Cenky's having a melt down right now

And the comments to… :'^)
this frigging Nazi has been in the white house not even one month and already he is terrorizing people. and has people protesting almost on a daily basis. what the heck is going on in the united states, what have you people done! this is a total disgrace.
you all are going to have to make this shit right. take to the streets and don't leave until he is out of the white house. whoever is in the white house is a representative of every American regardless of race. it is not a place for some crazy lunatic and his personal agenda. he has set the country back at least 80 years.!!!! . he needs to go people you cannot under any circumstances let him reign for four years.!!! organize a nationwide sit out and make him step down!!!!!

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Is this dude even relevant anymore?

Why is his show named after genociders?

He also wants to genocide whites, its quite fitting

Also, like the YTs to whom you are referring, his show is comprised of a Turk figurehead and a bunch of Jews

The funny thing is that you could apply the exact same words to a Conservative critic of Obama back in 2009.

No he does not, white genocide doesn't even exist goyim!

2009's riot were a lot less violent. The (((news))) will never call them out on it and if we don't fire (((these people))) as the recorders of "public opinion" imagine how future generations will see this moment in history.

Always teach your children history you witnessed yourself and make sure they don't only get their (((social studies))) books.

don't forget

ha…… ha…….. ha
ya i watched TYT or the young cucks meltdown during the election night

Leftism wants you to make your country unable to defend itself. The left are the aids of nations.





the left is much worse than aids


I smell some potential memes.

Cenky is worried he might get sent back to Turkey. Turks don't take kind to leftist scum like Cenky.

I'm sure Cenk will be popular there after fucking just goats and camels so long be a new and interesting fucking a buffalo.

Alex Jones will die of smugness.

" Nation of immigrants"

When will these memes die. America up until 1965 allowed only certain white folks in and while all Americans came to America at some time that doesn’t mean you shouldn't regulate who comes into your country.
We all know brown people more brown people and beaners want more beaners. White folks have to keep a majority otherwise were the ones that will be persecuted.

Commie atheists are despised in muslim countries, very bad things could happen to Cenky if he were to get deported back to Turkey. Let's meme this scenario into reality!


Imagine being perpetually greasy. He's a cursed man.

when did this meme that america isn't about a certain identity and race come about? didn't they block people coming from nigger-tier countries until the 20th century?

The Melting Pot idea came from a Jew called Israel Zangwill



why am I not surprised


not only persecuted but the country will turn to complete shit, like brazil

Back to turkey…?

If only Turkey was on the banlist. I would love to see Erdogan make Cenk his bitch.

Cenky needs to get deported back to Turkey where the locals know how to deal with this type of commie scum.


It's a fairly long and complex story, but in the right-wing literature it is often discussed as the concept of the "proposition nation", so you can learn about it by Googling that. For most of its history, America has always had the central weakness that it was constructed from several similar European ethnic groups, although of course with a major WASP core. Jews exploited this weakness in the 20th century to redefine the country as being based entirely on ideas, rather than material realities like race. This happened in all areas of cultural life, such as philosophy, social sciences, media, religion and law.

for fucks sake that shit is annoying, almost annoying as this cockroach that hasn't been gassed yet

Disgusting shitskin

>completely ignores the terror attacks going on all around

The level of stupidity baffles me.

Boy, Jenkem looks greasier than a spic bean-and-cheese stand

No, he risked his life for money. The Iraqi needs to go back and rebuild his country.

It still has to be settled. In the mean time, it's not official yet. And even the AP admits that. The feds won't stop until the courts declare it unconstitutional… but then it will go to another court… and another one… until it goes to the Supreme Court….

And guess who is about to decide the next Supreme Court justice? ;)

To be fair, collaborators like that guy have the habit of getting brutally murdered in afghanistan and iraq.

Is he in a janitor closet?

this webm is superb

God I hate that man. Words cannot describe it. There is something about his condescending holier-than-thou attitude and whingy whiney voice that rapidly wears down my patience.

He should have considered that before conspiring with the invaders of his country for money. He trusted the jew.

When the Yids are exposed

Nothing wrong with calling something Un-American or Anti-American, when its going against white interests and the America First ideology.

I think he forgot who Ali really was…

Why Hellenism?

i bet if he would agree on ali's view on racemixing…

Protests are not riots.
When was there any violence with them?

Semites can't handle their liquor.

yup, we are gonna win this one. the opposition is literally retarded.


its a typo
leninism is meant

why the fuck cant anons ever proof read their fucking oc

Don't let this faggot forget this. He's drunkposting.

Thanks friend, now am not eating breakfast.

Oh you're a cheeky cunt, aren't you? Well dubs well deserved.

We should make destroying this fat cunt and his little Jew cunt sidekick a mission for this year.

I'm sorry about your food but hey maybe it doesn't affect our nationally but it does ammect-affect all of us. Btw check this sweet pic of Ali behind me.

Meltdown is not an accurate description of Cenk's rant. He does not sound credibly angry, more like an agitator or actor who wants the dumb leftie zombies to wreak more havoc. Trump's actions don't affect Cenk's life much at all since I'm sure he has a nice little mansion in some gated community.

1937 was as good of a year as any.

"In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good."

Be careful what you wish for.

How the fuck can these leftiest protest for so long and at any time? This might seem rhetorical but do they have jobs?

This crypto kike is on drugs

What will he do next.

Well since some of them get paid for protesting, one could say that this IS their job.

They could at least have the decency to believe in what they protest and do it for free

These dubs deserve to be checked. Well done OP.


Did Trump finally declare an Armenian Holocaust remembrance day?


