Trump seeking to destroy the EU

Trump's new ambassador to the EU was on TV and was asked why he wanted the job when he is an open critic of it. He said the following:

The USA is suddenly going to be turning all of its influence in Europe against the EU.

How long do you think it has left?

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The comparison to the soviet union is quite apt. Just as there was no monolithic eastern European identity, there is no western European one. The various nations of Europa are brothers but they are not the same and never will be. So even without all the much more acute Muslim and (((banking))) bs the EUSSR is pulling, it never had a chance in the long term.

This is a very interesting development if true because China is pro EU. So I could imagine the EU pivoting away from the US (who created the EU in the first place) towards China.

Would be perfectly logical for Brussels to act that way and even unsurprising as monsters always turn onto their creator or master, sooner or later.

Fixed America in a week, and that wasn't enough. Now he has to go and fix Europe too. We really are going to mars soon…

seems a bit hyperbolic on the OP's part

Trump has rebranded the EU, and refers to it as the consortium.

Well, context matters. He did compare it to the bringing down the USSR.

Pretty much everyone in the higher EU leadership bashed trump during his campaign and sometimes even after his election. He surely hasn't forgotten.

The ambassador compared it to the Soviet Union. Did America merely seek to tame it?

In a way, he needs to leave things as they are. Europe is on the brink of changing its future from brown to white. Intervening now might undo that and put us back to sleep for the next batch of traitors to rear their heads.

Brexit was a good start but our politicians are already doing what I feared they would. UK is going still going to get shafted with immigration, but from Commonwealth countries. That means Pakistan and India exclusively of course, can't have some whites come in.


That is not true though, the Indians and Brits already came to the conclusion they can't have a free trade deal because the UK is restricting visas for Pakistanis and Indians which their governments don't like.

If the EUSSR is not stopped, Europe will get a lot worse before it gets better. As some smart Brit once said "Blood in the streets".

>I told you the EU was a bad idea

Soviet Union brought itself down really. Brinksmanship plus a state run economy was doomed to fail long term. There's only so much MacGyvering squatting engineers could do before the whole thing went bust, which is nothing to speak of the kleptocracy.

The EU is definitely a tougher nut to crack. IIRC America basically sets the music and EU merely dances to that tune, so that's likely why Merkel was so keen on trying to keep herself in power. If Schulz succeeds Merkel I don't have much hope for Germany's survival, as sad as that is to say. I never even got to see Germany before this bullshit happened, and I'm sad for that since I wanted my own German waifu, but then again we wouldn't be here if we weren't concerned.

Maybe Trump can remove the pressures preventing a true rise of the far right in Europe, but the path that I forsee happening is that EU pivots towards China for sugardaddying. Hope you enjoyed street shitting Pakis because you're about to get a ton of chinks.

The Soviet Union collapsed for multiple reasons, one of them being the US pressure on them (things like the arms race in the 1980s brought the USSR's industry to its knees in terms of making consumer products). But anyway the point is not what caused the USSR's collapse but rather that Trump sees the EU as another USSR, which means the US is going to use its power to oppose it, and we all know the US has considerable power in Europe.

Rivers of blood lad, Rivers of blood
Like the Roman I see the River Thames foaming with much blood

yeah, i dun fucked up

Right but the EU realizes that they're going to start having to stand on their own legs now, sans an American daddy, which is why they're vying for the EU army that they've long denied attempting to form. Our only hope of EU collapse is the Le Pen election really. We should start the meme engines for that.

The kikes had him ousted for daring to express an opinion contrary to their narrative but mostly because he was right.
We should build a temple to hold his bones. Never mind Ron Paul; Enoch warned us. We only had to listen.

poor Enoch
if he had been selfish in life he would have died a rich man in India happily and peacefully
but he wasnt
instead he died an outcast after spending his life campaigning and fighting for the British people
the (((media))) mocked him even while he was on his deathbed and the poor guy in his final interview admitted he wished he'd died in the war

Daily reminder that he never said that, that the Roman is Virgil, and he was alluding to prophetic visions rather than actual blood.

yeah I know
my brain muddled it up a little too
still a nice quote

how long did it take for East Germany to fall?
because Merkel literally recruited ex-Stasi members into her government to run a propaganda campaign

Eurobros we are coming to help you.
As a burger I do respect Europe and it's history; we are in this together.
Trump was never expected to win. Globalists have plotted your destruction for a very long time - I believe they planned on creating an EU style group here with Canada Mexico central and south america; eventually joining their EU (((elites))) would, in the not to far future, rule a muddy race of workers from some Elysium like orbiting City above Earth; if their pet/tool monster Islam doesn't turn on its masters and we all descend into a hellish desert nightmare where we lose all our technology art and history

Thank you God Emperor

I will never get sick of winning, I want to see everyone of these traitors hang.

(((they))) have been plotting the destruction of Europe since the legion stormed the walls of Judea, slaughtered the kikes wherever they stood and burned their second temple to cinders
the kikes wont be happy until Europe the descendants of Rome face the same fate as Babylon did


Please do. I am sick of living in a cuckold country with incompetent politicians who betrayed our ancestors by giving away our hard-fought independence and our own currency.


oh what the fuck is this

The EU Commission is a carbon copy of the Supreme Soviet.

I love that speech
he almost ends by calling them all a bunch of fucking parasites who couldnt organize a greengrocers let alone a federation of nations

Will remove kebab for Trump. For free.

so all that protectionism was so he could topple the EU and keep the country on its feet

Russia is having a field day too

Nigel Paul "Bites the Parasites" Farage

This just brings up a more specific question: What kind of underwater 5D chess is Theresa May playing?
Is she just unwilling to go balls deep in anti-globalism or is she trying to calm down the masses and do it when they aren't looking?

