US commando killed during deadly al Qaeda raid in Yemen

SANAA, Yemen — The U.S. military said Sunday that one service member was killed and three others wounded in a raid in Yemen targeting its local al-Qaida branch, marking the first-known combat death of a U.S. soldier under President Donald Trump’s new administration.

U.S. Central Command said in a statement that a fourth service member was injured in a “hard landing” in a nearby location. The aircraft — presumably a helicopter — was unable to fly afterward and was “intentionally destroyed.”

The Central Command statement said 14 militants from al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen, formally known as “al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula,” were killed in the assault and that U.S. service members taking part in the raid captured “information that will likely provide insight into the planning of future terror plots.”

Yemeni security and tribal officials said the assault in Yemen’s central Bayda province killed three senior al-Qaida leaders.

The surprise dawn attack in Bayda province killed Abdul-Raouf al-Dhahab, Sultan al-Dhahab, and Seif al-Nims, the officials said.

The al-Dhahab family is considered an ally of al-Qaida, which is now chiefly concentrated in Bayda province. A third family member, Tarek al-Dhahab, was killed in a previous U.S. drone strike several years ago. It was not immediately clear whether the family members were actual members of al-Qaida.

The U.S. troops killed or wounded some two dozen men, including some Saudis present at the site, according to the Yemeni officials — who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief journalists.

An official with al-Qaida confirmed the killings, describing the attack as a “massacre” and saying that women and children had been killed as well although he provided no evidence to back his claim. He said Apache attack helicopters struck the area from the air before dropping commandos in for the raid, which took place near Yakla village in Radaa district. He spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Just over a week ago, suspected U.S. drone strikes killed three other alleged al-Qaida operatives in Bayda province in what was the first-such killings reported in the country since Trump assumed the U.S. presidency.

The tribal officials said the Americans were looking for al-Qaida leader Qassim al-Rimi, adding that they captured and departed with at least two unidentified individuals.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, long seen by Washington as among the most dangerous branches of the global terror network, has exploited the chaos of Yemen’s civil war, seizing territory in the south and east.

The war began in 2014, when Shiite Houthi rebels and their allies swept down from the north and captured the capital, Sanaa. A Saudi-led military coalition has been helping government forces battle the rebels for nearly two years.

Separately, Yemen’s president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi a day earlier called for the remnants of his parliament, many of whom are in exile in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, to convene in the country’s southern city of Aden, where he is struggling to establish government control.

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More shitskins died so it's still a net win

Pick one

if we ban them maybe they will put there house in order so we won't have to

He didnt fly so good

This is journalism now?

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Yes, Zog would complain about Zog!

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He thinks it's stupid to announce attacks remember.
TBH if you wake up tomorrow, Palestine is gone, Irans been nuked and Middle Eastern Oil is flowing like water and fuel drops to practically nothing. Would you complain?

D*g bless our greatest ally!


The whole US is fueled by blood

That is almost the same countries that General Cuck Clark mention when Bush wanted a new map for the middle east.

And salt currently.

I see Saudi Arabia has completely failed in fighting literal goatfuckers in their backyard and now needs Uncle Sam's help.

Yes because then we would move on to having to fight Turkey and Saudi Arabia to protect Israeli interests.

webm related :^)

Israel runs Greece Turkey and Cyprus already.
They literally just bought Greece and Cyprus to save them.
Saudis are Israeli.

We are reaching levels of brain damage that shouldn't even be possible

A few dead foreign shitskins is not gonna solve anywhere near the problems removing even 1 ZOG leader would. Celebrating random dead people is exactly the thing you need to do to keep discrediting yourself (or rather to keep discrediting pro-Whites, you shill)

Erdogan is literally the next Qaddafi.

They aren't literally Israeli unless you have a source for that. In a scenario where they are the last "superpowers" in the ME, both Israel and Saudi Arabia will fight to destroy each other.

This isn't a celebration thread, an American died pointlessly shooting goat herders and trash collectors as seen in this video

My source is the modus operandi of the jews.
Massive natural resource that's been fought over for 100 years. Jews always steal/marry or buy their way into everything of value. Jews owned the oil companies from the beginning. How did they manage that if sheiks aren't really (((sheiks))).

So they're crypto-Jews not Israelis. In the Tel Aviv Steve wet dream scenario where Iran is nuked, the sheikhs aren't going to declare themselves as Jews and move to Israel but rather turn their Sunni hordes against Jerusalem.

shit dude semantics over semetics.
Of course they're cryptos they're pretenting to be arabs.

the saudi royal blood line is well documented to have kiked up blood. Holla Forums was digging deep into that shit and then next thing we knew there was a distraction war in syria.

And these possibly crypto-Jews are so far removed from Israel that they do not have the same long term goes as the Israelis and in a scenario where they lose their uniting enemy, Iran, they would overnight become enemies, almost exactly like the US and USSR in 1945. I really hope you aren't actually an Israeli because this should be common knowledge.

