Where to direct our memetic energy next?

Trump is President, we won the battle, but the meme wars have only just begun. It's time to take Europe and Canada back as well.

Leafs and Europoors, tell us NEETs what candidates there are to meme for positions of power in your government. It's time to man our battle stations and mind rape our enemies.

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France has Le Pen, who does Canada have?

germany needs AFD

I'd prefer war with canada tbh.
I'd like me an Ameryan Siberia.

Germany - AFD
France - Le Pen
Netherlands - Geert Wilders?

No more wars between white nations. The time has come to purge our nations form within, and with the help from brothers abroad.

Kellie Leitch

europe + next POTUS since Trump isn't gonna stay in office forever and establishment can reverse his policies when they'll get their own puppet installed (((again))).

Battleground Europe is challening, because it has a far more sophisticated propaganda and censorship apparatus than the US. Coupled with post WWII cucking it's going to be really hard.

One major approach should be getting eastern european states like Poland and Czech to throw more sand into the cogs of the EU.

Another major cornerstone to reconquering Europe is tearing town capitalism which uses subversion of politics behind the curtain to achieve it's hostile goals towards nations and cultures, which are native enemies towards ever expanding, consuming and growing shekel markets.

Le Pen election


No, fuck you.
1. Canada will commit genocide on itself if we do not annex it.
2. Canada was always going to be American.
3. Canada will do FAR better economically as states of the Union than on their own.
4. We must protect America from the ONE. HUNDRED. MILLION. NIGGERS AND DUNE COONS. that they want to import to Canada.

Canada - Kelie Leitch
Germany - AFD
France - Le Pen
Netherlands - Geert Wilders

I agree that we should prioritize Le Pen, what are websites that frogs frequent?

Leitch is a retard.
Le Pen is cucking on every single issue, speaking of a "pacified France" and retarded shit like that.
Wilders is a Zionist Jew.

Frogs kickstarted french/pol/ back up: >>951048
Also they use: >>>/1825/

There's a discord they're always in too. I found some frogs on cable6.net but they seem to be cuckolds. Made a thread here: cable6.net/ac/res/6826#q6826

Fucked up that first link:

yeah, let's just w8 for hitler.

Lad stop being a 'dude wait for hitler' with Le Pen. She wants out of the EU *supposedly*, and that would be enough. That would crumble the whole EU. Wilders is regrettable for sure, but there's another great party in Nederlands that is more like Greece's GD.

fuck off Holla Forums

Become the Hitler you want to see in the world.



Most of them are the same as any other (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc) but here are the french-french websites in order of popularity, they score 16 and below for overall traffic ranking from French telecom providers:

Blogger – international blog platform
auFeminin – a women’s portal.
Overblog – French blog platform
Dailymotion – French Youtube competitor
Linternaute – a content / community site
CommentCaMarche – literally “how does it work”. A huge forum / user-generated content site

This guy has BY FAR the highest engery shit, EVER!!!

Give us some alternatives then, dubs man.

Isn't that Mark Nuttycombe aka Morrakiu?

What sort of memes would resonate most with Frenchies? We need to build Le Pen up, tear the opposition down, and really show sandniggers for what they are.

I imagine a lot of whites in France are blackpilled, so we need some way of giving them hope.


Another one of his videos

Ohhhh no it is a fresh meme generated just a week ago from a fine aryan mind

Damn morrakiu isn't taking his doxing and TRS shoahing very well.

Keep posting your shit and I'll be calling Lynchburg College and get you expelled.

There aren't really any good ones, and I'm not against voting for them, I'm just pointing out that they're still bad choices, just not as bad as the rest. I've been seeing a lot of people here settling for Trump and giving him a pass on his stance on Israel and things like that simply because he's doing a couple of things they like, which really triggers me.

Destroying China


Do you think Frenchies would react well to images that contrast old France, to new France, contrasting classical French beauty to post-modern garbage?

Perhaps it is time we awakened the Frank.

Wanna fight filthy kike I HAVE VERY BIG MUSCLES

Can someone edit this so the woman holding the flag has Le Pen's face? Maybe put Pepe on the kid with the pistols.


