DHS: We will ignore judicial ruling and follow the orders of President Trump

The DHS is refusing to follow the ruling of the court and is instead saying they will continue to enforce the will of President Trump.

Is this the beginning of the collapse of the rule of law in the USA and the beginning of the rule of one man? Some might say a Caesar.



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lmao why did any of these retards ever thought some shitty judge had more authority than the CHIEF OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH?


Lefities trying to cling to any hope they can get from the torrent of Trump's winning.




Since when did a lower state court have authority over the president anyway?

Sounds like they may have more evidence to release to the public

You just know with the shit they see every day from the shitskin hordes that they have been chomping at the bit to do this.

Obama already ignored court orders with respect to his immigration executive orders. Trump is acting within precedent.

because muh rule of law or some shit

They think rule of law means rule by judges. Big difference.

That makes no sense, did the Japs making that show not understand what "Sieg" means? It should be "Heil Kaiser"

that's the biggest tweet I've ever seen

Some tiny screens have ungodly over-sized resolutions. I blame fapple.

The pendulum has swung so far right so hard that the ball has fallen out of their control. Chaos and the enforcement of order will finally prevail.

Look again, that's a facebook post

*Ave Imperator

must have been on Trump's facebook wall then, there is no bigger wall
that's how facebook works, right?

He IS the law

Yes it does, read it as "victory to the Kaiser."

When read in that way it makes sense, but it's phrased in a way it looks like they meant heil instead.

It's so he has to have Kircheis' death rubbed in his face constantly for the his arc to work. It's quite subtle.

We couldn't have done it without Obama overestimating himself. Thanks Obama. Literally.

I actually haven't seen LotGH yet, it seems to be one of the most Holla Forums approved animes

It also comes in book form, which is getting translated into English.
It's good.

Never like it when the shoe is on the other foot do they? Because, muh reasons.

I hope they are so perpetually triggered over Trumps presidency that they require long term Electroshock therapy for the PTSD they are going to suffer from. Now if they were "smart" they would be seeking a limitation on Presidential Authority but OOPS that means no more king niggers for them!

the next 2 presidential terms with the swinging back and forth of the Executive Orders are going to tear what little is left of this nation apart- you watchIt was NEVER meant to be this wayAVE TRUMP!

Ave true to Caesar.

And if he actually kills voter fraud and deports criminal aliens, the left will have difficulties getting elected in the next 3-4 terms. There's still the demographic time bomb though.

silly liberals!
earth is not the goal. it's a stepping stone for the galaxy.

the emperor protects.

That's because you're a conservative.

Conservatives think with their wallet ("putting the rust belt back to work") instead of race matters ("petty immigration stuff").

The revolution has no use for conservatives.

I had to point this out to some libshit on faceberg this morning kvetching about the Muslim registry as similar to "muh holocaust juden!" He then went on to bitch about how authoritarian our government has gotten in the past 40 years. So I told him he has liberals to thank for that, Trump is simply utilizing the tools given to him by the last President and on top of that we've seen a rise in lefty authoritarianism due to the Marxist rhetoric we've endured for the past 8 years.
Libshits are ridiculously unaware of what they've been pushing for so long.

Exactly what concerns me, unless there is a very painful reevaluation of the footnote that Breyer put on the 14th amendment- and citizenship starts getting stripped from anchor babies and their own illegal spawn. That will cause riots- and it would be glorious- but right now is too soon. Maybe in 3 years or so if the Tacos start blowing shit up. Would you call that a spicy Jalapeno? Cross that bridge when we come to it

Alternatively, perhaps we should let California out, rename it Atzlan and deport them all there since they would be technically a people without a homeland. Anchor-babies and their generations of spawns thrown out. Only way to solve that little demographic problem.

With Trump removing globalism and bringing jobs back, the 50% unemployment rate will start to go away. Once whites are financially capable of raising families again, the birth rate will start to recover. And once Trump eliminates welfare, the endlessly-spawning vermin will die off quickly, since they're only alive because the kikes are subsidizing their existence in the hopes of creating an army of mindless slaves.
We've got a long way to go, but we're moving in the right direction now.

