Livestream from inside the airport, riot police have shown up, lets hope these protestors get BTFO

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We need RWDS in there to help the Police clear shit out, the proper way.


Do they not have jobs?

Was getting kamphy 'till I realized, while eating my sammich, that I may have just wiped my face with a piece of toilet paper (that I mistook for a napkin) that I wiped my swamp-ass with the other night….FML

Another 253anon reporting in. This is so unbelievably gay.

lol getting locked in now!!!!

Time to leave is long past snowflakes, you're going to jail!

Get kamphy with me esse.


Out! Out! Out!

No niggers, you've gotta fucking go.

360 Reporting in, Olypmic Peninsula.

Fucking hell. I work there. This is gonna be shit. I hope these fuckers clear out soon.

magic predictive chat liberals have been locked in. chink bitch slammed and owned on concrete

Are they preventing flights, because if so isn't that shit illegal

That's just incorrect

Why do you think they're getting arrested?

i think its just contained to that area, apparently airport closes in 1 min, lets see what happens

the police should sever the Achilles tendon of every protesters left leg….. that'll learn 'em

What are they even here for?


Might have to do with the Muslim ban being enforced

These people are so fucking autistic, Jesus Christ.
All they do is shout chants.

"down down down with the commies!!!
up up up with the 'copters!!!!!"

When can we round up all these protesters and physically punish them for treason?

They're already at an airport, just fucking prod them onto planes and get rid of them for good!

Because that's what they're getting paid to do

Kek wills it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wew lad

are you fucking serious? leftists couldn't meme their way out of a paper bag

niggers cant into hygiene

*autistic screeching*

Close, Carlos, close.

No, but it is the weekend.

fuck these snowflakes up

Will they just gas them already?

Someone needs to come up with a counter-live-streaming service that allows us to show the police our support in real time so they know they will have tens of thousands of people cheering them on live whenever they tase of beat down a communist.


Looks like they're getting ready to REMOVE.

Oh god yes; can we meme it?


what is the logic here

Are those people singing niggers?


Nope. There isn't a handful of nigs in the whole crowd.

"we don't record nigger tunes."

Who else wants to see them release some Muzzie from holding, only to have him go all Allah Akbar and blow up all the fucking liberal protestors?


Caught this snapshot of the live chat.

That would be 10/10

I want the cops to beat them all to death and use their bodies to infill potholes in the parking lots.

I hear spics talking. Lots of mystery meats there.

That's me hahaha


they said they are going to stay untill the refugees are released, looks like they will be waiting a while

Like this?


(fugggin checked)

those damn klingons have a hand in this

Is it over?

I am disappointed at the lack of heads being cracked.

He left to charge his phone. Fucking incredible.

The Klingon Emperor wouldn't tolerate hipsters on Qo'noS.

Nope, original streamer ran out of batteries. New stream: https://

Dylan roof just said he has church in the morning and my sides just woke up my baby. fuuuuck.

This is some gay shit.

Do they have a fucking marching band there?

Looks like orignal streamer is back up.

They have a dancing Jew now.


Look at this dancing kike go. It's another dancing Israeli

looks like LAX


That's a different location.

It's LAX now. They were streaming the same guy charging his phone.

I got a shitty screenshot, but even from this, you can identify the species.

Holy fuck deploy the gas!

Looks like it's a mix of kikes, spics, and cucks. Standard for a libtard get together




Exactly what he was doing too. Dancing on western civilization.

Now I understand why Muslims bomb leftist airports.

I finally understand it all.

multiple streams in this one


Press F to pay respects

Kek, let it happen.

Today liberal America, tomorrow (((the consortium)).


206/425 reporting in. Saw some low energy protestors walking down Pike St. toward the market this afternoon. Three bike cops in tow, don't think anything noteworthy happened.

they are getting the mace ready

I was looking for this get. Nice

Don't screw around you screw around at the airport you're going to get hurt.

Come on Trump, declare the next crusade.

Fucking gun those Leftards down.

ad infinitum.

America was never great????


Fucking cops are hilarious in how they deal with these stooges.

I hate this streamer so much, hopefully he gets maced soon.


Jesus fuck, look at how many of these things are on their phones. They literally cannot survive for 2 seconds without the internet.

Says the man on the internet. Kek.

no u

wtf, guess I can still that guys phone then and nothing can happen to me

We're only here because we have to keep ontop of making sure these fuckers don't outpace us in control/degeneracy. Otherwise we'd be out doing other shit.

Ayo I drove by the protest a few times with a big pepe flag. Anyone see me?

