Trump Stumps (((NONPROFITS)))

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Absolutely fucking amazing

I like this winning

How long until these retards finally realize Trump had his ENTIRE CAMPAIGN AND BOTH PRESIDENTIAL TERMS and beyond fully planned since the 80s at least?
I love how these stupid cunts fell headfirst for their own "LE DRUMPF IS DUMB AND INCOMPETENT XDD" meme and let him step right on their noses

These niggers don't realize who they're dealing with. And now that he's the President he has access to classified information that he can act around and use to his advantage as well. He can say things like "believe me folks, Country X is a mess because of globalism" and everyone will attack him, and then country X has a major terror attack and he has a "gotcha" moment. And he was doing this through deduction before, now he has real intel to back it up.

They are so fucked.



They still think Trump is dumb.

Leftists underestimating him is our greatest weapon.

I don't want to overuse the meme but that is some serious 4D chess

Sessions is gonna rip their fucking dick off. It's gonna be insane. All the "we love sheltering illegals" 501(c)s are gonna get fucking shrekt.

looks like the Museum of HWNDU is going to lose their nonprofit status

I've tried but I cant interpret what he wrote any other way. I see what he's trying to do, but I just don't grasp how the paperwork he submitted would be valid.

Trump is not fucking around. He might not have been so hard as he is now if he had run and won for the 2000's election but with the failings of the previous president's, he's upped his game plan to unreachable status that I find it hard to believe that anyone could find a loophole with every loophole that Trump is closing by the day to stop him. Trump is treating the presidency like a business and he's made the necessary preparations to see it succeed.

I had so many people tell me that he was an incompetent idiot who was blowing smoke up my ass for his own ego and corrupt business interests. People who got all their opinions from cable news and buzzfeed, thinking they knew the situation better than I who had been up to my pineal gland in memes for more than a year.

the true 1488d chess has begun with being elected.

(((Leftists))) are used to fighting spineless cucks and controlled opposition. They have no idea how to handle a legitimate opponent. It's like they've spent the entire game beating up lvl 1 imps and now they've suddenly got the post-endgame secret boss with 99,999,999 HP shitting in their faces.

This sounds like a lot of crying about no longer being able to shit talk Trump while paying no taxes. Fuck her.

This is like if you took Caesar out of history and plucked him down up against these faggots.

He's just cleaning their clocks.

14/88D chess!

They thought he was a stupid know-nothing buffoon. Now they're realizing they were long-trolled.

Naw, they're used to replaying the tutorial over and over again because they don't have the braincells to figure out how to go past it let alone survive it.
Fuck the Ruby Weapon though, fuck it with a foot of wood.


Someone explain this to me. Nonprofits can't say anything bad about him during his 2020 campaign, or starting NOW?

From how it reads, they won't be able to talk shit the term

His 2020 campaign started on 20th january.

I think it's a big deal because they won't be allowed to talk shit until the 2020 election is over.

entire* fuck

And then he becomes a candidate for the Senate.

Starting now until his re-election campaign ends in 2020.
Trump outplayed these cretins HARD


Many of them legitimately believe Trump is just some loud mouth from TV, without a brain, that 'somehow' lucked into being a billionaire.

It is the same concept as the "exploratory" announcements you hear about at the beginning of the campaign cycle. Once they "officially" announce they go under a certain ruleset but when they file this form "pre-official announcement" they are then authorized to fund-raise, plan, etc. It is why it took so long for Jeb! and #PantsOfShit to actually declare. Like most Federal law it is so full of loop holes and caveats it is fucking swiss cheese.

someone please correct me if I'm wrong, going off my memory from a year and half ago

Just when you think his stumping powers are god-tier he pulls some shit like this that make him mythical. Someone fucking pinch me.

Just realized how crazy this is. They expected to be able to "campaign" for the next three years against Trump, but now that Trump is in "campaign" for that time, they're upset.



He outmaneuvered and neutered them before they even knew the game was on.

You're not dreaming anymore.

ruby weapon is easier than emerald because he can be paralyzed. it makes the fight a complete joke.

Does this mean I can donate to the Trump campaign instead of the GOP?

They think that his success entirely revolves around Trump getting a $1 million loan. And then they turn around and praise people like Brianna Wu who got $200k loans and are completely broke.

They're dumb as fuck, if all it took was getting a big amount of money to start a business made you rich, every lottery owner would end up richer than after they won the lottery.

These cuck suckers are tax exempt and admitting they want to be political. I'm pretty sure you can report them and get their tax exempt status revoked for being political.

I ran into that fucker at a lower level unknowingly so its got a special place on the pedestals of hate.

Holy shit, nothing but great news every single day with this man.

He should just cut off their non profit status anyway. All of these non governmental agencies and think tanks are a fifth column. All of these thousands of people employed in this political industry are leftists. Cut off their non profit status and it strains their resources and many leftists will be out of jobs.

What does the right have? Some churches and even the left has been trying to cut off the non profit status of churches which would leave the right with pretty much nothing outside of political campaigns.

The whole NGO industry there's billions of dollars flowing around in it and 95% of it is leftist. It's a huge industry. And there's a double standard in this industry like every thing when it comes to left vs right. Right leaning NGOs are under much more scrutiny and held to a higher standard when it comes to non profit status than leftist ones.

Just burn NGO institutions down.

He's running the country at the same rate that he was doing campaign rallies. Two, sometimes three rallies a day. He did that for over a year and didn't get tired.

That's the beauty of their academic ego. Their ideology tells them and teaches them that they are right. They are moral. Anything that disagrees with them is wrong and immoral. They can never improve. Never. They can not win at this point because their strategy and tactics have become ineffective, and due to their inability to improvise or stray from their path, they'll continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, because academia has convinced them that they are always right and they are always moral. It's hilarious. No matter how much we win they'll continue to believe they're right and they're moral, rather than trying to learn and change.

What makes you think that isn't exactly the move he's setting up by this? Keep boxing them in at every turn and wait for them to make a major mistake- which they will eventually. Expect CAIR to be one of the first to fall.

I keep waiting for the term "seditious" to come out of the WH. When it does, it will be marvelous.

so glad i awoke in this timeline

They cannot speak out against "Trump" but they can speak out against "The Executive branch", "The White House", "The Cheeto", etc.

Important distinction.

Still, it is a very elegant display of the mastery this Administration has on all matters. Trump is a master at this.

And many NGOs are funded by the US government. Planned Parenthood, ACLU, AIPAC, NAACP and along with many others receive government funding. There's also academia which can't be understated. We have to pay money for these people to work to undermine us. Fuck them and cut their funding.

