HWNDU #98 late night trigger edition




Jayden Smith and Shia Labooth chanting and dancing for 8 years.



























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So whats the status on the past 6-7 hours?

What did the cops/ourguys do?

Any happenings?

How desperate did the lefties get?

Did we win some more?

for maximum comfy

(((our))) media

wew. Confirmed shill.


Wait, Adolf.

The police shut down the show since it was getting too heated. Now everybody needs to line up and wait there turn to shit post. Some good moments but it lets lefty shills like the last guy go on for ages

As chairman of the American Federation for Children (AFC), the nation’s leading school choice advocacy group, Betsy has been a national leader in the fight to boldly reform America’s broken education system by giving parents more options for their children’s education. As a result of AFC’s work, over one million children are now in the school of their parents’ choice, instead of being trapped by their zip code in a school that failed to meet their needs.

She has also fostered new educational opportunities locally in West Michigan. In 2010, at Betsy’s encouragement, her husband, Dick DeVos, founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a public charter high school that combines their mutual passion for education with Dick’s love of aviation.

Betsy also serves on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and has regularly mentored through Kids Hope USA, an organization that connects adult mentors in local churches with at-risk elementary students for at least an hour a week.

She has a long history in education, she believes parents should have the choice in where they send their kids to school, she even helped her husband start a charter high school for STEM. The sunglasses idiot on stream didn't even do a basic google search of Betsy DeVos.

We need an user there disguised as a complete bluepill to cheer on these faggots and get all their personal info via social engineering.

That god that faggot left, can we get back to bogpilling now?

This fucker is so triggert talking about Trump creating Nazis and not doing shit (only sign off a bunch of orders)

And yes infac ISIS are a group in uniforms and yes they are spread around the world thanks to Merkel and Obama.

who /ali/ here?

that fucking facebook intellectual just now triggered the fuck out of me but I'm still butthurt with that alaska faggot and his buddies embarrassing themselves like that. The reason those TRS and reddit faggots are so grating is because they have no awareness at all, they just speak in the 4chan lingo exclusively like it's a diplomatic language despite never lurking any chan. Even when talking to regular, unknowing people they keep their smug and self satisfied air, it's infuriating.
4pol and 8pol representatives at least have a filter and know how to have normal discourse conversation without blurting out irrelevant and obnoxious memes. It's people like these that identify as "alt right" and embarrass themselves publicly without even realizing it.

i would never pull out

Is her brother Erik Prince important to this timeline?

Will you fucking fuck off to lefty pol with this cunt trap

That's only because there's nobody there but bluepilled retards right now. Normally we'd have Jackie and the other gang holding it down. The current format will help us dominate a lot because it'll stop the giant walls from forming during peak hours. And leftists don't have the patience to wait in line to chant like zombies I hope.

Yeah thats the last thing I noticed before I left switched awa for like 20 sec come back and the fucking place is emoty then some chanting zombies hog the cmera for like 15 min.

This. People who just spout memes without context are the most obnoxious fucking people in modern society.

I rather listen to this.

I've stopped watching and am just here for the shitposting and comfy tbh lads

Emmit Till? Some groping nigger that got what it deserved.

my anus was only 42% prepared for this

did videoanon ever finish that mashup?

The museum people divided everyone. Holla Forums won. You now have to wait in a line and can only speak for a few minutes at a time. No mixing between Trump supporters and HWNDU chanters. All the old cast came to say their goodbyes, stolen valor snapped, and antifa showed up and eventually attacked

I would believe that if it wasn't being pushed so hard on places like Holla Forums from a clearly outside force. Keep that shit on reddit and cuckchan

It's pretty dead right now, it's the two most brainless zombies chanting at the moment. I realized I can only watch the worst parts of the stream if I have a thread to shitpost in, it's completely intolerable otherwise.



It's a damn shame. Usually at this time the stream is toptier comfy.
Nothing good lasts forever.

What Pubes-chan was talking about.


Really think this chick is a strung out hooker, long hair seems to have separated a sick one from the herd, I imagine we'll read about him being murdered by a nig nog pimp soon enough

yeah, these are my favorite hours too. Don''t get me wrong today was fucking great, but the threads move way to fast to say anything relevant at peak hours. This might be the last of em too


i love this

the 1000 cock stare

I told you guys before, and I hope someone else can confirm, most of the irl shitposters were banned by security from threat of being arrested. Even alaska had to ask to get back in.

Get read for more of that. The 2 on cam right now are paid and have been doing this for well over 10 hours straight. Also the spics in the back seem to be extra protection

I don't care. Apex butthurt was achieved through IRL shitposting.

No, fuck off cuckchan.

Ass blasted TRSodomite spotted.

I guess that what makes them so special


Mustache Man the real MVP

should be a to be continued.

This is exactly what I mean. Stop shilling this on Holla Forums

don't let her jew powers win user, she'll suck out your soul


Is there a way i can get previous streams to watch uncut?

Did our guys leave for good?

Not at all, much to the chagrin of the dems in congress and the media. Special interest groups related to education and (((civil rights))) have been trying to put as much pressure on congress to deny her and Jeff Session's nominations. So if they have been looking extra hard for something to smear DeVos, and basically all they have is that she's white and rich.

I hold out hope that we can still have maximum /comfy/ tomorrow night with some of the old gang, or maybe a new cast for S2. It's not fucking over yet damn it.

Jackie got unbanned yesterday as did most of the others. It's been fine since. Even the goodbye thing that most of them did last night was okay with security. And have you even been watching? These fucks are rotating in and out every few minutes and the spics are there to say the same shit and try to secretly fuck up some Trump supporters.

Would destroy her worldviews

Get kek'd.

more thread theme

its around 5am
they probably had to sleep

there's some uncut streams on youtube.

I think most people are recovering from the downfall of yesterday.

fucking faggot. if you want to bring your political ideology into the public forum you don't obfuscate it with memes and bullshit people won't understand.

ayy lmao


This too, Jackie was up for an ungodly number of hours straight and yesterday / day before were particularly brutal on most of /ourguys/. I can only hope they'll be back again tonight.

what happened before that it got too heated? any videos?

Was it antifa?

not sure what you're asking but in the player on the official stream you can access to the "previous events" which are 24h videos of each day.

No, just till the barrier is brought down.


Did mustache bro show up?
I went to bed after police kicked everyone because it was long after midnight here.

Do I have to start posting crying Nami and start posting "It's over guys." every thread?

