Stephen Bannon trending on Twitter

multi dimension chess

people thinking Stephen Bannon is behind all these chaos.
Bannon Vs Soros, who will win?

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Bannon is hardcore Tea Party and is pissed off with everyone.

Christian nationalism will be what the USA becomes and there's nothing the pinkos can do about it. I am not Christian, but I already see the writing on the wall - and I'm fine with living in a Christian nation that allows some dissent. A stable nation that allows 14 words.

Not chaos like every other country will become, as Christians are attacked by Muslims openly in Europe. America will have to secure itself before it can secure Europe.

Bannon is the fucking Darth Sidious behind Trump's Count Dooku. He is a genuine supervillain that has been quoted saying "Darkness is good" and that Cheney and Darth Vader are role models on how to use power.

If you want to understand him, you need to read his speech at the Vatican and the profile of him by Bloomberg.


Vatican Speech:

Some highlights…

Everything that Trump does has a Bannon strategy behind it.

Waging war with the media? Bannon is betting that they're grow so toxic and enraged that even normal people will be turned off and just tune out. He wants to break the trust between them, and the media is complying.

The hasty Muslim ban? He knows it'll produce fury, enough to empower ISIS and push SOMEONE to bomb/rape something. He wants this to happen. He wants to crack down and start firing drone strikes. He wants the excuse.

We're in ==REALLY== good fucking hands.


If you think anybody from Kikebart is on your side and you're not a jew, then you're a fool.


I like it. It has a nice ring to it.

He ran Kikebart, he's kosher.

Mr Trumpman, bring me a meme… make the dankest, that I've ever seen…

He seems like he wants to hide the jews involvement in the muzzie invasion and the D&Cing of the family unit and whites in general.

This sounds like a random name generator from Dwarf Fort


Nice trips, but America is not making a European tour. If Europe is to be saved, it is Europe who will save it. If not, America becomes the place for white people.
Besides, I think we've learned our lesson about stepping foot on continents we know little about to intervene in their affairs.
Wish you all the luck in the world, but I'm tired of being the world's police.

wrong. only trump can save europe. without him the atmosphere of revolution will never hit europe.

First we had the KKK, now we have the MMM.
Meme Makers of Misogyny

What a load B.S.
The God-Emperor is his own man, not Bannon's or Putin's puppet.

That's quite the pepe.
And you're right, Trump is in charge right now.

Except that his strategy (focus on narrative, use media against itself, etc) was what won Trump the election, he writes half of Trump's speeches, the executive orders, maneuvered himself into the NSC, and is mentioned by White House sources who speak to the press as the most powerful guy in the building besides POTUS and VPOTUS.

I'm operating under the assumption that Trump is the master showman and Bannon is the guy behind the guy.

It's for the European elections as well.

Praise Kek, so the frogs elect LePen

When will this meme die

America can create the North/pol/ alliance with Russia, and drop NATO.

The Leafs, Bongs and the Snowniggers are needed to have total control over the Arctic, but the mainland of Europe is not that important, as trade can happen over the easily protected North Pole with modern icebreakers, where the Atlantic and the Pacific can be shut down by modern drones and subs.

Why did you go with christian nationalism and not white nationalism? Christianity goes the moment the final solution to the jews is reached. Achieving christian nationalism is like taking two steps forward and one step back. And last time I checked Christianity has no need to recognize the race of its followers.

Because History have been distorted, so by discovering the true history, Christianity can be restored again in it's original form.

Or at least that is how it's happened before, so it will probably happen once again.




Europe dragged the US into WW2, with Britcucks being the ones to initiate the whole thing.
When have you fuckers ever helped the US? I'm all for brotherhood, but do you even really want us to come bail you out? How far the great British Empire has fallen.
I know a lot of you understand the idea that superior cultures will win. If your culture is superior, you will win. Big bro shouldn't be fighting your fights. How about you faggots open the attache case that your balls are kept in and fucking use them?

Your country had literally zero reason to enter the war. The only reason you did was because your Jewish masters wanted you to. USA was in no danger and had no strategic reasons whatsoever for joining the war. Don't make excuses for your betrayal, let's call it what it is. Your nation betrayed it's own people.

When we sent millions of our people over there to colonize and build the nation?

Why do you assume I'm British? I'm not. And why do you assume I said you have to come bail us out, I am saying if you want to restore your honor it would be wise to help secure your ancestral homelands back for its rightful owners.
But hey, if you want an eternal stain of race betrayal on your honor, that's all your choice. We aren't forcing you.

And your assumption ignores Trump's history. The playboy being used is also the same playboy Trump's used for his business life when Bannon was not around. You mistake Bannon and Trump sharing a similar wavelength for Bannon being the power behind the throne.

Kek has spoken vigorously

If it's Christian egalitarianism then it's still cultural marxism where the propaganda comes from the pulpit instead of your talmudvision.

Haha Paris really is the Atlanta of Europe.

cheese highway and blowing up the water and grain then replacing with your own labour. is well something

wanna know that crazy thing where i don't want ANY of em here, well guess what genius maybe they don't want US over there,

He meant Gotho-Chrisian, but he might not know it yet.

Bannon is a fucking cuck.

The Parisian tourism industry is starting to feel the pain from all the vibrancy, as the liberal media can no longer sell the shithole it has become as safe for tourists. London will probably experience the same soon, but they will lose their financial services+ tourism, as you need whites to run maintenance for the rich to bother living there.

Chink airlines already are issuing warnings to avoid areas with pakis and nogs. If I recall it happened in 2015 causing the tourism board to lose its shit

It's funny that some of them didn't realize that white Americans like visiting Europe to see the countries of their ancestors, not to see a bunch New York/Chicago/Detroit wannabes.

Now I understand why Trump had his real teeth replaced with crowns.

All rich people get work dome on their teeth.


apparently not

If you hadn't forgotten that theirs a rift within Jews between the Zionists and Marxists. I personally wouldn't trust a Jew but I honestly believe there are "good Jews" out there that see that the fall of the west also means the fall of Israel.

back to endchan with you

My mother's husband is English, and we went to London and Brighton 6 or 7 years ago, and it was quite nice. Needless to say, he's not exactly happy that he can't go home, now, because of all the fucking Pakis and niggers. The entire family, extended as well, now refuses to go to England. It's begun.


lol, the buzzwords… these faggots haven't caught on that using them outs them as impotent and irrelevant.

They are veneers, not crowns.

Gave your jewish masters the petro-dollar after you begged for it.

cool! can i have one?

you mean dearborne michigan

I've never read an article that fearmongers this hard.


my first thought when I saw her picture was "abortion"