1. Lana Lokteff is very likely Jewish on her father's side. Her father's full name is Ruben Joseph Lokteff. Both 'Ruben' and 'Joseph' are Hebrew names, and I've never heard of a non-Jewish male with the first name of 'Ruben.' Also, the Russian surname suffix 'eff' is very similar in form to the Russian-Jewish surname suffix 'off,' so it's probably just a variation. This would mean that Lana Lokteff is at least half-Jewish. Note that her hair isn't actually blonde - she dyes it. Also note that Lana does look Jewish in the face - she has slightly crossed eyes which is a common physical feature among Jewish women (Barbara Streisand is a perfect example of this phenomenon). JOSEPH LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6

2. Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren are employed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. They are U.S. military intelligence agents/assets. Therefore Red Ice Productions is a de facto military intelligence operation run by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. The evidence that Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren are connected to the U.S. Dept. of Defense is contained in seven images which I will attach to the next post in this thread. The images are largely self-explanatory.

Other urls found in this thread: LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6 LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6 077




3. There are two newspaper articles in the New York Times that mention two of Lana Lokteff's possible family relatives in connection with their efforts in assisting Russian emigres (probably Jewish) in moving to and resettling in the United States. The occupational activities mentioned in connection with these two individuals strongly suggests that these individuals were/are working with the C.I.A. or some other U.S. Govt. intelligence agency in some capacity. This would mean that Lana Lokteff comes from a U.S. Govt. intelligence family (a similar situation to Alex Jones).

It has been impossible for the city, already struggling with growing unemployment, to digest this huge and sudden influx. Few of the immigrants speak English well, and most have been unable to find work and are on welfare, said Nadia Lokteff, who offers social services through the local branch of World Relief.

Some attribute the immigrant influx to the shortwave radio religious broadcasts that for years were transmitted to the Soviet Union from Sacramento by a few earlier refugees. One of them, Michael Lokteff, president of the Slavic Community Center and whose radio ministry, Word to Russia, dates to 1972, said a more important factor was the relationship he and others formed with American churches to offer housing and other help for refugees. We prepared a network of people who were able to receive the first refugees quite well, said Mr. Lokteff, whose family was sponsored by a Sacramento family in 1950. There was a welcome mat.'''' LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6 LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6

How did the rapefugees get in then?

Gee, Shlomo, up to your typical tricks again?

Another COINTELPRO? This is getting tiresome.

My great grandfather's name was Ruben and was 100% not jewish.

they did a pretty shit job if it's true

Fucking who?

Any rightwing group outside of Holla Forums should be considered controlled opposition by default, especially groups involving namefags.

Sorry, you are jewish now, Shlomo.

FWIW they used to run basic bitch conspiritard shit before people really started talking about the jewish problem and the effects of mass immigration

Who the fuck is this? Trust me, I'm not defending jews in the US government, but if you search through the employee list with a fine-tomb comb of course you'll find jews. We live in modern day Weimerica.

Who is this cunt and why should I care about her?

Where is this demonstrated?

How, exactly?

I don't watch youtube shows

Daily reminder that Lana Lokteff is the one who did the interview with that 'Renegade Jew' which started this most recent round of TRS drama. They came to defend her interview if you remember.

Also, I want some serious answers from OP here. Let's assume this is true just for fun. With that assumption, how did you figure this out? What made you reverse google image search the cat in particular? Did you pour through every picture available, finding no angle until you sutmbled upon the cat picture?

This is important even if true, because that is not typical Holla Forumsack behaviour. That is a concerted effort with no reward in sight, no current drama, and no flow of laughs to keep you going. Very suspicious that you would put this much work into it, even though she shilled for muh based jews.

So you have nothing, more or less?

holy shit, they imported a cat from America to Sweden? This proves they are Jewish shills! Holla Forums was right again!!! 1488!!

Exactly right. I know that I would be ruined if I used my real name here. But these other people seemingly use their real names without any harm coming to them? They're protected. Normal people like us can't get away with that.

At this stage in the game, anybody using their real name is controlled opposition.

It proves they're idiots. Dogs > cats.

Fuck off Moishe.

The evidence you've provided so far is rather flimsy, but I appreciate it. The connections that Red Ice has nowadays is questionable, and I'm especially suspicious of Lana.

The thing about them being able to bring their cat to Sweden doesn't automatically suggest they are working for the government. I used to be a regular listener to Red Ice and I recall them talking about how difficult it was to get their cat into the country. So at least they had to spend a lot of effort to do it. However if they did use this Happy Trails company to do it, and it is a military relocation company that is sort of suspicious. Yet could civilians be able to use it as well?

Like Donald Trump?

Yep, Holla Forums went full retard again.

No, 'not typical Holla Forumsack behaviour' is to go to bat for a likely fed asset in an attempt to stop a dig.

Except it's not just a military relocation company. Look at the screenshot, they do non-military relocations. So OP has nothing.


But this too.

I watched a video where Lana interviewed a qt white science fiction author. I'm CIA now.

Nothing here states they're a federal asset, though. They used a pet importation service that also does it for the military. That proves nothing.

This much is true. It's a good angle but not conclusive.

He wasn't alone.

Shill 1 disgrees with shill 2. Whichever you believe, they win.

pic related

If it were, TRS would have been doxed long ago. The dox only started to flow when Holla Forums realized the lolcow potential.

"Stop" a dig? This "dig" has already went to pet photos and returned basically fuck all. It got stopped by the wall of reality, and the OP is trying to get what he can out of this regardless.

You make it too easy to push the meme that we see an organized campaign by state actors meant to split up the pro-white movement, when we shilling, doxing and mudslinging all at once.

Thanks anyway.

Good angle for what? OP made an outrageous claim and provided no evidence, just conclusions he wants to force. I'm far more sceptical of him than the pot smoking LARPers at Red Ice.


Hi Sinead. Nice thread you have made.
Thanks for ever more D&C. Who will you attack next?

They upload to youtube as well but have their own website. Her Swede boyfriend or husband does most of the actual work, looks like.

Why are you so upset about it then?

Is Sinead still mad that Lana is prettier than her? This is why women should stay out of politics, they turn it into high school.

That's right. Red Ice Radio converted literally overnight from a UFO/paranormal/conspiracy show into a white nationalist/alt-right show. Such an abrupt and complete change in focus is another sign of an intelligence operation.

Sinead is a hateful person, and Lana comes off as likable, I bet it drives her mad

An aryan man has a duty to the truth. OP made a claim he could not substantiate, and should retract it.

I have relatives named Ruben. Danish and not jewish.

shoo shoo TRS kun

Shoo shoo you Jew poo.

nice try schlomo

My crazy conspiracy theory is that Red Ice started to get subverted when Henrik, creator of Red Ice, married Lana. I think it was around 2012. I think Lana is some sort of enemy agent and Henrik is a pussy who is being used by her. But this is just my hunch.

Sinead's continued existence is proof that bad things rarely happen to the right people.

That's why I mentioned it. When I first saw some of their content linked I thought it was alright in that it had a message that was essentially true and then I checked their archives and it was crazy conspiracy shit so either they are a paid shill op or like a lot of the conspiracy people they found something that's actually a real out-in-the-open conspiracy that the horrible ebil racist rednecks and internet nazis were right about all along and hopped onto the emerging bandwagon to run with it. Hard to say.

Yes but as far as I know Lana has not even reproduced and will probably reach an age where it's impossible soon. She doesn't really look like a jew but who knows.

Henrik uses really bad body language in his pic on Red Ice, it always seemed off to me. I always found Lana to be weird looking, though that's not really proof of anything other than possibly inbred genetics

Nice try, Chaim

op is a kike

None of those photos have earlobes and she dyes her hair. Let's see the earlobes.

Question, what is there such a vociferous Red Ice defense force here? Same people who overlapped with TRS in that whole debacle. Seems a bit fishy.

They're both butt ugly hags.

I agree, the body language is odd.

Or OP is just getting called out on being wrong.

I don't have any earlobes does that make me a Jew?

Yes, they supposedly do non-military relocation. But look at the direct link on the Happy Trails website for the image of Lana's and Henrik's cat:

OP's a genius.

He's essentially mastered the art of posting an Holla Forums-esque looking OP for info dumping but made it long enough that the average Holla Forumsack will not read, and will thus assume the evidence is already there justifying the headline when supported with images, (even when they're just images of a cat), and the articles themselves have irrelevant specifics that have no fathomable connection. Either this is the end result of constantly searching for conspiracy of OP is the meme magacian of his time.

Holy shit, I bet it is Sinead: take another look at the OP.

Who else but a woman would say something like this? Most white people arent blonde, and some jewish genestealers are actually blonde. This is just an incredibly out of place bitchy comment.

To be fair, their testimony is on the 'non military' part of the testimonial site

Seems to be, I remember listening to Red Ice when Hendrik was the only host and their content was more /fringe/y type stuff. Then Lana showed up and started shilling (((trsodomites))) and Implicit Dick. No cohencidence there, move along now people.


Alright. Let's do this people!


Yes, I noticed that. But when you view the image of the cat, it's on the military testimonies section of the site. So that's pretty conclusive, I would say.

Because we're deebly goncerned by the D&C. Maybe the targets of the D&C ARE shills. But maybe those who start those D&C threads are shills attacking good white nationalists. Threads like this with absolutely no proof are suspicious.

I have my suspicions about many figures but I think these threads are counter productive and encourage paranoia and division among WNs.

I don't know about conclusive, but interesting.

Anyone with half a brain doesn't trust any of these hucksters anyway so it's not like it matters. What matters is the truth, and that's that kikes need gassing.

She has a Jewish face. You're being thrown off by the fake blonde hair.

She's a Russian Jew. She admits the Russian part, but not the Jewish part.

A huge percentage of Russian immigrants to the United States are Jewish.

Sinead from firestarter media is obviously the OP.

If OP was involved in exposing Kike Eunuch then looks as if OP is probably right about Lana as well

Lana Lokteff dyes her hair blonde for the same reason that half-Jew Milo Yiannapoulos dyes his hair blonde and partial-Jew Geert Wilders dyes his hair blonde.

Get it?

fuck off antifa/suverter/whatever the fuck you are globalist scum

I like Sinead, I think she's too crazy to be actually controlled OP.

So bad, he's clearly not comfortable or projecting any confidence. And this is the photo he chooses to represent him on the front page.

ugh, that terrible bleached hair. Someone take pic #3 and shoop her natural hair color on it and then we'll have a better look, her nose looks questionable there

no, thats the opposite of how it works

This board is cancer now. Seriously abandon it.

Look at the images. It seems they used a service reserved only for US military personnel to transport their cat to Sweden.
Pretty suspicious I have to say, but I'd like to see more proof.

You can fuck off, nobody is holding you back.


Sinead doesn't even understand how chans work. In one of her videos she linked to a cuckchan thread about Kike Enoch, she can't into archives ffs.

Unless she got extensive plastic surgery she doesn't really look like a jew, or is less than 1/4.

In any case these guys aren't even that well-known or popular so at most all they could be doing is harvesting data on people who donate to them or visit their site.

Earlobes make you Jewish?

i'm telling you people, jews steal white names, why do you think they have so many names ending in stein, berg, mann, blatt, baum, feld, etc.?

So I'm a super Aryan?
I claim the purest of Waifu's.