There might be some in the back waiting for their turn. Now that this is turn based you know when to mute the stream and when not to. Jackie and the others will be back after a while

If you are unwilling to name the jew then you should neck yourself shill

Were you not watching tonight? Most of the cast got banned and were only able to go back once more. Also bernie bro and his red hat companion could be arrested if they show up again

We need to bring shitposting into overdrive.

shes fucking cute

God bless that autist.

sorry, we're all fashy goys here, amirite? Did you see the new spencer speech? We're making good progress on blackpilling the normies comerade


this bitch is a runnaway. if you asked properly and had $50 you'd get her for the night


Wtf happened to him anyway? He posted a periscope, but nothing came of it. I miss that glorious man.

I want to shave my beard, and wear a mustache in honor of my brother/friend. I don't live in Jew york, but me and him could have been good friends.

Jewtube… Hellstorm-Genocide of the German people.

my jewfu


My libfu
Stay away!

I must have missed that part, my mistake. I had to step out a few times and that must have happened while I wasn't paying attention. Wonder if it'll just be a one day thing like before, cause they unbanned Jackie after only a day.

Yes, and stolen valor finally snapped

never implied that. why lower yourself to normie tier dialogue?

i would never pull out.

that laugh at the end

Quick somebody rape her.

i would make so many mischling babies with her

Also I haven't watched for the last two or so days, how much other shit has Mark done?

To all newfaggots who are here due to idiots breaking rule 1 and 2, the jews are behind the subversion of white countries and are the key advocates of race mixing, multiculturalism for western countries and various spirit destroying degeneracy such as the porn industry.

Is that jodeling too? My preferred Holla Forums browsing music. I guess after a couple complaints I'll cut the bogdanoff shit out, after all I am merely a guest in your domain.
But I can't help wonder, how would spurdo sparde pronounce bogdanoff?

he met sam

that "funded by soros" was perfectly timed

Don't worry. You can keep that putrid, festering crotch of hers.


are (((the jews))) all jews or just some jews?

Sam Hyde was there?


TODAY it seems to me providential that Fate should have chosen Braunau on the Inn as my birthplace. For this little town lies on the boundary between two German states which we of the younger generation at least have made it our life work to reunite by every means at our disposal.
German-Austria must return to the great German mother country, and not because of any economic considerations. No, and again no: even if such a union were unimportant from an economic point of view; yes, even if it were harmful, it must nevertheless take place. One blood demands one Reich. Never will the German nation possess the moral right to engage in colonial politics until, at least, it embraces its own sons within a single state. Only when the Reich borders include the very last German, but can no longer guarantee his daily bread, will the moral right to acquire foreign soil arise from the distress of our own people. Their sword will become our plow, and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow. And so this little city on the border seems to me the symbol of a great mission. And in another respect as well, it looms as an admonition to the present day. More than a hundred years ago, this insignificant place had the distinction of being immortalized in the annals at least of German history, for it was the scene of a tragic catastrophe which gripped the entire German nation. At the time of our fatherland's deepest humiliation, Johannes Palm of Nuremberg, burgher, bookseller, uncompromising nationalist and French hater, died there for the Germany which he loved so passionately even in her misfortune. He had stubbornly refused to denounce his accomplices who were in fact his superiors. In thus he resembled Leo Schlageter. And like him, he was denounced to the French by a representative of his government An Augsburg police chief won this unenviable fame, thus furnishing an example for our modern German officials in Herr Severing's Reich.


Who is that?

In this little town on the Inn, gilded by the rays of German martyrdom, Bavarian by blood, technically Austrian, lived my parents in the late eighties of the past century; my father a dutiful civil servants my mother giving all her being to the household, and devoted above all to us children in eternal, loving care Little remains in my memory of this period, for after a few years my father had to leave the little border city he had learned to love, moving down the Inn to take a new position in Passau, that is, in Germany proper.
In those days constant moving was the lot of an Austrian customs official. A short time later, my father was sent to Linz, and there he was finally pensioned. Yet, indeed, this was not to mean "res"' for the old gentleman. In his younger days, as the son of a poor cottager, he couldn't bear to stay at home. Before he was even thirteen, the little boy laced his tiny knapsack and ran away from his home in the Waldviertel. Despite the at tempts of 'experienced' villagers to dissuade him, he made his way to Vienna, there to learn a trade. This was in the fifties of the past century. A desperate decision, to take to the road with only three gulden for travel money, and plunge into the unknown. By the time the thirteen-year-old grew to be seventeen, he had passed his apprentice's examination, but he was not yet content. On the contrary. The long period of hardship, endless misery, and suffering he had gone through strengthened his determination to give up his trade and become ' something better. Formerly the poor boy had regarded the priest as the embodiment of all humanly attainable heights; now in the big city, which had so greatly widened his perspective, it was the rank of civil servant. With all the tenacity of a young man whom suffering and care had made 'old' while still half a child, the seventeen-year-old clung to his new decision-he did enter the civil service. And after nearly twenty-three years, I believe, he reached his goal. Thus he seemed to have fulfilled a vow which he had made as a poor boy: that he would not return to his beloved native village until he had made something of himself.

yeah he started a huge counter protest and caused a ruckus

I didn't see mustache bro. And the anitafa lead by a fat nog were screaming too loud and eventually everybody got kicked off, and they put up a wall. The singles shitposting has been fun

M8's all this aside is the only outcome dotr?

His goal was achieved; but no one in the village could remember the little boy of former days, and to him the village had grown strange.
When finally, at the age of fifty-six, he went into retirement, he could not bear to spend a single day of his leisure in idleness. Near the Upper Austrian market village of Lambach he bought a farm, which he worked himself, and thus, in the circuit of a long and industrious life, returned to the origins of his forefathers.
It was at this time that the first ideals took shape in my breast. All my playing about in the open, the long walk to school, and particularly my association with extremely 'husky' boys, which sometimes caused my mother bitter anguish, made me the very opposite of a stay-at-home. And though at that time I scarcely had any serious ideas as to the profession I should one day pursue, my sympathies were in any case not in the direction of my father's career. I believe that even then my oratorical talent was being developed in the form of more or less violent arguments with my schoolmates. I had become a little ringleader; at school I learned easily and at that time very well, but was otherwise rather hard to handle. Since in my free time I received singing lessons in the cloister at Lambach, I had excellent opportunity to intoxicate myself with the solemn splendor of the brilliant church festivals. As was only natural the abbot seemed to me, as the village priest had once seemed to my father, the highest and most desirable ideal. For a time, at least, this was the case. But since my father, for understandable reasons, proved unable to appreciate the oratorical talents of his pugnacious boy, or to draw from them any favorable conclusions regarding the future of his offspring, he could, it goes without saying, achieve no understanding for such youthful ideas. With concern he observed this conflict of nature.

concern trolls are not needed here, get back on reddit


As it happened, my temporary aspiration for this profession was in any case soon to vanish, making place for hopes more stated to my temperament. Rummaging through my father's library, I had come across various books of a military nature among them a popular edition of the Franco-German War of 1870-7I It consisted of two issues of an illustrated periodical from those years, which now became my favorite reading matter It was not long before the great heroic struggle had become my greatest inner experience. From then on I became more and more enthusiastic about everything that was in any way connected with war or, for that matter, with soldiering
But in another respect as well, this was to assume importance for me. For the first time, though as yet in a confused form, the question was forced upon my consciousness: Was there a difference -and if so what difference-between the Germans who fought these battles and other Germans? Why hadn't Austria taken part in this war; why hadn't my father and all the others fought?
Are we not the same as all other Germans?
Do we not all belong together? This problem began to gnaw at my little brain for the first time. I asked cautious questions and with secret envy received the answer that not every German was fortunate enough to belong to Bismarck's Reich..
This was more than I could understand.

