HWNDU No. 99 problems but a jew ain't one




Jayden Smith and Shia Labooth chanting and dancing for 8 years.



























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This is some low energy shit, Papernigger.


is it a man or a woman?

What are the odds that the barriers come down and the place fills with people again?
Are the cops even there?

Yeah it's called jews cucking people to accept immigrants and destroy the white race

wew, went to lurk on Holla Forums between threads; what a clusterfuck. They think cultists are staying so long only to get laid, and want to convert pierced nips to their cause.

True degeneracy lads.

Well, the cops won't stay there for 8 years.

can we get a group of people with big signs and posters and protest outside the wall with autistic chants and screaming?

Is Holla Forums blart still showing up?

Neither will these fags probably, no matter what they say.

It has to happen eventually, i doubt the NYPD will station cops there 24/7 for the next 8 years and the cucks from the museum won't be able to do shit once the police remove The Wall.

Every time I check the stream, it's this homeless looking nigger attention whoring. Great

no, unless the wall is removed

One of /ourguys/ spoke to one of the security guards earlier this morning and said they'll probably remove them soon. They were just put up due to yesterdays shenanigans.


Fuck off, Nazi.


if they hired security, they will keep fence.

I think they put the fence because they don't want fights to happen of their property..


Check last thread for webm on the matter. ctrl-f webm



tell me about PaperboyPrince!
why does he where the game boy color?

Dubs decide who is first to go.


You called them to get their baby on camera, you piece of shit.

I want to punch this fucker so hard.


Thanks for the intel

You know, maybe they should just let that nigger have it for a day or two. Just him alone ebegging likes and clicks and trying to rap. It would be like a telethon of hopeless bullshit that could become funny as fuck in it's cringiness.
Nah, fuck that nigger. Kek it up.

It was his only comfort during, and mental escape from, his DC Pizza Party childhood.

This guy is such a little faggot. Perfect representation of Holla Forums. Honestly the little cuck should be memed as the Holla Forums mascot or some shit.

He showed up for the early ending of season 2.

If they go far enough to hire security even the shill won't be able to deny that they are divided.

Someone got dubs in the last thread.

It does not matter who we are. What matters is that we chant the mantra

seriously, what's the point anymore? reaching #100, shia got cucked… what's the point to continue?

I hope he's a Trump supporter.

Ah, fuck.

You ever seen this webm of your city, New York, Bjorn? Hitler was a renowned city-builder and policy maker. Austria joined Germany in goodwill because Germany was being run so well.

Dubs confirmed paperboy massacre was next habbening.

Does this confirm he becomes an hero this episode?

Why has no one played that live on stream yet?

Because memes don't farm themselves

Nice dubs! TRUTH!

In loving memory of Tony of Astoria and Adidasbro
You were taken from Kekstantinople too soon. Too good for this sinful new york; memed too hard for the NYPD to handle.
Press F to pay respects to the big guys in our hearts.



Oh shit he has already killed someone!

Holla Forums if you guys every sadden my waifu again, like yesterday, we're going to have words.

Kek maybe the first time Paper encountered a somewhat responsible negro


Why are we still getting this retarded general? The fun is over take this crap to its own board if you still want to talk about it.

14 words, you mean.

He's a wannabe rapper and that's his "bling" like that Clock that Flava Flave wears. Rap culture is a cancer.

The fucking nigger is wearing one of Bjorn's united we resist things on his coat.

Last night was crazy. I had the main feed and the Britney Periscope going on. The vibe turned sour when that Die Hard terrorist extra started screaming at one of our guys whilst he discussed immigration. It seemed to hit peak insanity until the police came and divided the entire event with a border wall. Oh what a wonderful Meme Machine

Forgot the quote and checked>>9035733

Just another uncle Tom.

dubs confirm

he's been having fun at the wet works

reminder that you faggots keep choosing libshit waifus and I found the republican one that works for fox. get gud.

Will be a victim of the massacare tbh fam

Well she's not going to want to have sex if you guys keep making her sad, and if we don't have sex then we can't have kids. Can't secure an existence for our people without kids. So don't make my waifu sad.

You mean Stolen Valor's pal? They were starting shit alright. Fuckin' Stolen Valor needs to be put down like a bad habit.

Post your waifu then, promote her and say she's top tier because she's right wing


lewd OP tbh

There was a woman who stopped through yesterday that looks like a European model or something. Beautiful. Faggot ass Paper tried to talk to her but she walked away.

That's true friendship. Absoluty beautiful.

Your seed will die in her polluted womb, white man

Holla Forums was just there saying Praise Kek and hour ago, get with it user


qt blonde reporter girl. doesn't relax around blacks, is republican, superior scandinavian genes.

was that:


Who's that?

Blue sweater guy can be the dictionary definition of Cuck. Doughy, shit posture, childish hair, looks like a Swede, supports Hillary (possibly Bernie).

qt right-wing reporter who was there filming everything happening

She's gross IRL, she is a highschool methhead.


Yup. He has betrayed his people.

The sub-humans who exhibit the most self-destructive empathy amongst all European ethnic groups.


Seeing as those cucks had anti-pepe signs yesterday someone should just print pic related and distribute them during that rally the governor or some shit is having at 1pm.

she's got nip piercings, won't be able to feed the babby

Probably. She dresses like shit and lives in NY, so she's probably trash. I just think her face, and especially her eyes, are really attractive.

a lot of loyalty for a hired shill.
well you did you're chant what is the next step in soros's plan?

