austin is well known as the gay capital of texas.

I'm aware of Autism, TX. I've often hoped it would burn to the ground.

That's a hilarious idea. Any scat fetishist degenerate anons willing to take one for the team? Bonus points if you explosively shit yourself in front of all of them.

Turns out they were using it by the bottle as a mixer..

try the brown pill board

Holy shit flood the protest with crazy homeless people. I mean most of the people there are probably already homeless, but the real crazies will be fighting for the last pizza crust.

laxxing yourself isnt as visual or provoking as ipicacing yourself
walk into the protest with a pizza and a thermos with ipecac in it
eat pizza, drink ipicac and wait 15 minutes need the food section ensuring people see you eat the pizza
be violently sick everywhere and shout you've been poisoned tbh

These selfish pigs are disgusting. They will be judged for this.

But hey, at least they are fighting the evil White fascist capitalist WASP corporate system or whatever.

Topkek. Turning "hey rabbi, whatcha doing?" on them.

fuckin laffed hard

reminds me of a communist cartoon showing fat pigs feasting while workers starve
ironic really if you consider how many marxists alone are in that photo

I'm sure all those proudly racist as fuck italian-america pizzeria owners are smug as hell right now.

/bold DO IT FAGGOT/bold

I think this is an opportunity, begging to be blessed by kek.

Why not comply with their pleas for help and send them paperbags filled with human feces, bottles of piss and a picture of pepe?

The protestitutes can go fuck themselves.

What the fuck are you doing?

Fritz the Cat?

pasting a picture

that's how u do it here right guys?


fuck these libtard fucking cucks, because of there bullshit I had to wait like 40mins to be picked up at the airport.

dunno maybe
probably not though

liberals protest by helping to stimulate our Glorious Leader's economy

Thank you liberals for making MAGA again

it's not really ironic so much as it confirms that their need to portray everything with food analogies is just their gluttony speaking.

The thing that really pisses me off about these damned pizza eating protesters is the price. Holy shit, these fucks are dropping $20 a piece for a pizza that will feed what, four people? Do you know how many loafs of bread and basic shit like peanut butter and sammich meat all that cash could buy? It's just goddamned wasteful with no real sense of proportion or forward thinking. Fuck I hate these overprivileged, big city dwelling morons.

So why aren't we sending homeless people their way? Even better, ghetto nigs and mexicans. They love free stuff.

Would it be possible to blockade their supply lines somehow?

How about we also lace it with Viagra

to these safespaced fucks what they're doing is basically a virtue signaling smell your own farts party

The Rothschilds just print more money, devalue your savings, and their protestitutes continue to buy whatever they like.

It's probably just a money laundering scheme.

As other anons have pointed out, poisoning people is a yuge crime.

I don't think most of these people have the skills to make their own food

No. They are not human and you should not view them as such. Take what you need and leave them in the cold. Those low-T faggots won't stop you.

No. Visine is more likely to cause criminal charges.

but theres nothing against publicly poisoning yourself and putting fear into them


Maybe, but if you got caught I have no doubt at all that some ACLU lawyer would try to get you in court on charges akin to yelling 'FIRE' in a theater.





It was a joke.

Even if that happened, I'd consider it a win.

Send in the leparacy

If they can't figure out how to slather peanut butter on a piece of bread then they deserve to starve to death

Here's an idea why not get someone who is sick (stomach would be best bug) to sneeze on the food?
It would take a day or 2 but most of the "protestors would go home"


how would you get caught?
wear a marxist t-shirt and get a like minded user to pick you up before the paramedics take you away

We don't need more of the sumbitches.

Use crushed cherimoya seeds. Thank me later

What about dressing up as an Ebola-chan cultist?

Fill waterballoons with liquid ass.

record and post for kek

Checked for the evil truth!

How about some kind of counter-protester defensive force to shield innocent red blooded american travelers from these faggots?

if you were gonna do that why not go all the way
catch a plane ticket to sierra leone find a WHO tent and go count dracula on a withering dying nignog
then go back to the protest and start using everyones sleeping bag as a snot and wank tissue


This is the most convoluted form of biological warfare I have ever seen.

Sprinkling it on the pizza like parmesan and offering them the pizza is not "forcing."


im organised an even more convoluted plan to effectively spread Ebola to a developed nation as part of an exercise tbh
you can do it with anywhere between 10 and 20 goons and about $15,000

Trump doesn't live in New York anymore, who else lives there that we'd care about?

