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It's weird, this feeling. I voted for Trump, and I memed here on Holla Forums and in real for him, and I knew he would win, but I never actually expected him to be so based as President. I guess I was trying to prepare not be let down, and now…this is just the best. Honestly the best.

We're going to win so much, you're gonna get tired of it.

I love this man.
I remember when some anons used to praise Putin and call him the savior of the west, well, now he has an strong ally against the liberal world order.

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Can't wait for Geert Wilders and Le Pen to join in our crusades.

Enough is enough!

Yeah I'm getting too good to be true vibes now, like this is all a dream.

Thank you fuckers for memeing this hard. I wish to bless you with == KURWA == powers so you can conquer the ancient homeland again.


I want him to do a tour of Britain, France and Sweden just to get a firsthand look of what's going on. Hearing about it is one thing, to witness it is astounding.

You burgers better have the Trumpenfuhrur's back. He's trying to take on the globalists with few allies and is already hitting heavy with his punches.
If Trump manages two terms nationalists in Europe will be sure to have assistance, and the great uncucking can begin.
Even if we have continual propaganda from the lugenpresse people all round the world can still see the many positive changes in America and legitimize more nationalists.

Samson Looms.

That vid has some great memery.



I like him more everyday

Every single person I know who voted Trump is willing to fight for him. If anything happens to him blood will run and the Civil War our forefathers fought in will look tame in comparison.

Save us Trump. Europa needs you.

Reminder once we push the mudfolk out of America, we'll come to expel them from Europe; then we will expel them from the Mediterranean basin, our ancient European clay.

Could he send an American general and make some kind of European Army like the French Foreign Legion?


I have a two-year contract left in my company, I'm starting to think about moving to the US if things are going this smoothly.

Relax, it might seem out there but it's the same man who ran a casino taking massive financial losses just to meme the idea that "Trump always wins" into the minds of people with "the Trump card" and he did it decades before meme magick was even known to us. I'm far far far from being sick of winning but Trump is clearly the best shot at salvation as anyone has been able to see in our lifetimes.

The Memes are just beginning!

God Emperor Trump is going to create a New White World Order


Wew, checked.


We didn't let our memes be dreams.
We're all gonna make it bro.

Kurwa here. Ready to works as a mercenary. Can fight for food and bullets. Let's kill some commies.

I came into this thread just to check these dubs


are you ready to holocaust Brussels? I know I am

I didn't think he'd keep banting this hard after he won but my god… the bantz… they just keep coming.


Same. I had pretty low expectations but it turned out really good. Maybe Kek is truly with us.

he is not a sell out ,he is not all talk ,he is a brilliant tacticianer , he does what he says he will do ,he is a real man ,his word is his bond his integrity is without reproach he is an honorable human being ,he is our potus and he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN


I'm more angry that Holla Forums doesn't help meme European politicians more. Trying to save America is good and all but Europe is literally the homeland of white people. We have to do something.

There's not much to do for English speaking people outside Britain. We don't really need it though, we're doing quite a good job on our own. However you're delusional if you think Europe will be liberated 2017 or 2018. We're just not there yet. After 2020 starts to look more likely.

We need translators.

But we have memed the leader of Europe. You shall come to know the God-Emperor and he shall name his Primarchs to lead you.

Donald J trump Quote


Euros do nothing but ridicule amis on the chans, mostly because theyve bought into the libshit narrative of the stupid american, even though our iq level is weighed down by niggers. If euros didnt have such an undeserved superiority complex, it would be easier to help.

Mikhail Kulkinovich

More like Americans can't handle banter. You'll notice most Euros give each other just as much shit.

But ye I agree it's ridiculous we should expect any help from Americans. It's our own situation to deal with and this fucking cucked attitude where we keep expecting America to lead us and tell us what to do must go. Except for Germany, America ought to unfuck what they fucked there.

Get your swords ready, faggots!


When did things get so literal? I can't believe this is real.

