AirBnB CEO gives free housing to refugees
Hope no ones neighbors have their place up on AirBnB



I hope they piss and shit and ruin their houses before the Right Wing Deportation Squads round them all up.

Whoa, harboring fugitives there much? I'm not sure, is that a felony?

If any of you guys are using this company, here's a good reason to stop.

Finally a chance to post this
Was reported in my local leaf paper about 4 months agobor more

meant to say personal effects, but maybe some of you have artefacts ha.

Why do you dumb leafs read newspapers sideways or is that just my browser

I snapped a photo of it at work on my phone, sorry

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What a great opportunity. Makes a Gmail [email protected]/* */, email him how you aren't able to come back home from [insert where ever you are], stay rent free.

Of course I can 9/10 bet that this is virtue signalling and not a single refugee will ever be houses by airbnb


The virtue signalling is so strong right now I'm blind.



The story doesn't make a mention of the race of the family he let in his house.
Probably shitskins.

I still cannot comprehend just how strong the conditioning is on this people.

Isn't this highly illegal for AirBnB to be doing? Doesn't this make them actual felons?

You can give them free housing all you want they're still going back


This is worth looking into. At the very least, we have a publicly stated intent to harbor fugitives from justice.

IIRC you used to be able to pick and choose your renters, but they banned it because people were obviously using it to screen against shitskins. You can make stupid amounts of money with airbnb if you've got the right place in the right location - I knew someone who rented out 2 apartments and made his rent for the second by airbnb'ing the first and paying for maid service between stays - but I wouldn't ever trust an unsupervised minority in any home (besides Japanese and Korean, probably).


What?If they not allowed in than where is the free housing?In Durkadurkaistan or Messiko?

How is a company that doesn't own the properties being rented allowed to say there is no rent for certain people?

If you are dumb enough to let a corporation rent your property out, you're probably a liberal anyway.

Isn't this illegal?

Confirmed. I got this email from ABnB a few months ago, having only used their services once.

>We welcome your feedback about the Community Commitment and all of our nondiscrimination efforts. Feel free to read more about the commitment. You can also reach out to us at [email protected]/* */

Needless to say I was done with their kikery for good after that.

Is there a market out there for an AryanBnB?

Yeah this is going to go real well for his company, kek.


Leftists are going to start suiciding through virtue signaling aren't they?Please Kek give me a sign.

They will.

AirBnb is already expressively forbids discriminating along racial, sexual blablabla lines because not wanting to rent out your stuff to niggers is Literally Hitler(tm).

Why does he need to use the addresses of his properties when he can use the locations of FEMA camps?


I hope Trump sends this anti american piece of shit to gitmo

fucking leaf posters

day of the rake soon

Life can take unexpected turns.


why are we allowing these people to use our colleges?


aiding & abetting fugitives… this is actually serious and should be reported to the authorities

Try getting them out haha. This story is locked and load and ready to fire lolz all over this Jew cucks, faggot face.


I am truly starting to hate these people.
Such traitorous, social-signaling trash.

Checked for social-signaling so hard you forget what you were originally talking about.

send to ice and fbi.

This is what's called the 'nightmare tenant'.