You wouldn't put the laxative on the pizza at the airport. You'd do it somewhere else and then bring it to the airport

the sentence sprinkling it on pizza like parmesan made me envisage a guy sprinkling some smegma on a vegan supreme

You could put posters saying food gibs in the airports on the subway, metro,bus or train. Nogs and the homeless use the public transportation as their only means of transportation

White american citizens maybe?

Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds have LSA in them which is similar to LSD these are legal can be bought at most flower stores and all you need is 10 seeds which are tiny and you are fucked. They can be crushed and put into any food. Remember to scrap the outside of the seed before use because the outside contains strychnine which is toxic.

start phoning homeless shelters and tell them theres all you can eat free pizza and soda for anyone at the airport tbh


either would be effective
This is a brilliant tactic when combined with the memes it will induce mind warping levels of paranoia

To be fair, there aren't that many in Jew York City worth keeping, but there's plenty outside JYC.

Oh fuck, reminded me of this

I for one staunchly oppose giving people drugs against their will on moral grounds, legal arguments aside. That shit just isn't right man.


I'm just fantasising.

uh oh. I know movies. I know what oranges mean.

you really think they're going to share one pizza amongst four people?

I just remembered something.

Tamarind is a delicious natural laxative that tastes something like sweet tea. Don't believe the horrible candy that spics turn it into, it really is very good. You could probably hand it out to leftists and they'd gobble it up. You wouldn't actually be poisoning them or spiking their food with anything, just giving them some tasty natural fruit :^) is this shit fruit? I don't even know

Crush the fucking cherimoya seeds dammit! It blends in with the spices and will yield highly desired effects

Luckily mudshit attacks always have explosions. I don't think their leadership even gives much of a shit about killing a few of us besides for PR. Even if most of them are complete dumbasses there's no way not one thought about biowarfare.

It's 6 cheese pizza, parmesan is on top!

The same artificial substitute is in Red Vines. Problem is you have to way overeat them to get the diarrhea.

I don’t now movies. What do they mean? You give them for Christmas in a stocking and whack people with a bag of them if you don’t want to leave a bruise, but that’s it.

Ipecac anyone?
Vid related

Dropping a few harmless stink bombs from joke shops could do some wonders but then again, it's leftists. I imagine they stink to high levels already and won't notice.
I also think it'll cause too much of a backfire if a joke stink bomb in an airport ends up being treated as a serious case and could potentially put anons in trouble.

I hate how many white people are here.

Kek wills it!

If lax lacing is illegal we just need to get half a dozen anons to go to the airport, eat a bunch of pizza, then all ipecac themselves and vomit the pizza in front of everyone.

My fucking sides. Especially that review at the top.

Disrupting transportation is a major issue. Trump will push their shit in accordingly.

Is there any way to flip that on them?
Any loophole, regulation, anything about disrupting an airport or something?

Looks more like a bean. Those look like seed pods.

Hope Trump continues to set the example by not letting these pissbabies have their way.

These are libshits we're talking about, they typically don't have self control.
Another idea would be to give them MREs. Doesn't matter the variety, considering that they either plug you up like a prison bitch or make you piss out of your asshole.
Pair that with excessive coffee and aspartame candy consumption and we could have a successfully designated shitting street at almost every major American airport.

They won't eat MREs. No way. That's too military and they don't like that at all.

lel good point…

Call up a pizza place and get them to put sausage slices under the cheese, you can't see it and the vegan/muslims we be fucked. Easy. Paranoia kicks in and they start checking pizzas and shit.

Feed them one of obama's school lunches…. that will make them sick.

I hope some anons are actually carrying out the ideas posted in this thread. I want them to shit everywhere. Oh man this is gonna be fun.

Wait until the disruption costs the airlines money.

you just have to remove the packet and make it ready before entering the airport they won't notice that's an mre

They're just eating fucking junk and drinking bottled water. Every time they protest, paid/organized or """not""", it always just looks like a big party for them. They don't actually care. I know I'm preaching an old sermon to a jaded choir, but fuck.

It is all constipating. Soldiers don't have time to shit. That is what the gum is for. It is a laxative.

Fuck, you guys in America have so much food and you feed your kids this? (I know, it's Socialist Obama's fault, but still, this is outrageous and starve-worthy).

I was laughing so much my mother came down to the basement to complain.
This could be a poo poo pee pee pepe comic. Not a drawfag, but I can try.