It should be "It's PepeBoy HAHAAAH", man.


Those low energy freestyles they're droppin'

Yeah, she turned herself on a sex toy that spouts shit, basically.

Trips will confirm who will die at the hands of papernig.

found the shitskin


rollin' for a league of legends player

p i e r c e d n i p s
n i ps

They got their 5 shills, so no Holla Forumsacks can go behind the barricade

Can somebody who is enough of a faggot to own a twitter account tweet at the nigger to get the fuck out?

She makes my dick hard too but she's trash.



Certainly is. Look how empathy has been used to completely ruin our nations.

If there's a queue, they only got 5 minutes.

stop looking at the beaner whore

is that the orange hat girl??



Even Paper has to leave?


He probably gave it to Paper. Calm down.

Name a more iconic duo, you can't.


I like this guy chanting "He would not divide us"

It feels a lot more positive. Like he had no doubt that we will MAGA.

expect to see him there daily now

He isn't special.

it's ny

It's a god given nature, was only meant to spread that to your own race not to others. Of course it was abused.

This I have to see to believe.

Still white supremacists. Because white people are awesome and you can't fucking deny it.

Stunning revalation

Dubs plus his dedication make this very likely

The problems are just niggers and jews and illegal immigrants.

When will honeyboy return?

pic related

No the problem are all non whites. Especial these shits who try to convince themselves they're white. Take your civic nationalism somewhere else.

IT'S 2017

That ID >>e09700

see the previous thread




Wait that really happened? Top fucking kek


Will die


webm of this?


And muslims.

Shit i missed this, kek

It's so funny to watch marth sharters thinking they know what they're talking about.
I'm giving you guys another 50 years before you start enabling world wide kikery again.

We need a fucking link please.

Just deelet urself, my man.

Why do lefties and jews have to be so weak opponents? I wanted this to go on.

I think the main problem is cucks. Niggers, muslims and so on would not dare to say anything, but when they see whites divided, they get ideas..


Some investigative work you did there, Schlomo. Now what did you just tried to prove?

There is going to be a rally today…this will be the perfect opputunity for papernigger to strike.

the bog

It's in New York you dumb fuck, hard to expect anything else.


what shenanigans happened yesterday?

Sure. But people are genuinely calling these shitskins our guys.

But that Agnes person that got posted and the girl in question barely look like each other.

It in their blood to be weak ass



You missed everything

Can you people stop posting this inbred kike? She's so fucking ugly it annoys me.



go back to Holla Forums

What are you talking about? It's just an attention whoring, badly rapping nigger who promotes failure and irresponsibility

Seriously? It's clearly the same person.

They are /ourguys/
They still have to fuck off when we take power, and they know this.

I'm not from there fucking kike.

Dont worry shlomo, you are our greatest (((white))) ally and one of /ourguys/ ok?

It was glorious. We made LeCuck change the format of the art. Kekekekekekek

Why is life so hard Holla Forums?

KEK said Paperboy will commit mass murder today.

Im so so sad.

Most of them are from 4chan, that also explains it. And to be honest, this shows the liberal shits that the "muh neo nazis" are most young kids that aint white so the narrative they spread gets destroyed. Hell there was even jewish kid shouting the holocaust was a lie while in arms with a mudslime.
This breaks the stupidity of the left more than anything else.

Yeah but now someone is saying the barrier will come down? Team LeJew will not give up this easily. They have something cooking, I'm sure of it. Otherwise, they would have shut down the stream completely

jackie chan can be the Phillipines' ambassador to the US, and jesus can be the saudi ambassador
wouldn't take long to b l e a c h venti's bloodline
the rest I don't care about

To add, they have to go back when we got Europe and America again and they fully know this.

I for one sure hope he does.

Fuck off shitskin.

I liked betacuck

Bogpill user on the scene



They've provided keks and earned my respect. Would you have done the same if you lived nearby?

They're /ourguys/ alright

/CoolGuy/ is on the scene?

They aren't enforcing the rule of 5

honestly it's probably her. maybe she wants some camp guard role playing.



Also this made me laugh so fucking much.

If someone's really on our side I don't give a fuck. They still have to leave eventually but maybe with a nice meal and some cash to get started.


That was probably just for yesterday, the cops might take down the barricades because they were onyl for the left vs right fights

Inverse Satan trips confirms.

Papah will kill 'em.

Pretty sure that's his gf.

I don't have a problem with shitskins. We can be friends/allies with other races. I just don't want them in my white country.

Just because I want Jackie to go back and make the Philippines great again with Duterte doesn't mean I hate him whatsoever.

trips confirms, no longer v&

We can go back

It's treason, then.

Holla Forums footsoldiers undercover

The big nigger's voice fucked.


Fuck. This raid will never end will it?
My sleepschedule is already obliterated

I'm amazed Paperboy hasn't called out The Bogpiller after his John Podesta stunt yesterday.

lol they gave him a tambourine

If you're reading this m8 rub it on your balls

He was sweating so much last night.

didn't mean to post that image wtf

Paperboy has the exit secure.


Stink palm it and hand it back to the nigger

He was really fucked up yesterday.

