I find it hilarious that they would accuse Trump, of all people, to be an antisemite. Trump LOVES kikes

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They have to pretend to hate him as he carries out everything they ever wanted otherwise it would look a little suspicious.


spread this one trick that media companies hate!

Hey crew, you're not very good at your job.

What did he mean by this?
Didn't the good guys win the war, goys?

Also here's the statement that has the kikes so butthurt if you haven't seen it before

Saying that other ethnic groups died makes him anti-semitic? They're either a bunch of narcissistic primadonnas or they're trying hard to cover his ass.

These bantz shaoh'ed by sides. It is nice that they weren't excluded in remembrance by the White House!

I like to imagine him having an incredibly smug look on his face when he said that.

Complicate plans never works in real life, if not for a short period of time (i.e. 4d chess moves Trump made to play the media last year). What are you suggesting is bullshit, and you're doing it because you're a filthy kike

Trump is going to finish what Hitler started, obviously. He realizes that the (((Allies))) never should have won.


Also he said the good guys lost WWII, so I'm pretty sure all the hints that he hates kikes are accurate.

President Trump has taken his redpills and understands what really went down back in the early 20th century and will not let it happen again.

List of code words and dog whistles:
Nazi terror = zionist jews
innocent people = non-jews
Forces of evil = Zionism in all its forms
Powers of Good = White people, aristocracy, western civilization

… Does this kind of help the narrative that he is seeking revenge?

I'm starting to believe that's true. That statement they put out – that can't be an oversight. It's a signal.

Trump put that Jackson portrait in the right spot. I've seen it in many photos of Trump at his desk

Wait a second, when did he say this? I need a source immediately.

So saying that 6 million jews died, but other people also died, is holocaust denial?

Absolutely. Think about it. Why go out of his way to use those terms instead of the cool-aid terms used to propagate the normies? No other reason to do so.

Didn't even say jews, holocaust, 6million or any of that bullshit. Praise kek, and hail trump brothers!

Jew crew please leave, you missed the discussion by over a month, and now that he's doing what he said no one gives a shit anymore. Go ask CTR how shilling the drumpf is a kike-lover maymay went for them.

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I can't believe how based this man is.

the absolute madman!

pretty standard lefty tactic

His Holohax Day statement is pretty explicit fam.

Are you talking about the 9/11 theory where he wants to make the Jews pay? I know there's an image somewhere.

OYY VEYY god's chosen people don't get grouped in with the goyim! MUHHH 6 MILLION :^)

Holy shit!

If only.

Trump's family possess the blueprints Tesla made for a time machine.
Trump is going to correct history, sending back teleporting-shock troops armed with railguns, and hovertanks with neutron cannons and glide-choppers with twin repeating phased-plasma-launchers to 1938 - to assure a quick and decisively unchallenged victory to Germany.
The orbital Ion-Cannon platform will be left in the control of German hands, and a nano-tech bio-virus will be distributed to all continents simultaneously - which will eradicate the problem causers once and for all - leaving none remaining.

This information is from a news broadcast seven years from now - just before the next alternate timeline takes hold.
It is glorious.

Second Speaker was A FUCKING RABBI

Ahh, so that's why people thought Hitler had UFO aircraft. I suppose he channels all this information through Maria Orsic

Coincidence, I think not.

This deserves to be reiterated.

Altering previous timeline forks takes time to correct and catch up to the future - it isn't an instant change.
The UFOs you have heard mention of are only the beginning.
Watch as countries are recaptured, the length of the war is reduced from ending in 1948 to progressively earlier years, USSR no longer including West Germany - and so on.

My body is ready

t. /xpol/

Oy vey, Schlomo, its anuddah example of the lugenpresse overusing a pejorative when it's not applicable so that the actual behavior it's meant to deter eventually becomes normalized because no one takes the punishment seriously.
oy vey!
oy vey!!
oy vey!!!!!!!!!

Indo-european languages have had word initial stressed syllables for millenia now, user. We use the H to represent an actual consonant now.


is Lindsay Lohan a commie now?

I have to wonder, where do you shills always come up with these crazy numbers about his children being married to Jews? Because out of his five children, only ONE (1) is married to a Jew. But you shills always say anything ranging from 3 to six million of his children.


Worse, she converted to Islam.

>“We took into account all of those who suffered,” she told CNN. “We are an incredibly inclusive group.”

Using their own meme against them.

Can't sneak up on my sides like that, user.

I know there's a rumor that one of his sons is married to a jew but without any actual proof. Unfortunately his favorite child (Ivanka) is actually and converted to judaism (her name now is Yael Kushner, lmao), although I heard some people quote Trump as saying he wished she married some football star instead.

wew, what a trainwreck