White House posted a list of what Trump has accomplished up through yesterday, and mentions some of what he plans to accomplish today. I'd check the White House blog at least once a week to get an official update, if you're a particularly busy person.

Well, a NGO non profit paid shill squad is right now speaking out against Trump at HWNDU. They even closed off the street, no one expect paid shills are able to get there right now. So shouldn't these guys and the museum (which is also a non profit) lose their non profit status and thus their tax exempt status.

The part you're missing here (and it's important that you realize it) is that they created the level 1 imps. The left seized control of popular culture and educational institutions. Then they spent an entire generation telling white males they should be ashamed of themselves, and telling everyone else to hate white males.

They (attempted to) breed a race of whites that could be easily and perpetually defeated. And it has obviously worked on a lot of us. The Anti-Trump marches are predominately white. A frighteningly large number of whites curse their own people.

Trump appears to be basically a sociopath, and his IDGAF attitude seems to have gotten him elected. But don't make the mistake of thinking the left has suffered its final defeat. White people will continue to comprise a shrinking minority, and the white people who are educated and raised by leftist culture will continue to grow up and join the ranks of the cucked.

It's not over yet, and victory is not at all assured.

You can celebrate when a high-IQ white male has a reasonable chance of (a) being based and (b) finding a good woman to start a family with (not one who has spent her youth banging out bad boys).

You don't live in that reality yet, and its absence is a looming danger that you should address.

This is a good point. He's boxing them in. Fucking A I love this man.

I should fucking hope so. If the name "Trump" is on any of their literature, it should happen.

user, I am getting a hate boner from all this.

What are you, a sadist?


He's right (checked). Your boners should be righteous and true.


I wonder what Mr. Maddow going to be saying about this… :'^)

Shitposting aside, I'm unironically damn impressed at this move

pic related

I would pay big money to hear Cuckdeau being sent to the cuckshed.


I seriously love Dolan Trump.

wow. that girl. triggered.


Funny thing is, AIPAC can now not name Trump. They're a 501c3

We should round them up and report the shit out of them. Since Trump is in office, it is likely something could happen to them. Let's have some fun and report as many as we can that break the rules.

Thing is, didn't AIPAC talk shit about Trump during the campaign? I don't know the statute of limitations but that was definitely when he was a candidate. Maybe the new AG can pin them on it.


Fuggen noice.

Can someone explain for a Europoor? Why can't people campaign against him now? Surely him being in campaign mode means that they can?

pls explain

They can't use NGO's against him now.

Is the realization about Trump being someone you 'do not' want to fuck with finally sinking in for the Left?

That shit wont sink in until someone has em on their knees before a six foot pit.

1488D Chess

It's the campaign financing laws. There are rules about what kinds of organizations can join in on a campaign.

501c3's (nonprofits) are banned from making political speech. They can criticize non-candidates however as they aren't trying to affect outcomes. Him filing his paperwork for 2020 makes him an official candidate until that election is done which won't be until November 2020. He has effectively put a gag order on all nonprofits (Soros' favorite method of spreading poz) for four full years. They can skirt around it but they're playing with fire with Sessions as AG.


The funny/sad part is, it still hasn't sunk in with these people. They are claiming this is the work of Bannon now and think Trump is still an idiot. They will never ever learn.

Apparently yes

We may need to get a running general and a board for this. Holy shit this will be fun.

We need a new thread for this to be stickied. This is like International Kike-Killing Gamergate Extreme v2.0 Beta.

"Actually it's about ethics in campaign financing."

Kek hath blessed me. I think we need to meme the infiltration of NGOs into reality. The simple publicizing of it will begin to have the chilling effect we desire.




Classification, Mail Code 4910DAL, 1100 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75242-1198, faxed to 214-413-5415 or emailed to

[email protected]/* */



Beautiful. Thanks

They truly are their own worst enemies.

You stick out like sore thumbs. Just delete all these low res reaction images. They are disgusting

You are all massive shitlords of the highest calibre and I love every single one of you

Can you just imagine how yuge his Mana bar is?

Am I a true 8ch user now?

These fucking faggots think they're elitist intellectuals who full understand every little nuance of how the world is and should be, and yet this stupid bitch loses her shit even with evidence to the contrary right in front of her.

He isn't "declaring" he's just filing the paperwork. What a cunt.

That's a big chaika


Just ignore the shill, he's trying to break up this thread to prevent the beginning of another online Crusade against the Left. Do not let him.


Top kek. Beautiful.



I need this. I want this. I meme this.

he's so smug. I love it

These people are bigger larpers than us.


Fucking jews and their obsession with "the resistance".
The next starwars and other leftist shit movies are probably going to further this talmudic-bolshevik idea.

I can't believe it took me this long to realise they're larping about starwars.

Too bad the Empire was always the better option tbh


You fuckers were right

notice how the "resistance" is tacitly supported and approved of by what is considered "socially acceptable". If the current political environment is that supportive of your "resistance" and you can openly talk about it and flaunt your "membership," take a wild guess exactly what that fucking thing isn't.

Anons this is a truly legendary happening in the making.

Thing is, we need to get this idea out into the distribution channels so it can get picked up by people on the top. That would require an image with all the relevant links and info in it, and I suck at composing shit like that in a readable and attractive way.

Even if this doesn't catch on, the mere thought that there could be infiltrators in the ranks of highly-paid NGOs will be something they begin to get paranoid about, and they will likely start screening applicants' social media for "egg" accounts or presence of other right-wing type ideals.

If we were to create social media accounts and start posting "progressive" messages and re-tweeting HuffPo, etc. from now until near campaign time, it would basically create a false history that could be used in the future by prospective infiltrators.

Not saying we would be the ones to maintain such an effort over the years, but if an Emperor-associated organization wanted to hire a couple of lackies to do something to this effect, this would be it. A job for Applied Memetics-type scum. A years-long windup for one hell of a right hook. Smack in the second half of campaign season 2020, major organizations begin to lose their NGO status and top execs get thrown in the slammer for conspiring to commit tax fraud, while the mole is pardoned for compliance with IRS officials. Trumps opposition could get shut down fucking HARD.

If somebody could make an image summarizing the core info with text that includes links, that would be great. Much easier to share a pic on twitter than text.

This makes me SO. FUCKING. SMUG.

We need to start NOW. That way it'll look like we joined because we wanted to resist Trump. If we join in 2019 it'll be too obvious.

In all honesty, I've been thinking about making another account and posting things like pic related. I don't think I should do that for this purpose though.


