1 week from now is the Superb owl, the ultimate normie distraction from reality and the ultimate in consumerism shilling. So come join us at 76chan /sp/ and have fun have some fun with us, stop by whenever, we'll be shitposting all day.

Trump will make athletics great again.

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fuck off espee

I hope all the dindus refuse to play

I hope the Patriots win for maximum butthurt among my coworkers

wow rude. We love you uncle Holla Forums.

Gee, as appealing as you make that sounds, I think I won't.

Do you get your wife's bull to wear the jersey of your favorite player so you can get the authentic experience ?

Both sports are Jew controlled monopolies that openly promote niggers and reward blacks of the absolute worst character, while also actively suppressing any and all white participation - except, of course, if you're a white spectator with money to pay. I can't ignore that reality anymore. I don't want to give black people and Jews money or ratings when they do nothing but piss on my flag and insult my people.

the point is to see it for what it is and have a laugh. Hey, you might even enjoy the game too

Ya, how'd you know? Btw Go Broncos and shoutout to my cousin nobody here will get that joke

Watching Tom Brady cry again as the Patriots loss count increases will be hilarious.

We do see it for what it is: disgusting, corrupting filth.

I hope there's a terrorist attack that takes out all the cucks watching it.

laughing at filth is fun

Make Football White Again

Trump is BFFs with Brady
Don't let the kikes take everything and keep it

I've tried to enjoy the game before. It's boring and very poorly paced. Short bursts of action so you can't wander away without missing anything, but 90% of the time you're bored out of your skull listening to inane analysis that doesn't matter and doesn't make sense and looking at zoom shots of nigger players standing around looking stupified.

The only sport I can stand watching is the world series. That's a slow but well paced game. You can get drunk, go take a long hard piss, come back, and be reasonably sure you haven't missed anything.

No thanks.


You faggots failed to claim both the octoquads and the 9M GET, you are dead to me

I am unfamiliar with the history of /sp/ and can't seem to find answers. Why is /a/ not welcome? What did they do?

Hell, they even failed to get dubs in their own website name. How cucked can you get?

And now with the JewFC and Heebok.
They own everything, it sucks.

Football, like baseball, is a social sport. You watch it with a group of people, make a ton of awesome food and grab a case of beer/alcohol/non-alcoholic fruit beverage. The pacing allows you to have discussion between plays. Watching it by yourself is boring.

there have been several /sp/-/a/ clashes throughout the years
it's just a joke though, /a/ can come but they will get bullied hard if they post anime

football(i guess you people call it soccer) is the superior game. it's called the beautiful game for a reason.

only cucked yuros think that
when you have asylum niggers born and raised in africa being named to the Germany and France national team you lose the ability to be taken seriously

Wait, Wade Davis plays for the Cubs now? What the fuck


I've never watched either by myself. I've gone to watch parties. Football isn't enjoyable, even with friends, because they always interrupt whatever conversation is going on to yell at their TV, then look at you weird when you don't join in and get a headache at all their obnoxious unpredictable yelling.

Sports always lets me down. At least I have Trump and America

tfw neighborhood block party where you actually socialize with your neighbors for suberb owl sunday


He's right, though.

Sometimes, your feet do hurt.

As I've said, baseball is much better. Everyone gets hushed when the ball is about to be thrown, cheers only when somebody crosses home base, and generally don't interrupt conversations. Baseball is much more social than football. A relaxed all-American experience. Football is frantic yet boring, the worst possible combination. Anybody who is capable of enjoying football is basically a subhuman.

Furthermore, football is a leach on American taxpayer, parasiting off public schools and universities, corrupting the priorites of education institutions and giving them excuses to accept more brainless niggers. Baseball recruits from the minor leagues, making it far more socially responsible.

I honestly wish Atlanta wasn't so full of niggers in our teams so I could give more of a fuck if they win.

kill me, I just wanted to get drunk and be merry with my fellow wageslave bros.

Patrician post my friend

Not really though. When the conversations get interrupted, put it back on track. That's what the job of the straight man is - to be the person that keeps things directed. You get what you want, and people appreciate not having those awkward moments of "where were we?" that come about. And people aren't going to look at you weird for now shouting about something, especially if it's not "your" team. I for one don't give a shit about anything other than my college team.

TV in general is a fucking bore. The only two things that happened in the last 365 days of any note were election night and the Rose Bowl (the National Championship was a nice game, but again, why give a shit about how other teams are doing?)