We have only 3 months to push Le Pen, any and all memes you guys have would be appreciated.


1) Language Barriers
2) Cultural jokes that the memes may not get (or get)
3) some far right wingers don't want a women in power, others do want (which may be a problem for le pen)
4) European Nations will always discriminate between each other. You ameriyanks are in comparison champions of non-racism when compared to europe, for example, discrimination between French and German will cause problems and a french/german mix is considered mixed race here, while in US it would be 100% white.

Oosh, starting to feel bad for Morrakike. Not really. Anyway, hows the TRS stats now? Seems to be pretty bad.

Maybe we can't do much, but channeling our memes can't hurt.

Yes I am the person you are discribing I am that man and not any other one

Please watch my videos

So do you think the dean of Lynchburg college works on sundays or nah?

i'm just a plain old simple "gas the kikes race war now" kinda guy

I think this painting of Napleon rising from his tomb has memetic potential.

Le Pen and subtle associations of her with Joanna D'Ark is better.

Need Le Pen's victory memed. Don't want to serve in the FFL under some globalist fagget.

Could we use Joan of Arc to represent Le Pen, and Napoleon to represent France itself, or do the French not look at Napleon as a a hero?



Lurk moar




Not a good idea.
While modern france loves joan there's a fact of her history to consider.

The english were her jailors. But her prosecutors and executors were french.
She was betrayed repeatedly by the French ruling class, the french priesthood and even the french people.

Memeing Le Pen into Joan will not work in her favour.


But how is that a negative in terms of propaganda?

Alright, no Joan. What about using this painting

In a propaganda sense? Immediately? Not an issue.
I fear more history repeating itself. We turn her into Joan then she may well suffer the same fate.

That image is very representative of modern France. A nation committed to civic nationalism.
Dangerous ground to tread. But has potential.

It wouldn't even be a war, I'd bet a good hundred dollars that their army would defect in a fucking heartbeat if they heard us smashing down that OSB board they call a door. I'd bet even another hundred that the armed folk would do the clean up for us.

Here's one without pepe.
With pepe version soon.

We made lots of paintings into Trump sigils, I feel like we should do the same for Le Pen.

Nice, great work, user. Is it possible for you to make her hair blonde in the painting?

Spotted the false flagger.
You taking screenshots and posting them to your twitter/tumblr there sonny?

Demographics. Walk into an Urban Area and try to find a white person. It's all fat spic manlets and blueberry faced mystery meat.

I'll see what I can do. No promises.

If it's too much hassle, don't worry about it. What program do you use, photoshop?

It's not a big hassle or anything, I've just never tried to change hair color like that.

I don't have access to my home machine or I'd do it. Download GIMP, it's free.

Here's how I'd do it:

1. Use the free form select tool to carefully cut out her hair.
2. When it's selected, Copy and then paste.
3. Paste will be on 'floating layer', right click it in the layers window and click 'to new layer'
4. Then, with the hair layer selected, mess around with the color saturation etc until you get the desired hue
5. Make sure the hair layer is above the base layer and then you can export as png

Will download it now. All I ever use is microsoft paint, and that's pretty terrible.

I can't read Dutch/German, but is that magazine cover really trying to make that beautiful family look evil?

Yes, that was the original intent. They were going for the 'Can you imagine AfD wants your family to look like this?' angle.

Aye but look at what we used for Trump
Many of them were the God Emperor in his prime.
Radiant, magnificent, powerful.
Even fallen the God Emperor remains the pillar upon which humanity rests.

Joan. Is a very different story.

Yes, it was anti-AFD propaganda.

GIMP isn't fancy, but it gets the job done. I can also reccomend the resynthesizer plugin. With it you can select a portion and fill it with automatically generated texture to remove stuff. Great for removing stuff you want gone. Pic related.


She's the goodest of goys and cant unite the nation.

Mad Max is the best choice for Canada as the Internet chose so last week.

Memeing the North/pol/-alliance of white countries into becoming reality.

What's a good saying for France like Make America Great Again?

What does this thing she does with her arms represent? It seems like it's something important.

It's the standard 'victory' arm pose.