Btw for localfags we're organizing irl, here is our site if you don't mind the shill:

that reddit spacing




The idiot on the stream keeps saying, "Why are the cops protecting private property? They should protect the people".


Sorry bro I mostly lurk here.

it's pretty fucking fun shitposting in real time.

Equating our esoteric memetics we perform online to lefty faggot mouthbreathers on reddit isn't fair, famalam.

They're pissing off everyone who'd be coming to the airport, not just the rapefugees.

A lot of rich people, probably, too.

When I wake up, these people will have been gassed. God Emperor willing.

I know, I'm so comfy. I love hanging with you guys.

Checked, user. We love hanging with you too; this is awesome. What a time to be alive.


just checking those comfy dubs.

Will we ever get tired of happenings and winning?

Just wait until the illegals are being bussed across the wall… that will be comfy.

What are you guys doing while watching this? It's too boring to be the center of your attention.

The feeling is mutual.

browsing other threads

Shitposting loudly elsewhere

Dubs say otherwise, user.

watching sao, drinking scotch, and being comfy as fuck.


Drinking coffee and enjoying cigarettes in my warm car.

Newly moved from 206 to 253 Kent
How's our movement down here? Any strongholds of white conservatism?

here is a periscope link

You fucking disgust me.

Even Kek is comfy; what a lovely night.

I'm sitting by the fireplace like , with the protest on my laptop as I read a classic mathematics book by some Russian greats.

Hello fellow white supremacists, where do you all congregate?

Fugg, I meant to greentext that.

Nothing quite like the sound of a phalanx shouting "Move Back!" Makes my dick hard.




Someone mentioned the NWF in another thread, but it feels like a honeypot.

Fugg. I guess I.don't blame you. Not like I can wear my Trump gear safely mudland tho…

Just as American as you
She actually said that.

Faggot, it's not like I searched every thread for it desperately. I just wondered what it was in another thread when I saw 2221 and 2223 and happened upon it here, 10 minutes later.

If it was any more than that, I'd agree.

I've heard that too. I just want Trumpbros in 253

Sitrep; top floor lost to police xirs forced too first level

hello fellow white supremacists
dont you agree that killing people in the streets is the best thing to do
im not fbi or anything hehe

Will they be removed soon? How high are tensions?

The length of Aunt Jemima do-rags are getting ridicules. Damn these modern fashion trnds

top floor cleared livestreams unreliable

Yeah, that's my intuition as well. If it isn't Holla Forums, it's always a honeypot.

That's the ugliest Somalian I've ever seen and that's saying something.

what a horrifying picture of ugly beast you have there user

She's dazed and confused. She can't understand why the magical buzzwords aren't working anymore.

How long have these things been at it for? I'm starting to wonder if the only reason they haven't been cracked down hard upon is because they decided to organize at a time where there are literally almost no flights taking off or landing.

Hopefully China nukes the entire Left coast. Problem solved.

Kek, please. Send a real muslim terrorist into this protest. I will accept my digits as your answer.

Yeah, I checked out their site and got scared off by the 'Give us your name and address so we can send you literature' step. I can appreciate weeding out dindus and the like based on their name, but anyone could just lie.

Being near Seattle and supporting Trump makes me ironically feel like a goddamn Jew in Berlin.



I live in Seattle area. I've had rough luck keeping in contact with Holla Forumsocks in the area. I met like 3 different ones once and then they disappeared off the face of the earth. I got rides from Holla Forumsocks to both Trump's rallies in the area and it was pretty fun. Although the second time the Holla Forumsock decided to hang out with a bunch of TRS that were there and shill them to me.

I avoid NWF because it seems like a mix of honeypot and LARPing.

Fellow Seattle user, did you see the protests in downtown near Pike's today?

This is becoming like a Bar Mitzvah!

It is right by where I work but I work in the afternoon and I was down in the basement so no.

Man, I drive into chicongo everyday with a Trump sticker on my car. I reeeeaaaallly need to get my CCL.

any typical tricks today?

Wait a second, user. Were you at the Eugene rally and did you get beer afterwards with some TRS guys?

*I'm not TRS, one of my friends is and I rode with them.**

Did you have fun at the pool party?

ben is a pilot. I went to college with one of those fags. Fucking trs shits.

fuggg my inability to spoiler says otherwise.

No, my ride had to bail right after the rally and even though I would have loved to stay and chat, I don't drink. Personally I don't like the manner of TRS myself seem very goonish and not as sophisticated.

I just rode with them pls no bully.


Ahh okay. My friend is in the cascadia group and I went with him and a couple other guys and we met up with two other guys from here afterwards. I was going to go to the one in Lynden with them too, but slept in on accident.