And they like gays even less.

really makes you think

This pic needs a


The similarities are vast and uncanny between the present situation and that of the Armenian genocide:

A movement started up by prominent Jewish figure heads such as Emmanuel Carasso from within their community with Shabbos goy leading the way of fronting the overthrow and eradication of Aryan looking people of the near-east off their native lands due to in no short part, envy and hatred for those that handed their asses on a silver platter in key decisive battles through innovation and tactical superiority – despite vastly outnumbering them on a worse scale then the defeat of the Zulus by the British at the battle of Rourke's drift – that led subsequently to them having their blood boiling causing the virtual genocide of the host population and polarizing anyone calling it as such with criminalization.

In turn leading to using the remaining women as spiritual or literal slaves as a means of destroying their native bloodline either through forced integration, social pressure; or slavery on a scale of tens of thousands per year of 18-30 Ukrainians in his beloved central Asian country where they're too physiologically damaged to start up a family of there own upon being granted freedom which this media whore turns a blind eye too.

Demonizing the host population who welcomed him with open arms through implying there something inherently wrong with these people while masquerading as them and brushing aside his ilk's own bloody history just so he can maintain victimhood status and be the enlightened one teaching the ways evil White folk need to follow.

If leftism is AIDS, then Jews are HIV

Wtf is going on in that second picture


inciting a riot is a crime, report him

Wouldn't it be the other way around? HIV causes AIDS, just like jews cause leftism.

Cenk and Ana hate white people, because they wish they were white. It's blatantly obvious. Ana even had plastic surgery to look more Nordic.

Jesus, this guy can't imagine anyone being for profiling.

l can't see the diference

Young women from Russia and the former Eastern block countries lured under false pretences by the ten's of thousands to the near east, Middle east and places like Amsterdam to work in run down brothels with guards and bars on the windows, after being convinced that they will be promised a relatively easy job such as waitressing or nurseling young ones with pay they wouldn't find elsewhere in their own homelands. Crafty, unprincipled people that know they don't eat for days on end after oligarchs destabilized their countries and destroyed their local economies as they clearly did in 90's Russia under Yeltsin to the point the GDP is on the level as most third world countries.

Forcing them to be sold on auction blocks as high as $15,000's and service men as high as 15 times a day, 7 times a week until they repay their debt, contracting HIV & aids along the way in many cases and hooked to their eye-balls on drugs to combat the effects of this abuse to the point they've to have the legs amputated.

whatever happened to learningchode and his rachposting shenanigans?

is there a YT link so I can read the comments?

I can't watch this spaz cunt

how i wish …

Too late Chunk. Americans are realizing Islam is a political framework in direct conflict with the American Ideal.


He mad. What's the source?



turkroaches gonna panic and scuttle

ya, I noted that segregationist in the background too.

I'm catching big time the (((lamestreammedia))) framing this in racis terms as muslim ban

well that was fucking weird
made me consider two points
1. wow this rabbi freely admits jews created leftist poisons like socialism and communism and used them to kill tens of millions of gentiles while also admitting jews that abandon judaism and convert to Christianity or become atheists become poison in European nations
also says Hitler did nothing wrong and came to the logical conclusion regarding the jewish question
2.the jewish relationship with their god is supremely fucked up and as a native European raised on the myths of pagan Europe by atheist parents and attending a lutheran school for most of my childhood I find it a completely foreign concept that I just cannot comprehend as healthy or logical in any way possible

Holla Forums please…

Why are turkroaches so resistant to burning like any other lifeform ?

no idea really
you'd expect with all the grease and the diet of liquid shit they'd pop like zits when exposed to fire

He looks even shittier than usual.

Lol, there's 319 million people in America dude. If there's 10,000 protestors, that's 0.00003% of the population. Even the women's march was a fraction of a percent. Essentially, no one gives a fuck.


the sarkeesian genocide happened
or whatever the fuck its called

Slurring bad. Drinking or stroke or something? Doing drugs?

It's also the same MO of all the SJW children: "I'm so upset! seriously this time! someone has to fucking fix it!" It's a mass psychosis of an entire generation that never generated the coping skills to deal with hard opposition.

It's amazing how in only 8 years, they have degenerated into complete sludge. No ability to deal with opposition whatsoever. This is why boundaries need to be set. If the president just lets the people on his side do whatever they want, with no respect for the law and no moral or intellectual responsibility, this is what happens. Obama really left a fucking mess behind him.

Make it so

dont question it. just be glad its done for and no one else tried copying him.

he's not draining the swamp
he's not banning saudis
he's not dissolving NATO

at this point if i was trump i would pay cenk to be as hysterical as possible to cover my tracks

This is what shitskins actually believe

A.K. Chesterton called them a 'Spiritual Typhus', it was pretty fitting.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Young Turks' leader was a homosexual crypto yid. Kikes, Crypto Kikes, and shabbos cucks, and "POC", its always the same groups killing hundreds of millions over the last 100 years. They mass murder and genocide any and everyone who they don't like then scream they are the victims. Jews have been at this for at least 2,000 years. Funny how we were never taught about the Bolsheviks, Holodomors, Armenian Genocide, etc. However we sure as shit heard about the poor holohoax victims and ebil racist nahtzeees.

They have been using dumbshit arabs as their useful idiots since they created Islam as their proxy army as well and brag about killing whitey together with them often, like this video, the jew says it proudly.

based sammy

Yeah, because 1000 angry muds deprived of gibsmedat is the same as the country electing a president. I hate how they make it sound like the protestors are the entire USA, when the US just rejected that shit and voted against it.


who is this guy again?

Looks like she thinned out the bridge a bit.

Read your post again user


This country is not a nation of immigrants, and never was suppose to be one. This fat fuck needs to brush up on his history,

Trotsky Anti-semite? wat?