Shariah May is a kike controlled traitor who's aware more than half of the voters are supremely angry at her government for the EU
the British establishment fears rioting induced by leftists to break shit and hurt people
they are abjectly terrified of pissing off the native working class anti-EU voter
Britains a ticking time bomb waiting to explode so shes got a choice of pissing off the leftists and (((them))) or anti-parliamentarian sentiments not seen in centuries


Britain's economy is less than 1/6th of America's and Trump is using the proposed US/UK trade deal as leverage. May May be a kike puppet but she really has no leverage in dealing with Trump whatsoever so she will have to capitulate regardless of her or her kike handlers desires.

And towards Russia.

Annex Canada first pls


In their white faced panic, the English fall back on their deepest instincts with no regard for facts on the ground.:

Break up any cooperation in Europe.

Start the third Punic War against Germany.

Trump is really aligning the world against China.
If he can get Russia to side with us rather than them, we could theoretically bring them down and end their ambitions of being a new superpower.

Considering that a large part of economy exists only on paper, your probably right. If either the USA or Europe slap them with heavy tariffs, China is toast.

Deplorables Vs. The Consortium

tbh its called splendid isolation
and we were all happier when it was still a thing

gas yourself

l-lewd, user.

I saved that into my porn folder for future use.

checked. i think maybe there needs to be a soccer game for fresh webms. deplorables' goalkeeper must be named 'the wall.'

Calling out the (((union)))? Oy vey!


All the US needs to do is drop firearms over Europe and enjoy the ensuing chaos.

It's that bad at the moment.

Brits forget roads and rails have been built, making a water-based political entity uncompetitive. They will starve. Or go to war and starve.

your post literally makes no sense
Britain has an obesity epidemic trailing the USA if ones things for sure we're not starving anytime soon
you seem have an odd stance on the matter tbh
what shore do you hail from?


It really isn't. Never before has Europe seen such a mass immigration, meanwhile the EU is arranging for itself to become harder to remove. It really is the Soviet Union, we don't call it the EUSSR for nothing. Inaction now will equal the death of Europeans. Calling for inaction should get you a bullet through your skull.

Well said. People who still confuse the EU with Europe have forfeited their right to live.

The finance left for London when France strangled Holland. Once London is cut off from Europe, it will move to Europe.



You must be literate in English to post here.



Purge communist. Send us weapons.

I want that to happen tbh
you make it sound like I dont want the (((finance))) to abandon my land

Plans of "privatisation" of SU were made in 70's, it was planned. KGB tried to stop them with coup.

Am I the only one who thinks "Malloch" sounds an awefully lot like "Moloch"


Make the Milky Way Great Again

Nigel never disapoints

britain has farms and plenty of arable land you fucking idiot. they are not going to starve. some cities might starve but considering thats where most of the shitskins are that would be a good thing

As a german, I can tell you it is nearly impossible for Schulz to win the elections. The SPD is going down since years and Schulz is THE symbol for the failed EU: The €-Crisis and the debt union, the open borders (Schengen) with all the crime rising especially in the eastern border regions but also nearly everywhere, the un-democracy in Brussels with way to much influences in inner-state politics and Germany paying for by far the most for everything. The usual lefties and the media praise him right now, but he is nearly as unpopular as Gabriel. An horrific scenario would be of course if the SPD would go into a coalition with the Green Party and the Left Party, but I'll doubt that they can reach the necessary percentage. If France leaves the EU with LePen it's over anyway with the EU, same with Italy. The hardest thing is to get Merkel away, and to fuck up the big coalition (CDU/SPD). With every muzzie happening the the AfD is growing stronger and they could definately become the second strongest Party. At the end it's still the AfD vs 4 leftist parties with nearly no differences.

Is it happening? Is President Trump making Europa great again?


This smug Nipponese caricature warms my heart.

The bantziest president


Please Trump, destroy the EU before the end of this year! It would be the greatest birthday present for Finland as it's 100 years since we gained our independence. Although we lost it to EU in the nineties.

The problem is, that's the only viable industy in Britain. Brits do everything to hamper freight traffic to/from Europe: incompatible rail load gauge, left hand driving, no road tunnel to Europe; add to that the customs after they leave the inner market and the disappearence of finances from London (15% of GDP) and England is toast. Germany will sail past it.

Britain imports food and already runs a huge trade deficit. The fleeing finance will know it as a deadbeat nation.

EUfag here. Drumpf can suck my cock.

the channel tunnel?
maybe because we dont want it
im sorry shall I criticize your nations road signs now?
if Germany wants the jewish problem then they can have the jewish problem
I want my country to go tits up financially and for all the rich twats to fall into despair and for London to be consumed in a rioting brown wave
all of the foreigners and dual nationals who bleed my country like fucking leeches will abandon this place along with the jews and the native population after enduring some hardship can get back to rebuilding a nation that conquered the world

it imports food because our farmers dont farm anymore
theres no incentive
if we got back to reforesting the national parks and stimulating the agricultural industry in Britain we could easily feed our population on the bare essentials
England has only ever suffered famine in times of war our land is some of the most fertile in Europe

oh boy, I hope this will never end in the coming 8 years. Day after day, better and better news.

You got the fag part right, at least.

the channel tunnel is a rail tunnel

The big assfuck for farmers is every litre of milk, every animal for slaughter and often even even ton of grain is made at a loss. They lose money farming. Supermarkets are bastards for driving the prices down that far, and the nasty truth is unless they start making money things won't change; but that means food prices will have to go up, and on 'essentials' like milk and bread and meat.

So when they can get money for doing Fuck All? Yeah, of course farmers take it.

The faggot admits its guilt.