These feels…

What this guy said. The owners of the slave ships were entirely Jewish families, (((merchants)))
And the Rothchilds have been selling arms to both sides of every war for hundreds of years.

It was decided that I should go to high school.
From my whole nature, and to an even greater degree from my temperament, my father believed he could draw the inference that the humanistic Gymnasium would represent a conflict with my talents. A Realschol seemed to him more suitable. In this opinion he was especially strengthened by my obvious aptitude for drawing; a subject which in his opinion was neglected in the Austrian Gymnasiums. Another factor may have been his own laborious career which made humanistic study seem impractical in his eyes, and therefore less desirable. It was hus basic opinion and intention that, like himself, his son would and must become a civil servant. It was only natural that the hardships of his youth should enhance his subsequent achievement in his eyes, particularly since it resulted exclusively from his own energy and iron diligence. It was the pride of the self-made man which made him want his son to rise to the same position in life, orJ of course, even higher if possible, (GO AWAY LEFTYS) especially since, by his own industrious life, he thought he would be able to facilitate his child's development so greatly.

It's in their blood, not all rank and file hook nosed kikes are directly responsible but if we want to keep the white race safe, they all need to be gassed.

kek mark and sam



Am I a faggot if I kind of want the barrier taken down just to see Jackie and co. return?

10/10. Truly the best anime I've ever watched.

So is this bitch ever going to say something original? It looks strange for someone to still be doing this when everybody else is just chatting

For the record the sign he was showing that made them snap said 1000 Year American Reich

Yes he was, and he said who was best waifu

There isn't an original thought in that head, only says and does what it is told

Sam from yesterday


Full Brittany Venti periscope (last night)
now on Youtube for your HWNDU.tv viewing pleasure:


sam's really not looking too good bros, he's aging fast

This was the high point. The moment we took over. Thank you user. I missed those parts.
Fucking Mark man. Love that dude.

I sincerely wish the best for Sam. He's such a cool guy.


using rogaine on his beard

Worse. Serbian shitposting disguised as folk music. The entire song is about eating peanuts and getting shitfaced.

This one is about exercising so hard you get a heart attack.

All. If Israel government approaches a jew in america and ask him for help do you think that "american" jew will refuse to help his people? His religion? No. Don't trust any of them. They are not your kin.


Of course that faggot fury autist with him is trying to fuck Sam.

oh god. night anons. love you all

NOOOOO not ourguys now the stream is just faggatroy and bullshit, thanks Obama thats why I cant hve nice things.

But everything good haas to come to an end but a webm of Jackie and co saying goodby would be nice.


We got guys back.

Does this mean the furfag is cool?


Half-cast is right

What is this spic talking about? We knew he was a shill as soon as he "stumbled" on camera

You can stay, pajeet. But I'm watching you.

All jews need to be gassed, 8/pol/ is a Nationalist Socialist board who will bring justice to the world.

It's just not the same.
Gonna come back tomorrow and see if it any better. goodnight anons.

I don't recall seeing anyone here falling for the TuxShill. Is he talking to cuckchan Holla Forums or something?


cuck and discord both started falling for it

Fucking idiots


Haha, no shit, that's cool. I don't even know what I'm into anymore these days, just directionless.
i have no musical identity and i am 30



Damn that shill chick behind them better be earning over $20 hr, she is just standing there lurking watching them eat warm soup. Oh just for the record it's like 30-35 degrees in NYC right now

see attached and

That makes sense.

he was talking about cuckchan and twitter

meant to post this webm


Holla Forums's BO goes over and met Sam fucking Hyde but our BO is nowhere to be seen.
It's not fair.

Does not surprise me at all. Cuckchan is in full blown liberal indoctrination mode right now. Banning anything right and pushing leftist retard views on shit posters

linked you to the wrong post, this is the one

I'm hoping the soup was for her and long hair fag, but security gave it to our guys instead lol

No you are not.

See this shit right there? not only didnt he not divide us he united us.

We won on evey level even wars we didnt even intend to win.

>tfw I'm only here because they were deleting hwndu threads and I don't actually want to be forced out by faggot mods




I hope based samurai got him some. He deserved it.

I'm fucking tired user, give me a break.


I missed it.
So fucking funny

I'm here because those faggots banned me for my first bog thread. Oh well I'm having a better time here, things are a little slower and I'm getting a stronger redpill vibe too

kek it might be. That explains why she's pacing around seething

Thats why I came here. Every time I'd dox thread would get deleted.

Reminder that all 4cuck immigrants still have to lurk for 6 months minimum. Threads like this are sort of okay because we're just shitposting, but seriously make an effort to lurk and read a lot of the other threads. Our board culture is NOT the same as cuckchan.

Anyone got a webm of AntifaBjorn attacking Brittany?

did jackie get laid or not?

Lurk you newfags
And please don't post on smaller boards, they're not like small boards on cuckchan.

You need to go back

The funniest part to that is that they are talking about how they are a minority in front of her, so she cant pull the "WHITE MALE!!!! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" card on them

Uncle tony just made a twatter


Low-energy Lisa


You should have migrated during the Exodus. Welcome home.
And yes, you still have to lurk.


I've lurked here for 3 years dude (yes I assumed your gender). I just never posted here. But now that halfchan is going full on anti 1st amendment I just said fuck it and started posting. I still dont post on other boards though, I know better.


Be sure to go back to cuckchan once your ban expires, everyone who stayed on 4cuck after Holla Forums harbor is irredeemable trash and those who started posting after came in the age of ultra cucked mods.

The exodus happened little over two years ago
I hope you're shitposting

8pol has it's problems too, including mods and board volunteers who are probably working for the FBI, hello realmoonman (plsdontbanme).

hey guys. I got a bunch of pics, should I dump here? I kind of want to unload these while my memory is still fresh

I'm gonna miss Narubro. He was truly one of the better entertainers when he was on stream.