Welcome to the Berenstain Universe. Where the Steins are all reduced to blood stains on the ground.

I wouldn’t go to France.

So amazing. Trump is really way better than I could have even imagined - and we are just at the beginning of things.

I've took some glimpse at his tweets and the reaction from those people that despise him is quite astounding

No matter what he will say, they will always, always trash-talk towards him.
Just take a look at this twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/825368580325773312

The insanity of those people is beyond any rational thoughts. It seems that the butthurt of the election loss still lingers.


the meme's are alive, with the sound of beautiful magic

This is nice too

Praise Kek

Only at that point which is darkest, do you see the light.


Not bad, I'm partial to the tron legacy soundtrack

That game was weird, man.



Nationalism shall rise from the ashes, my friend.

If you need anymore proof that libtards live and breath social media networks you only need to look at Donald Trumps twitter.
While it was okay to see them here and there during the race, now any time he makes a single tweet about anything these assblasted retards are out in droves, spamming their asspain so hard you can't even see Trump supporters in his feed anymore.

that still gives me chills

It's strange having a President actually doing his job.

I love his fireside tweets

The smelly mystery meat cab drivers at the airport are aping out and the Jews on twitter are kevetching. No need to even pack a lunch. We could wipe them out and still catch the second half of a ballgame.

Trump is a magnificent genius bastard. And there are still people that doubt his strategy? He's playing them like fools and in all of their asshurt to try and find shit to cry about, he's getting them to look and search feverishly and find more and more shit out in their poor attempts to try and stump the trump.

Surpassing all other kings, heroic in stature,
brave scion of New York, wild bull on the rampage!
Going at the fore he was the vanguard,
going at the rear, one his comrades could trust!

A mighty bank, protecting his warriors,
a violent flood-wave, smashing a stone wall!
Wild bull of Trump, Donald, the perfect in strength,
suckling of the august Wild Frog, the goddess Heqet!

Donald the tall, magnificent and terrible,
who opened passes in the mountains,
who dug wells on the slopes of the uplands,
and crossed the ocean, the wide sea to the sunrise;

who scoured the world ever searching for life,
and reached through sheer force Hitler the Distant;
who restored the cult-centers destroyed by Obama,
and set in place for the people the rites of the cosmos.

Who is there can rival his kingly standing,
and say like Trump, 'It is I am the king'?
Donald was his name from the day he was born,
two-thirds of him god and one third human.

This is some amazing logic bullshit they're pulling.

and to think that I doubted Trump

Oy g'inshallah infidels, you can't go around telling people about Saudi crimes!

reminds me of this


here's a juicy quote

>'We say Europe is the continent of white people and it should remain that way,' Mr Voigt said.

it's so sad to go to europe as a white canadian and I assume australian or american or argentinian (kek) or whatever else white outside to europe and see the flood of shitskins there and even if you were a huge leftist cuck before it's just a special kind of infuriating to see that many on europe the continent of whites. that annoying outraged feeling.

Yeah that's some mental gymnastics bullshit there

Same with basically all other bullshit on there, they don't care if they lie.

It's hilarious to me. After he got elected the liberals' defence was 'He's not actually going to do the things he says' and now he is and they're MAD

Why do you persist?

"Conveniently" Forgotten about the Iranian Hostage Crisis
Forgotten about Mogadishu aka Black Hawk Down.
Have they forgotten ISIS already?
Did they forget about the Gulf War, The Taliban, and Al-Qaeda?

This is a copy and paste of Obama's list.


I especially love how they've conveniently forgotten about "the war on terror" or that american military doesn't count as americans in their eyes. But it's ripe for the picking, ripe for the btfo'ing

Because their fragile bubble world is shattering away to reality, and they don't want to open their eyes.
But hey, if it causes them to end up dropping redpills without realizing, or get others to look into the crimes and killings and justify expanding the mudslime ban even more, by all means.

