The New Normal of the Trump Universe

Is anyone else astonished?

Everything is a blitz with Trump. I still am going through Soros leaks from months ago. There's so much propaganda to make out of the left so that we retain power, there's so much salt to gather that it's overwhelming.

I'm not sick of winning yet but does anyone else notice that they have to have 10 taps open just to keep up with the kvetching.

Yesterday I was just trying to process how monumental the shift is, and I nearly passed out from all the winning. I had to get my wife to drive so I didn't crash and kill my kids.

I have to stop and breath and slow down, grab a chair or touch a wall or something to orient myself everytime the fullness of the Trumpverse hits me.

When I think about this much winning, I start to kind of lose my grip on what I'm used to and get a little unmoored. I was getting used to everything sucking ass all the time and being shit on for being white and it's all very surreal and dramatic how much the overton window has shifted. It's beyond my wildest dreams already.

ITT Tell me what it's like to win more than you could have possibly imagined and have fucking fantasy-land science-fiction tier high moral.

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Now you almost know what 1933 germany felt like

Trump has forced (((their))) hand. Every claim the left has made has been debunked. Multiculturalism improves community life? Read Putnam's E Pluribus Unum about the downside of diversity.

Immigration good for the economy? Not really:

Feminism empowers women? Then why is their happiness declining?

On and on. The only argument they have left is virulent hatred of the West. That's why we see rioters looting and chimping out everywhere. Without argument it's all they can do. This will drive the remaining normies that are somewhat neutral farther to the right. This proces is in fact speeding up.

If Trumps policies can create enough jobs and generate shit-tons of wealth it will truly be the end of the left. We will have been given such a magnificent demonstration that no one will be able to take their ideology seriously ever again.

We wanted a new Hitler more than anything, even our lives. Trump comes along and has promise. Trump seeming likes he's incredible close. Trump unleashes Blitzkrieg 2. These are levels of happiness only children, not adults, know.

What would the word for blitz-politics be?

I was about to say yeah but it wasn't as surreal as it being some mid-tier entertainer to wanting to take a bullet for someone.

Then I thought, "oh fuck. Hitler was a painter."

I'm wondering if some other person, that I consider a d-level celebrity, is hiding some ludicrous power-level.

Good point. Today is truly glorious but let's stay smart. 1933 Germany turned into 1945 Germany pretty quickly.

NEVER-ENDING story +AMERICAN History X with out the shower RAPE

I went from being really disgusted and despondent, to not being able to even keep up with all my enemies sorrow.

He's confirmed for full-scale Trupen-pepe

It's indescribably comfy to look around and see hope in the volk. Real, honest hope for a brighter future.


If it means to go back in time to the early 2000's to 80's in terms of atmosphere and feels, then i'm ready. I want to feel like the younger me.

Fuck it, let's live the dream. I'm going to see if I can bring "fag" back. It was totally kosher in the 80s and it was always funny.

Maybe I should try it in the grocery store.

The no brakes gif is the most apt for the current climate. It's fast-paced like a mother fucker.

Chinese fire cock delivers way more than the shemitah september bullshit. You got to give it to the chinks on this one.

Remember when Trump went back; very VERY fucking lightly; on some stuff he said he would do to appease some fence-sitters?
I'm getting the feeling he's been hiding his powerlevel A LOT more than what even most of us originally anticipated.
Next few years are going to be fucking amazing.
You Americans are jammy as fuck.

Lad that's my favourite tune.
I would hold hands with you but that would be gay.

Remember everyone saying the Trump wouldn't do half the shit he promised, but it would be worth it for the wall? Where are they now?

get out you filthy plebbit slime

I'm astonished at the levels of lowkey bad-goying from Trump

Im pretty happy for you burgers but the situation here is bleak as fuck. The ban on mudslimes is having the opposite effect here and speeding up the White genocide program they have in place here.

Please help we are still stranded in the alternate timeline in which Hillary won.