Haha Soros and all jews BTFO.

But user GamerGate is behind this.

Wait, but couldn't they still get around this by attacking Trump the president. From what I got from the green text there might be a separation between attacking a candidate and attacking the president. Could they campaign against the president and still be okay? I have no idea, i'm sure Trumps billion dollar team of lawyers can sort this out better than I can.

You bet they are.

Certainly a step down, but it’s not like he can become a SCOTUS justice…

Pretty sure they're not supposed to be political at all due to being nonprofit.

Shocking FOR YOUth!

I think keeping it on Holla Forums would give it the attention it needs. All we need is a sticky, and if it catches on, then there will be a persistent one ala the GG threads on Holla Forums.

Niche boards are unfortunately just way too easy to forget about for the majority of users.

Its bigger than starwars… jews have a thing about being part of a "resistance" but Starwars taught the mindless non-jew NPCs the term and idea or reinforced it at least.

Always is. Its also always headed by jews, always expounds communist ideology, always uses the scum of the earth, & random gratuitous violence ie terrorism.
A resistance in any country = terrorist subversives and they should be treated as such!

However, it would be a great repository for information and saving the sticky format, if it ever gets made.

"Actually it's about ethics in nonprofits"

I can't argue with those digits. The board will be used as a back up/archive then. In the end, I was hoping that is what it would be used for.

Trump is the smartest individual I've ever seen in my life. Sharpest guy in the room, easily.

We sticky now


They have been fighting shadows, illusions.
Their enemies never existed in the first place.

That's the point, they can attack the President, they cannot attack a candidate. By making himself a candidate this early Trump prevents them from attacking him.



Cucks are a problem but not nearly the level of a problem you make them to be. The majority of white men are still alpha, still marrying good white women, and we never hear much about them because they live honest and decent normalfag lives. Cucks on the other hand tend to be involved in media related jobs and so despite their shameful existences, have a lot of exposure. Then there are cucks that are merely bluepilled and all that is required is redpilling to uncuck themselves.


Traitors go first before the enemy.

They can, but not if they don't pay taxes. Most leftists don't pay taxes they form non profits to do there subversive activities. If they campaign against him they loose there tax free status. Billionaires and millionaires get tax rebates for donating to non profits, they cant get those rebates if the organization looses there non profit status. So they not only have to pay taxes but they loose there funding, this shuts them down.

I'm honestly starting to think that he has planned this his entire life. I know people are making Baron into a meme but I'm willing to bet the kid is being groomed for next in line. The Trump family have been planning this for generations. The business was just a means to an end.

"top 100 non profits"
So much cancer. Fucking them in the ass still outweighs frustrating the few good ones.

I suppose what Trump really did was set so many landmines that kikes will avoid mentioning him at all. Because Trump as a candidate has the same policies as Trump the president so there's no way you can safely hit him.

No they really shouldn't. Trump could have just heavy handed them from not doing it. This way is more comical.


It was such a beautiful shitshow.

Don't derail this thread.

He's 100% already compiled evidence that would stand in court against them and rescind their status, and that's even without Sessions as AG.

He is putting the rich fucks who want tax breaks by donating to these globalist NGOs in a fucking arm bar.

They will pay money for every sentence they want to speak out against him, or they will shut up. It's their choice. In one hand, the Jews will lose their financial power for speaking out against him. In the other hand, he breaks their knees and bends them to his will.

This is far beyond simple comedy.

He absolutely has been. He's been openly talking about it since the 80s, so he was definitely thinking about it privately before then.

I want this to happen.



Can somebody please screencap this thread? The 8ch screencap function crashes my browser every time. I've saved it as an HTML page, but I'd like an image, too.


His justice department appointees could pull the non-profit status for all of his opponents, because they haven't stopped campaigning against him since the 20th.

this was a cute fanfiction LOL

If it were on, then buzzfeed for CNN would've picked it up and run with it.

Such a shitshow they're still quivering in their shoes about it.

Comedy is comedy friend, There needs to be something more permanent than forcing the yid to bend the knee though.

File's too big sorry fam

When I open it, it's blank, there's nothing there.

kek Soros is going to bleed billions when all of his proxies lose tax exempt status.

It won't end until we get the rothschilds out of the Fed. If the kikes bleed billions, they'll print more and devalue our savings. They aren't fucked until they are no longer in control of the money supply.

It's possible. I mean Trumps grandfather immigrated from Germany to the US, and Trumps father was once arrested in a Ku Klux Klan March apparently, though he denied later on that he was part of it and just an "innocent bystander". At least it's clear what kind of torch he is carrying on.

noisy rich cucks get to feel like what being a non political church is like kek

Trump has talked about auditing the fed in the past. One step at a time.

That must be why my browser crashes. No worries! Thank you for the attempt, user. Saving the page as HTML is good enough for me. *tips magician's hat*

shit like this is legitimately impressive. at some point, he either knew about this himself, asked one of his lawfags about something like this, or it was brought to his attention by someone on his team as a way to completely fuck his opposition from the start of his administration. i can imagine quite a few organizations could be about to lose their nonprofit status after speaking out about the immigration policies he's set up this week.

trump's playing to win for the next 8 years, and wants every angle covered. imagine a cuck in this same position. something like this would either have never occurred to him, or would have rejected the idea as being somehow unfair or bad pr.

well, an economic collapse is coming, that's for sure. Trump will probably be waiting until that day for his own Jackson/Lincoln style treasury note program. If he's a legitimate populist.

You could archive it and then use the save image option, though I haven't used that much and in a long time.

One battle at a time my friend. First we need to remove spicos and mussos

lel. Never mind, that didn't work.

Trump stumps anyone who gets in his path

jews first

That's a joy boner, user

kek Trump calling cuckservitives out on their bullshit.

Without their shitskin golems they will be deep baked before sundown

This. Trump is going to play the kike game, the same they did to us over decades, slowly boiling and heating up steadily. He attacks limb after limb from them, making the enemy think they can still survive and take the damage for a few years, thinking they can maybe reverse it, until they have no limbs left and they realize it's too late. That way they won't assassinate or take too heavy measures against him because it would be way too overkill and backfire, but if he goes straight for the head from the start, they would be more likely to assasinate him and take the risks, or at least try it.

Hah, no, you filth.
We were The Resistance.

But we Empire now.




This is some Voldemort shit right here. If you speak his name his lawyers will come for you. Top Kek, lads.

wew, checked.

But wait. There were plenty of PACs campaigning against him just a few months back.

This is why I love this board so much.

