Why did he not ban arabia and egypt?

2 things I need clarified:

1. Why is the media claiming that Trump has businesses in the "unbanned countries" and not in the banned countries? Is this correct?
2. If there is no reason above - why is Trump not releasing his tax details if every president before him has before being inaugurated?

I want these clarified so shills can fuck off. It makes no fucking sense to me to not ban all the middle eastern countries. I'm getting tired of this hypocrisy.

I've already heard about the DHS visa waiver connection and how the unbanned countries are more stable.
But egypt and arabia? The ones the emails suggested were pushing ISIS?

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because this is meant to appease low information voters

All of that effort and you're immediately recognized as a shill. Nice

Reliance on foreign oil and those countries not having a lot of terrorists exported

If Trump doesnt have to legally release his tax info he wont. If previous presidents did it as a courtesy but werent obligated, then he doesnt have to shit

Oil probably.

or, it could be a means of inciting muslims, and when they pull a terror attack, he can turn to this policy and say it needs to be extended. There's also the fact that our "petro"dollar relies on some nations in the ME, and he probably doesn't want to be behind the dollar's coming tumble, especially not in the first month of his term.

The executive order doesn't specify any country except Syria. It just refers to a list of "countries of concern" that had been made by the Obama administration.

The thing about him having businesses in the "unbanned countries" but not the 7 Obama happened to restrict Visas from over the last 4 years is most likely made up.

The only nation Trump personally banned was Syria, the rest came from the intelligence community - i.e - the Obama government.

The US definitely has some strong ties to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, there is almost certainly something diplomatic to their continued allowance.

That said there is also the important fact that all of the other countries are extremely unstable, aside from Iran. However due to recent rhetoric it is likely that Iran too is going to be unstable in the near future. As we all know most refugees come from unstable countries - because otherwise they would not be seeking refuge, would they?

It would certainly be better if Trump banned all muslims, but some is better than none.

Bullshit, it's pissing them off. They wanted all the middle eastern countries banned - not just cherrypicked ones.
Otherwise they'll just use arabia as a proxy.

He needs to arrange for the unbanned countries to restrict or check their incoming migrants.
Arabia is the centre for islamic migration for mecca. This is a HUGE issue. That country is the number one country to be used as a proxy in this way. Furthermore, IF he has businesses there it looks extremely disturbing to the left. He needs more consistency or at least clarification.

Furthermore I'm hearing shit about things like Australian visas also getting busted. Wtf? Why?

Plausible, but surely he wouldn't arrange alternative visa solutions for trade issues? Why has he not even hinted towards any such thing?


I'm not a shill, I'm just deeply concerned about conflicts of interest after clinton's emails.
I don't want trump to be the other side of the same coin.

Hang on, so Trump didn't even implement this?
What a fucking joke.

Actually, that explains the allowed countries.

That's what he's going to use later to BTFO the press again - that it was Obama's choices

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It's probably partly a troll like said

The media will have to explain why it wasn't a problem when Obama restricted visas from the exact same countries.

Didnt even ban Pakistan, or Afganistan etc.. Saudis need to be banned, Turks need to be banned..Even Tunisia and Algeria need to be banned. At least he banned Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

This was kinda unexpected, what news sources are you guys using? I clearly can't rely on Google news anymore.

I'm more concerned about the countries given freedom here.
In the podesta emails I remember reading some very disturbing ISIS connections to Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Why did the intelligence community avoid cracking down on these countries? I find that very odd, though I know they'll use oil as the excuse.

Funny thing is most terrorists in EU come from Algeria, Marocco or Tunisia.

Not banned..


That's the thing, what is with these Obama recommendations?

Does anyone have production stats on what goes in and out of whichever arabic country?
Unless there is a trade reason I'm still concerned.

4D chess.

I heard the other day that 14 different muslim countries ban all travel from the US, not even giving out visas. They should all receive the same treatment.

since they sell most of their stuff to France and other south europe countries, i doub't it

btw he should ban France since there are like 10-15 million sandniggers wiith probably 30% of them being islamists or supporting them openly.

That's the thing, it's less venom the media can use, but it's also a concession.
Some would say chess, I would say a flaw.


No, the reason Trump has no businesses in the 7 banned countries is they are such big shitholes that even Obama admitted it so why would Trump have any businesses there?

Australia has a lot of dual citizens from muslim countries. Sydney and Melbourne are full of future terrorists.