Baseball is boring as shit my man. The time difference between "things happening" and "nothing happening" is fucking insane. If you actually go to a baseball game to watch it, then yes, it has the potential to be more of a social event. But that's only if you're there in person. You might as well not have anything playing on the TV.

What I will give you also is that it's certainly more "all-American" in regards to the fact it isn't swarming with nogs, and that it isn't a massive drain on society. But if social responsibility is what drives interest in a sport, then we should all be switching over to the grand sport of watching live-streams of environmental clean-up.

Either way I'd rather be watching women's volleyball, but we don't always get what we want.

Yes, I want to watch a bunch of overpaid, uneducated niggers in tights chasing balls and sacks so I can get a perverse, vicarious sense of accomplishment via identification just from watching while swilling carbonated estro-cornsyrup.

Watching niggerball ironically is still watching niggerball.

You and I both know that the super bowl is likely going to have some half time speaker ranting on about donald trump because their (((managers))) told them to do it if they wanted their career.

Pffft, how about you fuck off back to what ever shill site you came from schlomo, nice fucking try but I have been all too red-pilled to fall into your blatant trap. Saged and reported. I will NOT be cucked by you or anyone ever again. The nfl is nothing more than a jewish program set to trick young impressionable non-red-pilled white males into thing cuckoldry is cool and acceptable and that niggers are actually good at something which basic science will prove to be false as niggers are stupid and subhuman. Yes, as you watch this bullshit called the "nfl" which by the way stands for "national" football league by Oh when was our nation filled with fucking niggers, thats right it isnt aka this is part one of the jewish trickery, niggers are only 13% of the population yet they are all over your screen. They make you think niggers are so cool which they are not, they commit MORE of hte violent crime, oh yes never heard that one did you ? Yeah you will get some white cuck announcer to read you all the NIGGERs statistics about how he can shoot the ball real good when it reality all a nigger can REALLY shoot is a white person, fucking degenerate niggers. As you watch this jewish filth, they will trick your brain into wanting to be like a black man, and these NIGGERS will be soooooooooo "coo"l in the eyes of WHITE women which you probably think is great huh ?? dont ya cuck ! It normalizes the idea of interracial relations as well and you sit there and watch it all aka CUCK your fucking CUCKED by it probably wish you could father a black child because then you could have a son in your NIGGERFL that you LOVE so much. Yeah go put on your favorite niggers jersey and wear a NIGGER name on your superior aryan flesh, hahaha I bet you wish you were a fucking nigger you stupid /sp/igger ! Yeah, but only nigger here is the one you let fuck your wife you stupid subhuman degenerate CUCK. I am all too red-pilled to fall for your trap, I refuse to have a membership because of how anti-white it is, and will not let the NIGGGERFL trick me into signing up for one, I have shielded my mind from such jewish tricks ! In fact I think your board is a cuck board, yes you fucking CUCK thats all you will ever be unlike me who is a true vision of the aryan warriors of legend led by the true GOD KEK and his missionary on Earth Donald Trump hahahah I have a superopr purpose and a superior genetic make up to you /sp/igger so just fuck off back to your CUCK shill board and stay. In fact I bet you are funded by the JIDF coming here and trying to trick Holla Forums into falling for your interracial cuck porn trap NEVER I will NEVER fall for something so obvious…..pfft just go get cucked kid while I go on a save the white races from the clutches of your jewish tyranny….

The halftime show is lady gaga
The (((NFL))) was convinced hillary would win

where did i say that fun isn't allowed? i'm not koonfy or therealpakiman

I wonder if she'll cry on stage. I bet she will.

washed up "celebrity" whore trying to stay relevant…No doubt she will spew anti-trump shit at the super nigger-ball game. I hope an accident happens and she falls to her death…last I heard it was going to be suspended from the stadiums roof or some such..

If she does that, many millions will not watch the second half. The NFL has its worst season in a generation this year because of Kaepernick.

When she starts ranting about Trump during halftime, I wonder how many cucks will continue watching the rest of the game? Probably most of them. Sad.

Baseball is the best American sport. The attention spans of this generation don't appreciate the beauty of the sport

hey Holla Forums, you actually were less autistic than Holla Forums

i am actually impressed.

I do find it somewhat funny that baseball is originally a sport designed to be played by English noblewomen and wives of gentry
like croquet

Hey, croquet is fun.