Pay attention, or do you want to look foolish? It very clearly states on that website the service they used to import a cat from USA to Sweden is reserved for US military personnel. No civilian could import a cat with that organization.

Is it just me or does Lana look like Ryan Gosling wearing a wig?

I see it.

She isn't controlled op, she is just insane. The government will hire marxists, pedophiles, jews, and every other type of criminal, both gross and subtle, but it would never hire Sinead.

No, this is ours, and we will gas every shill that makes the mistake of posting here.

certain types (lower iirc) are much more common in jews, it's not conclusive but would add to or take away from the argument

The Leaf Problem

Jews have "bat ears", pointy up top with big floppy earlobes. Alternatively "mouse ears" or more appropriately "rat ears".

Never heard of her but I like the cat.

I just assume everyone (especially the women) is a paid diversion/subversion/COINTELPRO agent or a faggot/Jew from the very start.

I've never ever been right so frequently in my life.

Retarded much? The "proof" is that the URL of the image of their cat is in the folder for military services. So either they work for the US military and were relocated to Sweden as part of their job, or somebody put that image in that folder incorrectly. Perhaps they simply never bothered to make a different folder for testimonials, so they just put all testimonials in the military-testimonials folder because seriously, why do you even need separate folders for separate testimonials if you only have one page for testimonials? The evidence is suggestive but inconclusive

I like the fact that she actually has a gun and she's willing to shoot kikes who try to fuck with her kid.

Yes, Ashkenazi Russian Jews are a highly inbred population.

That's still disappointing, I didn't trust them, especially after the "muh based jew" but I still liked some of their stuff.

You're right, until there's more proof there's not much we can do, unlike with TRS where we actually caught them multiple time.

That is my impression as well. Before that though, they were into anarchism and lolbertarianism, and moved onto the Alt-Right. Much like TRS.

Sinead was the ex gf of the Celtic Rebel, a former associate of Kyle Cuck. She was doxed a long time ago and from my recollection nothing significant came up as a result other than she had a failed career as a pop singer.

Oh shit, you're right.

But I'm still a Super Aryan right?

And also, may I just suggest that it seems hilariously absurd that the US military would give clearance to this company to publish the names of undercover agents on their website for everyone to see… or that these people would use their real names to begin with. What in the name of fuck would be the point of that?

They moved to the Aut-Right and backed TRS because so much of it is just lolbergs LARPing as fascists and National Socialists.

The same 3 faggots as usual have already started posting so I'll excuse myself. It's so painfully obvious that it's the same small group pushing this shit day in day out.

uh, you don't get to bring cats.

sure thing, champ

Siberian forest cats are better cats. They act kind of like dogs.

Holla Forums in many ways did this too to be fair, just years before anyone else. Ron Paul lolberg stuff ended fast once he lost, but auditing the fed is still a good idea since it's essentially one of the most powerful entities in the world..

Lana and Hendrik are also long time friends with the jew hippie cult leader Friedman who was the poor man's david icke/alex jonestein back in the mid to late 2000's.

Use an image manipulation program to replace the fake blonde hair with black/brunette hair and you'll immediately see that she's Jewish.

Lana Lokteff's dyed fake blonde hair is literally a military psy-op that she's using against her target audience.



I dislike the fact that she insists the earth is flat and if you don't believe it you are a kike shill. Also, she is a feminist, has a few too many coloured "friends" for my liking, and somehow manages to be involved in all drama at one point or another.

The gun is cool, though.

What's funny is Lana made her FB profile private after she found out I made that screencap Lel.

I know an Christian ethnically Chinese guy living in Malaysia who's name is Reuben. I can guarantee he's not a jew.

Care to elaborate?

Next you'll say that's natural blonde hair.

Reminder that the OP is the ugly hag in webm related

Does it mean we're in for another night of the long dildos ?

Reminder that this audio was edited down and released on the TRSodomite forum after she said something mean about Molyjew.

this all seems like a very organic accusation


It looks as if that might be the case.

Shit does seem plausible. I've only watched 1 red ice stream and I found her insufferable, she was really trying to fit in and over sell her political views. I always though red ice were a bunch of try hards.


I know who Freeman is. Do you have evidence of him being Jewish? He does look fairly Jewish though, but do you have something besides that?

Personally I can't stand Sinaids but good on her for calling out Molyjew and these faggots.

It's his first name, his last name is chinese

dubs confirm
Too many spooks(both kinds) everywhere.

both those examples have the earlobe attached, is that a common feature?

He worked in hollywood. That's one red flag,

nice revisionism, kike

who is this and who cares

There are only two ways you would realistically know about this. You are either from TRS, or you are from Renegade. If we combine that with your previous post, you are either from Renegade, or your are from TRS pretending to be from Renegade.

Whichever it is, stop shilling, Shlomo. The fact that you are here says a lot about this thread.

For a board full of spics, niggers, gooks, arabs, kikes and halfbreeds, you guys sure love accusing other people of not being white.

Her profile isn't private. I can still access it.


It's such obvious narrative crafting. I just don't get how people here don't realize that meme magic is used against us.
Look at OP. Boldly proclaiming in redtext that something is true and the evidence provided is just garbage. It's not about substance, just persistance. They'll keep spamming these threads and have the same 2 or 3 people keep them bumped at all times until lana being jewish is just official Holla Forums gospel.

Pic related is from a few weeks ago but this slip-up examplifies perfectly how these threads functions.

I used to be a member of the GRIDS bog. One of the faggots there got it from "Mikey" after she released that Molyjew song. And they still get the full 45 minute version pulled whenever it's uploaded to jewtube.

I've listened to a couple, and noticed she oversells her viewpoints, and as a result everything she says comes off as forced and unfunny (of course no women are funny). Listen to the interview she did with the deranged nutcase youcis, and you'll see what I mean. Nothing of substance at all there, reeks of trying to force a cult of personality. I am starting to think OP is right, not sure about Henrik, he could just be a conduit for her to push her agenda.

"Contact [email protected]/* */ Freeman is an internationally- known award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations.
Freeman graduated with an Associates of Arts with honors in Interdisciplinary Studies and attended Kansas University, specializing in ancient and environmental architecture.

Freeman has lectured extensively on the secret signs and symbolism of Freemasonry, the ancient astronaut hypothesis, trauma-based mind control, social engineering, government conspiracy, human cloning, technologies of the future and synchronicity.

Freeman publicly announced his fears that a false flag event would occur on 9/11, that "W" would be forced into office, the economy would collapse on 10/13 and that the next President of America would have his natural born status questioned.
Freeman has appeared in the studio with Alex Jones and has been guest on many radio shows including: Dr. Deagle's Nutri-Medical Report, Texe Marrs' Power of Prophecy, Outside the Box, Deadline Live, The American Voice with Gianni Hayes Ph. D., Intel Strike Report, Paranormal Response Team, Kevin Smith Show, and Ground Zero Lounge.

Freeman has been a guest on many international broadcasts including Red-Ice Creations in Sweden, Edge Media TV in England, and Conspiracy Hunters in Australia.
Freeman's articles have been published in Drunvalo Melchezidek's Spirit of Ma'at,, and The Sovereign NY publications."

"As president of Blue Fly Productions Freeman produced and hosted an Austin based TV show "The Freeman Perspective" in which Freeman interviews some of the leading thinkers of our time such as, Michael Tsarion, Texe Marrs, Gaylon Ross, Dr. Michael Salla, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow, Eric Jon Phelps, Alan Watt, and exclusive interviews from magicians such as Paul Laffoley, Isaac Bonewitz, and Rex Diabolus Church of the Church of Satan."

Looks as if Freeman has ties to Alex Jones and the whole Austin scene. Very suspicious.

Damn anything that makes the TRS fags dredge up these tired ass screencaps is worth looking into.

Yeah I'm weirded out by the number of people going to Shia Lebouf's gay "art" thing and memeing it up who aren't even white. Why do these people love Holla Forums so much?

yep, still open. weird, why would people in this thread by lying?

meanwhile in the HWNDU threads people are making exception for fat mexicans because they're "based"

are you even trying?

all it "proves" is that a picture of a cat exists on a military server, big fuckin whoop. some govt employee researching hwyte supreemists probably saved it to their work computer

There's a ton of mexicans on Holla Forums, full blown squat goblin mestizos, who think they're European descendant thereby aryan. It's fucking hilarious. I had one of them post a picture of their arm and it was brown as could be with long fingernails with poop under them. These were TRS supporters too lel.

Some sort of Psyop again

Well put, shame it's working so well.

HWNDU is a bunch of 4chan fags, they should make their own board or fuck off

TRS is still a bunch of subversive jews.

Let me clarify, this was when I went to 4/pol/ and was bashing some heads in during the TRS debacle.

You are literally making this up.

When Lana was first friends with Sinaids and Kyle I took a few screencaps of Lana's FB and she did have it set to private.

Sadly, you're right

Yes, and Joseph is a very common Christian name. Jesus's adoptive father remember goys.

He didn't work in Hollywood, he had a shitty public access show in Austin.

If Holla Forums had to decide whether or not I'm jewish I'd be gassed right away. We're 3 brothers named joshua, adam and jacob. Parents are a weird mix of christian and libtard.

She may or may not be a kike, and you'd be stupid not to suspect that every single "right-wing" site isn't controlled opposition . . .
but . . .
OP's evidence is that they have a fucking cat.
That's literally it. The name isn't kike, she doesn't really look kike and having your cunting cat moved by a company that sometimes, on the side, moves cats for servicemen in a country full of fucking servicemen? Come on, now.
The big take away from this is that she's probably a kike regardless of OP being retarded.

Biblical names are super common in North America, though. You can find tons of 100% Euro descended guys named David, for example.

I want to spare you but you guys make it very hard with your philosemitism and denial of european heritage

I'm not christian but I'm very ambivalent about the topic.
I think religion is something the masses need to guide them and shild them from nihilism but I don't think it's factually correct.

Freeman has been around for a long time in the conspiracy scene. He also says his father was a Freemason and hunted UFOs for Project Bluebook. Sure, you can interpret that to mean he is also working for the military in some sense, but maybe he's doing it independently. At least he's been honest about his background.

If you think he's controlled opposition I'd like to see something more concrete. Freeman also claims that Obama is a clone of the pharaoh Akhenaton. Maybe he's just smoked a bit too much weed in his life.

Funny, my family(father's side) is swedish.

an attempt was made. I suck at shooping, and her hair was so bleached out it was near impossible to just darken it without some skills (which I don't have)

People like freeman are just genuinely on the fringe. They're barely related to politics.


Lana breaks down a Rolling Stone article written by Jew obsessed Sarah Posner where she blatantly makes up quotes and tries to make Lana look like a ditzy valley girl.

Rolling Stone Article:

are jews trying to make her look bad?


your point?

Lana's actual profile, need to verify if she's related to the same Lokteffs that are from Oregon.

Yes, this board has been under attack for a while.

At least she still has based nationalist jews on her side. :^)



Fuck, Marry, Shoah

Choose wisely, Holla Forums

Are you on drugs? This is ground zero spook central.

Meant for:

Sloppy OPSEC.

Alex Jones admits his C.I.A. family connections all the time, e.g. his parents, and literally 50% of the guests on his radio show are "former" C.I.A. and D.o.D. intelligence agents, and he has literal Blackwater PMC killers working directly for him, e.g. Quentin Carter.

