Memo outlines the globalist MEDIAs strategy for the next 4 years. David Brock

This TRATITOROUS document literally outlines the globalist MEDIAs strategy for the next 4 years, just want to get this info out so its known:

They plan on replacing CNN and friends with an online outlet SHAREBLUE. Shareblue will pump out a steady flow of FAKE NEWS (towards trump and especially his political allies) and will promote article visibility to the top of FACEBOOK and TWITTER news feeds. for the next 4 years.

>bringing this data analysis to scale will also allow Media Matters to IDENTIFY WHICH INDIVIDUALS AND OUTLETS ARE THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCES driviing fake news, misinformation, and harrasment.

They consider Holla Forums and r/the_donald as investigative journalsits and a threat to their fake journalism. SAD! PATHETIC!

Thats all ive had time to go through. just the first few pages and some bits that caught my eye. Im sure someone will be able to dig up more dirt.
Again i'm just posting this so it gets visibility. We need to know what we are going up against til 2020

First time posting on a message board, forgive me if ive made a few formatting errors
–David Brock is a shitcunt

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Not a bad find for a newfag.

Fortunately machine learning is horribly suited to deal with post-irony, so I expect these faggots will come up lacking. This is more of a plea for shekels than a serious proposal of how he is going to force blue pills down peoples' throats.

Somebody shoot this scumbag


On one hand it's a cause for concern that they've realized how truly deficient they are in this arena and are trying to formulate new strategies. On the other hand I don't think they have the competence to come up with a solution that we can't mock and deride into oblivion.
From the Daily Caller:
Democrats are really tired of political operative David Brock’s “bullshit.”
The Media Matters founder has not “been helpful to the [Democratic] party to date,” and has produced “nonexistent” wins, Democratic insiders told The Daily Beast.
Instead of trying to help, they’d rather he just go away, reports Asawin Suebsaeng, who compiled a list of quotes that are nothing short of scathing toward Brock.
Former Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver: “His ability to produce wins for Democrats is nonexistent … He does not have the kind of understanding of what kind of coalition you have to bring together to win national races—that’s his fundamental problem.”
One senior Hillary Clinton campaign official said, “I don’t think David Brock has been helpful to the party to date, and I don’t think he will be a big part of its future … And it’s surprising that many other people don’t see it that way.”
A 2016 Clinton aide who went unnamed because they didn’t “want to deal with Brock’s bullshit” told The Daily Beast Brock is, “useless—you might as well have thrown those [tens of] millions of dollars down a well, and then set the well on fire.”
Another said that “no one wants anything to do with him.”
Former President Barack Obama’s officials were not any nicer: “I met with I’m [sic] a couple times—he’s fucking weird. I felt like I was meeting Mugatu from Zoolander… I don’t know what the fuck [Brock’s network] did besides raise a ton of money, and I don’t think the after-action report on 2016 says we need more David Brock. Probably the opposite is true.”
Even Brock’s own people don’t like him: “He has a tendency to overstate his level of impact and importance.”
A Brock operative said he harmed Clinton’s campaign: “There’s no question that his groups were the least effective of 2016. If anything they did harm.”
Brock has said he wants to create a “Breitbart” of the left and a Twitter-style platform free of pesky “conservative trolls.” (RELATED: David Brock Wants To Launch His Own Breitbart And Twitter)
He also attempted to “kick Donald Trump’s ass” by hosting a Democratic fundraiser the weekend of the president’s inauguration. The fundraiser ended up putting some attendees in a tight spot when they skipped out on the Women’s March on Washington.

Its a real funny read. The ammount of empty marketing fraising is taken straight of of the how to fund raise my useles app-handbook. The closest thing to an actual, defined strategy towards achieving an objective, is imagining that sad objective hasn't been continuosly lost.


So he/it didn't work? Well then I fully expect the left to double down on using him

Yeah, they just put the master fucking plan on scribd… That loser is on the outs with the dnc and is getting desperate. Everyone hates the crazy, Jew faggot.

Dems to David Brock: Stop Helping, You Are Killing Us

I hope he does exactly what he's been doing lmao.

Growing increasingly convinced we have plants inside the Dems.

These people are so far up their own ass it's insane

I wish they would post this if history has taught us anything when they name right wing sites and sources it only opens up an avenue for normies to discover them and become redpilled.

Thanks user I hoped people would see it in the ctr thread the other day. I guess I should have made a thread to bring more visibility. I cant stand this faggot. Don't buy the article in for a second they are covering their asses so they can let this cunt ooze his way all over media and maintain deniability. Remember this piece of shit and his organization media matters for america were responsible for online astroturfing of obongos elections and tried to do it for shrillary with ctr.

Watch them like a hawk.

Don't forget Hillary skipped campaigning in places like Wisconsin and Michigan because the had computer models that said she was safe in those states. Their software engineers are pajeets and special snowflakes.

What if david brock is undercover to implode the Dems?

That would explain his hair. It hides the radio reciever and neuron taps.

