Teacher Encourages Students to Punch Nazis

How is this allowed? A teacher is openly encouraging political violence. He also says he plans to make his entire curriculum about attacking President Trump.

And I encourage students to punch this "teacher".

Checkmate, athiest.

is this enticement to violence?

I think we just need a salt general.


I support punching commies, so whatever. Pinko smashing is alright.

Is he giving extra credit?

(ID dubs checked)
Can we report this faggot to his school board?


It's basically terrorism to say Nazis be attacked on sight. Nazis have the right to free speech and assembly, which is why there was a Nazi party in the USA.

But they call everyone to the left of Marx a nazi. To them jewish black-fucking faggots are nazis. They're advocating physically attacking 90% of the population simply because they have differing opinions. Also, is it ALWAYS ok to hit a nazi? What if the nazi isn't being aggressive? What if the nazi is elderly or trans or black? What if the nazi is injured or disabled?
It feels like there's some fracture points here to use against the radical college retards who want to be ByeCis and the ones who watch Bill Maher and think debate will prevail.

What do you mean "allowed"?


Don't interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. I really hope they punch as many "nazis" as they can. Will only further justify the smack down they are going to receive.

The bets aprt is that they think Richard Spencer is the extreme, that he's the big bad. Little do they know his mentor was a Jew and he was explaining how actual neo-nazis hate him right before he was sucker punched, and even a cuck like Spence could walk off a full force punch by one of their guys.

I tweeted it to her and my account was locked instantly lol

Oh Twitter, so butthurt.


That is true, but I don't feel good about kids being used by a teacher like this.

It's only allowed if you allow it.

If they actually punch bike riding meth cooking heavily armed bald head nazis I will be impressed.

But as we've seen they break down when even a little ressistance is given even by a guy going to work.

Some dumb kid might, but no, of course they are going to hit outnumbered people who are very unlikely to hit them back.

This is actually a good thing. You faggots need to realize that might makes right. Get punched in the face a few times, see what life is all about.
Man I dont know how the fuck can anyone around here shun violence, while living in democracy, bitch you are going to lose the law and the elections and where taxes go all day everyday, Trump is a fucking exception not the general rule.

You cant win in the age of democracy when 50+% of population are lemmings and when the ZOG controls all the mass media, the only way to have a natural order over equality and multiculturalism is trough violence.