Customs Agents Ignoring Judge and Siding With Trump

The judge (probably a kike) ruled that travelers cannot be turned away at the airport but customs officials are doing it anyway.


The Courts have no power if those supposed to enforce the laws ignore the black robed kikes

They could, in theory, put in them in contempt of court and thus jail. Of course, they can't jail them all

Doesn't matter. The stay will be repealed. Trump is in good legal standing

How can you put an activist judge in jail?


Trump can pardon them all with the stroke of a pen, his power is absolute in this matter.

You can really. They have immunity against bad decisions. You can kick them off the bench and even disbar them tho

fixed it for you



Polonium-210 via a cup of Masala chai tea.

Oh man, I bet this terrifies them. People willing to flaunt ridiculous laws to stop multicultural enrichment? The chutzpah of these goyim!

I think you meant 'Oy vey'


She met with Obama within the hour after Trump signed the Executive Order.

Why the fuck does an unelected ex-president who has ZERO power control the Judiciary branch?

Not even an Obama plant, she was a Schumer Plant recommended to Obama.

He's probably still the highest ranking globalist in America. Remember, he built an office or something right down the road from the white house. He's probably going to be playing unofficial president for another 8 years, leading the resistance to trump. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of him.

oh for fucks sake i dont want to see that stupid niggers face anymore

along with hundreds, thousands of others.

Not really, he doesn't have much actual power. Merkel probably ranks higher, for as long as she's going to be around

I'd say Chuck Schumer, George Soros and Merkel are the big 3 right now.

Basically the judiciary has no power if you ignore them. Obama did it a bunch on the Immigration issue

The left has lost their shit utterly over this. We could conceivably have a civil war within a few weeks.

You're right, Merkel is definitely the highest ranking globalist in America.

Chuck Schumer is an annoying gnat waiting to be swatted. Obama has al the power he needs, if he acts as all opposition to Trump personified. I don't mean by giving orders and passing laws, I mean by public race baiting, calling for "protests," "speaking out against civil rights violations" and such.

He is like a folk hero to the left, they will do whatever he says. He has all the power he needs, if there is a camera in front of him. Mark my words, we havn't seen the last of the lanky negro.

They have no guns, most of them who have been caught protesting at airports are probably now on the no-fly no-buy list.
They have no power apart from words and candles and cumbyah, and the worlds fucking sick of that shit.

Any news on the protestitutes at the airports? Is TSA neglecting to uphold law and order? I heard the protestitutes were also getting police protection from Cuomo.

Any heroes in the house? Our man is in the White House, and we're at war, It's time we start acting like it.

Don't even joke about that, user.

I think the God Emperor can handle him just fine, officer.

Yea, blah blah, rights and shit.
Fuck it, before Trump took office there was a very serious threat we would be butchering each other in the streets and this very course of action would be used against user's because we are the enemy of the left. They openly desire our death, I could give two fucking shits about their rights or beliefs in their power. If Trump had lost most of these fuckers would have ended up in a mass grave at the bottom of an open pit mine with no fucking day in court. Same as they fully plan on doing to my family. They should be happy as fuck someone as nice and kind and beholden to the nation as Trump is now in office rather than what would have happened otherwise.

Showing these fuckers why our constitution is so fucking valuable and why defending our nation is an important part of their job might actually be a good thing. Let them learn a hard lesson on power. Maybe Trump has a master mind and knows how to fix this shit himself before he runs out of time, but they clearly didn't learn any lessons so far despite over a year an a half of being blown out peacefully.

Not without Trump's help. Bailiffs have no jurisdiction outside of the courthouse.

Do your own dirty work FBI. It wouldn't be the first time you numbnuts had somebody whacked, how about you whack the right person for once?


Didn't read that part
This is no more power than an ordinary citizen. It's sort of like that old joke about The Pope and authority. If anything, Soros is more powerful because he actually has some money. Obama's only worth about $10 million conservatively

Nigger, are you seriously saying that Obama couldn't incite a BLM riot with a couple of sentences? And that's only what he can do publicly, don't forget he is still extremely well connected in washington.

The globalist agenda ran in tandem with the government while they were in power. Now the agenda will continue to run outside the government. Why else would Obama buy a mansion literally 2 miles from the white house?


Underrated post.

He could. And Trump could arrest the rioters. Trump could arrest Obama. Trump could have Obama thrown in Guatanamo for years without trial or due process, if he so wanted.
Well connected to a losing party who are in minority now thanks to Obama and Clinton

Obama has no real power at all. Trump's got the power now. Power that Obama gave him through policies that, if Trump implemented them, would be considered quasi-fascist

Because he's such a dumb nigger he can't even into basic crime. If you are trying to subvert a nation through dark channels then why the fuck would you be right next to the guy who is actively trying to shut down the ZoG in his nation? I just think king nigger can't get over the fact that he will be known as the worst president in the US and is still trying to soak in the limelight until he is killed by ZoG or Trump.

I just want to know something. There is no way for the subversive judges and other traitors to sue or impeach Trump for not following the ban right?

I hope you guys are right. I also hope you don't get blindsided by every trick they pull because you've become complacent in victory.

It will take YEARS until the US system will be purged by the infiltrated marxists. They fucked up the whole society for decades now and exported the shit is various countries: rapists, pedos, murderers and the general dindunuffins being released time and time again, various NGO suing cities and companies to remove symbols of the past, change names and so on.