Will we have a new wave of heroes? /ourguys/ said the show was over for now

*sips latte*
what's going on here

it's too funny for it to stop now

Stupid girl didn't know what was happening to her..

A true memelord



my hero

This will
Never stop


Oh what a lying nigger.


He constantly lies to the stream to make himself look good.

if this pic doesn't make you a white nationalist, you're gay


Any video of that guy from a few night ago saying YOU AND ME, DANCE OFF BRO!

roastie reporter got memed on

Bubba's voice is fucked. Not surprising really.

PaperBoy's fucking pissed at baldanon

He knows he mentioned John Podesta when they got cheese pizza bombed yesterday

He's fucking angry he's back

Looking down, defeated

Too cucked to speak up

save the land

Big nig's voice is still broken since yesterday.

That fat nigger sounds like he sucked a lot of cock last night



I know, he lied about people calling him a nigger on camera, fucking over a kid and a baby etc. Its all fucking bullshit.


Gooooooood. Gooooooooooood


I have a problem Holla Forums , when I see these weaselly jew sluts I can't help but want to sexually dominate them while making holohoax comments

Cannabis niggy


A common nigger tactic

Now he has PaperBoy's tambourine HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What's gonna happen, he's gonna want it back from Holla Forums

Nigger is scared of the dog. If anyone is going, bring your dog.



Holla Forums is the highest form of autism.

papernigger leaving now

Season 3 starts soon, with a new cast

did they remove the KEK under the "museum of"????


Niggers can't shoot straight. No worries.

That is a problem but at least you're straight


lel at this big nigger's voice

Ages ago user

Dubs confirm. More peace one love on the way

you too baby

They took off all the stickers, removed graffiti, and I think even painted the wall completely

we got a shoutout boys


me too



Shoutout Holla Forums hahahahaa

suka blyad


Oh boy it's another spic leftist who thinks he's king of the world. Fucking die.

seems like they're not enforcing how many many people can be there anymore


I seen a little of the stream yesterday, that Daria girl was holding up a sign about autism. Did she turn out to be with us?

Was that actually him? How is he not hiding under a rock forever?


He's a manlet too.

this negro

The nigger is retreating to get better weapons he will come back to get revenge

he from here or cuckchan

Don't hold your hand up!

can't even squat right

Has Donald Trump actually made anime real with this?








kek her name is Columbine Shooter 69

you have to be at least 2ft tall, like Sammy, Nick Bateman and Cool Guy.

Thanks, I scrolled trough the thread and found it. And I learned something about nipple piercings.
I stand corrected, into the trash she goes.

Since a few days ago.

because he has an army of fanboys sucking his dick
it's really quite amazing, one of the trs loyalists said he wouldn't have cared if the founders of that site had all turned out to be niggers

I'm 6'0 and I'd like to see his reaction when I push him hard.


there's actually a cult for them on tumblr




This guy. Doesn't he know about the inauguration?

kek this midget is fucking ignorant



All boganon has to do is stand next to this manlet, just intimidate him with height

TRS are pretending like none of this happened and doing damage control by deleting interviews that make them look bad, banning anyone on the forums who asks about Enoch or even so much as thumbs-ups an anti-Enoch post, and deleting disqus comments left and right. They''re hoping that the majority of their userbase isn't paying attention and didn't even learn the truth about what happened.

That said, it makes no sense for them to try shilling. Anyone watching the stream is going to know fully about the Kike Enoch situation and wants this faggot gassed. Although there's no point in him hiding anymore, because he's been exposed already.

Good to see /ourguys/ last night btfo TRS


with what?


Oh damn its guy again.

These are absolutely our guys.

"I love you, I don't care if you think I'm a shitskin, you have the right to think that and you have the right to say that and fuck anyone that doesn't agree." - JihadiJesus

Can someone find a video clip of this?

Jesus has brought us all together, and taught us not to masturbate. We need him back.




shits fucked brehs
t. JFK

His wife was killed by a dindu


His wife was divided by niggers in central park.

I don't know what I think of this guy. He's way, way too subtle. Doesn't even do anything amusing. He just mentions that Bog shit like once every 30 minutes, while in between mostly chanting and shit with them.

You have no clue how hecked up it is my guy

who is this cuck with coffee?

she was the housekeeper of someone connected to pizzagate I think, got killed by a crazy dindu





MDE: a cartoon show that's really Nazi


fuckin New York ahahaha

lol aids


Found the Jew.
Nordics are masterrace.

He's wife was killed by the CIA. She was connected to something big and they offed her.
The official story is that she "suicided". its pretty sad.

You're damn right. Be scared.



He is /ourguy/ in deep cover.

Is that what you call people with Jobs?

he's from halfchan Holla Forums he's just being ironic with this guy


10 shekels have been deposited into your account



The reality overcome the memes


does the cia feel in charge?

top cuck race

Possible 1PM happening?


Exactly, they choose one of the better countries and people in Europe to wreck first.

Oy vey, it's like another pogrom.

You're probably from cuckchan but some user dug this all up.

a lot of parked cars, what's happening?


MOAR piece one love
One hour thirty two minutes

Did mustachio ever make another appearance?


has anyone claimed the autistic girl yet

Boganon should've said one of his relatives was gassed 6 times.

So that's why he called Sam's show rayciss and nazi.

