Everything you need to know ever folder

A 55.11 GB folder, full of useful information you may never need. This was a folder in circulation earlier but died out. I just wanted to put this back on the internet.


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Apparently it contains malware.

That's what I was thinking.
Might contain something that connects to the internet when you open it, exposing your identity.
Might be legit though, idk

If it's too good to be true, then it is.

Plus, if you wanted anything on those topics it wouldn't be so difficult to gather your own sources.

Wonder if this warning applies to Linux users.

What happened to the 100 gig version?

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gas yourself, kike

OP is a fag. But if you need books, you can find them here.


holy shit i never thought i'd see this again. My friend sent me the torrent to this 5 fuckin years ago, it has a link to the site that used to host it but it's gone now.

my version is 43gb, can you upload the latest 'computer' .rar op?


Is this worth downloading? What does it contain?

Really nigger?

Torrent does not work
10/10 this is bait

Looks interesting, but if it contains malware then fuck you, I ain't gonna download that shit.

there's essays on a lot of uni/college subjects pre placed in the subject categories like philosophy and med. The computer folder contains CCNA1-4 tests, classes and programs and whole other bunch of stuff.

the drugs

sorry, thought i deleted that last line.

Thanks for the info
knowledge is a drug user, and I'm addicted.


also OP: torrents are for fags. direct download master race.

Never knew about this honestly. Thank you

Don't download it you fucking retards

As a fellow archivist, Im callin bullshit on this OP. Its a real shame the majority of Holla Forums doesnt read/has the same impression of books as kikes.

prove your claim. We need to start gathering and compiling sources, it's not a bad idea minus the potential malware from agents.