Don't worry, leaf. There will be plenty of motherfuckers to beat other motherfuckers with.

A+ post mate, but we must not grow lax–a cornered animal is the most dangerous.

I'm amazed as well. He is in fact doing things we hoped he will do. As a Balkanfag I'm happy I voiced my support for /ourguy/ both IRL and online. Being on the sidelines like this means my efforts can only take the form of shitting on liberals online and memeing, but I'm glad as fuck that I did just that. The whole election process was beyond insane. It's like we, the tiny minority of people who seek and know the Truth just punched through reality and strangled a monster or two out of sheer desire and hope for justice and righteousness.

The more you contemplate this the stranger it seems. Absolutely everything was stacked against us and Trump. It does feel like a dream in a way.

Europe must be saved. Never forget that. This is just the beginning. A good, glorious beginning, but a beginning still. We cannot afford to be tardy.

Thank you Trump. You didn't have to do this. You could've just continued living in wealth, luxury and hedonism. But you did it. You chose to fight against evil, and for this I salute you and offer my allegiance.

I like "supersonic." That shit is old-school. A nice 80's way to describe a political blitzkrieg. An American update to a great tradition.

You do realise this is only the beginning, right? There are so many more victories to come, and I know they will come
>Factories all over the country, especially the rust belt which will need a new name soon that will come
This is just off the top of my head. We will have victories that we can't even see coming, thanks to Trump being an extra dimensional chess grandmaster. This country will be unrecognisable after 8 years, in a good way


It's time to shed the rust and become the STEEL BELT once more. It's time to convert from the Chevy Volt to the Chevy Baneblade


My body was not ready to start winning so much so fast. I need to get acclimated.

Other presidents


The absolute madman!

Indeed, brother. Allthough only Burgers will know the joy of a real leader that cares about them for now, I have faith that he will set a precedent for real leaders stepping up in our countries too. I'm almost wearing a smile, thinking that there's even a possibility the commie mafiocracies in the balkans to finally be purged. Do not lose hope, fore we are forged in the fires of the fallen USSR's shadow.

Keep up the good fight, Slavy McSquatty

Left wingers are either shellshocked or on the defensive.

They don't know what a defense is.

Lel, or both. They didn't know there was a war on until the spearhead of the blitz hit them at 88mph.

I want to know what it's like to be 9 again;

I did not only vote Trump for me, I did it for all of you.

you too used to be a militant fedora, user?

Have a comfy Gondola to celebrate then, Brother. For a better world for all of us.

lets hope trump will help europe by crashing the eu with no survivors

I became delusional for a while. Harboured delusions of grandeur, shot at some shitskins then realized that I wasn't immune to concequences and returned to my sanity.

Holy shit we broke reality lol

God bless the USA, just ordered two times more than what I was intending to buy in Europe for half the price from your glorious nation.

I for one am nowhere near tired of winning. I work 70 hours per week with a loving family and still am able to keep up with everyone and everything. This level of winning just feeds me to work harder since I know the Don has to be working harder for me and mine. I can't wait to see his people in place to up the winning rate. The way he is maneuvering his opposition to where he wants them is like a fucking ballet.


How does one work 70 hours a week and still have time for a family? It's a stretch for me after 50.

Good mom pulling her share I'd imagine.

I love this timeline.
I love this thread.
I love you guys.
Come on let's get this started.


No rest for the righteous, my friends. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. The fight never ends, nor will it ever, and we have to be vigilant.

Eine Partei. Eine Nation. Eine Kampf.

it's funny because Holla Forums is now an e-temple carrying on the values of those folks everyday, and we've been at it for almost a decade now.

This is the best anime.

Just wait until season 2 begins

Memetic warfare and Trump's awesomeness aside, it honestly does warm my heart to think that we're carrying on the virtues set forth by those men in 1939. I like to think that, while the memes would be bizarre to them, they would smile at the sentiment, and know that what they did and what they believed has not been forgotten, and that the we haven't fallen and lose the Good Fight. It really does make me happy.