I love your salt fam

NY user, make a sign "niggers killed my family, need money for kung-fu lessons"

Its the deepcover dudes GF

who cares

cool guy wants tendies

Absolute ledge. His undercover antics are some of my favorite.

Someone get this man the tendies he wants.

Kirstallnacht soon, comrade.

Has pepeboy already quit?


They are our guys

Killed by a nigger, what a surprise

This. Leftypol is full of rich white kids or mixed kids living of daddies money.

HE HAS FULLY INFILTRATED! They don't doubt him at all.




Found the best looking girl yet. From yesterday. Also she never did the stupid chant, so she's not a mindless drone. Nigger paper tried to talk to her, even coaxed her into a picture, but she never talked to him and shunned his advanced. Fuck your blonde reporter, this girl's better.


Same jacket


he has a name yet? coffee guy? kramer


Someone take back the Museum of Kek

he's a jew you know

he's from halfchan he showed one of their threads on his phone

he is from cuckchan


Damn she looks like cute waifu material

I read that as "Adopt a coon"

Look at this dirty little manlet. He's wearing the same clothing as yesterday.

I doubt Shia himself is sitting in his room and watching that shit, must be one of his minions doing the observation.

Mixed-race people are the fucking worse. They have no identity of their own. And this manifests as their desire to ruin/destroy everyone else's identity too. That's why mulattos and hapas and shitskins are always the ones who want the most to completely mongrelize and brazilify us with cultural marxism bullshit

Oh, yeah. She had a model friend who looked like she smoked meth. Fuckin' models trying to appear good.


Coffee Kramer? Trying to think of a better one but he doesn't remind me of anything

Probably some nice Eastern Euro stock, so more than likely a bit red-pilled from birth.

looks like a trap



Mustaches are the last stand of implicit white identity.

Jamal just gave our undercover the dap. He's in.

Exactly. Leftists today, especailly in the west, are spoiled middle/upper class kids.
The working class that they claim to represent is predominantly conservative.
Also the oligarchs they claim to be fighting against are the ones that finance their organizations.

Bubba found a shekel!


Jesus Christ, Tyrone is about to die there.


He's holding up a shekel


Get her a toothbrush

He's a nazi. He's a schwinger. He's a real time winner!

is a character from workaholics really thelast stand of implicit white identity?

Whatever happened to the leftist qt3.14 with the braces?

Did she die of an aneurysm after getting triggered too badly?

Cuck chan is getting uncucked because of this.

Mods are trying to divide them, but this is too popular, 2 threads go up for every one that goes down. This is the rebirth of the Greek forum, every poltard should love this art project.

this tbh

Shekels and a chicken nugget

Hopefully he isn't a cuck then.

How short is your guys memory? The spic woman was cleaning at Blackstone CEO Schwartzmann's house regularly and was pushed on train tracks by an assassin because she found out something she shouldn't have.

The guy comes to HWNDU stream every now and then to subtly remind people that this assassination happened. There was literally a thread about this like a week ago, there's so much evidence the woman was ordered to be killed by the Jew CEO.

These 2 were with some blonde cunt going on about planned parenthood.


Huh. I remember he was almost the entire day in front of the camera yesterday.

That womyn was nothing but sad eyes the whole time.
Low energy

Signs designed by CWC


That's horrible, man.

she looks like a young (((ayn rand)))

isn't she that dumpster fire chick that's friends with sinead and the flat-earthers
she also showed her tits on skype iirc and did literal camwhoring - also selling overpriced personal merchandise to her autistic fanboys



Hopefully getting the therapy she needs.


Way back in the day you could identify a body as an englishman there was a mustache. The absence of mustaches in modern society is part of degeneracy.

Shut the fuck up Craig


Anyone got more images of the big nigger? I think he deserves a wiki page, also what should we name him?

it's amazing how these thirsty niggers throw around qt and waifu at these aids whores

Oh fuck the nigger's speaking like he's dead inside. Our meme magicians did a number on the poor guy.

I think he's on there as Tyrone

I wanna see what you have to post

If you have the shit

Yeah she is clearly a Jewess, just look at her facial features.

I'm in the mountains and I never see mustaches. Must be city rats trying to put on a guise of pseudo-masculinity as they live in their unnatural environment where corporations and the government provide for them. Kind of like hipster faggot men and their massive beards, meanwhile their bodies are as frail as can be. Not saying these guys aren't amusing though, just making an observation as someone who doesn't live in a government daycare center (a city).

i know, ayn rand is the best jew

Emotionally manipulative leftist.

Never waifu such a self-unnaware woman.

Is Bubba onto /CoolGuy/. He said he got the message.



Craig exposed him

Kek confirms those 3 men will appear together, united against the ills of cultural marxism.

She's a jew.

She looks like a JAB Comix character

Like farmer's daughter or some shit

Never understood how someone who looks like a stereotypical Jew could be taken seriously as a white nationalist.

No, I didn't save any of the stuff. For fucks sake guys this was a stickied thread just a week ago when HWNDU first began, because the guy appeared on cam on day 1 and it reminded Holla Forumsacks of when we apparently researched this matter back when the murder happened.

The wife was a cleaning lady who accidentally found some dirt on a kike CEO of an international investment firm.

Nope, i checked the dindus section and SJWs and he isn't there.

I can still see Bubba yelling his ass off when everyone was already on queue and security saying "You gotta go, man". We broke something in his mind.