I'd rather britain was poor and british rather than rich and "diverse" you fucking cuck

yeah the systems fucked we know that
create a crisis and fix the system
rebirth can only come about from chaos

still a land connection to Europe and I'd blow it up if i could

Just nuke the damn shithole already. It can't be saved from rapefugees and degeneracy.


tbh lad, as a europoor I wouldn't even be mad
Only first finish MAGA-ing to make sure it's not just doomed degenerates nuking the other doomed degenerates

What? Israel? Sure, go ahead.


here fucking here friend
we've endured hardship before and we're used to it
end this cosmopolitan nightmare I have no wish for my green and pleasant land to become switzerland 2.0 so rich arabs and kikes can hide their money here and create jobs in the (((financial))) sector

Diverse cant be rich because you feed uneducated goatfucker hordes with your money.

If worse comes to absolute worst, and Schulz does end up leading a left coalition, would you be in favor of a US-backed coup to install a rightist government?

The American People, the American Emperor, and the Olds Gods themselves, are with you Europoors.

Fight, and you will win.

Thank you Jumalkeisari!!

Sure, do exactly what kikes have wanted ever since the second temple of Jerusalm got burned to the ground by the Romans. Fuck off rabbi.

Britbong here.

No, that was the Empire enduring hardship. It's gone. And even with the colonies feeding it, it needed rationing in the war. Britain can't feed itself.



To be honest I'm afraid for Trump's life now. He has so many (((heads))) everywhere wanting him dead as soon as possible.

Germany is land-conneced to all its neighbors and prospers. The England cargo cult waits in vain in its harbors for the Empire to come back.


Did you know that this fat jewish bastard at the end is running for chancellor of germany right. fucking. now And he wants to bring even more fugees into europe than Merkel did!

Real holocaust needs to happen.

The influence of the US is already very strong here. The Atlantic Bridge, Trilateral Commission, Soros - all the guys in the US politics that Trump crushed still influence us and the EU massively. Our public broadcast and other MSM only trying to spread hate on Trump, praise our government and work with guilt (Tätervolk, we did the holocaust so it's our duty to…). I would absolutely agree to a coup not only in the worst case scenario with the lefties.

as pointed out by>>9042959 farmers produce less to keep prices higher. do you really think those farms could not work to max capacity if need be? and that's only counting the EXISTING farms, not the ones that could be built if need be

It's all coming down and you're going to like it after you taste it.

False dichotomy. You can keep people out and let freight in. Britain did the opposite. Since it refused to create land-ties with the continent, its industry died. But of course the alternative would be to merge with German industry. And haughty English monoglots would lose out to Continental bilinguals.

In WW2, when it really mattered, Britain couldn't feed itself. And it can't now and won't ever. Also Britain is not economically viable, it runs huge deficits and has done so for years.

telling me my own countries history
we suffered the industrial revolution that choked our air and blackened even the fucking tree bark on trees
pre-sanitation London was rife with cholera and other diseases
chickens still roamed the boroughs of London in the 1970's because people kept chickens just so they could eat eggs
rationing was top down state control gone mad and once the government began it as a policy they liked it so much they kept it in place for two decades afterwards because they thought it would work

if only the Germans considered them in such friendly terms instead of slaves waiting for the collar

if you think every European shekel sniffer is bilingual you're retarded
there are interpreters for a reason
being able to ask where the toilet is and order a croissant in English doesnt make you bilingual and vice versa when English speakers do the same in other languages

Are you thick? There is no hyperbole on OPs part. There is understatement on the Ambassadors part.

Merkel called the invasion 'the ultimate test', like the killer demandng the victim not defending herself, as proof of her love.

WTF is wrong with you?

well of course not
not when every industrial center is bombed into oblivion by the luftwaffe and all the able bodied men were conscripted
old men, women and children dont make good farmers
but lets not mention the war aye
the problem with Britain and food is overpopulation
and overpopulation caused by fucking foreigners

give over
whats the average Germans view of Greeks, Spaniards and the Irish?
not fucking friendly at all, they're just looking to rake in every single asset in those nations to pay off the EU debt and they dont care what the implications are in the matter

Don't you have faith in O'Leary? :^)

USA desperate to remain the only super power.
The EU should switch to China and make pace with Russia.

Together they can bring down the jew empire.

In WW2. Then you switch subject.

No, rationing was real, caused by dearth. Britain can't feed itself. Why else would Germans think U-boat war would bring it down?

merkel's welfare caliphate needs to collapse. trump can't afford a globalist germoney to get away with its cuckoldry. the heavily export dependent economy has to take a big hit so that germany's social spendings get cut. once hartz iv is gone hell will break loose.

it will be extremely painful for the germans, but i think it's the only way to wake them up and to start le furor teutonicus.

all this winning holy shit, it's like heroin

Germans are bilingual. Some are trilingual. Germans run British railfreight.


i've been reading a lot of articles in the Belgian press about how we should turn to China as our new savior now that Trump is president

fucking cucked EU politicians can't decide anything for themselves anymore

thats pretty sad tbh

pretty close to that of the average Englishman

so according to you not building ties with mainland europe means britain can't farm land it already has. yeah, that makes sense. and you say I have a false dichotomy,that's rich when you compare WW2 britain which had to send it's able-bodied men abroad and had it's cities and factories bombed to modern britain with none of those problems. in fact modern britain has a surplus of manpower(i.e unemployed)

Theresa May will follow Trump's lead from now on. Trump is giving her a redemption arc.

But he sure likes Russia.


EU won't build an army. That would mean a hit to the Welfare state.

Americans always knew Europe would rather be under Soviet Control than pay for its own defense.

We were talking about food, not industry.

Original overpopulation is due to Britain being industrialized, therefore able exchange industry products for food. Germany has same problem.

But Britain won't integrate freight traffic with Continent, so its industry dies. Now its a deadbeat nation living on loans. It needs to win a war and rob Germany again, but it can't. The Empire is gone.

Holy Demon War arc when?