With that being said, are all of /ourguys/ done? Does this mean no more Jesus, Jackie, Blart? Does it all come tumbling down or is it just Naruto thats gone?

I've spent way too much time on 4ch to abandon it, I'm in too deep and didn't even visit during harbour. I'm just a tourist. In what ways is 8ch culture different though? I've only noted small things

This, we don't want you cucks here.
If you stayed on cuckchan after the cuckening, then ttay there.


yes please

Do you habben to have any vids around?

How many hours ago did Sam Hyde stop by, and for how long? I missed it and want to watch it now.

Do it faggot. Any good stories to go with them?

I think well see them again before this whole thing gets shoad.


Stop masturbating.

They really are. Good on them for noticing it.

Did you meet Mark?



the wop is /ourguy/

almost gave in, thank Jesus

I see Sam Hyde looks better than ever. Beard really fits him.

You're Gonna Carry That Weight…

Does it count if the only board I participated on after the cuckening was /out/?

Sam played it smart and didn't try and force anything, he showed up and waved and said a few things and was out. Didn't really see anyone fuck with him at all, except for a shlomo trying to film him

Thank you, your gracious welcome is appreciated. I was an arcanine for awhile and used to lurk around the other boards then just lately I've been on halfpol for the memes and habbenings.
I should increase my power level but for what purpose, what good would it really do me? I think I'm pretty "up-there," not quite an oldfag but I was listening to skrewdriver 12 years ago.
Build a gaymen pc and haven't done jack since uni got done last month. Just fucking ennui and I've even become bored with vidya lately.
I "had it" for a couple weeks after Trump won and was high on life but just lost the way once again

kek does anybody have the picture of the Canadian election from 4 years ago, where it's just 3 memes and an actual picture of Trudoue?


now get out

Go ahead


highlights were as follows:

Sam thought I was one of ((them)), so i bane posted him irl

guy with black sign had bumper stickers put on back

same guy gets triggered and ripped user's "thousand year reich" sign, gets BTFO by cops

shekels were airborn

Pledge of Allegiance , cops were smiling and filming

Sam stopped some sperg from getting into a fistfight with children

I'm just trying to find the time he was there so I can watch it for myself, but there are a lot of videos that are very long so it's not easy, any help?

No that's fine, non political boards like /out/, /diy/, /fit/ etc. are too slow here at times.

The meme factor of this event was fucking insane.
It was like Super Smash Bros, it was a total mashup of people I never thought I'd see together.

Here's a much better one.

The Nip controlling the site datamined his users on his old website, you can fuck off if you think it was okay to use it.


note baby in 4th pic, it was like fucking freezing and the kid was shivering/scared form all the yelling. fucking parent of the year.

he was there from about ten past 3 if that helps. most his screentime was on brittany's and alpha bull's periscope accounts which are easy to find

I use a VPN and only lurked there, fite me.



AIDSfu's name is Agnes

Going to try this shit for a month, only wife sex, lots of squats, eat oats and peanut butter sandwiches

It's the predicable.
The site turned to cancer en masse.
Even my favorite boards like /m/ turned to trash.


Best filler episode.

What did they mean by this?

This fucking phone goddamnit

This is why you always check the catalog

Thats why I lurked here for so long, cuck/out/ has turned into a youtuber worshiping board.

I don't trust this spic for a sec. He has to go back.

That's true, plus I've only done it for like a month after the exodus.
I've checked out 4chan again this week since it was namedropped and some of this shit they post there like BRAPPP is fucking disgusting.

She's in way too deep. She's alone and worn out so she won't go full retard. But she's more kool-aid than human. So she won't really listen to anything they have to say.

You dun goofd

she was really pleasant to talk to and was upset how Shia treated people on camera. she just wanted to talk about issues.

that was the consensuses I got from the anti-trump side. beside the autists screaming no cam. They actually scared off the normalish libbys that just wanted to hash things out in a healthy debate.

Shia literally ruined his own art project.

Where is the AIDS Björn scatifa Dave Mustaine wannabee?




That was my second favourite board after /ck/.


Thanks for posting the pictures and for the best Bel Air in a while, Electrician.


Sure, dude. I saw her blocking the camera several times.

kek, he was coming in hot. Thanks for rundown, it's comfy as fuck to know there are so many of /ourguys/ out there mingling with normies.

I watched that shit, fucking disgusting, baby would be better off abandoned.

tfw I don't mind him because he's Canada's problem



So ahm how did twitter take it?

Do the lefties even realize what happend?

That they have been divided and that walls work?

was she? I mainly saw the fag in the black jacket and blond hair. we thought he was a woman until he turned around.

she still disavowed Shia. I want him to know this while he's jerking off to her.

When I check there, there is ocassional decent threads, but it usually turns into Mora product placement and Wranglestar and Lily worshipping. Turning into cancer


Last thing I saw yesterday was SmallHands quoting the The Value of Money, I think.

Look at all those jobs they've created putting up that wall

She did, but she stopped after a while.

a stealthy user (who I didn't take a pic of obviously) put the bumper sticker on the wall. She was cute too.

whiteknight cuck boy came back to save her from the nazis

It's a cancerous meme that gets posted alongside a picture of an ass. Here's a short quote.

snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff….quite pungent indeed…is that….dare I say….sssssssnniff…eggs I smell?……sniff sniff….hmmm…yes…quite so my darling….sniff….quite pungent eggs yes very much so …..ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff….ah yes…and also….a hint of….sniff….cheese…..quite wet my dear….sniff…but of yes…this will do nicely….sniff…..please my dear….another if you please….nice a big now….

I just remembered I can use my equalizer to tone down the horribly high-pitched sounds coming from the mic whenever someone as much as mumbles.

Can you give a shout out to my boy BKH, half Indigenous Canadian who loves whites more than Abbos

Fucking kek.

Not only the security gurads there but also the bloggers that can tweet about thsi for the next 2 years and make a living.

Trump even comes trough even fror his enemies.

her name is Agetha

Is this what halfchan has turned into?

Yeah, that's the best real life crossover we could ever get.

You mean Agnes


snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff….quite pungent indeed…is that….dare I say….sssssssnniff…eggs I smell?……sniff sniff….hmmm…yes…quite so my darling….sniff….quite pungent eggs yes very much so …..ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff….ah yes…and also….a hint of….sniff….cheese…..quite wet my dear….sniff…but of yes…this will do nicely….sniff…..please my dear….another if you please….nice a big now….