These spooks know that their average target audience member isn't smart enough to pick up on all of this.

only a retard could think that biblical names like david, adam, joshua, etc. are jewish

I'm not convinced yet, but keep digging. I always see posts like this and think you guys are crazy and paranoid and then two weeks later I end up getting proven wrong. I know better now, but I'll save my skepticism.

a lot of mexicans are named ruben, so she might be a spic

Forgot to mention Tim Kennedy, the U.S. Army special forces spook who works for Alex Jones.

Didn't even see this post. Well summed up.

Her family are Russian immigrants. So no.

Not to mention Roger Stone. Austin is the new San Francisco as far as CIA operations are concerned.

They're Jewish when combined with a Russian surname like "Lokteff."

From the serie.

Checked. Triple shoah or suicide. I would consider fucking Shillhead before the shoah though, I got a thing for BPD redheads.


Isn't he also a "Nazi hunter"?

This place is like the spook Vietnam, a quagmire where there's spook vs FBI vs Holla Forums vs JIDF vs MIDF vs Holla Forums vs Holla Forums vs TRS vs /fringe/ vs /christian/ vs whomever else pops in and they're bored

Huh? There's literally a review given by Lana Lokteff on that military website.

Well, everyone associated with Alex Jones is a Nazi hunter, so probably.

Infowars is explicitly pro-Zionist/pro-Israel and anti-racist.

Not saying AJ isn't shit but isn't "spook" leftypol lingo?

every alt-kike fagot will die at the hands of a white renegade
screencap this and share it with your friends!

Yeah, Roger Stone has been involved in C.I.A. sexual blackmail operations literally his entire life. He was closely connected to Jewish homosexual lawyer and C.I.A. asset Roy Cohn.

He's hunting the Germanic Death Cults that run the entire planet! :^)

yup, there's no such thing as "former CIA". The spooks literally think they can get away with the dumbest shit ever (see sandy hoax) because the goyim are so stupid and gullible. It's become a game to them how obvious they can make it and still get away with it.

they use it differently, to them a "spook" is an idea that keeps you from selfish gratification, here it means an intel agent or melanoid

Spook also stood for CIA before Holla Forums spammed it alongside Stirner shit.

By "spook" I mean an intelligence agent.

I have found NO indication that Lokteff is Jewish. It seems a pretty standard Slavic placename: Lokteff, Loktif, Loktoff, Loktov are all variants.

Ah alright. I only ever really heard it as a synonym for nigger or in form of a leftypol meme.


yes, and the stirnerfag invaders have to go back

To anyone reading this, we should probably try to find a solution now before it gets blown out of proportion.

Oh those silly Red-Ice people.

What were you before you were redpilled? Or were you always red pilled?

I like Sinead….And I think she's pretty.

I just searched rabbi Lokteff and got no results. I don't believe you, post proof.

What I DID find was interesting, though:

Scroll down to the comment by one, "McZOG"

No one seems to like you there OP, or should I say McZOG.

Will I find that you have connections to Sinead if I keep digging?

I was born with a swastika on my forehead ofc. If a white nationalist isn't as pure as I am I don't want his help.

I wasn't promoting jews and sodomites after I got redpilled (or ever), they are.

Caught in the act

I don't believe you.

Fair point

I believe this thread to be shill garbage but I don't actually see a comment by anyone named McZOG. ctrl-f 0 results

So you have nothing and out to be lifebanned.


very funny moishe

My apologies.
Double Dubs confirm.

There's no comment by anyone named McZOG in the archive.

Sorry, accidentally posted the week old archive someone else had. Here is the new one.

A trsodomite is just trying to be funny and ironic I guess.

is as retarded as saying


Thank you.

Fuck Lana, marry Sinead Shoah Eva.


ebin shilling there, m80

Ok but that doesn't change the problem, we need to stop this shit before we end up with another night of the long dildo during the month of February.

You are not a namefag and we would force you to get a blood test first. You are moaning a lot for someone who claims to innocent.
This cunt is also openly shilling for good Jews.


Forgot these " ".

that didn't start the drama -what started the drama is TRS being founded by a kike-lover

dude, all those comments by McZOG.
He is OP 100% lmao.

No matter what, the following is an absolute truth:

Nose Ring ≡ Skank

To hell with this stupid slut. Doubly so if she's a kike/spook.

Maybe she'll show up at He Will Not Divide Us to shill her website and beg for donations, just like Kike Enoch.

e-celebs are shit, we must secure the existance for anonymity and a bright future for imageboards

Somebody post that "spend twenty years researching illuminati, it's the jews" image

Forget this thread.


Just like Alex Jones.

But anyway, I think Freeman is American Indian, not Jewish.

I like redice for helping me connect the dots between things like judaism and masonry. They really do know there stuff about conspiracies of all kind in general so it's interesting to see them relate that to the JQ and history.

t. not a kike shill

That post was a mess. I'm tired. gn8


McZOG is just saying what OP said nothing more, I'm going to wait for more proofs.

Someone fell for the D&C

So Freeman comes from a U.S. military intelligence family, just like Alex Jones and Texe Marrs and Jeff Rense and every other single prominent member of the American "patriot" "conspiracy" subculture.

No surprise there.

Goodnight schlomo. Sleep tight, don't let the bedgoys bite.

You couldn't be any more correct if you claimed 8 million died in the hawlacawst, fellow gentile!

at least she has her natural hair color though

had a GSNT guest on, so what does that tell you?

Proof that this thread is D&C shill garbage, like most threads about non-anonymous white nationalists these days. Holla Forums is compromised and the least we can do is acknowledge it

I was about to close chrome when I saw that you got trips for this shitpost. Fuck you nigger.

That's a good first effort. It already highlights her Jewish facial features, including faint Mongolian features, which are fairly common among Eastern European Jews.

Eunuch went there?

If you take the five seconds required to double-check OP's "research" by going to the website in question, you will see that they in fact have two testimonial pages: one for regular relocations and one for military relocations.

Lana's testimonial, with the picture of her retarded-looking cat, is on the page for regular relocations. I don't know why the image is stored where it is - I guess the only possible explanation is that Lana and Henrik are kike shills funded by the US govt/Illuminati.

Jeff Rense's radio network also hosts David Duke and Don Black. So there you go.

And I have independent confirmation that David Duke was recruited into the C.I.A. when he was in college in the early 1970's.

Even if Lana was controlled OP I'd still marry her over that harpy

What about people like Lana who interview based nationalist jews?

If you listen to the episode she's actually making fun of him the whole time.


Eunuch is a massive faggot and gave shills some sort of false legitimacy.

I would believe it, anyone else would probably be in jail. Also, it looks like Duke had a good amount of plastic surgery if you compare his early photos with later ones

I would drag my balls through 5-miles of glass shards just to sniff Lana's asshole.

No she wasn't, and she's since defended the interview and the idea of alliances with "good jews".

And what exactly is the point of an undercover government shill positioned to be made a public media figure in an extremist movement willingly giving a testimonial to a pet relocation company to be published on their website under the "military services" category?


This tbh

The Jewish corporate media constantly promotes C.I.A. assets in the alternative/conspiracy media as legitimate opposition. Alex Jones has had dozens of articles written about him by Jewish corporate magazines, including Rolling Stone and Esquire. The guy who wrote the Esquire article about Alex Jones was himself from a C.I.A. family, which he admitted in the article.

This is C.I.A. assets promoting fellow C.I.A. assets, disguised as "journalism."

Honestly, I haven't seen anything too compromising ITT about Lana and possible DOD connections. Just a picture of a cat on a moving website who also caters to DOD personnel. Going to need more than that, Sinead. That said, I still throw her away for that 'based nationalist kikes' thing and how she handled the whole affair. She went all 'oh little ol' me? subverting the far right?' when she was called out. I really, really didn't like that.

So then Sinead is the real deal? Sinead is best girl because she's vegetarian so you know she smells nice

I didn't like it either, she acted like these people who get busted and try to deflect in a smug way.

She must be related to them somehow. How many "Lokteffs" are in the United States? Very few, I would think. It's an extremely rare Russian surname.

See OP, what do you think.

KYS shill

Like Kike Eunich


Don't you have some shit to eat, or something?

Look at the 5th pic in the OP.

gas yourself nigger

also this

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's just shilling or legitimate autism induced paranoia.

t. chimpire kike

Read all his posts, they are 100% a match for OP, linguistically, and he has the exact same pictures. ctrl+f "lana"

From what little I looked into, he is also known for claiming the US is controlled in part by the Irish menace.



your tax dollars at work




Very curious. Seems they really want to protect (((REDICE)))


Why do you call everyone shills, paranoiacs or antifa when there's obviously something they're hiding ? Kike Enuch and TRS did the exact same thing.

Then it's mostly bullshit ?


Indeed. I have actually talked to her, and she will hate on people no matter what, including pro-whites. That and the flat earth shit is the worst thing.

You haven't proven any of that. I used to work for the government. It doesn't make me anti-white. You also didn't prove that they're Jewish, or even support it properly. Jews steal names and change them all the time.

There is a much deeper problem with calling people "shills" without controlling your fire. You don't actually know. You don't know why someone has said something that either you simply don't like or is actually objectively wrong.

1) They could be mistaken
2) They could believe something as stupid as flat earth because they are simply stupid, or
3) They could be a shapeshifting teleporting insert-everything-I-dislike-here.

The scientific method and the general logical way to determine things is to start at the most likely option first. Far too many anons never do that. This board has had pro-white info on it for years now, and still tons of posters say inane things (and don't seem to be joking). Maybe you should criticize yourselves for a while.

Also, there are fishy things associated with Red Ice, but they have nothing to do with government or specifically DoD. They have to do with religion, and the fact that they censored legitimate Odinists that are anti-gay on their forums. This censoring puts them in a likely connection with groups trying to control legitimate White religion. This still doesn't prove that they know about it specifically though.

The intelligent way to "shill" or be an active enemy agent would be someone that they know that discusses and arranges things behind the scenes and exerts influence without having their faces out there. That's simply the mirror image of what I do and how I personally operate with front groups that are pro-white. You can use the exact same approach both to develop groups, and to eventually out those who actually are enemy agents.

Most groups of people are just stupid, fallible civs though. They barely have any idea of what they are talking about, at least these front figures. Many that are often called shills are actually just DUMB. Perhaps some of you should work that into your decision-making process, as I have said above. There is a much greater actual danger of "shilling" in a place like this, although by definition, you can't actually prove that that is the reason someone is advocating something stupid. If anyone was still legitimate and truthful here, they would have noticed.

This place looks compromised as fuck and is full of banning people for opinions, etc. It's not Holla Forums anymore. Holla Forums was about BEING the truth-teller that was banned, not this shit. Especially this gem:

I mean, okay, hair dye is stupid, but seriously, who the fuck cares?


No proof in the pudding, but It's very odd how TRS feels the need to spam threads critical of Red Ice


top kek
Is McZOG our version of Bui?

Start taking screencaps, I have the feeling that we're going to be proven right once again.




Post em on /trs/, make a Lana thread




Well to be fair, David Duke did go to prison once, but that was just because he's such a massive con-artist huckster.

The mind of the jew is truly diseased

Actually, how that I think about it, this is basically a copy paste job. I wonder how many other sites this is being copied to?