It's not against their will, they'll gladly eat anything if it comes with shitty pizza (no pun intended). Besides they're taking drugs on daily basis anyway.

Ive eaten better looking meals from a streey vendor in Laos and that only cost me 15 cents a bowl

Didn't they solve that in modern versions?
While US military rations still rate poorly, they're not as bad as they used to be

Even worse, Mooch's food flunkies would take food you sent with the kids if it didn't meet their "standards".

Point taken, just spitballing ideas.
You could angle it as a solidarity thing though. Say that veterans/preppers/whatever agree with their little protests and they may eat them.

Processed foods also can have a binding effect on the GI tract, especially soy-based ones. at least that's my experience Other constipation foodstuffs should be looked into, as they're effects are typically slower to activate and don't count as poisoning. Besides, it could rupture a few faggots' colons, which is lethal.

Has that fish still got skin on it?
It doesn't even looked cooked

Did the person know they were taking the substance?
No? Then it's against their will and you have poisoned them.

Anything in a normal person's fridge is better than school food…

We should really get on it. If they start fighting over food, I'll have a good laugh.

Hence the quotes. Those niggers really tried to genocide whites.

Did you know you're a faggot?

How many sugar free gummy bears does it take to shit yourself? I have heard stories about those things.

If Trump changes the food back to what it used to be, kids will revere him and he will secure himself and his family a following for years to come.

When I was in elementary school primary for non-burgers we had the nastiest school lunches. They used to serve nachos on Thursdays and the cheese could be picked up out of the tray whole, rolled into a ball, and bounce like a superball.

I went to an Anglican school in England and we got meatballs, fresh veg, lamb burgers, fries, sausages, hashbrowns, flapjacks and mashed potato for lunch
that was the free school dinners too
if you were hungry all you had to do was line up again and get more
always cooked properly and tasted good
ive eaten free meals in a Sikh gurdwara before
which is vegetarian indian food made by volunteers in an indian temple basement
even that looked better than that shit

If it makes you feel any better I am sure some of those "White" people are kikes.


Considering "Obamacare" has a precedent, he could name some education-related effort in his name. If I was a kid that got from socialist prison food to decent food, I would remember that.

Russian schools have a better food rations then this.

Because I don't want anons to go to prison?

lad i think the care packages the UN airdrops over AIDS infested stretches of desert in Africa have better quality food in it than what Obama was feeding american kids by the look of it

He needs to mandate pizza sticks, grilled cheese, and cheeseburgers with non shitty vegetables (broccoli, corn, green beans, peas). Having a high protein/carb/fat entree is fine because those little fuckers are going to burn it off during recess. And let them have chocolate milk, for the love of christ.

what about feeding them plastic rice?

Brazil has better school food than that.


As if people who can afford transcontinental air-flight somehow cannot pay for basic necessities when they land
fucking idiots, they bring shame upon the whole bay area

What in a cup?

In order to be a vegan you have to be an insane cuck first so that's not going to happen.


Spicy foods sometimes make you have diarrhea or have stomach pains all day. Perhaps someone could bring some jalapenos or something spicier to the protest

Third world countries have better food than this. Their tribal schools or whatever at least have a proper cook making the food fresh and on-site for their children.
Obummer's mandatory K-12 breadlines are criminal.

looks like rice and veggies, curried meat and some sort of porridge
any day of the week

some rare pepes?

Some more protest images.


We could make their protest


Can we send them a bunch of dildos or something better like they did to the people protesting their land being burned down?

Why not get Jamie Oliver involved again?
Assuming he doesn't collapse in tears at the thought of trying to get Americans to not eat shit. Again.

they'd probably end using them in some sort of protest
dragon dildos for drumpf or something equally inane and degenerate

Fuck, this might be the best idea. Just furnish them with spicy food and Mountain Jew then just sit back and watch as their lack of self control dooms them.

I remember one neighborhood family who was a vegans but later start eating meat because vegetarian diet cost to much. Maybe he is a jew or just a sane person ?

HOL UP, is this a situation where the deployment of furries would be useful?
Someone send in the furnazis to piss people off.

They are to busy jerking himself.

Sugar free candy is a good idea, so are salty foods. Make them burn through their water supplies more quickly, people start getting dehydrated, bad times all around. The homeless idea is great-many of them are mentally ill, so if one of them goes crazy and starts shit-riot in the airport is a federal crime, like when they rioted on inauguration day. Even a little bit of misery will shut these fuckwits up.