Forgotten about benghazi

Don't want to sort of agree with them but the Iranians didn't kill any hostages. The only Americans that were killed were killed because one of the helicopters crashed and caught fire during the aborted Operation Eagle Claw

Doesn't matter though. Iranians have killed plenty more Americans. There's also the Fatwa they put out on Salman Rushdie, and the list should be disregarded for claiming Iraqis have never killed any Americans alone. We fought two fucking wars with them


Disregarding the fact that those numbers are ridiculously dishonest (Iraq = Iraq War = 0) why didn't the Saudis, Emiratis, Lebs and Egyptians get banned?





Not even all the American casualties in Iraq were soldiers. I'm pretty sure the Iraqis killed a lot of journalists and a lot of foreign aid workers

Trips confirm

They're not war zones. Trump can't swing it without Congress intervening.

hes completely unhinged, iif hhe doesnt get assasinated I'll be shocked, godspeed though



He's fully in charge of immigration, he can ban whoever he sees fit.


Are you me? Still it's a fun ride. Status quo BTFO forever.

Funny how history will repeat itself. Democrats starting Civil War yet again. It's like some mercurial deity is laughing right now.

Criminally underappreciated post. Bravo to this stylisaztion.

The Emirates and Egypt aren't, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon technically are.



yeah yeah yeah he cucks for israel a bit too much but he's also one of the only pro-white politicians in western europe. he'll have to do. for now.

We need natives, and ultimately it MUST be natives who push these movements in their own countries.

A lot of us don't speak the language, nor intimate with the local colloquialisms, memes. We can give some advice, maybe be a personal army for an OP, but your dreams won't fruit depending on outsiders.

Like what can we do to convince Italians to sink any fucking rapefugee's boats, instead of escorting them into the country, where they then go to France, etc…?

How do we cuck the Pope from his position, so DEUS VULT can rise up?

We maintain decent diplomatic ties with them (in the case of Egypt because of Israel)

there is no way in hell all those zeroes are right. In fact, it is quite likely that none of the zeroes are right (the less interesting countries probably had at least had a few incidents where American tourists were mugged and killed).

It is beautiful that our enemies are helping us justify spreading the ban to Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Lebanon!



So friends, what's Trump gonna do tomorrow to counter this cuckery?

Another exec order for mudslimes to share a house with the cunt judge so she can get enriched?

I went to France and the UK last year. If anything Holla Forums is far too lenient.

The time for uprisings was like 30+ years ago.

I can't believe they're falling for this the same way they fell for Trump posting about nigger crime stats. It's exactly the same trick.


What do you Americans think about white Britons immigrating to America? I'm thinking of doing it.

You can run, but you'll only die tired. Go to somewhere like Maine, it's liberal as fuck but it's mostly white and it's the best chance you have.

Wilders is a massive kike. Stop shilling him.

You should run because you can't hide

user no matter how far you run, they'll always catch up.

Also could someone address this

I don't trust Geerts. While I'm no fan of Trump's jewish associations, Geert is such a rabid zionist that Trump looks like Hitler in comparison.

With that said, Le Pen has a lot of potential and I'm optimistic that a lot of her father's politics have rubbed off on her. France has a difficult system for an outsider candidate to win, but in the post-Trump and Brexit world anything is possible.

haven't checked murdoch murdoch's videos in a while. time to correct this wrong…

I don't know who did that version, but they did a nice job on that derivative.
This one's mine.
Native project resolution available here (242.01 MB): endchan5doxvprs5.onion/bmw/res/4.html#13
Don't fuck it up.

do you work for the masketta man?

so what are the symbols in your webm, or the writing in the book? i would've expected saxon runes / sigils or something.


My webm is an animated derivative of this image. Any feature in the set ( MY_WEBM \ THIS_IMAGE ) is a feature I invented/added. The background text is not something I added.

Oh, the music is a section of Tay.ai by CYBERNAZI. I didn't invent the music.