McZOG, why did you wait so long to bring this crucial evidence before us? Why post as a namefag on a blog before here? Sounds like you are an interested party with an axe to grind. You certainly aren't native to these parts.

He could be completely correct, but none of his "evidence" establishes anything, yet he keeps shilling. He is referred to as ZOGowitz by people on that site, he is known for Irish D&C, and connecting everyone and anyone to the feds.

I am going to see how this thread continues and then archive it for posterity.


Does Ruben mean anything in Danish? Seeing as Reuben is a tribe of Israel, that seems very suspicious.

I don't even know what that means, user.

Maybe because we remember threads like these where the dubious nature of these "nights of the long knives " was exposed:


Outed yourself again.



Sloppy OPSEC. See my previous post on this.

"Everyone I don't like is CIA."

It's my board lol, I'm the BO. Thanks for confirming you're TRS though.


Looks like somebody is trying to shut it down. Check this guy

Taking out TRS was the right thing to do.


Christians give their kids Jew names, news at 11.


Thanks. It looks like 90% of them live in California and Oregon.


Our spooks are better than their spooks




I never liked TRS, so I don't care. But Macdonald? White nationalism as a whole? Should be a major red flag and indicator that there's more than meets the eye.

we have the best spooks

Lmao what's up with this spam?


I think someones drunk but that's just my guess.



you're an idiot. Sinead is a flat earth retard

Most women who dye their hair will try out different colors once and a while. I haven't seen a single picture of Lana without turbo-bleached hair. Makes it seem like she's trying to seem whiter than she really is

top kek, the one time he goes to jail it's for being a legit scumbag




You know those faggots saying we should target KMac and everybody else were TRSodomites false-flaggin, right?

CoC is still overrated

You mean like this guy on the right?

They are Hebrew names, but also from the bible
alot of christians are named after characters from the bible

"ov" is not a "russian-jewish" suffix, it is a slavic suffix

Lol yep, this guy knows. TRS loves to false flag, which is why they did it to Iron March before us. They're a sad group really.

We caught (((something))) most likely.

Some type of JIDF operation maybe, theyr'e the only one who like to D&C white nationalists and since the alt right is mostly a bunch of jews, it would make sense that they're trying to make us join some controlled op.


OP is confirmed to be McZOG from aryan skynet:

He is reffered to as ZOGowitz there for connecting everyone he doesn't like to feds with shaky evidence and Irish vs white people D&C.

Immediately after this is exposed, music spam starts.


Archive of this thread:


Maybe. Maybe it was the shills (you?) trying to put the blame on the dead man named TRS.


Kike Eunich just showed up on the HWNDU thread saying TRS will keep chugging along and their forums are back up. Further spankings are in order.

No, it was definitely TRS.


What the fuck is that fucker doing showing up on our board after all the shit that went down. Why won't he leave us the hell alone. Go the fuck away Enoch. Get. Scedaddle. Don't even lurk. Get the fuck off our boards and off Holla Forums. REeeeeee

Translation: kikes failed to shut down the white nationalist meetup site so the D&C against everyone resumes.

Who cares, there's not a lot of people who will take them seriously now, they're lolcow tier now.

This seems to be a plausible option.
What's aryan skynet anyway ?

Pick one

No I mean he actually showed up on stream:

What do you do with cows? You milk them :^)


oh, my bad

As far as I can tell, it is just a wordpress blog. He only appears to be a commenter. The interesting thing is he posted the exact same images and info there on January 24 and waited until now to move it all here. Some of it is verbatim, so I won't be surprised if he is planning to ctrl+v the same stuff everywhere.


Was spamming to see how these faggots liked it for a change but since OP is exposed as a shill now I'll stop.

whoever is in the video looks insane or high on meth

E-celebs, what did you expect.

Well looks like we have the guilty.

fake news

The aut right in a nutshell

so what

so what

so what

so what

The only Ruben I've personally met was a Christian priest.

It's like you want more TRSemites to get doxed.

She does look like a creepy witch in this picture, and is supporting the faggot Donovan. However, it has been demonstrated the OP's intentions are highly dubious so I don't want to attack Lana further here. I prefer to do it on a fair basis.

holy shit
weakest half assed dox attempt ever seen
making mountain out of mole hill with no proofs
weak claims my good d00d. less weed more meds


Remember goys

I can't believe I used to spend time listening to that guy. I wasn't a huge fanboy and didn't listen to every show but damn. What a huge waste of my time that I now regret.

Podcasts were a mistake….never again.

Want to have your minds blown once more? Take a gander at this: 077

Do you know who that is? Maybe I'll create a separate thread for this bombshell information.

Can I get a job at the CIA too as an yuropean?
Will shill natsoc for shekels, burgers hit me up I want those shekels.
Will also accept bitshekel

Fuck off common spic cuck.

They live off of it, retard. Also, some people just have money.

Ya sure. 8/pol/ is fucking shit now. You antifa loving fags.

National socialism or bust. Fuck antifa.


Who are they then?

Looks like you got JIMPACTED user.

You just pointed to my board lmao. I own /trs/

No one is doubting that Lana is or has been degenerate, McZOG. She has a nose piercing, so of course this is the case.

You are shifting the goalposts, though, quite considerably. After all, your OP started with:


You have yet to establish that in any way.

This isn't Holla Forums, this is some blog commenter who decided he would shill his garbage here. No one is buying it, stop with the Holla Forums is antifa bullshit.

He's been posting here as long as I can remember, /new/ too. His autistic contrarianism really stands out.

A Wyatt Man's got a house in GA and he's married to a jew? Does that even surprise you anymore?

but red ice was only very recently full conspiritard. why would military intelligence want to spread a bunch of ayylmao shit?

Henrik was operating everything himself with his Nintendo DS looking handheld just to make it look more real

To discredit real conspiracies.

I feel bad for Henrik, Red Ice used to be awesome but ever since this witch came into his life the show has gone downhill and she's the one giving orders and even doing interviews on the main show. She started as some small side piece and is basically now running everything

That's "A. Wyatt Mann" and his Jewish common-law wife of several decades.

Are those two going to get married?

I thought they did years ago?

The UFO subculture was invented by U.S. military intelligence, and fostered by it over many decades.

The first and biggest UFO website on the internet was created by Jeff Rense in 1995. It's now called "," but its original name was "" Jeff Rense comes from a U.S. military intelligence family. Read about his father Arthur Rense. He worked for Douglas Aircraft and Howard Hughes' corporation. Both of these companies had C.I.A. contracts.

red ice used to be all about ghosts or whatever, like low rent coasttocoastam. They've moved in a cool direction with this European man and woman stuff if you ask me.

No. It's more like their assignment changed.

Why don't they have children then…

I like it too, I just wish they wouldn't compromise on homos and jews.

fuck off with the spook shit


Doesn't Rense also host David Duke's podcast?


How do we respond to that?

Yes, both David Duke and Don Black broadcast from Jeff Rense's radio network.

It's a small world, isn't it?

We get him fired from his job…oh wait ;^)


Because she's a strong independent woman who doesn't need children to fulfill her.

Almost like all of "our" figureheads and thought leaders are controlled opposition. Who woulda thunk.

Since Lana is cucking him with Alt-Right "alphas" like Dicky Spencer?

You don't. Just starve them from views and inform anyone who doesn't know about Jimpacting

Just let him fry.

Typical Pagan

Fuck off McZog

Another bogeyman, trs?

Try again moishe.

Yes, who woulda thunk it.

Central Intelligence Agency (1947) ——–→ Regnery Publishing (1947) ——–→ Henry Regnery (1912–1996) ——–→ William Regnery II ——–→ Charles Martel Society (2001) + National Policy Institute (2005) ——–→ The Occidental Quarterly + The Occidental Observer + NPI president (Richard Spencer) + CMS directors (Sam Dickson, James Edwards, John Gardner, Greg Johnson, William Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor)

Jesus, Mike has a creepy stare. Despite all the shit that went down it's nice to see that he's not nearly as fat as he used to be in the leaked pictures.

you must not be form around here boy.

I hear Grindr Greg gave him the gift.

ZOG is a real autist who posts here. He's who always dumps those links about how Trump is a kike puppet.

Does anybody have a picture of Greg Johnson?

But she's fucking crazy.


You've been posting exactly the same shit on endchan a month ago and everyone laughed at you.

Shoo shoo TRS

I think he's the guy getting up right in front of the camera. You can't really see him though.

Typical tricks, shlomo


It is revealed that he used to post as TheZOG but changed his name to McZOG on aryan skynet to reflect the Irish control of the USA:

In addition, some IP info I can't confirm or deny.

BUT WHAT A SURPRISE, a guest poster on Renegade Tribune goes by the name TheZOG and posts about the same stuff with the same style.

Now that I have established you post on Renegade, you are one step closer to Sinead as I predicted. Want to keep pushing your luck? Maybe you should just come clean and come back with real evidence.


You know what ZOG means right? It's pretty common parlance. This is pretty embarassing

Yeah, I also know what a posting style is, what personal interest are, and name formatting. This is him. How many people do you think attack Donald Trump for his Irish influences?


Never seen it here, don't care about the next TRS bogeyman tbh.

Lets not forget about his good buddy Gordy Duff who runs Veteran's Today.and who's staff are military intel goons.

Yes, not to mention that Gordon Duff is on the board of directors of some international military contractor corporation. I can't recall the name of the company off hand.

From my research extending back many years, literally every single one of these "alternative/conspiracy/patriot" websites are owned and/or run by intelligence agents of some type or another, both civilian or military.

Veterans Today is a patriotic. Pro Trump publication. They may be military intel goons but they're our military intel goons.

Naivety: the post.

That's really stupid.

Also both David Duke and Don Black take residence in WPB FL which Don Black married David Duke's ex wife Chloê Hardin.

It's a small world indeed.

Wife swapping. And West Palm Beach, Florida happens to be a Jewish enclave too. Not that Stephen Schwartz ("Don Black") is Jewish or anything.

typical shlomo insult. Something's up here

because it's a show marriage.

Even if he is a shill, Rense has a nice calm voice and talks about jews, Hitler, pizzagate and loves Trump, much like Holla Forums. Obviously he isn't 100% right all the time, but he comes across a lot more sincere than Alex Jones (not a big accomplishment really). Some of his guests really suck though.

Yes, Gordy even openly jokes about this, forget the name of his military contractor but he said he's worked out of a US military base in Germany. (forget which one)

There is not comment by McZOG in that archive whatsoever

I think the company is based in Switzerland, if I recall correctly.


He messed up the link here's the good one :

Disregard, you posted the correct archive later

OK, I'll bite.

Say it's true (and I ask this because of all the obvious shilling and co opting of Holla Forums that's been happening from the inside). What does the US dept of defence wan't/hope to gain with Red Ice Radio?

Is it a honeypot ? If so, to what end? Does the US government actually want to create false flag radical right wing movements?

To me, the burden of proof required to believe RED ICE RADIO is controlled by the US Dept of Defence would be hidden camera/ project veritas tier of proof.

Actually David Duke lives on Louisiana now, since he got kicked out of the EU several years ago. He recently (last year) conned several of his followers into traveling to Louisiana and renovating his house for free. Nice scam.

No way. Never.

It's all good, I was juggling too many archive tabs and screwed it up.