If I keep seeing this pushed I'm just going to conclude it's deliberate disinformation.

It's a fucking Federal court and a Federal judge appointed by Obama.

There could well be mass legume violence with the deportations and traitor sanctuary cities backing them up. Enough to excuse some… extra measures

It's being remade and is expected to air starting sometime this year.

She is still kvetching like a jew along with the ACLU over something that is completely legal.

Not a fan of people remaking classics, to be honest.


they might even say it out loud. but deep down they are glad that they have less terrorists to worry about.

/r/ing that vid with a short haired blonde journalist that goes "i disagree on trump on everything, but what else can we do? my children are scared!" when trump proposed the muslim ban during his campaing after the religion of pieces hit for the n-th time.

if Trump gives whites even a tenth of the birth stimulus that spics and niggers get we'll see America become 90% white within a decade.

Me neither, but as long as they don't screw it up by overloading it with cg and not following the story it'll be good. It's being done by Production I.G. which handled Attack on Titan and GitS:SAC, so I'd be cautiously optimistic.

We need to work on convincing whites to have children with other whites, too. Never forget that the kikes are discouraging us from reproducing any way they can.

Listen here faggot, no moderate actually likes muslims. No one but libshits, niggers, and kikes want muslims in America.

Can another judge revoke what another judge did?

look at porn for the last 30 years, always on the face, jews like to call it the "money shot". Fucking kikes.

1st Pic related.

Good call, I could actually see this playing out that way. As so long it turns off the court of public opinion from them (think when they flew the Mexican Flag at one of his protests and how that really didn't help their cause) that little issue fixed and the Country is fixed.

Got that backwards user, over 60% of independents supported a muslim ban last year. But your concern is noted. This is the kind of stuff that feeds public opinion. Second pic related from March 2016 YouGov poll- trends showed that support only strengthened over time. Source: archive.fo/Cgslm

If this escalate to the Supreme Court, the Ann Donnelly rule surely will be defeated in a 5-4 decision, now that the Trump has to appoint Scalia's replacement

That was Mika. I think it was after the attack on Paris (which time?) or Nice.

There is still that Obamacare guy thats sometimes a little too moderate.

If media screeching and saying mean things about Trump's administration scares you, you're in for a rough 8 years. Personally I get happier with every virtue signalling faggot/jew/intellectual that exposes themselves.

It even has a happy merchant named (((Rubinsky))) jewing shit behind the scenes.

Dumping feels


Too big to fit into one post


There's your first mistake.


I'm still not tired of all this winning lads.

The wall would get quite a bit longer, but why not.

You need to put more effort into it m8.

Exactly. Demoralize them. The time for moderation is over.

Or Trump could just drone her. Enemy of the state and all.

Two drones may be required.

Woops, uploaded shitty version

They didn't need to follow the ruling in the first place because it only applied to shitskins that were already here.


>tfw you will never have a starshipwaifu

Civil War, side with traitor mayors of "Sanctuary Invader Cities"? Or the Emperor?

When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.


It's not enough for the birthrate to recover. There must be forcible corrective action on non-Whites living here. That means a massive stripping of citizenship from ALL anchor babies and their spawn. That means nationalizing large assets of foreign races and making import from racial alien countries so onerous that many non-White businesses catering to non-White customers collapse. It means turning non-White "citizens" into second-class people who are segregated in housing, education, denied social benefits or military service, regulate the property they own and the positions they are allowed to hold. until they pack their own shit up and leave.

Our fleet is Holla Forums.

maybe once isis is dealt with trump can declare war on gangs and cartels
bomb them like we bomb isis, no mercy.
with them all gone, things will improve marginally in all those shitskin countries, and they'll be somewhat less inclined to beat down our doors trying to get in.
war is great for the economy and at least this one will finally be for a good cause


Street gangs are nothing. You could clean them up with fat mall ninjas riding around in F-150s with letters of marque and reprisal taped to the windshield. The cartels can be dealt with using the wall and drones.