It's not great, but it's in the right direction.


Thank you, I think once you get Pepe in there it will start to work pretty well. Who are some people we can put on the dead soldiers in the right hand corner? Who is an identifiable enemy in France?

wat r u, casul?

polite sage for shitposting


Point being, the "progressives" attacking her now are the same as her mad prosecutors of the past, who thought of themselves as right.

When the leftists in their party of tolerance mirror themselves as the Executors, can you even imagine the cognitive dissonance it will cause?

Napoleon has its controversy. He is seen both as a Hero/Legendary commander but at the cost of delaying by many decades Democracy and freedoms.

Both figures are ambiguous.
What about shooping Joanna with some Baguettes and Wine? Or in some manneirism average ethnic french person could identify with.

Here's one with a pepe.

Where did you get that texture paint for her hair? I tried messing with the color profile but it's a bitch to get it right. Looks like I'm drawing with crayons.

Fucking Great

GIMP has a thing called color balance. It fuckulates the colours of a selected area or layer.

Not bad.

Her prosecutors were even christian priests. Trying to trap her with accusations of heresy that to us would amount to thoughtcrime allegations.

Couldn't get it to give me the effect I wanted. A lot of grayscale pixels fucks it up.

Changing the lightness and saturation might help, depending on exactly what you're after.


Just looked at all the Conservative Party candidates in Canada…most of the candidates don't have their policies up yet. Kellie Lietch looks bad but not Trudeau bad. O'Tool or Bernier look to have somewhat tolerable platforms. Nothing close to what we're gonna need to recover from PM Castro. Hopefully some better candidates emerge, but we might need to lobby for certain individuals to drop what they're doing and MCGA.

thats a lot of millions of niggers… wtf? source?

Holla Forums is the best. period.



i hope the french really like that painting because it's bad…

The painting is bad? I know the shoop is bad.
Or the situation in France is bad?

We're on the cutting edge here, it will all be improved upon.

its all bad brother but i love you

you don't have to stick a pepe in everything you know..?

How bad is the situation in France? There's not much about it in American media, and I can't understand french well enough to make heads or tales of french media.

thats what she said

That's what the requesting user wanted.

Why not? Kek got us here, why not honor him?

about the Europe… France, Marine le Pen, Germany and the ADF , Italy and Pepe Grillo (true)

For real, Europe is ruled by lobbies at the european parliament , they have the feeling that a strong maconic-jewish-industrial-bank-agro corporation has taken the strenght of any state

There is still a fierce rivalry inbetween Germany vs all because germany is densely populated and are hardworkers + the german bank is really strong

In europe everyone wants a leader assuming that the maconic-jewish-banksters heads will go in jail.

+ they want a real organisation in brussel to train real administrators - like an academy

World Redpill Day 2017 please, spam social media and leddit for 24 hours with halfchan, stormer et al., kthx

For an Europe with borders
For an European army
For an European administrative academy

For the European Empire assuming his roots

For an European Empire to Syria, north Africa like during the good old Roman Empire.

And take back Jerusalem


France, and then German election.

Also we need to meme White Genocide into a household term in the west.

Yes, i think they would. The frenchies are suicidal right now, they need hope, they need to remember who they are.

Commie detected.


Europeans don't identify as White first, they identify as "Nation Ethnic" ie. I'm a Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, etc.

Just UK in itself already has enough problems because some identify as Scottish and others as English. For outsiders they arr look like the same.

Ethnic/Nationality genocide or attack on Ethnicity/Nationality could awake their dormant blood.



You imply that America has even been taken back, dont you understand that Trump is one of them?
Youll know when someone legit comes along

We need some translation of various quotes used there in french to revert french forums.
They are quite open and sensitive on redpills and ready to swallow although english language still represents an huge ideological barrier yelding ineffective memes.

This, this, and this.
We need french translator anons ASAP.

To all the D&C shills and defeatist cucks, I implore you to check out >>>/suicide/

Domestically, except for our usual refutation and dissemination of anti-lefty talking points I think "JEWS AREN'T WHITE" should be the new meme of 2017.