Did one of the TRS goons try to make a pass at you?

I never gave Josh his gun back.

huh? are they detained? top kek if so

Yeah I knew there was other groups of Holla Forumsocks around but they never wanted to group up in any sort of way. I met goy of summer at both rallies but it was really just passing by and I wasn't really big into whatever he was all about so it was just like 'oh another person from Holla Forums'. The people who drove me though always thought he was the shit. Then there was the cool guy at Eugene rally who had the staff. I had them all on tox but that thing is deader than dead and the guy I went with to the Lynden rally did me wrong so fuck him.

No, frankly I didn't converse with them that much as they seemed not really my type of person in regards to discussing politics and current events with. They give off a very Milo vibe as being fake and faggots.

Just to be clear, I don't recommend joining any TRS group. I met my friend naturally, so I trust him, but one guy reeked of being a Fed. Was suggesting things which were illegal and said he worked for the NSA while in the military, among other red flags.


well, happened

ruining my /comfy/ viewing

They were shoving around some people a couple minutes back

That chant fell apart quickly.

This; a civilian tried to get past and the rioters immediately freaked out.

I saw the officer grab the woman by the hair kek. Right before that they were shoving a red suitcase towards the officers?

Oh, I didn't see the ginger songwriter guy there. Don't remember the staff guy. I met a tall, Scottish-looking dude who seemed cool and a guy who looked like your typical scrawny weeb.


It is going to happen. They are announcing that it is illegal gathering and if they stay they will be arrested. Lets get this going.


Police also giving orders to disperse. Shit might get heavy.

Are they begging to get thumped?

If the scrawny weeb was wearing a white hat with gold writing that might have been me. I dont know many other people who have that hat.

Holy fuck, my mental illness and insomnia sometimes lead to great things. Right on time, boys.

Did the left give the police a reason to disperse the gathering by assaulting that civilian? This is amazing

Here we go the bike wall they use to push people back.

Where's the stream? The one in the OP appears to be broken/not broadcasting.


Busting more hippies!


Thank you, kind user. I fucking love you fuckers sometimes. No homo.

I saw one taken down

Checkin and keking at the lefty faggots spilling more spaghetti

pepper spray!

Holy hell, we're seeing an actual 'Help, help! I'm being oppressed!' in real time.



And so it begins.



tfw no cop cam

All I can keep thinking of is the riot scene from Watchmen.

I wonder who it was that came up with using bicycles as barriers? It's genius.

We'll get a better feel for what's going to happen to these faggots when sentences are handed out from these arrests.
If they face multiple years in jail, which they should, it's a good indication that we're going to have a fun 8 years.

A lot of them are bike cops, user; just look at the helmets.

wew 'wrong side of history'


It started in Europe and it proved effective in the BLM protests this past summer.

I feel like that's something you'd hear from someone being driven beneath the wheels of history.

No shit. But the use of them is a rather recent thing at protests.


Checked but he's right. They specifically use the bikes as barriers. It's actually pretty smart.

I bet those cops love their bikes and dont like having to push them against the dirty plebs like that

Work with what you've got, ingenuity.

And if the protestors damage the bikes they not only assaulted a cop but damaged police property.

Poor bikes, tbh fam.

Kinda like using a K9. I guess I never thought about the "damage to a police vehicle" aspect.

So did any of these Soros-funded useful idiots even know that Obango banned people from Iraq while they were getting buttfucked by ISIS?


Glorious and poetic justice.

I'm beyond comfy right now.


What the fuck are they chanting about?

Not checked enough.

Obama is a nigger. He is not capable of racism or injustice.
Come on, this is Marxism 101. Even if Trump did exactly the same things as King Nigger, he would be lambasted. Not only because "muh oppressionz" but also because King Nigger did some shit they don't approve of, but lacked the balls to say anything about it because "muh nigger."

They're Leftists, sense and sanity is not to be expected.

The streamer might be a horrible cunt, but I appreciate him streaming.

Technically, I guess. I'd love to see the streamer get tagged by a shell.

They can't do anything but chant. They are automatons with no free thought.

Can there be a dirtier sand nigger filming this?

Nice quads

Looks like they're not going to push any more, maybe. Some people were able to just leave down the stairs. They might control traffic from that spot.

Please block all feed to the area and then beat them in.

They can't comprehend that disrupting an airport has consequences on the world and that it will result in them being arrested and removed. They can't comprehend that there's a difference between protesting here, or on campus. They're so brainwashed and insane that they think their cause justifies everything. Hope they get buttfucked hard.


>might push rioters control protesters down the stairs?