You can't play in the sandbox and enforce a new Monroe Doctrine at the same time. Fuck the way economy right now, do you understand? Some of you just seem completely fucking oblivious as to how bad the racial situation actually is. If there isn't massive rapid action he might not get a fucking second term. Did you see the fucking margin in Texas compared to what it was in 2012?

Was anybody surprised? One literally who judge doesn't have the power to over turn a fucking EO. And if it goes to the SC /ourjudges/ will swat it down 4-3

4/3 isn't a confident number at all

He's already starting this meme with the Feds coming into Chicago. It will be interesting to see how much of the gang violence is tied to cartel activity, and the requisite Federal action against an international criminal organization I'm drooling it will be so salty

RE Texas: Texasfag here and yes- you are spot on user. My home city has become brown-town in the last 5 years (and is only getting worse) and there is a literal inundation of Mexican shit EVERYWHERE. Native Texans (Anglos) that are a little older than the current crop and learned Texas history in school are pissed but again no one cares to listen to us muh racism. I love to remind people that we fought a war of Independence against the Mexicans and won our freedom from them and now they are turning our homeland into exactly what they left AND exactly what we fought against. Doesn't make me friends- but possibly gets a few whites to think.

what i mean is we do that IN ADDITION TO the mass deportations and restoring of white demographic dominance

But it's a guaranteed number. None of the dem judges will ever side with Trump at this point. So unless they are found suicided with 3 bullets in their head we have to work with it

It's already occurred. This is the calm before the storm while Trump cleans out institutional monkey wrenchers and marshals resources. Trust me, it's coming very soon.

Yeah, if he builds the wall that's basically declaring war on the cartels anyways.

When the fuck is (((Ginsberg))) finally going to keel over?

NBA niggerballers and their kike owners kvetch. It gets better every day folks.

How President Trump's New Immigration Policy Impacts The NBA

I love how they keep trying to convince themselves that the President's actions are illegal when they are clearly not.

They've been trying to meme a team in Mexico City for 25 years, just like the NFL really wants London (for some reason). A few years ago, they had a Spurs/Timberwolves game in Mexico City; someone set the arena on fire, and after three hours of clusterfuck, the Spurs just left and went back to San Antonio.

They already have trouble getting players to go play for the Raptors, and the Grizzlies left Vancouver after 6 years, both because of currency differences. How they would get anyone to play on a team where everyone gets paid in shitty pesos, I have no idea. Probably just a kike pipedream.

edgy lefties are easily provoked to protest and by necessity they will network, within their (((institutions and communities))), its hard for old fashioned liberals to find a place here.
everything is become more polarised and poles keep shifting.

the only thing that will end this deadlock in the west, is to slowly go to war against the corporations (perhaps university fees). this is what the kike truly fears will happen, it will appease all the leftists, and at the same time, go to war on their socially focused ideologies.

suddenly trump, and by proxy, white males, will not seem so bad to them after all.

The best thing is, if Trump had put these laws in place he'd be called a fascist. But Obama did it and nobody criticised him and now Trump has all these quasi-fascist laws at his disposal

Senate Dems are waking up to the same reality too, we only need 51 votes thanks to Reid.

When they run out of aborted fetuses to feed her.


I'd rephrase that as, is this the beginning of the collapse of the the rules written by the corrupt? We don't want a dictator. Not happening. But if a law is unjust and harms us, then we also should not follow it. Now we have structures in place that allow us to begin to rebel.

In France they're trying to meme that the feds refuse to obey Trump and his impeachment is close.
Lügenpresse gonna lie.
The best thing about this is that we get to keep using this meme.

Praise Kek, may it be so.

Speak for yourself.
I have no problem whatsoever with a dictator, so long as its the proper sort.