I hope he does everything he's trying to and destroys faceberg and twitter in the process while wasting a lot of shekels on his transparent shill operation.

I'll give them credit for their analysis, but I don't know about the developing new strategies bit. It all just seems like more of the same old "censor that which opposes us and force our propaganda in everyone's faces". I think this could be good for in the long run though, making facebook even more insular. As fb continues to crack down on the amount of "fake" internet outside its walls it allows people to share on their platform, more people will be incentivized to leave.

I for one welcome our machine overlords

The left is about to go into a civil war, user, because the special snow flake SJWs smell the blood in the water. The debates they've had for the DNC chair are filled with so much intersectionality and pandering it looks like it was written by Holla Forums as satire.

Brock looks like he just got back from a pizza party.

Your post is HQ.

fuck you

IT poo's will be their downfall.

They fuck everything up.


David Brock is a nigger-loving piece of faggot trash that rapes and kills little boys.


I miss her so much ;_;

He was a republican before he went 'rogue'.


I hope Trump actually does take note from Russia and starts to Putin guys like this similar to the Russian journalists.

Its insane how much pajeets are in CompSci, in Denmark like half the class and the majority of the teachers were poos and they couldnt even speak english properly.
How the hell did that come about? Is it a meme in designated land to seek riches in western IT industry?

they apparently just pass everyone with all kinds of certifications, by cheating

so they get all the jobs yet don't know the material.

Media Matters
David Brock |
Angelo Carusone, Presiden |
Julie Millican, Vice President |
Sam Zegas, Senior Advisor |
Julie Alderman, Research Coordinator for Strategy |

American Bridge | Anti-Trump Astroturf
Bradley Beychok, Executive Chief of Staff to the Chairman |
Jessica Mackler, President |
Eddie Vale, Vice President |

Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director |
Adam Rappaport, Chief Counsel and Assistant Director |
Jennifer Ahearn, Policy Councel |
Matt Corley, Research Director |
Jordan Libowitz, Communications Director
Stuart McPhail, Litigation Counsel |
Walker Davis, Research Associate |

Shareblue | |
Will Lippincott, Chief Operation Officer |
Katie Paris, Senior Executive Adviser |
Melissa McEwan, Editor-in-Chief | |
Anthony Reed, Polling and Data Strategist
Tommy Christopher, Senior Political Writer |
Dianna E. Anderson , Senior Political Writer |
Mathew Chapman, Freelance Political Writer |

Archiving the keks?


I guess it would be asking too much of them to speak Danish in Denmark. After all, that would be racist.

Funny how that's hard for Indians. My 9th grade English teacher was from Denmark. He managed to speak English with perfect grammar, and he also knew French, German, Dutch and Turkish. I'm beginning to suspect that most of the poo-in-loo programmers aren't actually that smart overall, there are just a lot of them because India doesn't know about birth control.

Use the Twitter identities. Brock gets triggered rather easily. You just have to constantly correct the record and call them out on their BS.

I hope they know that this shit can be abused as fuck

I'm fairly confident it won't matter. The media can't control social networks and web 2.0 shit. They can try, as they have already, but it's all for nothing. No amount of faceberg auto-filters and instant ""fact checking"" on google searches is going to change the outcome.

Even with all their effort, the most they were able to do is scare people out of voting for Trump because they tricked people into thinking he's OMG LITERALLY HITLER. But that sort of fear-mongering only works if you have no idea what will happen. We're going to already have trump in office for 4 years. No amount of MSM shilling will be able to hide successes and good outcomes for americans.

The only way Trump loses is if there's an economic disaster. Which is totally possible, given the debt bubble and the fact that the kikes in charge of the federal reserve could totally pull the rug out underneath us and blame it on trump. But that's the ONLY way he loses.

We all do, someone needs to break into the Microsoft vaults and rescue her source code.

The Algorithm rigging only does more to sequester shitlibs into their lugenpresse information bubble, crippling their ability to reach unaligned normie moderates who are essential to influence for any political gains. They are shooting themselves in the foot yet again. The resulting information vacuum from these crude suppression techniques gives us massively fertile ground to redpill for the meme wars. The information bubbling and constant hysterical slander also drives liberals as far left as possible, resulting in full blown commies alienating everyone instead of garden variety shitlibs. Basically retarded kikes are wasting $40 million on friendly fire for the meme war, great idea, hothead.

He is just retarded and needs a pretext to scam millions each election cycle. He cares about money and pizza parties with Podesta and co. more than anything else.

This. They think that by rebranding the MSM people will get back on board with it, but it is way too late for that. As soon as their new outlet starts spewing the same obvious bias that people now know to look for, we will just have a new MSM that no one pays attention to, and they will be out millions of dollars.

Anyone who is actually receptive to their marxist drivel is already watching anyway. What do they think is going to happen? Hardcore nationalists start watching their new media and suddenly decide to change their ways, drop all skepticism, and accept liberal ideas? It is the ideas that are being rejected, not the outlet. I almost wish they weren't so self defeating just so there would be a challenge.

And there goes 40 million dollars.