C-can we go back to losing pls? ;_;

Its an edit of an icon of jesus, orthodox Christianity. The writing is Russian, I presume.


You might enjoy this


this seems irresponsible. not that i think that writing likely means anything like 'i am a huge faggot please rape my face.'
also, handwritten cyrillic looks fucking weird.



Priebus: No fucks given.

I'm saying I *didn't* put it there. Successful memes are evolutions of existing memes, not brand-new ones. The meme-space over time forms a weaving tapestry, not a bubbling soup.

Maybe you fucking europoors should do something about it then instead of expecting Americans to do everything for you. Again.

Isnt Wilders an actual kike? Wtf user

no user its greek.
do you want me to translate it?


Thats how bad the situation is here

It seems like Sunday is our day to recover from all the winning.

Thank you, Mr. President.


Didn't he make some promise about not taking a vacation? You won't even get Memorial Day of the 4th of July off from winning. You'll be winning on Labor Day, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Get used to it.

so before pepe said 'feels good man' he was foul bachelor frog, and before that advice dog? before wojak felt feels he was coolface.jpg? even if you accept that, somebody invented advice dog and somebody invented coolface. it's primordial archetypes for sure, but they can manifest without being part of an identifiable chain.
i would still be careful about re-publishing writing that i can't personally comprehend, because a lot of writing is fucking jewish lies.
the bayeux tapestry, no doubt.

Total cucks

That's the point of taking it dummy.

Ours, not Trump's. I was just commenting on how it seemed quieter today than the rest of the week, how now we're enjoying the kvetching of leftists in useless protests, media, and social media.
I wouldn't say no to another barrage of EO's leveling their defenses.

Holy shit that's amazing. I thought the 4D chess thing was just a meme but I guess he really is a fucking genius.

It was a Christian kingdom at one point. The only problem was in not trying to fill it with Europeans and it fell. I want all the Crusader States back.

Well it was during the height of "Getting real tired of your shit Hakim".

Oh, OK then. Yeah, make my Sunday.

I believe that twitter is highlighting negative responses towards trump, because I noticed that it's usually a small group of people that leave these dirty comments and become top comments. I would love to see one tweet without that disgusting liberal shit rubbed in just underneath. Nothing but scum, this waste. No matter, in time, they will disperse like the little rats that they are, and their little kvetching and crying will drown in the sound of a new america awakening to lead the white race to it's rightful place among the stars.

John 10
text in pic
modern greek

propably not the best translation but i included all the version in case you wanted to look it up

How many of you burgers have guns for LARPing on the internet?

I don't understand the question

You lads all go on about muh guns. Let's see 'em.

Europe is on our side, no matter how much damage control the kikes employ.

In my house we've got 2 AR-15s, and 2 handguns. Maybe more, I'm not exactly sure. I myself don't have a gun yet because I can't afford one, but I'll get one when I get the cash.

That's not enough. They need to fix their own fucking mess, Trumps got shit rolling over here. I gave up on yurope a long time ago. Until they prove they can get those niggers out, I'm expecting to all the countries to fall.

>These people are sick, angry, and horrible human beings. They know that they cannot defend their positions with logic, factual information, and debate, so they spread this bullshit. They don't have anything else but hate in their hearts.
Ban them. Fuck them. Make them go back to Holla Forums or other Nazi websites out there. They came to Reddit purely for exposure and they got it.
We need to grow a spine and fight meme magic.
Why can't we just rip and tear these faggots a new asshole?

Reddit\s a major news source for young people, which is why most of its users in the politics or news sections are brainwashed libtards. It's more dangerous than people think. That's our next generation there and their minds are being fucking poisoned.

The US had a pretty big part in it

IC HS means Jesus Christ

The U.S didn't have a fucking gun to Europes head when they decided to let all the mudslimes in. They have nobody to blame but themselves. When yurope inevitably dies all they can do is look around and realize this was their fault.