Face it man, the Constitution failed, because linguistic evolution and subversive Jews are all it takes to make a document thats got some real worth to it into nothing more than fancy, dusty toilet paper.
I've had the question asked, and I know which is wrong - and so I say, give me dictatorship, rather than the rule of the corrupt leading the mob.

I disagree. I think the Constitution performed well. It has withstood all of their attacks and aided us in retaining us the tools necessary to rebel. The most important of which is the first amendment. Had Trump been German and ran his campaign over there, he would have been fined or arrested under "hate speech" laws and been disqualified as a candidate. The internet, had the first amendment not existed, would be censored to a far, far greater degree. Most of us would have been fined or arrested for the things we've said in the past. The Constitution has been watered down to an extent, but it has never been fully subverted, and it is the reason we have been able to peacefully rebel with 100% success. They can't do anything to us because of that Constitution. That Constitution is also the core of the American ideal that propagates a distrust and dislike for government. It's why so many Americans are so strongly against the direction the government had been going, and it's also the thing which allowed us to speak out against it with impunity. Had Clinton won and they implemented hate speech laws and massive gun regulations and bans, yeah, then the Constitution would be worthless, because then it truly would have been subverted. It was yet though, and we avoided it. Until the first and second amendment are subverted, the Constitution still stands.

damn man

I, in turn, disagree.

How can you claim it 'withstood all their attacks' when you look at the 14th Amendment and everything that derives from it?
You can't.
You can't look at a

That would be "Sieg dem Kaiser".

FUCK you
although it would nicely solve the commiefornia problem, I wouldn't give up any clay. There must be another solution.

There is. But its messy.

You're either a crazy fucking lunatic, or you're a shill. Either way, your post is wasted data.
Dictatorships don't work, nobody with unchecked power successfully runs a nation without major flaws. There are more positives than negatives to having a constitution, especially over a dictatorship.


Neither do democracies/republics/whatever speshul snowflake descriptor you want to give for your imaginary nationstate.
Nothing works forever, and nothing is malleable enough to allow transition effectively.

See: The United States of America.
Even heavily-checked power destroyed this country, though in truth, it wasn't power that destroyed this country, that made the Constitution worthless, that led to the Founders vision becoming a puddle of mud - it was time.
As I said, linguistic evolution and subversive Jews were all it took - the linguistic developments to allow alteration of context (without alteration of content), and subversive Jews to put it into action.
That's how you wind up with a gay African migrant with AIDS quoting the Declaration of Independence at you, and a European(-American) audience applauding while giving you a dirty look.

The United States has failed to prove that assertion, for, without nigh-unto dictatorial action in the next 4 years, this nation (a nation being a thing of blood, not ideals) will likely cease to exist within the century.
But, in any case, the end result then, is that we simply have different perspectives on the question in the image I started our interactions with.

You choose poorly-governed, rule of the corrupt leading the mob.
I choose Empire, bad-government that works.
We shall see whose blood burns hotter, and whose iron is stronger, and that shall decide what comes next.

You need to stop larping user and deal with reality. The United States has successfully run, and transitioned power better than any dictatorship. The constitution has flaws, I'm not doubting that. To say a dictatorship is better than a constitution is fucking nuts. You reference the US as some obvious example of failed language and context. Context can only run so far as, and you must have forgotten the constitution can be amended and changed.

I bet you live in America, and are a contrarian edge lord who wants to be different. The constitution hasn't failed us you moron, it fucking saved us from Obama and the rest of that nonsense…and it did it without major rioting or social upheaval. You truly are a shill, and I took the bait.

You're getting over emotional. No one said the constitution was a bad thing; in fact it was great. But if scalia died a year earlier we would have a supreme court that decided "It's a living document, lol! Turn in your guns! Holocaust denial is now illegal because you can't yell fire in a theatre! Therefore hate speech isn't covered under the first amendment!". No amount of hugging a piece of paper with your rights will have saved you from that; only action. Look at the bundy ranch. If it was a crowd of people that were holding up copies of the bill of rights, those feds would have steamrolled them. Guns and action are what gives you rights, not a piece of paper that 'gives you permission' to have the guns in the first place.