Oh yes…very good!….very sloppy and wet my dear….hmmmmm…is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?…hmmmm…..let me…..let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling…….hmmmmm….hmm..yes….that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear….ah yes….let me guess…curry for dinner?….oh quite right I am….aren't I?….ok….time for sniff…..sssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff…..hmmm…hhhmmmmm I see…yes….yes indeed as well curry……hmmm….that fragrance is quite noticeable….yes…..onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?…..hmmmmm….yes quite…..


Oh I was not expecting that…that little gust my dear….you caught me off guard…yes…so gentle it was though…hmmmm…let me taste this little one…just one small sniff…..sniff…ah….ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffffff…and yet…so strong…yes…the odor….sniff sniff…hmmm….is that….sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please…..ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffff…ah yes I have it now….yes quite….hhhhmmmm…delectable my dear…..quite exquisite yes…..I dare say…sniff….the most pungent one yet my dear….ssssnnnnniiiifffffffffffffffffffffff….yes….


here's what stealth femanon put on the wall. She put a frog toy in front of the camera for a second, she smiled when I said "I see what you did thar". She was /ourgal/

is mark actually autistic?
was he an asuka or rei man

Yea got confused with my other waifu

he will not devide my anus!

Just shitposting


This is some autism right here

was that when nick the psycho was talking him to death?

4chan lurk.

the /baph/ guys were mentioning her too, I've been watching all day and didn't catch her at all. The bumper sticker was super effective at triggering.

Italian my ass son.

The fuck? fucking lefties cant leave shit intact, but hey nor they or their taxes paid for it.

I keep thinking this came from Joyce letters for nora posting on /lit/, is that right?

10/10 saved

This. They're really awful at shilling, even worse than the JIDF. Sad!

sounds like forced meme material from Holla Forums circa 2011 and the bogpill is just retarded.

Who is that guy behind he seems confrontational.

Ok who eles is on nofap since he heard the word from Jesus?

I am on day 4 and will keep it up till he tells me to do do it again.

someone posted a pic of papernigger and some abomination standing against the wall. There was shit everywhere on the floor. Bottles, pizza and assorted crap. I bet that place is an absolute pig sty.

Someone got a Hyde Highlights Reel I can watch?

Any other highlights would be great too. I fell off a day and a bit ago. Last I saw was adidasbro getting arrested.

she smokes though, turnoff for me.

anyway in these pics femanon put a sticker on the wal of the twin-towers with spaghetti shooped over them. the libs fucking blitzed and were trying to tear it down. /ourguys/ stepped in gallantly to save the sticker.

jesus is wrong about jacking off. .
i wont listeen to him

i already did a jack off 5 times today.

Here's Sam talking Rei vs. Asuka with Mark


you're sapping your masculine energies, your test is down from now until your balls recover fully in at least a week.

Fell asleep an hour or so after they divided us - has there been an update from Jackie?

Fukken shaved

Wtf, I'm an Asuka bazooka now!



Man, real life got so weird in the matter of a week.

Of course she does. That means she sucks dick.


hell yes it did my neega

Speak for yourself, spic.

How come nobody has tried to smash that camera? This is really annoying having to look at all those millenial faggots.


Real life is KEK now our god took over.


he said white not right.
still a bunch of fgts.

He said "no one on Holla Forums is White"

Want a quick rundown?

Praise Kek, your dubs confirm

Has anybody else not been in any other threads for a week because of this shit?

Ofcourse there is there are no RWCS around anymore, now the fucking directors are going to see how it looks like letting lefties do shit.

But I bet even if we show them the stream they stilll going to blame "the nazies"

Shadilay, brother.


That's what I meant.
Sage for retardation.

Last thing I saw yesterday was SmallHands quoting the The Value of Money, I think.

What happened after that, fellas?

Oh god, this autist is back.


holy shit this is epic

Shift changeover time - they know that no-one will show to chant for free, especially now


Yes, thank god it ended because it was a drug.

Not really. I just want to watch someone ruin their stupid safe space and smash their camera.

She looks like a ilya kuvshinov drawing.

You nofappers might not jerk off but bloody Hell, you're experts in mental masturbation and self delusion.

you know this is bluepill bullshit right?
jacking off does not lower your test levels by anhy measureable ammounts.

do you think that seamen is absorbed into your body to become test? might as well start drinking it you cuck!

Last night at about 3 AM I went to bed exhausted from laughing so much. Unfortunately I missed the building of the Great LaBoof Wall.
But really, if there ever was any doubt in anyone's mind, I think yesterdays shenanigans really show the power went to the right hands. The Kek praising shitposters were there to have fun together and joke around, while the lefties were there to feed their victim and martyr complex by wallowing in their own misery and self-pity, and occasionally feeling feisty enough to vow how they'll fight the ebil nahtzee fascists.

Never stop the memes, lads.

He will Nazify us
He will Nazify us
He will Nazify us
He will Nazify us
He will Nazify us
He will Nazify us
He will Nazify us

The question that remains, will jews try to D&C us on the subject of our multicultural support? They tried do it on video games, on anime, on slavs and brits. Now they got a bigger bait to place, to divide our non-white supporters from us. We had some asians and arabs for a pretty long time, many oldfags remember some of their threads, those people are not news to Holla Forums, its just we wish they breed with their own, and do not racemix.

Stay sober and vigilant.

Here you go fam, hopefully this helps you in your nofap crusade.

Good point lad.


in 3rd pic, that sign got attacked by libshits of whom the cops BTFO.

Best part is, /ourguys/ tor up his shitty black sign and no one did dick about it.

if you think not jacking off allows test to be absorbed back into your blood stream,. you should start drinking the cum of all the guys you've been fucking from craigslist.

Someone actually rolled for a Wall in the artpiece a few days back. Meme magic is real.


good goyim, drain your balls for my pornography

says "1000 year American Reich" btw, sorry for shit pics but i kept getting bumped into, shit was lit fam.

Right here you may think a week is long but we fucking won a gigantic battle in just a week.


I'm not a tits man, but I'll make an exception this time.

Not jacking off can actually cause blue balls and fuck your prostate up.

No porn is the important part and training self discipline is good for your growth as a man. It won't give you superpowers or guarantee you a gf.

t. user who did no fap for half a year

That point was fucking invigorating like killing a deer at 800 yards.

Implying I pay.

Actually the first 2-3 days are the hardest for me but you have an ok taste user almost got me.

So, did Lugenpresse write anything yet about yesterday's events?

Blockhead Joe maybe?

Been in a few, however this has taken up a lot of the catalog

There have been a few recaps in this thread already with a lot of the videos and photos of what you missed other than one thing. That girl with the orange hat is officially cuckquean. She started chanting I would rather be a cuck than a Nazi

stop masturbating

Who says you need to watch porn to rub one off every now and then?

