Hours after Donald Trump signs Muslim ban, a Texas mosque burned to the ground

The night after Donald Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim nations from entering the U.S.—a ban that has already begun legal fights—a mosque in Texas was burned down early Saturday morning.


Someone needs to shoop a smug pepe in front of the mosque.

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whatcha doing imam

All of you and Jews will pay the price for it.

He can't keep getting away with it

GIMP really isn't that hard to use, and it's free.

Friendly reminder the list has nothing to do with Muslims but with regime change :^) >>9034355

Draw a circle in under 1 minute and tell me again it's easy to use

Actually it is a cowardly act. The same kind of retarded logic the real terrorists use.
hurp a derp, we burnt their church down.
The congregation is still there and they will just build a nice new shiny one with the go fund shekels.
Shit like this is low energy and doesn't accomplish much.

oh what a shame

Do it for us then.

We need a shoop of this we don't already have one.

Do it yourself you lazy faggot.

Hey Habib, whacha doin?


Huh I guess they really did shut it down

pure coincidence that a Islamic house of worship would get burned to the ground a few hours after trump's terrorist ban such serindipatis timing Whatcha doing Mahammad? INDEED 🙂

Whatever user. Whats next ?
Baptist's start torching the Pentecostal church down the road.
This does nothing but garner sympathy from other non Muslims in the community and
make The Emperor look bad.
You don't gain anything positive from this type of thing.

I guess you can say, the fire rises

We gain one less mosque and one less place for the cockroaches to congregate and plan anti-white activities

They did it themselfes like they do with their rapfugee homes in Europe and blame the ebil Nazis.

PRcuck plz go and stay go. We President now. The time for PR has passed.


except they are known to burn down their own mosques for sympathy points from gullible kafir
you'd know that if you weren't a concern troll

That's why jews don't need the holocuast the justify the existance of Isreal XD

Turn off your Talmudvision user. It's killing you softly.

It's called Taqiyya, kikes have something similar but it has to do with oaths to YHVH.


Have we reached the boiling point yet? Feels like it's coming.

most likely scenarios:

a) some fucking retard that is pro-trump and doesnt understand how this works

b) muslim "false flag" for obvious reasonshell maybe its for insurance or gofundme money lmao, possibly flase flag from some antifa direct action tard trying to be double triple sneeki, or a different group that is anti-trump and callous enough

c) false flag coordinated from deepstate elements aligned against trump, possibly using one of the above

normally id go with C first but i dunno about this one it doesnt seem very coordinated

I believe so.

I wonder why though. Because Trump is emboldening people to do the acts they have wanted to for a while? Because alternative media is shining a spotlight? Because people see what's happening in Europe and want to preempt it? Because people are tired of the cultural marxism jammed down their throats at every turn for the last few years? Or is it just because people are sick of the shitskins in their backyard? Just some questions I think about in regards to this from time to time

only thing that has reached a boiling point is your brain from memes, this is meaningless in the long run, some cunt will likely try to pull legislation out of this but ultimately it will probably just end up being one more alarmist talking point from the usual crowd

stop acting like this is weimar or something nigger, it isnt even if you want it to be

I've heard it said before that the American President isn't just there to make executive orders and sign bills. He's a figurehead. He's a symbol, and he sets the tone for the country with the way he carries himself and the things he says in speeches. Like him or not, people listen to the Present of the United States of America. He is absolutely emboldening people to do things – and really, isn't that what a leader is supposed to do?

A leader inspires those beneath him to take action. He does this by example, by taking action himself and setting the standard for everybody else. He does this by influence, by leveraging advantages and making deals. He does this by strength, by instilling his followers with pride and his enemies with fear.

niggers burn their own church down, and then muds follow suit. could this be the next hip new trend?

you are fucking stupid. the only 'people' that torched anything down is the fucking muslims themselves.

Jesus christ how can you operate a computer and not figure that out in Current Year +2 / T-day +9

No like, all Mosques will be reduced to ashes

your quads suggest it will be the hippest new trend right before the hoppin' trend of shooting marxists where they stand takes hold

Nah the Marxists will just shoot themselves.

Looks like "Crew" is finally here.



What is this meme?

Well, at least they destroyed something that was more or less theirs.




CTR got rebranded after their disastrous attempt shilling for Hillary. Now Soros has them shilling general lefty propaganda here

Cool fire Ahmed but you don't get invited to the white house now Trump is president

So the people calling CTR "Crew" are the same as the ones calling ISIS "Daesh". What's with Jews and their slimy word games anyways?

By the way remember when they tried to infiltrate Holla Forums and make people call niggers "Googles"?

GIMP really isn't that hard to use faggot

plus it's free

What muslim ban, Trump has done no such thing?

Trump has merely extended a pre-existing banning order Obama already made on nations actively fighting against the jewish created ISIS/ISIL/DAESH whatever name they invent.