ZING, got him! You sure showed Trump, merchant. Say, you're really good at coming up with zingers, but maybe if you spent a little more time on here you'd know that Trump's Aliance with another massive super power is that borne of MAD; it's not liking russia, it's about seeing someone who is clearly on equal footing in power. You don't spit on that as a leader.
That's your (you), (((Schlomo)))


I don't know what sort of audio filter you ran that through, but it is completely unlistenable.

rob it again?
we were the most generous in our robbing of WW1
if you want the ones who ripped wheelbarrows from old mens hands and bread from the mouths of children you should look to France
Britain has never relied not once on imports from Europe to feed itself
even during the empire it used imports from India to feed itself not fucking France or Germany

I never made that connection and you know that.

Of course it doesn't, you just made that up.

Britain has a surplus of unemployables. They cannot be used in agriculture and they won't.

That's what I'm saying. Britain can't feed itself. It needs to import food from Europe or its now former colonies.

But, muh PanEurope

Honest and succinct, I love our new God-Emporer!

Nationalism on the rise.


This is exactly what we should be striving for:

A highly militant, exclusionary, technocratic meritocracy, built around the ideas of radical traditionalism. A society hellbent on expansion and the preservation of one's own kind and culture at the detriment of all others'. This is the only natural sane response to a world filled with subhuman filth and degenerate untermensch, whose only goal in life is the extermination of everything just and pure.

We tried to give the other its chance, we bent over backwards accommodating them, we shared our technology, our art, our literature, our accomplishments; we educated them, fed them, allowed entire broods of them to settle in our ancestral lands; we humbled ourselves, apologizing for imaginary slights, and grovelling at their feet for the perceived transgression of taming this planet and bringing the torch of civilization to the world. And for what? All our efforts were rewarded with scorn, hatred, jealousy, and outright malevolence.

We need a new system.

Something more noble than the petty mercantile aspirations of semites, something greater than the slave-like morality imposed upon us by alien religions. A society built on unshakeable, indelible foundations, woven from our own racial stock and governed by the light of Apotheosis, that driving, all-consuming framework of beliefs that the White man is his own God, that he IS God, the keeper of his own destiny. Noble by birth, master by choice, tyrant by need, and ruler by right!

We tamed this world once, and we can do it again. But first, we must burn the heretic, kill the mutant, and purge the unclean. And then, when we've freed ourselves of weakness, empathy, remorse, and guilt, when the last subhuman has been cleansed from Terra, and the last trace of their existence purged from this planet, then we'll ascend to the stars and make them our own. And the galaxy will tremble.

This, this is Our Destiny.

well you just said britain can't feed itself without continental ties even though I already did mention about the unused arable farmland britain has, so yes, yes you did

that was sarcastic you autist

any idiot can run a farm. the reason they are unemployed is because the jobs aren't there, not because they are incapable


Transparent lie, as anyone can see.

Why are you commenting your own line?

Are you Jewish?

No, it's because they are stupid.

Sort of off-topic, but as happy as I am about all of this, the current rise in nationalism is very surprising, which makes me suspicious. Don't get me wrong, I voted Trump and I'm having the time of my life watching him eviscerate cucks left and right, but this wasn't supposed to happen, you know? I realize that he faced a lot of challenges and pushback, but I'm still shocked that it was allowed to happen. What's the angle here? Is this really what it appears to be, or is this an admission by the powers that be that the Globalist Multikult shit is imploding and we need a reboot?

I've seen it in my own countries medias as well. Also have you seen who was out en force at Davos this year? Xi Jinping and Jack Ma leading a whole army of Chinese diplomats and businessmen.

It's pretty obvious IMO where this is going.

The moment the EU goes to war with anyone, literally anyone, and asks its citizens to throw themselves at an unknown enemy, it's the moment that Belgians quite literally storm the European parliament.

No one cares, reported and filtered.

Ye, nothing but shilling for China as the new globalist powerhouse.


Where is this China is globalist shit coming from? They're subversive chinks, but still racial nationalist. They literally banned miscegenation unless it's a Chinese man with a non-Chinese woman.

It's pure western (((media))) spin. They just need a new global power to take the lead in pushing global free trade and China fits the bill. Suddenly China is a paragon of virtue and can do no wrong. It's fucking ridiculous.

It'd be awfully difficult to maintain pilings across the Bering Strait though I've heard its deepest point is only ~100m. The Diomede islands would be a great rest stop.

There were plans a while ago to build a damn across the Strait to curb the effects of (((Global Warming))) but the CIA opposed it because we'd have to close ties to Russia.

I say build a thick damn so it'd be easy to maintain while using the islands as natural barriers and then we could have rail lines on top of that or inside of the concrete for use during heavy storms.


Look at this fucking cuck trying to start shit the whole thread.



They genuinely despise the notion of preserving themselves, their culture, nation, sovereignty, self-determination, borders, security, beauty, anything in any way. It's sickening. They really DESPERATELY want to die out completely & give anything their ancestors created to vicious amoral parasites. This is very demoralizing yet only makes me want to purge all Judeo-Marxist influence once & for all, because even if the tide turns back against them for now this agenda to brainwash & genocide all whites will never stop until the last kike & his cucked puppet breath their last breath.

Or until we take over that means of brainwashing.

Holla Forums would be perfect for that job.

Absolutely genius!


This is truly amazing

Since when does the US need an ambassador in the EU?

"Cooperation" ? It's the fucking E-Jew, destroyer of nations. You must be one of those (((pan-European))) retards.

No they don't, you're giving them too much credit. These people are zombies, they don't actually think about any of this stuff, it's all based on superficial emotion based rhetoric. It's like saying "these zombies are DESPERATE to utterly destroy all of civilization!" No, they're not, they're simply unthinking shambling corpses who want to eat. That's it, they have no real understanding or motivation. They are destroying our countries as a side effect of their unthinking virtue signaling and emotional opinions, rather than actual desire for complete destruction.