RWDS girl has nice legs, cute

I no longer doubt it, absolutely /ourguy/.

have you seen her videos?

Anyone has the video?

Why did you doubt it before? He's been our guy for a week now

USA is barely a white country and in New york there is even more non whites.


as said, that is a problem. What is worst is that, judging by some of the porn (((they))) make for (((themselves))), she would enjoy it greatly.

Explains a lot tbh


Yeah. I don't care about her rhetoric. When you look about as Jewey as a person can, I'm not going to take your anti-Jew rhetoric seriously.

It says "For my White Husband Only"

I saw her freaking out like she was in trouble and explaining to the police something. Did she hit someone?

Loud nigger is back…

I just ordered tendies and a bagel platter for pepe. Let /ourguys/ know

If they post a 23andme and it checks I don't see why not. I get what you're saying though. It's the skin, nose, everything with her.

This would actually be awesome. Some of you know the music of David Allen Coe. He wrote the popular tune, "Take This Job and Shove It." This was when country music was really big shit. This was during the Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton "solid gold country" era.
Around that time, the upper class and leftists were calling him racist and a hick. Jimmy Buffet, who was also popular at the time said some pretty nasty things about him. So what does David Allen Coe do? He releases an album with songs like "Nigger Fucker" and songs about fucking your daughter. He's actually not even racist and there was a nigger in his band and he performed the X-Rated songs live with Coe.

Leftist damaged goods just want to get skullfucked.

She and another bitch tried to fight BrittanyVenti but in the end didnt, but Brit triggered them so hard that they went crying to the police

They just left. Nice timing.


Not so loud anymore. He sounds like he lost a lung.


A golden ring sends the message stronger than some ink near the cunt

No, what you found out is that New York is mostly niggers and spics. Which to anyone who's not a complete retard should not be a surprise.


looks like trap

Call them and cancel the order but want it delivered later, they usually do that if you do it quick enough

Sorry lads I went away yesterday about 12am London time, what happened to Aids Björn?

Look on the bright side. There's a tiny chance someone will take offence to you sending chicken to the nigger.

Yup, the nigger threw a shotout to this kike after reading this tweet. Cover blown.

Rings can easily be removed. Brand your girl.

wait what

lol they all think they're in a fucking movie

Paperboy yesterday:

Better watch what you say or they'll "mobilize!"

She can cover a branding, but she can't cover that 8 months pregnant belly.

And brands can easily be ignored all the same, and they look like shit

btw if anyone goes down to this, you are obviously triggering them and the police are right there. So if they so much as push you, you can press charges. Im not advocating being a snitch but if you escalate violence you will be arrested instead of them


He's such a straight-off-the-plantation looking nigger. I swear this one looks like he's fresh off a 19th century plantation.

at 1pm the place will be filled with people coming to see some government cuck talk

Give her one of these in the forehead, fuckos.


Us redneck anons know DAC well. Goddam his wife was a nigger fucker.

say what you want about Holla Forums but you gotta read between the lines.

on Holla Forums (or at least the halfchan one) you can say whatever you want and it'll help you understand why whites will want GTKRWN and non-whites need to do well to make sure other non-whites stop being so fucking retarded. damn

Nigger, you can "press charges" for threatening. You don't even have to take it to violence. Pressing charges means exactly jack and shit. The only time it means anything is when there are marks or evidence of an assault.

What was the first day this nigger showed up? Anyone know?

Nah, feel free to snitch on anti-white cunts who wish you were dead


Looks ugly


Does KFC deliver in Jew York? Just keep sending in buckets of chicken and see them break down (but still eat the chicken)

So how many of ourguys will be there when pic related is happening? Not that much time left.

Good going there, you'll tell me she needs a burca next right?

I didn't order it my anons.

Get out Tyrone

Was considering going nofap today. Plan's changed.

his voice is wrecked

Is there a grocery store or some place that delivers fruit? We could send them watermelons.

Man this fucking thing is going to go nuts at night

I bet he's beat every girlfriend he's ever had

That's the niggerest looking white dude I have ever seen.

Amazon prime pantry or some shit

or some collard greens and pigs feet

Come on user don't be a faggot.
I'm an NEET (5 years now) and I'm on day 4 now (only had the urge one time just now but I didn't do it). You can do it too you faggot.

It's like you're saying covering up your 10/10 aryan hot wife so only you can enjoy her is a bad thing. What's wrong with you?

This delivers all organic. Kek


If you want Mesirah, go be a Jew. If you want Umerta, go be a Sicilian. Whites cooperate with law enforcement. Turn off the rap music.


I don't live in a city, but I know no one sells watermelons in the winter in the mountains of PA.

Seriously look at this facial structure.


I show off my 6' tall hot blonde 10/10 Aryan wife all the time. She's hot and she knows it too

beta as fuck

The last time a nigger flipped out because of being offered fried chicken and watermelons, it didn't work out so good.
I'm glad he's dead.

Eh. His jaw doesn't jut out and his forehead is upright. Definitely beta as fuck though.

You have to try harder than that, I'm not into such sick shit user. Besides, what the hell kind of scene is that? kek

Guys, anyone have Agnes' facebook? Just for curiosity sake.


Mudshit detected. If you cannot live with other people seeing your wife you because you are too jealous you should kill yourself. If you are a good husband and your wife is not a degenerate slut a burkha is not necessary.