You pay with your soul and commitment to your people.

he's flip you mong

massive keks

I literally never got blue balls, even during 2-month-long nofaps. What does that say about me?

This is the final redpill. There is no endgame. We are stuck in a revolving door, and only the Bogdanovs have the way out. They have, in a way, truly reached nirvana while we are stuck in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

o-okay.. have to try again


wew lad

Thanks nofap user, Ruskie, Pole and Czech qts are the best.

That's what I mean, you don't need to deny yourself pleasures of the flesh but watching porn is bad for your spiritual health. Don't make me go full /fringe/ about it.

Final redpill confirmed

I dont buy into the nofap thing because of getting sluts or chatting them up or any of that shit.

Its about discipline, something that will be needed in the upcoming Euro civil war.

Watched that on stream. Bjorn deserved everything he got. Twitter still roasting the shit out of him.

The faggot held sign that was unreadable for hours.

Video version by Stef btw

kek has spoken. Everyone in this thread, rub one out now.

What soul. kek

What did Kek mean by this?

Waste of good digits, for fucks sake user meme responsibly

dont tell me that BOGDANOFF BULLSHIT is spreading over here too

god damn its like cancer bro.

Very kind of him to make shooping so easy

Waste of quints, fuck off.


m8 I thought he was going to pull out a gun the whole time.


c-checked, and same

Do Ashkenazis really have the highest IQ? I call bullshit.

Aren't Abbos the lowest IQ people? Pretty sure West Africans BTFO Abbos by a reasonable margin.

Dont have the facts on hand but no they aren't. Whites are the top.

Kek. That's never happened before. No wonder they're so neurotic!

Someone tell the nigger to mention Russian slavery (serfdom)


Someone redpill her on redpill

goddamn venti is so fucking cute. fukken saved

Yes, local niggers are capable of organizing gangs here in Australia while abos can't,

they test pretty high but they practice eugenics and have a small population

abbos can barely speak intelligible english born and raised in a white household

Fuck I wan't to take this lad hunting and fishing for being such a toronto urbanite.


Just noticed that. That's some spooky shit.


Abbos actually forgot how to make fire until the Europeans arrived

Didn't all the ones who were stupid enough to stay in Germany get holohoaxed?

bogpill was mildly amusing for about a day
salt bae tier meme

yes it is true. they are taking over earth soon……

does she have four nipples?

Holy shit redpilled spic trigged weedfag.

Even The Dead Kennedys knew what spic boy is talking about

just a bar through each

holy shit when did the fence go up

I think she got 'em pierced.

Those are pieced nipples user

I left for 7 hours and this stupid Angus (?) cunt is still here.

I liked this speech. Articulate and on-point. No amount of chanting can erase the redpill (even the aftertaste of it) from people's minds.

also one of the tiniest people I have ever seen

No, both pierced, a true degenerate


aboriginals make africans look like geniuses.

jello was a cool guy and would probably be up there with jesus and jackie were he born into our time just to be edgy

She gets more disgusting by the minute.

When Holla Forums won, there are recaps in this thread



is this dare i say it,

a quick rundown?

wew checked

Seriously though, what happened to Jackie?

Abbos need daily reminders to not sleep on the road, most animals have more common sense
than them

Checked. I guess KEK wants us to take the bogpill. Are Bogdanoffs the prophets?

australian here.
can confirm.
fuckers fall asleep on the ROADS and get run over.
but lets not focus too much on these subhumans.

Where you finding these?

remind me to never eat beans when i will be on 4chan all night. my office chair smells like poop and fart stains,

It's like they're trying to keep the dark thoughts away.


He's fucking the shit out of Brittany i hope


Here we go again

Are Abbos Even Subhuman?

He stayed up for 48 hours and is getting some well deserved rest

Wait waht? How I mean waht??!! You are joking right it cant happen regularly? Can it?

I left for 7 hours and this stupid Angus (?) cunt is still here.
post cripplekike

Time for more selfpromotion

I'm actually eager to see how deluded he will be


God hate his face


/ourguys/ will also keep in touch with each other, they exchanged info. we IRL now


They drink gasoline. Maybe they identify as cars and go for a quick stop on the road. But because they're discriminated against, they can't afford emergency lights.
Whitey's to blame.

Brittany got under his skin yesterday. She was the first person to snap him so far

Lurk a bit moar, abbos are subhuman. They don't even look like people



pegging video?

How does he take it?

I remember that moment. The way she tilted he head and faked a smile showed how this is just a social, virtue-signalling event for her.

pls no

tee hee
she just got up in his face and started whining at him about memes in that endearing way of hers

it happens so often the cops just dont fucking care.
like there are stories of truck drivers hitting SEVERAL, then reporting it to the police and bam. not a single charge. cops just tell the truckie "meh it happens, we'll report it as environmental death" and life goes on.
because abbos are almost a pest in certain parts.

Twitter, they were going back and forth and then on her live stream he started insulting her and she insulted back and he started getting pissed

Holla Forums is always right newfriend

What the fuck is that orange shit on his forehead?

His ritual for love and peace

What is this about stolen valor snapping again and antifa showing up.

pls respond

Getting tired of the same recurring villain tbh famalam.
Anyone has the webm of this AIDS Bjorn video?
twitter. com/chairvoyant/status/825570411907776513

Fixating on vagina is what is stopping you from becoming great.
Get a wife, have kids.


he won't have to hide us

also australian
yes they are fucking retarded. Most of them live up north in the tropical climates and the arid deserty bits. They're known to just walk through rivers and getting eaten by crocs.
Milk companies on the brisbane river used to dump milk in the dumpsters, but had to stop because the abos would get in when the milk curdled and eat the lumps of festering milkcheese.
The army makes houses for them up north, and they literally shit in the walls causing them to be torn down due to health and safety. They are scum.

Lol we need those cops in Europe.

Fuck off, nazi.

It's an abstract kind of cancer you shouldn't have missed.


Fuck off kike


How does she feel having oppressed people from poor foreign countries to make her clothes?

Jesus Christ, she looks like a 30+ year old cat lady.

And you don't seem to understand…

No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA

I wonder if blonde hair fag thinks Shia is coming in the morning or something. They are almost pulling a Jackie shift. Blue hair has been at this for 11+ hours

AN antifa guy stood in front of the camera fro hours holding a raised communist fist, then snapped. Video is in the thread. Stolen valor snapped at someone calling him that and shoved someone, then later claimed he was protecting a woman that never existed

Se told him he was a dindu and he got really pissed

You don't understand. She can't be put down by the patriarchy. She needs to be different.

do you live up north? I'm victorian and these socialists infesting my state always mysticize and exalt the abos, whinge about their mistreatment and how they need more gibs up north without ever doing anything about it. The reality is they are dumb as bricks and destroy everything we give them

Where do you think you are?