The kikes, of course, are a different story.

Sounds good to me.
It is a shithole over here.

Purge the cucks and kikes, but if you really want to deal a damning blow, Trump needs to target education next. Kick out the common core fuckery.

Meaning that Germans are losing their own language.

Having a small number of bilingual people can be useful, but widespread bilingualism is not something to be proud of - it's the path to kike globalism.


You new?

EU is fucked.

Now has 2 fronts, the US and the Russian front. Then it has the internal problems, social (migrants) economic (euro is falling)

Every action they made is doom to faill, because they soon need to let go south countries from the euro (greece, then Portugal, The spain, then Italy) in order to salvage the currency.

The union is fucked, i dont believe if the unio faill, that germany, france can survive.

Nostradamus was a jew.

China got the moolah. (((Our banks))) not so much, no physical manufacture back them up.

Down with the EUSSR and its tranny dyke leaders!

From Xi Jinping in Davos.

Not true.
'The Bering Strait is about 82 kilometres (51 mi) wide at its narrowest point,'
'Its depth varies between 30 metres (98 ft) and 50 metres (160 ft).[6]'

Scandinavians and Dutch are sad to hear that.

Are there anything like a chart of all the campaign promises kept by Trump? Especially one comparing with the previous presidents.

I've heard in Discovery Channel (when it used to be a decent channel to watch) that the major problem to the pylons are the ice blocks that would hit it constantly damaging the structure in the long term.

Wtf kinda barage does the farage thing hes going to unleash?!

That's clearly a FAMAS.


He is one of (((those people))) who only seek the destruction of Germany rather than the removal of shitskins or leftists. Same as . He is pretending to be "right-wing" and pro-"Europe" to sell his ideas to you.
Remember who is behind this meme!


Every time I wake up I take another white pill. Its the polar opposite of 2012.


Always gives me a laugh when I see this pic

What those caps show me is that the eternal Anglo yet again listens to the Jew's lies and yet again try to organize against Germany, doing Zion's bidding. I hope any true Holla Forumsack sabotage the Jewish command if he ever has to fight native Germans.

Trump said he would kill commie core.

Implying most of those posters aren't Jews themselves. Most regular folk cannot muster up such a hatred as runs through the Jew's mind every waking minute.
The "eternal Anglo" threads are probably just antifa as well. They openly display their hatred, but they do it behind the flags of their host countries, so that the backlash isn't aimed at them.

Goddamn the second week has got to be as good as the first.

The Khazarian Rothchild mafia has planted more than 25 nuclear bombs under major American & European cities in order to blackmail the associated governments, this is their samson option.

And what part of the top 25 degenerate shit holes in the Western World being taken out simultaneously is a bad thing again?

The French and Italian elections are it maaaan. Trump will support the newly independent countries. Together they will gangbang that old fotze Merkel.


blz…don..don't imitate them





This picture makes me physically ill

Europe deserves to be thrown to the wolves, only the strong will survive to build a new better europa

Kill yourself, Jew.

My face when I might live to see the restoration of the Prussian ethnostate.

I sure fucking hope Germany keeps up its great war loss streak, this is the one time where it is important germany loses.

I'm planning on leaving the EU anyways. I just don't care anymore.

you're a fucking idiot if you think Europe is going to come out of this peacefully, the whole damn system over there is too far gone. Nothing short of full scale civil war or military coup d'etat brought on by external all out warfare would even come close to changing Europe from becoming a muslim/degenerate armpit. Take that peaceful ethnic cleansing shit back to your boyfriend Spencer

Finally one that understands. I used to love my life here, my country, my people. But the kike fucked it so much up with the mudslimes and the degenerate propaganda that only total destruction and a rebuild will help because frankly our history and culture has been tainted so much it hard to find it back.
They are replacing everything with muslim related shit and we are paying it with our taxes, women, children and our time.


That image is "funny" considering the atom bombs were not used by the good guys.

Of course, why would "good guys" use nuclear weapons against populated cities?

EU don't need no trump to destroy itself, EU doing good job on its own

Weakest DC I've seen all year.

This. Same as any ponzi scheme, it needs to collapse and people need to feel the weight of the burden they've taken upon themselves through unchecked immigration and welfare. This is the equivalent of maxing out ten credit cards and throwing away your mailbox.

It's going to get worse before it gets better for the most cucked nations in Europe. Especially Germoney, France and Britain.

Maybe we overestimated the power of the globalsits, even slightly? I was suprised that he won, because I thought for sure that he'd get shut down. Which begs the question, did they let Hitler grow to power too, only to break Germany again and set and example for white nationalists?

We line in a time of great resurgence and illumination. Up until now the western world has been aimed to be the antithesis of 'natzee' Germany. If the globalist intends to put the world under their thumb, maybe they need another scapegoat.

Spot the shill. Nothing but sarcasm, innuendo and wordplay delivered in five words or less – because arguments, facts, and long posts are too time-consuming for a busy shill. With so many threads, boards and websites to shill on, the shill needs to be brief and efficient!
But mostly it's because the shill is a typical unimaginative, lazy kike with no real answers.

The more Holla Forumsacks get on twitter and into those comment threads to counter the nonsense, the better. We should seek to maintain a presence and push to occupy all comment sections on social media platforms and across the web.

Perhaps that will encourage an increasing number of websites to disable commenting, but in doing so they flush the cucky voices down the drain as well.

she looks like an ex of mine

was a bluepilled fagget but she said wanted to be virgin until marriage and I was leaving the country so I respected her and now I think a chad fucked her up. The memories of the youth.

septuplets decide

What a pedantic reply.

Wait a second. WOrld distribution of power will be exactly the same as during ww2? USSR+usa+france+brits vs germany?