A Political Action Committee is not a 501c3

well alex jones just picked up on it, he's now hinting that Trump may be a time traveler and that our universe is weird :^)

yes, I'm watching jonestein, I'm bored, sue me.

better than the fags and jews at TRS at least Jones doesn't pretend he is a white nationalist & the idiot is funny.

The only unplanned attack was pussygate.

Jonestein is funny theater. He's like the WWE of journalism.

I definitely watch for the lolfactor.

now he's suggesting Trump could have asperger's


Are there any downsides to this?

God he looks so fucking jewish. Just look at his teeth. Or his pube beard.

Non-profits and regular PACs are different entities with different rules. PACs will always be shitters but non-profits seem to be much kikier and have wider reach. This is a beautiful day!

I can't wait to eventually get a green card and move to the land of burger Don't worry, i'm white

Is this part a mistake? I thought that in the UK, the Prime Minister is Head of Government, and the Monarch is Head of State.

Is that cut in his mustache hair genetic?

Voldemort did nothing wrong.

That is a mistake. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of the UK, not Theresa May.

I had thought Trump was very intelligent. Now I'm beginning to realize the true extent of his genius.
It's hard to believe it's only been 9 days. Good God almighty the only way I could get tired of winning at a quicker pace would be the implementation of actual Right Wing Death Squads.

Ice is hiring allready

estark is best post-endgame boss

As a person who's quite fond with tactics, I've noticed, sensed, and grew fond of Donald's genius since the primaries. There are many actions that might seem confusing, but it plays out in his favor in the big picture.

Classic Enix Dragon Quest > Squaresoft/Square Enix/Final Fantasy garbage

Some of us prefer to not waste 10x the bandwith to upload the same image.

And just think: He's probably holding back since all his picks have not been confirmed yet. Once that happens, he will probably shift into overdrive.


If you are not actively trying to slide the thread, you are doing so unawares.

The importance of this move cannot be understated.

It's a next-level GG.

I know it's been a week now, but it's still weird to me that we're using the actual White house blog as a source on Holla Forums

It wasnt a mistake. It was Trump telling the Queen to fuck herself. KEK

Bumping this, but also elaborating. Will we now see Trump's presidency being affected in any other way because of this? Will he be restricted in any way? Will he have to meet certain requirements?

YES, posting in historic thread

That's because there will be no GOP left.

Yes fellow goy, we Americans HATE Britain and their RACIST decision to leave the EU. The Queen should get fucked because she is offensive to Muslim Allies as a woman in power. We should use MEMES and KEK to start a war between the US and Britain! It's what Trump wants!!!

Trump is not accepting tax-free money to campaign against any political opponent. That is all campaign finance law addresses.

There is literally no downside to this. We just need to organize some images with links, screencaps, etc. and form a sticky. Which I would do, but I have to catch a few hours of sleep before work.

We have started the fire, user.

i like the classic stuff, i just thought that gif looked cool
i've never actually played the particular game that gif is from


People need to read this. This is exactly why I believe there is more to Trump than just civic nationalism. He knows SOMETHING. I don't know what he knows, but his behavior is far too calculated to just be a civic nationalist. He's playing it so close to the chest that you can't even count his cards to figure out what game he's playing.

Why would Trump dislike the Queen?

It is almost terrifying thinking about how much of his power level he has yet to reveal also how well he hides it. They are all fucked.

Kek has spoken, Trump is the embodiment of the meme-force.


Didn't they call Trump the Gamergate candidate.




we actually already have a thread for that
it's been up for a while


Report for mods to move the sticky! This thread has been archived!

Noyce webm



This is part of the Weirding Way we will teach. Some memes have a certain sound, that being equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs. We will kill until no Jew breathes Aryan air.


Yes, you too! Come with us! to /tok Temple of Kek, and join our operations!

Words that kill, will you speak them to me



I don't know how he keeps doing it.
You think it's possible for one man to only be so based, and then again and again he proves to be even more than thought imaginable.

it's because they didn't invest enough points into mana. they're low-mana players.

literally "it's magic, i ain't gotta explain shit."

They dont call it the jewdicial system for nothing. Trump is using the kikes on his team to out jew the left.
Who the fuck thought you could find a way to weaponize campaign law…

Checked and Capped.
Looks like none of us will be in the wreckage brother

Trips confirm Trump to be the GOD EMPEROR

We have weirding way and nootropics!

We're seeing a humble genius at work user.

All throughout his campaign you had celebs, journos, politicians, talking heads, cancerous website editors and anyone the establishment could muster saying

"He wont win"
"He's a Putz!"
"He's a clown!"
"He's an idiot!"
"He's a joke!"
"He's doing it for fun!"
"He can't win!"
"C'mon Mr.Trump! There's no way you can be President of the United States!"

None of them were expecting his strategy, none of them counted on his ability to control public opinion, to really get at what drives people to get out and vote for him. They lambasted him, his campaign team, his fucking voters for crying out loud, they hit him with scandal after scandal, they spent millions dragging his name through the mud, they exhausted their media credibility demonizing him and nothing worked, it just make him stronger. all the while he was diligently working to secure his victory.

Nobody on earth lucks into the White House, most presidents need to spend decades in public office sucking up to the right PACs and people… and with the odds stacked so firmly against him he won.

If they thought he was a danger whilst he was running, they haven't seen anything yet. It hasn't even been 2 weeks and he's destroyed the medias credibility. He's tied the hands of the NP-PACS and every unfair advantage the Dems gave themselves thinking Shillary would win he's using to destroy them.

Make no mistake, he's a masterful tactician and he has surrounded himself with capable men and women. We haven't seen anything yet.

does it mean that anybody who criticizes Trump is breaking the law or something? Or that if they criticize the president they don't get federal money? Doesn't that go against the first ammendment or at least look like it? I supported the no lobbying on behalf of foreign governments but I think this happening is outside my ability to understand. can a kind user pls spoonfeed me

Get bent, Soros & friends.

b-b-b-but Trump needs to promise to not run again next election!

It's amazing how he's had these idiots wrapped around his finger this entire time. I feel like Holla Forums has been the only ones to understand what's been going on. The only ones to see Trump's ploy and feel confident in his victory.

At this point, I just fear assassination. ZOG probably thought he'd fall short of his campaign promises. But now he's going full-steam ahead.

So that means anita jewkesian, who posted and endorsed an anti trump article, can lose her non profit status?

So what's the catch here? From what this kike shill is bitching about, it seems like immediately filing for reelection is a win-win scenario. No reason not to, and you get to reap the benefits because all your political opponents now have to deal with a bunch of bullshit rules when attacking you.

