Look at these Irish libshit Idiots

w ww.change.org/p/no-to-taoiseach-enda-kenny-st-patrick-s-day-white-house-visit

What will Trump do without his bowl of Shamrock

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I fully expect President Trump to break Kenny's balls if he's still in charge on Paddy's Day. The sniveling cunt called him muh mysohgany racialist about a year ago.

D&C anti-Irish thread

I'm Irish.
Kenny is a cunt, every political party and media fuckwit is an open-borders europhile and most of the population are functionally retarded.
So shove it up your hole.

I'm Irish and Enda Kenny is a piece of shit as are all mainstream Irish political parties. And the fringe ones. They all sell out to the EU and will be very happy to see us all go extinct. Being against these arseholes is not anti-Irish.

I made a counter petition for Americans to not let these morons come.

I'm sure millions of loyal Americans will sign it.
not really

w ww.change.org/p/god-emperor-trump-donald-trump-to-refuse-enda-kenny-s-visit-to-the-white-house-on-st-patrick-s-day

We haven't had competent politicians since the 1930s. There is no difference at all between the Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, and Labour anymore. It's even sadder that the Fine Gael were originally founded from the Blueshirts, the pro-Hitler fascist party. Ireland is one of the most liberal countries in the world and our leadership is happy to bend over for Merkel's cock as long as the shekels flow.

Gabh transna ort fhéin. Pog mo thoin.

Don't forget our extremist Nationalist party.

You also bent over to become the top whore for corporations all across the world

I went to Ireland a few years ago. It was clean, white, and high trust.

Why the fuck would anyone want to ruin that?

I guess nobody discussed the government with you, lel.


As in, trust in the government. It's as corrupt as Greece, maybe worse.

Gee I wonder who and why. Its a confounding mystery.

I think you know.

Are you sure you went to Ireland?

Don't worry about it.
Kenny Will Go.
He will be forced to listen to Redpills for 2 Days Straight, whether He likes it or not.
Our Taoiseach Will come back a Changed Man, for the Better.

I lived there for four months in aught eight and it was already then being overrun with nonwhites.


The only part of Ireland that is white is the North nowadays.

The World's Changing for the Better now though, With Trump's Influence Europe Will become increasingly Nationalistic over the Next 8 Years.
Just remember that The Overton Window is a thing & it's going our Way.

De Valera was the worst thing to have ever happened to Ireland.

And long may it continue Nordie.


American here, what Irish parties are actually uncucked?

Literally none.

The National Party I guess. Which has no seats, no influence and if we're to believe the media is universally reviled.

don't think there's any.

Like internet petitions ever actually accomplished anything

None of them.
Pegida set up a branch. Their first rally was shut down by a literal riot as their supporters were attacked, the party's leader was violently assaulted on his way to it and the useless coppers made zero arrests. So they're gone.

There is literally nothing wrong with being Irish.

You would be surprised. This is liberal Ireland we're talking about. The press are actually taking petitions about this seriously and no doubt they'll try and pressure Enda Kenny not to go to America with a bowl of shamrock and look like the big idiot he is.

Wasn't this the party that was attempted to be started a year or so ago by a Kilkenny man who used to be a teacher? They tried to do launch it in Dublin and (((Ronit Lentin))) came along with some Americans and gullible lefties to shut it down. They later tried to hold an event in Waterford so several "anti-racist" and Muslim groups ended up showing up. If anything like this is to work people with Nationalist views need to show up in force. That is going to take a lot of work.

Vid related. This is the outfit was thinking of.

Yeah, and some other sociologist fat bitch from Bulgaria for some reason. I strongly suspect Soros money for rent-a-thugs from the UK to be honest, the antifa here are string-bean looking GRIDS victims.

Northern Ireland was abysmal when I visited it, Republic was gr8. All of the UK is fucking depressing.

The UK is nice as soon as you get out of London imo.

Lies. This whole place is niggers, pakis, chinks, and more pakis.

We're fucked lad


When the media promote this nonsense.

Stop breaking links the faggot way. Look:

Will do.

Also Irish, petition signed,
Kenny is embarrassing, I still cringe when he cucked himself to Obama
https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv2VoYruZBI



What kind of Angloish is this supposed to mean?

Are you sure you were in Ireland? Because when I went all I saw was a gorgeous country filled with lots of surly, shifty-eyed assholes. Maybe that's an exaggeration….the smaller towns are wonderful, but Dublin needs to be nuked.

Reminder that the so-called Republic of Ireland have done absolutely nothing but cuck themselves non-stop since their "liberation".
Reminder that all of their political parties bar none are open border commie-tier fuckwits.
Reminder that they are the only nation in history to ever vote to poz themselves up the neghole with faggot marriage in an overwhelming majority.

Reminder that the only uncucked part of the island is Based Ulster, populated by the Loyal Lads (the resident republicucks still push poz whenever possible)
Loyal Ulster has resisted

The DUP and the TUV are actual conservative parties with actual conservative policies that people actually vote for in Loyal Ulster.

That's great and all but it doesn't help.
In the people of the Republics defense they have resisted several abortion referendums and the poz has only become bad with the advent of millenials and an influx of foreign money for activist and political groups.