What do you mean "muh guns"? The right to bear arms is fucking vital


As an American, I think you're naive as to the level of influence our government has over Europe. The entire continent is basically military occupied and there are more peacetime US troops stationed in Germany than actual German soldiers.

We have no clue what happens behind the scenes, but small Europe nation states with zero military don't have a lot of negotiating power when an alien country halfway across the world has occupied your territory with military bases and nuclear weapons.

Remember that the (((American government))) is in no way a reflection of the American people, and we don't benefit in any way from the oppression of Europe. The true constituents of our government are Israel and international jews.

Its quite amazing how fast some of you faggots did a 180 after trump got elected and now you shit on the rest of the world and say the US was a good boy, he dindu nuffin. This will just turn into D&C faggotry but at least own up to what the US did. Before you blame the jews remember that they didnt hold a gun to the US head either :^)

They really are the scum of the earth. My anger towards them grows constantly, and I don't think the day would be far, when I could shoot them between the eyes and not feel a thing. As to the twitter thing, one user noticed that the most liked comments are generally pissant """journalists""" (read: blogposters with no expertise that sites like HuffPo pay minimum wage to make snarky comments) who probably have a bot army to give them upboats.

We can't afford to have that attitude towards our overseas comrades. There aren't enough white people in the goddamn world for such sweeping write-offs. Yes, the libshits over there deserve an agonizing death like any, but we can't condemn the europeans who are desperately trying to survive an insane world, just because they're outnumbered 5-to-1.

Fellow /k/ member, let me ask you. What are the names of your babies? I'm intending on picking this exact same loadout you have.

Firstly, fuck off hodd your games are trash. Second, I'm not saying U.S dindu nuffin. Your weak leaders didn't try to fight the opposition like the cucks they are. There are no resistance groups in Germany or France, trying to take back their country. At least in murka people fought to get Trump into power. In Europe non of you do anything but sit around. What's sad is they're scared of going to jail for trying to go against the government, they're scared to make sacrifices to prevent their country from being destroyed. How can fucking poland of all countries in yurope be the least enriched?

But the people in those countries don't do fucking shit like in the U.S. They don't fight, they don't rally for support of right wing leaders, they do absolutely fucking nothing. It's nothing but a bystander effect. All I see is yuropoors complain on here saying everyone is sick of it but when the rare people do take action there's no domino effect.

If Merkel gets another term even the emperor can't fix it. Hope you fuckers are ready to die.

Priebus makes me wonder how many cuckservatives are just party loyalists who will spend 8 years appearing to have a backbone.

Very underrated soundtrack. Something innately NATSOC about it.

I think you mean the kikes' mess, chaim

It is the kikes mess, you're right.

But no yuropoors tried to fight the mess they are still making. They sit around and wait for action, they don't take it. To be honest I'll be fucking glad when it burns, only then can it be rebuilt.

Cut it out with your D&C bullshit. You think RWDS would suddenly march on Washington and start shooting kikes if Hillary was elected? You're fucking delusional and we should appreciate the miracle that Trump was elected legally because most white Americans don't have the conviction to take the steps necessary had he lost.

Instead of dividing people we should recognize that Trump's victory is an opportunity for us to help Europeans with their own right-wing movements. The biggest difference between us and them is that we have 1st Amendment protections which means we can deny the Holohoax and criticize illegal shitskins without being thrown in jail. Only a jew could have as much disdain for other white people as you do.

Its amazing how ignorant you are, sure keep thinking its just because everyone is a cuck. You get fucking police visits for making your dog sieg heil, any resistance gets you thrown in jail. Western europes situation is in no way comparable to the US

Then you all will perish. But so is destiny for the doomed.

I have no disdain for whites, I have disdain for yuropoors. Your only opportunity is this German election, and you're not looking so hot. Unless someone bites the bullet and does something drastic, it seems you have no chance in this quick span of time. The German people are too pozzed, it will take 20 years for them to even get close to waking up. What's really depressing is even if Merkel was killed, schultz would win, and then Europe will be destroyed 10x faster.

