Teacher punched into freezing canal 'for being white' - escaped by speaking Arabic

Dad-of-two Lee Skinner was knocked into the water as he ran past five hooded youths
kek, I thought the "youths" things was just an American news term for non-whites.


tldr - White guy gets attacked by Pakistani "youths". He then gets saved because he can speak Arabic due to his time helping asylum seekers; says to attackers "May God forgive you" in Arabic which made the attackers scared and -as he says in the article- “At that moment they looked like a bunch of terrified schoolchildren. That’s what ended it. It would have been prolonged otherwise, I believe. “What I said made me human to them, gave me an identity. They started seeing me as a person.” Later in the article he says that the attackers attacked him explicitly because he's white.

>"I opened my eyes and could see brown muddy swirl around me. Had a good laugh at the wording of this due to the context

>“The one who punched me was waiting at the side of the canal with an incredible look of pleasure on his face. He was waiting to watch me suffer or to come back so he could hit me again.”

More cucking out:
>He added: "The four boys admitted that the attack happened because I was white and I explained that in the current political climate, such actions could have a negative effect on the Muslim Pakistani community which they are supposed to be representing. They were very ashamed and embarrassed.”

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What are you talking about? How is this a slide thread?

This is fucking stupid. They saw you as a convert. They would have fucking murdered you otherwise & everyone is so fucking brainwashed including the "victim" they're not going to acknowledge the agenda & motivations behind violently attacking someone until they desperately endear themselves to your cult.

Lynch this cuck along with his precious muzzies.

Exactly. This is why I made this thread. I thought it was a very explicit redpill that people could perhaps get some light shone on. As it goes in the article:

thank you OP

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No problem, user. Are you a Brit? Is this any sort of big story there at all? I just happened to see this article on another site (I'm Canadian) and thought it was worth sharing here.

He should have just recited the mudslime profession of faith and converted on the spot.

This level of cuckoldry is why the invasion will win.

Honestly him living is a net loss. If he had died there it would have been a win-win situation since he is actively participating in the destruction of his country.

Guess I better learn arabic, read the quran and never criticize islam if i want to have a chance of surviving to my old age in the UK.

And this is why you need stand your ground.

Enjoy your prison rape

Are there any middle-class Englishmen left who are not complete doormats? Almost every English person whom I've spoken to online has the same feeble anti-racist attitude. It's as if they get some perverse high out of confronting their attackers with logic and reason, knowing full well that sandniggers respond only to violence. That whole country is a fucking ant colony that can only act in its self-interest if the queen instructs it to do so.

So? Can we turn the queen into a shitlord? I hear she's going to be meeting Donald Trump this year.

Your face when mom is giving the inheritance to your son instead.

Everyone involved should be gassed.


Thank g-d he explained to these ribald youths that their action was only internalized white supremacy.

Germanfag here, I narrowly escaped getting my ass kicked by groups of mudslimes at least a dozen times.

They roam in packs and love their 6 on 1 fights cause they can't get decent paying jobs due to their laziness and low IQ so they have to take it out on whitey and sometimes azns.

I don't see a race war coming though. Single, degree educated whites will just move to better countries while the white plebs continue to get marginalized because any dissent / attempt to organize is crushed and chavs start to blend in with the niggers and pakis they go to school with, occupying the lower ranks of savagery while chavettes get muh dicked by the more savage blacks and browns producing a majority mud britain.

In b4 banned as defeatist.

Can you please deport him?

So, the moral of the story? If you are a Brit male, you better learn to speak Arabic. If you are a female, I suppose you need to start wearing a Burka and always going out with a male.

Fucking amazing. And the way you know it's the Jews and people like Soros behind all this, if the left had any real beliefs or consistency, they'd be fighting the muslim rape, the burkas, etc…, yet are doing just the opposite.

We all already know that the communists have no consistence, value, or standards.

Don't you know? They're ((citizens))…

Naive leftist. Muslims respect only power (violence of the threat thereof).
By speaking Arabic, he made himself appear like someone who might have social or business contacts with their elders.
It is punishment by their elders that they fear, not "viewing him like a human." Lol.
If it were the latter they would have become remorseful, not scared.

mate if it's that bad, how are you not carrying a knife at least? fucking shithole city in US I grew up in had a law against switchblades, but given the area I was in I wasn't taking any chances. And wouldn't you know it, ended up needing it eventually and fucking cops took it off me. Still don't regret it, better than getting my ass kicked. IF they know you are crazy enough to have a knife, usually they'll back off unless they have a gun, but no one there is going to have a gun. Grow some balls.

I do, although the one I own is not legal (switchblade) because effective self defense is discouraged by ((them)).

Muslims are fearless though if they really want to fight and don't give two shits if you have a knife, especially if they outnumber you and most of the mudslimes that aren't fresh of the boat carry weapons as well (knifes and fold out battons).


Why didn't he just swim to the other side?

That's exactly what he did.

Because that wouldn't have earned him the compliments of the very same police that protect Islamic rape gangs, nor page space in any paper. It wouldn't have sent the message that these people will be merciful if you accept their twisted desert cult - and most importantly, wouldn't have help him virtue signal whatsoever.

It's not Unites States of Homosexuality.

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