3 words, very simple, and with essentially unlimited memetic power. I might even set up a bitcoin fund for paying off anons who go and stick this poster up in big cities. Have them send me the cost of printing and tape and I'll reimburse half or whatever.

is this from skyrim?

It doesn't work like that, you can't force memes.

No. Lurk moar

Against the media. They are twisting people's opinions.

I hope this become a more common phrase that is used against the Jews when they claim to be white.

In Los Angeles we have a plethorda of Jews posing as White. It is awful

What is worse is that they DO NOT LOOK WHITE AT ALL!

It needs to be brought to the publics attention that jews are not white


This is a good point.
They've already been weakened, a coup de grâce is not out of the question where they're concerned.

Like I said, I'll make a thread soon and hand out some bit-shekels after I make some posters to be printed. You can grab the file, get it printed at kinkos with cash and tape em up. I'll do the same and try to get the ball rolling. Maybe I'll do a bit-shekel reward system, first 10 guys to go do it get 10 dollars.

The (((CBC))) must be exposed and de-legitimized as a a direct enemy of Canadian families
They reeeeally jumped the shark with the whole 'beige horizon' bullshit and since then, the backlash against them has been gaining considerable momentum. Keep shitting up their tweets and putting pressure on their people while they are becoming more vulnerable.

Vector paths in case anyone wants to do yuge prints:

Sorry, forgot to break second link.

The font is Futura Extra Bold No2, feel free to make your own obviously, I just wanna get the ball rolling.

The rest of the world can figure out their politics on their own if they have the strength and memes within them. A much more interesting and fruitful enterprise would be to meme the release of all hidden technologies, suppressed history, and occulted spiritual information.


I'm no meme wizard but how would something like "The only politicians opposing #muslimban are dual Israeli citizens. You know, that place where they slaughter Muslims like cattle." Or "what Muslim would want to come to a country where racist police shoot POC and Islamaphobia runs rampant? Don't bring refugees from one warzone to another."

Did you make these? They are very nice.

Yes indeed, user of the blessed quads. Have posted several times in the past months. Usually ignored. First time anyone has cared.

Kek has blessed this OC


Checked, mate

I had thought they were reposts when I've seen them before, but since you're the creator, I am curious why you chose 2020. Dubs? Akira?

I saved them all in my /kekwave aesthetic/ folder, I enjoyed them a lot. Please make more. I'd love some surreal "Jews Aren't White" ones to with my campaign, I feel like the 80's futuristic aesthetic is like a mental defense destroyer, makes implanting ideas easier when you use it.

Trump still needs us, we've got cucked judges and mayors everywhere.

As if we needed more proof that beauty and order are the antithesis of liberalism.

Use stuff like this. Napoleon is always useful.


That's why it's important to keep up this pro-law enforcement attitude, so they'll do what's right if they have to. Link related archive.fo/br5lc
At the end of the day, all they want is respect. #BlueLivesMatter is corny as fuck, but it's something they're really into so it doesn't hurt to keep shilling for it. It's also a great way to trigger SJW scum.

Le-pen gets memed into the right wing monarch of France

Sorry for needing spoonfeeding, but how exactly did you do that?

Here's two pics of what I get when I try. One of these is of just the lips selected, and one is of some of the surrounding skin selected.

Clone stamp.

Thanks, but I thought the resynthesizer tool is supposed to do this automatically, given the right settings?

nevermind, I've been using the wrong tool, I needed to use Filters>Enhance>Heal-selection

2020 sounds nice, it's enough time for things to happen, but not so long that it's way off in the future, also Akira (good catch), and the dubs aspect is nice and also aesthetic.

Will make more. If you want to make some just cruise pinterest for sci-fi art, or find a futuristic tumblr. There are tons of suitable images around.

Give it 20 years, it sure won't be a brother war. Rather, an exfiltration mission to save Canadian boers from perpetual boxer rebellion and the rivers of shit. It will literally be like whites running from a tsunami of number 1 and 2 with the yellow and brown.

I don't care what you all think. If we need a place to restart Western civilization from which eventually a new Atlantis, or America, or Antarctica, can arise, then it's the nations of our ancestors and forebearers.