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I'm aware, see


What the hell were these US soldiers doing in Yemen ? such a pointless death.

Why are we helping Saudi Arabia? Fuckers are getting raped in their shitty war. We need to help the Houthis before they end up another enemy to us.

no they wont

Which part of that video says they won't?

mourn why?

no.. posting the same exact fucking posts in two different threads makes you a shill look at the pic again

the video fails to mention Saudi Arabia's interests but it should be clear to put two and two together to figure out the House of Saud doesnt want any competitors in the oil producing market in the ME since that would weaken their ability to lobby the USA and the West into paying exorbitant sums for their oil and tolerating the continued spread of wahhabist islam across the islamic world


Good little zogbots!
Cheer your troops on while they march and die for Israel!

Wanna know how I know you're not from here?

Then you agree that if Iran were to be toppled it would only be natural for Isreal and Saudi Arabia to fight each other, being the only true competitors left.

tbh we have used ZOGbot to refer to the US army on numerous occasions on this section of the tubes

no because its not in their interests to fight
because of the pipelines, if israel invaded arabia the arabs would pull a saddam out of spite
and if the arabs invaded israel they would haemorrhage shekels for every day the kikes stop exporting oil to the west


true, though the shills in this thread are far too obvious

t. newfag

The Madman is actually switching sides


If they are fighting over pipeline supremacy it is only natural for Israel and Saudi Arabia to become enemies in the future. Also warfare isn't about overt invasion and occupation anymore.



why fight over pipeline supremacy when they joint own the pipelines together and make big shekels off it
why are you pushing for it?
the jews and the crypto-jews of the ME are never going to be at war with one another
if they are ever at war with one another you can guarantee it'll only be a front for something they're both sneakily working on together
christ ISIS is made out of wahhabist sunnis
wahhabist sunnis are supported and given aid by Saudi's who are the main proselytizers of wahhabist islam
israel has been caught multiple times supplying ISIS and IDF have been captured training ISIS and false flagging as jihadi's to support destabilizing Iraq and Syria

Yemen specifically has jack shit to do with pipelines. It's very important as a shipping chokepoint, however. The gulf states can't let Iran control it because pretty much all Europe and America-bound shipping does through the straits there. So they toppled the Shia dominated government, which then rose in revolt against the new "Arab spring" Sunni one. Saudis have also been directly involved on the ground but keep getting massacred by the desert monkeys in pajamas and slippers.


ITT: Crusades if Europe gets attacked by muslims; ZOG if the fight was taken to the muslims.

didnt the saudis buy from the israelis and then drop a neutron bomb on some houthis because they couldnt take a position?

I'll believe it when I see it.

Read the article I posted, it's more or less the new American strategy.


Can you even keep up with the disussion? If Saudi Arabia's and Israel's common enemy is gone, Iran, then they do not skip merrily into the sunset together, they begin their plans to undermine one another. Unless, as some user tried to imply earlier, the House of Saud are literally Israeli operatives, read Isreali not crypto-Jewish, Saudi Arabia is not an Israeli ally.

The only thing the ME has is perpetual warfare, there is nothing valuable there for the US now that we can start fracking for our own while finally investing in nonshit tier alternatives under Trump.

Just another day on r/Politically_Correct

Top fucking kek

if Iran is removed as a threat then the Saudis and israelis work on the next stage of the plan
where Egypt is carved up between them
where the Sinai region and the Suez canal end up in israels hands while the rest of Egypt suffers an islamic revolution

Egypt is a nonplayer at this point and doesn't replace the uniting enemy that is Iran. Not even going to ask for a source on that telegram-from-Tel Aviv tier "the plan" shitposting either.

wouldn't a stabilized middle east give way for the white military to fight off china and africa?

and how would the ME be stabilized?
the last time it was even remotely stable or peaceful was when Rome still marched under Caesars golden eagle

of course Egypt isnt an alternative to Iran
but it will be the next target after Iran falls to ZOG

Oh fuck you you kike bots. Jesus fucking Christ, celebrating a US soldier's death for House of Saud.

You're both utter scumfucks


If Iran were to hypothetically fall, no country can replace the kind of effort that went into toppling it, Egypt being one of the farthest from it. All that newfound time and energy that went from Israel and Saudi Arabia to Iran has to go somewhere and it can't all go to a place like Egypt. Conflict between the two is the only place where it would go if Iran were to fall.

you know outside of Riyadh and Mecca arabia is basically a lawless wasteland right?

It's a wasteland that would be full of Wahhabi mercenaries out of work if Iran were to fall. As a sheikh, you would need is 15 minutes of their time and some spoils that were from received removing Iran for them to become enemies of Israel.

whew lad


Is the use of special op solders connected to them being mostly white, and able to do their job, something the more tanned part of the army no longer manage?

OPs a fucking faggot; archive for the nypost story -

An American life is still much more valuable though, both as a piece of machinery on the battlefield and of course intrinsically to us.


I guess he was upset we weren't bombing white countries anymore.