I don't know what's going on anymore. If the EU is destroyed, we won't have to repay a single bit of money to them. Eastern Europe might end up prevailing too much from this and everyone just being smug about it. I don't know anymore, I really don't.

Imagine what Russia would be like without sanctions.

Please take me based America.

t. French.

I just wanna see my country work better and better. Our corrupt politicians only became more corrupt after we joined the EU. We had a lot of people working on getting private economy fully functional here and then we joined the EU like a bunch of morons. Turns out our politicians just bag most of the money up until 2 years ago when they start accepting and using the EU funding nonsense. The EU disappearing means we get to not repay a single thing and our politicians being forced to do economy. We might also stop importing shit Polish poison eggs because importing food is smart when your country has the ability to produce a lot of the things we import.

Still, most of the US is based as fuck. Much love

At least you have the latinas, and no sandniggers. Appreciate what you have.

Thank god burgers got him in.
Maybe we in Norway can finally be free of the legislations that are forced upon us by the EU for that awful trade agreement.
Please, you do this an you free EU from stagnation by legislation

my friend, if only! I moved to Spain a few years ago and the browns are starting to appear. I fear for the future of this land.

Well at least you speak spanish
But Spain needs to change to not be europe's Everything is welcome. Before this crisis we were current Germany receiving illegal inmigrants and criminals with open arms every day with free healthcare. Hell we dont have as many rapefugees only because we're on the other side of europe if syria was on africa we would be flooded

ayy lmao



Just like obama did, except obama wanted to replace the EU with the TTIP Trump only wants to finish it

baned and posting fuck mods

How long do you think it has left?

4 years until a whole wage of countries have their own brexit, but this was coming before trump so who knows


What's the difference between black pilling and red pilling someone ?


He was right. I'm actually tired of winning. It's honestly too much.

Its time for another 100 year war. We need to rediscover our national identity knee deep in the blood of the Frenchman.




To me Spain is not really white anyway, besides you're fucking leftists, it's like you want to be conquered all over again by muslims. Leftards from all over here love to go to Spain too.

b….but…..muh kalergi plan

Where did Sicily go?

EUfag here. Can I suck Trump's cock?
no homo

This truely is a great time to be alive.
Europeans and Americans work together not against eachother

we chose the right man

"If ye love wealth better than liberty,
the tranquility of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or your arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen"



This man gives me hope for MEGA.


Not exactly.

Fairly sure Japan would be on our side this time.

Russia IS unelected and dictatorial, but our in-problems have nothing to do with murrica, so I fail to see a point.
That said, I wish we had Trump instead of Pootin.

mfw Juncker call ayys for help

Make Everything Great After all this faggot shit we've been through

So, Solidus did attack the Patriots after all…


EU is not on the western and eastern europeans's side. How long have you lived under the rock?


It isnt burning.
There will be nothing but muslims left in the end.

Good. Europe needs to learn how to be strong as nations again. They have become so fucking weak it's almost unbearable to watch,


Hey there Schlomo!

for what reason?

LIVE Parliament discussing US immigration, Trump's Muslim ban, etc

It's a multi-racial, multi-cultural empire, not a nation state

I made one anyway.

Because Russia is mostly in Asia, perhaps?

i would not exactly say that, i think the problem is that both of these (((globalist unions))) seek to destroy it

Break down of EU would be good for Germany
Break down of inner market would be bad.

God bless Trump. May he turn the EU parliament into a museum of failed bureaucracy.


Here, another step to finally finishing this map.
Parts still missing:

Fuck off back to IM you multiculti cuckfaggot niggerlover!

get rid of the fucking shitskin countries, you multicult faggot.

Short-sighted retards
Iran was almost a modern country that could have had healthy relations with the West

Don't make it so obvious that you're the same person next time, Rabbi Shekelblatt.


Lurk more, loser.

kikes cant tip the Menorah
because we looted it from their temple and threw it into the Med ;^)

A multicultural planet, is no planet worth having.

If there are rats in your neighborhood, it's only a matter of time until they find their way in to your house as well.

The entire planet is our neighborhood.


Hey Rabbi, you stick out like a sore thumb.
Greater Israel will never happen.

You're a retarded faggot with no arguments, cry harder you shitskin whorechild.

Go back to your cuckolded friends at HWNDU

>They are shitskins and stand in the way of Greater Israel™!

Fuck all shitskins everywhere, the current political situation is irrelevant to what actions should be taken, which is global RAHOWA.


Cuckolds as well.


In the kikes' infinite hubris, they've memed their destruction at the hands of (the) God (Emperor) upon themselves

Nice, saved.

I hate being Russian…
I want to escape this shithole and move to America under the God-Emperor.
But I guess I'll kick the bucket here like the dog I am.

I feel ya slavbro, I feel as though that the burgers on here are oblivious to how shit slavlands are.

Yeah, and I live in Moscow.
Other cities are just wasteland.

Do you really have to put swastikas on everything?

shitskin countries should be wiped out. The only non-whites worth a damn are the Japs


Knowing that Trump is in office and has an EU ambassador who hates the EU, it gives me hope not only for Brexit but that elections throughout Europe will elect politicians and parties that are anti-EU. Maybe there is a bright future for our once glorious continent again.

Inb4 Chunnel (or stunnel in this case)

From what I understand, the climate conditions of Northern Russia make infrastructure impossible or at very least, unreasonable. What would be the benefit of a single rail land route anyways?

Though it would change Alaska in a major way. (Where the men are men and the women are men too)

Le Pen is such a wonderful woman; I have the highest respect for this lady and wish frenchanons all the very best in the coming elections.

