Worst politicians in the world

I know there are a few, but lets list the biggest traitors to their nations, together with videos nad infographics.

I know there was one (Troedou?) that preached how race-mixing MUST be enforced, and you also have Schultz, the now candidate for german chancellor, that said Gemanry exists to secure the jewish state.

Post such red-pilling material here please. I'm trying to get same people to wake up to what's happening.
video evidence prefferable to everything else, since it has the biggest impact and weight.

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Cameron/May, Sarkozy/Hollande, Merkel/Schulz, Juncker, Trudeau, Tsipras, King Nigger, Clintons, Bushes, etc.

I think it was Francois Hollande that said that race mixing must be enforced by violence or whatever

If not Hollande it was somebody French

That was Sarkozy.

Trudeau is a gay bar dancer

Yes it was the jew Sarkozy who said that racemixing is mandatory and that if you don't do it, the state will move on to "more coercive measures" i.e. flood your country full of rapist niggers of various stripes and then maybe just start killing people who won't go along with it.

he's also castro's son

The Swedish PM who gladly allowed as many as 200 000 rapefugees (almost exclusively young men) settle in Sweden in just one year and clearly said that Sweden had no upper limit in how many that could come until he was literally forced to make some restrictions because the security council said the country was collapsing.

As a comparison for you Americans, 200 000 for the relatively small nation of Sweden would be equivalent to 7 million rapefugees to USA. In 1 year.

every US congressman ever


basically all western politicians (except trump)

pretty much every western leader tbh


Are you some kind retard user-kun?


Yeah, he's based. He destabilized several whites countries, lead one of the shittiest country in term of ecology, safety and religion, he's USSR-tier but hey, he killed some muslim in Syria so that's okay



These people never swore to fight for your countries or uphold their values. They are not of your kind, either.

Fuck off, go back to Ukraine.


Based for what? Associating nationalism with a proud Jew run oligarchy that steale every last red cent out of the economy? The degenerate kike kleptocrats of the EU are bad but the kike oligarchs in Russia are an order of magnitude more depraved.

Tell me, if Putin was so based, why does he permit Russian women and children to be kidnapped and sold in the slave markets of Israel?