How are you idiots not seeing that Trump is playing everybody again? He is literally making the media call for the banning of more muslim countries

The intelligence community are Rothschild and Soros puppets


D&C in the region. It's like you don't even know what's 8D chess.

The only solution is to ban all muslims, since leftists are so vocal about it.

Again, not a shill. I'm just tired of peers getting worried he's just another thug. They rely on me now for info, because they no longer trust the MSM and are "knowingly blind".

Palestine not listed as a country.
Wonder how they are going to try to spin it when the news blackout from there ends and people realize palestine is actually gone.

Then why are you asking such stupid questions?


I think Holla Forums needs to be more critical of this shit. I feel like i'm in another puppet show. Political theater again.
They'll spread salt on the left, but only a little. The murderers are still coming in through the cracks and nothing is being done.
Trump needs to speak more openly.

I'm losing faith in humanity again. Both left and right this time.

He better.

There's also another, more obvious possibility.

Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria all have high civil unrest or full blown civil war ongoing while Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey and Azerbaijan are relatively stable at the moment.

No clue about Iran to be honest though. Probably all that Death to America rhetoric Iranian govt supports overtly.

Sharia state, told christians to gtfo in the 70s and 80s

I think it's their position on Israel that caused that.

Or that yeah. Lots of possible reasons really.

If we are compromised by jews then Iran definitely would begin to subvert.
I don't fucking blame them frankly.

Because it is part of Holla Forumss work to redpill 3D mates.

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USA has interests in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and Egypt has about 15-20 mil. Christian Copts.

The hell are we going to do about them?
They're sitting in the belly of a beast about to destroy them.


Here is the full text of the Executive Order:


Note that there is no list of countries in the executive order signed by Trump.

The countries affected are just referred by by reference to other legislation already in place that refer to those countries.

I hereby proclaim that the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens from countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12), would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of such persons for 90 days

The text of 1187(a)(12) refers to:

a country that is designated by the Secretary of State under section 4605(j) of title 50 (as continued in effect under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.)), section 2780 of title 22, section 2371 of title 22, or any other provision of law, as a country, the government of which has repeatedly provided support of acts of international terrorism.

TL;DR Trump didnt make the list. Obama did when he said they were terrorist supporters.

Here is a news article from last year mentioning those seven countries:



Ok, that makes a shit load more sense. Especially Yemen, and our secret little nasty war over there.

Considering history, probably nothing to be honest.

I'm hoping for a surprise though, non-muslims in the Mid East have suffered more than enough, but I wouldn't get my hopes too high.


I'm going to drive a truck bomb into a crowd if Trump doesn't ban Israel, Saudi, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

We need to keep an eye out for who in Trump's admin have ties to them.

Listen up. I have a lead pipe I'm going to smash your teeth in with.

I don't think our prior government could envision flying planes into buildings

Keep cherry picking things out of context, I'm willing to wait and see because it is trump. Stop defending kikes, and more importantly sand kikes. All you faggots say these things like you're ok with our president holding hands with the king of saudi arabia like some cucked faggot. Just stop it already.

At the debate he told Hillary if she produced the deleted emails, he would release his taxes. They had their chance.

a lot of shills ITT

you faggots need to switch tactics

It's just a precaution.

No I'm fucking demanding those now.
This shit's gone under the radar on /pol for too long. He needs to release those to install trust in the system again.

Bush and Cheney didn't release their tax returns in 2000 (though Shrub released his 1040, and Cheney provided a "summary" instead of actual forms). Neither did Gerald Ford. John Kerry released his own, showing the meager multi-million dollar income commensurate with being a public "servant", but didn't release his wife Theresa's, with her being heiress to the multi-billion-dollar Heinz Foods fortune.

There is no legal requirement for a candidate for office to release their tax returns.

It's a "tradition", wholly invented by the press, which is why the press (and those brainwashed by same) are the only people bitching about it. Nobody can make him do it because it's not required. It didn't even become a "tradition" until Nixon released his in the late 60s - when our nation was almost two hundred years old.

might be about not fucking with access to the indian ocean or the black sea

Saudi Arabia is a shill talking point ass-licker. Trump can't unfortunately unwind decades of corruption by the US government that has made the us dependent and vulnerable to Saudi oil policy.

All in due time. Saudi Arabia's turn is coming.

posting in a shill thread with a forced narrative that's been going on since last night.

How close am I?

That explains egypt, not arabia, though maybe they control that part of the red sea.

probably avoiding a convertible ride tbqh

You don't get it, we need those borders closed. It's not an unreasonable expectation, those countries are a huge potential threat for subversion.