Oh, I saw that. I thought you were talking a bout something that happened after midnight.

A Shame You Seemed A Honest Man

if he was protecting himself, then technically he was protecting a woman.

But I don't remember Bjorn snapping tho

Fuck off, Nazi.

Have we started the fire?

Me neither he was suddenly just gone.


Fuck off kike

The fire rises

we've started the wall


"He will not divide us"
>They put up a fence to divide themselves from everyone else

fug of nadsi DDDDD:

Shut up, Nazis.

Yes, the ire rises!

He threw a punch when the cops came in and they removed him

Eh, same difference :^)
Do we have a dox, though?


oh shit

that guy has skeleton hands

Stfu u jews

Fuck off skele hands

Agnes' instagram


I missed the last 10 hours, does that wall mean that you can't go stand there anymore?

That dye job that makes her hair look like an old plastic shopping bag wet with algae and garbage water really does the trick.


Just learns about Kek 1 hour ago, now a kek expert

Skelefag with his jew master?


it's not a wall.

it's a divider.

Yeah his protest didnt work out like he tought it would passive agressive bullshit he was taught isnt working in the real world who knew.

Shut up kike.

Hart-Celler act

Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee Fuk of notzee


What is thid midget talking about? Read properly, motherfucker.


Fuckin god damn Nick the schitz, was waiting for him to lunge at paki jesus and bite his face off. Damn creep to the extreme.

Yes, before that it looked like Paki Jesus didn't realize Nick was out of his tits crazy, when he did that I felt relieved.


I think I'm in love with brittany lads

After a while on Brittany's stream he started to cry and left. It should still be there on her periscope somewhere. The my wifes son chants eventually got to him periscope.tv/w/1ZkJzqXeeMRGv?q=hwndu

Nice Bjorn posting

Just ol' Nick Bateman things.


which brittany? venti or deer?



Is it basically over now? Will they take the barriers down?


A literal goblin kike.

Is this an actual midget??

Hey psst
Fuk of nahsee
Can I get my fix now?

sorry user, claimed her first





Yup, abbos had to wait about for forest fires to start, then try and catch the fire, top quality intelligence there.


The fucking wall was like 6 inches shorter than that manlet

he used the closing audio from TRS.
also how long until some sperg prints off CP and flashes that on camera? or something sufficiently borderline to spook the CIA/FBI


/oursidecharacters/ are back.

laziness is a plague.

Are they reading this thread?

Jackie still on scene?

Been nofap for about 15 days now. When you get tempted to look at porn/fap, go do something else. It works! Also, the first week is the hardest, gets a lot easier after that.

Good clip

but they're not chips, they're biscuits

crazy americans.



Just shout some nazi stuff into the cam - angry voice, german language. Roll the R.

For max effect use google translator.


Holla Forums are an embarrassment. Skeleton hands is not happening. Stop trying to make it happen.

This is Baked Alaska's fault

Fuck you Satan, that's my mudblooded second-string waifu.

britanny will never kneel in front of you

Who the fuck is this lifeless obnoxious bitch droning HWDU 24 hours straight?

not sure how to feel about this tbqh


Are they claiming that degenerate?

Yeah, disowned. Off to the gas chambers for him

disregard, I suck cocks
t. Bjorn

He was also juden.

Apparetly some whore people in here are creaming their pants over.

fuck I missed varg


Why the fuck or how the fuck could you be creaming over this brainwashed, coalburning cunt? TRS shills?

a poor lost girl in need of one of you faggots to wife her up. look at what she is without a man in her life. this is on you, neckbeards and basement dwellers.

Hes Antifa if it makes you feel hate towards him


We found his twitter, definitely antifa. I blame Holla Forums because it is known they produce shit-tier memes.

Someone needs to capture Nick's monologue and put it over Bateman.

I swear to Christ, he was talking about masks and shit and I was waiting for him to tell granny to spread her ass/tell Chelsea to eat it not stare at it.

kek that fucking pause

brisbane it's not too bad here but there are enough of them that most hate them. Leftists generally silent or just outright hate them too. There was some guy from NT talking about how leftists go up there to help 'muh poor abo' and leave hating them.


You mean the Right Wing Cleanup Squad cucks

that guy was so deep undercover he became a cuck


Yep, that's a leftist alright.

I dunno, there are many /r9k/ types who are fawning over every type of malformed abomination that has appeared on live cam and has a vagina these days. Manlets and the like.


I'm going to bed. This is a true shit show.
TRS shills BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!

You missed

God I love us. Our autism is untouchable.

found the neocon

when will /ourgirl/ make a return?

We're some kind of neural network, programmed to bring chaos so order can be born.


heil bogdanoff


Thats how I function

yeah it's a different country up there, I know a doctor getting payed loads of money to treat them in one of their shanty towns and the stories I hear are just like the greentexts on auspol or worse


That liitle faggot is a tough antifa?

for real that guy legit has skeletons for hands

I can not believe I am to say this, but you seem like the nice person :) I would like to take a minute just sit right there and read this, I am in need of the help. I am in my country of home in the west Africa born and raised, where my family ruled as the royalty. Unfortunately, my life got changed, turned upside down. A couple of men, who were down to no good, started making trouble in my kingdom. They set us up the lies. Now, the people of my kingdom have accidentally my family's rule (with violence), and due to the fate, I am the only surviving member family. Looked at my kingdom and realized I must flee…what do?

I currently have the fortune of over €9000 million monies, but it is in a offshore bank account in a Switzerland in the Europes I can not get to. I need to get to the Europes, where I have all the safety and money and riches. If you can help, I need an hero. Please send my 10,000$ so that I can fly to the safety. All my wealth are belong to you in reward, but I am disappoint if you do not halp. A winner is you I am sure, the God blesses you.

Prince Omari Anikulapo-Kuti


meh, tough until they take a gas canister to their manlet chest





wtf i love niggers now

and here we are

Acne puke face in the middle, fuck that bitch.

The bluepilled qt is back.

Makes me sad seeing her like this.

So this is 4pol girl now ?

Some ultra-lefty half-negroid guy on the BBC recently did a documentary on them - he was quite literally shellshocked, couldn't process how accurate the stereotypes were. Quality hour spent laughing at abbos being abbos, and cucks being triggered by this because it reinforces negative stereotypes.

Her hair looks like a matted carpet.

KEK. Nice copypasta

link dat shit mang


my jewfu

Witnessed. Holy 7's.