General problem there are to much protesters to poison all or even 1/10 of food. And i fear they are just throw this food away and buy/bring a new.

This is honestly the best idea all thread

Give them comically overspicy mexican food to burn their water away. I'm talking stuff like a whole large bottle of fire sauce dumped into some shit chili wrapped in stale tortillas

No poisoning, just using pre-packaged foods that are clearly not tampered with. Your point is right though, they throw the food away and get new stuff. That can be used against them in the media, pointing out their gluttony and insensitivity. Not to mention, disinformation can further both of our points by making them so paranoid they throw everything out or just don't eat.

Learn how to use this site or go back to cuckchan.

It works out nicely for them I'd imagine.

Oh look it's the veganfag again. Are you going to start posting your nigger bull again?

Not the smartest of ideas. It would be just as effective to fake it, run into the bathroom and start shitting while acting like you were exlaxed.

Better idea: just throw the food there on the ground. You'll piss some people off, maybe jabbed, they get maced by the police.

Agitating the one-world marxist retards is infinitely more beneficial.


Die Juden, dipshit. You always use the feminine pronoun for plurals.

Even my cat eat meat. Cure yourself faggot.

Or hey, laxatives and shit.

Get a bloodpack in your mouth, bite into an apple that's been donated, scream with pain and get rushed away a bloody mess babbling about razorblades in apples.

If it was me personally I'd make an absolute mess if the bathroom since I'm with that group. Its all in the game of convincing, if I decided to throw my SS gear on and state their food poisoned me it wouldn't be very convincing but if I'm done up like them and leave an actual mess the lovely airport staff are going to be pissed as said protesters.


"Die" is not the feminine article in this case. It is the plural article.

Exactly, that is hardly illegal and it would easily cause panic and dissent among the ranks. Even if people spot it as a fake, there will be those who question it. Make them start accusing one another-discord is bitch.


fuck up the plumbing …flush rags and rubbish to stop up the toliets… move values etc. steal & or empty soap dispensers and paper ( take all their toilet paper).

no toilet paper for bolsheviks!

And get arrested for stealing… great idea. Just add a little lax in everything what you can reach. Thats all.

Nice try, FBI. Aren't you supposed to be going after sHillary and generally be on our side now?

you could flush toilet paper or at least get it wet…

Also a verb.

Best point made in this thread. So true.


We need soldiers to get to the bathrooms

and take all the toilet paper.




or at least dump water on toilet paper… would you use wet toilet paper? No and no one can say you were stealing…

KGB do pranks?

While it'd be funny to make them shit themselves, no reason to risk going to jail for a prank.

Better idea: Make them think they're going to be poisoned by trolls.

put bacon grease in everything subtly

salads should have a dressing with pig fat in it

They will be shitter-shattered

This. Make them paranoid, make them panic, make them distrust one another, create discord, and maybe…just maybe…one of them will do something incredibly stupid which leads to them kicking off a riot in an airport. Federal crime, federal fines, federal time.


bring a fuck ton of pork products

hah hahaha

fucking muslim acceptance while consuming pork

Just disrupt the toilet paper

People gota take that shit sometime

As pointed out, poising people is a crime, don't do that.
We go for the placebo effect. Make a thread like this on 4chan, If it is not there already, and say you are going to, or just came back from fucking with their food.
REPORT 'evidence' to news website and twitter
People think they are poisoned, have been drugged, hilarity ensues.

We know.
We are creating a story here.
You gototo halfchan and do it.
I'm banned over there

A little diarrhea will be tossed o a fluke of fate, some food turned sour. Using a more traditional poison would do more to drive fear into them. Give them cause to distrust their fellow "allies" and the movement will lose momentum.

So what exactly would constitute enough of a crime to have the skull-cracking squad burst into here? You don't fuck around with airport security

I feel like ordering them some catering with all pork dishes but I'm not rich

is there a way to lock the bathrooms? so that no one can get in then apply super glue to the lock so that keys won't fit?


Label the sandwiches as being turkey or beef. See how many of them are smart enough to tell the difference.

Add some LSD for top kek

It's really much like how we caused many feminists to become wary of trusting anyone over social media as genuine by using their comments about 'womyn' and socjus ourselves. Made many of them become even more insular and paranoid that everything was some vast right wing conspiracy.