Was wondering that myself. Some huenigger-tier shit for sure.

I can still fuck girls during nofap right?
I don't masturbate that often anyways so it never appealed to me.

We're hoping Paperboy does that.


I have a million Trump babes. She's one of my favorite.

dubs say we send more racist chicken to trigger him into an oppression obesity spiral


You're a couple of cucks who love showing your wives to bulls like me.

Of course. That's the point.

The two videos of that incident don't match each other. There was some bullshittery involved.

Of course you can, the purpose of nofap is to save that energy up and use it for something productive (like attracting mates).
Though playing 5 against willy one time a month is actually okay, I've heard.

MIDF detected, if you grab a whore wife then covering her up won't change the fact she's whore, and if you get a virtuous woman, then such thing as a burca is useless

Do you remember how surreal that was? Pretty sure that was staged.

This is why I like apolitical women. Women on either side of the line are trash. I want the ones right in the middle.

Anyone have the gurren laggan HWNDU video?

Wew lad, you do know these are just degenerate sluts who jump on the Trump train for attention and because they really care about society's well being?


The reason Arabs have the burqa is because their women are whores tbh



dude in center with the red scarf is deepcover MDE right?

If there's one thing I remember, it was definitely how surreal it was. Definitely had the appearance of being staged, but I can't for the life of me, come up with a reason they would stage it.
It makes niggers and faggots look bad and therefore goes against narrative that would be behind staging such a thing.

Goog going there, remember you'll hang after the traitors

Trump sluts are supporting the future of the white race, no matter how dumb they are. Any promotion is good promotion.

I think that's in here, somewhere

Go back to 4chan and ask.

If they want gun control to happen, they have to muddy the waters a bit

All women are whores. It's genetically encoded. The distinction is whether they have enough virtue to not act on their whorishness or not, and it's harder than ever considering the times that we're in.

Him and his girlfriend this chick

Even Bubba knows it and you don't.

Yeah, because we have won her and you are a degenerate faggot that will never achieve that.
We like laughing at you and feeling superior. It heightens the test levels.
If a married woman actually goes for a subhuman shitskin you, its no loss because she is a filthy whore and you can have her because she fits your degeneracy level. You two will be executed first in case the race war comes in your lifetime.

Ah, nofap always sounded to me like the old consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreating meme.
STOP MASTURBATING is a nice meme though

;_; I didn't ask for these feels

dudes going mental in the back…

These are all normie women. Left, right, doesn't matter, they just follow whatever is popular to get attention and not feel outcast from their community.

Fat Hispanic user who were there for the past 2 days. Just want to say it was an honor shitposting in meatspace with you faggots. Life was getting to me with the monotony of it all. This made me feel recharged. I think I'll get back in the gym and lose all the weight I put back on.


She a cute.

What's Bubba's twitter?

Nah, it's to increase testosterone and get laid more often. Not a meme at all.

"Stop masturbating. We need you to maintain your high T levels for the upcoming race wars." - Jesus

Spoken like a guy who gets cheated on. You think you won. You stopped being the guy that it took to get her attention, and now you'll lose it. Good job, cuck.

Thank you for all you've done. Godspeed ;_;

Bubba @blackjedeye

delete urself, my dude

I can get behind this.

Not one of these women looks like mother material.

It's because they are following stonk white male rolemodels.

wtf I love filter now

Here you go lad.

Except it's been tested, and nofap only raises your T levels a bit on the 7th day, then returns to normal levels. So less nofap, and more lessfap.

I have to tell you, as someone who went through the process in 2013-2014 (at one point I went fully 6 months without porn or masturbating a single time), the only thing that is sure to happen is that you will eventually start having wet dreams. The thing about testosterone is BS. After about 2 weeks your libido reaches a plateau, then gradually returns to baseline.

I just prefer that women show themselves like pic related tbh.

Mate-guarding is a beta behaviour tbh. If you keep her in line, she'll want to fuck you and not other men. If you're not, then you can put her in a burqa and she'll still find a way to cheat.

Doesn't the T boost only last for a week?





(((Keep masturbating goyimn)))

yeah, lel

so blue hoody is one of ours?

Masturbating too often desensitizes your penis and online porn ruins your libido.
t. oldfag who went to fuck 9/10 hottie 19 year old when I was 35 and couldn't get it up because porn literally ruins your sex drive and causes you to lose erections, especially as you age

jaden smith

Spoken like a true nigger

Yep. If this faggot can go lift, everyone should go lift!



the wall still stands and theres no one in line. is this what the end looks like?

Remember Pompei


Nice contradiction. Enjoy being cheated on buddy. Pretending to be super alpha on Holla Forums doesn't do much to impress anyone…


Yes the effect on T levels is not much, but not fapping does have other benefits. You become a lot more confident and extrovert. If you go nofap for a month you will notice you are suddenly actively trying to get women (if you were a chan dwelling weeb that doesn't).

It's not like your body knows the difference between masturbation and sex. Are you telling me we should stop having sex too? Just don't fap to porn, and only like once a week.

That's what they say but I've noticed a huge difference personally. That being said, I still fap, just a lot less. Something like once a week. Plus getting laid really does raise your testosterone, which again is the main point of nofap.