…which begs the question of why hasn't every other incumbent president done this as well? What reason is there not to?

Shhh. It's better if they continue to believe Trump is just a dummy with no self control.

One of the Political Campaigning for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits rules is that Your organization cannot participate in a campaign, directly or indirectly, on behalf of or in opposition to a candidate. If your organization takes a stand in any campaign, supporting or opposing one or another candidate, this violates the prohibition.

That means they loose their non-profit status and are then liable for a shit load of taxes, regulations and legislation they would otherwise be able to avoid under 501c rules.

Effectively they'd cripple their organization. These rules have been in place for over a decade. Obama and friends didn't change them because they worked to their advantage whilst campaigning, not realizing that they could be used this way.

my favorite part is how the people that said Trump would never win are the same ones who smugly said that Trump would never follow through with his promises, and are the same people who are now bitching and moaning because Trump is precisely following through with those same promises.

I've never felt so smug in my entire goddamn life.

Why hasn't every incumbent president immediately filed his next campaign ASAP to fuck with his opponents? Why is Trump the first person to realize he can do this? It seems obvious.


Trump has smarter people on his team.

But this just seems too obvious. There must be some sort of catch or downside. Why did every other campaign wait until the last second to officially file?


Now that part I don't know. With Obama he never needed to. He had Leftonium™ globalist armour on his campaign and never needed to bother, Obama could have taken a shit on the US Flag and the media would have applauded it.

President Trump is a businessman. A pretty great one at that and one of the fundamentals of business is securing your position. He and his expert teams have had plenty of time to plan this. Decades in fact. the left never expected this. hence you will see the left using their emergency phrases, most notorious of which is.

"THIS IS NOT NORMAL!" ← google this and you see the panic soros and co are engaged with right now.

Conductor we have a problem.

best guess is that the rule hasn't been around for more than a decade or two. otherwise it doesn't make sense for such an obvious immunity to go unused

now what is a 501(c)(3) in the first place? I think I know what a non profit is (like volunteerwork, right?) but I don't know the specifics. I don't understand how this is a boon, because this also stops other 501c3s from supporting trump, right?

I only got into politics because of trump, there's a lot to learn

my theory, fromy my limited understanding, is that a lot of 501c3s supported the previous presidents for (((reasons))), and those presidents wanted good press as much as possible

I wonder if Trump waited so long because he knew if he waited untio the last minute, the domecrats would give the POTUS rights and powers he could then use. Regardless it always seems to play off like a master plan, and now all of Obama's cheat codes belong to Trump.

I agree with everything except him being humble.

He's the most humble man to ever live

That reminds me. Trump had been getting "random" audits by the IRS for years. I wonder if they'll start experiencing some downsizing now that he's in charge.

So if i read this correctly… non profit orgs cannot campaign against him?
Does campaigning include taking in migrants?

I don't like this massive game of gamification on the left and right.
They're clearly motivating us to get a move on with tech understanding.

If not, it's inadvertent.

We are definitely waking people up. That means they'll become more like us at this rate.
The question is, will they go nat soc? I think jews are exploiting this to manufacture their own competitive movement with no ethnicity basis.

The tears, they taste so good.

Jews are fucking gamifying their own movement through their indoctrination. Is trump fully aware of what he is doing? Probably.

Time to wake up Holla Forums and see who really controls oz.

This is what the liberal indoctrination machine was attempting to do. Create a backlash that is pro migrant and pro jew.

We need to kill the msm now.

This is the issue.
We've been exploited. Which explains why assange was worried about trump.

Whats going to happen to these people?

We need to respam all the leaks to make them reject the conditioning.
Otherwise they really will start a resistance.

I've been meaning to make a thread on this for a few months now, but inTrump's 2006 book "Why we want you to be rich", he outlines pretty much his entire presidential campaign A DECADE IN ADVANCE. Key highlights include
Anons, Trump was planning last year's campaign for at least a decade.


Ways to pull off a heist:
1. Make the population hysterical or high.
2. Burrow underneath the vault (like a rabbit)

They want us to believe this magical crap to make their heist easier to pull off.
Whose heist?
The banks and """illuminati""".
Wake up Holla Forums.

So can he be religiously criticised at all?
If so, he's free from free speech.

I don't like that at all.

Holla Forums may find that hilarious, but i find that disturbing.
Because i feel he's exploited us since day 1.

Other presidents may have had more charity connections like clinton. So maybe that might be part of the reason.

No, that's not what it means, at all. Are you really this dumb?

NGOs are a hydra, ban one and they'll just come back with more after throwing a hissy fit in the media about how fascist you are. The only way to deal with them is the Putin strategy of banning them, or the Trump strategy of what he just did or the Goebbels strategy of shutting their lying jew mouths forever

Trump attempted presidentcy in 2000 didnt he?
I guess the internet was the wildcard this time.

Depends on the scope of charities this covers.
Maybe I'm misreading.

I just have a really fucking bad feeling.

anyone have what obongo did in his first week? just for comparison's sake to make him seem like the lazy nigger he is/was when potus.

surely, they can get away with it by simply saying "trump the potus", no?


going by the oprah interview, he said he wouldn't run unless he saw the country going in a direction he didn't like. so, between clinton, bush and obama steadily increasing the executive's power, he must have figured that by then, with enough elections of democraps regaining their leverage to pass whatever they want, that it would give him a fantastic advantage.

goddamn, he has been planning this for some time.

Playing 14 rounds of 88D Chess.

Yes actually. I don't know what happened, but you might want to send a letter to IRS with the details, it's only a few dollars.

501c3 covers churches, educational facilities, shell companies for rich people to tax dodge, veteran organizations, and all kinds of others. Masonic lodges are 501c8 sometimes c10 on US tax code, but some activities of the shrine(they like islam) can be deducted as a 501c3.

Trump basically just cut churches and other international groups from being able to openly work for or against him.

Trump is too scared of stairs and ramps. Bannon is the one really pulling strings.

I feel like Trump should stay in a bunker for the next 8 years and not leave it because I'm afraid for his life.


The "for him" part is interesting, too. This works against accusations of Trump abusing evangelical churches to rally support for him, in the way they were made against the Bushes and Reagan .

He should push hard for Term limits now that he has reformed lobbyist.

I don't think the world will be the same by 2024, Trump or not. We're in for something big in the next few years

Trump is much smarter than them and it's terrifying to them

dude is like 5 steps ahead

he is going to let them protest then let the IRS come down on them like hell fire

THIS is why he doesn't give a shit about the protest

he didn't need them to get elected now he's not going to need them again, if leftest keep the "we hate white people" shit going. they are going to make him stay in office for 8 years.