They're not kvetching about the muslim ban.
They're kvetching about why didn't they ban specific countries.
Like taking candy from a baby.

sethfrantzman dot com/2017/01/28/obamas-administration-made-the-muslim-ban-possible-and-the-media-wont-tell-you/

Because Trump is in bed with the Jews, user. He never was on our side. This is what happens when you put your faith in a man instead of God.

No shit.

He cant ban saudi arabia yet. He is not going to even approach that topic until the wall and projects to make us energy independent are atleast underway. How the fuck could he get anything else done if he sticks it to the saudis and they decide to go full economic warfare on the oil price? If the infastructure was already in place to start drilling that would be one thing but there will be enough of a delay between saying 'drill baby drill' and the first drop of oil hitting the market that the country would feel a serious pinch to the point hwere it would jeopardize everything else accomplished.

After the past 2 years anyone who falls for pr cuckery or concern trolling doesnt belong here




He didn't select what to ban aside from Syria, he deferred that call to DHS and they made the selection.
If you honestly think that matters you really don't belong here. The Clinton's released their tax records and are some of the most corrupt people ever to walk the Earth. If he weren't clean on paper the IRS would have certainly gone after him during Obama's reign of terror targeting conservatives so at best it will be a moot point and at worst it will give the media something to latch on to. Best to just ignore the parasites.

I see that CTR is back
the election is over, friend


Their influence in the US politics and media is second only to Israel. There is no scenario SA would be held accountable on anything by any politician. And that's what Trump is now. Untouchable

Is the key to Middle-eastern geopolitics (Suez, Gaza). Even Trump can't afford to piss them off or do anything to compromise their continued cooperation. Still unstable after the Muslim Brotherhood shenanigans, and could be turned towards islamic extremism by aggressive US policies.

Moving closer to US sphere and away from Russia. There really isn't that many Azeri terrorists, so it's inconsequential.

NATO ally, for now.

I'm more concerned that Pakistan and Afghanistan are not on the list, since they are Taliban/Al Qaeda hotbeds and even Americans know that.

If you look at that map, you may also notice that Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Azerbaijin aren't completely overrun with terrorism and most importantly they aren't places where rapefugees come from.

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This is by far the weirdest thing. After decades of being called paranoid suddenly everyone looks at me like some kind of sage.

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Because Egypt is run by it's military and will help us remove Kebab. And because SA is owned by the Jews.

And Also: Samson Looms

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You shills are terrible at this. All after it was revealed that CTR is back with Brock trying to rebrand it.




What are they now? CREW?

Yep, though I still like calling them CTR to remind them of their past failures. It's that or Renegade doing all this shilling as of late. Probably a little bit of both.

Aside from the fact that the countries of concern were designated by the Obama administration, there exist 43 Muslim majority countries which are not designated. President Trump does not have business interests in the stark majority of these states. It is not a ban on muslims; it's common sense.


You're retarded aren't you?
KSA is the number 1 sponsor for islamic terror

We import little oil from the middle east, ours mostly comes from Canada and South America
That said, we need the KSA in order to keep the petro dollar


1. We are due a for market correction and the Fed will bring it soon:

Basically, for the last buttfuck amount of years, the fed has kept interest rates at zero or near zero rates to prop up an otherwise stagnant and dying economy. As a result, asset prices have soared beyond all reason. If you want an example, go see how much 1 one bedroom goes for in San Francisco or Palo Alto. These are normally high-price areas, but they are also the most susceptible to market conditions due to the high amount of Real Estate investment and speculation in this market.

When the working man struck back against the globalist machine, the filthy, corrupt, cucked Fed decided that they are going to start ramping up interest rates. They are a private organization outside of the government with relatively little oversight, so they have this power. What this will do is create Housing Crisis 2.0 and make it look like it was Trump's policies that will push the working class out of their homes. Furthermore, in 2.0, we will have the Chinese coming up behind people moving out of their newly foreclosed homes and buying them out at rock bottom prices.

2. Petrodollar:

Saudi Arabia trades oil in US currency. This keeps out dollar strong because other countries have to exchenge with *us* to get that precious, precious oil and the best prices. If we burn them, we might drastically reduce demand for the dollar, lowering our currency's value.

I gave two examples from a purely monetary perspective of why this is a bad idea, but personally, I think the Saudis should rot in hell for funding Isis and general reasons like an innate desire to purge the heretic. However, doing so at this time is not practical because we are too intertwined.