What a scumbag, apparently Duke is pretty well off financially and he pulls some nigger-tier move like that?

same thing without the exaggerated facial features. Not sure if she straightens her hair too, but I wouldn't be surprised


He won't give you anymore reasoning because he has none. He has a history of nonsenese claims based on shit tier evidence.

Yeah. One of Duke's daughters is kind of fucked up though.

The DoD doesn't directly run psyops, they subcontract their work through organizations like stratfor and others. Just as the CIA subverts foreign governments through NGOs and not directly thorough the organization itself.


I fucking hate laptop keyboards.

That's mostly true.

When it really comes down to it, it doesn't matter i she's jewish or not. Red Ice completely exposed themselves when they had that "reactionary" kike on.

Who is the faggot on the left of him?

RI is a youtube channel with less than 100K subs, not a movement or a gang. They're not even violent or explicitly subversive in any way, nothing could be gained from running such a psyop.

They're going after red ice since that's the only place left they haven't poisoned the board against. Think about it
They even have "anonymous caps" proving sam hyde had sex with a tranny. This current push also just happens to come while spics and asians on the HWNDU stream are declaring that Holla Forums "isn't white." Stop replying to b8 fagget.

He exposed Alex Jones as working for the jews you dumb kike.

Yeah. tHIS X100.

I suspect we are getting played. This campaign of ayyacking right wing figures who are not 110% Holla Forums tier stink of SA goonery. (some say it's anti fa, but those retards don't internet)

Lana has regularly recommended muh career wymyn to at least freeze in some of their eggs so they can get IVF children if they run late on their biological clock. She has likely done this herself.


It's all shit, Red Ice is the only semi good thing. Also the HWNDU should be its own board.

Renegay and Evalion are better than Red Ice, but that isn't saying much at all.

Yet you also shill for Kike Enoch, somebody should have your head caved in alongside antifa.

True, I just find it fun to sleuth whether people are cryptos or not. And it bothers the fuck out of me when people appropriate blonde hair

Not really, it was more red pill conspiracy oriented, talking about 911 truth, GMO food poisoning, end the Fed, looked into Boston Bombing, Syria and Lybia war propaganda THEN she came along and the show focused heavily on White people are the best and every time she was on she sounded so desperate to be white and Henrik would just pander and go along with her because she probably fucked his brains out really well.

Men don't think properly when the pussy drug is used, their drug provider can then start twisting things and he went in a completely different direction so now the show is all about White People rule and forget about all these other red pill truths we had previously focused on.

t. blue eyed 1488 oldfag Holla Forumsack

Replying is important, because some morron is going to take the bait and start doxxing/attacking Lana because they took the bait. My question is legit because OP could be legit. By asking for more info, you are digging into OP's intentions if any. Read the COINTELPRO sticky.


Does anyone have a list of all the attacks on right wing figures shills have been poioning Holla Forums against?

How dare they interview a softball White nationalist that's still not moderate enough to gain mainstream acceptance.



t. Oh guys, check that totally redpilled Eceleb, this time it's going to be different I swear.

He isn't a "softball White nationalist", he's a jew apologist with ties to the ADL, who let them cover his conference.

I shill for Kike Enoch? Prove that I have. First of all, I don't know who you are talking about, but if you are right, show me the post where I shill for k.e.


TheZOG was the first to expose Alex Jones and has done good work. You just seem pretty triggered by Sinaids for some reason there jewboy. Somebody should seriously have your head caved.

All I got is pic related. Explains why this thread wasn't anchored an hour ago though.

t. anti-semitism has no place on the internet guize, just shitpost here and wait for hitler

You mistook me for the alt kike Ecelebs you love so much.

Garbage full of homos, kikes, and asian whores.
Kike owned and operated. Everyone knew it and lied to listeners for money.
Worse than ass cancer. They shill more than TRS.
White trash attention whore.

Kill yourself.

Why anyone would think that Alex Jones was ever more than staged disinfotainment is beyond me tbh.

And she probably doesn't even feel guilty about doing this, she probably doesn't even like the guy if she's getting orders to fuck him over.

There's this news story about a hot female undercover police officer who posed as a highschool student and she asked this one boy who seems to have no history of drug use but because he was infatuated with her ends up finding drugs, he gets busted, she doesn't seem to give a fuck she was just doing her job huffingtonpost. com/2012/02/21/teen-falls-in-love-undercover-cop-marijuana-operation_n_1291823.html

Kyle Cuck is the result when you redpill hippies on the jews and racial identity.

At least they made Hellstorm, that's more than any of the others contributed.

its a tough one to jump for most people who still think the world is bad guys say they are bad guys and good guys say they are good guys but ya it seems so obvious Jones is used to discredit the conspiracy movement as he acts like a WWE wrestler, thats probably his acted persona

Take a look at Richard Spencer's mother. And I'm still trying to figure out what that six-pointed star shaped graphic is on the piece of paper on the table.

This photograph was taken at some charity or fundraising event that Spencer's parents attended last year.

post your evidence then

Well, shit. It's time we really start to address something very strange, and now very obvious:

How is it possible that every single group of a Jewish led one, has the White race become completely 'NPCs', ie. without any will of their own?

I've been wondering this for a long time, the (((alt-right))) for a while made me believe that normal Whites are standing up - Guess it wasn't the case. Is this because White leaders were constantly 'disappeared', or that we were all conditioned to 'wait for hitler', or programmed likewise, or have we simply lost the 'leader gene' because of 70 years of extermination and slow genocide?

Is the real moonman also aka imkikey? Seems on top of everything else the mods here are fucking around with us.

Who fucking cares. Use the namefagging e-celebs to spread the word to normie masses, let them draw the fire to themselves, then dump them like the trash they are. We did that to Milo Fagopoulos, Molyneux, TRS and Spencer, nothing stops us from letting Lana shriek herself hoarse. Corrections to the narrative can always be implemented later.
Remember, every namefag and e-celeb is a compromised asset. Use, abuse, discard.

You mean the ones actually doing something while you try to thought police anons on an ecuadorian ducktales forum? Haha you kikes are precious

See above. I'm not going anywhere rabbi :^)

But thanks for confirming he is well known in those circles, you guys are doing my work for me. Hey, guess what, I did ctrl+f "Jones" in this thread, and OP, AKA McZOG, AKA TheZOG, mentions Jones in a ton of his posts. What an interesting coincidence.

I'm sorry about everything user, this post can only prove you saved the white race !

Pro tip: Where you have Wasps you also have jews, they have a symbiotic relationship with one another.

It's probably something jewy.

You seem upset that jews and their psyops are being exposed. You also must be new around here as well.


The MODS are comproissed and have been for quite a while.

Think about this. Months ago, during clinton's infamous alt-right/pepe speech, we began seing a lower tier level of posting on Holla Forums. Some Holla Forumsacks discovered that some CTR shills had been positing disinfo on Holla Forums

CTR, Correct the Record is a branch of the clinton campaign specialising on internet subversion campaigning. If someone can post the CTR infographics here it would be much apreciated. Back then they got kicked out promptly after being ousted. But what if they never went away? After all the clinton campaign had a lot of money, billions of dollars. It could easily buy out, or pay off the mods of Holla Forums for access.

We may be small in number, but we did have an effect on the campaign with PEPE and other shitposting. We also diseminated various infographics and leaks on the DNC and we organised for pizzagate.

So the MODs could be in the pocket of DNC operatives. Remember we discovered that Clintons IT guy was an SA goon. And goons love one thing above else, that is to infiltrate forums and create conflict.

this anti-eceleb right wing push is orchestrated. There's adifference between being against e-celebs or discussing e-celebs on the boards to actively doxxing and going after them. That is GOONISH behavour.

==Before you go on about TRS shilling on Holla Forums, remember that TRS could justa as easily be infiltrated by goons and persuaded shill here–


You know, I was halfway joking when I suggested that he was an associate of the lolcow Sinead, but WEW I never expected it to go this far.

This thread is going to be a very illuminating archive for future reference.

The founder of TRS is married to a kikess and is probably a jew himself, that's a bigger issue than CTR and the DNC.

Some "BOMBSHELL", Shlomo. AWM fully
addressed this matter when you first brought
it up on July of last year. From the archive:

"Regarding “My Jewish Wife”: (Sol Rosenberg voice) “Oh, goodness … when my Jewish wife sees that new lampshade cartoon of mine, she’s gonna slap my assy nipples somethin’ awful.” These (((Shills))) do remarkably shoddy research … for the record, I’ve never been married and my girlfriend isn’t what any sane individual would label Jewish … in fact, her mom has the distinction of being the most stereotypically whitebread Catholic lady I’ve ever known.) Her father had German and Russian roots and was born half Jewish but converted to Catholicism quite young when he married her mom. Unless your mother is Jewish, or if your male Jewish parent converts, official Hebes won’t regard you as a true Jew. No tribal discounts at the Holocaust Museum for you. My lovely gal pal of over 30 years was raised Catholic and had no more access to Jewish thought or tradition than the Yidshills on this board have to female genitalia. She is the most loyal and thoughtful partner a fellow could ever be blessed with. I absolutely couldn’t get a single project done without her happily standing by like a dutiful nurse. All the married folks we’ve known have split up long ago but we endure. I do find it a fitting irony that the sick and bitter fools who have been blindly trying to slander and belittle my beloved here will never know a partner even a fraction as ideal."

No but notice how this thread about "eceleb garbage" isn't getting an anchor, solid proof they're not the only compromised mods.

You're obviously triggered by anyone who gives a platform to white nationalists, maybe you should give a less problematic site like reddit a try.

Like what? Throwing pool parties?

I think Grindr Greggy wants to get doxed.

Kyle Hunt was a drama and theater major in college (Amherst College).

Also, his internet podcasts used to be 100% focused on esoteric conspiracy crap, but then almost literally overnight sometime in 2012 he converted himself into a "white pride world wide" warrior. (Incidentally, 2012 was also the same year that Andrew Anglin, the formerly anti-racist pro-black blogger, launched his "Total Fascism" website.) This is all just a coincidence though.

Kyle Hunt also formerly worked in Silicon Valley at some tech company.

Kyle Hunt's resume is highly suspicious.

I know what you mean, for if I were to post that imkikey infopic I would get instantly banned. So I'll post it in my next post.

He worked for Jewgle.

Rodney Martin, the American Indian tribal administrator who internet LARPs as a white nationalist Aryan warrior, said recently on his free WordPress blog that he has two photographs of Greg Johnson and that he would post them soon on his blog, but as of now he hasn't yet followed through on that promise.

What type of white nationalists are we talking about here ? the TRS coalition of homos ran by a jew ? Maybe go to a more implicit website full of real white nationalists if you love fags so much.

Good point, seems everyone from Lana to Faggy Lemming to Kevin Macdonald were involved with Renegayde.

Oh right, I forgot that live in person interview that Kyle Hunt did with Kevin MacDonald during Hunt's "Renegades in America' road tour. Interesting.



Good point, seems everyone from Lana to Faggy Lemming to Kevin Macdonald were involved with Renegayde.>>9044154

Sorry but somebody who gives a platform for based jews, faggots and satanists aren't white nationalists and just a reminder that you're going to get the rope along with antifa.

Sorry but somebody who gives a platform for based jews, faggots and satanists aren't white nationalists and just a reminder that you're going to get the rope along with antifa.