They probably drug her and the other guy or some shit. Or they're just beta shits who think they're doing the world a favor for chanting into a camera for hours on end.

It was fucking hilarious when I realized what he was reading into the camera, someone pls post a vid of it

She came in so fucking ruined and left in a worse state.

hallo, mercans. is there any censors here?

Anyone comfy?

That does not suggest they are the good guys, quite the opposite.


This guy can't rap fucking hell.

nice pisechqua.

Old dude looks scared shitless

No. Been following this shit several hours a day, even went there on Friday night, I hope the barricade stays up.

That bitch is roaming on the background like a drone waiting for an opportunity to slip in to chant a meaningless slogan.

awkward security guard

Tough. Antifag.

I don't think those two words can be used in the same sentence, unless that sentence is "we're going to put in place tough measures against antifags"

God bless every warrior of the Meme war!


Can't blame him.

made some OC earlier, enjoy


I would like to have webm from that livestream

song sauce btw Kimya Dawson - Loose Lips

You mean like how the Jews pushed hardcore pornography in the West bank after they invaded, and how it's almost exclusively Jew lawyers and Jew judges who've supported it in the US? Everyone on Holla Forums knows this shit, but many are too weak-willed and effeminate.

She is waiting for him to nut inside her.

Only until they get slapped.


they're removing the pepes

This needs a wall between Trump and Shia.
Step up your meme game.


Why do the same 3 ghetto hispanics keep showing up? I can't fucking stand these fucks

What are these faggots doing.

"I've been trying to fix my sleeping schedule"

You have nothing to do, you fucking waste. "I wanna play Overwatch"


Someone there should write "CUCK" in the dirt like that one guy did that one night.

Because they are lazy spics. Thats all they are good at. Standing around empty lots with nothing to do

Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia - Black in the Outback

I was drunk when I found it so no links, but it's on iPlayer if you're too lazy to look elsewhere

zionists are pulling the strings

Well, the solution is simple. If you want visual stimulation you use softcore pictures.
Hardcore porn is pretty disgusting anyways.

fucking hell this is too good, fucking leftypol

Beautiful trips. We wuz neural networks and shit

Oh, my God, man. That was beatiful. He folded like paper.

You know, the problem with antifa is they attack in numbers and they're cowards. They don't go for 1 on 1.

What did Pink Hat faggot draw in the sand?

You seriously need to kill yourself.


They are trying to take all the rare pepes off of the wall

who's the big guy lurking in the back

Most likely security.

Why are there no Holla Forumsacks there?

I got banned from halfchan for doxing that furfag yesterday. fuck that noise

the boss is there giving orders

Looks like a windmill of friendship

big man you should be scared of


He's so triggered the whole episode

it's really fucked, nothing illegal with doxing. especially furfags


What are they trying to accomplish by removing the stickers? Are they that petty/retarded?

sydneyfag here, watching now for keks

I tried.

Furfags aren't people, how does doxxing an animal hurt anyone?


Here comes the janitor doing it for free

"Make Skel hands on a beriod a meme" - Shout Out King who actually sucks at shout outs

They are antifa, of course they are

They think they can change things by chanting something over and over again… go figure…

That guy and girl there that were there earliest are not the realest ones. THey are libtard faggot sissies droning the he will not divide shit over and over crying like little SJW pussies when someone did redpill. Kill them.

Spics, yup.

I can just tell this nig blames whitey for their wretchedness, can anyone summarize his points? I can't listen to this fag



you have the info?

Welp this is it for me, good night anons.

ohhh sissies ok no wonder they were friendly with the droning retards earlier. That cuck boy and girl sitting in the back a hour earlier

Can we bomb this guy?

These fucking guys. They really have no life.

Well, we/Holla Forums thinks it can change things by mem(e)ing, so I think the criticism falls a little flat,

This is getting cringey


Yeah i was told based people took over the stream. It's all libtard sissy faggots pretending to be maga

I like bootleg Jay and Silent Bob tho.

This is a filler episode



serious question guys, I think I missed a lot of happenings, who is this Daria who was flashing messages at the cam

Been up 18 hours, tired :/

correcting grammar here makes you a fucking faggot


Do you have that original pic still?

are these guys undercover lefty/pol/ ?

Blue lives matter, praise the wall

correcting grammer anywhere anymore makes you a fucking faggot. The little kid spelling word fad died out in 2012



If dubs says it's your, then it's your

All those happenings in the matter of a few days … Best of compilation when?

that is why you guys need to take the bogpill

We have a proven track record of success through memes, I see no concurrent success though cultist chanting

Are you from cuckchan?

Blue lives matter, praise the wall

That's the same girl who had the "you can't see autism" cards, right? I was also wondering who she was. She may be a lone wolf.


Take that dumdum logic to Holla Forums where they'll champion you for being a numbskull.

it makes it better. If you use it and a faggot corrects the grammar maybe they have a 1% chance of realizing their faggotry and making that face


she's a cheap ass dicking sucking whore with a flappy ass loose stinky worn out pussy is what she may be and is


Yes, that's her. Was wondering if she's an /ourgirl/

no shes a skank ass tranny. fat short dick virign obsessing over trash

Yeah I agree with this guy

As soon as the jews go, porn will stop being prevalent.

this is not an attempt at discourse. it's a fucking meme and correct grammar is wholly unnecessary.


Repetition of a phrase is a way to program people, i.e., spreading a meme. Recall mkultra and its methods in shattering a person's psyche by repeatedly exposing them to a stimulus. It isn't always effective though, esp. since you need listeners/viewers.

You know her personally?

Maybe, they're just rich af


Quit being thirsty.

Glad she's fucking gone.






What the fug is that shouting?




Look at these drunk motherfuckers.

I can't be the only one who saw it.

< This waste.

Drunk as fuck.

Are any of them huwite?


they have to go back


by his feet with a small incision on his cheek suspended into a chicken house. They'd hen peck that beaner alive.

Just checked in

Why the fuck did I see so many "It's over" and "season one is over" comments?
Did the stream cut of for a while?

what fucking language is this

The Wall was erected.
A lot of people were sent out.
It's been quiet for awhile.

No you're deported! OUT OUT OUT!


drunk MexiCuck telling whites to deport themselves from America.



Anyone else thought this was a Naruto cosplay?

Tequila is one hell of a booze.

Fuck is going on.


They are hiding from ICE

Man, I couldn't find any picture of Trump suited better for this.
would have been ideal I think.

looks like they werent letting bomber jacket approach


So not even the paid shills are there and it just became a drunk hobo beaner meetup now.

kek, thanks

This is literally a fucking Mexican parody. You can't make this shit up.

niec peepe. Is gon stel