I'm fucking psyched too. Isolationist policies and America First is going to really help the economy. It's time to stop being ashamed of trying to get rich and looking out for our own.

Time to be smart and compete with countries that are competing with us, instead of sucking up like bitches and begging them not to fucking kill us. The Obama years were a disgrace and it's time to move on from the cuckold extravaganza and get some damn dignity for a change.

Back to building, back to national pride, manufacturing prowess, and Made In America again.

Shamefully Unchequed

Music doesn't quite fit with that; maybe the isntrumental to Gustav Holsts' In the Bleak Midwinter

I think they'd laugh with us at our enemy at just how incompetent they are. Just look at the CIA their plane is crashing with no survivors and the EU is next.


I need to write this man.
I got big into anime and always dreamed of being like an anime protagonist. I never had friends, and I wanted to be thrown into a fantastical world where I could find my place, my fight, and my companions. This is a popular format for anime, by the way. MC is a young hiki kid who plays video games or watches anime, and then is suddenly pushed into a new world where he meets his first friends, and they have adventures together. I loved stuff like that. At the end of S1, the new companions do something grand and affirm their bonds, recollecting on how far they've come in their quest and in their friendship.
My wish came true. How the hell does that happen? I'm living in an anime. Anime was made real. That was actually the meme that first brought me to Holla Forums and now it came true. This is insane.

I got pulled into this really fast and out of the blue. I would have thought the idea that the real estate guy with the reality television show, would turn into hitler 2.0 (only hitler is actually awesome and a great guy) was pants on head retarded just 1 year ago.

Frogs and and meme magic and not believing in the holocaust. oh my.

This fire cock thing is a hellacious ride.

It truly is

It's a new world, and propaganda has to take the world into account. If they were alive today, they just might understand.

The problem is electing people with the same mindset as Trump. Where are we going to find people to run for office who don't work for the corporate cabal. They could have an undercover agent run and turn on us once they were sworn in.

This is probably what Hitler meant when he said that his spirit would rise from the grave.

This is a monumental time in history. I am privileged to be able to share this with you all. Perhaps with further hard work and dedication we can provide for our children the world we always wished we had.
We cannot lose this fight, we owe it to our ancestors and decendents to succeed and flourish, forging a future brighter than anything before it and anything we ourselves will know.
maybe meme magic and Kek are real and we have been assisted by both, or perhaps there are no Gods. But regardless we will shatter our enemies' resolve and save our people from those who would wish us gone from existence.
I will never forget this time. This is our Helm's deep, coming back from the brink, the event horizon of our failure in sight.
Hail our people.

t. One of you

I don't sleep much and have a slightly offset schedule and work 6 days per week. I also make the most of my spare time with family. It is difficult and took some getting used to but now it is almost natural. Plus my wife is an amazing woman and pulls her weight too.

Yes, getting the social pressure back on the less focused population will help galvanize them for the coming events.

Think bigger.

The 80s were so awesome and Reagan was basically just pozzed-lite. Trump is as redpilled and based as we've ever seen.

Comfy as fuck and pleasantly surprised. I will say though, the amount of people protesting… begging for mass immigration to remain unrestricted is sad.

I'm amazed by the every day difference I'm seeing since november. Men are acting more masculine and default to a state of comradeship while women are acting more feminine and not being so insufferable, hell even some blue-hairs I know are going back to their natural color and acting pleasant. I had a bad flat earlier this month, tire exploded at 70mph, wheel stud was stripped and the nut was rounded so there I was in the snow with a hammer and chisel slowly cutting it off. I had at least 20 people stop and offer help and one guy just pulls out some easy-off sockets and get's that broken piece of shit right off the car and we bullshit about politics and work while I put the spare on.