EPA probably will be abolished soon if they keep fooling around, and I bet 99% of them are anti-capitalist types.

The judicial system will be the hardest to change - it was one of the first being infiltrated together with the educational system, and this is why this election was so important - not to have a completely marxist Supreme Court.

From what I understand, it was just a state's judge and not a federal one. I don't think Trump actually has to listen to it outside of New York.

At worst I could see New York State trying to pull some shit, but the activists who want rapefugees would need to appeal to a federal court.

Also, we're at a point where Trump's executive order may be nullified in some situations, but the people who are responsible for executing his order are still doing it anyways. Which means it's the people continuing the ban that are technically the guilty ones.

This is also basically a soft coupe from customs officials who have wanted to stop this and were finally given the power to. When told to stop, they basically just went "fuck you" and continued doing it.

It's making liberals super-salty because they realize that the people responsible for doing their bidding are completely rejecting them and don't want anything to do with them.

We'll probably see a lot more of this. A lot of people in federal government have had to spend a lot of time doing things they didn't want to do. And now they are finally free to secure borders and protect citizens. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a lot of rulings telling executive branch to stop, only to see those members (ICE agents, customs agents, etc) ignore the ruling and keep doing their jobs. As other user said, there's too many to lock up or take legal action against, and everyone ignoring the court order has so much wiggle room to blame someone else that they can get away with it.

Once Trump gets his next appointee on the Supreme Court, he'll be able to drag these things out until it reaches Supreme Court, where it gets struck down. The courts are fucked in several ways, but Trump will be able to fix it from the top down.

Hello there CIA.

Wow, this is dangerous as fuck. This is an overturn of the rule of law and a creeping return to the rule of the jungle. Not that that's a bad thing. The law has become corrupt, oppressive, and unmanageable. People are starting to listen to their tribal impulses over the chains of social expectation which kept them from working in their own best interests. Still, this presages a time of chaos to come.

This was always going to happen, in some form or another. I'd argue that the massive push of the globalist agenda under Obama brought the conflict to us sooner because those in opposition to globalism realized that they had to act.

The cunt is a federal judge nominated in Oct. 2015 - Ann Donnelly

Another one, Leonie Brinkema, also a federal judge, was appointed by Bill Clinton.

This. Once he appoints SCOTUS that shares his views, the Trump Train will be unstoppable.

Great. First the cunts were spamming about the injunction, now they are spamming the opposite.

Pure fucking cancer. Keep sliding, we'll keep winning.

Oh fuck, I thought she was a state judge. Regardless, the fact that it's basically a dead executive order walking means it's not going to stop. They're going to try and make this look like it's about stopping Trump, but their problem is much larger. It's about people who don't want to listen to those marxist judges.

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With all of that said, I don't condone poisoning anybody, much less political enemies. This information is for entertainment and scientific purposes only.

were gonna have to fight harder now lads!

What i still don't understand is, why has Soros not been locked up for treason yet, or at least had his citizenship stripped and he deported? He is ultimately behind the protests and the lawers that brought this shit on, not to mention all his other meddling in our govt, our elections, etc.

The strange thing is, I just told everyone this would happen on the Yahoo (((news))) forums.

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.
If I could, I'd elect President Trump Emperor of the fucking world.



Because, had Ms. Clinton win, he was to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Don't customs officials have the authority to turn people away for any reason? So they can just say "Oh, huh. I hadn't noticed that. Must be a coincidence" or something?

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An entire family of immigrant gooks in the U.S. died from it, when they went out and gathered mushrooms in the wild…apparently where they're from, they have no poisonous mushrooms, so they didn't realize the danger.

We're taking back coincidences!

Sounds like a positive to me.


For any reason, yes, but no for no reason.

This makes the most sense and now laughter floods my home.

Many bailiffs are cops and it is fairly easy to issue a bench warrant to have to cops right outside the court handle serving.

Mushrooms can change so easily one generation to the next that it's never wise to eat too many wild ones at once or to eat mushrooms you can't clearly identify.

Those that died were just retards.

They have most of the corporate structure on their side. Guns would be exceedingly easy to get. The real question is how much of the military equipment that ISN'T small arms would they be able to secure? Anyone thinking they won't be getting outside aid from rival powers is delusional.

Death Caps look just like Shiitake mushrooms, so they pick them and eat them without spore printing.

In Australia there are signs in Chinese to stop the chinks from killing themselves.

Somehow I don't see any way for this to work.

Fuck jail, just need to do what the did to Scalia


Not only that but the nutritional value is so piss poor that it's never worth the risk. Useless piece of info here, but the man who wrote 'The Horse Whisperer' went picking mushrooms with his friend, they ate them that evening and both had kidney failure and liver damage. Both on dialysis awaiting kidney transplants. He's a smart guy and was 100% sure he picked edible mushrooms so it just goes to show.

Except it isn't.
The Constitution is the highest law of the land, and it provides for a separation of powers.
The courts do not control the executive branch, and the law that gives this power to President Trump is very clear, he CAN block immigration by any group, there is no question about it.
So the customs officials, being an arm of the executive branch, have no choice but to follow the President's orders…they do NOT work for the Judicial branch of the government.