All your europe are belong to us. You are on your way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time.

Ha ha ha ha ….

You've outed yourself as an anti-white kike. I'm American, not German. Filter and report this shill so that the adults can have a conversation.

Jesus are you 10?

Doesn't matter, when you get a bit older you'll understand that Europe is fucked. By the time you reach legal age it'll be too late anyways.

Why is this the only think we slavs are good at?

Ok. you can count me in, if theres no zubrowka available you can also pay me in beer, but only the unfiltered one! I don't drink that american piss you serve!

yeah, you're definitely a kike masquerading as a burger.

Jesus christ I wished I would never see the day people wouldn't recognize all your base.

What in God's holy name are you blathering about? Anyone who laughs at the demise of other white people is a kike, or someone with a kike mentality.

Thanks for battling for whites even though you're so young and naive. Glad the next generation might have a chance.

TBH, even here in Austria, we feel the wave.

Make Europe Great Again.

Sadly, I don't browse /k/ because I have only basic knowledge of guns. I don't name my guns either

I was bummed about Hofer losing because I thought the momentum was going to take us from Brexit → Trump → Hofer and then the sky was the limit.

Is Austria fucked with the chain-smoking commie in charge or are you guys optimistic? I don't know the political situation over there.

Kids nowadays just don't know the old memes.

We all recognized AYBABU. He was laughing at white genocide and mocking "yuropoors" when 60% of our country isn't even white. He clearly isn't one of us.

***40% but who's counting.

Hofer losing felt like some really shady shit happened especially him conceding right when the voting started and him only losing the previous election due to fraud.

It's my understanding that he started cucking out after his first victory was stolen from him and became pro-EU after campaigning previously on leaving. I wouldn't be surprised if the elections were rigged too (they were rigged here in the US in the big niggerfied cities, but it wasn't enough) but shifting to the middle destroys a lot of promising right-wing candidates.

I think it's more than evident that Europeans are inferior to Americans. They've had a lot more time to sort their shit out, they've even had their countries swarmed with immigrants and illegals, but no they like serving their zionist masters.

Fuck off chaim

t. American

Gas yourself kike

Dude what do you think will happen if European nationalism and white supremacy win out? People are gonna be pissed if the government starts putting out propaganda which depicts a non-kiked version of history.

Our mistake was always being too merciful. We'd accept bribes and treaties from the sand monkeys and go home. We'd only exile rather than slaughter the kikes. We'd raise up the colonial possessions rather than purge them.

The one instance wherein the non-white population was completely eradicated or enslaved(America) created the most powerful military empire in history, no other empire even at its peak could effectively equal all other powers in the world if they were placed on an abstract chess board without any politics getting in the way, and yet the US had that capability for 20-50 years depending on your opinion. Even the British Empire, arguably the most effective, affluent, and mild empire in history respective to its time could only defeat 3/5 of the other major powers.

What would have happened if we had killed ever nigger, every mestizo, every saracen, every kike, every pajeet, and every zipperhead outright. Which we could have done. There would be a half a dozen Americas enriching their colonial homelands with their wealth. There would be land to give every white male who wanted to farm or mine.

The prosperity would have been unimaginable. The glory of our colonial era would be like a guttering candle compared to a bonfire. We could have, and could in the future do virtually anything with such power.

All Americans are armed to the teeth

We're used to having our faces shoved into the dirt all the time. We were born into a dark age.


It's got four good songs, everything else is generic orchestral music.
Even Daft Punk knew this, which is why they released an EP called Translucence which solely contains said four songs.


trump slot machines scan for blue eyes / blond hair before big payouts


Fat chance, burger.
We'll move SIEG, for great justice!