If Fascist-Evropa ever happens, you guys better learn Finnish and join the eventual Greater-Finnish-Khanate that will conquer the whole continent.

just today i talked with my friends about the 3rd reich still being alive and well in the nato as only the military capitulated, but not the government meaning the war has never ended formally. adolf heusinger, german general and basically chief of the german military became chairman of the nato, among the Nato you find a lot of SS symbolism. pic related is an emblem used by the forces in the ukraine conflict. navy base coronado (second pic) is even formed like a swastika.

i bring this up because we also talked about the EUs roll. we thought about that it really seems like the EU is falling, but overall the Nato(3rd reich) stays strong, even though they seem to be from the same people. however note that the EU inhabits almost the same area as nazigermany did. our guess was that they tried to infiltrate and gain the country back through mostly diplomatic ways with the EU as front, but when the time is right the 3rd reich could reemerge (maybe under a different name, maybe even as nato) and overtake the EU countries swiftly while or after it fall apart making it seem like another force emerging while itself its mostly just an alteration of the lable.

I mean there are a lot of pictures allegedly showing hitler after WW2 alive and well, and he didnt seem to be too bothered. If we can find him so can his enemies, unless he still gets/got protection hinting that the 3rd reich didnt get completely destroyed.

the 2nd worldwar is still going on, but since the allies cant admit to being fooled and that they didnt win the war they cant attack them openly but rely on subversion and infiltration in an effort to keep it secret. trump (german descendent) might very well be one of them who just conquered the USA with his army of nazifrogs

No, that's fucking idiotic. Why do you guys always have to go that far? Why the genocidal fantasies? Look I seriously get that some of you may have had to deal with niggers in some shitty inner city schools, but this is not the way. Especially when there are countries such as Thailand, Argentina, and Singapore, which are alright in non-white standards.

Jesus christ, literally all you have to do is just tell the non-whites that they're not allowed in your country. It's not that fucking hard to do. You've got the strength and firepower to do it. Anything else is overkill. You just think that this is the solution because they all come to your country and you have to deal with it. Newsflash, you deal with it becaue corrupt politicians and kikes want them in and let them in. In Japan, they don't have to deal with it because they simply don't let them in at all. You stand your ground and tell them no, and there won't be any problems. They won't pose a military threat either so there's nothing to worry about.

And when the non whites get tired of their shitholes, see how well white people have done for themselves and start jihad?

I'm all for live and let live if they're not in my country, but that has to be reciprocal. Some of these places can't handle that and are going to need to at least be kept in check.

And when the non whites get tired of their shitholes, see how well white people have done for themselves and start jihad?

I'm all for live and let live if they're not in my country, but that has to be reciprocal. Some of these places can't handle that and are going to need to at least be kept in check. I know your genetics hold you back, but at least TRY next time.

I'll fucking tell you why i voted leave its because we had no fucking say, our courts could be overuled by the europeans. Thus us absoulte bullshit, especially with Germany fucking the whole eurozone with the whole oh we will take as many as needed but guess what we will distribute them to the rest of the eurzone. At my time at uni i have met one muslim who drink the rest do not confor to oue society. This is not a unified society it is a split one that comes under iniformity to demonstrate against the big bag racist threat. I have have met 1 muslim, ONE, that agrees with our with pur principles. And guess what even he is againt the fucking stupid leftist viewsof we should allow a society with no values. I am currently on a pysics course and guess fuckign what by not partyign evrying fucking chnace i get and being a godamn degenerate I am easily above the averege.Now although I am an Indian English mix even I can see how futile the mixing of races is. I believe each race is a species of humans, like dogs, i cannot dee a benifit of mixing the races. I myslef am riddled with acne although my face is fine the rest of my body is fuck. (I am writing this while drunk as some of you may notice) I do not give a fuck about my country at this point and beliveve tha a seperation of races is necessary, for example if you play an rpg i think this is similar to races.

At this point in time it is necessary to have th brightest and strongesy(in the leadership sence) develop our current nations. I am british but all i can see from the ex colonial powers is a deteriation of their society (I say this as a mix of north india/ english mis, aryian) so fuck off people that call me racist, since the point the colonial powers left the societies has degenerated. It is pathetic, we provided railways and ways to connect the country together and yet the muslims contiune to slaughter each other the hinudus still strive for power in the north of India(controlled by sikhs (consider them warrior priests, litterally thier only goal is to protect the weak, I am descended from them so much so my grandfather from my indian side said he would never forgive us for marring a muslim). And yet the only completeyly free and safe space in the world (the west) is trying to become all accepting, where terrorist attacks happen at public space, thank god Trump is doing something about it. Me and my brother, in our trying, to combat our families views of leftism but to no avail apart from our othwer siblings who agree with us. We are both in uni (one in oxford, the other in another top ten in the world english uni) and can only see indotrination of our generation.

I am sad for the generations to come who will not questio whom or where their information comes. (physics seems pretty based for noe) and who knows how long until the left become the norm in uni. I cannot stand this fact. And the problem comes from the only other peoplethat accept this more conservative view come froms a few friends made from school(1 greek and 1 englich) and 1 welsh guy i met and 1 muslim( who would be damned to hell for the amount he drank).
To me it seems that society no longer values purity and race as a factor in determining who to breed with, So much so that saying I wan to keep this country safe by disallowing dangerous elements in becomes socially unacceptable. Thsnk god Trump is atleast standing up for normal americans and not delosional leftists. So much so I want to come work there on defense profects (as my degree is physics) my own country is fucked so i want to atleast maintain western civilisaton and will not see it go to waste. Although this may anger the Eu atleast Russia nows its identity the UK has lost theirs, The americans and easert europeans that come to study here are degenereates that would ratjer see their society burn than prosper.
ThereforeI want to see the EU suffer as their leftist utopia is seen as unobtainable. If I can see this as a simpleuni student why can't they?
It's because none of them study proper subjects and thse that do have been fully indoctrinated. I fearfor this wrorld and my country( I say this as a british citizen, also I am not sure how coherent this is as I am fully wasted(thisi is probaly my 5 or 6th post long time lurker)).