Posting some unrelated OC I made in photoshop today into this 4D Trump thread.

(Have a tabletop game tomorrow and decided to make Michael "The Electric Fence" Pence as my character)

I'm honestly getting blown away with how smart Trump seems to be.
Back in 2014 I thought he was a total idiot, I liked his ideas but I still thought he was an idiot.
It wasn't until late 2015 where I started realising he was playing everybody.

Remember that phone call from the 80's that got "leaked" where Trump pretended to be somebody else? When the woman on the other end came out publicly and talked about it. She said only two people had the recording. The first was her, but she lost the tape. The second was Trump himself.
Trump leaked the phone call to create a minor scandal in order to get more publicity. That was officially the point where I realised Trump is a fucking mastermind who intentionally has that loudmouth persona in order to make his opponents think he's stupid, that's how he's running circles around them.

Shouldn't we be using this 501c3 thing to attack this Museum of Moving Pictures / He Will Not Divide us Campaign for there attack on not only Donald Trump but also our Freedom of Speech?

We should and I think some people are on top of it. It's good to be on it to make sure. That said, how triggered are people in the other thread where they don't see what is being done here? Do people not read other threads to make sure they aren't looking like idiots before posting?

Holy crap, I can't believe how easy this is. On a lark, I decided to crack open one of the top 100 charities to see if I could find some anti-Trump sentiment. Behold …


CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) doesn't seem to rely on demonizing Trump to get their point across. They're very careful about how they phrase their complaints. This is the best I could find, they refer to it as the executive order or the United States government. Not Trump himself.

Didn't see that one
Fucking Wew


Goodwill seems to be guardedly neutral.

Seattle Children's Hospital doesn't busy itself with politics.

Mozilla moaned about the Immigration Ban, but nothing specifically directed at Trump.

American Cancer Society doesn't mention politics in the slightest.

Stand Up 2 Cancer doesn't seem to mention politics in either their blog or their twitter feed.


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is surprisingly not cancerous in their blog and twitter feed.

Acumen's American branch is the typical poz'd up San Fran thing. They keep their nose clean, I scoured the Acumen twitter account, and the twitter accounts of their fellows. Nothing specifically targeting Trump using their brand.

Ashoka has nothing on their blog or twitter feed about Trump.

ONE lauds Trump for some decision he made on January 20th, and is thankful on twitter for House support of their READ bill.

Boy Scouts of America has a slow-ass Twitter feed and no blog entries of note.

FFA seems fine. No overt mention of politics on their website or in their twitter feed, but they seem to be about farming and agriculture and I'd imagine they'd be pro-Republican if anything) seeing as how they probably represent the heartland.

The Kennedy Center is also neutral.

Okay, that's it. I'm going to bed. Someone else take over.

If this crazy tinfoil bullshit is true, I think I may have been one of Trump's opponents in another timeline.

Without a few key events in my life, I'd be fully cucked right now. As a consequence of my drive to be a good student, I ate up bluepills like they were going out of style. I don't want to go into too many details, but external forces drove me out of my SJW infested university (Double major, business and composition) and into a life of stock trading and red pills. Originally I had big plans to "save the world".

The external forces I'm talking about involve university staff, and clearly drumpf knows how to pull the left's strings.

What the fuck is happenening?

Frankly I don't think anyone's had to play the game as hard as Trump's playing it now.

In more tame presidencies, such a move could potentially be seen as cocky or power-grabby. Thing is, people voted for trump BECAUSE he's cocky and knows how to wield power.

No time to explain, we're fixing history, get in. Trust me we're gonna make reality great again!

It's just a shitpost tbh.

Likewise, if I never left Princeton or gained the courage to branch out to other sites like KYM, I would've never found out about GG, thus I would've stuck being "le ebin rationale atheist" scum. Not only this, but I would've never had any incentive to draw, get into doom modding, or otherwise better myself/get into the stuff i'm into now because I wouldn't have that emotional need to.

I support Trump because after I've lost everything, I look to him to give it all back, or at least help me get it back.

Move the fuck over, I want to tell alternate me that he's a cuck and his girlfriend's ugly.

The Queen is deeply involved with the jews, particulary the Rothchilds. The wealth of the British Monarchy is based on diamond trading and uranium. The Queen profits massively from neocon foreign policies because of depleted uranium munitions. The entire British nuclear industry is run by jews. The Queen even profits from the existence of the Federal Reserve. If Holla Forums keeps digging into Pizzagate, they will find the British Monarchy. This is really only the very tip of it. I have no doubt that Trump knows this and much more.

Intelligence services can actually spot trends and predict where they're going. They've had access to modern database tech since at least the early 2000s, imagine what they have now.

Point being that the God-Emperor can make "glib" statements, let (((media))) attack him, and be proven right with actual no-shit useful predictions, beyond his own antifragility.


They're tax exempt and they're still fucking losers. White men give them everything and they still fuck it all up.

What does that even mean?

It's basically a distilled one-line summary of everything the left thinks of regular conservatives. You know, the civic guys who actually aren't racist. The left has always screamed at them as racists for decades anyway.

Patriotism means you're proud of and care about YOUR country. Putting your country higher in importance than other 3rd world shitholes means you're discriminating against brown people. Therefore, racism. Need I remind you of the HOLOCAUST, stupid goy?!

We were the first to recognize his Greatness

Any of you has the 2 pages of Trump's Contract with the American People together with check marks of the things he has done so far?

Any links?

here's the contract without the checkmarks

This is the best post of 2017 so far.

Email screenshots to EPA.



This is fucking dank. Saved HARD.

That would appear so. See

y-you too

Saving on >>>/rwnprs/ as well.

everything not international socialism is racism.

Don't know where else to put this, but this historical rewriting is like fucking clockwork.


That actually happened. Oda Nobunaga got estranged and enamored with a Negro that was on Portuguese Ships.

Now it's an anedoctical example and no reason for WE WUZ KANGS, but both Portuguese and Japanese sources confirm it.


WE WUZ ニガー


Just look at this level of strategy. This is why I can see why people say materialism dulls the soul. Had Trump not be the President, this level of planning and strategy would go to just on "getting richer" when you're already a billionaire. What's the point?

Instead said skills of the Emperor now goes to MAGA and finding yuuuuge leftist saltmines and ammo for right wing for years to come.

This fucking place I swear.
My sides.