Don't forget that it was at a Counter-Currents conference.

I think Greggy saw Renegade as a potential source for confused young White men before TRS came along.

He also used to have Angel John Gage on his shows as a regular guest.

Could you be any less obvious Ezekiel?

Don't make fun of our based homosexuals, they are white nationalists you know :^)

That's not what I've said but nice try.

WTF I hate Kmac for giving interviews now, that old faggot should have lurked more before opening his mouth.


Jews like twisting words around, he needs his head caved in then into the >>>/bog/ he goes

Oh right, the DOTR that's going to come once kikes like you have rid the internet of whites talking about race realism. 0/10 larping there shitstain.

Read your post again, it's exactly what you said, retard.

So Nick Bougas claims that his Jewish common-law wife Sandy Lynn Weinberg is only 1/4 Jewish?

Hmm, now where have I seen that exact same damage control routine used before? Oh, right, Mike Peinovich and his "1/4 Jewish" wife Ames Friedman.



Mike Peinovich is a race realist. Don't hate. :^)

What are the chances of him actually delivering?


The reason Greg Johnson doesn't want his picture made public is because he doesn't want his gym spa cruising buddies to know that he LARPS online as a "white supremacist."

No it's not. You said I was triggered by anyone who gave a platform to white nationalists, and the white nationalists you are talking about are homos. And here what I've replied :
If you like homos posing as WN you should hang out with them, now go be a fag somewhere else.

Why don't you start your own website or channel since you're obviously such an authority on pure Arianism? I mean all the others are shills right so that makes it an open market.

Implying they already weren't vetted members of TRS.

About the same chances of him not being 100% American Indian.

Ever thought about reading a book instead of cruising e-celeb websites?

But Jack Donovan told me that sodomy was apart of Greek culture and therefore is racial realism!

Nice damage control but you let slip, Moishe. Maybe lighten up on the manischewitz next time you're shitposting.

Angelo John Gage the rap music producer? Sheeit.

Question: how likely is this to describe Andrew Anglin and/or David Duke? Main reason for asking is that they seem to be innately anti-jew, but Anglin is encouraging his users to form "white gangs" which really reeks

Jack Donovan fucks men. But he does it in a masculine way, so it's okay.

Lana looks like a friggin tranny, no wonder the faggots are raiding this thread.

Sodomy has always been apart of European racial realism, how dare those dumb hicks from Duck Dynasty attack our based homosexuals. The jew fears the sodomite!

Sounds pretty gay, but pro-h'white.

Ever thought about cruising an e-celeb website instead of gaslighting a filipino undertale message board?

Well it's been known for quite some time that White Nationalism has always been crawling with FBI informants.

What do you got on (((Styxhexenhammer666))) and the (((Golden One)))? They reek of controlled op, if you ask me. I've heard the latter is working for Paideia.

Speaking of trannies..

Anglin, is that you?

Trannies are implicitly White.

Never saw it so it must not be that important.

Everyone was in love with Lana at Renegayde when she first showed up. It's all starting to make sense now.

I don't know anything about them specifically, but I would advise to look for any military connections they might have.

You still mad I BTFO'd your shit thread earlier?

styx seems too autistic to be involved in military intel and is probably just a /fringe/ poster


Isn't his dad a diplomat or some shit?

got BTFO from the AIDS you're spreading.

Holla Forums

"Yes I agree and you are clearly one of us"

I don't give a shit about this thread but it's apparently buttblasting the shills. Keep on it OP.

HAHA go back to jacking it to cuck porn dipshit

What thread would that be? Let me guess (((mods))) anchored it, right?

Wew lad

sleuth detected!

I'm skeptical of anyone namefagging and catering to the alt-kike in order to attract an audience.

Yup, probably loads of connections to the authorities. And how is the Golden Jew able to live in Sweden while maintaining an alt-kike youtube channel under his rea lifel identity? The police should have raided his home a long time ago, but for some mysterious reason they haven't…

Remember just a few weeks ago these same faggots came here in droves white knighting for Kike Eunuch to where Kike Eunuch has to admit that Holla Forums was right again!

she looks like a witch

/s btw

I did too, until I learned more. I don't even think she's a fed. She's just an unstable woman. She's a crypto feminist and she's also histrionic and she always starts shit in the movement



Nice TRS brackets.

She looks like an Ashkenazi jew. I can't tell her phenotype, and her nose isn't something I can recognize in European phenotype either. Furthermore, she's built fucked up.

I think the chances of OP being the shill are prety high

If that's true then that's a huge red flag.

Yeah, I already am well-aware of this. I meant in the context of this thread specifically those two e-celebs - Anglin and Duke. Anyone? It's starting to stink more and more, Anglin's forum is chock-full of blind worshipers, who follow whatever he says, in addition to being populated with flagrant JIDF and agitators. I am curious if Anglin himself is in it to sell user data and get donation shekels or what?

Nigger, you taking legitimate arguments and making fun of them doesn't automatically render them nonsensical. For all we know these things could be true. Heck, for all we know, you could be a Shlomo as well :^)

She looks like Ryan Gosling's sister.


explain this interaction then:

This. I think actively shilling agaist them is what the jews want us to do.

No. It's the only meme they have. They're like lefties. They can never produce their own original meme.
_They_ are controlled opposition.

It's more in the eyebrows and eyes. It's only one picture too. Her nose lacks the bone structure of his too, and look at her massive fore head.

I'm telling you, my jdar is fine tuned.

Weev runs the DS servers and has direct access to the database. Anglin is more or less a useful idiot who doesn't even write the articles on his own site.

Does Sweden have hate speech laws?

who cares if she's jewish or not

the fact that money is being thrown into her face already proves that she works for them.

why the fuck do you have to prove is someone is a kike? try to prove the establishment they work with if its POZZED or not, if pozzed then clearly she's a fucking shill, even gentiles succumb to faggotry.

Yeah, they look kind of funny.


That's too much info for the sycophants to take in.

Particularly because these attacks increased tenfold after the election, I suspect something organized

Like the organizations such as TRS? Sorry your pool party got closed down due to AIDS. How about you try here >>>/bog/

Cross reference and see if you can cumfirm

…. oh. Isn't Weev's title inspired by "juif"? like a self-identifier? It's reached the stage for me of "can't tell who's Jewing who anymore."

Yes. All Holla Forums memes are TRS. Real aryans don't use them. We also use full stops autistically.
They_ will_not_divide_us

That's called agreeing that this thread is utter shit- leave for a few hours to pursue normal life events and 575 replies later. It is still utter shit. But hey, to each their own on a Sunday night. P.S. I'm the guy that dropped the Asperger King picNot a shillBut noticed everyone jumping at shadows latelyThat is the most dangerous form of D&C

Right on user, here enjoy some puppies.

Yes mch of the Holla Forums vs TRS narrative smelled of exterior influence.

And fuck forgot sage


Mike Eunuch had to admit Holla Forums was right yet again. Sorry that your pool party got closed down.

Note that Andre Anglin travels around the world despite not having a job or any visible source of income.

That's a red flag.

Then who writes them? Oh, right.

What if TRS doxed themselves only to create controversy in order to get their name out? They do seem like a bunch of nigger tier attention whores that don't care about whether the attention is negative or positive.

Go to >>>/trs/. You haven't been here long enough to see their spergy autism. They tried to force us to join them. They tried to change us.
lmao each time their podcast were done they came here. how pathetic.
Each and every single time it was the same thing they posted here.
They shilled evalion. They shilled every controlled OP imaginable.

And the best part about them. They were fresh from cuckchan/leddit so their spacing was very easy to spot…

They would always talk like fags… while suggesting namefagging and a site wide migration… because >muh based podcast >muh trannies

That's why no one likes TRS. Not only are they cringy autist (listen to one of their podcast. the Lana girl is just a spergy mess. she says "cucked" in a such a forced way.) They try to redefine and infect us (all the while saying they deserve to be here). If you side with >>>/trs/. you aren't from around here.
git out

Reminder OP is a shill

And only posting because I pointed out the TRS brackets. We know where you came from. You made it too obvious.

They care more about their "donations" than anything. PLEASE DONATE. BUY MUH T SHIRTS.

Well if that's the case then it backfired, lot of former TRS members were saying they shut the pool party down and even some of Mike's most hardcore defenders like Fascist Lemming and Anglin had to disavow support for Mike Enoch, they're shekel farming operation has been severely damaged.

Every. Fucking. Time.


Heard it a ton, no one likes TRS now. I personally doxed morrakike and I'm definitely not trs.

Yeah, I'm curious as to what brought him to asia, that reeks, not to mention he's promoted as the "reviver of fascism" by the media despite being the least imposing figure I could imagine…. Sad really.

Anglin himself doesn't have a great command of the english language but neither do the rest of the writers there. They remind me of a modern SA

You're probably talking to one of the same few sycophants who've been defending TRS after everything that's went down.

All I know is that if I had been doxed, I'd lay low and move to another address, yet these kikes even put up a patreon account and beg for money on Shia LePoof's camera. What gives?

Their 'ironic' jew jokes was another dead giveaway.

So now that we are reaching the bottom of the bottom of then thread has any evidence actually been presented other than a cat picture being located in an odd folder on a webserver?

Has OP posted his evidence that David Duke was recruited by the CIA in the 70s like he claimed? Or has instead the thread filled up with hundreds of posts of completely content free, zero information filler from 3 or 4 posters?

No. They came in swarms. Coordinating on both TRS and discord.

Regardless of whether he's right or wrong, Red Ice is kosher trash.

Be a race realist and donate to David Duke or otherwise STFU.

Does that make you feel a bit more comfortable?

I don't get it though, Duke's message is clearly harmful to the Jews, right? Is the line of thinking something like, "Let people listen to something they want to hear so they go back to sleep rather than shoah us" …?


Intel op. Look at who Mike Peinovich and his wife have been employed by. It's a who's who of elite American media corporations (Time Inc., BurrellesLuce, NBC News,, etc.).

Do we have statistics on pageviews/downloads for TRS/dailyshoah content? I'm expecting it to surge right when this whole Kike Eunuch thing occurred as everyone wanted to learn about what was going on, swiftly followed by their viewership imploding due to a total lack of credibility.

If they still do have listeners, they're all low-information faggots who never would've amounted to anything at this point anyway.

I don't know what to think about duke really. Part of me wants to think he's a racial hero but I just get that fed smell with how deranged he looks. Maybe he just gets that glimmer in his eye after having fought ZOG for so long, but I don't know. I loved the photo op he did when he was protesting the new orleans statue getting taken down. Duke yelling in the face of nogs is pretty picturesque.

Article Provided by Steamshovel Press (
The below article is reprinted from People’s Weekly World, Long View Publishing Company, 235 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 1001L

by Tim Wheeler

David Duke, it is said, idolized his father, an engineer for Shell Oil Company, who, like his son, was a white supremacist. The father, David Hedger Duke, volunteered for service in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He was sent to Laos as an agent of the U.S. State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID.)