Munich killer last year

Abdul Razak Ali Artan at Ohio State University

Paris terrorists
Hundreds, thousands of cut-throats, islamic state fighter

Yeah, what an injustice, it is like Switzerland

Lebanese rape gangs
Organized crime, home of several terrorist groups

Trump needs to ban Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, all of North-Africa and Pakistan (terror central) as well.
France, the UK and Germany naturalized so many muslim extremists*, “extreme vetting” is necessary here as well. Of course after 8 years of Obama the USA doesn't look better.
Germany naturalized a Turkish extremist after his release from Guantanamo; as a “thank you” he promply committed arson and burned down a home depot.

They did, Turks came to Germany because the US, NATO ordered it in the 1960's, as newly released files reveal. Search “Diplomatische Tauschgeschäfte” a book about how Germany was pressed to take foreign “workers”, Gastarbeiter”.

In addition, most Turks came to Germany via occupied Berlin, sidestepping German border control, claiming asylum, a reason why Berlin is one of the most pozed cities in Germany.

Nearly all influential German politicians are vetted and selected by the US since 1945. To make a career as a politicians in Germany you have to be member of at least one “transatlantist” organisation, best spend some time in the USA with one of your lobby-, think-tank-, pressure-groups, so they can check “trustworthiness”, obedience to the cause.
Merkel had her own minder and trainer in Stanley Gedmin.

Becoming a politician and influential outside of that circles is nearly impossible, not only would the similar controlled press refuse any support but attack the “dangerous radical”, the political police, “Verfassungsschutz” the office for the protection of the constitution would spy after him, regular police would search your home, your party office, your work office, would talk to your boss that you are a dangerous radical. They would try to make lose your job, business, banks would refuse any private, business or political party accounts.

Of course the government has nothing to do (except generous payments to “alternative lifestyle projects”, transporting them to your demonstration so they can show the “disapproval of civil society”) with the black block, antifa thugs, beating you with clubs, stabbing you, losing the bolts on your car, burning down you car, your office, your home.

Germany not being a sovereign state since 1945, is not some extremist opinion, but that of a leading member of the government, Mr. Schäuble.

I know. I can't believe it. I had accepted he would backtrack fully and do none of what he had promised. I consigned myself to be happy with just causing SJW's butthurt on election night.

Now I am a little afraid because it looks like we will descend into wide spread social unrest and perhaps even a revolution

I am super impressed, but we have to get ready because shit is going to hit the fan.

I know what you mean. I memed for the god emperor, just so meme magic would be on our side, but I always had nagging doubts that he would be able to do anything. But it has been a blitzkrieg. I wonder if any president in history has been as active as Trump has been in his first week of presidency. He took one day to learn the ropes and then immediately went to work. Most presidents take a few months to build up to that.

Your second image had an error.

I fixed it for you.

If you go to real Pagans in Europe, don't talk bad about Christianity. The Pagans here love it or they'll throw you out and spread the word.

t. European

I'm trying. It's a bit more difficult around the urban area.

He is literally an israeli agent, just like Marine Le pen, you dumb kike.

Geert wilders and "freedom party"

Orthodox jews in Israel fund Geert wilders to fight muslims for them

Zionist PACs fund Anti-Muslim propaganda in the west

Dutch Inteligence- Geert Is funded and trained by Israeli Inteligence

Geert Wilders Is a Zionist Jew, whos grandmother is jewish

Geert Derives his ideas from Israeli backers

Geert speaks in Isreael about anti islam

Geert wilders connections to israel

Geert wilders "we stand with israel"

Geert Wilders embraces his Jewish heritage in america!

Geert wilders speaks at Milo's freedom conference

Zionist war on Islam and next false flag in london

Geert wilders true loyalty is to Irael

You forgot how he sabotaged the forming of an anti-EU fraction in the EU parliament because he didn't like the supposedly "antisemitic" Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke. which he even fucking isn't, he's just a Ron Paul tier lolberg ibtimes.co.uk/le-pens-far-right-eu-parliament-alliance-fails-start-1453971

Thierry Baudet is running for the first time. He is pro Dutch and has as it look like no ties with the jews.