Is anyone else still thinking this can't be real or shouldn't be happening?

We've always been on the losing side it's almost incomprehensible that we're winning for a change.









We woke up in the right timeline, for once.

Since nobody seems to recognize this, this is the proof - straight form the FEC - that Trump was a candidate for 2020 as of 1/20/2017.

I can't wait for libs to defend the fluoride dumping.
Reminder to brush your teeth with bread soda.

It could be something that had never been considered. No previous president has faced this much of a publicity blitz this early on, so it may have been a lower priority.

8 more years

It does if the person in charge of enforcing the law says it does.


no… no… No… NO NO NO NO NO!



Before the election I only had a slight notion that Trump might have been a genius hiding his power levels, but I had a lot of skepticism. The 7d intetdimensional underwater basketweaving jokes were hilarious so I kept pumping them out.

But holy shit, this man really is an Ubermench.

Christ, this is fucking awesome.

but please do not derail the thread, Holla Forums. There is important work to do.

No clue, just found it funny.


His laugh is contagious, for real.

Everybody else laughed. We did too, but our bants are on another level.

We mocked him, as Kek demanded, we made memes of him, some of them praise worthy, some of them degenerate. We got him associated with degenerates and this "awful" community. So the public didn't take him seriously.

So what happens?

2 months before he even announced to run, we have Clinton emails saying she was trying to propt him up because he would be a joke to run against. Because WE made him a joke.

But the jokes and memes got better and better, and the truth started coming out.

We absolutely memed this man into existence, through the divine powers of Kek.


So it's real after all!


If feminists would not have started attacking my videogames, I would have probably voted for Bernie and would have have never found this place.


When was the last time he washed his face?

That's brilliant, has anyone sent this to her?



Flouride causes Dementia and Alzheimers.

And it turns the frickin' frogs gay!

Whoa, haven't heard that one…


Or maybe they just didn't realize how stupid they were/are until now.

Jesus, this one's gonna take a while.

Amnesty International USA is venomous against Trump.I'll only post the most recent bits, but pretty much everything about their presence is anti-Trump. An interesting state given I can't recall them mobilizing their entire web presence against Obama when he was executive ordering drone strikes on muslim weddings.

The first image is their front page, the second an example of @amnestyUSA tweeting specific anti-Trump stuff, and the rest the archived pages.


Koch bros BTFO

As an aside, you can also look up the status of the charities through I'm not linking there directly, you guys can figure it out I'm sure, but there's a wealth of info they have on charities within the country.

Specifically, I grabbed screencaps of their reports on Food & Water Watch and Amnesty International to absolutely confirm that they're all rated as 501c3 (they are).

CaringBridge seems to be about helping young cancer survivors. No mention of politics on their website or on twitter.

Habitat for Humanity does not mention anything about politics on either their twitter or their webpage.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is another non-political charity dealing with childhood cancer.

LiveStrong briefly mentions Trump on twitter, but it's regarding a video from a kid with cancer asking Trump to place more awareness on pediatric cancer research or something.

Farm Sanctuary is some vegan thing, doesn't mention politics. Closest they come is briefly mentioning some action Obama took before leaving office.

Guys make sure the orgs youre reporting are 501(c)(3)'s and not 501(c)(4)'s. Lots of these orgs have both and 501(c)(4)'s are allowed to lobby


Invisible Children is a charity dealing with the usage of child soldiers. They only refer to US government activity in relation to the specific bills they want the house to pass. Nothing specific about Trump.

Best Friends Animal Society is some gay pet adoption agency. Nothing political on their twitter or their web page.

International Fund for Animal Welfare has a few things that are potentially in the danger zone. There's an undated open letter to Trump on their website, and they have multiple tweets in support of merchandise sold for the woman's march (which was primarily anti-Trump). They will deserve a more thorough review later, but for now I can't find anything.

Mount Sinai is similar. They seem to have many political entries that skirt around caling Trump out. They also need more observation.

Okay, I'm burnt out on this now. I'm done.

I'll keep my level of skeptcisim, Trump still seems like an idiot to me.
But I'll share you guys optimism since it feels nice to have hope for once.

What I DO think is that if Trump is the idiot I think he is, the left gotta be real retarded ass clowns. If you actually believe the "he has a 90 IQ" and assorted shit and make him up to be a complete utter idiot, then what does that say about his opponents? Did a complete idiot just out maneuvered this easily?

Trump has yet to disappoint me.
The left however keep letting me down. They didn't even put up much of a fight. I expected chaos. I expected people getting shot. Self-immolation or other retarded martyric shit.
Instead, I get to see the same old "you're a meanie, drumpf!" day in day out.

Idiot or genious, go Trump.
You're either gonna be a great president or, if that fails, a very interesting one.

what even dimension is trump operating in now i cant even

I wish Pavarotti didn't die.


damn these dubs cannot be denied
kek will our power be made manifest in this world via the works of Trump and those like him.

the memes really do write reality

Back when I was in higschool (in Norway) we had this thing where we would do a days labor and give the earnings to a charity.
In my last year, it was Amnesty int.
The money whould go in part to women fighting for abortion rights in south America. I refused. And as punishment I had to endure a lecture and a workshop about women in developing countries.

Hush. Now is not the time for fear. Now is the time for winning.

Exploited how?

Nice ID


Any progress yet?

Very friendly reminder that CREW, aka CTR rebranded, is also a non-profit.
We can shut these retards down at the root and send David Brock into spiralling depression straight into suicide at last

It would actually be something like "horodo upu", which would be ホロド ウプ

I think that would be harudo appu, ハルド アップ. Although it could be ホルド アップ too, because harudo sound more like hard than hold.

Can someone help me understand the thing about not-for-profits not being able to "campaign" against him as a candidate?

non-profits are tax free and some even get hand outs from the gov, in exchange though they have to stay out of politics for obvious reasons.

From the other thread;
The Refugees Resettlement Actions are mostly 501(c)(3)s and almost every one of them is protesting Trump's legislation on immigration. Some of them even denounce/condemn Trump.
This is a good way to get rid of even more refugees shills.

That yellow-black border is a callsign of an advertising agency working for George Soros.

Thank you.


For what, my art? It's not very good.


if this post is singles J J Abrams gets a broken toe
if this post is dubs J J Abrams is maimed
if this post is trips or quads or quints, JJ Abrams gets killed, violated and quartered.

Kek, will it

Don't worry user.
He will not survive us.

I heard this isn't true.