This ban does not include saudi arabia, qatar, uae and bahrain… etc

All Trumps supporters here cheer that Trump has banned muslims, despite the fact this in no way bans any muslims from entering America, and more to the point simply means those coming in from those cited countries (that isreal doesn't like), need to obtain a Visa from the US state before coming over and doing whatever the zionist neo-cons paid and trained them to do.

Same thing with the lobbying news.

How does the bill stop Jared Kushner, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Steven Mnuchin, Stephen Miller, Carl Icahn, Gary Cohn, Boris Epshteyn, David Shulkin, Reed Cordish, Avrahm Berkowitz, Kissenger et al from directing all American policies?

Why has Holla Forums become the cheerleader for zionist neo-cons push for the wrong war?

The have 65k in two days. There just going to rebuild.
Wow great victory

The Emperor wouldn't condone this or RWDS and you know that.
You can push that meme if you want, to no avail.

That type of false flag is possible but I would think it was more likely rednecks.
Victoria Tx. isn't exactly a high profile location.

Don't watch the electric jew, ever. Haven't in 8 years. Stop after King Nog got in.

Dream on idiot. That will never happen and you know it.
About as likely as all the nogs getting sent back to Africa.

Honestly it could have been self inflicted I will give you that.
If it was rednecks it was a bad idea.
You have to take the high road and fight an Ideological war with the Law behind you.
Just like the Emperor has done and is doing. The U.S. is not Iraq or any other mussie country and we on the right need to ask WWTED. (what would the Emperor do?)

"Newspeak" term of derision to anyone that dares criticise Trump

It's basically the crypto-kikes that have steered this board into being a closed hive to cheer on Zionist neo-cons into the whitehouse for the JWO using it.

You can spot them by their insistence that Trump has no reason to uphold any values intrinsic to our own.

Anything he does which contradicts his own promises is 1488 Dimension solitaire or something.

what are you babbling about you fucking downsie, dont fucking throw me in with other random niggers you hormonally imbalanced transient, if you think this shit means anything youre being willfully retarded, its a diversionary tactic at most, I already said its very likely raj taj haj set their building on fire

can you stop having an emotional reaction to everything you fucking vagina, jesus K christ

hue do they at least do drift racing while they shill

thats not how you build a clock Ahmed

Got someone else to do it for me.

just as a reminder
muslims have been routinely torching their own mosques in order to get attention and stir the pot
if a mosque gets torched immediately after something happens on the news 9/10 its a mudshit trying to recruit more jihadi's from his inbred community


This will make a good desktop wallpaper.

You of course mean kikes, hence the age old joke "Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?"

Of course projection and lying is intrinsic to islamic teachings also known as Kol Nidre..

kikes of course have always done it too
muslims also do that same shit
the semites always false flag themselves to portray themselves as the victim

I think his implication is that Muslims basically are Kikes, ethnically anyways.

oh yeah Kek true
sorry I've been drinking ginger wine and mead for the last few hours bit sloshed
only good semite is a dead and forgotten semite

You need to go back faggot.

why did you double post…

make me

Don't post things when you're drunk or you'll write something stupid enough to warrant a fed visit eventually.



feds would Assange levels of extrajudicial/territorial licence to justify going after me lad
and with the TPP flushed down the toilet well and truly I'd say im pretty safe

Mohammed don't worry , if it makes you feel better i will reserve you a sit in the oven right next to Shlomo.

Dumb sandniggers, you don't actually destroy anything while falseflagging. Take it from Rabbi Noseberg using soluble paint for swastikas.

"no theories" = shitskin false flag


Look at the Pepe


Nice spacing CTR

As the meme masters say, "call the police, see if I give a fuck."

That's a good one.

I will put real money on it being another Muslim burning it down.

Sure is going to look awkward when no signs of breaking, and entering isn't found, and the fire is found to be started from the inside as that picture shows.

Guys, we don't have to do a thing, they'll be burning their own places down for victimbucks, and media spin.

Just burn down a synagogue, Ahmed!

How will the media spin this if the perp happens to be a spic?

Of course it did.
Towelheads are stupid, but not THAT stupid.
They do this all the time to get pity and gibs.

Pic related, distraught refugees looking on a horrible disaster, they didn't get to sleep in those tents that day ;-;

bet it was either a jew or a guy who went to that church that did it

such an obvious false flag

came to post this.

/thread at the first post.

neither mosques or kike temples should be on any land owned by any white civilization. Them getting burned down is a just and noble act. Give me a chance to be on the jury for anyone whom burns down one of their dens of evil and those boys will never be convicted.

Nothing wrong with it what so fucking ever. Legitimate military target due to their own words and actions against my volk. Terrorists target non combatant civilians. Nothing more. And these bastions of invasion and terror are anything but innocent in the attempted genocide of my people.

