Trump's ME country ban list - 6/7 overlap with Pentagon's post-911 list

Trump ban list:
Post-9/11 Pentagon's list (webm related):
ME countries actually linked to 911:

That means… TRUMP DID 9/11! Because he wanted his towers be the only big towers in new york!

Tell me, how does Mossad know about the attack and set up a small team of agents to film it while the entire FBI and CIA remain oblivious?

1. It's D&C to cuck the sandniggers

2. What are the chances of an another arab spring there with revolutions and shit. Trump is preventing sandniggers from coming in USA and blowing themselves up out of butthurt for what is happening in their home countries.

Reminder it was Obamas list Trump just enforced.

There goes the "anti-war Trump" myth.



Time to start reporting these threads.

The West created those refugees


Shut it. DOWN

Also, because Saudi-Arabia is a bunch of cryptos so we can't go banning them now can we?

No they didn't.

Motherfuckers are streaming in from fucking Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Ghana, Somalia, Eritrea; you name it.

Fucking all of Africa is emptying out for gibsmedats. Gas yourself you filthy yid.

Can't ban muh Greatest Ally.


I obviously mean the refugees from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and soon, from the war with Iran

Here you go JIDF.

Friendly reminder to start reporting kikes again.

not sure that's the correct saying

We didn't create those either.

A Zionist Occupied Government is not our government.

That's not a Holla Forumsak. It's either a kike or a Trump marketer.