I guess
but if Americas national sport is baseball then its national sport is meant to be played by women in ankle length skirts and petticoats
when was the last time someone died playing baseball?
because men die playing cricket surprisingly tbh



You forgot all the primary debates, all the general election debates, the Inauguration

you should check out Holla Forums, it's more your style


Sounds terrible.

if Holla Forums wasn't broken and 8/sp/ broken worse than any other board for months then nobody would have left

Spectator sports should have never been about masculinity and combat. Football turned it into that. Back in the past baseball didn't need to be that because there was plenty of hard work and danger to go around for common Americans.

Football is all about giving white collar cubicle dwellers a feeling that they're somehow connected to manliness. Baseball is about a fun carefree pastime for men who do hard and dangerous things for a living, like build skyscrapers and ships.

>boxing predates both and is a combat sport
literal combat sports like boxing are a different animal from baseball and football.

The sport has obviously evolved since those days hundreds of years ago. You won't see women anywhere near the game now. That's why they made their own sport called softball, which is basically the dumbed down easy version of the game for women
Also some guy died way back when a ball was hit and struck him in the throat. People don't die now but they can get fucked up

There's still niggers in it

its not intentional but its just highlighting how dangerous it is
guy got hit in the neck by a ball last year below his helmet and it severed his carotids

you should try Original football sometime
two villages go one on one against each other
one village has to get the ball to the other villages town square before sunset
no spears, swords, knives or pistols allowed
apart from that anything goes
a popular tactic is to abduct the other villages team captain the night before and nail him inside a barrel for the duration of the match so he cant give proper commands

Kek tbh

Ninja Warrior is the true white man's sport

LARP matches of bloodbowl are the true white man's sport tbh

How do you win a Larp?

nah mate
log tossing

Thanks again Nashville. Hope you like your hiphop artist/actor/part-time hockey player.

that doesnt seem physically possible

Well I assume it's like football rules, but if your playing as goblins you can probably just beat everyone on the other team into submission with your sticks.

it is
also got boulder tossing

I hope trump false flags it and locks the country down and indefinitely detains all the traitors in the airports and streets, puts curfews in place, it would be awesome. Has to happen at some point, the 9/11 show has an ending

Can I get a td;dr on /sp/ board culture?

oi wha ar ye tellin them abit uir secrit trad'tons laddie?

too many kilts

Yeah, but nobody gives a shit about baseball in anyone's family I know.

yeah porridge wogs like it breezy on the nutsack

something something och aye fucking English geet morr skag fa me jimmy

Boring if I can be honest with you. In Europe, football is something for men so we can fight and be testosteronous. Also more or less every football fan club is likely to be redpilled and borderline RWDS.

a social activity for Europeans is drinking copious amounts of alcohol and eating in company

no matter what your culture or language, alcohol is the most european thing ever


im enjoying some rum as we speak
rum is good


helo budys, yu lik criket?

He's right you know.

Yea, and what do they talk about?


Wade Davis is best grill
mods r fags
Better shitposters than aussis and brits put together
I've never been on there except for superb owl parties

sure, we'll join. ignore all the leftykike shills trying to disrupt our good relations btw /sp/
t. Holla Forumsack and /baph/ole

sure, we'll join. ignore all the leftykike shills trying to disrupt our good relations btw /sp/
t. Holla Forumsack and /baph/ole

i lik criket budy

>didn't even put cubes injuns grill in the official invite
CR is bringin the pain bby

me too budy

*yawn* Oh, is it super bowl time again? I didn't even notice.

me to budy

me to budy

At least as Pats fans, our women like the GOAT white player, and Trump supporter from the very beginning.

yu lik cheetrs budy?

i deflat yor mothr with my dik budy hahahahahaha u set on fag uncorn and mak watchrs wen i com HAHAHAHAHAHA i wil bee caled father now

This is something I don't think we Americans really understand. "Football" (soccer) fans are violent, drunk and wild. Awesome. "Football" (soccer) is a non-contact sport where most of the action is just passing, booting the ball up field, and everything comes to a screeching halt if the wind blows the wrong way and one of the players decides it's a good excuse to take a dive.

of fuk yu pakki skum i kill yur mothar and mak raepings of yur fathar

Unless you burgers will have a 720p stream of the game count me out.

t. Yurapeens