You're a shill or you're retarded.

Checking awesome double 88's one post after the other.

This user is right. The constitution hasn't actually protected you from subversion and loss of National identity over time. It's susceptible to (((evolving))) interpretations that push the overton window ever leftwards, until the great nation founded by your European fathers is full of cucks, traitors and enemies who happily, overtly and proudly rail against everything America once stood for. The constitution has strengths and weaknesses but it was always doomed to fail eventually because democracy just doesn't fucking work.

You're just reducing everyone to a number- with no regard for merit, right to change the course of the country, experience, intelligence, anything. Not only is government by committee slow, inefficient and indecisive, eventually divides widen into two parties that vehemently hate each other and things fall apart, as we are possibly seeing now unless Trump can go full Caesar.

A dictatorship works but what you really need is a King. I might make a thread on why Trump should literally be made King of America if/when things go to shit, or before. Note the difference between King and dictator is that "King" derives from "Kin" and "Kind"; inherently he has a people, a wider family; the nation does not belong to him- he belongs to the nation.

Someone as rich and as powerful as a King of America would only have the incentives to make the country great, raise living standards and wealth equality, protect his people and serve its interests in foreign policy. The only solution to corruption is to make the King all-powerful and impressively wealthy; all incentives to subvert the population then dissipate. I.e what more wealth does Trump really want, and would he bother prioritizing that at risk of revolt?

Kings failed in the past because they had to face a lot more problems- disease, serious foreign threats, lack of infrastructure, lack of communication channels, lack of information, no economic expertise to base policy decisions on. It made it too hard to keep the population happy and raise living standards at the same time as fending off invading armies. Thus they got revolted out of power at least.

However, an American king would not have such problems. People already have an incredible standard of living compared to almost all of human history, it's hard to be envious of a Monarch when a) they're one of your people and doing good for your country and b) you live in relative comfort and wealth yourself. We can see this from the lack of armed revolutions in the West in decades, people are just too comfy/secure to care that much. We all know how much Trump is loved by his supporters already, I mean the God-Emperor meme was organic.

But the most important thing about Kingship is the line. You mentioned the trouble with time, is that it decays everything we build, and power and ideas dissipate. Subversion of your ideology is impossible to defend against with a constitution, no matter how watertight and objectively good it is; centuries later people forget WHY we have certain rules and leftism/communism/liberalism rises again (see Greece and Rome; they degenerated in exactly the same pattern as the west has today).

A LINE OF KINGS keeps a) the core people of the Nation (the wider "family") united around one Royal family and b) the teachings, morals, lessons of the past alive a lot longer, handed down father to son.

Let's imagine Trump is made King of America, and it's ordained that Barron will succeed him in 20 years or so when Donald dies. For 20 years, that young man will know that one day he has to shoulder the huge responsibility of leading his nation. He will be honoured, supported and loved by his people as a Prince, and receive the ultimate education in statecraft, politics, economics, business, military strategy, public relations, history, everything, from the most experienced tutors in the world and of course his own grandfather. Do you think that, on the day King Donald dies/secedes, there would be any more qualified, capable and trustworthy individual on Earth to take the reins than Barron? Corruption is stopped again by the immense sense of duty for his people that would have been instilled in him, and the fact that he'd be materially content. His son or grandson is raised in the same way, and the line of Kings extends, each generation drawing on the wisdom and prestige of their fathers. If done right, the love of the people for their Kings and Princes grows as living standards and American power grow. This is a strange time in history indeed: a chance for a line of Germanic Kings to rise again, the way they were meant to be before modern Royal families corrupted the image of Monarchy.

DHS and NSA are on Trumps side.
Time for others to fall in line


top lel