Listen to this Jewess shilling Obamacare

Nah, i actually am myself when i pull women. Unlike you, i don´t fake shit, so i will always be the guy she was attracted to. Keep locking your women up in cages, beta, someone will free them soon enough


yeah because he's not a busy man

Same, i find it much more attractive. I couldn't care less if those women are trump supporters, what they are doing is whorish and disgusting.


We had Gaius and Aulus meet again these past few days.



topkek at orlandofag

Well done boys

Your body definitely knows the difference between masturbation and sex. Your brain certainly does and after a while, it prefers masturbation.

Kek blessed you with the numerals.
Good look friend, I wasn't there because I live in Europoor but it made me feel good again since years.
We will Make America and Europe Great Again.


Fuck off you undesirable nigger.

>tfw can get it up to fuck girls but find it difficult to cum whilst fucking them

Did I watch too much porn?

Keeping a woman in line means letting her know that you can walk out on her any time, not obsessing over her by making her wear a burqa and thereby signalling how much power she has over you

Tbh Jackie is wrong. Starting Strength routine (3x5) is much better for beginners than the Stronglifts (5x5) routine. Stronglifts was designed by a shitskin with no education on the matters, and Starting Strength by a Texan stronglifting coach.

I've done both and progressed far faster in strength by doing Starting Strength than with the shitskins SL program.

Spread this on twitter, send it to the black guy, we need to get this innocent dude outcast as a nazi. He can still be redpilled.

Wez wuz Romanz and shieet

How old are you, user?

Who the fuck is talking about a burka?

What's so annoying with you fucks is that 95% of the people here wouldn't even be able to look someone in the eye irl and tell them about their beliefs honestly.
I'd tell you all to go back to cuckchan if this board hadn't been shat up beyond recognition already anyways

Every post just confirm you as a filthy shitskin who thinks he won't get cucked because his wife wears a burca, and has probably tasted more dicks than you have seen men


you should shut up now, kike

Am I the only one here that thinks that Jackie is an extremely overrated character? There are way better characters than him. Many such cases!

Fuck off, nigger.



If you are an undecover /ourguy/, keep calling this guy a nazi.

double nigger


Webm of the salute?

Ever heard about honorary aryans?

Awkward cunt
Maybe anime lover


The guy is as close to being the MC of the series as it gets

Good for you. I'm certainly not going to try to convince you to start again. People just shouldn't get their hopes up. I've seen too much bullshit regarding nofap; if you believe everything they say you might end up thinking it will turn you into an omnipotent God.

If you want to go by what (((they))) say about T levels, your body definitely knows the difference between masturbation and sex. Any mainstream article will tell you it goes up afterwards.

1 more hour to go till paid shill shenanigans

This never happened to me.

It could be masturbation related. For you not to be able to orgasm fully during sex at 20, it could either be health issues or perhaps you need to quit beating off for a while.
But if you have any sexual health issues before you're about mid-thirties, there's definitely a problem and you should perhaps give up masturbation for a while and see if it clears up the issue.

Well you can see how dead it is when they don't pay people or organize them beforehand.

He's a lame Jew

Anyone have a link to the /ourguys/ gurren laggan video?

That was cringeworthy

Some of /ourguys/ need to be there right now.


I can cum if I don't fap for like two weeks before sex but otherwise I can't

I fap like 20 times a week tho

Fuck you. Jackie is the suave everyman. He's the main character of season 1

It's tendies time


meh, if you are alone (eg coffee kramer) you should fuck off, they will start shit

taste the rice, pay the price

I said the contrary, a whore will always be a whore, with a brand, burca or what have you, a good woman needs only to know that if she pulls shit she's gonna be left in the dirt

Jackie is pure. Leave him alone. If any of you fucking antifa commies try to fuck with Jackie, you have a whole armageddon of whoo-ass coming to you. He is our white nationalist idol, because he cannot be criticized for having such views.

He speaks truth, and he spreads love, and he inspired Jesus to be rebirthed into the world.



he's not the only one tbh

Thanks guys. I'm gonna make it.

You're disgusting, stop it.

filename should be our counter chant

That's not a whole lot for someone your age. If you are having problems orgasming at 20 years old and the broads you're banging are hot, you may need to get checked out.

Why does "/ourguy/" play along instead of making a mockery?

Blue Jumper trying to explain away his roman saluting, quality twattering lads

Dude stayed up like 4 days on the stream, just taking 1 hour powernaps. His power levels are off the charts.

You will man. Kek and Jesus be with you.

wtf man
stop that shit

How? All he does is thumbs up, talk about peace and positivity and is generally not a big Holla Forumsack. If you compare him to Adidasbro, Moonman, Pterodactyl, Jesus and so on, he sucks. Can you remember anything noteworthy that Jackie did?

But Jackie isn't Holla Forums

He's deep cover.

stop masturbating.
3 times a day is too much

This is what i hate with modern world, you are grouped up even if those are bunch of faggots for most part so for fuck sakes SOCIALIZE with each others!

Is nigger counter-trolling?

Longest counterprotest of hwndu?

Subverting can be more fun in the long run

This. Last girl I fucked was a hot 20 year old, fucked her for hours and didn't cum once.
Porn is cancer


is bjorn coming back?

Actually this.
Disregard what I said. 3 times a day is a bit much but you're not a fucking weirdo or anything. Just stop for a few weeks and do it once a day or less.

He should take out his heart from the chest and put it on the KEK altar.