It's not mean. It's L-L-Lebensraum!

wouldn't that just ethnically cleanse europe?

Of everyone.
I know you 60%s love your "le europe isn't white" meme, but get ahold of yourself.

Mmmh… not sure if the former or the latter.


This man is thge true Emperor of Mankind!

>trump grabs a phone and __

Man, the EU must be a huge threat if Russia is this scared.


One man's dream.

Didn't see them before.


It'll be taken care of within the week.

please nuke germany.

It's funny, the army of the so-called "Federal Republic of Germany" has to get NATO approval to be deployed.

Of course, this doesn't all mesh with the fact that the NATO commander for Europe was an American Jewish general who is pro-multiculturalism and tried to start World War 3 in Serbia (and got stopped by James Blunt).

Azov is a militia the last I checked.


How can she ever recover

My country (UK) doesn't give a shit about the EU. Whether they sink or swim is of no concern.
I'd like to say 'fuck them', but I really don't care what the EU does.
UK is the fastest growing economy in Europe. We have the strongest military in Europe.

The EU can do what it wants. It's irrelevant. I think President Trump is probably more anti- EU than we are in UK.
That's his business and I know that he loves the UK. He's half Scottish and probaly entitled to British citizenship.
He also respects Her Majesty, which is more than the Eurocucks do.

Yes, but the people living in the Socialist Unions of Europe should want it too, unfortunately there are still too many cucks around


Just because a Turk who is paid by and brought to Germany by our US occupiers does support Islamisation* as has been ordered to him by his US overlords:

Özdemir has been propped up in the “Young Leader-Program” of the US lobby group “Atlantic Bridge, a sub-group of the “American Council on Germany” which himself is a sub-group of the “Council on Foreign Relations” of the USA.

Özdemir was a cofounder of the “European Council on Foreign Relations”.

Özdemir was a “Transatlantic Fellow” of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, spending considerable times in the USA in that function.

Özdemir is a supporter of Neocon Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

Özdemir is groomed as “German Obama”, future first Turkish canceler of Germany.

Özdemir is an US agent of influence in Germany.

*the USA were also a sponsor of the transforming of Turkey into an Islamic state, by suppressing the Kemalist military of Turkey. Erdogan, Erbakan and Gülen have close connections to the USA, similar to the Muslim Brotherhood, the later was sheltered and propped up by

Flooding of Europe with Muslim invader is a policy which can be ultimately traced back the the USA and their “NGO”.
www. nybooks. com/daily/2011/02/05/washingtons-secret-history-muslim-brotherhood/

they should just declare war and nuke germany tbh

okay so guys I take it back, maybe we shouldn't go to war with germany because I think this is what the kikes want to shill now.

But I also don't know because this guy's also shilling for the opposite poorly
I guess we should wait and be rational until more information comes to light.

national demographic groups are more blurred than they used to be.
the proper demographic groups these days are international.
muslims within our countries running people over, exploding and raping europeans pisses us off all around the western world and anglosphere.
civil war in one nation would probably mean civil war in another. it can very easily degrade into a world war.

our politicians have been either retarded, evil, or both. none of what is happening politically takes even a basic education in politics seriously.

multiculturalism is about injecting homogenous cultures with other cultures, thereby destroying the homogeniety or unity of any given culture.
this causes a greater quantity and potency of conflicts of interest at your doorstep.
since it's so close to home, a breakdown in relations can spiral out of control very quickly.
whites have been exclusively subjected to propaganda intended to make us suicidal (muslims blow shit up and rape all over the place, it's covered up, and we're somehow responsible for it. some white kid does something similar and somehow we're responsible for it).

this quantity of immigration is dangerous for many reasons both short and long term.
whites having to commit suicide in order for this to work is just indicative of this system both not working and being extremely unethical.

there is a rate of change that is practical: natural.
this is well beyond that rate.

I should've made it clear that I love Europe. I've lived and worked in Spain, Ireland and Germany and also travelled all over Europe.
It truely is an amazing continent. It's just the EU that I have disdain for.

In the run up to the brexit referendum, the (((media))) here would conflate the two. For example asking leave voters "why don't you want to be in Europe"?
As if we have any fucking choice.
Also shit like a "European Army" is going ahead. This is anathema to Brits. And it's happening now.


This is very clearly a "touch my stuff, I touch your stuff" thing

They thought that they were going to get away with meddling with his executive orders, this is obviously a statement that they will NOT get away with it (also fuck the eu in general obviously)



Nigel is my waifu.


That's not a maple tree.

That's pretty fucking awesome man, have an Eoin.

Got maps for the rest of the world? Fash/far right flags are the best.

Fuck yourself, traitor!
t. Europa-fag

Like you?

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
Destroy the largest collections of kikes and degenerates while galvanizing the rest of the populace for the utter extermination of those responsible.


maybe… just, maybe…. this will all work.

shadilay….yet too soon to give it any nourishment. must not paise yet




Nigel's bantz are legendary.

What a dumbcunt thing to say. Why not just hand out American secrets while you're giving shit away, dumbass? NEVER tell the enemy what you're up to.

Know, I do not, but, up, we are.

What a relief to hear/read! The (((EU's))) purpose is destroy the uniqueness of individual European States, with their own special cultural, historical, and racial flavors. It is so nice to hear someone else recognize that this is worth saving!

Yes please destroy us, destroy fucking europe.

That was pretty much obvious when he supported Farange.

China is a NWO piece of shit. The Kikes paint Russia as an enemy, while the real enemy is that Commie regime. China is a much larger threat to the west than Russia could have ever been and they were beyond retarded not to unite with it against the chink menace.