Conversely, consuming too much magnesium typically causes diarrhea as the body attempts to excrete the excess. High magnesium foods include dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and more. The current daily value (DV) for magnesium is 400mg.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

scopolamine or datura would be hilarious.

That high creeps up where they wouldn't realize they are high, but they just start acting crazy and go completely nuts for a day or a few days if it's a lot. Plus the high is not enjoyable at all. And datura is plentiful, only you would need to find some way to mask the bitterness…

anyone remember that thread on /k/ where some user supposedly put cum into his cookies?

just sayan, maybe these people need some chan culture

I remember that twas hilarious
maybe they could all try a yum yum cocktail

You mean the brownies for the Tripfags?

yeeesh, thats the thread yea. God making that for the protestors would be hilarious. Try to find one of the prominent groups and then send them pictures like those in the thread kek.

KEK approves this message.

send them birth control paraphernalia and a message saying don't reproduce there are enough retarded leftists already.


Checked. That is exactly right. When they become insular and paranoid, they trust only those in their group, and even that is tenuous. They will become less likely to form alliances, and be viewed with even more distrust by the public at large. If we are to destroy these degenerates we have to make them consume themselves. It weakens them and to be honest, it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Send them job applications then?

Clog them with cement mix, fam
takes a crane to get them out

What about bath-salts?

Buy a bunch of bugs / mice from the pet store and dump a box of it on thier food. They might actually start a stampede and trample each other to death.

Hahaha! Yes

if you don't give a shit about yourself…. scream "He has a gun" or a bomb during the protest….

You could say you thought they did an honest mistake..

Just let them loose around them.
The nu-males and women will remove themselves faster than you can say poverty.

what about a glass jar full of bees/wasps?
Or fuck, what about a passerbyer leaving caltrops behind so that these fucks end up stepping in it?

Shit yeah you can buy bugs from pet store. You can buy rats too…

Do bath salts actually do anything if you eat them?

is that even a fish? looks like a pickle

You used to be able to order from chinkland "bathsalts" and "research" chemicals in which you could get high off of.

Who's supplying them with food? Anyway we can find out?

I wonder if we could order large amounts of pigs feet, heads and have it sent to them.

That handwriting looks just like my friend's

Maybe. Thats why you put the ipecac in the donated pepto bismol.

Just slip some razor blades or ground up glass into the food.

These fucking faggots will do anything except work for free shit….

Or rat poison

My grandmother was vegetarian and my grandfather vegan for around 30 years, full on hippies.

Now they eat meat because they realize that having a balanced diet of both meat and vegies is the way to go. They said they feel healthier with more energy and don't need to eat as much anymore.

for some people 4 or more

What you guys should do is wear MAGA hats and feed them. Get someone to record you.

It's a win/win. If they throw it away, they look like irrational assholes to normies. If they begrudgingly eat it, then it makes you guys look good.

Shall Ebola Chan show them her love through the generosity of strangers? I don't condone it, but her love reaches beyond the boundaries of consent. I'm sure her devotees have some affection stored away.

It's always the fat bitches.

Sugar free candy is a good idea, so are salty foods. Make them burn through their water supplies more quickly, people start getting dehydrated, bad times all around. The homeless idea is great-many of them are mentally ill, so if one of them goes crazy and starts shit-riot in the airport is a federal crime, like when they rioted on inauguration day. Even a little bit of misery will shut these fuckwits up.>>9045868

We can only hope. If one of those dumb bastards has the flu or CDIFF things will get real fun real quick,

That's fucking stupid


lol you didn't understand

He's telling you that "Die" is the German pronoun for "Juden", because "Juden" is plural.

"Die Juden" = The Jews.

He's not saying "Die, Juden!"


You have to be a real moron to protest something that isn't even real.


At my school, the students all get free gigantic lunches, and I'm in the USA too, so idk what that's about.


(((They))) say this plant was fed to concentration camp prisoners

Should we meme a visit from ISIS? Would kill two birds with one stone; ridding us of the subhuman filth and proving a point about the ban.

Where's Hugh Mungus when you need him


Why not cyanide?


You should see the airport of the saudis, totally filled with sand and you can't even get through a terminal without bribing the security guy. We're talking about people that don't use deodorant that smell leave trash everywhere and live in a barbarous country This is the scum-of-the-earth trying to radicalize our country but we're not going to let it happen and I'm so glad that have Trump because he understands that.

Send them poisoned food.
Like, filled with laxatives or something.
Send them condoms that are pierced, water with salt in it, etc etc etc.