I disagree. Let them have it. It will look bad when a bunch of antifa turn up looking for a fight, but there will literally be no one to fight with.

Less than that and I get work boners. Nobody wants work boners.

Memes have become real, we are literally feeding the trolls.


/ourguy/ and Bubba are playing 4th dimensional chess in front of the came.

I'd get punched by antifa for Kek

I just noticed the male and female version are together. Neither is making a move. Typical.

When will our guys (and grills) show up?

3 times a week is the top for me, anymore and I feel like shit all week, alternately once a week or less


I'm not saying /ourguys/ have to actively do something, just showing up is fine.

And? What did he do in those hours? John the Baptist and Jesus carried the show at all times, Jackie just stayed behind.

Let's be real here, Jackie isn't really /ourguy/

My sides are now in pain because of you.

Which one is the male version?

who's the midget with glasses? she wants coffe kramer cock



I remember working fast food with a bunch of 16 year old hotties getting work boners. It does suck, but they go away over time.

No one cares how often you pull your goddamned pud.


Jesus already set me on the path by telling me to stop masturbating.

expoct us




"OH MAN, 9gag on the scene!"

Thank god that shit has fallen that far.

facebook com/events/1360133354039027/

/ourguy/ needs to start lifting. He's got the height and all, but he's a skinny little bitch.

Yeah I agree lad, I got the wrong webm for however, I wanted to post that one.

Shit does that fat nigger know he is a infiltrator?

I thought it was noteworthy. Also, he got banned for literally nothing except supporting trump.

You're right he didn't do anything too special.

Cheked that shit
I found the right friends here

9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene
9fag on scene

holy shit baldanon's face

Jackie brought them all together, and became every trolls rallying beacon. He is the innocent white sheep that protects the nazi. If you criticize anyone view here, you're attacking Jackie as well.

Masturbating makes you think with the dick instead with the brain. It always drains you of your essence to think and to lift.
You'll become the best version of yourself mate, you'll fucking destroy any commie in your path.


I rarely ever fap, not because of the nofap benefits, just because I feel like some animal with no selfcontrol tugging at his dick, it makes me feel less than human

Is the guy with the mask John the Baptist?

Can someone give me a movie to watch?
I need to take a break from these threads.
Seen most redpill films/docs

He is like the muslim.

When alone, quiet and assimilated. When in numbers, we conquers.

This is an underrated point. If you could watch yourself masturbate, you'd see a resemblance to Orangutans in the zoo pulling at their dicks. It's dehumanizing, tbh fam.

Yeah, I don't hate him, I like him actually, but he is extremely overrated around here.

Many people are putting him in their top 5 which is disrespectful to our fallen heroes like Adidasbro and Mustachio.

You still can't tell me what exactly did that he is so highly praised?

"no more internet, just people people."

The delusion is up to 10 this morning.

our guy bogdanon or whatever is really good at this. Nobody knows.

Look up Jason Statham's Crank
or anything by Clint Eastwood
or anything by Jason Statham

Anything that makes you feel like a man

Fucking Harambe just shut the fuck up

Seen it all.

This is boring, I wanna see some lefties get curbstomped by riot-chan.



Sweaty Bebop is back

I laughed so hard at this.

Any of the Death Wish movies.

Jackie is the anime protag is mostly just there riding out the chaos amongst the other characters.

Jackie wasn't an attention whore who did one big thing and burned out. He was the glue that held it all together. He was the everyman protagonist on the hero's journey


Sam Hyde is supposed to show up again today. Just waiting for that.

They Live, Eyes Wide Shut, Videodrome, Network, Demolition Man, Falling Down, Triple Nine

Years ago I was on the path to being fit. Then life hit me hard. I think it is time to go for it.

I got a fuckton of Holla Forums books but I'll browse the thread. Thanks user.

/ourgirl/ says riot in 45 min

If one check the stream for a short period of time he might appear as overrated. But since the beginning he has maintained high energy and been consistent and creative which would grant him a large mean value overall.
He is that guy who would get you out of trouble.

I want Ben Shapiro to show up




Wait is this the depressed chick from before?

I'm currently watching a cheap show on netflix, shooter, it's about an ex military guy that is framed for trying to kill the president
he's got a white family so that's cool for a show on netflix I guess, most shows nowadays are just white girls coal burning

Rambo: First Blood
Romper Stomper
Die Hard
Roots (because that shit's hilarious)


Jackie is fucking shinji

Adidasbro should be way higher for inspiring anons to come out. I tuned in when he had his mp3 playing shadilay on repeat at 4 am.

Also jesus is overrated imo. He's a good guy but a bit of a humblebrag. The fact that he's still in college and aspires to be a wrestler makes him hard to look up to.

I recommend Jud Sus and the Eternal Jew

Read a book.

You're a big guy

wrong, faggot. Jackie is a 4+Holla Forums crossposter

hell or high water (2016)

great fuckin film

this chinks voice is making my ears bleed

Kek niggers are jobless and can stay there chanting all day

Triple 9 looks rad. Woody is good, too.

this tbh

Triumph des Willens and The Greatest Story Never Told


But dubs said he'd get laid…

what did he mean by this?

And if you're not in the mood to read, get an audiobook and relax somewhere peaceful.

Normally i would read but after spending 8 days on like 2h sleep per night i cant focus