Blacks and whites clash over land in Pretoria

Blacks and whites clash over land in Pretoria

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Race war? The boers will lose without help. What can we do?

The boers would welcome it

Not really, we could win easily if whites here just started to act like a folk again. Move south and build a wall around the Cape.

I wonder how guards would deal with a protest like that in Prison.


A notorious white supremacist who once threatened to wage war rather than allow black rule in South Africa was hacked to death at his farm yesterday following an argument with two employees. Eugene Terre'Blanche's mutilated body was found on his bed along with a broad-blade knife and a wooden club, police said.

"He was hacked to death while he was taking a nap," one family friend, who did not wish to be named, told Reuters.


This is the thing about them in SA. Almost all white people here have some sort of security system and a private security company that comes out to deal with them, because the cops are niggers too and they really don't give a fuck, they'll jump into your yard at 1 AM with a group of like 5 niggers and kill anyone they find in the house if you don't have some means of protection.

Lad they gave us Brits a fucking good kicking when we tried to annex them again. There were a fucking handful of the blighters in comparison to our forces. One of the bravest nations, without doubt. God bless the boers, the crafty fucking cunts.

I hope this serves as an example for future generations of why you never, ever, ever, negotiate with blacks or give them anything at all.

We gave them everything in africa too - their ancestors sold tribes into slavery, which we abolished. We gave them schools and hospitals, thinking it would help improve the country. But no, any ape with above average intelligence fled the country sharpish because they knew it would never improve. Fucking niggers tbh lad.


How about invest in Orania and Kleinfontein to improve Afrikaner self-determination? Otherwise assuming you don't live in (South)Africa you're just larping.

I think you mean the Boers and some of the Afrikaners. The other whites are beyond cucked and will try and side with the nigger communists thereby defeating the purpose.

It's gotten to the point where the police in SA are the same as the police in other countries in Africa. They are either incompetent and do absolutely nothing or they're loyal ANC cunts and most liekly sabotage investigations and purposely let criminals go scot-free. The only good cops (black/white/coloured/asian) are the ones who work in private law enforcement. By the way, everyone on Holla Forums posts about the Special Task Force (op Afrikaans; Spesiale Taakmag) and how wonderful they are while pointing to that three part documentary, but the reality is that now, they are horse shit. To this point, most of the former STF/STM work in private security because of the incompetence of the police.

do we have an independent source on the ground? News24 is about as leftist garbage as the SABC is these days.

lad, they've already lost in '94The only thing they can do now, is preparethink back to how the mujahideen humiliated both the Soviets and the Americans on their own turfyou know how an insurgency works, don't you?I'm not advocating violence, I am just giving my opinion of what could happen in the faggot rainbow nation.


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quick question: is afrikaans still spoken widely in south africa, or has it been replaced by nigger languages like bantu?

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Haven't downloaded the bonus map pack yet, how is it?

There are 11 official languages. Afrikaans was never truly widely spoken, except by the Afrikaners and the elites. You could argue it was subserviant to English especially when international trade was a consideration.

oh, ok
as a nederkanker i'm fascinated by it, its like a redneck version of my language


True, it's like an Englishman going south of the Mason-Dixon. There used to be an american-derived Dutch language, but it died out in the 18th century.

This is the epoch of Leftism, especially when their obvious bad economic plans go to shit, such as give everyone free good housing, they resort to being 'for the people and their shacks' lol. If SA is ever going to survive it won't it needs economic policies akin to the Botha period, but I don't foresee that ever happening.

t. felon



fry em up boys.

This. Donate/invest money in Orania, or donate/invest money in the all-white slum communities in SA.

Hey dipshit, the boers are outnumbered 10-to-1 in a country full of niggers who despise them, and control nearly all the resources, including the army and police. If it came to a full-blown race war, the boers would either be completely slaughtered or be forced to flee overseas.

how many chances of that?

Not a lot, boers seem to still have some family values, but the rest of the white population seems pretty indoctrinated. You have to remember that they don't show the white killings on the news. They keep them unaware of what's happening.

Wanna try that with a little more explanation? Is it just a fuse in there? Any primer go off before the hairspray?

If you ran into a random white in a South African street, would they understand both English and Afrikaans?


Gimmie dat witey

video source?