Young David, meanwhile, completed high school and enrolled at Louisiana State University, where he became notorious on “Free Speech Alley” for his racist and anti-Semitic harangues. Just before he dropped out of LSU, on March 4,1971, Duke was ordered to report for active duty. Selective Service records show that he was classified 1-A. But in a “highly unusual move,” reports Tyler Bridges of the Times-Picayune of New Orleans, “Duke was given a student deferment, March 18, even though he soon left school and didn’t return for eighteen months…None of the members of his draft board contacted said they knew why the injunction notice was rescinded.” When Bridges asked Duke why he hadn’t been drafted, Duke responded, “Well,I was in Laos during the war.” And indeed he was. He boasted that he spent nine months in Laos beginning in May 1971 flying twenty missions “behind enemy lines aboard CIA Air America transport planes, dropping supplies to CIA mercenary troops in the mountains. In attempting to debunk details of Duke’s story, critics only confirm the main point. Charles Green, for example, head of the Agency for International Development (AID) language school in Laos, said Duke served only six weeks as an English language instructor of Laotian army officers. Green claims he fired Duke when he walked into his classroom and saw that Duke had drawn a Molotov cocktail on the blackboard.

It is well known that the CIA used USAID as a cover for covert warfare in Southeast Asia. It is entirely plausible that David Duke was recruited as a covert agent of the CIA. That would explain why his induction into the military was mysteriously rescinded.

It would also explain Duke’s strange immunity in other criminal and terrorist activities. In September 1976 Duke was the sponsor of a conference of neo- Nazis and Klansmen at a hotel near his home in Métairies, an all-white suburb of New Orleans. When police arrived, Duke and his followers surrounded the squad car. Duke led the mob in chanting, “White Power.” Duke screamed at the officers, “You are a Jew. You work for the FBI. They are commie traitors and you are too.” The police radioed for help and Duke was among those arrested. He was tried but received a suspended sentence. Why?

On December 31,1980, Duke sat on a French quarter balcony in New Orleans with a convicted felon named Michael Perdue. According to Gwen Udell,a close friend of Duke’s who was there, the two men “hashed over Perdue’s plan to invade the Caribbean island of Dominica’ “ A small band of mercenaries would sail to the tiny black populated country, overthrow the government and set up a white supremacist junta,” reports the Times-Picayune, Perdue “dreamed of making millions by running a casino and exporting lumber.” Others say the real “export” was to be cocaine and other narcotics.

Duke reportedly helped Perdue find a charter boat to transport his mercenary commandos and put Perdue in touch with people who would finance the bizarre expedition, codenamed Operation Red Dog.

On April 27,1981, officers of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms arrested them just before they boarded the yacht in Lake Ponchartrain. Despite his ringleader role, Duke was not arrested. He was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, where he pleaded the Fifth Amendment, refusing to testify. Nine of the ten other conspirators, including Duke’s co-hort Klanman Don Black, were found guilty and served time in prison. Why was Duke let off?


Then go look at the HWNDU threads where gooks and spics are claiming Holla Forums isn't white, cohencidentally just a few weeks after this place gained a thousand newfags almost overnight. The idea is turning this place into reddit friendly /newsplus/ by purging the ebil stormweenies. They aren't even being subtle about it.

Holy Shit

Just look at his posts. He's here for topic dilution. He fills up the board with nonsense so as to reduce the quality of discussion and drive away intelligent posters. He probably posts thousands of not even twitter length, demoralizing shitposts a day. Whenever a group of intelligent people begin to gather and talk about Jews these people show up if not forcibly excluded.

But that's obviously not going to happen because they are the mods.

So you lied about having proof then? If you have proof post it.

While I don't think Red Ice has done anything deserving of destruction at this point let us not forget that it was their based nationalist jew pandering that sparked the TRS debacle.
Not to say that they are implicated by association but before you guys start pushing unity let's remember that they are still cucks to be kept at arm's length.

Yeah, I mean half my impression is "wow, this dude genuinely fights ZOG on the airwaves"

Then I see shit like
(Thanks for info)

Duke has good intentions, he's just kind of a sperg.

get shot faggot

What a shock. Who could have seen this coming? 63 posts and you still haven't posted proof or even stengthened your initial claim that Lana works for the department of defense.

This thread is getting archived again.

You idiot, any documentation "proving" that anyone is a covert C.I.A. asset or operative will be highly classified and never see the light of day. All we can ever hope to see in this regard is strong circumstantial / situational evidence, such as the kind available for Alex Jones.

Most of the time. He still puts Numero Uno first, and will throw conviction out the window (as with the Enoch Question) simply because TRS provides a platform for Duke to reach out to a fresh new audience and collect more donation shekels (presumably to go gamble with)

All these alt-right e-celebs are in it for shekels first and foremost.

YEah, this guys not a Jew

He's a member of American Vanguard who goes by the name "Tubby the Lard" on the skype group.

See this post:

Fair enough but this is an obvious shill bread going on for hours now with mods doing nothing about it. I'm fine with hating on ecelebs but this is only proves they're starting to wake people up.

It started off shitty and became informative.

So then yes you did lie about having evidence?

How is it not a good thing for right wing propaganda to be profitable? People should be able to make their living being activists for the cause.

Red Ice is shit and always has been shit.

You should have known better.

Only kikes and lefties use "White trash " as a offense

Profitability is one thing, but he loses me with this shit:

That he goes to bat for Kike Enoch is immensely suspicious

Nah I "woke up" a few years prior to even finding the cans, let alone e-celebs. I listened to one or two of Duke's shows out of boredom and then decided to lurk DS after Anglin was featured as a guest. Starting to believe this

more than anything. The TRSodomite label is a fitting one - they're a sorry lot, especially the younger ones…. Met a group of them through offline channels and was dismayed to find a lack of any athletic inclinations or stature.

He obviously didn't know the full story when he defended Enoch.

Because then you end up with a bunch of people who aren't actually invested, they just want to make shekels.

Being able to make a living being an activist for the cause does not, in any way, require those participating to actually give a single solitary shit about the cause.
Just like at Mike "Second Base with the Chosen Race" Peinovich.

IOW: The moment its potentially profitable to pursue this shit, you're basically just throwing open the door for camwhore-equivalent frauds to go full-Grabbler mode, with high potential for harmful blowback.


It's conjecture, retard.

No it isn't. Enoch has done a lot of good (IRL NETWORKING) and showed integrity by continuing to name the Jew after he found out despite being married to one.

I haven't heard anything since. For someone who rails so hard against the 'ziomedia' I'd expect him to be uniquely primed against this type of subversion. Duke seems to pride himself on being a public figure that people can point to whenever people try to push for white identity so whether genuine or not he's proving to be a burden. I happen to lean towards fed asset however. He's just too convenient.

Don't you mean Mike "In the cunt of the Chozunt" Peinovich?
Mike "Ten Plagues between the Legs" Peinovitch?
Mike "Dives the Red Seas if you Please" Peinovitch?
Mike "Puts his noses up in Moses" Peinovitch?
Mike "Tween the Knees of those forsakened in 70ADS" Peinovitch?

shoo shoo trsodomite

*I wish he would have divorced the wife years ago, but he's simply a coward. The fact his marriage didn't cause him to paper over the JQ speaks in his favor, though.

Dude, seriously, go back to TRS..

Seriously, you fucking sicken me, and I hope you and everyone like you gets AIDS at a poolparty and fucking dies.
No jokes.

Wew this must be the new TRShill line of the week

What a coincidence that you're defending both David Duke and Mike Peinovich.

The left is crawling with those. Most major corporations fit the bill. It does not matter as long as the propaganda is spread. When you're mainstream, that means you're winning.

Top Cuck.

You're still fucking doing it.
You're still believing the hit this person - and his comrades - all of whom have lied by omission to you FOR YEARS, you're still buying their bullshit.
And trying to push it on others.
You really are trash, and so representative of everything that's wrong with the TRSodomite community.

Fucking die.

Perfect for collecting the real life identities of anonymous internet Nazis.

I give it less than a year before Mike swallows a .38.

Okay chaim then go ahead and name a good source and/or community for history revisionism and redpills on jews. Protip you won't

No, it isn't, because no identifying information is required and they encourage the formation of independent cells. If they wanted to collect information, they'd make you pay to sign up and they wouldn't accept bitcoin.

Interesting how these threads are always being kept alive by a small group of power posters.

Soros said I have to post at least 50 times or I don't get paid

And the left is dying, rife with division and cognitive dissonance-based delusion.

And nobody fucking likes them.

This is why you fail.
This is why you think Kike Enoch shows 'real integrity'.

You're so caught up in getting your dick in the pussy, you don't bother to think what's going to happen next.

Know what happens when it turns out someone who has garnered a following is actually a fucking degenerate fraud?
It brings into question literally everyone involved in the movement, and especially in that vein of the movement.
It creates personality cults, which are then torn down, sowing division and dissent.

Propaganda is worthless if the mouthpiece from whence it derives is just a ticking time bomb to revelation of fraudulence and faggotry.

For fuck's sake dude, its like a guy who starts an organization to oppose pedophilia, but then it comes out later that he's been fucking children every single day, and everyone in the upper echelons knew about it and had a bunch of pedo shit themselves, and all of them try to pretend its no big deal while continuing to campaign against pedophilia.
Who is going to want to be involved with that, aside from the low-T, low-IQ cultists of the personality in question?
How bad of a light does it shine upon those involved in that movement, and other such movements?

TRS is trash, as is most of the 'alt-right' - itself a false movement created by lolbergs, faggots and Jews to try to subvert the right-wing uprising - and anyone who says otherwise is nothing but a degenerate cultist who is likely no more committed to the cause, nor worthy of bearing the mantle, than the average Jewish homosexual.

Just like how Hal Turner didn't accept anonymous donations, right?

Because, like I said, the issue starts when people start throwing conviction out the window to get more shekels.

Kek willing.

Are you implying that TRS and NPI are good sources for either of those things? Dicky says the holohoax happened.

Duke also begged for shekels for his doomed-to-fail campaign, and the FCC requires all political donations to be publicly viewable.

That means that anyone dumb enough to donate to Duke now has their name on a list of supporters for all to see.

You said "IRL." This means in person, correct? Anyone meeting in person in public can be easily surveiled using video and/or audio. Additionally, their vehicle license plates can be easily recorded and used to instantly identify them.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

There's also the issue that allowing racemixers and jews into a white nationalism movement would set a terrible precedent. It'd be a very slippery slope toward civic nationalism as the other "based jews" find ways to worm their way in too.

TRS has systematically run-off every attempt at a historically-themed podcast on their show, with the only things remaining that even come close to that area being that piss-poor /fringe/-tier shit with the second-string Italian.

It's also strange that, despite their title and all the oven jokes they make, AFAIK they've never actually done any material on the inaccuracies of the holohoax narrative.

That's a good point too which I hadn't previously thought about.

Mary, then fuck, then shoah all three, since sex outside of marriage is degenerate, as is divorce.

Even rebel Yell left TRS lmao. Who is left at this point?

bitch looks like a star trek species

Not implying anything I asked you to name a good source and/or community for history revisionism and redpills on jews. Can't though since you're a yiddish shill posting in a disinfo thread.

* on their network

To be honest, that's basically all TRS ever was.
They've always shat on Nat-Soc and other ideologies, they've always argued there are good Jews, they've always - going back to when fucking Bulby first left - been limp-wristed on the race-mixing question… And how could they not be: Their founder is a fucking race-mixer!

That whole platform is just such absolute trash, I'm honestly embarrassed I spent time listening to their shit. I used to enjoy some of their material, but now, I can't get into it at all, because its all just a sad attempt to avoid acknowledging that the platform is irreparably tainted.
Especially TDS - their whole 'muh antifa, no big deal u guiz' narrative is equal parts disgusting and pathetic.