I love how they put themselves in the way, throw a tantrum, and cry about it when they get spanked. I've seen children better mannered than this.

put all collectivists against a wall

I expect some good compilation videos for these pieces of shit and their arguments. And holy fuck, the chants are becoming automaton dogma-spoutfest, totally not a fucking cult!

I feel so bad for these cops having to listen to these fuckawful chants all night. I can mute the stream, but they're stuck in there. Feels bad.

Fascism is collective, technically. Put the /wrong kind/ of collectivists against a wall. These people are simply individualist-collective, i.e. everyone must be able to do whatever they want.

Lol the shitskin is just there chanting while she's on her phone.

Fucking rich.

Shiatology is the same no matter were it happens.


On Sky News there was some cunt talking about the agreed upon "Liberal International Order" and how Trump was breaking it.


http ://

I am just in awe of the faggotry I'm witnessing. I wish I still had a faceberg so I could harass the million shitlib faggots I used to know.

Someone get these people an oven to go into.

low energy, shitty chants. Next wave of police when?

Their chants are so weak.

Is that the new term for the NWO?

…who will be all writing 5000 word essays about the "police brutality" here.

Refusing to allow their demands is police brutality.

I gather that's what they were trying to meme.

Right now, I'm hoping they're ramping up to cause major ass whooping at 3:30 since they already said it's an illegal gathering.

Soon, user. Patience.

In preinternet days the joke went "I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the editor!"

Looks like police are about to block the escalators.


bless you Pinochet


I think it's coming, lads. The time is neigh.



Nigger wearing a KGB hat.
Holy kek.

More like the ZOG

if nothing happening by x:35 imma bed, but i think something will

someone should confront these protesters and tell them Obama did the same thing in 2011 and ask why they didn't protest back then

Ayo hol' up, is this old footage?

Trying to sleep but waking up every 2 hours to have a shit. Also one of my teeth is in incredible pain and causing jaw and headaches

These hambeasts with rags on their heads are not fucking haram!

It's live.

apparently it's a repay (says in the description)

Just saw this

I dont know if this is a replay or not like people are claiming. I got no real news about what is happening. After midnight supposedly cops arrested some of these fools.

Here is the pozzedtimes article about it

You need to get that tooth pulled, user. It's a few hundred bucks at a dentist, or free from your fellow Holla Forumsack

Holy christ, I'm going to cum right now.


this one's live

Ah shit it might be another article about the protests. It seems like it is still going.

Haram means bad, you complimented them.

That's the same one. It says replay in the description. I wanna know how it ends.

This is a replay??

No. The video is playing live. No idea why it says 'replay' in description.


Leftism has always been one giant fucking cult. It's what explains the virtue-signalling and the neon hair/problem glasses that they wear like a uniform.

This footage played again a couple minutes ago.

So why does Youtube say it's a live broadcast? I don't want to stay up until 4am if this is just some sort of weird replay and the party's over.

Wait what, the freshly elected American President doing what he promised and what's within his right to do is somehow un-American?
What the fuck is wrong with that idiot?

That's not even true.

If i were to go down there and pump mustard gas into the airport they would scream that it's a total holocaust. They just want to be able to do what they want. They don't give a fuck about others. Same thing with this whole rapefugee issue, they just want to feel good about themselves. They don't give a shit when someone gets raped or killed by one of these desert savages.


I think it ended with the sandnigger going to charge his phone.

yeah i stayed about 4 minutes past i said i would and im tired of looking at this sand niggers face

Well, no sense in staying up then. I'll have to check the news to see if anything actually happened.

Have a good night, fellow Seattle anons. Hopefully we have more to shitpost about tomorrow.

The elected officials are all elected thanks to Seattle, Olympia, and Tacoma's stranglehold on the state. Really everything on the other side of Cascades should split off to their own state.

There was this prop that only involved king county where seattle is and 2 other counties to expand the transit system which didn't benefit the other 2 counties hardly at all and put a tax on all home owners. The other 2 counties voted like 80% no but when king county got counted yes won. Seattle is a giant bully to the state and local area. I'm working my way to get transferred somewhere more red.

Not to mention that a fucking governor is undermining the head of state and his executive branch.

He's a brainwashed leftist like the protestors. I watched a debate between him and a Republican when he was running for gov and he couldn't make a coherent sentence. Seemed like a complete idiot. It was bizarre.

s-sweet dreams

This lying whiny jerk.

If only.

wew lad
I heard him say that too
When libcunts say not all mussies are terrorists
they automatically admit some of them are

Islam is currently killing around the globe.

This is why we can't have sandniggers.

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

The same applies to Oregon