I think Trump is playing $D chess with us again.


“We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran” – General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia

How old are you fucks that don't fucking remember this?

I want to habeeb.

This is how I see it playing out. Hell, he may make a deal and concede a little by banning the rest and then unbannning Iran to fuck with the kikes in the media or Somalia to fuck with the somali voting block that is Minnesota and get their votes.

How stupid are you to not realize that he is using Obama's list to start things off and ban other places?

Not banning Turkey was the biggest mistake.

Why ban "countries" anyways when the problem isn't the countries. The problem is Islam. He needs to be Islam, all of it, no matter where it comes from.

I'm not talking about Trump or anything else you absolute retard nigger. This list is older than Obama itself you fucking inbred faggot, i'm just saying why those countries got banned and not the others, which is probably outside Trump power as now. But even if Trump itself wanted, it's a sane decision considering the US wanted and successfully bombed those place you fucking lowlife moron, and letting in people who could be resentful isn't a good policy.
Sage my ass you fucking cocksucker


The list Clark saw was from "around 2 weeks" after "the 20th of September 2001", so it would be at least as old as that :^)

Its a human rights violation(?) To discriminate against race, religion, or sex. US could face sanctions from the UN if he did that. Country v country and prioritizing Christians is a good loophole

"A few weeks later"* (not "around 2 weeks") so probably around October-ish 2001


Egipt and Saudi Arabia are allies of (((greatest ally)))

Afghanistan and Pakistan ought to be banned.

I think that's the plan. He starts off banning the easy targets, then they get around it by funneling people through unbanned countries, which gives him justification to ban the entire region.

And yet it keeps being proven that Trump does things this way. You're an idiot if you don't realize and see it by now. No, you want him to do things like everyone else and announce shit so his enemies can know what to do ahead of time. You're an idiot.

Kill yourself you butthurt inbred low IQ nigger. Stating something that has been stated already in the various other threads we had about this is nothing special. Go ask your mother for a fucking cookie if you're looking for praise. It's not surprising that Obama was working from that list. Now here's some sage for your burning ass.

Saudi Arabia and UAE have close ties to both the US and Israel. As allies, and since the Saudis have information that could easily break the US just as the US has info on them that could easily spiral them into civil war, it's in Trump's best interest to break ties with them in the long term, instead of just telling them to fuck off publicly.
Egypt is not a country renown for its Islamic terror plague, even though the country itself suck and is in Africa.
Azerbaijan and Turkey, I'm guessing Trump is planning on having meetings with Russia over the fate of these buffer states.


Egypt isnt exactly a terrorist stronghold and Saudi actually has the capability of retaliating againsg such an order via oil prices and other fuckery

The USA prolly have operations going on in some of those countries, so its not the time to ban those.

Despite what you may hear nobody emigrates form KSA (or UAE), it's the ultimate welfare land where everyone with the nationality is taking 4000$ home every month.
Which is also why they don't take even ONE Syrian refugees, because they would be flooded faster than you can say sandnigger.
Sure you get the occasional student and the jihadi running away from decapitation for lese-majesty, but the number is ridiculously small.

Turkey and Egypt are self explanatory.

Both have been pushed BY OBAMA/CLINTON into the arms of Russia, Trump need to show them that Russia is not the only alternative.
The real question is is the damage done by obongo politics reversible or is the middle east 100% in Russia pocket for the next 20 years…

Baby steps.



Who gives a shit. Kill the UN.

Oil probably.

Bump because it's important.

Your (((concern))) is well noted.

That's right goyim, don't question the golden goy

You know that no matter how perfect his tax returns are the media kikes will spin it as bad as possible. Honestly why give them the ammo? Oie vey Trump did not pay more taxes than he was require to, what a terrible person.

Your either a retard or a shilll op.

Sauce also if you have a dual nationality and one of them is on the list then you are on the list, fagot.

On the news right now:

if they cut the oil, they get invaded. easier than licking their dick. their military isnt even iraq tier so they wouldnt dare to fuck the us over.

Egypt: Suez Canal

Saudi: Oil deals. Plus barely any saudis immigrate here, but when they do, they knock down buildings

>they are not asking why Trump banned all Muslims


What UN?

Added to my "MSM redpill" catalog.

Watching the MSM try to push lies and getting exposed again and again as a result is very enjoyable. I hope to see Project Veritas go after them viciously and see similar groups of guerrilla journalists in other western countries.

This is some serious 11th dimensional chess going on here


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