Dude, they routinely shit on Hitler and NatSoc on every conceptual front.
They are lolberg civic nationalists who sorta-kinda-maybe buy into HBD.
That's it, nothing more - and they've never been anything more.

They're a supposed White Nationalist/Ethnonationalist organization that was founded by an overweight pseudo-Jew married to fag-hag Jewess and living In Jew York City, who concealed it all (alongside his fellow founders) to Grabble shekels from gullible goys.
Its grotesque shit really.

The gaul of those faggots to try and pretend as though they're any better is faggotry of the highest order.

Actually they didn't. The rebel yell Enoch interview got (((shut down))) because it portrays Enoch as an insincere piece of shit despite all the softball questions and he literally admits to being partly jewish twice. But RY itself is still on TRS. I saw a recent episode come up there.

They did, however, change their own websites' name from TRSconferederates to dixie-something. A decent gesture to distance themselves, although they're still not leaving. Still indicates where things are heading.

The TRS ship is slowly sinking. I'm just wondering how long Enoch and Sven are going to be able to tread water. Enoch shilling on /HWNDU/ last night and saying "g-guys I'm s-still around…" was absolutely pathetic.

I like it.


You're right on all accounts. They themselves might have been cucky edgy racist lolbergtarians, but they still PRESENTED themselves as white nationalists. And that was the problem.

If they just wanted to be edgy lolbergs, then that'd be fine. But instead they did this radio drama bullshit where they played up the faux white nationalism because that was popular and that was what allowed them to trick the stupid goyim into donating shekels.

They cucked for Jews years ago, because the Jews supported the confederacy.

The best place for Hollowhoax revisionism is the CODOH forum.

Jews supported the confederacy because a disproportionate number of jews were slave owners. It's the exact same bullshit we see today where all the megacorps are owned by kikes. Just translate that same gist to an agrarian southern society and it's the same thing.

Not to mention the slave boat owners were all a bunch of sephardic kikes too

He's also a proud freemason.

Do we have any data on TRS viewership? I need to know if it's plummeted

I suppose you could also gauge their support based on how many donations they're currently getting, although I think that's probably a poor indicator because
1) many of their donators are probably the vocal minority of TRS loyalist fanboy shills
2) I absolutely wouldn't put it past them to simply make up fake donations to read on air to make it seem like they're getting just as much support as before

Based Judah Benjamin.

I'll ask you too: name anyone who has in the last year who hasn't been labeled a shill. Eric Hunt had his funding cut off and was labeled as an e-beggar and everyone knows what happened to Evalion. You retards scratch your heads wondering why normalfags stay bluepilled and then sit on your hands while anyone who does anything about it are attacked. Fucking pathetic, you deserve the future you get.

$20 says that was the last place you worked on before Holla Forums.

Implying it doesn't still exist (in other forms)

It would also be a poor indicator becuase the donors who stick around are likely to donate more to support their downtrodden e-celeb. I don't think we have access to any data unless they are on Soundcloud.

How did this thread become about TRS?


No shit she is Jewish, she larped hard for pagan cucks and her boyfriend or husband is a GLOBEHEAD


Fresh reminder OP is a shill

Just do some traffic analysis on their website domain in a month or so. You'll be able to see their traffic change. That's probably the most inside info you'll be able to get easily. If you're curious about how they're doing.>>9046612

Does that mean masoniggers were behind the doxing the whole time? It's getting confusing as hell.

Just do some traffic analysis on their website domain in a month or so. You'll be able to see their traffic change. That's probably the most inside info you'll be able to get easily. If you're curious about how they're doing.

Yep. White knighting for a couple of con-men, chances are he probably donated all his NEET bucks to these hucksters, so he has a lot more invested (literally) in defending the Trsodomite narrative. Sad!

Nice strawman, faggot.


Wait are you saying money grabbers would lie about donations to make it look like people support then in the hope that those fake donations would encourage others to jump on the bandwagon and start throwing money at them?

old conspifuck here
i have high respect for freeman but i'll admit i havent listened to him long enough to spot flaws/cracks/suspicious spots in his makeup
his material is good to top tier though
to give you an idea, i loathe Jones even though i liek watching him as entertainment when he's onto something relevant
and i believe Icke has been subverted when he published "the biggest secret", and was a newager all along (see "david icke debunked" on youtube)
my role model is william cooper in this field
maybe freeman is a subverter kike, but seriously, it's a good stuff this man has in mind, sometimes brilliant
btw the akhenaten-obama connection is hard to dismiss
michelle is akhenaten's mother

being an ex newager myself, i can attest to each of the points made that flame icke as a newager (an alice bailey student)

>>>/polarchive/ fucking shills. I always thought the TRS shilling thing was overblown, but look at this shit. Mike "Jews did 9/11 is a retarded, embarrassing theory" Enoch's lackeys in full force.

Only 4 of the testimonials, out of at least 50 or so, maybe a hundred, have the image in the 'military-testimonies' directory. So they did not just throw it all in a directory that happened to be titled 'military-testimonies' as some people suggested

That's a lie.

And speaking of Eric Hunt.

And to the shill questioning how he found this, saying OP was reverse searching images or whatever… Obviously he just googled their name, does not take a huge amount of effort…

David Duke says the best info on jews are publications from your buddies in Tel Aviv.

I'm an old conspiracyfag too. I think Freeman is legit too, although naturally I sometimes have my doubts. I used to be lot into David Icke some years ago. Still not convinced he's controlled, just has some views that are incorrect or dumb, but I'll have a look of the video.

Wew. Whatever tel aviv is paying you it's too much.

Never. Nice try, shlomo! We're still around, my fellow goyim! Come visit and donate at!


Is that how he always looks or is he close to killing himself?

Thanks for checking that. I thought of checking it myself, but I knew it would be a pain in the ass.

Anyone who says Ruben Joseph Lokteff is not highly probably a Jewish name is a shill. It's theoretically possible that it is Russian, I guess, but like, 1 in 1000 chance honestly.

Hi Mike, how could you even of been remotely attracted to that hambeast you're married to? What a disgusting rat face kikess!

Oy vey, I swears I totally had no idea that she loved advocating for trannies and homosexuals and the jewish desecration of christian holidays despite these things being plastered all over her social media for all to see! Please believe that I never saw her dress in drag despite living in a small manhattan apartment with no privacy! She was leading a double life and I had absolutely no idea!!! Please donate shekels I'm so sad ;_;

Frankly, if you couldn't tell that by
a) her looks
b) her actions
c) her associations
then you shouldn't even be posting on Holla Forums until you've honed the skills to do so, because she is not the only one.
The entire "alt-right" is a Jewish false front.
The "alt-right" has begun rolling out strategies to repair the credibility damage they have incurred due to multiple agent exposures, the most notable recent example being the staged attack on agent Richard Spencer.

smoking gun

kill yourself, shill

he has the same slightly crossed eyes Lana does, the thread comes full circle

I have to agree with Duke on that one. Jewish and Israeli websites are the best sources of information about Jews and Israel.

i dont gas jews on the spot, homo
OTOH i'm 14-but-not-88 and hold onto the hope that it's the normal makeup on pol
hitler with polacks is just larping and the flimsy hope millenials have that white man can win
as an X-er i dont need that, i know we can
the key is birth rates though

Haha much butthurt I sense in you, kike user.


see how this can work both ways?

That's why people call it the 'Alt-Kike'

There is a generic source folder, a military-testimonies folder and a testimony-photo folder and they aren't sorted on either page.

14 out of 50 photos on the Military Testimonies page are not in the military-testimonies directory but in the generic testimony-photos folder.


Your boy Mike Eunuch sure has great taste in the ladies, ammrite?

she has a manly jaw like many american jewesses do
but her nose, cheekbones and eyes dont strike me as shlomo

sarah looks very kikeish

fuck lana, marry eva, shoah sinead
you want those puppy eyes and weak jaw in a wife (submissive and idealistic)
lana is a hot vixen in that pic
sinead looks just off

ill give you the eyes and cheekbones but take a good look at that shnoz



I wonder if Milo uses the same brand of hair dye that Lana uses?


"kike out" brand

"Simply Goy" brand.

Who's that other autistic bitch who died her hair blonde? She was friends with Evalion and those spergs. I think her name is Michelle Kapner?

Keep ignoring that your latest JIDF thread got btfo hundreds of posts ago and accusing anons of being TRS is all you have left. Classic jew tactics that if anything only made Lana's stock go up. This has been fun though, you lot are always good for a laugh.

Ha! Caught this before posting, thanks for making my point dipshit :^)

pretty much admitting to being a shill, i accept your defeat

fyi, not calling you shills but just being clear

thanks, never paid attention to them before

That article begins with Emily and features her quite a bit. Despite her filthy cartoons she constantly shills she's in there with the top personalities of the alt right and always in the media. She'll eventually be used in an attempt to discredit the right and her disgusting art will be front and center. Funny how she gets around.

Hey I used to enjoy Red Ice Radio before they started interviewing Puerto Ricans such as Justin Garcia and faggots such as Grindr Greg. Besides maybe Lana is right and we should work with based jews, what could possibly go wrong?

Hey I used to enjoy Red Ice Radio before they started interviewing Puerto Ricans such as Justin Garcia and faggots such as Grindr Greg. Besides maybe Lana is right and we should work with based jews, what could possibly go wrong?

DAT SHILL WIT! You guys must be a hoot around the office!

Wew back over the net! I'm stealing that one fellow goy!


Sinead may be a bitch, but she's her points about Trump aren't really deniable.

There's a bunch of others in that photo set that are legit bdsm pics, whip in hand included. wtf is up with that shit

That's a groupie for ya, plus I'm sure she can use all the juicy inside info on these aut righters as blackmail. Groupies know all the deepest darkest secrets of a particular group they start running around with.

I'm not familiar with her. Don't know.

post them, asking for a friend

It's that stuff that makes me worry about the White masses.

Oh here we go with that ironic humor, this pretty much confirms you are a trsodomite.


if you aren't a shill, why did you have to change proxies? fucking newb shill bitch. Go suck david brocks dick some more you fucking faggot

Is that Emily Youcis? That cartoon she created was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. She works for Red Ice now, right?

By the way, what is Emily Youcis' ethnicity supposedly? Greek or something?

Michelle K used to be in Heibach's tard youth but got kicked out for drunken blow jobs or something. She used to lie on vids claiming to be a PhD or some shit then deleted them all. She's legit crazy but too dumb to be an operative.

Lithuanian if I'm not mistaken?

This. I also have friend.

making thread #2

Wasn't that the guy Sinead sperged about them interviewing? So you agree with her? And you do know "based muds" are a thing now since HWNDU or are all those saying it just fake Holla Forumsacks? Also you said "such as" implying red ice has interviewed other puerto ricas, can you name any of them?

Made me recapcha, you're probably a mod so check the IP, faggot.


recap doesnt change ID faggot shill

They did a section going over A third of the Holocaust

she's cute, who is this?

a fucking cat?

you realise freeman is totally baked right? guys like that can be sold anything through projection, i mean literally (with advanced technology promising him "visions") and figuratively with washed down new age crap.

Once you lose your objectivity it's a wrap.