There is an urban legend that has been floating around for some years now that the word racist was coined by Leon Trotsky for the purpose of cowing and intimidating opponents of leftist ideology. In History of the Russian Revolution, Trotsky applied the word racist to Slavophiles, who opposed Communism. Did Trotsky really invent that word? No, apparently not. The work in which Trotsky is supposed to have coined that word was written and published in Russian in 1930. I found several examples of the French form, raciste, preceding Trotsky’s use of the word by far. I find pensée raciste (French for “racist thought”) and individualité raciste (“racist individuality”) in the volume of La Terro d’oc: revisto felibrenco e federalisto (a periodical championing the cultural and ethnic identity of people in southern France) for the year 1906. Here the word racist was used without a hint of negativity:
Je forme des voeux pour la réussité de vos projets, car je suis persuadé que, dans cette fédération des peuples de Langue d’Oc luttant pour leurs intérêts et l’émancipation de leur pensée raciste, le prestige de Toulouse trouvera son compte. (p. 101)
TRANSLATION: I express my best wishes for the success of your projects, because I am convinced that, in the federation of the peoples of Langue d’Oc fighting for their interests and the emancipation of their racist thought, the prestige of Toulouse will benefit.
Even earlier examples: in Charles Malato’s Philosophie de l’Anarchie (1897) we find both raciste and racisme. First English usage: a piece for National Public Radio (Gene Demby, The Ugly, Fascinating History of the Word ‘Racism’, January 6, 2014) cites the Oxford English Dictionary to the effect that the first use of the word racism (in English) was by Richard Pratt in 1902, five years after Malato’s use of raciste and racisme in French.

Sometimes weird shit happens. With Portuguese contact with Japan I wouldn't be surprised if a single slave managed to become a samurai somehow. It's only WE WUZ revisionism if this quirk in history is used to justify the idea that Japan was/is/should be multiracial and has been an Islamic country historically, or if this one samurai's achievements are blown way out of proportion.

user, what are you babbling about

checking these sick digits.

way beyond the koch brothers. what was the clinton foundation? "charity" as tax dodging, money laundering, disaster profiteering and fraud (oh yeah, and also child trafficking into the bargain).


sooo… is the correct way to play this to convert pretty much all my currency into durable goods or something w/ stable value?

my uni teacher and about half my class are all cucc'd beyond belief it's hilarious to watch them all complaining about the God Emperor so desperately

I get the sneaking suspicion that the UK is way more POZ'd than 'Murica, even talking about right wing ideas here can turn you into a social pariah, it's kinda fucked


This video.

What dems/libs always fail to realize is that they're criticizing people for following the rules while acting in ignorance of them themselves. EVERY legislator, Congress or Senate, Federal or State does this exact same thing their campaigns never end especially for people in the House.

Anecdotally related in 2004 there's a pretty good documentary called So Goes the Nation about how against all odds W. wins re-election because Kerry and Co. literally could not stop fucking up. A major crux was back then when a presidential candidate accepted their party's nomination formally at the convention they were given mad federal dosh. Kerry won fairly summarily after Dean's initial burst. W. unchallenged from the GOP set the RNC date at the limit that it could be and had a bunch of dollars to work with going into September while Kerry had likely spent most of it.

ACLU blasts Trump all the time. How do they get away with it?

The story is alie, cause everyone is glad that niggers gone and his whole thing he was campaiging all along, he was known as being in campaign mode the whole time.

fuck these


what does that handsignal mean? does it even have a meaning, or is it because Trump uses it in his speeches?

It means "good shit".

trump is a master media manipulator, the person he plays on tv is a persona, its like a wrestling gimmick.
I read a reddit thread about people who met trump before the election and they all said he was a nice normal guy.

The left are making the mistake thinking trump is another bush.
Trump is trump, and trump defeated like 1000000 republicans in the primaries, and both the bush and Clinton dynasties.

Trump acts like a fool on purpose as a distraction while goes off and does something else and liberals are too busy jerking each other off about how smart they are.

Basically trump is the roadrunner and the democrats are wiley coyote

What if the entire time, Trump's time in WWE was a clue to tell us that his boasting ego-filled "personality" was just a work, and he's been playing the crowd (aka the US population) into cheering him and turning him from heel to face?

Did Vince legit allow Trump to shave him bald to let the truth slip out many years before he became president?

Trump is an old-fashioned autistic sperg who is channeling his autism through his controlled body language when confronted by the media so he is going to save humanity and make it great again

This tbh. Any autist who practices, learns, and masters powerful body language can become a walking demigod amongst men.

They legally can't talk bad about him now or else they will be shut down
Press censorship is now law


Barron seems pretty autistic too, his body language is awkward (tbf he's like 6 feet tall at 10yo) and his facial expressions are always strange and he never looks anyone in the eye, a telltale sign of autism.


shit wrong pic

Looks like he's about to give the nonprofits on our side a lot more support, and the ACLU will have many man-years of work to do:
Leaked EO will allow any organization to follow their conscience, specifically on gay marriage, immutable sex, abortion, premarital sex.

The God-Emperor is moving the battle line in the culture war back to sluts.

Looks like he's about to give the nonprofits on our side a lot more support, and the ACLU will have many man-years of work to do:
Leaked EO will allow any organization to follow their conscience, specifically on gay marriage, immutable sex, abortion, premarital sex.

The God-Emperor is moving the battle line in the culture war back to sluts.

Sha-di-lay, Mr. President.


did the bubble with an arrow not give you an hint?

We are reaching chess dimensions that shouldn't even be possible.



natalie cuckman has seen better days


Are there companies as shady and corrupt as "non-profits"?

Lol, I dunno.


Yes… Really. (((Michael Savage))) real name Michael Alan Weiner, is a weasly kike. He's much like (((you))) in that regard.

Weiner didn't come even close to fully backing Trump until mid way through 2016. He's a pure shill, like (((you))). He hopped onto the Trump train after Trump's primary victory was certain.

Weiner triangulated from one candidate to the next from mid 2015 to mid 2016… 'backing' Ted Cruz one week, 'backing' Rand Paul the next, 'backing' Trump the next, then condeming Trump and going back to supporting Paul, et-fucking-cetera, ad infinitum.

tldr gas yourself

It means "i want someone to come over and fuck my butt"

"Are you kidding me? are you saying that now I can't get my 6-figures check from the charity I run getting money from tax dodgers just to raise awareness about some stupid shit instead of doing actual charity working for free and sending that money to people who actually needs it as I'm supposed to?"

Test post.

I see it




Had to laugh yesterday during the press briefing when the (((reporter))) asked if Trump couldn't find a (((non-profit organization))) to donate his salary to.