Be thankful they are just being burnt down and only when nobody is there. Showcases the compassion and love that white humans exhibit even when it clearly is not deserved.

Taqiyya is related to Shias (Raafidis) religion only, but in Islam (Sunni muslims) do not have anything to hide.



Sunnis lie too, MIDF.


Who cares who did it? We should compile a list of all anti-muslim attacks (even if it turned out that a Sikh or other non-muslim was victimized). This list could then be translated into arabic and farsi along with a plea to prospective immigrants warning them of the danger that would face them in the West. Who in their right mind would go to a country they believe to be the home of people who despise them? I remember Australia did something similar with a comic about a guy who spent a lot of money smuggling himself to Oz only to be sent back without so much as a fruit basket.

Now would be a good time for a flamethrower


Daesh is a contraction of Islamic state in Iraq and as-Sham in arabic. You're a faggot.

Bet 20 shekels it's a "Whatcha doin Ibrahim"

Yes and cuckchan ate that stupid shit up. Of course it came out weeks later that it was an experiment in forced memology. Anyway CREW is almost too faggoty to say, I might just stick with calling these pathetic shills CTR

Quads confirm. Untermensch are gonna remove themselves, Kek awesome.


All of them are permitted lie, Ahmed. If Mohammed did it (spoiler: he did), it's a legit action and any of them who disagree are essentially apostates who can then be murdered by their own faggot friends if they want an excuse to do it.


heh, that's one way to get some renovations done.

I honestly hope it is actual arson though and not some jewy mudshit taking advantage of the political climate.

I honestly don't care if heretics torch other heretics.

The last time something like this happened it was a nigger who was an attendee and follower of the religion.

Whatcha doin' Achmed?

seems legit


sorry, i guess he should have said "it's easy to use if you're not fucking retarded."
ellipse select, shift drag to get perfect circle, fill black, shrink selection by n pixels, fill white.
or you could use Gfig and draw a circle, with 88 equal spikes if you want, in under 10 seconds. but this kind of shit is what inkscape/illustrator is for. if you're making geometric shapes in a raster program you're already a dipshit.

(polite sage for off topic)

Go back to reddit, cuck.

Sauce on song for the first webm?

And Christians have the variant where they can repent and have all the shit they've caused negated somehow. All semitic ideologies have this strange dialectic where "lying is terribly wrong, but you can do it as much as you like."

but Christianity requires the retroactive act of repentance at least
for the others its straight up not a crime
its why the Roman Emperors of Byzantium created the Varangian Guard
because pagan Germanics/Norse from Denmark, England and Norway could be trusted more than any Christian in his Empire not to get caught up in political intrigue and murder their own emperor

Christians have one sin that is unforgivable under any circumstance: denying the Holy Ghost.

That means real christians will sooner martyr themselves than renounce their religion to save their mortal hide.

Pathetic, I thought Texans weren't cucks.

Incidentally this is what kept me a Christian for so many years. It was a threshold I was unwilling to cross.

Yeah, but they switch it up a bit culturally to suit the circumstances how seriously they take it and how large/small the penance is. At times it has been as easy as a few shekels. During the invasions and subjugation of germanic and nordic tribes it was a powerful tool, because these people were unprepared for having their fellow tribesmen who had converted brazenly lie to them, coming from a honor culture rather than pragmatic semitism.

Yes, Islam and kikery have similar precepts.

Islam gives you a complete pass on lying if your lie serves Islam.

Yes, and?

nice painting user
have some more
I can only assume from the red hair, portly belly and dead christian its an unfavourable depiction of Nero again
really have to get over demonizing him tbh he enjoyed making jews run up and down his palatial garden while shooting at them for sport from his balcony





Christianity gives you a free pass on murder as long as you ask Jesus for forgiveness.

Yes, and?

The discussion is about the dishonesty of Muslims.

The discussion should be the dishonesty of all good goy Abrahamic religions.

I don't advocate for any of the Abrahamic religions. However Islam is undeniably more conducive to lying than Christianity. Islam explicitly allows it.

Christianity is just a death cult, you can safely ignore them.

Islam will kill you though. They're a murder cult.



Make it rhyme. The Jew Crew.

That's exactly how this should work.
You think Trump is going to change his positions because a mosque gets burnt?
You think he's going to lose a single vote because mosques get burnt?

No man. The People rise up and avenge their republic. The President they voted for does everything legal to preserve it. That's how we send the message to the Saracen: we don't want you here.

They're cowards and weaklings at heart. When our leaders aren't stabbing us in the back they will run from our swords.


You're forgetting


Please don't tell me you honestly believe in a 'meme god'.

Don't tell me you honestly believe in the supposed god of Abraham.

Until the new one mysteriously gets burned down

Hey Imam, watcha doin?!?

It could be other muslims burning down the mosque of less holy muslims. I would bet on jewish imams doing it for the insurance money and donations though.

oh my fucking god, I love the current year already