I have hope but I think we are headed for a civil war confrontation because of all the negativity. I think there will be a big crackdown at one of these protest. A protester will die, which will only cause the media to whip the liberals into an anti white frenzy creating another protest for the dead protester.

At some point these won't be protests anymore and it will just turn into an excuse to loot white areas. When that happens White people are going to come out in force and destroy spics, jews, niggers , asians etc

we don't need them here at all! those groups need whites. whites do not need them.

Say, who was the most based pre-Trump president, and what were some good things he did?

Andrew "I hate the jewish banks and indian savages" Jackson

Once we hit 88 mph there's no stopping the future!

Yeah I'm going to have to go with Jackson too.

One thing's for sure there's no one even close in my lifetime.

Fuck I wasn't ready for the feels.

Crush our enemies, see them driven before us and hear the lamentation of their women.

fuck this isn't the best version.

Here we go. Das it mane.

They'd better not still be thinking of putting that fat nigger bitch on the $20.

It always boils down to "not an argument". This is history repeating itself, people in power, people without principles, they always want to be "right" without argumentation, anything but argumentation. Argumentation is the law of the fittest survives.

Again, gaming is good to understand this concept as it is less murky than world politics. In essence, game devs have to convince you to buy their game, they have to argue for it, if their game is shit, you don't buy it, if you find it good, you buy it, if your friend find it good and you do not, only one of you pays, not both. Nothing would make the game industry more happy than to break free of having to output quality, that is why they called gamers "entitled", and I say they when it was game journalists, but game journalists are cheerleaders for particulars, just like in real politics, just mouthpieces for parties, that is why they insults gamers and shame them and force feminism and gay shit, anything to not have to put an argument. Thankfully it failed.

When millions are put into the military industrial complex, no one was convinced through arguments, when the carbon tax is imposed, no one will be convinced through argument. When every tax is collected, it is forced through guns. When you vote liberal, you are forced through social pressure, and when you vote liberal, it is to collect more taxes. Everything they do is to hear not, see not and talk not.


This level of winning is a good start, but it will take years of this before I get tired of it.

oh and now Trump has taken away the Jew's super special holocaust status, their non-profits and Jimmy Carter is dead.

The best ideas have made it through the crucible of criticism and come out on top. The only opponent to reason has been violence social penalty and ridicule.

Fuck the left. We win. They lose.

This is the opposite of the truth.

Is that quote from Dawkins for real?

I never stopped saying fag. It was funny watching people I knew who used to say it all the time suddenly get butthurt because it became un-PC in the past decade.

They literally believe in a boogieman. I remember arguing with someone who believes in "freedumbs" and going against interventionism when it comes to " someone is about to hit their head against the wall just because it is their right" or "allowing communists fucking shit up". They believe in a slippery slope meme that somehow things will fuck up if we allow an authoritarian right-wing regime to take over. Basically, they believe "IF IT DOESN'T AFFECT YOU THEN FUCK OFF, SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO GET THEIR COCKS CUT OFF OK? THAT'S FREEDOM" (paraphrasing him, some of the wordings are exactly as he said)

I'm even going to use it for inanimate objects and in public. "That's a real faggy head of lettuce right there." "It's pretty faggy how you're asking me to donate to this weird cause in public."

Shit like that.

For r-selections types the merit of an idea will never be appealing. They only respond to carrot and sticks stimulus. If the most people who can give them things believe something, they will go with that and convince themselves why it's true later.

But K-types want something to actually be correct They will die for a good cause or sacrifice for something they consider noble.

What I think is happening now is the good ideas have convinced the R-types and they (we) have decided there will be penalties for disagreeing and rewards for working with us.

Now suddenly we have power and k-types are "realizing" we are right.

good ideas have convinced the K*-types…

Just to get your mind right. Here's some things to meditate on next time things look hopeless.

The blackpill was powerful but it proved to be a lie.

Our morale is not a put-on. It's the truth. The black-pill is bullshit. Remember this shit next time your spirit looks bleak.

fucking shadilay